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Whoa the privacy sport. Podcasts walked a real life. It's clever narratives original and creative use of satire in order to raise the audience from negative paradigm put their own persons. Brought this is by no means to them or best is but instead encourages showcase the respect. It might not be before. Psa designed to showcase to listen to the power of the mind is not a joke and if a personal control your mind Ns bolt there will also meet control their luck. This podcast serves as entertainment. Educational purposes only not replaced or other types of professional hills audience. So you mean to tell me when I'm putting on the scene is like I'm drinking and driving. No do you know what they do to the sink. Do you imagine what it's doing to you but for the ones who really just not extra you feel that united step aside feeling go. Hey Log out you know. Go ahead log out from baby to pay so. I don't think he's GONNA shoot. Nobody wig off literally but you never know. I don't know how people shoot their remember that movie. We want to whatever skirving bullet so before we get started with today's episode. We have to give shot to a few of our sponsors shouted to the sponsors. Today's episode cannot be famous Dot Com our website. That will teach you the steps and give you the keys to become the biggest influence in your life to the next level. You'll become an online superstar without having to sell your or by fake followers and take your business are brand to a level that supersedes. You could have ever imagined start. Your Business at the website cannot be famous dot com all or case or hit of Country Cowboy instagram for more information. Go morning good evening. Good night good after morning. Point knows D is Why knows aries. Why no Tarez Siham Bilingual knob before real welcome back to PSA podcast pricey sport of attestations sees a four episodes wail? We own a row. Yeah we kickin they we going through you know Things are look brighter for our futures. As far as you know going outside you know and of course I posted on my paid. What was it the other day and I said for those yards saying if outside open back up tomorrow you're not going and then Osei will make sure you're not getting your haircut. Makes you not getting your nails done? Make sure not doing none of that because if you do. You're fraud to me because he sat up here and talked about how he was going to be on lockdown to August July June and nat starting. Do stuff a little earlier and now yeah when I guess I don't WanNa look like. Y'All was you know liars if I was you I would go back and delete them out care if they went viral. Because you know he was like some urologists so confident. We're going to be locked down. Obviously I might as well kiss goodbye and some are going to be scary. Stay inside You being scare is a bath will idiots because sometimes is not always a danger just because something is there but 'cause you should never live in fear you know and I understand. There's nothing you can just stop doing. But especially the way the news is doing. But it's not you know not feeling. I've been there before but at the same time. This is my thing on that. It is just my fate. You ain't gotta like desktop but if you say okay I'm not GonNa work because you have a compromised immune system or you know you. Just you know get sick easy or you witness. Somebody die because of Corona virus or struggle with it. That's perfectly fine. But those yahoo just going being scared off something news told you. I just feel like again that show business but don't try to make other people feel stupid because they finally be outside of doing stuff like if that's the case you'll need to be at the part that's the cash you need to be at the grocery store because my thing is people who then got corona virus from sitting in the house is the lady that put on twitter. She contracted the corona virus from literally going to the mailbox and she was in her house for three weeks. She says she gets at some point between she caught it and let nobody enhancing. Nobody still got it so I hate to save him. I sound insensitive. But if he's Matthew to catch corona you're just GONNA catch. I say out loud to start off the episode today because today's episode is titled Shaking The Room. And as we see that introduction definitely shook up some stuff I'm sure you've got your -tated through the air applies across the room. Turn it off. That's fine because I got the view for the day for yourself so sake that how about that okay. So the main reas- shake the room is not just. The song is a lifestyle inspiration. Comes from a tweet of mine who We had a good debate one day and she was just saying that this this is the day it was one of the days where we actually had a good debate and not an argument. You know if if just one fact. She's probably listening to this though to if you ever try to have a debate with me but I feel like you're being Pity or trying to basically say what I'm saying stupid in you know. I'm smart so I can kind of tell when you're doing like a sarcastic or shady way. I will shut down or we just started yelling Shutdown WHEREVER YOU WANT A DEBATE. We can have that. You know because I'm not talk to people I'm just I'm not gonNA listen. 'cause this is. I'm not go. You know this is. I don't have to deal with it. But so the tweet she said. And you know shake. The room was a part she said it will be me and I totally group. That animal KIP death. Obviously pop smoke. Song are piano. That was one of my favorite rappers and he's gone like that is greatly but pop smokes infamous song shake the room will Smith. We forgot about the first principle. Bel Air we forgot that he used to rap on a lot of people. Don't even know him as a raffle but he started off his that. He has a song called boom shake the room and then the shaking part of the day is titled Comes from the infamous scene on love and hip hop Atlanta with K. Michelle and Crawley reassured. The table out of anger and came ashore. Said all right so today story because I'm by myself is titled Extra Extra Read All about it. Valley was definitely one of a kind. She had a presence like no of. She had the power to control the atmosphere now. No she wasn't a witch but her presence was just that powerful. Her mother will always to that. She was a change agent and she could change room but what she did with. Their power was up to her nonetheless. Valley was very outgoing personality. Like Noah with that however came as negatives. Don't let her order be wrong at the restaurant a literally. The whole restaurant will feel Harare. Everybody even people that was just watching from the corner or don't even let her get some bad news public her whole facial expression with change body language. Just tell it all after. All Valley put the extra in extrovert and personality in personality disorder. Our short story kind of just a bio of anything else. The lessons from a story is just that you know extra people you know. We were just play but now the lesson is just that extra people you know really do have power and to take on the different things they say about people who are extroverts analogous stuff as we go along but you know extra people you know you'll love on my hate him and this case they had some of the best personalities but some people just don't be filling all that and that's okay also before I go on I would like to say. Have you feel like you know easy? I'm not extra well some Yahoos. Don't think extra extra but for the ones who really just not extra. You feel episode. I feel go hating log out. You know go ahead and log out from baby but now review filling in ICU. That's cool. This is more so kind of isolated episode. We use to try to bring light to of the people that are extra. Or Kinda Dina's over the top because the world tries to portray. This is a bad thing but I personally don't feel like it's bad thing. I don't like being an introverted. As a bad thing. You know you pick your poison. No the lesson from the story. I guess we could get is just that you know you can use their powerful GA bag. And I'm I like that you know. This is the first -ffected based show so is not always a good thing. Also the negatives to because it's good it's good a negative to pretty much everything I lessons from the day story so we moving into my favorite Q. Tna questions that need addressing question so why is it that we associate extra or shaking the room table with being annoying whale? Typically people don't be feeling like all that ligers keep a hundred. I have my moments of a lot of where I make sure I have my days on this kind of like looking and sometimes being realistic you. F- everybody extra person over the top person Room Shakur you ain't for everybody so everybody just don't WanNa do that. Sometimes people just want to chill you come during the most everybody on. That's all right. Are there more than one way to shake the room absolutely. The song showed two different ways to shake the room. That's the two different sides. I used as an example. And you know what I'm GonNa get into more of later. You don't have to be extra checker on his different ways to be extra not always just coming in there. Holland screaming at the top of your loan. You know no crazy stuff like that. The last question that needs addressing. What is the most extra APP right now? Well if you asked me which did but I'm telling you anyway. The most extra apt to me would definitely be tick tock. Listen I'm by SZIGETI TIC TACS? Y'All make these different songs. Your recycle the same moves. You know. It's like the video game where you have to buy more Lockable character. So they have some move how much it cost. 'cause I will pay the fee for y'all get some new moves because I am sick and tired of watching duties same moves over and over again and y'all be shaking the room on their literally because are coming their dance in savage in the one baby girl can be some dame on in the Lahar checking out the way. I'm tired of that one with the other way. Y'All do it's another one is a lot of them. But I'm tired of all right definitely during Corentin you know you get overload with him and sick of all right so now introduced something just for today's episode. you may or may not see later in something else hint. Hint Lincoln Wing but I wanna do the song comparison and I WanNa compare the lyrics to shake the room because they're both named shake the room but holiday shaken a Roman this Kinda. Give a glimpse of how you can check the room in different ways. So let's go over the lyrics and I'm GonNa give my take on. I started off with pop. Smoke shake the room so I decided to dissect a cables lines in the song so he said how about I shake the room shaky chop going sweep. The broom growl everybody running and ducking. I'm clean a room so we stopped right there. They say we'll probably pops moat so right there. That's telling me he got a gun. Okay he got the blinky okay. He got the tool he shooting the place. Look where he you know. He got it to scare people. You Know Me. So yes. That's what I get from that so far that he had a girlfriend. 'cause he growl and lets you know like. I don't Miss Me. I'll shoot you. You know that kind of thing shoot one time seeing double time like you on shrooms shoot shoot on the other. Line is facetime. Say on the news. Burt we bought to shoot in. This beep shake frosted flakes on the risk is the gang. Ain't plan Woo in New York. I gotTA shake in this black okay so now with that said that unpack that. He's saying that he shoots one time. And it's like you seeing like double you know like you own shrooms because I guess you got shots not year you seeing stars and then he says he's saying that he getting news from his homeboy on. Facetime that you know. Hey we bought two areas Out and he's. He Got Frost the flag on his wrist so he got a nice watch on. So that's probably his shooting hand so as long. Okay I got this Nice. Watch on my shooting hand. And he's saying that he New York so he magnetically New York. Day shaking it up you know. Shake it up like the show and then he saying him in his squad. Aimed plane outright. Let's go for Peo- back to pay back money. Move Compensate. Put him up on a plate. Put him up baby shaking in a way. She shaken hit the flashlight senior face flares and she looking like a snack. Cute Birkin bag on away. Woo Okay so now the end of that segment. He saying that you know he if he shoots you he pill you back blue you remember that saying you know his appeal to pay so. I don't think he's GONNA shoot. Nobody wig off literally. But you never know. I don't know how people shoot this there. Remember that we want to whatever skirving a bullet so you know what kind of shoe excuse he got. Essays put him on a place like Egypt for breakfast. Lunch dinner snack. Whatever Danny says the girl the girl is not shaking? So now he asked. The club are guessing went from the shootout to the club. You know. I guess he teleported because I was a quick turnaround. And he's saying she shaking in a waste so he see her moving. I'll hit the flashlights. The FAA so light. Come on and he said Oh she q. And he by her burqas basically saying he went from shooting somebody now in the club and let's finish up the club as I do that too and he said Gershon dancing she got going on. He likes off turn on the flash accused about her bag so basically saying he gonNA TAKE. He likes going to buy back all right. So That's pop smokes. Shake the room now. Let's look at boom shake the room by will Smith in DJ jazzy? Jeff so says Yo backup. Now give brother room the fuses lit. And I'm about to go boom mercy mercy me. My life is a cage but on stage. I'm free hyped up. Sancta ready for wildland standing across girls like an island. Alright so at this point the first line come out the gate he saying. Give me room so he he bought Powell. You know what I'm saying. He he go his prime. You know he saying fuses live. I'm about to go boom. That's about to blow up. He said have mercy on me. He said when he on stage you feel the most free and you know he he basically describing her arap wrapping he stay got the girls around him and he he power not giving him any you know then it says. I see the one I wanNA sic come here cutie flip them around and I work that booty. Aw work their body worked the body slowdown girl. You hurt somebody all unless this get one thing clear. There's only one reason why I came here so now you can take a few things from that. You could type. He sent him home. He could just be saying. No one will Smith. He was a good clean rapper so he probably saying. I just came here to dance. You know everything from players. Cau by just came to dance. This you know seems good. Clean Rapper so he came to dance a cute girl from across the way she might be on the stage. You know she might be at the bottoms. Might be backstage already. You know you know. That's not my business but you know is Kinda got their thing going on. So but he's shaking the room by his presence in by his dancing in his you know his image so if we compare contrast the two songs so they all shaking the room in some way one of them is shooting the place up. The other one is just dancing being on stage. Having a good time we both competitive both rap was you know clearly They both got some sick wordplay. You know a bit. You know kind of Lot Lot of metaphors going on a lot of you know you can kinda picture everything they saying you know. I saw music video for both of them just from reading the line so they did pretty good with. The imagery is differently there So they definitely took over. You know they took over by. Shoot the place love. So they definitely got the attention wills midgets that his personality is doing it for him so he good with that and if you contrast you know we see the differences between net so all right. That was pretty good. I like that okay now. I'm not telling you go places in early amount but I am encouraging you to whomever you are you know. Be the dominant one in the room. If that's your person out you know go into the room command attention you know but I will say. Don't try too hard so I went ahead and defined extra. It says that this is more than its do additional then I went to the urban dictionary version. It says excessive dramatic way too much now. I noticed the difference. You know that between the two one of his making it more so that okay you just a little more than extra but you know you a little more than normal. But it's not saying like a bad thing but urban dictionary mason same logic says like the most the worst thing you could be so typically when we think of extra. We think of one type of person who think of extrovert you know. Because there's a name for literally everything but you know there's a difference between extroverts ending the opposite polar opposite will just introvert S. according to difference between DOT COM is extroverts. introverts two opposite personality types is as extroverts are social butterflies. Jurors likes to be alone and find their energy sapping when in the company of others. So they don't like being around people on social batteries. Drain is as introverts enjoy social events at parties. In fact the image is being in the company of others edge. Verbs are found the white population than introverted and they are supposed to be normal. That's different as far as we know. More controversy often misunderstood so looking at that. I personally think that you know we went back to the songs we definitely can set it. Will Smith is extrovert. But if we will look back at Quail. We wouldn't be able to tell if they introverts extroverts because you know they come in places shooting up places so maybe it's too many people. Okay everybody got that. I'm maybe I'll eight here too many people in yourself in shoot the place up. Maybe that's what they think it. I don't know I didn't write. The song is is my take on it but I definitely noticed. People can be both me. For example I definitely am observer but only child so I grew up by myself so like I have some introvert. Tendencies like after a while. Okay some people miles I gotta go. Our allies need for a few hours later. I always come back home by myself by myself. This point like I stayed until I find a girl get married to. I'm not living with nobody else. This is not happening. So yeah snapping. Now let's break it down you know. I like to unpack stuff so the base word of extrovert is extra. Extra verse are center of Attention. A naturally are you know people tend to license these people and that's kind of this episode is to kind of go back against y'all don't have them. Nate likes You know depressed because of that. They tried to like dim. They sell down because of all. I'm too much people don't like that if they don't like you then forget them because you shouldn't have to stop being who you are far as being extra over the top because over the topic it can definitely be calm down. I'm not saying you should everywhere you go. You see doing like you know actor well like a camera zone but like some people are just naturally loud. You know some people are just naturally just have a lot of energy in life to talk in a very friendly people you'd like to use it as a diss you friendly friendly now if they're trying to say like you a whole different but like if you say you friendly 'cause friendly you know that's a little different too and of course if you frontally everybody Natura France. Oh but I'm a firm believer you can be friendly and nothing everybody's offering but we'll be here all day if I go into that so you know some people just have the natural big energy big vibe and I just feel as though you know take advantage of it because it really is blessed according to feel guy to drama kings and Queens psychology dot com. It says drama kings coins Enlighten Dole parties in crack jokes. During staff meetings they added Slash colored black and white scene but the indictable hunger floor. Attention can look a lot like arrested development. If they don't keep in check with their need for June rush captive audience they risk a lot rarely respected eventually resented for their selfishness and the chaos that can create. So you know. They can't be a list selfish. You know I feel like there's good selfish ambassadors to because some people make selfish synonymous with like you just evil person and that's people problem. Y'All know how to be self sometimes. You wonder why you haven't mental breakdowns. Or you don't ever have nothing for yourself or you know you get upset when people don't check on you but you need to put yourself first that he wouldn't be in a situation sometimes of course it's always Like need to do that all the time. But we're GONNA do episode selfishness too. So yeah I watched that. I had episode where I came in with two episodes boom. It says that do neglectful adults SPA. Little Dean's see you probably think. What does that mean is there is evidence their parents who are to atone to their own emotions and not enough to their kids to produce children. Who are insecurity. Attach Western says as these kids will understandably make noise flailed around to get others. Focus on them in their knees fearing that is the only way that they'll be taken care of all this drama kings and Queens have borderline personality. Disorders are right so unpack that a basically saying that kids who didn't have you know their parents get attention you know. They tend to be over the top extra so parents. If you've got some kids you know if you listen to these people who'd being parents now if you don't want to try to be over the top of extra world now that's not true. Some people just going to be like that anyway. 'cause sometimes you look at what you see. Sometimes both parents might be extra but give a child. Attention love they might not be over the top but again over. This is not a bad thing but it can be. That's how I look at it so now so if we go into detail these come from me. So what are some examples that I feel are shaken a room so is a lot of places that could you know you could do this at and it's a lot of different scenarios but only got a few because of time so the first one is coming in places dressed to kill. I know people are introverts. They are very quiet reserved but they shake through it could because they'd be flat you know and that's cool too. You know being loud obnoxious. Obviously you know having fun personality firmly because you can be extrovert. Still not necessarily be loud. I definitely think that's possible but some people don't like people that go around talking everybody. I don't know why they bothers people but they do put on the scene because something didn't go your way that happens Been there Having the best dance moves in the place of Will Smith made it clear La. He finished the room he gonNa Dance. He came dance game bardy and that's what he did. And obviously you know facial expressions and body language. Those are great examples of. I feel like an extrovert. You know because we tend to overlook that one but it's definitely one in the last one shooting the place up. I mean it's true. I feel like an introvert or really even just really up somebody who got problems. But you know it's a little over the top so as I said earlier with the same statistics. Coming from the other article are any negative being extra. Let's see if connor hectic scenes can make you feel alive because simultaneously be taken a toll on your health. You're entertaining fits our experienced episodes of accused dressed to the body. They leave your washing chemicals such as adrenaline cortisol which speed up heart rate and suspend digestion is. You're pulling your stunts. All the time says Ellen McGraw a clinical psychologist Life Culture New York. It's like having a wave of drain. O go through your body so you mean to tell me when I put on the scene. It's like I'm drinking and driving. Do you know the due to the sync. Imagine what it's doing to you. Kim As high drama triggers fighter flight reaction another people and it says that this that the drama queen or King's audience members syndicate route themselves. So they shut down completely. It said a nice discharge a lot of feelings and dump them on somebody else. You might feel better temporarily outbursts believing everyone else off kilter ineffective way to get your knees. Mitt is says that these strong most can be gripping but also whereas down and then they made the comparison to like the boy that crowd wolf. Ain't that crazy. Basically you know what I really liked about. That was when it says that we put all our Muslim other people and you definitely feel. The introverts do that too but sometimes not always but they can't after having a breakdown but extroverts tend to do a more often like he's just like just I'm packages load everything. Everybody in a crying and screaming oranges yelling on. Maybe just going on. 'cause sometimes now is crying screaming enduring the most Influence up at the mouth in having a seizure throwing up. It's not always bed sometimes. It's just you know I'm packing a lot on the person they just looking at you. Like dispersed which you know not ago so now I got some typical scenario. My college students as far as being a person that shakes the room. First of all be prepared to be disliked again like I said I know I am personally. I know how if people waiting for everybody. That's Okay L. Bob me comfortable with that. You know you might have the best dance deals at the function. You Know Day by their. You know people that are extra definitely be prepared for them to run for a position at your school winner. Typically GonNA use the phrase. I am vying for the position of whatever of Ishii. Upc WHATEVER THEY'RE GONNA use that term buying. They have extra vocabulary. You know tin use words incorrectly or you know unnecessarily like ti or some other people Expeditiously great pockets though like a great person You know and then you know. Use Your power for good. That's not even Addison's as everybody will now let me get back to the vocabulary real quick because I know some people that use words than you probably listen to. This expeditiously you know is not a plane. But it's something else you know who you are but yeah so using words improperly in our just you know you need you need stop but there's a lot of people that do this super grown people that do that to his look like they just read definition and I said I'll use this today and I'll be like what but again use powerful good you have our you have responsibility. No you're not spiderman but people that are experts in these great personalities. You can bring somebody day. You could really bring them up having a bad time. People tell me I was having a bad day but I say you'll post the I say do this. So you know you can do that or you can ruin a day coming across the scene and just kill it. Nobody's allowed her nine. Suck the energy out the room or you know somebody WanNa do some say for instance. Your friends want to go somewhere. And you don't WanNa go and you don't want to say you want to just sit in Romans. Just suck the energy out of the room like the New York Maine like that. That's the birds. That's an example of using your pile negatively. So try not to do that. Our I ended up with the question of China's this week. I want you to identify one which you shake. The room would like to shake the room. Rose simple and everybody can do so. Let me know what you're thinking? Of course I'll be posting. Thank you for tuning in another great episode. Yawkey must've going up low ya signing out always keep it hid necker we walk. Make your mind Wjr

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