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Episode 56: Short Attention-Span Marketing


Episode fifty six of confessions of a marketer. We're talking short attention span marketing. Hi, it's Mark read Edwards. Welcome back to confessions of a marketer. I've got Kahlil Pule into chat about marketing in the attention economy. We'll get to that chat. In just a moment. Coming soon. We have Chris Clegg Portnoy into chat about creating stronger marketing with data teasha Miller of I crossing will be here to talk about the intersection of technology and marketing and benefir will be back here to share his language manifesto, lots more in store invite you to listen to my other venture the innovation podcast, the ipod with garnet Harriman. Lots of fun stuff happening over their head over to the innovation podcast dot CO two. Tune in. Okay. K? He'll you'll join me recently to discuss the attention economy. He thinks that's nearing an end. And we're moving to as he puts it the visit Konami inundated with information messages flying at us every minute of every day. Let's just not sustainable, so how should marketers deal with it? We get to that in part one of my chat with K hill. So let's get to it. Hill. Welcome to confessions of a marketer. It's great to have you here. Thank you. It's great to be on the podcast. So tell me about the attention economy, which you say is dying. What's happening? And what's next? That's a great question. I think everyone can realize or you experience just overwhelming amount of information that were inundated with on a daily basis. Hundreds of thousands of tweets, thousands of Facebook posts YouTube videos, ads Facebook, posts, etc. Etc. And so the idea of the attention Konomi in a few years ago was, hey, if you can grab someone's attention now, you can all all of a sudden with a communicate with that person. In potentially bring them down your funnel in south. So what I think is happening is that that is really becoming overwhelmed with with information. And so it's no longer. Can you just throw it a great tweet or post and capture someone's attention because there's too many now what's happening? Is you need to really have very solid story behind what you're talking about to really cut through the attention and connect with people who really identify with your vision of the world. So what you term the visit Konami attention becomes irrelevant. So how does that work and how can marketers put your ideas into practice? So the visit Konami the idea of this is that when your vision of your industry or the world or your the way you believe things should go. When that connects with your ideal target customer that creates economic value. That's what the visit Konami has the vision. Plus your customer creating economic and so how it works is a best. Explain it from an example, if we look at the last election that happen, regardless of what you think the election outcome. Whether it was good or bad, Cambridge analytic company who leveraged Facebook insights in Facebook data. They really got the visit Connie, right? So what they did is. They said, hey, we're gonna share a lot of content that we think identifies with the way you believe the world is gone, and that will create movement, it will create it will create a an outcome that we want a voting, and they leverage that with fantastic results, some say in we're looking at this right now to looking into voter, manipulation, etc. But really, it's it's the visit Konami they shared their vision of the world with people who've eighth thought were also been have the same vision. And it really. Created a massive amount of impact in. So how marketers can do this? Now is you've really gotta go back to your why. And I don't know if if any of the listeners have seen Simon cynics tedtalk, this is another fantastic example, his Ted talk started at a Ted x event. So that's one of the smaller TED talks in in a very like no name city. It was not even listed on any of the top TED talks ever. It is now the number three tedtalk ever simply because people who've watched it believe the things that he's talking about the believe in his vision, and the watch it over and over and over this is the same kind of thing that marketers need to meeting of back to that. Why are you doing what you're doing? And what is the vision that you see of the world or of your industry is that make sense? Yes. It's really kind of about understanding your audience, isn't it? I think it goes away. Deeper than that now because under understanding audience you can do with Facebook analytics you can do with keyword analytics you can do with. Trends and timelines and a win one is better to send out an Email for your audience at seven AM or four PM held. That's understanding our audience, but I think connecting with their core. Vision of how finances should be or what the consumer packaged goods industry should look like or what fitness should really look like that's deeper understanding. So how do you get to that understanding? I think the first thing you've really got to do is look at your wire you doing what you're doing whether that's selling product or song service. You've gotta look at the reasons why early pushing forward on it. And it does not come down to features. It's not benefits. It's not that you have a better price or you have a better product or better on boarding process. That's not at all. There's an underlying reason some type of deep problem that you're trying to solve or some type of. Results that you're trying to see the industry move forward to you've really gotta get to that. I I fell in some companies have it in making give a couple examples in a minute. But not not everyone has really gone after that core understanding that there is a, you know, there is kind of a fine line between knowing your customer and exploiting the data and really exploiting the data will maybe like the way Cambridge Analytica did absolutely. And cambridge. I think is is very relevant example because they did it for nefarious purposes. However, the proof is in the pudding, the really understood that we don't even have to tell you to go in boat. We don't have to do that. At all only have to do is if we know or understand that you believe let's say immigration has bad. All we have to. Do is keep on feeding that narrative with more and more extreme cases that show you that while we also believe that in gracious bad in all of a sudden near his start falling us, you're gonna start sharing articles. You're gonna start marketing for us, and you're gonna start taking action and in pets very powerful thing to understand. And again, they did it for infers purposes. But we can do that for good purposes in on example is make or Mike when high set they've really really been strong with their leveraging visit Connie they've constantly shared this idea that it doesn't matter. You are doesn't matter where you're from doesn't matter your circumstances. And I'm getting goose bumps in shivers as I say, this it doesn't matter. All you need to do is take the first step money to try just need to do it. And they've consistently spread. That message again, whether you believe in what she did or not whether it's from the per Nick taking the knee out in the NFL or whether it's Serena Williams, wearing her catsuit, regardless of whether you believe whether they should have done it or not they stuck to their vision. And by the way, it's resulted in massive amounts of sales for them. I believe the numbers over the couple months after that kapernick added was released they had all time high in their stock price and billions of dollars of product was sold. That's huge. They weren't saying. Hey, buy shoes. They're saying. Hey, this is what we believe in. We believe that you know, XYZ and consistently. Do you know you can't fake that? It's something that has to come from the heart one hundred percent. And this is why when marketers are looking at it will how can I actually lever to visit Connie the first thing you need to do. And I would definitely recommend you. Simon cynics talk on how great leaders inspire, but the first thing you need to do is really figure out your why why are you offering your product or your service? What is the underlying reason? And what do you believe the industry should look like, and when you can talk to that point. That's when you start to share your vision. And that's what starts to drive that economic value. That's exactly what nyc when. K hill for being here with back next time to finish our discussion as we delve into data. What marketers can do to remain relevant and some trends that Kate who is watching. So come back next on this episode of confessions of a marketer was written produced edited by yours. Truly t Jordan of a class productions wrote the music. Confessions of a market is a trademark read Edwards. Lincoln this episode is copyright twenty nineteen. I'm Margaret Edwards. Cenex. Cenex.

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