from a girl talk about goals with Kevin used hello and welcome to we need to talk about ghosts job on the spot something different here and the thing that is different is. I am outside yet. it's like a federal animal like a wild coyote. I am outside because I in testing the new audio portable recording equipment yes and how that works is well. You obviously accident but I've gotTa let Powell Com Yeah let clip your microphone is literally on the Lapel of my suit jackets because I'm technically Iraq is on so yeah you know the Potomac swept but it makes me feel like a BBC news reporter. Excuse me told me opinions on Brexit soon by you think it's terrible idea for they could also then issue that I have a weighted arguments which I do 'cause brexit full of bullock's anyway. I've managed to find some relatively low key to do this in town because I've tried three or four different locations and you know why people just follow your. It's fucking bizarre. It's hard to find some quiet space in the city centre literally people to be fair the probably just going about their own business for me to be and happened to be behind me. You can't on just best into welcome to talk about goes today. We're going to talk about politics guy. which is the poltergeists because people think you're a lunatic? You can get away with a big. It looks like he just told someone on your phone on your hands free. Yuck since the eighties but when you start saying things like if you've gotTa go story send into talk about go at Hotmail L. Dot Com and then it's pretty evident not just on your phone but by the way if you do have a go story STU Senate into talk about goes to hotmail calm and now read it out. We've had a good few emails in this sweet andromeda Maria from last week and she sends us in the story about the students accommodation whether they blocked off a room the landlord reckon so that they didn't have certainly that they couldn't have people staying over rent free but in reality. I believe it's because Satan themselves was taking the president's that we'll be back in touch with yet under the update on said Spooky students a call mccollum mccollum accommodation so that'll be look good to look forward to says. I says I do hope this audio. Quality's okay let me know because this will be the one that abused and for the haunted locations our Halloween obviously hopefully it won't be as windy as this gets a little windy but my lapel mic yes a lapel pelle. Mike does have a case on it to shield it so it shouldn't be too fingers crossed. Obviously there's going to be a few things omitted from this episode with the portable one one. I'm not going to be able to any patriots names because I would be arrested and thrown in pilot CEO so if you donate to the patriots as some of you have you can have have your lovely names sang out next week contact with this week for obvious reasons namely sanity and didn't remain saying that said of just realized I could be speaking rather loud and them sat on a bench about twenty feet away looking at me isn't to say that guy needs locking up so if I am called to mid recording van. You'll know what happened. Please tell other again. This won't get I will be NSL so you have to be no Patriot name. Sung this week. The might not be any German mid point see that because we're the devil AM I. GonNa get jam. I'm an audio down's music from in a field. I don't know I mean but then again I could just ad-lib. Maybe I will outlet. Maybe I'll do German rap with the middle of my bustle. Walk Past Nice to see me and actually go out and say this guy needs time off. I've just called him talking to a lady grasp. Thirty minutes non stalled on in terms of the length. I do think that this one is going to be around thirty minutes like this that eloped into longer times solely because I'm still outside in a field chatree technically. That's what it looks like. Although we know I'm chatting Te- you guys so do the good thing about this not that not not in terms of health interests but listen to this and we got no bates an actual cigarettes on the show. This is the first time in the history of we need to talk about goats. are being able to smoke onset as it were These needs to know that I'm just sitting chilling in a field smoking a cigarette yes. What a good audio content since peace this makes. I don't think anybody without further edouard. Let's get some spooky stories okay so like I've just mentioned. It's starting to rain. I did not expect this well. Kinda did brought an umbrella for this very eventuality. Let me just put my umbrella. How Weird is it about. You wouldn't know but let me tell you this skills very weird doing a podcast in the rain but I'm excited by not like sexual shields up Kevin and move on anyway so Maria is being bucking torch an Harry mail goes. Oh my God my sister in brackets. Zoe just reminded me of another scary night at my house and university eighty. I'd completely forgotten about it. Slush blocked out of my mind. My sister and a friend visited me in university in brackets. They went to see a Craig David Concert. Yes at this was the minorities they came back to my house and was sleeping on the two sofas in the living room next to the block up room but the noises from the last story. You know you know what's coming. He says and I'll be honest. I don't so we don't I haven't told my sister bought my scary encounter mainly because I was trying not to believe myself out set the picture of Vol House please do Maria. I think we would all regime that I think we can all agree. let's see she says the picture of the house typical terraced streets. Braemar road in fallow field on the ground floor entrance hall the Fest Room to the left was a living grew. This was being used as a bedroom. My friend loaner next to that's a small bathroom with no window then the but then the boarded up room which had a window that look out onto the yard but this has caused was also bolted up then it had a small living room which was extended with a tiny kitchen okay. If we all got milk pitcher I think we have I think that's spectacular so he under friend who going to sleep on the two sofas and the living room next to the kitchen so he said they both have their eyes closed but went to sleep when they had someone come out next room to the living room they felt this was long as but that was at the fruits they both set the next morning the passing came out of the room and walks them for a bit whilst they slept in invented speech marks then went went to the kitchen woke back stopping again and then back into the room and close the door behind them. The obviously thought it was strange that one of my house mates was just staring at the sleep and that's made a naturally if the the next room where loan of US was okay she wasn't hope yet. We then had to break to them. That loan was away dot was Polian all in London there was only may not only Cheryl in the house but we slept upstairs known come down in the night and it must have been the same being that what's that me and naturally have felt watching this a few nights previously. How did I forget dot cab scary ghost a motorcar and yes it is scary bloody confined in fact now really. I think I might have emailed us and asked if not I will ask you verbally over the podcast. can you get in touch with this landlord fill up because I would love to take this lapel mic my BBC Lapoma an interview him. Stay in the house. Go in the room. Raise the DAD NECROPHILA necrophilia the Alex living with debt. I don't mean that I mean what's the other one. we couldn't you did that. It evades me now but it's a similar to necrophilia but it doesn't mean sleeping with Tet after Jesus have good good. You're going to feel the meal like fell over there talking about shutting the Dad needs to get rid of him pretty sharpish put them in a locked up sal okay so next on the show the outdoor show Alfresco show we we're GONNA have a bit of a unique feature in terms of the show. We've actually had somebody somebody send an. MP Three of story that they've experienced themselves on this is from call corporate. I can't speak because I'm outside. I've left my voice box at home home in the doors and the safety of the house and this is from Colin miles miles his name his name's Colin and Collins Says Hello Kevin vinings Colin Colin Miles. I'm a farm for a multi share with you a bit of my life experience without go sleep friends you know for the creepy. Halloween Times coming up. I recorded this. Anything goes Halloween show a couple of years ago. I have a wonderful sleep paralysis story. I'll share when they get a chance to it's horrifying and hilarious and he's from New Orleans. He goes on to say do come visit New Orleans. If you haven't got a chance to it's not as holy as one would hope foil for the spirits are all over the place and easily felt in certain areas. You're I'm doing a wonderful job. Thanks calling you then sent an email to say to New Orleans being a friend and I had some come on whistle a little tune between us the wall inside a French quarter bakery this morning no space could could have fitted another human and no living soul was within ten feet of us but the tune was right next to us so we go column miles they're sending us an as a happened account of a whistling postie so without further edouard shall shelby who collins recorded MP three story. I think we should oh by the way anything ghosts good. I think it's LEX luther stop. If you didn't see spooky cuss you probably already know about check amount due. I Bet Lx now and again go to spooky piano at the beginning like a thing hi. I'm LEX well. Let's talk about what's Becky. Goths and it's really good. I'm not mocking him. I think he's fucking great and that's a collins story it. I was five years old. When my family moved into a simple ivy covered house else outside of Little Rock Arkansas. The house was built in the sixties and had nothing about it that would get it cast of the house and even the lamest of ghost stories but the land around the house has a long history due to the road being one of the oldest ruth through the state. I suspected as the history of the land that gave me my story I can clearly recall the Sunday morning in the room. I shared with my brother as I was blinking my eyes awake. I looked across the room to the bright window. That's when I saw woman sitting cross legged on the edge of my brother's bed at first it seemed awkward that she was facing the wall and then it registered that our body was still smoke in the sunlight. She was completely nude and she was headless breath. Of course I pulled the covers over my head to hide from the site and after a few minutes trying to keep my frantic breath quiet i. I looked again to find her gone. My mother said she almost feynman cheer him telling my brother I just seen headless moment sitting on his bed now just because because this is a scary thing to hear a child say but because just the week before my father had seen the headless woman this time clothed glide out of their bathroom room to lean over my mother than stand up and vanish this started a conversation about ghosts and haunting my family where I found out about my grandmother seeing thank spirits is a young girl and a family friends having interactions with ghosts and it started a lifelong interest in the supernatural for me. I began to read everything I could about ghosts and haunted places but reading really doesn't touch the reality of seeing like the Saturday morning I woke up early and took my pillow and blanket into the den to watch cartoons before anyone else got up. I had only one foot on the carpet of our TV room. When I was shocked still by the site of the woman again sitting cross legged again nude and headless in the middle of the room I was instantly through the door with the lights on my blood pounding in my ears and the hopes that she would not come to the door after me after a while wild when I could I looked into the room to find it empty and the sun coming up that was the last time I saw the apparition but not the last asked of our interactions. I can't recall them number of times as I entered and went through my teens that a light would flicker back on after I had turned it off or the TV would come back on as I was leaving the room. I never felt any malice from her and it was a pretty gentle haunting. My father recently recalled seeing hanging implant bouncing by itself an Empty Room Spooky but not scary at least not until the night of my fifteenth birthday I had three friends over to celebrate we had set up the tent in the backyard so that we can stay up and be loud without disturbing my family but there was a pressure you're in the air that night at a low fog coming up from the creeks nearby and though they weren't a fixture of my stretch of the highway we can hear a herd of cattle lowing blowing through the quiet country night this atmosphere outside stirred my friends up a little in so we decided to go into the Din Watch TV until we fell asleep deep but that never happened. Dean Pat Bobby and I were sitting in a close circle talking out our team ideas but the TV murmuring murmuring behind me when I saw dean and bobby jump in Unison Dean Horsley whispered to do you hear that and bobby replied shut up just shut the F. up. You didn't hear nothing. Pat started excitingly asking what they had heard because we had heard nothing at all and they he said that they had heard a girl say my name of course sounding like the little girl from poltergeist. We thought it'd be might be my sister so I went to check act but she was fast asleep and so we sat and talked about anything else we could think of to distract us from the scare and these attention but then somewhere in our ramblings one or two of them. I can't remember her to sign the turn to laughter and that's when I became frightened lights turning on and seeing quiet figures in the middle of the room. Even headless month was one thing but crying laughing in in the middle of the night was quite another. We didn't know what to do but to stay put and talk a lot eventually patent. I had to use the bathroom. Uh of course so it'd being my house my ghost. I had to go first to make sure the coast was clear. Even though I wasn't feeling feeling all that brave after making it to the bathroom without incident I headed back to the Dan I saw pat waiting in the dining room and as soon as I I saw him I saw him jump like a rabbit up and sideways to the door into the den. When I got in there he was telling my friends about how he had. I heard a gasp looked over and saw in the code rack mirror a person in the civil warm uniform standing next to him who was headless none of us slept removed that night until we got to call a friend's bother to come get him at five in the morning and and I don't recall any of them staying over after that the rest of my teen years past as I've told with flickering lights. TV's coming back on and me wondering why she called my name but I didn't hear her. How would you like that I sent in recorded himself now if you would like to send them to prerecorded story like thou- by all means do send it to me buyer email of course as an MP three or a while or whatever whatever the kids are saying you recall and send it to of course talk about goes a hotmail dot com and I will play it out on the show me reading out all the time as Colin just proved they don't you know but again? If you WanNa send your stories that you've written down on the now listen listen to talk about Cosa hotmail dot com or again on the twitter talk about ghosts okay. Let's see if we can have a mid point. I don't know whether I get away with doing a German rap in the city centre or whether on battered by jam and tourists but let's give it a go. Its midpoint time. They don't who denoted boy Tom. Tom Who annuity boy in the field for Dome could not John Boy Yacht it covered in well. Let's give it a few hugh seconds to see if anyone's running towards me with a knife or a fifth now I think are going away with Scot free. So is the midpoint I said earlier about. Elliot seven last week show this is a prerecorded episode because this weekend me under under Abubakar going out to look at a few haunted location news and we've also got a musical fireworks works event that we're going to in southport which is a nice little coastal seaside town mainly for pensioners but we do. Lavar selves some good pension company and it's great. It's like you know the about it is what it says on the tin. Really defi music so it'd be like nobody like that. It'd be like that at at at at that. Bang Bang sort of thing and it's good within the last five years. You may recall an episode last year and I said we were going on while we're gone and again so we're looking forward to that. yes do send you suggestions well twelve four the halloween three episodes special so I will reiterate. We're GONNA do the normal episode on the Sunday of Halloween week which is kind of like a teaser and then Dan Monday Tuesday and Wednesday the thirtieth October will all have shows on at least two of them are going to be recorded as live so we'll be out of spooky location and self Becca and possibly a couple of other people going to be talking and experience spooky things and I think on the first show the Moon Doc is when I'm GonNa play all the Kalita tales that I've visited friends and family I believe me there's some waters in absolute walkers like the one I know talked about last week but the one that Bekker's meets was talking about when we were in the Lake district a absolutely still now to this point to get Shiva when I think about the tale and it depends on whichever she wants to share rarely with you guys because some of its like really fondly personal stuff. It's dark as sin honest to God. It's dark. It's the devils uh-huh so yeah without any ability to sing to our Patriot owns this week I think this is going to be a very short mid point if you would like to have your name with the patrons who've already signed up then do go along to support the show at. WWW DOT patriots dot com forward slash we I need to talk about ghosts next week will also about the Fed monthly installments of the Patriarchs special podcasts with your too so yeah love the community that's over. The Guy Support in the show are making me. Do things allow me to do things like buy equipment that lets me stand on a field and record this very episode. This wouldn't exist this episode. What you had right now would not not exist without the people over the Patriot joked so if you like to be as kind as those guys and support the show. You're listening to go over to. WWW lead ww dot patriots dot com Ford Slash Weenie to talk about ghosts okay. That's it for the midpoint sea on the other side and okay guys so the next story or email correspondence. I'm going to go up as came in from my ex driving instructor I mean she still a driving instructor but thankfully pass my test now on having daily nightmares Muslim panic attacks on the motorway because I just don't like them and I'm sure that's where I'm going to die that said this is coming from my drive instructor. Has She's called Tracy. She's a lovely pass and she emailed me to say What did you say initially she said. Oh my goodness I was going to get in touch with you. Then I saw you on my son's post because I'm friends with she said something's happened to me on a recent holiday. I've been dying to tell you because I think you'll bows off. That's a scout terminology for really like it. I dismissed the events but it also. I still feel uneasy about it. When I think about my hair stands on end all you interested in my tail. Obviously I got back like a bloody couples almost like I'm sorry like a boomerang that works better and of course. I am pleased semi or tail so she did. She says he didn't get back to you last night. It was all a bit manic. She she sends a few days later not that you need to know but hesitate. Basically it's nothing exciting. I'll be the judge of that but it just never happened to me before it was a sense of something and it wasn't a nice thing very mind. I've been in a house before and after it was exercised and it didn't bother me that much to be truthful so I think I might have mentioned during our lessons that after I saw my moment dead in the chair I knew in my heart there was nothing after death but I still lived all this stuff about spooky stories and stuff so about two weeks ago we were all on holiday in Scotland really remote nine miles to the nearest pope thirteen eighteen to the nearest country shop etcetera blah blah blah. I mean remote. I just have to know suzy's ball to me in a few honest to God you could be anywhere else does literally acres of space where you could be walking and the deciding walk right past me for the love of Jesus swept honest to God. Don't they know I'm doing apartment. We'll talk how very ruled anyway back into traces in a remote place no phones no oh no. Wifi no communication or than a landline in the cottage along line. You could avid gym policy It was actually quite refreshing. We had a lovely cottage wjr facing a beautiful bullets before we open up the manmade paths various viewing platforms along side of the ball to fold the start of which was literally across the garden of our cottage than it wound. Its way upwards through some woods. The top could not be seen from ground level having said that it was probably not more than six to seven minutes walk from the bought into the top but was a little bit steep sorting we've got about we'll insult together took loads of fotos mucked about how to giggle commented the much beauty and came back down at another walk further on L. Evening while the rest of the family were either napping watching TV or reading etc.. I decided to take take another walk off the waterfall my own. It'd been raining heavily since we've gone. Apparently I'm the whole mood of the folds had changed them but dente the they were so very loud the collision the water had changed to they'd become Brown from the bracken in the fouls L. of this. This is just so he's tells a good story. You know she knows a business as an issue. Early does become brown from the bracket in the fells and the full the water was tremendous. It was truly beautiful to watch. I was puttering along the world's full stopping to take photos stopping just to take in the magnificence of its own. I eventually reached the top I stood on viewing platform and just admired. I wasn't wasn't there long and I started to feel my has stand on end. I acknowledged quite quickly that it wasn't used to me being cold on the country. The weather was mild. Despite spike the brain. I had easy feeling of being watched. I suddenly felt like the air was impressive. I had an overwhelming Ed's to scream out but felt I will be on head. I felt so incredibly uncomfortable. I had edge that I should leave and not look back onto any circumstance which is exactly what I did. I really really can't emphasize enough just how much edge and see iheart going back down the hasn't. My body was still so much on end like I'd never experienced ever before and I didn't look every speck of common sense told me I had the ability to do so but every sal in my buddy was screaming at me not to I got to the bottom and walk away feeling so uneasy. What was the I've no idea. Why did I feel like I've no idea what I do. Know is is that I've never felt like that before and I definitely never wish to feel like that again. Even thinking about on writing this to you my head is standing on end again so something can nothing nothing really but it still makes me. Shiva she sent that and I was like that is possibly the greatest go story with no ghost in I so you know I felt like we've all felt uneasy points but the description she gives and the picture she paints this amazing to me but then but then she sent me another email one of the things she says the top level of the waterfall was opposites a house. You couldn't see it but it was the from the road you could just make up the garden of the House. It was the gatekeepers lodge in the garden the remodels or statues of people in various poses slash slush positions again garden and house copied from the waterfall only a big called gorilla in the gatekeepers. God and can be seen from the waterfall foil and that you just like a stretch to say who the hell is the big gorilla in the gun on enquiring. We found out that there was a house but that itself self the house. The muddles carvings and statues are all a bit random bearing in mind its location in the middle of nowhere and not members of the public don't know it's there and Congo to see whatever all they've got going on up there which is very very weird. Maybe the whole things in my imagination but as I say I didn't think I was bothered other by anything just fascinated by the supernatural stuff etc.. Mike sensible heads. It's all rubbish and can be reason to way but why when I was in such a happy place place physically mentally. Would I want to conjure up such malevolence dots. I call follow him out so thanks. If you read this fall you can happily referred to as a crank now no new I then got back and say that was amazing. Tell me what it is. Hopefully I can find some way to get into Scotland and investigate this crazy artist malevolence she gets back. Oh my goodness of goosebumps all night just go for what I wrote. She says interests with a gazillion wants to do as usual and I wasn't even sure it made any sense or even if I got across how about those feelings where the only thing about it all I mean the beauty peacefulness nature. I mean everything you think was that gatekeepers lodge. It was an oddity. It just didn't fit in. Maybe that's why I paid attention. I'm trying to reason it's out but so remote so beautiful and then not large with all the weird things so my logical brain says well if they're the archetype it's probably ideal but surely you produce work to sell and and be seen on the majority of their was not being seen apart from the guerrilla hidden in the trees opposite the top of the waterfall. All sorts of theories are coming into my head here. Yeah mainly based on horror stories and books. I read but not actual facts. It was up by the Isle of Bute North West of Scotland. I think to part of my exiling over the whole thing was because I felt isolated and unable to get help if I needed it no signal and all that I'll send you a photo which she did and I will put up on the socials usuals which will probably spoil it because it won't look scary. It's all but in truth. It wasn't about the look. It was how I felt that she says yes. Of course you can use the photos. KC and she goes through it. It's brilliant. She then replied after sending the photos to say in terms of the gatekeepers lodge really competency and it's all from the road despite the following fotos use these were taken in super zoom and says bit intrusive probably illegal. You can make the something in the garden and that's what we wanted to do. I thought it was a pass but they hadn't moved used it was as I say very mild but it was also very misty and wet and I couldn't imagine just sitting out on it on zoom. I realized they would just muddles of statues of the past pass and sat on a bench which I thought was bizarre as it was in the middle of nowhere a very large black bed statute to the left of the past and and a very large white bed possibly ahead and start acute the right however this is completely hidden and to the left of the waterfall as you go up to it so spooky is not I mean not place ace sounds amazing. Just imagine if you just go up much if you're in the middle of a forest it's flow which under the house and there's a house around. I've seen the photos appeal say the statues. You're talking about like someone sat on a bench is like. Can you describe your. We've also we're all interest is purchased off. You'll see that meme of looks like a person but it's just ice and looking into a window and it's like oh when it gets cold outside or some stupid mean comments you know about pitch and it's just like a completely white body shape. That's what the statues like. It's terrifying spindly little graceland amount sat on a bench living insane pass and would want that in the front garden. I have no idea but I do want to go up and knock and say well. You may have the paramedic. I'd like to talk to you about your spooky. UKIO faulk statues please and if we do the OUIJA board in your outhouse slash chicken coop very strange very strange indeed okay so we're going to call an end to this episode shorter than usual but you know you have a few recently a no forget from October all of the episodes so it will be getting longer between forty five minutes and an hour before we go a thought. It'd be fun because it'll wind it opens. You won't even know what's going on. If I ring back. Put It on speak up an Emmy Emily Powell. Mike and I have some mad we technology Menasheh Twat if you will sex with three now that doesn't make sense but let's put on speakers well because she won't expect this this. Let's see now expects the Spanish inquisition. Let's see my lapel mic and we go me and field field bringing bucket mountains. Hello my low. It's Kevin I suppose I let you know I'm I'm recording on my lapel mic for the show because I'm trying to get some content outdoors. Hello hello so you're now. You're now live one. You don't live your previous. No it's not but you know pre creamy coated on the we need to talk about podcasts which you are fully aware of because you've been on it several times and I'm your partner with you so underwear excellent. How are you today. I'm okay. It took me a while to find some that I can talk for like thirty minutes about ghosts without looking like lunatic well. I went this borough. TESCO formula then came back to field by work and a few people yeah well. It's like a piece of grass probably not a field of a few wasps to contend with a few human being as well thanks. He's is looking more details about goes. Yes basically yeah. I'm looking at some place yeah yeah for the sensible thing was afield. Alabama umbrella up to shielded from the wind so there is a chance of somebody's got very close to me and then backed away and phone the police I wouldn't be aware unplaced yeah no crime overman insanely terrifying stories for the general consumption of the Public Holbrooke legal lapel mic yeah well I. I feel very very important to be honest I do. I look like a news report some blades of grass. I think I'll just actually thinking if anyone from work which is obviously very nearby how Cmih they will think either me and you you are having a murder or I've completely lost. The plot fails yes. They'll I think the assume on the phone anyway so none of the scary. Tell my listeners go story because you're the last into head on this episode. Will you should be prepared for this eventuality off on the story. When I know go looks Oh boo listen. You know what if they you know what I expect from you back. I don't smoke Old Dominion. Thank you apply of interesting stories for. You're GONNA be intrusive. Company might Reagan words when I got home probably not ubt yeah okay well. Thank you join US say goodbye to the listeners now because this'll be the end of the fast alfresco outdoor show listeners. I hope the quality hasn't been terrible. He's walking around with the wind on this can only as we get more and more it's Winston West so easily coped him on a month bombshell. Thank you for giving negative connotations to my wonderful natural exuberance I don't think the wetsuit went together. Ellie okay but I am going to say goodbye to you now because he's like a lot to go back to the people who've downloaded caserta if this doesn't make people donate the Patriot on. I don't know what will be coming from Jaffa cakes two packs. Yes twenty four cakes anyway. This people of now turned off so I'm going to let you gap speech Alexa. Let's done now okay bye-bye. Let me go guys. Sorry everyone I for some stupid reason did assume she'd ever go story. I don't think it did actually I was just trying to stop the tech. Texas tech know what I mean so I would cost this uh-huh. Why can't I speak today. Honestly got a new class this a success. Do let me know what you think of. The sound quality is it do. I mean all the time. I'm not just going to keep doing this. You know we'll be back in the studio next week. this is going to be the sound quality for the external loans. Philip Ghost stories and go see places in the Halloween special specialist plural. Thank you for this and thank you for downloading. I love you do send your stories on to talk about goes hotmail dot com and I would lovingly read them out. If you want me to sing your name next week when I got guitars and less chance of being arrested then go to patriotdepot dot com slash. We need to talk about ghosts. Get Fall too windy so unless I arrested in the meantime I shall catchable next week Tutsi by everyone todd.

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