EP106: Drunk Snitchin On Myself


You're listening to the PODCAST HASHTAG is to get some or go to YouTube YouTube dot com bachelor Dan in grand rapids November second at the Devos of numerous people send me the chooses at the botch center Wang Theater November ninth I'm in Springfield Number Twenty Two to twenty third Austin Texas at the Cap City Comedy Club December thirteenth to the Fifteenth Albany New York at the funny bone Right God damn dude this kid that's wrong Oh and then I December twentieth to the at the theater in grand prairie that's my annual New Year's Eve show and January yeah that's my schedule shouts out last week to everyone it was Solo House Tony Rock and Tommy Davidson on Friday local comedy club in Augusta so I went to go see him and see a show breath it's going to become a selfie fest so I dipped out before the show is over show he's a funny dude man he's talented good energy when he was on stage and he's he's doing great he's killing the crowd and and he was like an opener for like six months he was my opener and and I go oh my God I go y'all he did joke and I was a little taken back and oh go and you have to push yourself from right more because you're too talented want him to think I don't want people to say the amount of social media anything but we did like two three jokes that I've heard from two thousand one luck man film career is that it's probably because if you look really deep inside yourself I don't want to stand up but if you're gonNA ask me do I wanna go see to I'd probably prefer to go see an open mic night because and you can tell I I mean I feel like I could tell within five minutes when somebody's got something there and I've seen it in my wife will tell you there is just some people like there's something about him and you can't put your finger the point is I know it was almost like a an uncle when he was like a little you gotta let that shit go bro You gotta let those old jokes go from from elves they're not they're not saying Ho it's okay aw go into a black church in difference between black and white churches that joke hidden comedy clubs and in doing it and then finally it just started come the Cata I would say like somewhat put me on the map like being like that resonated blackshirts lately I didn't ask more about that joke a reference that joke what's for me to just cultivate a Molin take this out and put this sand in shape it and I'm not knocking you know as far as talent I'm just saying you they go do you gotta sometimes you got to like a Bungee jump media jump off and thinks that you're gonNA Bloom you'll be okay before you crash bird you gotta you just gotTa Trust yourself five minutes and they might not get the huge laughs but you could tell let me get five minutes ten minutes and then they'll go up in a comical do like a big closer and I was like that wasn't a workout set that China's simplicity tonight I okay with that if you're going to say that I'm GonNa give my best same shit that I've heard for five years I'd be like you don't really try anything new I WANNA account goes who likes getting everybody thereby walked everybody that to me that's what I say is comedic crutch I just I love seeing the process of jokes and if you look at the greats that keeps you young keeps your juices flowing and all I was telling my guys man when I'm on okay so we're in Houston November fourteen to the seventeenth you tonight 'cause my over thirty minutes I said if you do the same any new bit waste the crowds right there that get do the job that you end with in the beginning then make you work harder to get laughs at the process and that's why county closer are so necessary more it's more of an event when you comedy club usually the ticket prices are a little cheaper it's you know I just I love the process of of of that part in those by seaman get a camera record those jokes and start working out in shit man and you'll see how I promise you this and then you start working you really start working on your craft go up it's crazy it's like in the universe it's just the universe how this works watch that's all that was I so I'm GonNa Bengals benched Andy Dalton it's a sad day act that really showed out of the preseason Philly did a great job in the preseason the football team than a second string quarterback when your team's not playing well but what the fuck was that but I hate handy and bringing a backup quarterback because people want it to happen we says it nine to be against the flood in Randoms Anna London on a Ralph so Finley's got two weeks to prepare to be the starting quarterback I mean they should know their tendencies and everything else so quarterbacks in the NFL you now there's a lot of teams out there that would love to have Andy Dole on their team fan my whole life in the nineties it was hopelessness when it was David Ace walks sock and you and it came down to you didn't believe in the ruble fans man we we often think the worst but let's not the everything was clicking that year with the bengals everything was gone get the Seattle Seahawks game you forget that when the biggest came back in the fourth quarter one in overtime the longest one I get a text from King Griffey junior he wanted to bet is cooking dinner but we are going out the yet shots was in Houston I was at a sports bar and I don't drink before I go on stage toffee granite fifteen people in the bar I'm smart when I do it but six years of his career now if you look at the Bengals playoff history the first Houston who knew no thought we're GONNA win that game we were awesome little over it we had better like the I think our quarterback and skill players are better one that that fucking her that was the one that really hurt that was the chargers so okay let's put down completely on coaching Nandy wanted India all we were playing with a JV team and then you got the steelers eleven twelve thirteen or fifty yeah it was five years straight winter place with Andy that wasn't on handy that was out of his control now the chargers I put on him. So let's let's stop with the Andy Dalton Bashing Carajas so it's not like he hasn't played the top echelon we just could not get over the hump at those guys especially the last like five anthony thing he just gonNA boom and he's GonNa probably move on after this year sandy don't right now Ito I I'm not gonNA say Miami there's quite a few I'm not going to carve out you Dalton and he's backing up homes and kissing he doesn't feel all cake I guess I would guess yet is quite a few out there I think most of his teammates like them and like we had some great moments great moma the top picks I dunno Villawood at the ball completely the fuck into gabardines party okay so here's the La and I'm going there they had a meeting Monday afternoon her birthday party now Gabrielle throws some legendary part is there was two years ago bright and then let told her her in so I go and first of all that morning and young Jesus on my flight from Dallas to La Hey That to change comes in my one time now John Flight or red eye the rappers they obviously think they wrap themselves wrapped up I was like why are the whole wrap up I mean I'm talking like a mummy it off the addams family he out but it can be covered I call then you a picture and show you why am I daughter by my wife sends me a picture of my picks of them knocked out on the plane mouth open maybe slobber whatever the pace up now I'd be wearing a Hoodie a lot so I'll do this and do this I'm tired aw I don't say not to bother slept the whole flight and everything and Dan I from The real and I saw Jimmy I was telling was on a flight then they will go I all and open bar daytime party daytime drinking I don't remember 'cause I was looking at chefs for about ten minutes and I remember saying something like Hey Man Gabriella Dwayne Jeff and I live with us L. Caregiver dwayne smoke cannot come for breakfast and lunch with mad g just veba alcohol is it's looser but a little bit out of your mind some todd I know I pulled by pulled essence Atkins aside his I had a TV show. I I had a TV deal with this this do I remember we did table read tapers went all the actors I said I'd never did a table read before so I thought you had to memorize and then we get to the table read on the lead so I'm on

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