REShow: Jim Palmer & Jeff Van Gundy - Hour 2 (06-07-21)


Wanna hear something. Amazing discover matches all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically with no limit on how much you can earn. How amazing is that in fact. It's even more amazing. Because of all the places were discovered is accepted ninety nine percent of places in the us that take credit cards so when it comes to discover get used to hearing yes more often learn more at discover dot com slash. Yes twenty one. Nilson report limitations apply. This is the rich eisen. Show live from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles. It was great. I won't play time. They can do a hard knocks about us. A hard knocks out us would be. It's not gonna be easy. The rich eisen show. What the tt's gas baseball hall of famer jim baumer espn nba analyst. Jeff van gundy. Plus from amc's the beast must die actor jared harris and now you're rich. Is everybody our number. Two of the rich eisen show is on the air. Jeff van gundy who called the suns game one victory in the nba finals. Last night is going to be calling in from phoenix in about twenty minutes time to discuss what he saw on what we can expect to see the actor. Jared harris will be joining us in our number three. He'll join us forty minutes. Before england kicks of matters off in wembley in london against denmark for the right to play italy for the euro cup final championship. In wembley london syllabi Be proverbial nervous as a cat individual We were talking about the the match that we enjoyed with phil and tom brady. And bryson to shambo and aaron rodgers. Yesterday we talked about that in our number one. If you missed that go to our youtube page youtube dot com slash richeisenshow for all of that also talked about otani and i'll terrific. He's looked and I enjoy my chats with this man quite a bit Whenever he's appeared on this show and before all of that he is a baseball hall of famer. Who calls games for the he's just He just dropped off. he just dropped down. I went in the home. Sorry i know you're in zone in the zone moving. I was shaking. All right. he's gonna he's calling back. Here's a perfect story as well. Here's my here's how tap dance my favorite brooks robinson story. Okay thereby toll ever told you this as is about golfing. Yes yes i'll tell you i told you tj. I mean. i've heard so i was. I was at a charity. Golf tournament in orlando actually where. I got the I believe where i got. The the goodfellas goes costa. I'm not a fan of resorts Where you're spread out. I like to go to a hotel where i go straight up in an elevator. So here i am staying in this spot that they put us up To resort it was like half a mile from the main desk. And you know they wanted us. Even though the shotgun start was like eleven in the morning they wanted us to Be picked up like seven. Go there and have breakfast. And whatever like oh my god. That's our this is when i was. Espn was a single man. I was out late. Whatever and i'm like. I don't wanna wake up that early. Fine a wake up. That early woke up that early and Standing in front of my Spot getting ready to be picked up to be brought to the main desk to go all the way out there. No nobody's coming. They told me to be out there too. Certain time. and someone's gonna come get still nothing. So i called the main desk. I'm just taking a little breath here. You know. But i'm i'm a little heated. You know how it can get you. Jerry didn't want to be up early. So i hopped i busted up my flip phone and i'm waiting for you know I call the front desk. And i'm like. Is there anybody there who can tell me when this lift is coming to take me to you so i can get to this golf course on time and the person who answer the phone and says there's a bunch of people here from the tournament waited ready to go and i'm like exactly i need to be with them. Can you put somebody from the tournament on the phone. And the member of the hotels like is there someone here from such and such tournament and your perform person go. Yeah i'm with that tournament. Well rich eisen wants to speak to you and get on the phone in there like hello. I'm like are you at this tournament. Yeah i'm with the tournament where where is the you know. I'm trying to be calm because you know you never know trying to be polite. Because that's my default and i'm like but where is the ride. I think it should be there any minute rich and i'm like well. Who is this. So i know. And he goes. This is brooks robinson almost robinson. I wanted somebody who's managing the tournament. Playing one of the nicest guys ever this is brooks robinson. And that's how i welcome. Jim palmer the program. How are you. i'm good i like. He was a nice guy when he was playing third night. Through those rockets down the mvp in the seventy world series right so You know the one of the great all star games was the seventy one austin where he was played in two hours eight minutes and there were like eight home runs. All by hall of famers reggie gets. The i was actually warming up by blue. Star of the game for the american league would go to win the cy young and the mvp in his rookie year. But reggie at once so far there was complete. Silence i mean because everybody's watching to see how far the ball went one way up on the roof and you know the light tower a little bit like the natural except you know very levinson wasn't producing we had like and stuff. Gm reggie on the show Just a couple of weeks ago and He i asked him about that home run. He said it was born. Out of sal. Bando telling him before he went to that. All star game don't embarrass us and he thought to the matter of fact he did. He most certainly did. Not but i was going at. What's funny is that you know. We played the the reds in world series year before. And you know we ended up winning. What game four. To four games at one. And you know brooks brooks made all i mean you you just don't i mean he was good as he was sixteen gold gloves. You don't get the opportunities in one world series to make all the place de made. I mean you know and i mean it kind of started in game. One when lee may singled in a run to hang her in the two home run. And then i told him to up. So i've gone through my pretty much my whole. And then that's the ball that brooks catches going over the bag and from the coaching box. One hopper blue-collar throw ellie may so now i figure okay. Johnny bench comes up. I pitch in four and five. And i you know what i pitched them away in the world series. I'll try to go up in it. He hits this rocket in a hole and brooks of course is does bench. Cisco's it's just not. This is not fair and i just figured you know i'll see what johnny convention can do. On on the fastball. You know up in well. I found out but which was there to save me. Yeah you know when you talk about. Yeah he was a fabulous player. But what. I mean person everywhere. I've ever gone over the years. Nobody that i've ever met said anything bad about on one of those korpi guys to have as a teammate. And no i mean i see. I'm seventy five books. He's probably eighty four. Thank somewhere in that range. He's great role model. I mean if you wanted to kinda mir be like when you get to the big leagues at nineteen. When i did and books. He's twenty seven was like that. You're removed from being the most valuable player in the american league. It's somebody like bruce. Jim palmer here on the rich. Eisen show Jim how would have gone if there was a front office. Executive with the baltimore orioles who Armed with numbers like spin rate and exit velocity would've walked into earl weaver's office and told him this is who's starting today and this is how long your pitchers gonna go against that other team because these are the numbers third time through the order. Howard earl weaver have handled something like well. You know it's funny. I mean earl earl was the kind of ahead of the curve with a weaver cards. You know stat. yes you know. He didn't know exactly when or how current they were. You know he relieved me once tippy martinez Up in new york. And i had a four to one lead is made in my career You know they went to hit a an infield hit and then you know score was four to one or something like that. So dippy comes out. He's well rested. You know i'm happy about that. You know they. There's two outs in the ninth inning. And you know have been nice to have a complete game but you know it's kind of i just was looking for wins. I'd already had enough complete games and girl comes out. And he know he's two for twenty. It was that was the only two for twenty three. And i said well actually you know. He was over twenty one and his last two hits so was arrested tippy martinez on a curb. All down away shortstops head that beat us and the other was an upper deck. Homerun twelve sending When he had pitched by straight days and his curveball was meandering up to home plate. And i said well see numbers. Don't tell you the whole story. And even today we all know. That's not the cage. You know we have you know signal does. Are you know. He's a nasty guy that worked with mike. Elias who's now the case. The president that these operations and all the more you know he was kinda telling us how important runs are. And you know. I mean you know if you do enough analytical things well you can save no thirty five thirty seven runs whatever your. You're and whatever so. We're walking out of the stadium about two and a half ago. And i should say you know i kind of i went back to two thousand seven and i worked at run scored per game in the major leagues. And i said the down. So if you know. We're now at the three outcomes which is strikeouts you know walks in home runs if home runs that important. How come we're hitting more home runs. But we're going more more more less runs scored it in about him and he looked at me any smiley. So i'm going to have to get back to you on that. And he's a really nice man but the point is i don't know you know analytics are what they are. You know the you know you give a young kid who has a bad wind up. That can't repeat it. You know we want you to pitch in this quadrant. You know you know if you know if you do this if you do that if the agitronics the rhapsody bill camera tells you you stay behind your slider and you know you do this and whatever but if you can't repeat your wind up to what what could is the information you know. I mean if You know spin rate. We knew about spin rate. I used to always ask. Elrod hendricks become my no hitter. Said how am. I getting these guys out he goes. They don't see the ball. They think they can hit that high fastball. And i'd had guys like jim spencer spencer. He was over thirty two. I kept him from hitting three hundred. Two straight years and i'd see him is pitching on wednesday in texas. I'd see him on monday when we were chatting and then we had until back then those days until now feel gordon. Game he goes. You know i'm not gonna swing it. That hot fastball monday. Tuesday he says you know. I'm off that of course on wednesday of course type fastball. He pop it up cloud or whatever so in the twelfth inning. It's gone from my twentieth win. And john mccain blows a clay. My car was out by about a half a step and cause them safe and that'd be in went into one. It's two to two. And i'm trying to win my twentieth late august and jim spencer comes up and you know. He was a little fastball hitter. I you know you're in a tie. Boggy to in the twelfth inning and throwing the fastball away and he gets a little stop lines tonight. look i should. do you want the ball. I said you know he was from baltimore. He used to play basketball game. I said you could have been doing that for the last two years so we knew about where to pitch guys. We knew that you know as henry so that they don't see the ball you have you know you have a high fastball. That has currently great spin rate. You know what. I thought my purse world series game. Santa colfax is last game. And the i'm on deck and dodger stadium and sandy throws that the three thousand balls and he thought about swinging at all three of any never could get the bad going so as i'm walking up to home plate i i said I said radio. She said what i said. You know you could hear him. But you couldn't see them. So i walk up to home plate and he throws and i was pretty good hitter. He throws fastball. And i it starts in the lobby and it ends up on the second floor. I said no. I'm going to really have to get going way. Throws me the same pitch. Except it's not as fastball. But you know now there's a term cuddling where if you throw the pitch out of the same you know release point. They don't know the difference. Well roseborough monroe catches on the ground. And that's of high learned. How what santa colfax was santa colfax because he had a fastball curveball. Pretty much the two coaches he had. You could never tell the difference when started in the lobby ended up on the second and third floor once started a lobbying ended up in lower basement. So you know. Baseball hasn't really changed. It's just you know. I think they they wanna you know quantify it and all that but i mean you know i know pitchers are good and they're throwing with more callosities and you could talk all day long about whether they're using substances or not but at the end of the day You know ted williams tapped his bat on the plate in nineteen sixty nine. Said you know. Boys get a good pitch to hit preferably fastball. And you need to have a six degree upswing so we talked about launching go back in nineteen sixty nine and of course he was headway. Yes jim palmer here on the rich eisen show I could talk all day but Before i let you go. Jim i i do want to give you the floor and shohei otani of what. We're seeing a unicorn every fifth day and certainly every other day I'll give you the floor and what we're seeing from him right now. It's just amazing. you know. Read an article this morning about babe. Ruth only what pitched in the outfield. And what two hundred eighteen games and he said you know. You can't do both. We'll all can't but how big is he got. He's it's like he's you know we. You know i mean if you broadcast for the orioles in the american league east your stand and you know and and judge and all that i mean guys that are superdome. They look like they. Should you know be on the you know in the movies and you know and then you know some of the you know the superhero movies and all that so But otani just you know. I saw him a couple of years ago and we could actually go on the field and talk to players and all that yeah you know and then you saw him run and you said he. It's ball now. Gets the ball real on way to all fields. You know pitching wise. My social was the manager. I've said you gotta get them in the middle of coaching. He's gonna hurt his arm which he did so he did the time john. You know it's it's i mean it's it's it's it's it's kinda what al michaels used to always talk about. He said you know. And you could be reading a book when when dow hitting for the oakland a.'s. Reggie jackson you stop breathing. When otani pitches or comes to the play you pay attention. Yep so. I don't know if you can say it any better than that. I mean. i'm sure people could say much more eloquently bob cops. This comes to mind when we talked about that. But yeah he's a special player and You know if you're very angel fan you know or you got this. see tom. Seaver strike out ten batters. You know in april what day april twenty. Second nineteen seventy right. You know just to think that you were there or you get to see. Otani do some of the things he does. That's what makes baseball game. It is jim. I appreciate your time. I think I think Who who's that. What's what's the name your dog. That's you know Idea that teddy grossman's world thing done man. He's ninety years old. My i have a stepson with autism. Spencer sits up. Let's name him teddy grossman. We have a human teddy grossman who lives in santa monica. And then we have jedi. Grossman was barking in the background of a wired hair dachshund about an hour south of from From atlanta got him five years ago the day jordan speech at the two balls in the water we were our away from those spring dachshund farm where we got the handle drove twelve hundred miles from palm beach to get him when the speed dumped a couple of balls in the water on twelve which i had done too so i know it's you know. Of course he's not supposed to be. Jim paul well. Let's see him throwing up into johnny bench. One day. jim see how world so take care. Thanks for the call. Jim look for my call again. I'd love to love to keep this conversation going. Thank you appreciate jim palmer. Check him out calling orioles games and also on twitter fun stuff from jim palm right there here on the rich eisen show How many people can start a sentence. My first world series game was sandy. Colfax last game. I was warming up in the bullpen. When reggie at the light tower come on. Wow come on earl. Weaver comes out to me. And i'll come on now. Man i was nineteen brooks robinson was twenty seven. I honestly could talk that guy all day meeting even get to spider tack gorilla glue. Whatever the hell is going on by. Hey look you know i did. I did ask that knowing earl. Weaver was the king of the three run home. Run get to aunt and now lets it out of the park. let's go which is you know t- today's game is not getting anybody on. Just keep hitting solo. Home runs doesn't matter so many so you know what i mean. So but he says games not much different. I'd like what i liked about. That interview is sometimes. You got it like poke and pride. The second he came on jim was an storyteller because it just started at any ran with guy got tons of stories so that was really cool. You know yeah my last game. My first world series was sandy. Koufax's last game. And three balls to angie at your erin and we call them. Radio call him radio balls because you you could you. You can hear him but you can't see him so he threw one that started on the ground floor wound up on the second. Come on lobbying on the second floor. That's a rising fastball. Won the starting to lobby on the basement. Jeff van gundy coming up next. What happened in game one last night that could be repeatable for the phoenix suns. What the bucks need to do to avoid going down in the dreaded oh two nba finals whole. That's coming up next to jeff van. Gundy wanna hear something. Amazing discover matches all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically with no limit on how much you can earn. How amazing is that in fact. It's even more amazing. Because of all the places were discovered is accepted ninety nine percent of places in the us that take credit cards so when it comes to discover get used to hearing yes more often learn more at discover dot com slash. Yes twenty one. Nelson report limitations. Apply my worst day as a as a sports fan. I remember my birthday in nineteen seventy three. Ucla ada game winning streak came to a halt at notre dame. They went on an eleven. Oh run i think at the end to be bill walton. That was like the worst. Why was that so bad for you. We i guess you're such a ucla fan and it was on tape delay so they were up like eight or nine ten with like three to go without a shot. Clock usually never losing this game and i knew they lost before. But i didn't believe it when i when i was watching it on replay. I thought i had misheard it. And then it ruined my birth so it was like my twelfth birthday. You know it was a bad day. Well what did you love about ucla. So much jeff like what what spoke to you about that. We won every game. That's what i'm jumped on the bandwagon in california. I was in northern california at the time growing up I jumped on the bandwagon with ucla. So that's it was very simple and you only men are back then. There was no tv except on like local teams. So that is the only games we got was. Ucla dick emberg calling the game. Of course it was. I mean it was amazing here in southern california dick emberg and and And obviously vin scully. And you know just some of the legendary voices calling games Here in southern california Did you ever come across with. John paths with john wooden. Jeff did you ever meet him. You know. I was coaching. I never met him. But i was coaching. The knicks in the play offs and walton was doing one of our games. Somehow it came up. I was a ucla fan and so he called. And this was Post ewing so we were playing Spree well in houston where a best right and so we were posting them up a lot. So anyway bill walton. This was right before the game like an hour and a half before the game calls coach wooden up. I get on the phone with them. I'm like fawning about like you know him and he goes. You know what i. I'd rather see though i'd rather see houston and sprewell faced the basket more instead of Play with their back to the basket. I went in and said hey guys you know like coach wooden said he'd like you guys to play with your face up a little bit more tonight so we can win this game. Yes so my only time ever got a chance to talk to him. Wow jeez so. Did you win the game at night. Did they face up more based on. I have no idea was like in awe first of all the audacity of walton to call up John wooden and to think that john wooden was actually watching our games. That as That is humbling. Love stories like that. Jeff van gundy a frequent caller into the show as a guest host. Cherish our conversation. Certainly when it's in the middle of the nba finals as we currently are we're back here on nbc sports on peacock. And we're back here on the rich eisen show radio network joining our simulcast on this stream right here on. Nbc sports on peacock and joining us from phoenix after calling game one of the nba finals last night. With mark jackson and mike breen as well Jeff and gandhi. Back here in the richeisenshow harry jeff and that brought back great memories rich. Thanks for playing that. It really did It was Such a a cherish moment for me to be able to speak to greatness coach wooden and Sometimes you forget all the blessings you've had and so that was that was. Wow that was great. You know i've loved that story that you told You know when. I guess it was an october twenty. Nineteen when you on here that You're a big wooden fan in walton's like oh let me get him on the phone which is a nice flex for walton to just be able to do and that in and it just that had to be really cool for you to know that he was giving you like. I'm senior games. And i see you're posting up. Sprewell and allan houston a lot. I'd like to see him Playing facing the basket that he's watching your stuff said it in such a like Remarkably with with remarkable both humility and conviction like. You're not really that smart. If you don't do what i say. But i'm not gonna make you feel bad for being a dummy and now let's talk about the year now at monty williams i. It's just amazing and it's fun to watch a team By completely one hundred percent. What a coach's selling what what. What is monty williams. Selling that worked. So well with this team in in phoenix. Jeff van gundy. Well i've had Had the great pleasure of being able to coach money as an assistant coach For a year and a half his rookie year and then halfway into a second year and the thing that i think separate. We're not separates him but makes him such a great head coach. Besides the the normal basketball knowledge is. He's a phenomenal leader. And i can't emphasize that enough. He is honest he is. Direct key is humble. He has great empathy and He's got as much as as much integrity as anyone In the nba at any position in the nba so those characteristics and those qualities make him a phenomenal leader. And so you're a phenomenal leader and you have great basketball knowledge. You position yourself to get the most out of your team and they have a terrific team. James jones is put a terrific roster and monty williams has driven home. Exactly what wins and loses in this league and It's just so. I am so happy for him it's It should be very proud of himself and the one thing that strikes me jeff because again. I'm i'm watching home. And then i'm seeing a hearing what goes on in a huddle and how he also speaks During quarter breaks. He always seems very calm and it seems like he doesn't raise his voice and even when the crowd's going crazy thank goodness we have full arenas again. That's got to be something. That's contagious as well for team. I would imagine jeff well he. He preaches poise Constantly and he is the gr he emanates that message by how he conducts himself so he conducts himself with great poise. The since team has An every day reminder of what poise under pressure looks like and because of all of his life experiences. I think he he knows exactly how much basketball matters. Or should matter in. Someone's life. And i think that also gives him Grace and poise In these stressful moments but because he's faced so many more stressful moments in his life. He's able to conduct himself With the appropriate level of poise. But also don't mistake that for not being An intense fiery competitor. Because he is he had great edge as a player and he continues to have this great edge As a coach you know and may becoming from the nfl world. Jeff jeff van gundy here it he. It's the same thing that i heard was always said about tony. Dungy that the your you know. The word grace poise Fiery competitor is a player bringing that to a head coach and demanding accountability without being the loudest person in the room. Honestly like that. That sounds the same thing to me to be honest with you and i think the common denominator there is they. They're man men of great fate and who also again both experienced Gut wrenching tragedies in their life and so they're faked plus the tragedy. I think you know tragedies. Give them this Perspective of what. They're bigger purpose in life is is which is to impact The people around him and they both to me when i think of servant leadership to two names that pop to my mind are tony. Dungee and monty williams and I listen. I have as much respect for money williams. The person as you can have for another person and he is truly when we're looking For american heroes. He's in the the way he conducts himself on an everyday basis It gives me great pride. That i know him and i and i'm a lot older than him but i learned from him. I watch him and this isn't this year. He's been a terrific assistant coach. I thought he did a great job in new orleans and and now he's doing obviously a great job here where people are recognizing. What doing. But i learned from him way back. When he was a player all the way through. Now be just just because of how he conducts himself. Jan gun to here on the richeisenshow phoning in from phoenix where the sons took game one and a lot of people might be hearing our conversation right now. Jeff and think that we're least. I'm coming across his sounding. You know a little bit A sense of inevitability about the outcome of this series. It is just one game. But i'm wondering if it just maybe because it's chris paul and it just feels like it's his time it just feels like he's he's not being stopped by the usual things that that cut him short with injury or in the case of covert that he just you know. Finished it the clippers with a one Piece and dropped thirty two piece in game one. it just seems like he's on fire right now And not to be stopped jeff. Second half have been phenomenal. These last two games. I mean you know. The shooting numbers What chris. Paul combines is when he's right is remarkable offense of efficiency and a ruthless competitor Those two things are hard to find in combination. But we'd all be making a mistake if we overreact to one game. I think the bucks have to get better play from holiday in particular Milton's gotta get started sooner. You know the last the closeout game against atlanta and last night Very very below average first half and then great second half he's gotta get started quicker and then you know how does addenda kufo. How does he react game one. Is he okay. still you know was he able to play at a high level. I thought he looked great. And i also thought phoenix did a great job on it. So i mean i thought you know both things you know. He had a very good game considering all the circumstance but he did not overwhelm Phoenix at all. I thought their defense was rock-solid when it came to to jaanus what do you make of the sense of the conversation at surrounding the bucks despite they're making the nba finals. That middleton does need as you mentioned get started sooner and he has to be the guy to finish up late because jaanus is that. Mvp who is such a liability from the line that that he can't be the guy who has the ball in his hands and crunch time and that's the ultimate problem with the bucks. What do you make of that sense. Jeff van gundy. Well i think in one possession games which you know a lot of times in the regular season. You're when you're as good as the bucks are you're playing from a head right so Shot here a mystery. Throw their you know you can overcome that. But if you're in hard-fought one possession playoff games What you try to do with your roster is play to your players greatest strengths and hide their non strengths. And i think obviously one of janas non strengths is free. Throw shooting and middleton has a a ofensive game where he's got the ability to shoot at deep which we've seen he's got the mid range pull up game He can get all the way to the basket with his size and finish. And he's a an improving passer right so he has the whole package. So it's not really a knock on janas that were not gonna go to oftentimes late in one possession games but we were gonna play the middleton's greatest strength. That doesn't mean you honest won't take the shot or get an offensive rebound or run a pick and roll and create a play but the free throw shooting Issues are real and you know you. You can't throw away like if you're up one down one. You know most likely you can't take the chance of him getting fouled and having to knock into. It's just it's smart. Coaching smart basketball to use your roster And that doesn't detract from jaanus being a great great player but it's using Special offense player in middleton appropriately. Jeff van gundy here on the rich eisen show last one for you. Jeff and This is a subject that i know is near and dear to you Because i pick up what you put down during your broadcast. I have a four point plan to improve nba replay. Jeff van gundy. And i want to i. I'm for it. i already know. I'm ahead okay. Here's i got a one point pine cone to get rid of it. Don't they get unless it's the last shot of the game and orlando and the three point line or two point shot that we can do on the fly okay. That's my one point plane. Go with your four okay. Here's my four point plan. Because you know i'm an nfl replay expert. I really feel. I should be on the competition committee and i i will use whatever juice i may have in any way shape or form or pulp with roger goodell to one day. Be enshrined if you will on that competition committee. But i i've got four points here. Okay jeff my i won. I won the is a rule. Change if you can be awarded the ball in replay you can refuse the replay in other words. What happened with the clippers in the valley. Oop where the ball was off of los angeles and they stopped the game to see if los angeles could get the ball in the interim monty williams able to huddle up and walk everyone through the valley oop paces. The clippers could have said. Screw that we don't want the replay get this phoenix suns on the floor right now. They can't huddle up. What do you think of that. Well you can decline the replay. It's a good thought my plan. Supersede your well look. You're playing with supersede at that anyway. So but here's my better part of that dealt yes in like you wouldn't even need your first point if you had the maxwell smart cone of silence drop down where the five players in the game have to go at the free throw line and come under the cone of silence at both in okay where they're not allowed to hook up with a great sponsorship. We could make some cash and we could take away the really illogical extra time out That are are being afforded to team right so i have a better plan on your point. One point two point two point two is part of the delay That took forever in that post valley. Oop play was figuring out who the five on the floor needs to be. Put back out there to make sure it's the same five that was on the floor for the valley hoop. Let's remove scott foster and the rest of his crew from having to adjudicate that it's on the coach to put the right five on the floor that we're going to go back out there right away and if you don't put the right five on the floor it's a technical foul on you or not gonna take any more time up on that sort of nonsense. You really want to end A great game on a technical foul because coach was harried and the wrong guy was on the floor. Well i mean. Don't be harry. You gotta have get back coach when you have somebody who understands who's on the floor point to delete okay point. Three jeff van gundy point three. Give give coaches a replay challenge. First-half people are people are not challenging. What should be in the first half because they want to keep one of their back pocket for the second half so you'd have to two challenges. We answer correct okay. I like that but as an add onto that if you get if you get it right you keep it and you. Can you know. So if i get one right in the first half i can use another in the first step like you shouldn't be punished for being right. Okay i like it. That's a. that's a nice little workshop right there. Jeff van got sort of like the nfl. If you get the first two right you get a third if you get one of them. Wrong sorry okay. And here's the last one for you. And i think this one. You will have wholeheartedly agree. No more stopping games to chat to to look at whether something's a flagrant foul or not no more that it's either what you see on the floor. That's it and destroy its flagrant and not based on first blush. We're not stopping zapruder. Film this thing to see if the wind up or take a look at intent anymore. I don't wanna do that. Your thoughts you know i. I'd rather accept my. My whole thing is all of this is decision making. We're trying to make an imperfect process of officiating perfect and it leads too. Unwieldy delays at time tracked and so everything from out of bounds calls. We're afraid they're going to get it wrong in particular the last two minutes. My whole thing is well we should be worried about the whole forty eight minutes and and yet we all know that if you have all this replay through forty eight minutes it be just too long right the fragrant issue though i think if the officials didn't use it as a bailout as much like day would actually trust there is and not worry about getting reprimanded by the powers to be And if the powers to be were more empathetic to how hard it is to officiate. A game and didn't try to minute. -ly guess these guys then we wouldn't have as many delays so i don't if they if they didn't just bail out to go over there. I wouldn't have a problem if they man. What's that wind up. As as hard as i think or did the guy flop I don't mind that the sticking the leg under the shooter Which they got brook lopez's for last night. I don't even mind that but again once you open that pandora's box it's it's it's to me it's too much of a bail out to always go over there so i think the referee show only have like where they can challenge themselves like once or twice. You're paid to see it you know. Don't give me the bail out your pay to sit. You get go over there once in the first half and once in the second half just like the teams are able to challenge. Challenge yourself you know. Hit that green button over there for yourself right that one. I don't think that's gonna fly but to me it just again. There's so we're we're we're trying to see let's go under. It's a foul. We know it is but is it. A common fowler flagrant foul what type of flagrant foul is in fans sitting at home going. Let's play that you called it a foul you know. And and the number of times then you and mark jackson start arguing. What used to be a common following. Not it just sounds like a waste of your time and a waste of everybody's time. When you first blush i call it a flagrant to bed like how often is a replay gonna show. It wasn't flagrant when it really is something that's interpretive. As opposed to you know connecting on a follow through by hitting someone in a face. You know like patrick. Beverley the wind up that we he had. He had a wind up to get up to de'andre aden's apex to block most of the ball and then follow through and hit him in the face. You know what i mean like. Why stop down for that. It actually got ruled not a flagrant foul right. And so we're i thought was flagrant. The officials came back. And said wasn't and actually i applaud them. Because i can too often. I think right now you know. The officials are under great scrutiny. Questioning is is micromanage too much which By by their bosses which takes away field and i know officials now in probably every week but in basketball they're not encouraged To have a feel for the game. Which i think is so very important knowledge of the game and feel for the game to me gives you the ability to know that a certain guy is always floppy or you know i got this guy. I gotta keep an eye on because you know history tells me. He's an instigator. When you see guys walk up onto guys in bump them in the back and then a guy react and you t. Up the second guy. So i think this micromanaging has them on pins and needles as far as you know if i missed that flagrant foul you know owners and and and teams are going to like go to the bar my bosses and my bosses are gonna come down on me and then i may get downgraded and not you know have another playoff game which cost me money so i think i think the the the whole you know. Paranoia of trying to be perfect has actually heard The ability and instincts of our officials at times. And so i. I'm all for never going over there. Like but if you are to go over there i i don't mind going over there on a flagrant foul but i again i would just rather i know replays here but we play was meant in the nba when it initially came in for last shots and really these like high leverage situations and. I just think we've gotten like all leaks. We've just gotten carried away. Okay so just to recap You know Replay for flagrant or. Not as fine as long as the refs limit themselves of you think there should be Correct challenges get another challenge in each half We are dispatching with coaches a responsible for putting the right people on floor okay and then and then number one is just get your right and just hope that nike doesn't come up with a shoe phone to call you know To call the coach from the code of silence with the shoe phone. Yes it should be allowed. Let's not stop technology. I agree with you. Thanks for the call. Jeff always appreciate our chats. Let's chat down the line. Have a good jeff van. Gundy everybody in jeff. Thank cone of silence. All you millennials out there. There used to be a show called get smart. I can't believe i got to explain it. Secret agent played by don adams written by buck henry and mel brooks in don adams. It was a comedy and one of the things he had was a shoe phone. He would dial and make a phone call from his shoe. He would open up the he'll and he'd speak into it would be speaker. That actually happened on a shoe phone. And then when he and his boss were having a conversation that no one else wanted to here. They were in the cone of silence. It came down from the ceiling and they were inside of a plastic contraption that nobody could hear what was happening. He wants a cone of sounds to come down on players in the middle of the floor while replays going on they're not allowed to huddle up and they cannot hear anything from the bench so they are just insect. There they're sequestered. There's a movie. Get smart from to douse all. That's definitely not In the spirit of it says the great steve. Carell you anne hathaway. The rock was in an alanon. Take a break come back here. Phone calls eight four four two zero four rich before our number three of our wednesday program. Welcome back to our show Going to pop in here for a couple minutes waiting for our radio audience to return. You're on nbc sports on peacock. Because we've got something visual to show you folks on radio might not gay so tom brady. Is we all know was really all over. Bryson to shambo and aaron rodgers from. Jump the minute that this match the match put capita won the match got announced brady was out with the memes. He was out at the memes over. He was out he. He went out on twitter and talked about. You know bryson get used to not going forward because your your. Your teammate. doesn't go forward. I mean he went all the way in on the nfc championship game right away. And then had that famed meam of the shambo stopping past brooks kepco that got leaked from a local tv station. I guess that kept good. Like sorta rolled his eyes is to shambo stomped past him and he used the the eye. Rolling is memes against a shambo and arrogant mean all the way in and now we know the matches completed. Here's one of the old ones we got one of the old ones It bryson happy to be here. Aaron realizing it's to spend the whole day with bryce that's a perfect example of what he was all in about regret. Now as we know the the match capital won the match is complete. And rogers was terrific. He was stupendous hitting fairways. Making pots. shambo is a little all over the place but rogers was incredible and they along with the shambo win three and two so brady earlier today. He and his social media team came up with three means. All of them with the shambo. Stomp and past brooks kept. Look you have the first one up there there. It is his hand up. This is on twitter. Hand up my bad. Just like a del tufo. Aaron eating every fairway and making every and there's me upset with himself that's one now here comes number two because as you know fill is now Two and two in the match but owen to when he's paired with brady to and not with brady tnt schedule next year's tournaments this shambo phil when they try to pair me with him for third time next year. Very well down brady. I mean he's just a may coping all over. the place. is the third and final one from tom. Brady bryson and aaron beat our heads in on the back. Nine memes and trash talk not translating to be good at golf well done. Tb twelve twelve social media. Team may culpa though. That's tom brady. And mike del tufo. Something common were both goats to pardon me goats. You my bad hand up and just like brady yesterday. Probably didn't spend a dime on what he was wearing all free. It's like you to be a guy. Doesn't someone else have to proclaim. Now go no saying back here on the richeisenshow radio show just showed tom. Brady's means That he just posted out sort of making fun of himself and having a may cope of being all in trolling the team. That rolled Phil and tom on the back nine yesterday and brady with his saying my bad like hand up my bad. Which is what you do. All the time i s. I said that you to have in common in you said oates. We're both and i've been called the pre-game goat on my guy who i multiple by home by multiple mixers multiple game mixers and one day. Maybe i'll be the gay. Just one of those famed days now. Lead mixers of leave mixers of multiple networks. Have called me to go. I've done pre games longer than ninety nine percent of the mixers that i know and probably more pregame shows than ninety twenty seven years. You're the tom brady of pregnant. I no problem except that. But nobody's giving it to you. It's what we're saying. And you're saying mixers. I've given me that title these people by the way. Let's said let's just say this. Let's let's put it all. Put it all out that we put this all out there. Throw it because one of our. What our favorite pre show rituals recently that we love is mike checking in on the radio side. I know well because you're so nice to everywhere conversations with everyone and the people that are on the receiving and sometimes just you know one of these do their business and whatever and you you kind of feel like when they're just doing their business and not saying that to you. It's like they're putting you on the pain. Oh mindless and we'd love it like you're not checking in with our friends at westwood one and we're screaming in the background in case there's anybody who's listening down the line on westwood one right now and you hear a screaming in the background. It's because we're having fun with michael just you know. Hey how you doing. It's mike del tufo from the richeisenshow. Just checking in and they. You want them to be like how you've been mike what's going on as you're being checked in because not everyone is the goat of audio and can multitask goats up there. Westwood one of course and we can tell the ones that can multitask by checking in and having a nice conversation with you or not. Yes and i kind of get a little upset when the check in and we're screaming backward i mean you idiots in the background check jay's yellen here broccoli next let me check it with this guy though. I know. there's gotta make sure you know we're just check in what is what are they going to do. Just press a button to no. I gotta check. I don't know. I'm not sure ought to use hitting of course and the podcast just correct. Then i have to make sure the commercial button work so but they have to do that to right on their end. They've got a they've got to watch. They watch it on a computer. Good all commute. So i meet you this vissel box but can technically have a conversation with you. All it happened one hundred percent. I do check ins when. I do emotes like when i do a gain some. Don't some of them quick quick. Thanks like my one guy market fox. We have a great checking we have. He asks me what i did for the weekend. I want cover such a check in i check and when you're in a hotel yeah i want conference. How was your trip trip day. Great example you intended for what are you yes. That's a great example. You checking hotel person. It'd be nice. You wanna king or queen dead yet situation. Here's a wifi code. No smoking room smoking. It's like i want to do it but most people don't want all they just want to check in the room. You're know what size page cotton because you went online. And you said i want the queen or non smoking from one elevator. He'll sometimes people john. It's it's mike. From the rich eisen show chicken in my time out. Yeah who is the high subaru willingness. Oh by the way over. Over the weekend i took a new over the weekend. Let's see got four fingers story. I got a story. I handle everything you. Oh you went. Oh i thought you. I even told susie i'm like this is great. I did everything that might do. Not i don't wanna get where we're we're we're we're up against the up against the heart. We don't upset our friends at westwood from the richeisenshow and sometimes they're like yeah. Okay hold on and you're like what's going on. It's nothing personal. It's business. I take it i. It's not it's not personal. It's personal. I just gotta say the coat of audio pre-game claim. I said he can accept the guy. Who is doing this to my buddy. Still here on. Peacock jason feller. Silvani can ask you a question. Yeah the goat of pre game audio right and that's game. Yeah like go of actual endgame audio ahead of you as a hundred. Yeah that was one of the guys actually said it to me when i didn't do games five years ago when i was offered. Nfl games. he's like you're your best pre game guy in the country. Why would you ever want to go to games. And maybe screw your career up. And then i said at that point. I don't wanna do it today like now. I do games mike. Why didn't i do a five year. I was scared. I was scared to do it. But fred i'll give you the name. Elvis fox game mix her for years. He basically said you're the pre-game guy. Don't go in the games because if you mess up one game your whole career as being the best pre game guy screw out. You're out the window the guy. He's lost his fastball. But you know what. I'm good at games now. So maybe one day. I'll beat it now. I'll never be. There's guys that are really good at mixing. I'm sure jeff walker mike. He's hilarious right before the show today. You're telling me you're going to retire. What not now. Richest like no. No no my new games. You were just telling me two hours that you might retire. I'm getting old or not. I mean when. I get on your boat and not do this now. I'm joking. Can i talk about some real here. Let's talk about the match. Like and i'll just say this real cookson though we got a minute. You guys love gulf right guys love gulf so of course you were into it but i think what the match did and i think that speaks volumes. Is someone like me. Who isn't into golf. I sat and i watched was at six hours. It was on the entire time. I was invested. So i feel like that tells you something when someone who's not into golf this watch was thoroughly invested into it as opposed to you guys who were like. You're going to watch golf regardless that. Did a great job of drawing and someone casual like me into into watching this thirty seconds left in this. I want to expand on that. We've got a whole of you're on hold. stay on. Hold we'll take your calls. Jared harris One of the best actors in the biz from mad men and chernobyl. He's in a new. Amc program that premiered this past. Monday on amc plus the beast must die. And i think that's also referring to denmark. Forty minutes or four england takes on denmark. That's coming out.

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