ACS: Fight Stories, Spence vs Garcia, and Ray Mancini at AT&T Stadium


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It's the great taco debate for six twelve pack wine club members, only comes our first of three exclusive ACS t shirts designed by Corolla on paper. The definitive taco ranking t-shirt features chicken, pork and steak tacos. So you and your friends even strangers can have the debate on your own so head to grow during dot com today to sign up for your shipment. And remember chicken his always last? For Mateen, see stadium in Arlington, Texas, covering the Spence junior versus Garcia fight. This is the Adam Corolla show with special guests Lennox Lewis, and Raymond Seaney plus fight stories from Mike August and Chris locks Mona. And now earlier today he flipped the and the and ranted the whole flight because he thought he was going to taxes Adam Corolla get it on got to get it on no choice on mandate. Get it on sitting here and the luge level of Texas stadium and sitting here with the Mexa annum and Mike August as well. Yeah, we are. That'd be fun to go. Over your personal fight stories. I'll try to summon a fight story from my past that the audience is not familiar with. What is your lifetime bite record? Not. In the ring out of the ring. Would you say over a lifetime of fighting street yard school yard, whatever. What are you? Do you think about it? I've I've never really lost a fight. I mean, I kinda lost the street fight. But that was with a bunch of guys. I didn't really lose. I I used to fight viciously with rain, Chris who were super strong aggressive guys who fought viciously even in the screw around, you know, screw around level as apt up. It was still like a lot of elbows and a lot of headlock and then really have a half speed. So we sort of sort of stranger like because you get in fights with strangers. Right. Right lifetime. That's you fight. How many fights how many wins would you? I might be in a stranger situation. I'm probably foreign. Oh, wow. Lifetime four. No. That's that's a great record about mice. Not that good. Some of them were just dumb like loz, low Gorod my grandpa. He made me a sandwich deal when I like when you win. Three times a year. I would like sleep at his house on a school night. Like, I would sleep at his house a lot on Friday night or Saturday night because my family was a God, damn mess. You know, so over and he cooked who lash and stuff, but if I slept over this house on a Sunday night or Monday night. It was it was rare. He'd take us the school, and he would pack. He had this God. It's like a Hungarian word. I can't think what it's called that called it lunch. And he would make us a lunch. So like, I showed up to school the lunch. Not the stupid slop ticket for this shit on the shingle. I'd have a nice lunch now. So he made me a lunch and with a good sandwich in it. And the guy Chris who ended up different crests who ended up borrowing, my unicycle, and then turning it. And then he stole it. Then he ended up dying when he was twenty six there were better if that's the direction. Three brothers. One was my age. One was like two grades above me. The other was like three grades above me and the two older brothers. No, the oldest brother lived. But the Chris and the other brother Jesse were gone by they didn't see their twenty fifth birthday. So three two out of the three brothers. Anyway, yachting accident. So the. He said, I wanna buy your sandwich. And I couldn't say no when I was a kid. I just couldn't say, but I was like I love the sandwich so hungry, and I said, okay, you're gonna have a bite, and then he shoved the whole that is a Ray of the whole thing as mouth. Yeah. And I still couldn't punch him. But I said like come on you gotta like punch me. So I like pushing him until he would like do something to me. And then he did throw punch, and then I just got him in a headlock throw them on the ground and landed on him. But that that was sort of like my I find one of one of four known. Well, that was your first big was a Donnybrook, but you'll never you'll never throw the first punch. No, I would never I looked at it. As a sort of breaking of the rules to throw the first punch. I would always let the other person throw the first punch interest. That was that was my thing coerce than with a few shoves. Yeah. I wouldn't. I wouldn't throw a punch. I couldn't throw punch somebody. But I definitely punch him back. If they threw punch at me for that thing makes it a little more fame later on. I'll tell you guys broomball, you know, fisticuffs story, but I know mex- Pat has a has a fight story here. One. Besides that. We're going gonna start today. The 'cause we get into grad max padded, tell them what happened to you today. Okay. So last night, I get an Email from August. He's an Email all week about the updates for us going to this radio row at ATT stadium. Yarn Cowboys stadium, and and he he takes me. He emails me last night saying that there's a he just was informed at there is a sports coat and tie rule here. Dress code. Right. Yeah. Everybody has them. We have to hear to them. And I responded saying I swear if your line because last time he was making fun of the way, I was dressing at radio the management at the casino at issues which address now elected to underscore this everyone had to be wheels from their house. And normally we all meet at the shop and jump into my car, whatever whatever. But. Right. The way it worked out you left your house. Mike, August what time five forty five five forty five. Wait a minute. How'd you get to the airport so fast? It was five hundred maybe four forty five. I got extra mega my point two AM you left at four forty you called me thirties already there. All right. So you left your house at four forty five in the press you left for forty five. And I left it five fifteen. So it was early morning for for all. And we all just met at LAX because we're all coming from different parts of town. So go ahead. Okay. So it's an early fly. So I get to see him from August to subject line media supervisor for AT and T stadium called me. And then it reads to advise at their media room has cone type policy for all town in producers, no need for suit. It's a sport coat and tie is acceptable. I have already had them. That's the good part of the lie comes no need. Specifics on ice where if you're lying, and he just immediately writes back, nobody is less excited about this than Adam. I thought he was going to cancel Jerry, Jerry Jones is very old school. And then that made sense to me gory. You double down I thought. Okay. He's telling the truth truth. I wake up extra early to to get this the suit together. Picture up picture. Waiting on the flight because I get on the plane before everyone else in in walks, Adam with his uppity, had it Beatles. Tracked jacket, and I think okay, he has his clothes. The fly in August walked in right after him. Looks just starts cracking up. And I thought okay, great. So I his mind I'm actually wearing my Muhammad Ali. Sweat jacket, which realize you can see. Yeah. I figured if you're going to wear sweat jacket jacket. So fight stories. I will talk flight stories, and we'll talk stores. So we got on a bombard as something something that was really it was a miniature chat. It was not a full-size had. I had a I have you ever seen less first class than what I was a class. I class, right. I mean, just just miniature. There's there's two seats on one side in a single seat on the other in. I never. I've never seen commuters of the do that was so small that. When August talk to me, and he was he was talking crap on the plane. I want to keep your police out here. Yeah. It was miniature and they're in front of us on a dog was a rat in front of you. You couldn't tell us like a rat. Oh, you had a dog. Yeah. A dog. I just pulled up and not there's there's a couple of kinds of dogs. Like, I have a good dog. I can't fly with my dog. But everyone loves Phil Phil I'll take Phil for walk chicks cups are patting him on the hand like rubbing his belly and stuff. Like, everybody loves Phil chill fell. I was walking Phil yesterday. I ran into MRs Goerge who's always out Mark Erica, like his his his wife is always out chugging around the neighborhood and she saw filled fail, and she's revenues chows and everyone just grabs hold of fill and loves fill this dog. There are other dogs are like mangy weird furry small the wrong size the wrong texture know what it is. So I had the dog that was so I walked onto the plane. And there's a middle aged woman in the dog is on her like it's taking up her entire lap. Yeah. And it's a sensually. The the dog from Frazier. Yeah. And it was also off dog skipper, which my my landlord. Al had my first department like the stupor mangy little dog that he just walk around all the time and that that kind of dog and I had bad memories from Al. Yeah. The dog she was coming from Hawaii. She was coming from Hawaii moving back to Texas had enough of she didn't have enough of Hawaii. She had enough of Hawaiians that was hurt kinda thing. She was a nurse like use like. Hawaii's nice Hawaiians not so much. Yeah. I've always had theories about Hawaiians keep to myself. But either way got I got thrown off the air used to be on the air in Hawaii until I shared my opinions about. Removed from there for you. Yeah. I I'll just say this way. I said some disparaging remarks about the Hawaiians intelligence and somebody started arguing with me. And I said, okay, have it your way? But name me one invention is come out of Hawaii one great inventor one would just want one thing. One piece of innovation other than the you know that back scratcher that's made homemade a tiny bubble. All right. I rest my case. Either way she left to y for Texas, not for tax reasons or anything just she hadn't ashville Hawaiians. So Hearns skipper stupid dog with named like something beautiful lady or something in Hawaiian. She was just sitting there with their dog. But here's the here's the great part. I just walked in. And I had a a boom boom man Seaney one two punch. I'm actually looking at right woman senior. Right now. Yeah. His hit Henry, boom. Boom. Composer? We're a the talk about his, Dan. So I I come walking in a onto the plane and whole so give us one second here. We'll do it so race here now. So we'll we'll step into these stories second, but I can walk in on a plane at my first feeling good Christ. This is first class like it's. So when you're flying when you're driving into promise a first class is so yeah, Laurie I got a first class. Here's the first class and coach on this flight was. I was sitting next to Frazier. Stock. You were sitting next to adapt really dressed max pattern. And when Mike when you said to me, you wanna switch seats. I was I was. I was I was gonna flip a coin because that's how little the difference between first class. Coach was so not only. Are you stumbling on the first class that is in a first class? But the woman sitting next you has a huge dog on her lap a big furry, shedding beasts on her light wiry. Yeah. You were flying no class, and we replying not in coach, but assistant coach as Sinton coach. And I came I walked back lamented to you guys that have a dog sitting next to me on this entire flight. And again, it's small first class of the dogs kinda on you. And then soon as I got back to my seat. She said are you using your blanket? And I was like oh, did you not get a blanket? And she's like, no I have a blanket, but I want one for skipper. And I was like. And I was like, okay. She took the immediately grabbed my blanket pull the Dow the cellophane and put it over her. So when you came and saw me later dogs with staring at me. Looking. Over it. That was my blanket. Was his head was practically on Adams leg and the dog. Just looking at him. Just like what do you got? I'm part yours now. Yeah. We have is Ray, boom. Boom. Manzini standing right in front of us know, he moved. He I don't know where he went to move down the hall. Okay. I was not right in front of you. No, he was anyway, when you came back to our seat, and were you you were talking about how you you have to sit next to dot all my God. There is a dug a big dog on women's let that sit next to once. Again, your voice I want you to keep it down. I didn't. Wipes bring their cat damn dogs with them on flights. And also they're sending different between the dog. Like the last flight, we're on when we flew out Portland are are Seattle that dog was on the on the bulkhead, but it was laying on the ground. It wasn't on the person the person is inches away from where you're eating like, it's not at your feet. It's it's on you. A years what I was thinking about when I went to the bathroom took a long look in the mirror. What how much would they have to pay you to take a sixty one year old woman who was a little bit overweight take mangy dog and set it on her lap. And then you guys just sit on a sofa. Together, you sit right next to her on a sofa for three hours and fifteen minutes. I would want nine thousand dollars. That would be the price. You just said like, hey, it's she said chunky broad from the Hawaii one of the big island. She's going to have her dog on her lap. She'll sit there on the sofa. You sit six bad between three and six inches away. Just sit you sit next door. We'll have another so fun front that's going to recline a little bit. So to kind of get your space a little bit. There's no TV. There's no not you just sit there. How much how much does this middle of the day in the middle after I'd be like it's going to be thousands of dollars. Free, and I definitely wouldn't pay. It'd be a weird thing. And I guess I could ask her what her dog's name was or how she got to the Sofer something. But just think about the concept of you sitting next one your mom's friends you'd never met with the dog on her lap. Just next door on a sofa for three hours, plus you'd go I need thousands of dollars. Well, that's really what this a love seat. You guys are close. This. This dog was wire Harry looked like it was dreading like had dreads right in. It's awful looking much. This is an awful looking. So you guys had a dog too. So when you're complain about your dog the woman in front of me hot chick, chick semi blonde. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Bottle look at okay for for sakes. For the sake of clarity was blonde on the plane. Yes. Yes. And yes, she had a dog. She had a dog. And that's a look at me. The whole time of year when she got up she put the dog in a bag like fully in the back. He's gone. So I was standing in front of her in front of you guys going. This cat damn dog at this sit next to this God damn doc first class of six dog, and she just kept looking at me the whole time. And I was looking at her like, it's cute blind pointing at her. But I couldn't figure out where her dog was where was her dog. She had the dog in her purse. Yup. Bag doggy bag, literally put it on the line to the point where if you want your dog in your bag, I can live with it just not on my tray table like this dog was spilling over into my airspace. But anyway, that was she was giving me the stink. I the about these aspects on the plane. I couldn't see her door. And she when she walked in. There's somebody sitting in in the aisle seats, she walks in. She rep for are you logic to dogs, really? What's he gonna do? Yes. Oh, I'm getting epi pen. I'll go into shock. Yeah. She was a hot chick definitely helped because that way down. So you had we had two dogs on the same side of the plane within four aisles. Right. Yeah. All right. Real it in a little bit. Is there some sanctioning body isn't isn't the airplane in the airport. Isn't it just one huge rule? Like I like to vape can I vape? Now, why not we got rules? There's whole bunch of stuff. I wanna do can't do it like where can you do less than on a plane or or in an airport? The answer's nowhere. Right. Nowhere like east Berlin that that's the place you can do less than on an airplane. There's there's just all the airplane is one massive rule except for the dogs, except for the people wanna travel you can't travel with a pocket knife. You can't travel with. A corkscrew you couldn't travel with many many more than four ounces of Cologne or toothpaste. You couldn't do any of that. But if you wanna bring a pet, we have no Pinon too weird, right? Where we're now getting to poor there's more paused than legs. Yeah planes. That's the tipping point. Folks. Are right? Can we like our society? Here's what happens when we're nice piles of homeless people on the streets piles of dogs on airplanes, we have to stop being nice. Here's the thing about nights. Bad people. Take advantage of nice when you say, look, we're going to be nice at the airport, or we're going to be nice at city hall, then just super weak bad character people just take advantage of that. That's all this all these all these bitches are doing is taking advantage of us going, look, it's the honor code if you really need the dog you can have the dog. But only if you really need it. That's just turned into people flying from Hawaii with God damn dog. All right. So Raisman Seaney is over there. And I feel like he's missed wading these around for us. So we should probably talk to Raymond Seaney. Raya boom Manzini looking fantastic is very damper. Five time W B A lightweight champion. Good sear gun. Right. Have a have a seat speaking into the Mike? We'll get to our fight stories later spring that up. Through that. Yeah. We saw you last. Where do we see you endings? Yeah. I think I think I seem to have a recollection of having dinner with Robin from Howard Stern and an on the west side of million years ago. And I think you were there as well. Right. Absolutely. Correct. How do you know, Robin? I didn't I just you know, at that dinner and liver. Vited me inviter matter of fact, that was Robin again last may up in a Napa dating. Yeah. A friend of mine from Youngstown brings every year invites people up to Napa for first charitable then. He says you get yourself there. Everything's on me. So great me my bride went up. We didn't drink like, we're going literature. It was a believable. Didn't happen to beat up, Robin. Was there do what what the group for charitable events. So we got ten talked. And now just because you lovely lady, man. She's she's she's got a kick. Your dad was a boom, boom. He was given nickname in nineteen thirty nine when you turn pro thirty seven being run Youngstown for a couple of years had hard time getting fights. Because my father was never lost amateur fight locally, Marion and couldn't get fights. So finally, he went to New York. He was about fifteen sixteen up that about twenty. No, which reason why if you look at record Ulysses records fifty five twelve and three, but he actually had close to one hundred because it keep track to New York or. We're. When I fought New York, the Broadway Rena in Brooklyn and encore halls e Broadway in business the promoter matinee man, Germany, max joss said to writer, sit next the New York Radisson look at this guy does nothing but keep coming. Throwing punches boom, boom, boom. All time next day. Lenny Bouman Saney. I now I don't know if any other athlete they say there was a baseball player. Somebody nicknamed boom, boom. I'm not so sure. But I was the first time an athlete nickname Bobo. And thus the handle down. I'm the third of three children. My mother was MRs boom-boom out her brother knows baby boom. Junior whatever he's stuck with me never sick with them. And as just funded like got up florist been Bouma flowers. Did your in your dad went off to World War Two contender new world? If flat seeming, a non title fight less specific very contrary have one everyone one very controversial got him to rematch a sign in February forty two and got drafted in January forty two and say, look, I wanna defend my country had just went up to fight for title. And at that time to army relief from was crying for money. He said, I'll give all my purse today. Army again, my entire purse to relief this. We don't want you money. We want you now and try to get an never could get a six week reprieve to fight for title. So he went in, and he never talked bad about how you know, how bad you never talked bad about because he wanted to finish country. But everyone told me how it should have been could've been would have been world champion for was a World War Two. And he said if I'd had that rematch out don't one that Todd or you know, and I believe everyone told me, so that's why I said, I'm you're little boy Budi won't be. When you grew up only a federal champ from my father. Is that cute little boy? But it's all ever wanted to be. So even later on when I wanna title people now that you wanna tell the to keep a champion and say, yeah, man, because he's the dream about it this little kid. You know, if you weren't you know, as a psychologist called positive mental visualization the helmet, I was called dreaming. But I'll say with you weren't a fighter. What would you have done that? I can't answer that. Because there's nothing else. I wanted to be not does one. Do we were talking to being being a show about everyone's best streetfight? You've had many many fight in the ring. But do you have it? Good streetfighting recall last. I remember. See you in high school was is it was a friend of mine tell it. Yeah. Not that it was just one of things, you know, over some stupid. We're football practice and grabbed me something was supposed to chop stuff. He grabby fence, and he punched him whack the back people gun between and that was the I don't I didn't have a lot of fights. I didn't not like my brother who's always being around in the streets. And it was a better fighter me as not only in the street. But I mean as a fighter the mup- amateur fighter, but my brothers streak and he never had the discipline daunting. He lacked it ahead was discipline. And you know, he was a better fighter beat never while the chance to do his talent to nasty always. It's me. I mean, we're talking to on not teddy. Atlas town last time. We're doing this thing. Freddie roach. Freddie roach. Sorry ami. Yes. You have. I know you did that film with that. I want to say I enjoyed very much of the hammer hammer. No kid, I really enjoyed it. And but you know, how many? Did you? The bible realistic wasn't. They really were. Banging. And we're not going to go out there accurate is conversation. No, I'm not. Did that does look very realistic? Saw. Thanks. So our gonna Freddie Roach. And we're talking about like who had the natural ability versus crazy discipline because in a weird way boxing is sort of like saying who has the natural ability as an Olympic swimmer. It's like, well, some people have an natural ability. But if you're not spending six hour, stay in the pool, you're not going to compete internationally just hospital. Fee to go. I have natural aquatic ability. But I just don't train you just never gonna. So it it takes physical ability, and then it takes an incredible discipline. It takes discipline when you're nineteen or twenty two or twenty three. And by the way, when you're nineteen or twenty two or twenty three you can go out drinking all night and still show up at work. The next day you can eat five Jack in the box tacos and not put on ten pounds. Like you do now like when you're you will bounce back. So you really you can almost get away with being Lawrence Taylor. When you're twenty six you can go out whoring and doing coke all night on on Saturday night and get three and a half sacks on Sunday morning. So how'd you have that discipline when you can kind of get away with it? Well, his you just said Lawrence Taylor had left ten of the guys behind him. See if you missed the sect to guide behind we're gonna get it. So he could come on do crazy. In the fight game. Look what improv I didn't see myself now between fights daddy's home. I had a great time at a good single life. But one I didn't see when I went to training camp. I locked myself up in that you have to Mercer self into culture to fight. Because wanting you beat me you beat me, I didn't beat myself. And that was the thing. I'm proud of a lot of guys beat themselves. A lot of guys banging around and short careers. You know, my career look, my style was not made for long on start out with you you sacrifice longevity going to make my score fan-friendly come forward take punches gift punches. But you know, that type of stuff you can't afford to be off your game. And this one guy start getting hurt. And that's why I'm very proud that I spend. You know, lock yourself up in upstate from everything and everybody for that six week period. What would is camp would be six Buffy? My perfect game six weeks pizza. Trae tap. Now guys going eight ten twelve weeks ago to make ready for marathon or fight. Come was the so what was the sort of regimen? If when you went to camp while it was a day. Like, so we go to get academics. We like we'd go to high out to places train on east coast. Go to Casco moans groceries. Right train crews on a west coast train and Phoenix Tucson, Las Cruces, New Mexico place like that or Tahoe. So any? So we go get up in the morning. Get up at six on the road by six thirty Rover anywhere from three to five miles people ran again and get ready for marathon. I'm getting ready for a fight, right? Right. It's consistency. I come back. You know breakfast. Take a nap from tended to get up. Get ready to what on TV, whatever relaxing, but three clocks, get ready. Go to Jim four o'clock go to gym. When you go into Jim you anywhere you go by rounds? You don't go by our? So any your new in the gym anywhere for an hour and a half to three hours, depending how many Ron's as you start picking up the middle camp three hours sparring more rounds more around on the back in the first week. You're just you know, don't a month time shorter amount of time. So that's how you do it. You gotta no one to peak at the right tack. I knew my trainer new when I was going to peak. That's the key you, and you're gotta be in to each other, which is well mcduck about when he talk about these guys. Now, people said did you have a conditioning justed? Yeah. You have strength coach. I said, yes, I had a nutritionist, and I had a masseur and happening. One thing is the one same guy. Guy one guy my trainer right to not get to each other. He knows when you're peeking when he's gotta pull your back and winning. Let you go nowadays. How does no one a peak? It threatened. No wonder where they gotta go eight to ten weeks because they don't know what the hell's going on with each other can't do by committee. Now, the whole gym would always be like the old school boxing gyms. The whole thing would be on the round timer. So when you go off at three minutes, and then they have a minute off. So the whole place would stop. So you could picture I mean, not training camp per se, but like a boxing gym. It's like you're in a crowded jam all sudden, ding, ding, ding, and everyone just stops. And you see people drinking water walking around and move into a different station. And then it goes off again, and everyone starts again. So this on and off thing that's on this on this timer, which is kind of weird because normally Jim some guys running on a treadmill and that guys on the elliptical and everyone's just doing their own thing. But the whole place would be on a timer. That because we'll train gimme for. I'll trade four minutes risk thirty seconds in gyms when I first started out in New York at Times Square. Jim my trainer had to stop watch. Our by his stuff, west not the bell for that reason. We got our own. You know, we started earlier, we sometimes you finish or whatever. So. But you're right. Most guys Jim to go buy one bell and is confusing health to what was the first gym. He worked down to Times Square, Jim in New York as my homes Yemen, moved to new moved to New York eighteen rather outta high school. I graduated and moved to New York September eighteenth seventy nine at fights. Right. Do you want to look to place that it was even New York or Los Angeles? You know, and I wanted to be my father, my father went to New York. I wanted to New York today. Did they do you? Remember like, I remember few things about the first Jim I used to work out out of what's called the mon- Toya. Jim the Olympic Jim Jim Montoya hopes rate gyms all the same. Olympic Gebran store. Three floors. Right. Jim. They had to Olympic Jim on one floor. Monte Jim on the other. And then had a third rogue ship or something like that on on. Rod Jimmy went to a good friend was good and Jimmy was new of line. Fought some fighters, you know, later on and Mexico, hip true story, Sikkim pro fight. I fight. I had I not got you guys on hamster second pro fight. I never had a four round finances. I was six or whatever. But I I had not got sick of fight was a six foot and Phoenix Jimmy's guy named Luke Daniels from from LA. Sweet Lou did you now? Now. Yell at fighting them. Drop them in a second round. He goes on. It is Jim this kid up or you ain't getting paid. Guys could fight. It was epic. I drop them again in fifth run. Let's over gets you said one more round you we went to distance. But it was the best thing happened for me. Because I knew I could go six rounds. I've never gone to pass the Bill six three rows amateurs I want and what's hard Ron because violence can fight in the men's you ain't getting bay. Now. Here's after the fight of never had that experience the Mexican crowd in Mexico. It's own cleans the ring an point. What's happening in my mattress? No menace should show their appreciation day joy to fight. It was in. I'm over gloves is let's get it. Let's let him avid. Remember that Jimmy made him guy fight benefit? That's the thing. I need, you know, go six sacrifice. So that was that was a great, mentally every fighter. You ever you ever been up through the monta jam Olympic Jim stopped years ago years ago. It was on one floor, I guess in. Yeah. I actually trained for a short period of time to get some sparring. They they had a I think that may have filmed one of the rocky whatever's in there, I remember it was three stories. That was that was the main street you right mainstream that they had the it was three stories. It was old building. It was on the lot of of the limbic auditorium sorta sort of behind it, so call it the Olympic jam, but also call that the Montag chimp amidst different floors, and it was on hope street in downtown LA. So there were called the hope street, Jim. So it had a bunch of different names. And it was like the dues were eight dollars a month. I remember that. And I remember a few things I remember they just be signs up that say like, no spitting on the floor stuff. You wouldn't think to do? They would tell you not to do. Do time. Me too. The ring had just a big folding big wooden old school folding, like a banquet table and different containers. Sunny D milk contained any plastic container to container just filled with tap water. Just spread out this random containers spread out. No one's name was on any of the container for just community. Put them off on the kind of dump it, you know, they're kind of trying hold his hand. Like upside down like hold it flat underneath your lower lip and they just dump water. And then you put it back on the thing. The thing was like, oh, no one's going to drink. It. Don't go to put their lips on it than the bell would go off to walk and grab a sunny D bottle dump it around that slap it back on. If they said like you wanna Spar you'd go like, okay. Well, Smarr worse. Where's the headgear and they go? Well that dude's wearing it. Done big black heavyweight thing. Jerry. All right back onto your head cinch. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Right. Jim. Jim's women. Fortunately, I did. I was first thing. I did when I went to new up my manager. Sure got my own stuff for that reason. Because a lot of guys use it. You said it was it was discussed big center. Good ticket. You know? Man, I'm gonna mafi right? Are you kidding fest? My by. Oh, yeah. I is one of my oldest friends, and I love, Freddie, forever for this reason. Getting ready to fight for the title. I moved. I was training in Tucson five week as going to be the folks last week come in today's some happened. We couldn't stay there. We had to leave some tune f weeks in Vegas, I meant in Tucson three maybe three weeks. So I gotta come earlier to to Vegas. So my Mur trainer go to gym. And we're gonna work out. He was very close Fletch because brought together with Joe Joe fritters corner. Legendary trainer Eddie Futch pass a little bit ago. So so Griff new. You know, say, you know, you got anybody might kick award at four said four sparring partners. But we've left to Tucson local. And we took took one guy with me in. And so he's two guys. What me I'm sorry. Now, we're looking for more for speed mattresses eight does that he can work with. He goes. Well, I got no lie was at this one kid over here. And he said he'll give you all the work you want. Freddie Roach fray Roach and you find one hundred thirty six thirty. I get her in ready, and I told an he slapped his shit outta me for the first week ten days. I mean because free could fight I could fight men. He was couldn't punch was the thing. If I could punch he'd been world champion five times over he just didn't have heavy hands power. And what happened is he was always in war because he has so much heart and guts, he you aint backing him up is, and that's why you know it. So the first punch, but very, but Fred. Slap me around and that could catch him because he was so fast going boxing Accua movies move. What our start catching up about ten days out from the fight? The regatta fray, I started catching up matchup. Then we knew as ready, and that's when you know because as able to catch up go punch for punch, and that w is always think, Freddie. Forgive me to take no pay sonoma's Kinney's work too. And I love him forever for doing up for me in any did. And the tell the story I had lucky week. Tapa guy. You know what I mean? It's it's it's a blessing in occurs. When you were good at something like boxing, and maybe not a world champion, and maybe not great. But you're good at something. That's hard to be good at and then you became so good at something else that people don't even remember that. You did the first thing and on one hand you go. Will you be in short change, right because people should recognize that it was a damn good boxer on the other hand imagine a life where you start off playing the trumpet. And then you get so good on the Qatar that people only know you for that in a way, it's like you're living two lives. It's it's sort of the ultimate compliment, which is most people just think of him as a trainer as a world class hall of fame trainer. And don't remember that he was real good fighter. Best words on ESPN. When it first came on. I came on early eighty eighty five. Fights on their forty was wanted. All man, he Tommy Cadore, a Cordova from New Mexico him, and Freddie have kid ova who knows? Tom cordova? But once and then FREDDY stayed Eddie Futch train them became a protege that Futch became his assistant. And that's what he was so good because he learned from the best alert on the greatest of all time. And Freddie Roach reasoning Sogo to tell people look at them in a corner. Most of these guys towel waivers. A lot of our very few trainers. You start waving town to this guy. No trainer and always looking for the camera. So he started giving instruction to you right now. So what we're we're over here. Okay. Freddie versus pretty closely son. Listen to me son, which got that's how you got any such as Murphy Griffith might trainer rate hit do man talk to tell you that you got one minute to do given instructions they tell you in thirty forty seconds, which you had to get two or three points. And so you remember anywhere, right? That's a great finish to. That's why he's great jersey as well. With of Freddie Roach. And we live Ray, boom, boom Manzini, but she it's all the time. Now, I'm I'm a big fan. Ask one question of Ray here. Spence Garcia where where's this fight? In the context of where the on these guys are in the game. We are here for that. Aren't we? I'm always on the clock. Two top four pump pound fighters to top four and the most. B? Find Crawford in Mikey with Lomo. Farewell, Mike changed the namic dynamics of that. But you know, I want that guy. I wanted to get a nobody wants to fight in aerospace by all indications the most awarded fighter for less years. Why strong guy ca- punched amateur pedigree bucks guy Q punched away kit 'n? He's a SAFA besides nobody wants to fight a softball. So I saw rocky. Yes. Wipes up for Mikey calls him up. I can tell you them Rishard f for making for doing so my own expenses too. Big too, strong and betting lines Tate at common knowledge, tell him sense. But there's some about Mikey. And I only compared to I remember what karma Basilio said. He wants fight Ray Robson. He's the water which him it was too small to slow cuts to easy to and written Rubin. Come silly. At one kick Ray Robinson asked the first fighter anyone to fifty run in Las decision. So what I'm saying is Mikey Decemeber. And I've talked to Mike you when he was don't come to me a couple of weeks ago. One of our PBC's fights FOX, and he said rate, I said Mike much how much marry him for surrender something I see that. I can explain some icy. But this guy he's the best that I could beat this show. That's the famous story with Sugar Ray, Leonard watch and Marvin Hagler even though sugar raid been retired at it detached retina. Hagler was the pound for pound best in the world. And he was watching him fight sugar. Ray was he watched him fight Duran said. Yeah, revert oh Duran it, and he was out of. I mean, literally retired for a year maybe two, and he was watching it at home. I compete this guy and everyone was going. Are you nuts? You gotta detach. Renna you've been out of the game for two years. And he's like not can now Marvin Hagler was considered like Mike Tyson was in his prime unbeatable in in in his division. He was considered unbeatable because he was on beatable and sugar. Ray was watching it on TV going. I can beat this guy. And so say were saying, okay. Well, you got to take a couple of tune-up fights. You can't just come back at a at a retirement. He's like, no this'll be my first fight this guy the guy who's unbeatable any came back any beat him. I mean, he he got his hand race. But what he did. He won the crowd over. He won everybody. Because nobody if any said tell me when there's thirty seconds left in each round. And there's thirty seconds left in each round. His guy would thirty seconds and he'd go. Get busy on him for thirty seconds and the bell rang. And now the judge would Mark down. I do that sexually. Thirty seconds. I used to be America's number sprinter. All I can't can criticize because your life, and you always. Hit that to fate cover when their starting left. Raping Bowman Seaney. Thank you. Thank you. This is gonna be a fight that really people wanna see because it's to the bucks hot spots accuse of any fighters and a confidence in both guys, man. You got to love it, man. You just expect an expected FOX pay per view that'll be Saturday night tomorrow night, nine pm. Thanks. A great champion. Oh. Yeah. All right. So. Thank you. We're talking about fights and see your findings. Minds of us. We're talking about. All right. Maybe Lennox Lewis, Trump by we don't know. Let's see tell me about if I tell me about your fight, Mike. Okay. Far fight. It was a bar fight. You know, we've all seen tons of media tons of movies TV shows you've seen a million bar fights. Right. How many times have you have you ever witnessed a bar fight? The only time two guys fighting a bar. I'm talking about the entire bar. Everybody bar a Malay. The only time I I almost got in a bar fight is when my buddy Christmas at some chicks apartment with two strange. Rogue dudes probably something drug related. He was sitting at a at the table. Like, we're sitting like right now like a chair, and for some reason one guy just came up behind Chris and just got him in a bear hug like his arms down just grabbed him, and then bottle like a miracle bottle. Just busted him. Right over. And he just let he just put a big crack in Chris's forehead bus to silly crab Beerbaum the bus it over his head. And I never really spart the Correctional Institute this is someone's apartment, and then I remember going like who was that guy or whatever. And then we're in a bar called like midnight rendezvous or a hang out everyone hung out there. And it was like a week later. And and somebody said to me that's the dude dude over that table. That's that's doodoo hit me think it was Chris array or simcity guy who hit him with the bottle guy down to the table. Hey, man. Yeah. You got to promise. A we have a problem anything we do and he just stood up. He's like six seven. That's always bad. He was huge. Built like a tight ends of the lights. Go out. Tight end size. You know, and he just do it up. And I just went like you better wish we don't have a problem. You know, like, you know, when you keep talking means, you're not selling doesn't wanna fight when it keep talking. You found a problem? Thank you, formerly had a problem. Well, now, you've obtained problem. Right. When I'm gonna ask you to do right now to go ahead and find a problems when I'm going to go ahead and say right now, Erin. Erin. Gaining over me. The guy must have never had anyone ever threaten him in. He was like a little a no aid. Or a least he was flummoxed a little that someone like gotten his grill. And so like he anyway need just like sat down or something you better be lucky. We didn't have. Right now, the fight. But anyway, your bar, so yeah, I mean, Mikey Garcia circling around three may may see him in. But I'm in college, right? I'm on the football team and me and a couple of really big dudes a to defensive ends on a linebacker, right? Walk over from our our our football dorm to the local hang out bar, which is a big moment. Bars were big. I don't have that any more. But these like this was a grocery store they turned into a bar. Right. Little it was a huge open space bar you can fit three four five hundred people in it on any given night seen roadhouse. Yeah. Giant bar. So we walk over from the dorm, you know, by a mile or so we walk in at like, ten o'clock, right and mealy walk up to the bar. And I've got I gotta get the dimension. So you'll get the context of defensive end who's like six three to forty nother ones like six to two thirty five and we have a linebacker who's like six to two fifty. These are really big dudes right is the biggest guys on campus. And you know, it's it's spring. We're all in conditioning. These guys are wait trained running train. I mean, they're not only the biggest guys on campus the best shape on campus. Right. So I get dispatched to go to the bar and get the pitcher beer. So I go to the bar, and I'm trying to get the attention of the bartender. And I get violently shoved from the back, right? It's one of the guys, you know, getting his beer fast enough. Big dudes do gonna shove you around. So I turn around I go I got Garcia, and there's there's three guys in front of me right behind me. And and three guys and they're all the same size. They're all five eight hundred fifty pound guys this little guys, right? And one of the middle's wearing glasses is like in my face. And he hits shove me. And I'm like what's up with you? And he goes, hey, man. I saw you over there talking to my girl, and I'm like, no that wasn't me. I just walked I've been in this bar one. Okay. One minute said, you got the wrong guy. I turn my back now to get the pitcher. He shoves me again like really whip. Like when you get your back with. I turn around like you son of a. What is your problem? Do you want to an before? I got to fight out the guy rips off his remember this move. So classic rips his glasses off with his left hand. And with his right hand. He right. Crosses me. Right in the mouth. Okay. Wow. I mean, just punch me he hit me so hard it knocked my lip over my two front teeth. And immediately my mouth is filling with blood as I'm being knocked off the stool, I was sitting on. So it's like the slow motion. You're going over. Yeah. I pivoted around a stool. I'm going over in slow motion right here. Spill yourself going over and your mouth is full of blood, and you're angry as hell there's nothing you can do about it. The funniest part was by the time. I hit the floor to bounce up and get these guys with those three poor little dues didn't know was the defensive unit behind them. All right. All I see is this and elbows they Lili pounded these guys into a tiny little pile of just people. I mean, it was like. You couldn't I was on my feet on my mouth is full of blood. I got blown over my shirt, and I'm trying to find the guy hit me. And at that, very time. All sudden, a mug of a pitcher of beer is thrown from across the inside the bar and smashes the wall over our head and rains down beer and glass on all of us. Right. And that's all these dudes need it because these are big tough doozy's football players, right? They take off like a track meet around the end of the bar. And all you see is bodies flying women screaming shares flying, and they're just they literally rushed into a crowded dudes. And just started in a Mets fight within literally fifteen seconds. The entire part is forty or fifty people are now pushing shoving pounding hitting. And I'm sitting there bleeding trying to still find the guy hit me. And then also sirens. Start somebody called the cops within two minutes. Everybody's hitting the doors. Right, right. We watch that at ten o'clock by ten. Eight we're running down the street at void getting arrested. Screaming? Remember, what the name of the bar was bars at every year was a different name owner different annuals after I remember clearly after Travolta's film came out. You know, what was the film in Texas? Yeah. Our van Cab Calloway. So it was called Cowboys. Right and everybody, Louisiana, right? There's not a cowboy state. But of course, everybody's now wear boots and bell. Before before that it had been a disco after that, you know when we got into more Miami. Vice it turned into like a, you know, more of a yeah. It was like it was like hairstyles for Chit like. Just change. Every sure every seven years, whatever's going max patta has a fight story. I'll tell you guys the reason we're here Spence junior versus Garcia Saturday night. Do not miss this pay per view biggest pay per view fight of the two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Put their perfect records both on beaten arrow the truth. Spence junior actually takes on Mikey Garcia the world welterweight champion live from AT and T stadium. That's where we're sitting right now, you know, Aries Talboys Jerry's got places he man's. We just look over the edge. You're building the ring right in the middle. I mean that there's a there's a video screen above it. That's gotta be nine times as big as the ring is Garcia's moving up, two weight classes to face Spence and fight that he asked for by calling Spence out on social media. He'll be risking it. All they'll be risking. All the perfect record will be broken Spence versus Garcia Saturday. That's tomorrow night. Saturday nine eastern six Pacific live on pay per view. I n people tune in max patent. What do you got? All right. So I was in a New Year's Eve. I was in Venice also at a bar, then California, Venice, California. Yes. And I I wrote I was rolling pretty deep. I'm still friends and all this guys were on that bus trip with Adam. So we probably had Chris took a modified school bus literally around the country at age nineteen or something the Partridge fan. It was basically fat like they just gear hollowed out. Oh, yeah. Hollowed it out. I remember hand like head like seventeen guys just bring the sleeping bag to hit the road. Like cool adventure stuff like that stuff. So we're also really close, and we all went to bar in Venice loves of girlfriends, and we went and then when we close the bar out. It's two AM. Now. Pat, midnights pass we everyone wants to go jump in the ocean and go and go swim in the Olympics, right on the beach. I stay back with all the girls and all the art. And at me mean another guy say back with the girls and everyone else runs into the ocean. And and then I'll send I just hear this this rumbling out in the street. And it's my friend and other guy, and they're kind of just getting into it. I think probably over a girl, and I do that thing in between them. It was the guy hit me. Roles. Yeah. Took off his always about a chick with that guy. And I between hold both my arms up trying to separate them. Hey, guys. It's okay. We're good. Everything's fine. And they kind of just calmed down. We're good. And I look left look. Right. Every like, yeah. Yeah. We're fine. All right. But my hands down and the guy that just sucker punches. That's the worst in the face, and I looked but here's the thing. It didn't hurt. Wow. Which was weird, Freddie? Roy. Yes. I was totally fine. And my my theory is he he doesn't know to punch right. I mean, it's a good dairy. Because in this brings back to the hammer that rose talked about I I learned from the hammer they got all your punch comes from your back foot. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Swing wide. And I'll and I'll tell you how how I utilize that in a moment. So you and I look at him after I get sucker punched in the face. And I go are you done? That's. He's he's drugs like, whatever. And then he's just and I said all right, we're going, and I take my buddy and all the girls like all eight girls with us and we're walking back to the corner. So we can get a cab and just get out of there and him and all his buddies are looking there's like six of them five six of them. And they're just staring meeting times. We're walking back, and I just keeps glancing back to see if they're still looking they're still looking then all of a sudden one district sprinting towards me, and I'm standing them to stand there looking at him. And he sprinting I mean, I'm thinking of running to me, and as he gets neared he jumps in the air like a jet Lee movie and has his arm out and just lands on me with a punch and at that. Oh my God. I'm going to fight. And now all the other guys are running, and it's me and another short Filipino kid. Who will you gotta roll life football team stuff done. I was wrong with the wrong crew. And and now it's five onto the girls are all screaming crying there. And we're just getting. Demolish? These guys are okay, okay. Mikey garcia. Joining us. He's obviously one of going to be fighting the middle this field tomorrow. He's being spoken to by his cornermen coached up headphones on T Mikey Garcia, lean into the Myers. Good to meet you. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. I was just out on the balcony looking down on the field seeing the ring in the middle of the football field and all the seats being set up. I mean, how far away is this from what you've dreamt of growing up. Look, it's it's unbelievable. Really? Honestly, it's it's not like I ever dreamed about this is you couldn't drink this winter and have. Matches and places like that way above and beyond anything, I could have ever imagined. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Oxnard, I'm from Oxnard. And and so that's actually why I'm a fan of the Cowboys. Camping. A camp there. And I started you know, to to follow the team when did boxing become a reality for you. Well, I mean, I've always been around it with my father, my brother, you know, they were there were the ones who started. But I never had the dream or the ambition to be a fighter a kind of started to develop as non I actually started mama giraffe fourteen little later than than most kids. And then when I turn eighteen again, it was more just to see what I could do just to see how far I could take. I didn't have a goal set in minor or anything I accomplish two world titles and twenty thirteen and I took a big break from two thousand fourteen to twenty sixteen but it was during that time that I made it a goal to come back better than ever and go after the biggest biggest challenge, I knew there was a lot more. I could give my fans, and I wasn't. I wasn't allowed to before that. I know everyone says they wanna fight the best. But some people don't wanna fight the best because they're the best and they don't want to. Beat by the best, but you call out aero, Spence, right? Look other fighters have other agendas or managers and promoters have other genders, you know, they want to take dividers in different path and. Well, look at business maybe before look at legacy or before they look at a compliment. And that's fine. That's that's part of the business in boxing. I totally understand that. But in my in my position, I'm unattached. I'm a free agent. You know, I'm gonna take my career wherever I want. And I'm not just after money, you know, paychecks for fight. I'm after Lacey. I'm after greatness, I want my name to be remembered for the ages and in order to accomplish that I need to take on the best. And that's why I'm fighting the best fighters the best world champions undefeated champion after undefeated champion after undefeated champion in different categories. You know, things that no one else is doing. That's what's going to leave my name imprinted, you everyone's unbeaten you're thirty nine know why thirty nine. Oh. Be nice thirty nice to make this the fortieth win here about here's a lot about Floyd Mayweather in Conor McGregor. And those kind of guys always always sort of hanging around any any thoughts about that? We were there was some discussion about maybe Floyd getting together with Manny Pacquiao, but nothing confirmed yet, let's say you win Saturday night. Pretend. Let's just assume it's a done deal. You've one any thoughts about any of those names that I brought up. Look, I I don't I don't know if Loyd is interested in any boxing match right now. I mean, he's doing some exhibitions. He's done in five with Connor a, you know, USC fighter. I don't know if he's willing to get in the ring with the prime world champion myself or any of the big champions. He's he's a businessman more than he is fighter. Now one time. I still regard him as the best that I've ever seen the best boxer that I've ever seen. But now he seems to focus on the business side than than than the boxing, or though, the or the challenges or, you know, so he doesn't I mean as I've stated I don't I don't think anyone who knows anything would disagree with this. If you can get paid the same money or more to fight somebody who, you know, boxing, isn't their first language or maybe. They're huge sensation in Tokyo. And you can just go over there and get paid, you know, he's a forty plus forty or forty one or whatever whenever he is. He's not going to be someone in his weight division that's twenty seven in their prime. But he can't beat a guy who does mixed martial hearts. So he's going to get hit lasts and get paid more and go do the Certa sideshow. Kind of kind of the carnival circuit. Actually, get in with somebody in their prime in risk getting. That's why that's why the boxing fans and the fans here arm really falling with with Floyd's decisions anymore aren't really appreciate. But they do appreciate me and spends getting the rain. Two hundred feet of pound fighters, you know, in our prime, you know, top fighters fighting Joe that doesn't come in boxing. And we are doing that. You know, that's what people appreciate most. Did you make the fight happen by getting on Twitter, and sort of trolling get on the internet out that happen I handled my my my career, and my fights I professionally I don't have to go on social media. And and, you know, trash talk or, you know, try to get the five down like that. I approached his manager his his manager adviser, and I spoke to him we spoke to different networks, and we put the fight. It was actually pretty pretty easy to to do. Did. We're talking to Ray boom, boom man seen. He was explaining that, Spence who's considered. Fairly dominant. Yes. An unbeatable thus far both fighters have no no losses on the record. But that you watch and fight. You saw something you saw something you could exploit you saw a weakness you something that you think will make you victorious anybody asked me that question. What did they see you know, what a c in Spence's game? Or we'll fight was that. I saw something that allowed me to believe I could beat him. I always answer this way. It's not that. I saw a lack or a hole or something in his game. Weakness is not that. But what I do see is that I'm much better than he is. And it's the fact that the media still hasn't seen the best out of me in the media has seen the best out of me in previous fights, there'd be no doubt that I'd be the favorite. But they haven't seen that. Because I haven't haven't been pushed the limit. Nope. One has brought the best out of me. And that's that's what I'm banning. I know him better than he is the only thing he's got going for him is the size the w-. Wait. That's the challenge that I have to overcome. But I'm better as a boxer better. Footer bitter speed their defense, better reflexes, better time and everything else. I do better. Do you feel stronger? Not having a cut way before I feel very good right now. I feel strong fast. Cheerful I'm happy. I'm still drinking water and eating breakfast. You know, not having to struggle in whereabout, the cut does help. But that only goes so far as leading up to the fight because I'm fighting night. He will be hydrated. He will be much bigger fight night. What do you think challenge? We think the difference will be when you enter the ring pound wise, he'll be probably ten or more pounds over. What what I am? Now. Probably walk in the ring probably, you know, forty nine fifty and he'll probably be around one sixty or higher will you'll be ten pounds quicker, my friend, Mikey Garcia. I think your guy was somebody was looking at me giving you the ramp it up. We'll tomorrow. To put our money on. Are think you're very very good. Bye. Graduations in advance. Amazing. I mean that feel that the boxing ring is in right? The star. Thank you, Mikey Garcia, again, the fight Saturday night, pay per view, FOX bay view. All right now, we're talking about you, get your ass kicked. Flying scissor punch scissor Mikey Garcia when he definitely. Next door was a hundred miles away. So so me, and my other friend. We're just getting pummeled like every second. We catch are footing. We're just getting tackled from another end. We're we're we're like. Or here. Six. Yes. So so every time so if I if I hit one guy, and he goes down, another guy will just hack me from other sites. I'm horizontal more than I ever at this point. And and then down to guys are are just laying ever wonder where the motivation comes from like, I am kind of weird because I have like a super kind of a low pulse rate. I don't get into it that much it's hard to agitate me and I'll see like people getting into fights. And it'll be like a person who didn't know the other person sixty two seconds ago, like never met the person, and they'll bump them or whatever. And at some point one guy like get on his bike and start writing away and the other guys running after him chasing him punching him in the back. And you're like, where's this coming? Mode of saying, where's the motivation to chase guy on a beach cruiser who you don't know you had no formal life or relationship with your chasing him. Throwing punches in hating him in the back of the shoulder as the guy rides away where where's the motivation? I get it. You're bad person. I by the way, bet that person is super lazy like when that when that person's roommate goes like, hey, Steve take the garbage out. The guy goes oh, come on to play fort night. Like, we'll get up off the food too. But he's chased like icy people who are like people, they don't even know each they don't even know. And it's like at some point like one guys on the ground guys kicking them guys trying to pull them off at he's trying to get in one more kick. How did you develop this for this person this quickly that you know mentality? When guys get together guys like the. Guys who attacked me the guys that attacked you. They all get together. And they wind each what still like I get into step dad who molested you all those years. And finally you snap. This is a purse you've never seen before. I had. I had a franchise to keep a baseball bat in in his room because he had a any adore in his room together the backyard, and he's he told me one time L never forget in private. He goes sometimes I wish someone would just break. So I can use this bat on them. And just freaked me out. He became a cop. Yes. The crazy energy of running and throwing the flying fists then. Yeah. All right. So now, you're rolling around around the girls are pulling them off of like they're getting involved and then as gone for a while probably four or five minutes already of this. No, no cops are coming nothing. We're in the middle of an intersection right under that Venice than hanging Venice sign, and and then this homeless couple comes up, and they see tonal. Yeah. It's like, oh boy in a girl a guy and a girl, and and they're like get off get off. And now, they're ripping these guys off. And now these guys are fighting the homeless the homeless couple that tried to get these guys on PC. Really? You homeless. Helmets. Couple -versities race right at this point. So and now these homeless people are just getting beat up, and this this woman, I see this this guy take the woman's head and smash it against a car. And now her face is just filled with loves to be funny. Would we now we it's critically insane? It's insane. And I thought okay, I'm probably gonna end up getting stabbed tonight. Like this. This is getting to a crazy level. So this is still going on. And then we're getting all of a sudden out of nowhere a sports team. I seen their sporting about five big black do team go out. There sporty guy sports team sport in basketball players because they were really tall. And like everybody's really tall to you. Yeah. That's true. And then they pull these guys off and they start getting on them. Yeah. Fourths and five. Milan of some past the seven. Let it escape your lips place. Anyway, these guys they're like the angels. Have they pull these guys off and they start they start beating on these guys. And while. Teen or twenty people. This is a street brawl, and and and the guy who attacked us end up running away, and I'm just thinking right as they run away. Now, we're all just kind of coming to the guys like a UK, blah, blah. And then the girls are in tears. They're crying happened. My friends come out soaking wet in ocean water like shirts off like like, hey, what just happened? They just came back from skinny dipping night night ocean, swimming, I may I may put that on my list of things will never do again before I die because I it's the kind of thing you do once in a while when you're younger you saw jaws attracting myself doing it now seems it seems impossible. All right. Let me tell you guys quickly about Castrol edge. That's what I wanted to talk about stronger. Under pressure engines can lose up to ten percent of performance through to friction Castrol edge with fluid titanium transforms under pressure. Keep the metal parts from rubbing on each other three times, I loved it. When the whole lot is three times three times stronger three times fool fool than leading full synthetics against viscosity breakdown. It is the best. It's the industry standard. It is Castrol edge everybody August. So you ask animal his record was so far. I know. Oh, you are too. Because you you won that fight. Yeah. And and also the one where you got out of your car to punch guy without a fight. That was that was a that was a lesson to a homeless guy do not strike my car with your stupid lanyard because I will come out smash the turnbuckle the off ramp on the freeway was literally I was on. I was talking to him on the phone guy blocks my car, though. Completely right crazy. He may not be homeless. But you know, I was talking to Adam. And I bought my going. I was going to have to go to mandatory CPR class when you have a baby they literally the hospital requires premature creamy. Premature child home I had to tend to mandatory CPR class. You know for the for the shirts. And so I'm driving. Spent a great. We'll see. So I pulled onto the offering on the freeway a guy just steps off the side of the highway in front of my car, and he smiling, and he's goofy. And I'm talking to him, and I say, okay, hi, goofy guy, and I bought my horn animal a little bit to get him out of the way, you know, 'cause I got proceed I'm lily backing up cars off the freeway off the highway what a one are the four or five and as soon as I hit the horn his face went from smiling and happy to angry and pissed and he took a lane off his neck and swung around and smashed in the hood of my car, my brand new Infinity right literally saw him strike it. And I really saw just dented debt. Here's Mr. Spence. Hey, hey, how you doing put your headphones on their Spence and speak right into that microphone. Congratulations. We'll see what can figure that one out for you. So we had Mike Garcia few moments ago. Spence is in here. Twenty four in a welterweight champion and considered. I don't know if not the pound for pound guy at least top three pound for pound who is on that pound for pound right now. Other than you. Hello, Mike Garcia Terence Crawford. Who turns Cranford, right? Yeah. That's about it in the in your weight division or somewhere in the lighter weight divisions. What is the biggest arena fought at thus far? I mean, he can't do bigger than Dallas stadium. I imagine. Front thirty thousand. Title shifting who'd you fight in Sheffield England, and how many they expect here Saturday night. Forty thousand. Does it make a difference for you forty thousand versus you know, fighting and a, you know, a moose lodge or something like when you're starting out. Yeah. It does make a difference now because you know, it's all about growing fan base in becoming a superstar in the sport. So, you know, and be evidence sale gona sale, you pay more money and more top opponents gonna wanna fight you because you make because you're you got a big fan base. So are definitely wanna be a person with a huge fan base. And so now more this morning so to say like kinetico avarice, well, like boom-boom Manzini was saying that people sort of avoid you, which is kind of the ultimate compliment on the other hand, it's hard to get paid. When people are voiding. You you feel like people are fighters or voiding you a lot of fighters at their water meeting. The easy way out. So to say, you know, you guys Sean porter in, you know, Keith Thurman, so you know, I haven't got that. I tune it. I want to fight the other Titus. So, you know, find my Garcia. Where's the oh type fight for you? What you guys are about same weight. Right. No Cannella one sixty right now. But you could fight you you guys could fight at a catchweight. Cannella? Probably. Right. If you wanna or you know, our move, right? So you definitely take that that fight so Mikey Garcia. He's here. He seems like afraid you're both pretty laid back friendly half. -able guys doesn't seem like I, you know, I try to tell people boxing's a sport. Like when people go, I don't know, man. That dude's got a tattoo. He's pretty angry. I'm like, yeah. But it's a sport sport. If you're better at tennis or better basketball. You doesn't matter figure is angry do pro Chit that way. Like, it's like a sport that you need to beat the other guy in. I mean like you say just a sport full Bosmo rooted in boxing. I mean, it's more people get injured in you know, in football and in boxing. So I mean, also like Boston just a violent sport. It can't be violent. But no, it's the sweet size to it. And you know, it's just not, you know, somebody trying to kill another hour. I wanna kill him. No. I I never, you know, with their mindset, I wanna kill either wanna get the knockout beat the dude up. But I'd never wanna you know, permanently injured somebody where. Yeah. Manzini famously killed a guy in the ring many years ago, which is a crazy crazy story from a million a million years ago. I mean, I don't before he didn't he didn't die in the ring. He died. I think probably like in the hospital later, but that's that's a bizarre. It's a bizarre thing that no one should ever. Strive for you grow up where. Sita? He'll wait. Where's that is south of Dallas? You're you're you're here in Dallas. Oh, that's nice team. Oh, make sense. I thought they were doing the whole Garcia Mexican fighter. You know, Texas kinda thought that with the the spin. But on is that you're here. Oh team that can you physically sleep at home tomorrow night, and then come out here. I just came from the house. Probably twenty minutes away from here. Wow. Cowboys fan. So the stadium trying to think of how old the stadium is twelve years old now, I mean, it's weird because you go it's like the heath ledger thinks he's been dead for eleven years ago. He's been dead for eleven years. Like, it's crazy. When was remember when the stadium being built? Has to be Tango bossa fast, but probably about ten years ago to feel. Yeah. You're young coury you ten years ago Kyun your high or something like twenty one? So so that notion that they're building. So we'll try to figure out what year they built this state nine two thousand nine ten years ago. So ten years ago where were you in your life? I was trying to Olympic how the nineteen year nineteen and trying out for the limits. And you probably obviously knew they were building this stadium since it was in basically, your backyard the notion of fighting at the fifty yard line in this stadium. That's gotta be an insane thought if I got hold of you when you're nineteen and you're seeing them build this place, right? I mean, no one ever asked me, you know, where we're going to be fighting here to turn professional and later on my career you'd ask me nineteen years old. I've been looking at you crazy in my would never just out my water dreams that he no fight here in, you know, basically, you know out. No, I was kind of nervous about it. When I fought at the star my last fight Frisco, no selling that out. I was nervous. I guess fifteen thousand already you know, wasn't sure if I could do it. But I did it so amazed give me a lot. How fitness if I hear I have this theory. But you tell me if you've experienced this or not voice told these guys fighters race car drivers. Extreme sport guys. They're extra calm when they're not doing what they're supposed to be. You know, what earn their money in the ring in the octagon behind the wheel of the race car. They're not high strung guys because if they're high strung when they walked into the ring they'd have nervous breakdown or vomit in the ring or they literally go off like like a Roman candle. Do you notice most fighters kinda come when they're not fighting like seem low key? I guess would be like you seem low key Garcia seems low key. So that you have a place to go. You know, what I'm saying like race car drivers are always like myrrh? They're very calm guys. Because when they strapped into a car, they would go they would have an anxiety attack. If they're already strung like a comedian think would a lot of athletes, and that's why a lot of athletes. Don't retire. When I supposed to continue to go on because you know, just for what they do. They kind of get you know, sort of a high awful, you know. Football players just playing competing, not get some type of high awful the way, you know, they the bright lights and lights. And then, you know, once they get off of it. You know, they come down. So that's why a lot of boxes to stay on the stick around basketball football foods, you know, stick around on might come back like, Michael Jordan and things because you know, they missed it. It would take more to get your pulse than it would for most people. Right. Like, you're you're Di tuned like, you're tuned down in in order to get their your pulse up you need to be in the fifty yard line in a twenty by twenty ring Dallas stadium, whereas other people could just go in a roller coaster, something, right? It's it's interesting. I've always thought that. And I I don't know what I don't know. If the wiring comes first, and then the athlete comes second or which which which one it is. But it's always surprising and the opposite of movies that race car drivers cage fighters, boxers and stuff are super low key that to adamant I is it is it something that you have to put effort into be relaxed. Like, you have to be mindful of it, or is if you're if you're if you're nervous agitated in twitchy, like a cat like feel like a nervous. Cat. And then so and says you gotta go walk out on the stage in front of two thousand people and do ninety minutes of comedy, you'll have an anxiety attack backstage, you can only walk out on stage. If you're walk around at a two or three and that'll bring you up to a seven or eight, but if you're walking around at a seven or eight you'll peak and having Zygi attack, and I think you got to walk out onto that center that star Saturday night, and if your guy who's walking around at at an eight or nine like. Let's say Tom Arnold. Arnold your head will explode. Blown anxiety attack. And they'll have to Brit. You'll go into cardiac arrest. Yeah. You have to be de tuned in order to go to that place. You have to go give yourself some some head which I which I like, all right? The fight is your favorite, right? Do you know what the not outs are? I don't I mean peuvent saying, but I'll never look at it. You do intentionally not look at it. Or you just don't care. Don't care. See what I mean? D tuned everyone, Spence junior thanks for stopping by. Very good luck tomorrow night. Although you're not going to need it. Thank you. Appreciate again, that'll be on FOX pay per view that tomorrow night. Thanks. Appreciate it. So I do mean it I've always super confident of Zoot it, you know, it's a weird. Confidence in its in an of itself, it's a D two nd in order. You know, high like cars do Chris. I I'm finding out. Now this like, I know, but I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna hit you with a metaphor right here. You guys ready? Are you right day? Here's a metaphor. The cars now today, it's a little bit different a lot of computers allow that this that and the other. But if you take my Porsche nine thirty five twin turbo okay now, how do you make horsepower in a car? Well, the way you make horsepower really is compression, it's the compression. If you take your car, and it's a two leader, take two liter motor and its got nine to one compression mccown hundred thirty horsepower. But if it's got twelve and a half to one or thirteen one like a race engine that all they do with race engines up the compression, then you get two hundred horsepower, by the way, when you up the compression. That's why you need the race fuel because it will. It'll it'll detonate you'll have premature detonation Wade it'll detonate knowing that's right. That that for the ping comes knocking and pigging. That's that's detonation. But anyway, so here's one upset the nine thirty five Porsche it's a full blown race engine. But it doesn't have thirteen to one compression. It has like eight and a half to one or nine has low lower than just a streetcar. What I bet if you took a regular Porsche air cooled flat six from the factory back in nineteen seventy nine. It would have eleven to one compression, the nine thirty five eight and a half to win compression, low or compressor. Why I'll tell you why it's got two turbos. And when the turbo spool up if creates the compression, so they actually lower the compression to leave room for what's coming the two turbos spool up. You don't feel anything in that car when you're like under four thousand rpm, and then all of a sudden you get pinned to the back of the seat as the engine is essentially de tuned to make ROY. Room for what's coming and what's coming is to turbo. Spoiled up at eight thousand RPM's in what's coming a fight Saturday night. So I think fighters jet, fighter pilots K traders race car drivers. They walk around de tuned. Because when depend sounds are when that siren goes off, and everyone has to scramble to their jet. That's the turbos kick it in and they got leave room for that. Turbo. Because that's going to fill their cylinder. And if they're already at twelve and a half if you're walking around like Danny bonnet due to your your walking around thirteen to one compression already when the turbo kicks in. Is the turbo is the scrambling to the fighter jet or walking to the center of the ring or getting into the cage or strapping into the race car. You will blow up your engine? You will you will you will you will have detonation predestination pre. That's right. That's what that's certain knocking and pigging. You won't run. Right. You see guys? Like, so you ever see a guy who fights who's all adrenaline? It's never right. You can't do anything sort of all adrenaline. So well, these two seem a specially breed prematurely. But I think you know, when you when you meet Lennox Lewis, and all this guys are always. Yeah. I remember when we went to the Indy five hundred and you took me into the driver's room right before the race in I come for the football world. Right. And you know when you're in a locker room before big game. I don't care what level college NFL. It's tight as a drum. Everybody's literally on pins and needles. Not a word spoken, very tense. We walked into the Indy. Five hundred greatest motor sport in the world. Lilly tennis before the race this loosest room. I've ever been in guys last laughing and joking as like they're in the race, suits. You're getting out there. These cars to two hundred forty five miles an hour in ten minutes. You could be killed. And it is I remember this is so loose. It feels weird. But that's what your talk your ask him to do something that would make most people's heads explode rice. Right, right. They're going out there to do that. I would be I was concerned for them. Right. Now. Now, the question is are the de tuned people attracted to the extreme things. Or does the extreme thing. De-tune new they're made for their their chemistry plus their talent. That's why they do what they do as you say, we won't great athletes in any sport. We've all new guys, but they didn't have the head for. They didn't have the the the, well, that's a great physicality. They don't match it with the mentality. The right all the way. Well, the athletes play better that thing about race car driver is there's really nothing to the physicality of it. It's all in the skill. So it's all in your brain. All right. Speaking about racing cars, Castrol edge man, stronger under pressure. That's what's going on Castrol edge. That's not be de tuned fluid. Titanium transforms under pressure keep the metal parts from rubbing on each other. Nothing better than Castrol edge three times three times stronger than leading full synthetic against viscosity breakdown. They did a test and it came out three times better than viscosity breakdown. When it starts getting and walk, right? Edge formulated, always to see the toughest industry standards Castro edge. All right. Let's see. What else? Do we got next to pana- got beat up a Hobo? Saved him basketball team did save the Harlem Globetrotters, please tell me metal are lemon. But you know, use that story to get out of jury duty one time. Oh, you hate Koreans or something. Are they? I was almost picked to be a juror. And then when they're questioning me, they said, how do you feel about cops? And that happened probably six months prior to this this interview. So I said, I I've not fan of cops. Because I told the story about how I was jumped and in the streets Venice for. Cops weren't there. Not one cops cops are there. I know mine was they didn't show up and I'm seeing pummeled street, and they let me go. Yeah. We have I've told you I sold my fight stores. I have sort of half a fight story left. I'll tell you about but save it for another show Tayeb out. Gyco. Everyone's got the to do list about yet. Save hundreds of dollars current sheri-. You don't have to go anywhere geiko dot com. 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I'll be there little QNA afterward, and you can get it down. Curl, the calmer fandango, and you can go to Admiral dot com slash events because we're doing live standup doing Adam crawls unprepared. The format will be probably half hour of me doing stand up twenty twenty five thirty minutes of stand up at the top. And then we'll go into and Kroll is unprepared. And also well get Adam special I s chassis out the Amazon not Taco Bell material. Bye. Bye bye. Yeah. Scott, I think right rating about two hundred I tunes. It's got about one hundred seventy five five star. So not to shabby last. But not least simply safe to is in there. You want to feel safe at home? What we've all done simply safe. We all have it simply safe their mission. Make you feel safe at home. Protect your home today, free shipping peel and stick up and running and under an hour. Simplisafe dot com slash Adam. All right. What am I missing here? Lennox lewis. Manzini though. Got Leonard Lennox was on a month or so ago. We'll get him back. All right. So aerospace junior in Mickey Garcia tampered in tomorrow night. That's Saturday night nine pm eastern, six o'clock on the west coast, FOX pay per view, unbeaten both unbeaten in watch. A couple of de-tune guys tuneup real fast get in the ring. So until next time curl for Christmas Pata and Mike. Pelican August aero spent junior Mikey Garcia Ray, boom, boom Manzini say Lajolla, Adam Corolla show on Twitter at Adam Corolla show. Follow the ace man on the Twitter at Adam Corolla, and the show across all platforms at Adam Corolla for tickets and info on all the lie podcast, man, events books, movies and more. Visit Adam Corolla dot com and stay tuned for AP news. Let's consider the secret life of the Imos nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. 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This is a Scots yard the stuff is magnificent. And you get keep up with your neighbor. So get that Scott's turf builder up. They're going which police Toppmoller prosecutor leaving. I'm Tim Maguire the napi newsmen at one of the most prominent prosecutors. Working for special counsel, Robert Muller. Andrew Weisman is leaving the team soon. A likely indication the investigations close to wrapping up. Former Texas congressman Baidoa rook says he's running for the democratic party's presidential nomination. Running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America. Aurore campaigning in Iowa joins a field crowded with a number of senators governors and others Israeli jets attack areas in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket attack on Tel-Aviv military says the attacks are on terror sites. However gave no for the details. Palestinian media says a HAMAs naval base has been targeted. NBC shaking up late night TV given Carson Daley slot to a woman of color, who's a star aren't YouTube network says a new half hour show, titled a little late with Lilly Singh will air at one thirty five in the morning starting in September. I'm Tim Maguire.

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