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If you love music you're going to discover something ear opening in switched on pop so join US search for switched on pop in your favorite podcast APP and listen to an episode about your favorite every artist and subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. spotify or wherever you're listening to get new music explainers every week and after listening you might want to check out at our new book switched on pop how Popular Music Works and why it matters at your favorite bookseller. Thanks welcome back to the Christie Joe show presented you bias Phoenician and big blue view. I'm Jodi Leo. Joined by curse phlegm and we are giving you are next addition of the mail bags. Show here on the Chris Joe. Show another handful of great questions questions from our listener listeners that we got from our facebook page as well as our instagram. Remember folks if you want to send us any of your questions you can send us directly to our email big blue view at Gino Dot Com. But it seems to be that the reoccurring best method is sending it directly to Our facebook page or to our instagram account. You can also direct message us on twitter at big blue view at Joe Di Leone and at and raptor after. Mk I anything you want to know. We will gladly answer it in terms of personnel and also for the NFL draft. First question that we we have here from Rick Albanese Apologize. I'm saying that wrong already. And it is a draft related question. Colombian chason Jason. LSU outside linebacker seems to be rising up draft boards. I think he is going to kill the combine. That's a very smart insight that you have there. What are your thoughts? And do you see a scenario where the New York giants might trade down intake chase on. Well Jason. Like you said is probably going to be a workout warrior. He is very very athletic and we tend to see these. SEC outside linebacker edge players being very very athletic in having having good performances at the combine but it is worth noting that you do need to be careful with guys like that especially as outside linebacker and an edge rusher because sometimes they might be freak athletes but that might not really translate to football skills. Some of the things that have been said about chase on is that you're not on one hundred percent. Sure what you're getting because he hasn't been entirely consistent. He's incredibly athletic. But you don't know for sure if it's all going to come together and I think that a lot of personnel decision makers in the. NFL are a bit wary when they decide to select LSU defensive players like chase on just because there have been a number of players that have fallen off in have been busts despite being really really athletic flick. I could see that though in the Middle Range I wouldn't see him getting taken any higher than fifteen yet. I could see Miglin a little bit higher just because because of what the class looks like after chase young because it really is chase young and then everybody else. The combine could put Jason Jason kind of by himself in that second tier although a wouldn't surprise me if Julian Okwara another guy gut throw throw Lewis out of Alabama. They got those guys really show out of the combine and boost their own stock as well but did appear to me as though chasing was starting waiting to put some things together at the end of last year or the end of this year rather production wise. He had a over his last five games. He had one tackle for loss against Arkansas. Then he had to tackle one and a half tackles for loss and a sack and a half against Texas am they. Then he had to tackle for a loss and a sack against Georgia which now they've we know they've got a good offensive line then he had to into against Oklahoma and even although he didn't really get on the board Clemson he had himself a good game. He was a consistent threat off the edge so it looked like maybe he was starting to put some some things together starting to really figure out how to use those tools he has because he is a long guy leaves listed at six foot five and he looks looks it and he is kind of a little bit of a leaner pass rusher. He does have that little bit more outside. linebacker build than maybe a traditional national defensive end build and he does have that ability to kind of drop back in actually playing coverage not just drop back and maybe hope to confusing offensive lineman every now and then. He's got an intriguing toolbox and if he is starting to really put things together and figure out how to use his physical tools then I could see teams may be taking a chance on him somewhere between Ken in fifteen just because pass pass rushers get drafted highly. They get at times overdrafted now as for the second part of that maybe the giants trading back while let's just assume the giants do trade back that is in there that is on the menu for them. I could see them potentially trading back to say ninth with Jacksonville and maybe getting getting the pick their perhaps maybe even trading back with this is going to be weird for a long time. Las Vegas Raiders and perhaps picking him at twelve. Maybe maybe even the colts at thirteenth. They really WANNA move up for a quarterback that that would net them some additional picks that they could use elsewhere on the line or elsewhere on their team. The other thing too that you have to consider with chase on is is He really a fit now understandably. He's athletic he's long. He's a good pass. Rusher in Patrick. Graham is going to be implementing running a multiple four three defense. So that means you're going to get a lot of different looks. Does he work though in most situations. I don't really. We think he can play as a four three defensive end so then you do have to work them as a linebacker is does he have that skill set to play as an outside side linebacker. He's very different in the case of Isaiah Simmons because Isaiah Simmons is an outside linebacker that has the versatility to rush. Rush the passer. If you need him to he he can blitz. He can play safety he can even cover guys in the slot chase on that. He is an athletic edge. Rusher who who probably won't be playing defensive end for you. Can he make that transition to pretty much. Mostly an outside linebacker. That is off. The the line of scrimmage. Maybe you could put them. On the line of scrimmage in various packages I don't fully know if that would really work out and the other thing too with these LSU players. It's it's the case with with grant delpit heck I would even say it's also the case with guys like Thaddeus Moss. They have a lot of really athletic. Talented highly recruited did players on their team but do their athletic traits fully translate to inevitable success in the NFL NFL. We don't really know that for sure. And we've previously discussed grant delpit in the safety show and one of the things we said in this works for all of them is they had up and down inconsistent times during the season. So what are you really getting when you face them up against the the more talented guys when they can't just win with their athleticism lettuces and or you actually getting a prospect that can develop into not only a starter but a defensive stud because it's one thing to get a starter in the first around you can get yourself start at any position in the first round. You WanNa try and hit on. Get somebody that's going to be above average to potentially early in the in the top fifteen at their position. That's that's being overly optimistic. But you can't really just bank on getting something that's going to start. Yes definitely and I will say if there's one position where you do want to shoot athleticism it would be the defensive edge the edge rusher because there really is a very strong correlation between athleticism success. It is very rare to have guys like Marcus golden who are able to finish their rushes and get sacks while not being athletic. It is Obviously you have. There is an art to it that knowing how to set blockers up how to use your hand had time your hands and feet but you also oh have to be an athlete. Because you're giving up a lot of size in potentially a lot of length to an offensive tackle and you have to make that up somewhere and being the better athlete is how you do it. So generally guys who are great athletes are going going to be more likely it to be successful pass rushers all things being equal now with chasing do you bet on that production. At the end of the year and Hokey. He is putting things together. And you know maybe you're going to get a deal hunter type player or do you go to the opposite end of the spectrum from Lsu in May wind up with arden key who now you bet on the athleticism they are but you wind up getting three sacks in two years our next question from Adam mm Zinzer is with this draft being so deep at offensive line. Would it be better to wait on offensive line and go either either edge rusher linebacker cornerback in the first round. So this question is asking. Would it be better to wait to take alignment in the later. Rounds alands maybe early on in the second round with that early second round pick and address some of the other issues I honestly would not be adverse to this strategy prodigy in a previous mailbag question. Allowed me to kind of touch on this already and I had said that the interesting thing about this tackle class especially right now will understand more where certain guys fit later on is that we don't know exactly. I sure who those guys are going to be in this class. It's there's no one that significantly better than the others. So there's a chance that one or two guys slip into the early second round. That happened last year. There were a couple guys that went in the second round that were starters for their teams. They weren't studs but the ended up being starters. That's exactly what you'll be looking for. So I think that if if someone does end up start to slide into the second round I would not be adverse to them doing that. There seems to be a lot more top in talent specifically typically with not other position groups. Just certain guys so Okuda is somebody that if he's available you take that chance. That's because you don't really know if it's worth spending a pick later on on a corner. Isaiah Simmons being available. You're not going to get anyone like him. That's GONNA fill his defensive role it might be better off in your best interest to take one of those guys and then see what happens in the second round because again they're very well could be plenty of options for you either to take a right tackle or a number of the centers that we've talked talked about. That are going to be in that second round range. The other thing to consider is what happens in free agency which we will be We will be touching on in a little bit but it's possible. The giants might not have that real pressing need at offensive tackle. Michael when the fourth overall pick comes around and at that point I would say just trust your board. Do your homework in the now in the months leading up to the draft and draft night. You instead of just getting cute. Trust your board. If you have a guy like Isaiah Simmons or or Jeffrey Okuda or perhaps even a wide receiver rated more highly than one of the top offensive tackles go there air instead of maybe reaching for need that might not be need and yet you Kinda have to cross your fingers in hope that maybe a top center center like Or cushenberry false to you at the top of the second round. Who knows maybe maybe one of the top tackle something happens and they fall? You never quite know how the draft board is going to shake out and teams that. Try to game. The draft board usually usually wind up losing we have two more questions to answer here on the mailbag show but before we get to them. We're GONNA take a very short commercial break. There's a new kind of credit credit card created by Apple. It's called Apple Card and it lives in your wallet APP and your Wallet. You can buy things with apple pay or laser etched titanium card it sets. That's a whole new level for privacy and security and it gives you daily cash-back with every purchase. Oh and you can apply in minutes. Just open the wallet APP on your iphone and tap the plus button to get started to learn more checkout apple dot co slash get applecart available for qualifying applicants in the United States issued by Goldman Sachs Bank. USA Salt Lake City branch. Our next question from Stacey Tree Davila probably said that wrong again terrible with pronouncing names. His question is with the O line still needing work do you. Sign Premium. Free agents or trade back for more picks Hicks and build the O.. Line that way. Well we just partially answered this one. You don't really need to trade back because in the beginning of that second round around there are still very good potential for you to get a quality talented tackle in terms of signing free agents. Yes I honestly honestly would say yes to the whole question. There's no one thing or the other Jack. CONKLIN is somebody that we've discussed and saying he's young. You pay a decent salary ellery. He's had some injury problems but still you pay him. You bring him in. He's you're right tackle. Then you can draft a guy like if he's an ends up being there in the second round or if you trade. Back in accumulates extra picks and maybe you have a pick in that fifteen to twenty range that gives the opportunity to take tyler. There's a number of different ways to go but the only way to answer. This question is in any opportunity that you have to have to take an offensive line. You need to take one because that is still the most glaring issue that has held back the New York giants over the past few years with a young rookie quarterback going into a second year in Daniel Jones Jones. We saw get hit a ton. Just draft as many offensive Lineman as possible because eventually some of the older guys like Solar Light Kevin Zeitler. They're not not going to be around for very long. So maybe you take a couple too. Many one guy doesn't play one guy sits. He continues to develop eventually he can step in and play. Yeah I I would say the answer to this question is yes. I am absolutely on board with pursuing Jack. CONKLIN assuming he hits the free agent market I think he should be a very high priority. For the giants assuming he hits the free agent market and then with the draft unless chimerical happens and chase young happens to slip yet say both Washington and Detroit slide back or trade back and somehow somehow chase young is sitting there at fourth overall at which point. I do backflips to the podium. To turn in the card unless that happens my my preferred option is trading back because just get more bite to that more bites of the apple more pieces of Pie. Whatever food based metaphor? You WanNA use news. I might be a little bit hungry and right now. But trading back maximizes the value of your pick. And then you get more more picks more players you can expect to be contributors right away to step in build the offensive line now and have a pipeline of talent for the future. Yo- maybe you do drafted guard highly. Even though you've got we'll Hernandez in Kevin Zeitler Hernandez only has has two years left on his rookie deal. Kevin Zeitler only has two years left on his deal and he becomes comfortable after this year so if age starts to catch up up to him if injuries start to pile up if you have another guard capable of starting developing into a starter. Maybe that does make it. So you can just parted ways with Kevin Zeitler. Save yourself some Cap Room and have a guy sitting right there. Maybe you do get a star a maybe you do get a center center capable of starting and that. We don't have to rely on Spencer pulley or hope. John Locke IOS Achilles is better by the time the season rolls around that he somehow also improves. So just to circle back yes signed the free agent and trade back. If if possible. Our final question from Ben Wanderer in this one is related to Jack. Conklin he is asking asking. What are your thoughts on Jack? Conklin simple enough. I'm a fan of Jack. CONKLIN and when when the giants missed out on being able to draft him because the titans took him a few picks before them. I was honestly very upset. Because he seems like a surefire player that could step in and contribute right away. He ended up being an all pro player in his rookie season. If I'm correct and he's GonNa be twenty six at the time that he is a free agent now the big thing that you need to be aware of his. He obviously has injury issues. He's missed significant time. He said some serious issues with his knee. He's had issues with with his shoulder. He's played to row three seasons rather three full seasons and then in two thousand eighteen he only played in nine games so he he might have been available for all those games performances weren't as good as you would have hoped because like any offensive lineman. They're gonNA try and play through that pain if they can we. We saw that with Zeitler and Zeitler had some performances. That weren't that great because he was trying to play through pain with his upper body in his in his shoulder so bringing him in. What is what effectively? Be to the extent of what you're getting with Kevin Zeitler. You're getting a talented. Very fundamentally sound tackle. He six six over over three hundred pounds. He's GonNa come in. You know. Lunch pail mentality hardworking guy. Not overtly outgoing but you obviously need to be aware of his injury history because you could spend a lot of money on someone offering him a five year deal and get limited time out of him. He's he's he is probably one of the highest risk risk reward players in free agency this year. Because you either get an all pro right tackle or you get a guy that doesn't even play yet. That's it it almost exactly. I think it's a risk the giants almost half to take which is something. I kind of hate saying the the phrase the can't afford Lord not to do it. That really isn't a business plan. That's a that's a plot for an I love Lucy episode but with Conklin he will probably probably be the he will probably be the best offensive lineman on the free agent market assuming he hits the free agent market he is young he is athletic. He should still be athletic. Despite the injuries he's got basically you hit the nail on the head. He's got every athletic tool physical tool. You could ask for from a starting from an offensive tackle. I remember doing scouting report back in two thousand sixteen and being honestly surprised at the combine had. How Athletic He? What turning a five second forty fraud jumping almost nine feet strong long arms? You know thirty five in charms arms or longer my legs. There is a lot to like with Conklin but those injuries are something you do have to reconcile with. Is he going to pass your medical exams. How much faith do you put him to stay healthy because he doesn't do your team any good if he's on the training table but is that a risk you have to take into circle back with me? Were discussing about taking multiple offensive tackles. I think that you do have to take that risk. Like you pointed out in bringing him in because right now you don't have many other viable options you bring back Mike remers well. How is that going to work out for you? At least need to do their due. Diligence in looking into Conklin and at least offering him a contract and seeing what he's willing to work with but if you do bring him in and you're worried about his potential injury situation that is where you decide to take a player. That is a developmental right tackle. Maybe conklin is unavailable for continuous amounts of time. You could still have someone that can step in. That is young. Maybe not as polished rush continued to develop him. If conklin is available you allow him to sit in and just get better if he is a huge developmental prospect. That's give me a from US folks thank you for tuning in to yet. Another mailbag show. We'll be coming at you next Friday yet again. The shirt rain subscribe wherever you listen to us and also false on social media on instagram and twitter big blue view and you can follow on twitter at Joe Delia. Own and at Raptor M. K.. I will become an at you on Tuesday with more content likely related to the NFL combine and then like I said ensure to send us any questions the have the future on the mailbag.

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