The Meghan & Harry Interview & 5 Super Easy Weeknight Dinners!


Guys welcome to the voice. This is lauren and sarah with episode. One oh eight okay laurin. Did your toddlers ever go through a stage where they just want to constantly change their clothes. Yes and no not really no. I know what you're saying. Oh my gosh. Luke is an a stage where i think he legit changes his clothes like twelve times. A day really is on student and driving me crazy. And he's a boy. Yeah which is so funny. I feel like it's definitely girl thing to like. Do the different things right it. So funny that. He's he's intrigued. In his t shirt and the array of t shirts bottoms two biggest down. You know i need annoying. Okay and then. I have another thing i have to tell you. Yes i started to show last night. Oh i'd actually start to actually this week. Okay let's see if it's the same way my gosh. What if no. It's not but okay the morning show on apple plus i don't have all it's for free you can watch it for free. I'm apple plus whatever app. Janitors aunt jen aniston and res. Free gorell it is so good so good. She won her golden globe for that. Last gen aniston yeah. It hasn't been that long. Yeah it has member. Brad and jen at the golden globes. Everyone was dying over. It was four. Yeah for the morning show that yes nowadays. Really good okay. Is reese the same character. She is in every single. She's a saucy southern. Go well there you go you always. I love reese witherspoon. Probably the most. I k- jennifer aniston fan agai. There sent steve carell will. I will love forever. I don't know tell me if you've heard this but is it based on matt lauer's life is it. You know this. I know i do not know only one episode in and fair warning there is language in the show thus far. But it's like about the metoo movement and him getting fired in the premier the first episode about sex allegations and harassment. And i'm like wait a minute. Wait a minute matt. lauer flashback. Yes what that triggers me. Because i know now. I have a like a secret love affair for matt. Maybe i was. I was under his spell like many women. Don't get fat. What you like about hitting. I loved matt lauer. I just thought. I liked his approach. I thought his voice. He seems very charming. It wasn't like he was like ooh babe or anything. I just loved watching my news that lower i did and then my katie couric came an an yes came. I forget her last name and then savannah guthrie came amount was always there and i just really always like matt and so when he like as anyone else you somewhat look up to. Her enjoy has to fall from grace and disappoint you. Greatly or not to be horned on a perv. I was so sad by. Oh my gosh. But it's crazy the parallels it's the exact storyline. Whoa it's crazy okay. i'll have to check it out. I don't know i mean again. I've only watched one episode. But i'm taking it so far so the one i turned on this week i started it's on net flicks and it's called turn. Oh never heard of it. And it is about the american revolution and spies and this and just kind of talking about the british in george washington just got introduced and technically you know. They're kind of the americans. They probably wouldn't even call that yet. But you know the colonists trying to fight back to britain and how some towns did comply to the brits like they were just. They'd like let them stay in their homes the the red coats and all these things and then there were like the rebels and the people the americans that didn't want to. They ran away from britain for this reason they wanted freedom. They didn't want to be under king. So this one man. He's all boys rally twenty-five he's married but his father's like very influenced with the red coats in the town and he becomes a spy and like trance. Am getting transferred information and things and it's starting to get a little sketchy and obviously super dangerous. And oh man. what are you. Find the rough though. It just popped up on my screen. It's an amc show. I think there's three seasons. And i think that's it and so we turned it on and i do find that i like i said a million times. I love a good period piece at different eras especially like seventeen hundreds out such interesting time and i don't know i just turned it on and pulled us in. I was like okay. So i'm about like five or six episodes and it was on. Amc so like our episode last week. Talking about ratings it's a little cleaner definitely. No language is definitely a little cleaner. There's a little bit of violence. I've being that timeframe but Yeah it's interesting. Turn turn anybody you know in the main guys jamie bell you member jamie bell. You probably recognize them if you saw. He's kind of like a be less actor. But i do know who he is and A few no no no big names. Okay but first. We want to share with you a special new feature on our website. The mom voice dot com. If you've been looking for a way to support the podcast go to the page shop. The show and check out. Our sponsors are all our favorite products. This is a great way for us to share with you and easy access for all the links and discount codes. Thanks for tuning in while speaking of tv and the british yeah bombshell news came out this week. Another american running from the brits right razi. i didn't even play back guys man so good. Yeah we're talking about the meghan. Markle and prince harry interview with oprah. That came out this week i will. Let's start there. Why is megan's named i. We're talking about the prince. Come on i know. Wise megan's name very i. I know i thought that too. Why is that now is running the show. That's why live to really running the show. All of it okay. In case you've been under a rock. Tell everybody what this was. I just heard that. Twelve million people viewed iran. Eight nine. Just know oh my gosh so it. Well that's crazy. Yeah oprah sat down with meghan. Markle and prince harry in california and of coding to oprah it was an unpaid interview. No subject no questions off limits and you know voluntarily and they were just going to share their story and they did and it was very interesting interesting. Yeah yeah i mean. We actually talked about megs it a year ago. If you go back and listen there's like a hot takes episode. I think where we talk about megs it which is what they dumped them leaving the uk. And so yeah. The interview goes into a lot of death behind from their perspective. What was going on behind the scenes. What led to that departure. I mean oprah talks about if they feel like they were let down if they were attacked. Like all of the things. And i would say like i generally came away from it i. It's hard for me for meghan to come across as one hundred percent genuine now for some reason she seemed extremely polished. And like extremely prepared for this. Do you know what i mean. Like next level. I feel like harry. When he was speaking his was a little bit more raw and real. And just think about that if you had gone through all of this trauma like all of this like torture and hating and all of it like you would be kind of messed up right. She kind of seems like a robot. A little bit spitting out the answers but also we mentioned off mike that she's an actress at the end of the day and she kind of knows how to play into that. I mean an actor can play into emotions and know how to turn it on at the right times. I had a hard time feeling for her. Because i just felt like gimme example. That came up. it's her word against theirs now. And so. When did you make kate cry. And i can only imagine how it feels to have fake or false stories and things stated about you all the time absolutely but she already wasn't hollywood and understood that world of tabloids and paparazzi nonetheless. You're marrying the most famous family in the whole entire world you have to understand that comes with it tabloids in stories. It's i get that thick skin move on but every example was perfectly to her favor. yeah with when. She said that kate thing about her crying. I mean who really knows. And that's fine. She she was hurt in reverse. Or i just wanna get kind of fell to perfectly in her favor that everything that was ever said was wrong and everyone that ever talked to her was wrong to her and i just yeah i. I don't know almost hard for me to totally believe right. No i hear you and let me preface this by saying we are huge megan fans. Yeah like we were so excited. For harry like man. What a dream fairytale wedding but can we just start there. But they got married three days before that wedding Wow oh i thought that was special. Like let's be us. Go run away and do us i. It took away from like what. I was watching. You sure i'm like oh well that's lame so you've been lying to us for two years now about that like oh my goodness so i don't know i will say i call total bs on the part where she says that harry literally stopped her as they were on the way to meet the queen for the first time and was like do you know how to curtsy and that she had no idea she had to curtsy for the queen. And okay i. I don't know that blows my mind a little bit and she swears she never googled him like she just had no idea about the royals or anything like that. And i don't know i'm like yes. You're american but yeah. I think even saying the word naive is a bit i. Who's that naive. i you understand. This is like the oldest family of the world and this monarchy. I the institution. Whatever you wanna call it. I think that was unrealistic and is true. Shame i knew meghan because he on harry. You should have been aware of the circumstances and the responsibilities of being part of the royal family. And if you didn't even know you had to curtsey to the queen. I don't know where you're at two. Yes understand that this is what we're getting into. I'd think having the the with the crown coming out. And diana's story resurfaced especially recently. I think a lot of people kind of can relate to megan and support her and sympathized for her because yes clearly we saw on the other end already one story and diana did not have a happy ending and how tragic that was and how a lot of that could have been avoided if the queen stepped in if charles had treated her differently if institution had protected her more. You considered her feelings. So do i think that could happen to megan. Absolutely it's happened before. And as harry said we don't want history repeat itself but meghan. You are strong capable woman. You win oprah said were you silent or were you silenced. And that is true. I mean i know so much of your phone ears to graham in everything is shutdown and how as an american that would probably feel very crazy like a totally different world. Totally different experience. And you're feeling very out of control. But i i don't know i guess it's your priorities would have to change being part of the royal family. You're thinking more about country and family and doing duty good and there is such a title with that and responsibility with that so having to give up some things of course came with that and quite a few things but i know feeling trapped and she even said my father trapped williams trapped. Yes they are not. They don't have the luxury to say. Like you did harry to walk away. And say i'm going to go live a normal life. They don't they are going to be king and i do think there should be something said for that. I think there should be some sort of noble respect duty that is part of your blood line and that is part of like world history and i think you have a lot of perks that come with that but i know it's a very very hard responsibility. Yeah it it's it is but i agree with what you said like it's bigger than just the one and you saw that through the crown with mean how much she she gave. She sacrificed and she didn't even ask for it. She wasn't even properly in line for this position and yet she gave her life to the crown and to the institution and the country in. And if anything. I guess what could irk me. The most is that the limp the limited control the royal family actually truly house. I mean it is down to this firm institution prior ms or all these other things that even i still don't fully under all the americans we don't go. I think that they serve a very important role in their culture and in the cohesiveness of people Because i think there's like a pride there. I mean just queen elizabeth alone. I mean think about it. She's been there since world war two and all of the different conflicts and all of the civil issues and everything and she's just been constant and has always been an example for people and like. I don't know i i look up to her so much i mean there are no words. I mean there are no word. It's so admirable what she's done and continues to do. She's like georgia's gramma. We're we're like when is she going to die. I'm gonna live forever. A queen elizabeth dined will be a very big day and even this dynamic could change drastically being charles being king and william then right there and all the things. It's yeah it's a lot. I don't know i came away from it. Filling very conflicted because megan's talking about like wanting to commit suicide and all these like really really hard heavy very real things and at the same time. Though i feel so bad. For harry i do i do too. I feel like. I know that as a hard life but at the same time i think he understands what has purposes. He was raised to do the work and to do the job. He's been through. So much. With william and everything and to not be talking to him anymore. Like i know when there's conflict in my family like how hard that is and to just think of those two. I don't know i heard it once somewhere along the way that if you step back and look at whoever the common denominator is where there is issue like who the common paret common thread. That's usually who the issue where the issue lies. Or you know what i mean and so looking at it this way when legit every like palace. Staffers who have been there for live quit when megan came in and like all the things i don't know i can't just like sit back. And i nod my head. As she talks to oprah i i don't know i can't i have to just kind of be like oh i don't know and i think you know the race card her throwing out the race card that was very dangerous gayness and convenient. I'll just say that. But honestly if someone in the family had said that why why even tell the world like it does humankind no good because now we just feel. Oh even up. In our hierarchies we are so divided and racists a and b. You're storing someone hugely under the bus and see it. Just why stir dot pot like we are trying to find gained some ground with peace in the racism and the division department and that just like throws it up into a fury again absolutely whoever that one person that said that that is a wrong wrong thing to say wrong concern absolutely out of line with i feel like that's almost so private and that's the thing she shared a lot and i just feel like you wanted to escape to have this peaceful private life. Then why did you call up oprah and sit in front of the camera to tell all the dirty laundry like i know. She wanted to stick up for herself. And for harry. But i want to hear from harry's mouth. I needed to get away and he said she saved me. She saved me. And if that is the truth if he was so done. Diana william all the things i am done. I can't do this. i won't do this life. i'm done. But i still just don't feel like it was his conviction his choice now more than ever so many other factors have played into that and forced him to make this decision. Not look happy to me. Yeah he didn't. He looked eerily new fall out. This would have the damage and the pain that he would cause his family. He was very conflicted. Agree with you the biggest loss and all of this. For sure is william and harry. They needed each other. And he's going to be king one day and let's be real. It was kate william and harry. They were these little three amigos and they did so much together before he met meghan and there was a very healthy cute dynamic there that it was like oh we know this life and only we do and now he kind of like deserted that and not that. I don't think it's valid. I see how hard it would be. But oh i just know i know so many feelings. Yeah i know. I like it has dominant to. She was in the conversation and every time they were in like the little hand house and she was telling her thing and he's just in the background. I'm like this is the prince of england. He needs to come and share his truth. I think he should have been the first one to speak. I think he should have been the first one questioned. I think he needed to tell his truth. And then the woman he happened to mary and the hardship she's gone through could share her story The story is prince harry at the end of the day. And i don't know why yes. We're in america yes. Megan is an actress. Yes she is by racial and yes. She's the duchess now. But i do think prince. Harry's story is first and foremost in my okay. i'm gonna be one hundred percent honest what my takeaway was. I feel like harry cap insinuating that he was trying to get everybody to see what they had in meghan like. They just never saw them to see what they have in her. He said that multiple times in different words to where in the back of my head. I'm like okay. Was she in the background. Like i don't get enough attention. i don't this they. They don't like me. They don't know me bub-bubba that at the same time. Like william and kate will be king and queen. It's different. It's not going to be harry. And he's always understood that role in it's always been prince william and harry harry's always been second and he knows that and he's okay with that but i don't think megan's okay being second fiddle i really don't and i think there could be conflict in the background of her like no. I'm not okay with this. I'm a strong woman. And i have opinions that i've voices and i'm not going to walk behind a bubba. Do you know what i'm saying. Because i'm a strong american girl. But i can see some like super strong willed women really taking issue you know what a manger and i only know like the dynamics in a marriage i mean right right. I mean it's family dynamics on a huge scale. You know. And i think prince harry has done the honorable thing and supported his wife at the end of the day. He chose her. I mean that choice. I hope always will ring true to him. But i mean it has complicated his life immensely. He has stayed true to her and supported her and done in. His is what's best for her and their child. So i do respect harry in that way i just. It's funny that they came to america. Like how the whole thing went down. And we're gonna wrap this up but it just kind of funny how it all panned out in there in l. a. and santa barbara and with a podcast. A podcast and oprah living on oprah street. It just is weird how it so you came here to be american royalty now and everything that comes with. Yeah i don't know. God doesn't sit well with me. Unfortunately using and i was hoping to be their cheerleaders in kind of see that and she has this whole cinderella story. But it's just very drastically. Not it's not. I mean i think there was like a way to go about it and she over shared for sure and can i just say the queen is a class. Act the statement that she put out the next day she says. I am so sorry that there was all this going on in the background. I'm totally paraphrasing here. But she just says it so perfectly like go read it. It's so good. And then she says i'll always be loved and they're always gonna be members of our family and we hope we can repair it and stuff like that. It's just so perfectly done. And i'm like man elizabeth. You're so great. Yeah so great. I'm dying to know. What william and kate i know. And that's another thing. Why couldn't they have done like a sit down there. i know they. She would probably have felt attacked. Like that's the thing. No one's on her side. But oprah is going to get on her side here and so that's where i feel like it could have panned out a little smoother or been had some more answers if it was based out of england with a reporter and kind of sharing. This is what's happening behind the scenes. We want it to go better. This is what we need. This is what happened but instead it was just a whole different thing. Yeah tell us if we're like off the mark here. I'm curious to know what you think about all of us so go hit us up. I know 'cause my sister who watched it was on the very other end earrings sympathetic to megan how tragic this is so unfortunate. This has happened to her. This is so sad. Where i don't know i just did not pick that up from the gecko and i didn't even go into it assuming that i was just excited to see what they'd say. Oh totally and i do think our age might play into it a little bit and what i mean by that is. We're harry's age and we watched. I watched the funeral. I i watch diana's funeral and we grew up watching the harry and william dynamic like teen bop and all of this stuff and so my loyalty is to the brothers right. It's not to meghan. And i think the younger generation. They don't really know the boys as much. They looked up to meghan right. Harry and i were both born in november of nineteen eighty-four. You go and i felt very connected to echo. I really did. I was such a fan girl. I mean i wrote in seventh grade. We had to write a famous person a letter like in like. I don't know we had a practice are writing user. I and i chose to write. Prince harry and yeah in seventh grade. Mr gray's climate you chose harry over williams. Oh yeah you did i did. I don't know. I always like drew was drawn to harry. I think william was like a babe then he was so cute and so class act. But i don't know. Maybe because harry was a regards. That's so interesting to me. I don't know lie. Hey that was our take on that. Oh heart barry. I know we've went all of you to just to live happily ever. After as harry always view. I will just say i mean i guess in closing. Kate is a hard act to follow. Because kate is perfection. I do adore. Kate middleton so much. I think she does. It could not have been any more perfect william and i and i get that. That's a hard thing to follow. Yeah hersher but for sure okay. Really quick we're going to provide some value in this episode really fast. We're going to talk about our quick and easy family dinners that. We do on weeknights. We did not prep anything. What are go. to's our number one. What is yours. lauren. Oh gosh hotdogs with a pillsbury croissants if you take the doe in just wrap around the hotdogs. I love doing this. Obviously ron halloween with like mummies Or pigs in a blanket essentially and then just pop them in the oven and they're just yummy. Toasted sounds soga mustard ketchup. All the things anything with croissant role. I know you can go no wrong. They are so good okay. Mine is going to be breakfast for dinner. Yeah i mean always go to my house and number one. There's like subsections under the breakfast right. Hey we love to do. Yoga per phase and. Lauren laughed when i told her this because she's like that will not feed my children. It wouldn't fill them. I know they went back for second. Second dinners yeah. I'm seven o'clock. I'm hungry a bowl of cereal at seven o'clock and i fills my children. We get the shabani vanilla yogurt And we do like fresh berries and a lot of granola and like a big bowl and they like love it and eat it up but then you can also do like burritos breakfast burritos. That's absolutely i think. Xm baking a lot of protein and something healthy and we always have that kind of stuff on hand. Didn't always feel kind of special growing up to have breakfast for dinner. I always find out for sure i leave. If you really ought waffles or pancakes i have a hard time doing waffles or pancakes. Because i feel like they do get so much sugar right before bed with syrup and stuff but it is such a treat. So good okay. The next one that we have that we love to do is grilled cheese with like a tomato soup. I think soup can be a yummy filler. Lots of good soups out there. I i mean canned soups. I know aren't as tasty but a chicken noodle soup or tomato or yes trader. Joe's has this roasted red pepper soup that i'll pair with girl cheese and it is an incredible and so easy such a side note but something you know sometimes. I know it's best to make a homemade chili. But if you can't there's one or two good can chilis and something that we used to do. I haven't done this forever is almost like a fried bread and again with pillsbury you take their biscuit dough in the pillsbury role and you spread it out and you kind of fry them in some oil and it puffs them up like a Indian fry bread. Okay and then you put chili on it or beans and rice on it and you kind of have an indian fry bed ya bowlin and tasting kind of different okay. We'll we're on a tangent here. Do you know what a free toe pioneers free topa. She just looked to know how. I don't what what is that. This is a southern delicacy. Okay okay they serve it at sonic drive-in and i think i might know go. It's plain cheetos. yes i'd seen. Yep chilly and grated cheese on top and it is deeply anxious go. Train does and chile. No no not. Chile's free toes fritos toes f. r. i. Cheeto it's chilly. Fritos corn chips. Yes oh my gosh. It's something about the saltiness of the frito mixed with the chili. That can wolf brand chili busey about it. You gotta get like the canned stuff right with the great. I almost thought you were going to talk about. Have you seen that trend with the chips. What you just like almost take fritos bag like a little individual one and cut it open and pour the chilean top. But he do this pretty much. I've seen them do that with the bags. Channels like i think like ninety or i actually think it might come out of mexico these ship things and you put the chili and stuff and have the bad so i don so unhealthy so and healthy was so good even my particular husband from orange county. He likes the frito pie. Okay that frito pine out next one number four is just our favorite frozen mills. So what would you say your go-to frozen milas for your family. Yeah we love really. There's so many great chinese dishes at trader joe's but one we really love is the orange chicken so we get a bag of the orange chicken in either. The fried rice or just some white rice and costco has a great one to I really like there's and i will say the air fryer is a game changer. this right. that's helping them out so fast and so good very well die of air fryer game. Changer raid my favorite frozen meal. Nal admit it for dinner. Many a nights is the lily. B.'s organic bean rice cheese burritos. These are again just a frozen burrito. But i really like them. I will live in needham. And i always try and keep like salsa in the fridge i feel like we always usually have salsa and so if you put a lot of salsa on top. It's like really good. My kids actually eat it. it's not spicy. It's a good a good mix. And i do think even just homemade bean burritos are a great goto. Your house i e even if we just grab a can of refried beans don't know my my sister-in-law puts cream cheese in her refried beans. Put them in a pot get him hot. Put in some cream cheese with it and it really makes. It's almost like a bean dip. It's like so good it's good me. A good means a narrow that into a tortilla at stake. Okay my tip on making at home. Bean-and-cheese britos is after you wrap the burrito. Put it on a either skillet or a fry pan. No oil or anything and just like toast. The sides brown a little bit. I feel like if firms it bit. Just a tortilla really good. Yes and he already eat like it's all kind of solidified in there and you can either something about kind of browning it. That really liked it. Okay while we're talking about britos our last quick and easy weeknight mill. I'm going to say it is nachos notch. Aw any mexican food now. I mean we do nachos quite a bit and we will just like brown up some ground beef again. We have salsa on hand a can of beans avocado. If i'm feeling fans and obviously lots of cheese and we go to town super good i know nachos and even like just the chips and jeez my kids do the chips and cheese even after school or whatever i know that is such an oldie. I did that. I used to do it in just microwave after church on sunday. Oh i can totally remember coming home and making chips. And i mean not just become not just to like a far cry from actual so yeah honey. We'll hopefully. that helped a little bit. We would actually love to hear what you're cooking. Easy weeknights are. We are really not a best at the panning part. I know we. we are awful at. We've talked about. But you know. I i know i want to run through the store real quick after this and grab a few things. I have my ideas. Were churning for tonight. all right. that'll do it. We have a new episode of great episode coming out on monday with a special guest and you are definitely going to want to subscribed to hear this one so make sure that you are yet. Thanks so much for sitting in and really excited for money's up so don't miss out and go catch the interview if you haven't watched it with prince harry. Yes you can find us on. Instagram took talk all the social at. Yes the mambo podcast. You think now that will do it. Okay guys we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye all right. Take care of each other.

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