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to this date to this guy to this day I guess it's intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates. Enjoy the I WANNA watch. I don't I can get here in the eighteen now is go ahead. It continues to this day to this day DOT COM broken broken down with the body flying parring yard talk by that point. Take let's coach. Jack Dot Com in the seat bus by email right after the best in the sport to be the best the town. I WANNA title being top competition. Do the left. ooh U's that's my floyd mayweather live did floyd versus counter Oh man you know. They had me where we might. They had me worried. I thought it wasn't happening but Some unfinished business to attend to and it's looks like Deontay. Wilder will be defending that. WBZ Strap Shot Marie sooner mom recipes. Jose pseudomonas going down. No mention on the side of that lenient. Strat no mention that lenient but I receive even numerous press releases. ESPN shutout ESPN. Being the first one to send me something eleven fifty nine being. I got sending the box shortly after Kelly Swanson shortly after you know what was said. check it was so many people it was like four people ESPN CBS. Everybody's on it a check the INSTAGRAM's everybody's on it. This is what I like to see. Now Look we can't pat their back too much because they took a little bit of time to announce it but I liked it fury posted it. I like that on Fox. Posted the premier boxing champions posted it. deontay wilder posted a press releases. Were sent now. I'M NOT GONNA get overly excited because we were promised something you know huge and I contacted Bob. I'm waiting for the answer back. Is He available for the day Speaking of interviews we will have J. D. whereas the trainer deontay wilder We'll have him on today. A reached out to representative. PBC But he's at the Devante Davis way in so you know we will have anyone from but we are trying to get deontay wilder trainer and we should good have them without a doubt maybe around four fifteen. I'll go ahead and make a post for all my patriots case you want to access deontay wilder trainer something yourself. I also reached out to mark. Breland see if we can get him on the show once he reaches out. If we're on long enough I'll get all those guys on men just. I'm just happy we. This is official and I'm happy. The announcement finally came no more guessing. It's over no more. No more darn is over. It's time to get this despite and finally settled a score once and for all who's better bragging rights no more doses. No more bombs. This settles it all February twenty-second mgm. Grand Las Vegas is at the garden. So there's not a cheap seat in the house and I mean a cheap like in bad not not cheap as low priced. I mean there's not a bad seed announce when you had the garden so definitely a good thing that is going to be at the garden arena. Obviously the anti while the forty to win one draw come into Tyson fury and You know he's forty one and he's got forty one knockouts right. So Tyson and Fury Twenty Nine and one draw twenty nine and I looked at that today wants this was an online. Wow this guy like sixty six percent knockout ratio. uh-huh you can really tell that he just knocked out Schwartz but I don't think we have a label them as a punch but over fifty is decent punching power. So let's get to some fantastic quotes We do have some quotes. Oh you hear you hear coaching career. Okay I speak it. BELIEVE IT receives speak it. Believe received speaking from the Nova speaking dot com tainted band. Seco his shot miss to stand over. Now grab one on in the building. Let me check my instagram. I might be at me calm. You buy the choke them from your Yo Yo yo Yo. When I went up and shot to everybody out kabibi universe backward another man the moment we all been waiting for Manda moment when it's GonNa happen announcement we got one? Maybe not the the announcement that we wanted knowing that we were promised or something different known saying about a a global Press conference streamed everywhere. And that's still could be the case but I wanNA take my hats off to the guy who said it was going to be this week. He didn't miss any words. Frank Warren with Frank. Warren says something about Tyson theory. I'm pretty sure you can start to the bag man frank. Last time the fight is going to happen. The first it's going to happen footwear. Eighty talking about is going happened last week. That will be announcement this week. And what did we get we got it may MGM Grand Through Twenty second biggest fight heavyweight way boxing the one versus two best versus best. WBZ title on the Line Ring Magazine Online. Everything of a graphic. I'm ready your here man. I'm definitely ready like I was telling them in. The garden is the perfect spot for this. Not a bad seat in the house if anybody's at least been to the garden for the weigh INS You know how good that is is just the economic by which we are where and I was on the second row beautiful I. I had a clear view of the rain. You know I I if I was like seven foot tall like within iffy talk I could probably like some but the view was perfect. Nonsense it was not a bad thing in the house at all. Now man good location. Good location just. I need to say though you know. santee Molin Oh boy in Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Treat it to the handicapped person a little bit better than got Demi. MGM DID I. I can't say that though. Now you right. But that's also that's also so because T. mobile win in Dallas newer facilities. MD MGM is pretty old facility. Probably wasn't ready but all all in all happy. This finally got announced man to get it over with in terms of the doubt. We're we're a little bit. What what are we? Five days short dance with seven weeks right seven weeks out seven weeks out his five days short of the twenty second with seven weeks out Bro. We weeks out from the twenty second eight weeks starting today. Starting on this Friday it is is eight weeks to the twenty first eight weeks out for full trying to count and hopefully we get a eight week run of nothing but wow very publicity. Oh Sanders platter everywhere. I mean digital publicity. I don't think with the with the limited amount of time that they got for training camp. There's no time for promotion. I don't think they're gonNA pull them from promotion ocean for press conferences or multiple city. Press tools I think Bob Arum an think down on the first time finals and they don't see the need or during the press to which I think it makes for good entertainment knowing Sam Goo Goo good visual excitement for the fans but at the same time it it is Kinda close a weeks out and with traveling in just going back and forth. It makes it. You know if you don't WANNA lose it don't make sense you know you don't WanNa be on the road you want to get right into camp with this one but we're GONNA go to Deontay. Wilder quotes says says. I'm happy and I'm excited that the rematch is finally happening. I want to give the fans what they want to see. I've been doing it with my last. It's three outings fury Brazil and Ortiz. They've been spectacular. Vince from my ring walks to where I got to where I got all the the energy of the people to my uniform that I wear to help spread that energy then I give them what they come for the knockout. All my knockouts have been amazing. Approve myself the first time and I'm ready to do it again. It was a very controversial fight and I promise my fans is that there won't be any controversy with this one. I'm going to finish it. Thoughts love the companies. I love the fact that he's adamant data that that he wants to rent aside whatever controversy that people deem or seem to be out there you know what I'm saying so I think that the from confidence of a love what I'm hearing from just sheer competitive level. I love it even more light bro. y'All thank you to the mall fucking did a good job. I get them back to rain on my show. Yeah I do too so from a competitive standpoint. I love it. Shout out to fury and top bring wanting to face the best. Now we're GONNA fury. There's no more more ducking the date has been set in the bomb squad is about to be securely detonated and the Real Champion crowned as the world watches on for the most anticipated fighting years. This is unfinished business for me. But come February twenty-second the second disc. Dasa will finally get what's coming to him and I can't wait now. I've seen other calls where he talks about knocking in him out. There's another quote somewhere not on this press release. Another ocean tipped off. There's another way talks about knocking them out. But I actually Wanna go go to Wilders G. 'cause he posted his own so let's see what his words were but yet and if you're watching us on Youtube don't forget to hit that abundance of the visibility to show it helps us grow and Yemen. It's a it's a way to put this show in front. The the eyes of others This way we get new and exciting characters that can call onto the show saw so On wilders post which I'll screen ship. He has the wild world championship. The chip fury to you know all the information there And then obviously it says after February twenty-second there will be no unanswered questions. I will finish what started and this time. Tyson fury at the Gypsy King will not be getting up off the canvas so quickly of proving myself of Salmon Sam again and I will do it again in February tickets for wild fury to Hashtag while the theory too at the MGM. Grand in LAS. Vegas go on sale tomorrow. Oh twelve twenty a at ten. Am Pacific Standard. Time has tech bomb squad has tack to This Day so The Very Very Osha Jeff Fitness on. That's my mans and them Anyway Yeah Maso really excited eighty man really happy for these two guys that they were able to get this thing together able to announce it honestly now I just need some big time showed the programming. I know we're we're not GONNA get much in terms of like you know multiple city press tours and things like that so they got to give us some good show deprogramming man last time for wildest pay per view with Ortiz. Easy told me that. The Fox cameras were encamped for thirty days straight. They did a four part series on them and and look good numbers burs leading into the Ortiz fight. Ortiz fight didn't do the superstar numbers that we would have wanted but you know most executives executives say two hundred and fifty is safe zone so while they came in and around seventy five with your T.'s. And that was one that people didn't want this is the one we we want. And I think it's going to generate more. Because people believed that he lost. So they're going to tune into C- can happen again similar to the Andy Ruis except the you know. Oh excitement level for the upset. Wasn't there but all in all happy for my chatman that that that he gets to go in there and try rectify this is wrong and and create history. You know Moving from here I would like to see undisputed. Ah obviously there's a major rumors of an immediate rematch. So which is going to have to enjoy this fight and Kinda forget about all negotiations and stuff like that. It's probably going to be hard to even talk box without talking while during. Aj Now the wilder is secured for a fury with the rematch clause in it. That puts them off off the table for pretty much. All the two thousand twenty unless this knockout is so fantastic dramatic amazing that Team Fury Family Fury pulls the plug and says no more no more. That's enough you know we. We can't take you get hit like this much longer. We'll see we'll see because the other thing about this fight over the announcement of this fight is that PBC on Fox right away. Put out about a three minute instagram clip showing on the twelfth round. Give him both guys credit. Multiple People You know discussing it kind of like they normally do with the PBC faceoff So it was. It was Brian Campbell. nick kind of veto from Compu- box multiple people. Just talking what about that twelve round talking about fear getting up you know they even saw somebody said how we walk them down in that final round so very honest All their starting all very honest on the promotion level. I liked it. It was universal. Let me double check top rank but a highly doubt. The top brain didn't because like I said they sent out their own press release with their own graphic image Totally different from ESPN's I mean excuse me not ESPN but Totally different different from. ABC and Fox are using the same and Frank Warren and top rank or using the same mm-hmm but yeah ring magazine. Don't forget they have confirmed If if anybody WHO's into the ring magazine Belt I remember Danny won on the ring magazine when he beat Amir Khan Kinda hard to say that the winner of this fight is the ring magazine champion because like like you know. He's still got multiple belts and he's had multiple events and I don't know. Are they saying that he has never earned the right to be called the true champion. The division I don't know but you know this title will be on the line remember when we interviewed wilder. He said he didn't want to lean you. And he doesn't want no franchise and he doesn't and care about no ring but The ring is going to be on Since Tyson fury was ranked number one. Indiana is ranked number two The Vacant Ring Magazine. Kazini heavyweight belt will be contested in their rematch. And that's what I'm saying. So was this something convenient that they just rank wilder and fury number one and number two was that after. Aj took the laws. Like I don't understand how. Aj was never eligible for that belt. But you know regardless that's items on the line and Frank. Warren is promoting look since the announcement. Frank Warren four hours ago use their official image and information on on his on his an instagram. And then there's been three there's been three three posts since then and all very detailed. You know a lot of graphic imagery and texts you know getting the message across now We WanNa see more obviously for those that don't live on the Internet right so we need to see a billboards. We need to see Commercials So it's interesting it's interesting WanNa see how heavy that promotion is going to be. I know that that wilder has high expectations. He's got high expectations for this promotion. So did Bob Arum who who is yet to get back to me. Probably got a bunch of everybody. Nobody WanNa talk to him right right about now But Yeah I'M GONNA get an open up the phone lines man Mike Cata cut out. He was getting in a appointment from someone someone today meeting. So we'll go out to the phone lines and just want to hear what you guys got to say. I mean the announce it's official is. Do it remember to rated five stars on itunes. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts electric vehicle charging stations for consultations -tations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. All right all right. We're going out to New Orleans Joshua Talk to me already come back to right. Jt Talk to me. Come back come back to me and there might be out on Kellett's we'll talk to me. Yo Yoenis come back to this. This boy tank just missed weight again a man. You'll he looking ill. He stepped on the scale. Looking soft as fuck came in late to manny's an embarrassment I I mean I I love him as a fighter but this is too much looking Flavian shit but is he going to try make the weight or is it also has. He has one hour to make way but still man. He's I I mean this shit I mean he's he's starting to become Broder two point. Oh man this is crazy. You're talking to Where my here we go all right guy? Sorry about You know show business so we got loot Dibella so Foodie give me one minute. I'll get right back to you. I gotTA connect Lou with the show and have this fantastic interview view Lou. How are you sorry? Sorry for the delay and you hear me yes we do. You hear US bad area. Just can you hear. I'M GONNA I'll quarterback at two minutes. Okay I heard him perfectly damn show business guys that was Lou Dibella get him on. I'm glad that he had time for us. You know He just you had a definite family so you know I didn't know if he was a hundred percent willing he'll call me back out to boomerang I mean let me finish mich- widow or are you still there killer killer dropped off okay that means we're going to boomerang bombecks talk to me. Listen van. It's a fantastic day got done. I mean it's a good thank and say wilder stays in the gym because this is a pretty quick turnaround for the fight. He had a man. I'm just finally go out and sign and it's done now we can get to big business but you will hundred percent right. There's no way we can't talk about winner of this bike financing Joshua but don't know what his next move is was so quick to his fight that it doesn't make sense for them to get into the ring with anybody else and take the winter this fight which will be to wilder by devastating knockout but Yeah Yeah Man. I'm excited man. I'M GONNA keep it short because I don't WanNa miss loop but a back at your brother. All right this Hopi hits us back. He said he was going through. Some service Issues there. We're GONNA go to Cyrus. Boxing actually goes Louis Moment. Mike Take it away. What's going on? Lou Dibella Oh my Bam tripping now look. I'm excited about the fight. I'm glad it was announced. I think Vegas is a perfect venue. Ford fording the crowd hates interrupt. We got Lou Lou. How are you guys? Merry Christmas Taylor is well first and foremost thank you for coming on and our condolences. I know you suffered a loss in your family and we just want to say you know Send our love and an express our condolences and obviously also you know salute to you for still being willing to Come on in have an interview so much boxing. Boxing talk about. I mean where would you want to start off or whatever you in the stands want holidays. I'll talk about anything you want. Now what's going on now. I would be remiss if I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't actually this question. I understand if you don't want to answer through. But we did have a month ago and we asked them while you were no longer a part of the wider Cam. Do you want to care to coming on or should we just leave it alone. I don't know what I don't know what Shelly said but You Know I. I don't know what Shelly said so I got nothing. He said he said it was split. Mutual split is all. He said he kept short. Very spoke very highly of you Was it a mutual split. I guess when when when you don't see eye to eye on how to do things I guess. It is a mutual split. You know what I'm saying. I don't know I gotta hatred anybody I At some point I want to sit down and talk one one man to man with the day and Including including air about some stuff that But that'll happen eventually. And I you know I got no hatred towards the guy that relationships are very well. Oh for a long time and I never had. I never had a written contract with the day. I was there because they wanted me to be part of the team and And the team includes Shelley and out and myself to death what it included at the time. you know I'm who I am and and I'm not going to be somebody else for anybody I don't care how powerful they are who they are and I did. I always did what I thought was right for the interest. I always try to serve the interests as well as I can and I think that I was for the period of time we work together I think I was a good soldier for him and And then we hit a point in time where there was some disagreements. I thought some of the things I did in the moves I made helped the wilder I still leave. They helped out they wander and are continuing to help out. They welder but But you know there was nothing ugly and you didn't read anything ugly you haven't seen then if you agree and you're not gonNA hear anything I'll ugly for me right now You know I I. We worked together for a long time and I think it worked. Well Oh for for both of us. I don't think Allen Shelley wanted participation and I think they got what they wanted But you know they're entitled to have that preference is to they managed the guy and he's loyal to them and And it is what it is. I mean I'm I'm I'm getting philosophical in my all day. It's you know what I you know. You can't control you can't freak out about and business in life or not the same thing all the time you know what I mean. They They aren't they will always only st somebody that I root for and I have I got nothing but love for him. I may be pissed off a little bit about some things because they'll get addressed in due time and And there's no showing on my end you know. I wish everybody well and and I still think he's probably GONNA win. On February twenty-second I think that if it goes the distance Jerry's GonNa win but I just think that there's going to be that moment sometime. The twelve rounds where we're Tyson's gotta pay the Piper but you know it's a great match on tape who was a great. It was entertaining of you. Know really dramatic. It's the first time that I think it's going to be more of the same on February twenty-second it up to a box accent. You want to see that fight now. Would you have liked to to have seen this fight. Get announced a little bit sooner. We think we're exactly at eight weeks out for this one. You know. I'm not working on it so it's not really my business. I I always believe in time. You know I don't think that this is that being said looked mayweather. Pacquiao was the biggest fight of all time and it got made on short notice in this you you know if it takes off and I think that the General Boxing Fan knows that this is a great fight. They need to cross over to sports fans and more casuals But you know they got to is and how to promote and wilder and if you're into how to promote themselves It's a good match up on for. And they have time to build into a big Bob's tripping with some his forecasts a performance. But I still think it's a real big fight I think. Let me go to guestimation of two million pay per view buys. I mean you know Bobby Bob. I mean Bob's great promoter. And he says a Lotta Shit. Some video leans I I think it's GonNa I think it's a big fight. I don't I don't really see there's nothing out there at the moment right now that I see doing a couple of million homes This included but but but I think that there aren't a lot of fights any longer than have a meaningful chance of doing a million bucks And I think just one does I. I think I think this one has a meaningful chance. A breaking a million bucks and I think that that would be great. I want to go back real quick Now with the situation without Heyman and shelter think Oh has that had any effect on any current business deals or future business deal that you guys might come together on. I mean look I'll do business. It's just anybody Alan I did a lot of business for a long time and now we're not doing any That at that that probably is somewhat of a mutual decision though I'm I'm willing to work with everybody and if I'm able to make fights for my guys on TV platforms and doing without. I would do one. If it were fighters interest. I would do that kind of deal immediately. you know. I'm not GonNa get into what happened right and wrong and everything else because we live in a world where managers sometimes don't act like managers. They act like promoters voters and promoters sometimes act like managers and it's all of the whole business showed a very confused Tom. I'm open to doing business with everybody including Allen. PBC ABC right now. It doesn't seem to me that that the doors very open for me at the PBC universe but again they have their own world alternate able to do what they wanted this. You know I mean it's it's not only the PBC world it's difficult for me to navigate. It's difficult for me to navigate the zone world when I'm not a pro you know when I don't have an output deal difficult for me to navigate the ESPN A lot of WANNA turn my fighters over Kebab and and top rank them. How good company they maybe? Maybe and they are It's not easy all over the place so I'm not you know it's I i. I made a decision to be with this in his business and I've succeeded for thirty years by by navigating the the universe says it is and right. Now you know things are what they are and I gotTa make the best of doing business in the in the you know situations that are in front of me. I'm willing to do business with anybody including a hell. I no. No you know our and I've been friendly for twenty years plus Obviously we do this together. Very much anymore. I sort of think I persona non grata because the PBC today. I don't really fully get it but at the same time I do get it. You know I you know I'm not I've never been. And I'm not a sham promoter. I you know if I'm asked to promote something I'd do it my way and do the best I can and if people if we're doing business this where we're you know we're agreeing that we want to work together because we're able to to to meet each other's expectations then then you continue to do. This is what somebody if if you know you. Don't you no longer feel like the other person or the people doing business with that smooth booths selling and it's a situation that you're comfortable and then then it makes sense. Those business dealings are not are not what they were and right right now. That's a situation but I'm not. I'm not eight nine anybody. I'm the big boy and And I'm sure if something popped up where and I felt that it says to do something together that we would now did that situation. Hinder the seven farmer situation because is We know that that was a fight that was available for seven in Giovanni to mix it up and now it seems like we might not get that. Oh I've talked to Leonard either. be where he says the. There's there's there's there's not gonNA fight show show at the end of January but after that You know Kevin's got to win that fight. That's the puffy. That's life and Joe's going to present the real challenge but Winterbourne wins that fight. We're going to pursue everything and you know. Move up in weight to fight Chevanton. Certainly something that we would consider pursue. And I'm Mabel do business with Floyd and Leonard and myself or cool Allen I may not be doing business the wheel eight each other I mean I I I I respect more than I. Respect a lot of people in boxing and I tend to think that he feels the same way about me That if something makes sense we're gotta get done I look I If they were there was a meaningful game plan and I could make a plan for a reaches just program You know the PBC world that made sense for reasons. I would pursue. I'm GONNA pursue what's the best interests of my ciders across the board I'm not GonNa let my Inability or or or Inability because I'm able to work with anybody but I'm not gonNA let my desire. Maybe not to work with. Somebody hurt hurt the people on representing in this marketplace in the way boxing. The boxing visits his right now. I have to present as many opportunities to my fighters is like that and I have to be willing to work with with everybody and you will set the look at how how complicated the marketplaces you know Mike. He has just made a the one or to deal with With with Any he's coming over to five bar guests and I think there's is the first and last on an ex fight Ramirez is a top-ranking. ESPN he's got a mandatory scheduled. Any ready made a contract for second second mandatory so he's not going to be available to reach us most of two thousand twenty You know I gotta look around them the the marketplace and then make a deal that reflects the best possibility for the fighter and and because of the nature of like who's got the champions who's most heavily invested in particular the weight classes. You know For example a fifty four forty seven outsider this a lot more action at. TC You know at forty. Now you know occur and like he navy Josh Taylor being at the zone that's going to create a lot of opportunities for for Regis. What forty I gotta do strategically and you gotta be open to doing business with everybody. I think that if you don't have to deal and you don't have your platform you know you'd be doing a disservice to yourself at your fighters if you didn't addle it that way speaking of your own platform now. You said that you weren't willing to turn over your your fighters to the top bring was a prerequisite for them to do business. Would you for the most part you. Yeah I mean for the most part you're giving up if they're interested in a champion. They'll do deal with you and look how about complaining. I think I I can't complain where I've done a deal with somebody else. I mean if I put my my signature to the paper and I bind by fighter into a situation. I'm doing that. Because it's the best opportunity that available to me so to turn around and then complains is sort of so not fair Eh. One Hand on the other hand what choice you have you know if I have to give future rights to to put my guys. ESPN then I'll have to look at that. As part of AH the deal. That's being offered if I have to. You know work with Eddie or or turnover. My asset petty to get a date at zone. That's what I have to do if if you know that being said doesn't mean I like it doesn't mean that we could stare but if I'm doing it I can't really pitch much about it because I'm doing it. You know what I'm saying like I gotTa keep a real I can't on one hand say This is fucked. You know Suck Eddie. I don't WanNa have to do business with any of that. I'm I'm doing to deal with any of doing a deal with any at the moment. I'm doing that deal because I think it's the right thing for my company and the fighter now in a perfect world do I think all these platforms platforms should really be open to everybody. Yeah man that's how I've I've always believed like open. Competition is the best thing for any marketplace and any any type of sport or any programming or anything you know the the ability of people to work with one another freely usually results in the best program. Usually I usually was up to the best rates. Right I mean we're still getting some good fights. I don't think you could say oh. We're not getting any good fights. Read a real real good fights last year But there's certainly a lot of situations that frustrating where it's very clear that certain fights there really shouldn't be made are not happening because there are three different streets quote unquote and a Lotta people hesitant to cross streets. Definitely want to kind of go back real quick north Saturday and get his reaction to Anthony Joshua coming back and getting the victory over Andy Rees saying a lot of people that way way before you change topics. Don't you got nothing. Nothing respect respect for I respect for how how. Aj Shit nothing. I think he had everything pretty much the way he needed to he. He went back to his roots. He box he fought smart. He didn't give a shit what anyone thought about or performance. He did what it took. Got To get us back. news patient. You had a good game plan He executed it you know. Was it exciting exciting. Though that I enjoy watching it. No but that doesn't matter like his job is to go out there and win his belts back and he did and and he handled himself like a champion. He he prepared incredibly well He was in incredible. Oh shape he was way looser and more liquids work fluid that he wasn't its previous performances. She didn't look as robotic as he did when he was more bulked up up like I saw positive things even though it was boring I thought I saw some great positive things. Patta Joshua's performance in that fight and and an and. I was disappointed in that but you know. Look the fight another day and hopefully a little less Lou. Widow your background and in being a network executive for HBO and then promoting on all levels of the sport. How hard is it for you to lobby showtime to to maybe lead off or be at the helm of shock series and other boxing? Hbo Boxing After Dark Series. Like I love what you're doing. UFC is just so difficult to get. I I sat down. Look I've sat down and I've sat down and talked to Steven I respect the number of times And I you know I I. I've tried to sell my cell phone on. You know doing more stuff with a showtime I You know Steven Scott Stevens got big obstacles. He's gotTa deal with. I know he wants to keep showtime program to get the highest level. He's got a big fight this weekend Even though I think I was going to win The data's fight It's it's still a a Davis is Star it's still a promote -able fight and And I think it's getting some interest this weekend. And and it's a good fight for you. You know for showtime but Showtime Scott Torrance an end to compete with the crazy money of a disown. It's hard for them to compete with pay per view because ideally they want to have have a lot of those fights. Now that are going to pay per view they would like to have live on showtime It's challenging for premium cable right. Now you know you're you're you're you're competing with with streaming services that are willing to invest some money lose money in the attempt to build something something for the future and Stevens try to maintain something for the president. You know his. His gay plants focused on what he's delivering showtimes subscribers subscribers right now so it's not easy for him but I I understand that I mean look I just had a long meeting with with with Stephen Either discussing Great it'd be pretty easy for Steven to make a deal to do reach US next fight. But the concern that Stephen has is getting the big excite after that and it's not so easy for him to get the big fight. When reaches his potential opponents are all tied up with another streaming service and network? You know what I mean. So that Stevens like well I could give you a couple of fights that we can rebuild resist. But then where's my. Where's where's my gold ring kind of fight whereas whereas the big fight at the end of the tunnel and because of the fact that fighters locked into the two deals with competing services etcetera? It's not always easy to come up with that game plan. If you're if you're a showtime or anybody else in the marketplace replace bookkeeper compete and so so he's just not interested in a show box series because budget wise that has is to be cheaper than Charles Devante Davis's and he's interested in he's still doing action. showtimes Slovaks warbucks is still a good good series to understand why the meat you Salida seems to have all of them know what I like. Is he doing more. Show about stuff with jokes Dr. Yes they know that and I hope that in two thousand and twenty. I'll do a few more show boxes and I think that show boxes are nice. Component of what's showtime does. But I understand why they you know they've had a big platform at a big brand that showtime Oh time championship boxing for a long time and I don't think they're willing or desiring of giving up that that series unreas- you know I just think they'll do more smaller shows but I know that they have a great interest on delivering star power and delivery stars force to their audience. I know that that's something that that that's even very you know. focused on It's one of the reasons why I I would look ahead for you. Know to to see the opportunity to build a you know a star like reaches program. If that torch the discharge tell people that the final was going to be an England and then exact same fight took place in the United States. I tend to think Kazak same fight would result in at a different result someplace else. I'm not saying it was unfair decision. Who's just a very close fight? And certainly every advantage adage was to Josh Taylor who fought the entire tournament home you know but hey you know stuff happens. I don't think anything less regis as a fighter lider or a a an attraction or potential star. I don't think any less about than I did before that I and I think that some that were streaming service. It's going to have a a a real far their heads if they if they see division that is trying to convey and get behind Regis in two thousand twenty. I think that that he still has all the tools at all the abilities to be transcendent star. You've got more charisma. The box is there any fighter in your stable. Look and say man. This guy right here could be nice special thing in boxes outside of Regis program any becoming Stephan saw or somebody like that. I think I got a bunch of heavyweight that can make some noise and do some things I think. Shore 'cause always been a quality heavyweight. He's coming into his own right now and heavyweight's tend to cover their into their own a little bit later. I think twenty twenty is going to be a real big year for stuff I think he I think he could and beat compete with any. What a division like? I I mean I don't think he's a no Khokar against anyone and I feel the same way about the two kids from New Zealand. I I I I WANNA see your healthy and twenty twenty active Pretty sad all the tools. He's six six seventy s and giant. He's got a good jab in good skills and this kid Hemi Ohio out of New Zealand might be the hardest puncher I've ever worked worked with in the heavyweight division than the wild And I think he can make a Lotta voice and then the big old specs Shalala And right now he's debating as to whether or not he's GonNa Compete Foods back that and in the Olympics which is contract allows them to do But I absolutely think he could be a top five guy right now i. I think you'll olive could compete after five six fights. I already think nick. He's able to compete with the highest levels of heavyweight division. So I have a lot a lot to the heavyweight division of focusing on CONWELL had a tragic gear was part of of that whole Patrick Day lost the Patrick Day. That that terrible night The cotton well I think came into this year. He's GonNa have some challenges that most fighters don't have to deal with There's the question when you're opponent. Does the results in the fight. You participated in the heavy heavy thing But I think the kid is super talented when and when I graduated that lasts and let the class that I you know I knew that I wasn't going to be able to to compete. Which Fisher quarter? When he wasn't that'll I knew the money was going to be crazy crazy? My poacher core was a great prospect but I sort of took off my board and the guys that I was most focused on promoting After last Olympics were tse about Lopez and Kudlow and a female ended up with top rank. I went up promoting conwell but I really do believe he's Charles. He's got world chaptered. Written all over him I WANNA make sure we're going to get back really quickly Quietly early twenty twenty twenty just to get it not a lot of fanfare to get to get in the ring again and maybe just got some more comfort level and that can back by people are so into a another like nature step up and I think I think shawls has like he has the ability to compete with with the champions fifty four right now like right now. He's legit top tech. Ed Now we recently had a fight lansing Campbell Djamil Carlo Antonio Harrison. I thought Tony Harrison was doing a great job. Northam boxing use a combination. I gotTa tell you something I was I was I was blown away by. Tony was boxing. Most if I I I thought a lot of that fight was like brilliant boxing. But then you gotTA. You can't make a mistake when you're fighting that fight and that was that was it over. You can't make a mistake Terrell Charlotte Charlotte. He's the lion. He is a young beast he's got flaws laws his game but he's dangerous is how And and you can't make a mistake if you're going to box him and you think you're going to beat him by by avoiding it and outboxed him. You can't afford to make a mistake. Totally made a mistake. That was that I agree with everything. You said. A little every everything every detail but when we up until the knock-out comes that who judges had Charlie winning like where do we you start to hold people accountable for their scorecard. Who would we hold people accountable? We're not GonNa Start Holding people accountable because ninety ninety nine percent of the people writing about boxing right now work for somebody and they're all everybody's got a conflict and everybody's got a stake in the game as it now exists and including everybody. Everybody everybody I mean by managers promoters fires everybody we sit down and we tolerate straight out fucking bullshit we call rate it and by collar rating it we encourage it. We allow it to continue. And you know what the courts of fights close doesn't mean you don't know who the fuck was wedding before Org because the fights closed doesn't mean you don't know what we sit. There was a close fight. Well Fuck you. We'd have a guy one so what it was closely. I mean gene with what annoys me about the scorecards a lot of times. If he can sit there literally take three little kids and put them in the judges seats and he had notified. Take take a vote of the crowd estimates to tell you who what the fight and then I would trust those three little kids more than I would force the judges that are politically connected to ratings organizations to managers promoters to you know the judge has got a lot of different influences on them. And there's gotta be a reason that so nobody fucking decisions stick. I consider myself absolutely well. Alumina definitely appreciate the time. Actually you've been talking regis ally and we had Bob Arum on here not too long ago and he mentioned regis. This is a great opponent for Crawford. Is that something you would be interested in or would you rather see regis finish campaigning at forty or or did you not speak of because like you said Bob wants control of the fighter. I talk a lot of fighters right. Now they're all gone to them. It had numerous discussions that reaches very simple. Very simple reason. I do. I do what my fighter management asked me to. Ah Regis. Is You know this. An an an santee Kaczynski Pete Berg Management. They want to know what their possibilities are. They've always wanted to fight. Ramirez Ramirez is the topic but Crawford has been has been like a a dream Fife for reasons that his head for years. It's been something something that he's aspired to when he's ready to move up to forty seven so obviously obviously bud doesn't have a lot of opposition at a top rank universe one forty seven so you know with Regis win comes back to forty reestablish themselves as the best that I still think reach us is the best word of mouth or the world I truly believe. I believe that I would do a deal. If there was a Volpi fight situation. Why could bring back Comeback Fight to reach this Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez fight and then if he wins that Ramirez fight a cough for. That would absolutely be something that we would be interested in it. I would present that to reach the citizens management right now I happen to offer for pop rank the present. They told me that they need to look at dates. And they need to satisfy why their own fighters before they deal for somebody else so You know it's the holidays. I haven't pressed too hard. You know. Oh come next week when we get back to work after the New Year I'll depressing very hard because I need to get to the ring by this say we live an alternate Look I'll throw out some scenarios. We could go fight. We can go fight. One of the one forty pounders. Top Rack has their staple that follow it up with Ramirez and look to a corporate of the future we could go to. PBC and fight. Mario Barrios for the. Va Forty pounds title. which would be a big fight and then the winner of that site could fight broder whenever you think Broder and you know we could go to dissolve old and find him oh hooker or whoever else is available at what forty right now because we know that Taylor and Ramirez are not available the regis will fight like commodity so we can go there at fight? You know You know one of the one of Goldenvoice guys forty or one of of A AH guys at forty that look at Mikey Garcia. Mo- Hooker Josh Taylor. You know there's a lot of different avenues. We could attack but you know regis is going to set. He's chomping at the bit. I'm getting I'm getting videos of him. Working out on Christmas Eve at three in the morning. He's he sharp sharp. He wants to fight and I'm not gonNA let him SIP staple for the past couple of weeks. We have a number of college. I Ah throw another one at you I wanNA throw another. I'm puzzled looking at this old. And looking at at Eddie's stable of fighters zones spiders. I'm puzzled why they they're you know get get a dervish. Keiko situation dissolved right out. Because you would figure that that would naturally be the place I mean I would wanna see tripled she dervish echo fight again. It's a point then. I don't think they like boxing. I WANNA see that. Well he certainly doesn't I just WanNa see them as next fight. But I've never seen triple she run away from anybody at by the way like to go black. He already ran away from tango. Two years ago when he dropped phone eight mandated by Tahoe. No well look at us. Let's look styles of excites. I've been watching Bill Joe's fights and he's he's he's a very talented guy but the American public's screaming for Billy Joe Saunders get somebody pretty and talented Smith Honest Count Smith beat writer so like I really understand why everyone I was thinking that somehow one of those fights is GonNa like I rather see rather see Cabello phytotherapy check and fight billy show personally styles make fights maybe if he had the bell but he is getting thankful as well. Oh by the way. That's the great one of the great things of oxygen. You Fuck you fuck the guy who's not supposed to it so the story the the starfighter just wins the close fight automatically right. See Fuck the guy that had have had his great night and went to war and did everything he was supposed to do and he gets. It's fucked and then. Because he had spot then he listened to the belt and the belt so why fight so instead of making again the best fight you can make go to the guy who arguably didn't win his last fight. What is less fighting a robbery or looked like shit? Give him the next fight because he doesn't have a record or he's only has some kind of bullshit piece of hardware that it doesn't other people at his weight class are also claiming they. Ah We gotTA do better than this ship Redo like we gotta we gotta change it a little bit. I agree man Who Knew How can we get rid of the WBA? I know it's probably bad of you to take a stance because you may need them but five dollars per division you've reached a WBA. Don't after get rid of. I'm just saying five titles per division. They're over saturating. The watering it down. I mean gene at this point. I'm begging for someone to ignore the WB and just go at the I. B. O.. WHO At least is a secondary title with just one title? Yeah but you know what that I- getting crazier and crazier with WPA. Hugh said I didn't about going to a market trump in there because it's not going to do anything 'cause for me to to to reiterate what you just said go I'm not disagreeing with you But I I actually think this day and age that we're all the ratings organizations You GotTa look at the whole system. I the system is broken. And it's more broken because now you gotta see always had alphabets right the A. B. C. The F. B. O.. The whenever the fuck okay now you got even more important. It always had other reported issues but now the initials initials are almost their own worlds. And you have the as the n PBC AN ESPN top rank and those initials initials combined with the ratings organizations and mandatory. So complete horsh it if you want a AH A lot of writers have written this lately. Look sometimes you have to use the system to try to build your guy who's a deserved challenger into into a mandatory because otherwise he's not going to get an opportunity and there've been Shaneco show the world why he was illegitimate mandatory and is to fight to gets daddy shakeups at Dropkin and he used that system. We use that system for him to his benefit but it was desert he he was really one of the best middleweights in the world. But now when when a promoter doesn't have a big fight for a fighter that all all of a sudden what we need to find are mandatory and the WB or the DAC or RBM. They're insisting that we fight are bad Tori and cadaver mandatory so they could barely stand up for is that it's just a disturbing that that you wouldn't how l. they got there but then again the arts. Tom Matte that we never heard of that. Go into a fight and then they prove okay. Well this guy earned it. This guy can fight but the whole system right now. I like to think of ratings organizations the whole system closed networks and closed streaming services It's not serving the greater interest in the box thing. It's not fair. It's not good for fighters at large and it's certainly not good for anybody that doesn't control control will their own streaming service or or or network budget. Well all right Lou man. I WanNa thank you. Obviously for the time was a fantastic interview. A lot of insight. We do appreciate your time and if you want to give out your social media anywhere these crazy listeners. That aren't the following you can do. So well willow. So I'm sorry for it. It just came back to me just came back to me Lou in a alternate universe. Whatever how would you Komo parents call for and get him these big fights that he wants? 'cause we got callers calling in San Parents carpeting. Notify somebody on the level of with John Porter Cheap Berman Danny Garcia Cetera. Look in part of the problem right now honestly First of all coffers making a Lotta money it's not like you have to cry for Sean for for. Oh sorry for by Crawford New Book for the Guy She's been fighting coffers made extraordinary living I'm pretty convinced stood. Bob Could make deals. That would send Crawford to other streaming services. That's very hard to do with powerful pound fighter. So I'm not gonNA jump on him for that but I think there's gotta be more creativity to get better be side or or a co wayside to get a FIFA qualifer that bud really views as a challenge and that the public views as it attraction You know I I just to some extent I remember which fighter said this but one of the fighters I love it was bud or reporter said if we WANNA make a fight badly enough bob. Oh and Al Arche stop it from happening. I actually agree with that. If they want it badly enough they could probably make it up. I mean while the definitely made it happen right. He's fighting sites in with a CO promoted. How do you feel about that because I would rather like to see Fox pay per view? ESPN pay per view. where I could just grab my remote purchase? It right on the cable box not have to go to an APP. Are they shooting themselves. The box and showtime overtime. No it's Fox Fox Fox pay per view co-promoted. ESPN plus pay per view. You're able to you mean you don't have to get it through plus you could still get. I'm guessing I don't. I didn't see the press release but I'm sure you'll be able to get it the same way. You only probably got pay per view. See if you don't have plus you can't pay per view you have suggested but that's ESPN. I'm sure you can get on on TV to Fox. I'm sure that there's I I'm guessing I haven't seen announcement. has there been a press release. There isn't really an ordinary. Does it say you could only I. I'd have a hard time believing that you can only get it through the ESPN APP. No that's it. It's it's Fox pay per view and ESPN plus pay per view so for ESPN. They're the B. side in this. If you read through this press release fine combed nut up you can see that they're the B. Side. Everything Fox goes. I wilder goes I. His quotes go first. And then it's Espn Dan plus rather than ESPN pay per view. ESPN plus means only APP. If you're going to purchase it through. ESPN they're going to purchase it through. Fox You can buy it on. Your cable able backseat goodbye it on Fox at streaming APP. But I guess I would ask this. What does it say and give a fuck? As long as they're watching the fight whether they care about how by only because I think you get more by you could elect on Alexa. I guess you could elect the by you could elect to buy through the ESPN plus APP or you could elect the by by the normal pay per view activation. You would normally do right through Fox so that'll be really matters that on that front. Well alright those are all our questions. We said that about five times. Thank you so much send Enjoy the rest of the day and weekend. Obviously happy holidays man. Thank you so much happy holidays. Everybody thank you all right I can jump out now. Me Promoter. Lou Dibella formerly most. Wow very deep in the past promotes bridges in a list of others. Yes yes yes man fantastic interview. Thank you lou coming on. Thank you to everybody this tuning in for listening if you could just do us a favor and hit that thumbs up just a tiny little favorite. Just hit that thumbs up help with visibility. Show you know it ensures the we keep getting and he's big name guests. Listen that was on a fly thing. Had it not been on the fly I would have definitely put out a postal patron. Had you guys ask those questions that you know only you can come come up with but Yemen go out to the streets. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA still cut out and try and get deontay wilder trainer He did say he would be available and we're pretty much as late now So hopefully still available We had cut off Cyprus. Emma may I believe it was going to Las Iris. Ame right really really good fight on. This is finally happening I wanted to give you guys a show you guys have been doing. I remains a mouth work during holidays. Today's so honored to Nass. Maybe you can put something on your patriots as to how companies can do a Accustomed donation like one of donation For companies right so something to think about peace out all all right That was Ah Cyrus thank you for calling in I. I don't even know I don't even know what the Kinda like like Colin or dated. I'd like boxing gloves or up once. Divide maybe we can give it away if I if I got the digest it just right you Man Listen whatever helps the team We're going to go out to. Did we go back to him all right. So we're going out to New Orleans Joshua Josh Look Nash. Somebody keep dropping his off the coast. I just got to come back in and he's doing it with my brother right now So I'm delivering. I'm on everybody on. That is the People Ya know so I don't know a watching. I'm watching it. Go back and forth. So that's what was going on but I'm glad I went. You went to map. They interviewed one of the best interviews. I heard on his show He dropped a UH analogy in the game. You could tell he'd been in the game for so long because you can't just call the street out Like I say I have no opinion on this. I'm I'm a fan of widow while they're doing why carry yourself like a true chapin. He moved to champion. He Vic- need to be getting going across the street he making eight unified happened happened and he put Putting yourself out there in Only supposed to be doing so I really ain't got no complaints about The ticket sales I hope they they do where I hope it Do great honestly think is going to be one fight. I don't think regal make another rematch would While the because I think it'll be one fighting done. I do have a question on Mike and this I noticed that When you ask them in his opinion he says about five is not going across versus street? what did you get from that Mike on this Pretty much He's pretty sure that Bob Arum could come up with a package. That seems Crawford Crawford not that one not that one he was just speaking freely and he was asked I think he was McCain across and say something about five vitus going across the street and not crossing streets. He wasn't really Making it a reference to nobody. He just made the blank statement. Why he cut cut cut? Cut How you remember that. Might you be made you know what I'm saying pretty much make the fighting. Say He's saying that that you have to sign a long time deal to necessarily get across the street. I mean my cane. Sano long-term do he second tackling perfect perfect but I mean with BBC. I don't mean the obvious zone. Deal his his deal with BBC wasn't long. It was the same thing he got with zone. One off one often often we get the last master as you know you just gotTa Know How to negotiate man you only as good as what you can negotiate and look we talked about earlier met some some people probably just comfortable man. Elijah talk to me. Even Lou Lou insinuated that his first statement was caucus paid a lot a lot of money to fight those guys over there. More bird you gotta be dumb. Nothing would that me. Elijah talk to us so yeah. I'm excited about a fashion. I think I think fear is a big. 'cause he fires bombs at a time and took shit on world is just I don't i. I don't not dislike while their opponent was wellness is the energy he talks with saying. If you booze coming find me. And then he keeps stuck career-high paydays you know what it is. I'm GonNa tell you guys this before. I don't think anyone's company and before I used to be a professional professional soccer player country I I envy. He dropped off. I don't know what's going on I I I think they overhear beefing with each other on skype. Ma'am go out to the landline hanging up on people over there. Davidian men talk to us Hello Yeah what up live in a young Yup Yup. Hey what's going Roy. Rather talk to us. We don't come back to you riding a seven. Oh talk to me with a man. Hey I'm gonNA Walmart come right back to. I connected me about the left. Yeah we want me to work overtime. I ain't get a super chat yet. Had Lewd the bell on Lou Ludacris told the whole story. My Ain't nobody that story yet. They we get some low and they get a damn actually J.. Mac thank you Jay Mac. At least he said he like the interview cheese low lease. Where's the love Ainhoa in city? Nanna let me. We were going to start that from Debbie go to Colorado. Actually I gotta go to Boomerang stainless sorry. I'll be back to Colorado stainless more fuck glassworks at a stainless told you well. What do we set the aim at talking money? Then you speaking my language or shut the book. TV back up in this bitch was good. What up chant? Ah Y'all might mice. You stood there too. He did. It'd be by the way man good interview. With Luke's I jumped off the jump jump on skype. So I wasn't really all you to Noggin. My thumbs out for a variety put already gave thumbs up on Youtube but two thumbs up to interview you. Okay I act up soon as I get on you to understand. Why the Knicks problem is you know what I'm saying did not resign a reflecting the views so NATO's Bush in the need to stop shoplifting but onto my plane with the show? I'm excited to hear about you. Know being made official. But that'd be Bella interview. I'll I don't know what question I was Mike. Astronaut that medical attention to buckle judges man with our appreciate them giving effects like that man this. It only gives more to the debate argument argument. I'm sure we'll have after the show after many more but I'm saying it's good to hear somebody else. Actually you know saying Speaking cadence in Santa hot the judge influenced by everybody else on the outside. But I didn't notice Lula while I didn't get to hear it. I think thank you mess up. s kind of breaking news me. Manna hurdle somebody vinegar for. Awhile is good to see the thank nothing to do with theon say. Gosh I know what's going on out. Okay worked at high actually said that he wanted to talk to Deontay. said cut it in the heat feels he say he feels he does He deserves that from the onset of get a sit down so one on one now I was going to ask you before we got the colored by what you think happened. It seemed like everything what happened. Come on Mike. How you all know what happened? It was is it always goes good. Somebody got cut somebody off the roster checks increase your check increased to and it ain't that I'm counting your pockets but at addendum day. I'm paying you. I'm the fighter so I'm paying you so I got accounts of pockets and I'm looking at like roll up. I'm the one risk in my life and you telling me I you gotta cut this man. How much out of this twenty million for Brazil on you want another cut twenty min- mother? Oh hold up ways from they here. No that ain't enough money man. It's only one man. Get in the ring. I get what he's got to be that in my opinion. But that's just me guesstimate and over job. You know how you know how to go. Let's see we got that. Arkansas in the building is looking Mike J O talk to us. What favier man? I don't think they deal the while it in title. Don't fight if I would not be training Because win pool out. That's going to be diligent. Little white chance to get into and he needed to get in shape. Oh you think Tyson going to pull that Dong sizing own pull of Ladimir on us when he when he signed on the faith. Yeah he he dill dill white need to be in shape now doing getting shot all right then. Thanks for calling in India right okay. All right all right all right. Let's see what we got Ranga Ranga Killa Talk to me. You know that was a very good interview guys with Luda. Ludi Bella thank you. Thank you very very impressive. A lot of information. I mean the the deontay wilder fury fight this. It's official now for twenty second severely right. Yes it is tickets on sale at a to get master in What's the other place? AXS access to have. What are the betting lines at the moment Yesterday the wilder was a plus one hundred on mybookie dot. Ag What you use Promo Code. He's a plus one hundred. If you believe in the right hand from God you can make some good money he was. He was an underdog when I checked on the Swedish betting sites as well so you need an American friend my fear now. I'm your American friend. Yeah he plus money on draftkings mybookie. FM Do that's just how we like just like a up mother bidding already. Yeah you got locked at that end with a smile and I mean I love the onto but I mean he had some difficulties in the first fight. We have to call a spade. That wasn't an easy fight for him at all. Show show money on fuel. No I mean he looked terrible this year. So you re going off this year's performances Dante's clearly early in I mean he he has the momentum going forward of course. Well that is the one thirty. Let me get to Stone Bo. Actually actually. I know I did that twice now. But any question man my kitty overlooking pretty goodness. I know now I see you want some football game day. Travelling like if for some reason won't come out my accountable into my paper. Do you deposit your compared with right now. I mean yeah I I remember Ma's out cash and I wired now wired it to my account once but also when you charging your account with paypal they make you buy a gift card right for them but his Fredo does so you. Do you still go to the thing you go to deposit and they just send you a gift card in the mail. This already empty because you used it. Bet Bet so. That's probably how the new your money too if you want to get it in the car maybe all right and go talk to us who. ooh La We begin on a fight then may nine in a no is is official tickets on sale tomorrow tomorrow is pay per view on Fox is also pay per view on. ESPN plus. Yeah man is is the real deal is going down I'll try and is in Las Vegas. MGM Grand Arena. Yeah I'M GONNA try to be down a Oh oh new Ambra an bad light regulated a highly determined shift from your own. I'm much Outta me. They're mature me. They have but yeah Batman so Valentine's Big holiday and your household Yeah ebbing save me there your lady running sit over there you see said no Pfizer. Let me take I went. I went to the to the Earth by my anniversary so I mean my girlfriend type of girl. She'll go ahead and bite on that life for now saying you're getting that at times they'll get a with little getaway to get it a heart shake Gucci Heart Shaped Jacuzzi in Vegas. Yeah do we. We already know you already know how come I like the narrative. I like to make sure that the hotel room home is overlooking the Strip so you gave a nice view you know in Vegas. All you gotTa do is play one hand casino and all of a sudden you get a free steak dinner you go. You could do good. You could come off like boy come off looking night inside and overtaking Vegas Valley. Yeah I I I get come like a young billy Dee Williams you. You've said as come all right. Click now San but I I might. That's what I that's what I'm fuck with. I like that. You're days before the fight. Mangum Agam we already know why why is going to stress to do without this time mainly without my mind about that so I can't wait to see like I said I'm going to try to make it in on. That's Michael Beck hilarious. He takes two minutes and a half a mile. That's my heat a five a minute boomerang. My man right here. jeeze stone bone for short. Is Tom John Bone Strategy Smoking on day. One thousand different strains yeah. Yeah Yeah I've been I've been I've been back. I'm just catching off the sour diesel. Adam okay because he's wanting to top. That are had grew in a minute. I remember favorite. But that's mixed that must be some real skillet sued that's the Saddle Salad. Animal Cookies already have regular salad. Diesel Down Yeah you could pull it up. Lineage man is pretty pretty adult initiate. I got called mob. Bosses is a nice sativa strain for USA. Hey but man. That was a great interview with Luda Bell Man. I'm glad that he kept it. Classy will wilder. I mean he went on no hater he was he was straight up about what Ha- I mean he went straight up about what happened but the straight up about a bitter about the situation and he dropped for some good jewels. Riza got a lot of options so it all make sense if awesome. I'll probably stay at one forty. Try to get some shit like that and then double back and try to top rank so I can get a blood or some shit like that and Good to hear wilder out here man. Good to good to hear back. I wish there was probably like in March or some men. Give us a little more time to build up the Internet frizzy for but take February. We can get that still Kasit still next year really says steel December so we we all good man which is going to get behind and make sure y'all keep doing video radio man y'all see Tangas. Ms Wait Man. What the Hell is going on in a May light breakout man could signal shit going on man on his show? Some new news break We went to Stylus. We went to stone bone. We went to bow knees pat and beantown Pat Gal. He married his would I'm excited for the site on. You know I already got Wilder in that one Good to hear that it's actually happen. I don't really understand why people all the sudden are now trying to say what's going to happen after the fight when when there's a two way rematch In that fight on that on their contract you know so I for some reason are forgetting about that As well that was a great interview With Lou Dibella EH. Pat Pat my head or got to cut you off. We have The trainer and manager of deontay wilder live on the show. Jay Dis. How are you doing? We're first and foremost thanking you. Obviously for taking the time to come on the program. Talk a little bit of boxing with us. Congratulations relations on the fight announcement. Have you already been working towards game plan or is today making it real because the announcement is official official. Oh man glad to be on the on the show already way ahead of time you know we knew after Ortiz that We were trying their best to get the period rematch and so it was all about game planning and thinking ahead and and so. I'm thrilled to the announcement made and we can go ahead and get into camp now. It's announced Fox pay-per-view ESPN plus pay paper view this as a historic moment not only in the heavyweight division but in boxing itself were to global entities. Like this are coming together What what do you think this means for boxing? And what does it mean for you. Say Well think it means that when the when when people work together great things can happen and even huge companies and they can be really. You know Possessive and he'd get typical and and and You know we're the big dog and you're this and we're not even even entities like that when they see the value working together they know there's enough for everybody. There's enough to go around. It can be so much bigger when everybody works together and for me and Deontay. We're just thrilled. Because it gets the he's name. His face is image His brand it gets all all that out there on so much bigger platform than dentist ever been the case before now J. House going Michael Grocery. I want to ask you. Freddie Roach Abel Sanchez. Being Davison now a sugarhill Andy what does your mindset instead of bringing in different trainers over and over and over again. Well he can do what he wants. I mean Y You know. He knows his way around the ring. Ultimately he's the guy in the ring But you know he he can. Do you can do what he wants. Once we have a very Stable sound efficient team and we know each other so well and we're small close knit knit tight and Chemistry is a huge thing. And you know as we saw Brazil and Virgil Hunter. It's a great fighter. Great trainer but you know it takes time. You don't just is not an instantaneous thing. Where you gel you get to know each other over the course of time so you know I? I don't know I. It's not how I would do things. But he's a different kind of cat and maybe he has reasons for with this personally. You know I think the world have been David he you people probably never know how much you know time effort and love he and fury put into each other and over the course of time they they really developed at a bomb that bond because he brought to a large degree he brought period back from the lowest point in his life. Not just boxing. But you're talking about A guy was having suicidal thoughts. That was owed morbidly obese Had all kinds of substance abuse these problems. Nobody was even thinking boxing. They were just thinking can can we keep them. He was there anything we can do to keep them alive and been was part of that entire reclamation project to get him back the feeling good about himself mentally and physically and then the boxing came back into so oh I thought you know I thought then did a great job I think I hope that they remained friends because they really went through a lot together. So losing then I think is is a big. There's a big thing but it doesn't affect us no matter what no matter who he brings in no matter who we stayed with or goes with has nothing to do with with you how we approach things. We're looking for the best Tyson fury and and we're going to you. We're going to do what we do. Now J. Obviously Watch him back home at first wilder fury while defends Kinda the wanted while the cut the ring office. Is that something that is going to be worked on or do you think that this time around cutting the ring ring won't be necessary because of the new gameplay well you know period is is is not you know typically when you got the ring off that means you're pursuing and they're you know kind of a boxing on the back foot moving or retreating. puree Jerry is doesn't really he doesn't attack all the time but he doesn't retreat all the time. He's he's a mixed bag. He changes things up up constantly. Sometimes within the same round sometimes within the same minute inside of the same round so it's very difficult because he doesn't really have any discernible patterns so he's not the Kinda guy that you say no we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA cut the ring off because he may be in the center the ring Initiating in which case you know You have to react to that. So there's there's a lot of different things that can come into play for Deontay. I think the main thing and he would tell you this is the first time out. He was just so eager to impress is biggest event of of his life and he wanted that knockout so bad that he probably you know forced he was kinda trying too hard as it works and Anybody will tell you that when you try to hit a home run you rarely you rarely accomplish. That is just when you when you get back to what you do and you take you know the proper swing. That's when you hit at the home run and And that's what he needs to do needs to fight within himself and and he'll be fired now. I know this might One I was Gonna ask what how you felt about. Anthony Joshua noticing all for it services Tyson theory of possible getting ready for the modified. Oh I don't I don't know anything about that or any publicity stunt stuff all I know is you know. This is the biggest fight Im- boxing this is the biggest fight that can be made to undefeated heavyweight Lineal Champ and the real champ getting together re matching from a tremendous fight That was held and so anybody trying to inject their their name into that or or whatever. I don't have any unique six any thoughts her time to devote to that kind of thing. I'm I'm all about the two guys that are getting in that ring and the two guys that do wanna lay it on the line and the two guys that do wanNA fight the best. And that's why they chose each other and that's the anti wilder enticed enticed puree. So you take it as a publicity stunt and him not really trying to help his countrymen overthrow that American guy I have. I have no idea and it doesn't doesn't matter to me one way or the other I just I don't I don't have really any thoughts on it. All I know is we're preparing for Tyson fury and That's the only name that you know that I'm here to talk about is the guy that's in front of us. Whatever whatever he does to prepare himself he can do? But we're we're getting ready because we know this is a great great opportunity and a great challenge. I think and I think a narrative you know there's always a perception and reality and there was a narrative that that has been Kinda put out which was basically that fury was winning the fight headed. You know handily had it not been for the knockdowns. I didn't think that at all during the fight as it was happening and I thought the one fifteen one eleven for Deontay was accurate. I didn't think that When I saw the replay I thought you know maybe I'll look different on the differently on the replay but I didn't see differently on the replay. Either I I think I thought pretty accurately There in the corner I knew that Deonte had thrown about a hundred punches more than fury fury landed about thirteen punches. More than Deontay the anti through one hundred more jury landed thirteen more So that tells you right. There was pressing the fight. Fury connect percentage was Was Higher but the was certainly landing the harder punches and scored two knockdowns so to me when I added it all up. You know I thought I thought we had to fight regardless of of of whether it was stop or not. I thought I was disappointed that they call it. A draw now. J. Do you take confidence into rematch. Because you had at that I look at fury and now you have tape of of wilder and fury is the second time better for you. That's a great question I think. Yes I I'll tell you why number one deontay is is really devastating and rematches because he has a very high ring I Q. He's able to make adjustments. It's once he sees you It's in his computer. Then it's computer buying and so he he has a great. Feel for what you're going to do You know the element of surprise is is not is not there he knows your your your vile mechanics and your your your movements and everything. The second thing is the did not score knocked down in round one in four. He's got knocked down in around nine and twelve. That tells you right there that he was figuring fury out so it took a while to figure them out once he did. He scored knocked down and nine and what should have been a knockout in scored a knockdown in twelve. So it was at the end of the fight is my point. So I think that shows that that you'd fury is very confusing. But deontay figured him out and I think that will doc pick right up where we left off. We'll we'll be giving a press conference with both fighters there or are we just going to get this over like A digital flyer wilder and fury posting on their Gee I'm not sure exactly how how all that's GonNa work out I've been I've been Outta town and I'm just getting back so I haven't I haven't caught up on on exactly how I typically I've typically not a big part part of the of the press tour type stuff Just because I've done that before and you know you get there and it's all about the fighters and it should it'd be and and and nobody really asked the trainers anything and so you know I told my co managers Alan Shelly. I was like well you know I would rather her be at home. Set Up Camp and getting getting the guys ready and getting the gym ready and and doing all the things where I'm really useful As opposed to traveling aveling to another location and And being there and getting asked you know zero to one or two questions And and you know the whole time that I'm out there I'm thinking thinking you know. What can I be doing? You know to to camp ready because I'm a camp guy that's my that's my thing and I'd rather be a rather to be working so I I don't know I don't know exactly what I what I was going to be there. I'm sure they'll have several things in the lead up and I'm only interested in those things as it relates to what kind of time. It's GonNa take from camp so in other words if we've got sparring partners in and they meet Deontay at this location I want to know when and where and all that so that I can. I can make sure we get the proper work in that we at J. so there's been overwhelming concern as to whether we're not there's been enough time between announcement and fight. Obviously you just said the part that you love is the preparation getting the camp together contacting the sparring arm partners figuring out who you are bringing in. Do you feel that the time is adequate. Oh Yeah I do because I I. So you you'd really you would really get a kick out of The way I do things because it's so old school it's laughable even my kids make fun of me with it because it's You know pull out all the charts and And then the old school calendars and all the things that they barely even sell and marked everything up and have everything written out and so did that on the counter and it came. They came to be that. We've got plenty of time. We've got our normal camp time. We start camp on the thirty first and you know we we. We control the calendar. The calendar doesn't control us so we don't care if it's Christmas or new years her New Year's Eve or whatever it says we work we work and so we'll be in the gym New Year's even will be in the gym Niggers Day and And and then we'll be bringing sparring partners in immediately thereafter so it the calendar lines up for us to have our normal work and as far as the the quick turnaround. I think. That's it's a great thing for Priyanti because he doesn't. He likes a quick turnaround. He likes to stay active. And this is perfect. We had a month or so off a little little more than that Enjoy the holidays and now we're getting back to work so you know if you think about it. The first time these two guys fall everybody was saying the anti was the more active guy but the truth of the matter is is that period fall twice since Deontay had last fall. Well this Deontay we'll have thought most recently I two and a half months and I think that's a big advantage for us two questions for you. Where do you find a county in? Are you bringing in any part fury hug. Calendars are are not as Everybody uses their phones for that now. But you can still find some good old school calendars at Barnes and noble. They don't have this election. They used to have so. I don't get to pick the really cool calendars that I used to enjoy trying to find the right one but But at the same time you can find him as far as sparring partners go. Yeah we're going to be bringing in a lot of guys you have a new faces coming in I'm You know I looked at the guys we brought in for the last time we fury and Some of those guys will be back. But then I'm also I'm also GONNA go with some new faces is and some Some some some. It's going to be kind of really interesting wolf some young very athletic guys And we're GONNA see See see how they do. But I think I think it's I think it's you know the main thing the biggest mistake you can make when you're fighting a guy like Tyson. Fury is to bring in a bunch of tall guys with with just the height being your be all end all because he's so much more than that he you could bring in Out Six foot seven six hundred eight six nine statue and you're you may as well you. You just may as well be wasting your time. Because there's there's no relevance because fury is very athletic very slick very awkward You know he he. He has a lot of of athleticism and that's really the prevailing thing about him is the Atlanticism so I would rather bring in six five Six four six five six guy. That's very athletic Before I bring in a six nine statue if that makes sense Ajay question kind of Not necessarily on topic but but it is sightsee wise not the actual fee eh. But the location we see that Anthony Joshua continues to get offers from exotic countries countries When are we going to see while to go outside the box? He's always wanted Atlanta. He hasn't been able to kind of get that he spoke about fighting eating out of the country. When do you see that I know? He's tied up with fury for the next two fights but is that still an option at this age because he is getting older and he's now he's starting to say six years and he's done so the clock is ticking sometimes it Sometimes it's a thing where sure it's the later part of your career where those authors book into make true financial sense whereas we're we're other countries are like wow we. We really would like him here. You know before he retires and they start thinking like that so they they start putting the money behind the thought process but yeah absolutely as a world champion. He's always said that he even on the way up. He fought in Mexico a couple of times. Puerto Rico. A time He fought in England and So he's He's always been willing to fight anywhere. you know wherever it made a made sense I know I know that That is just one of those things where You have to go where the fight you know financially where the fight can make the kind of money that can pay these guys. What they're worth that's really what it all comes down to and And and sometimes other countries will you know we've had offers from other countries but They you know the offers haven't been quite what we were looking for and sometimes it has more more to do with Things other than just the money in and of itself as far as the facilities and the You know where you're staying where you're working out how you're getting there. What duration Those kind of things can come into play as well and so we want the ought be as comfortable as you can but yeah to answer your question absolutely if the opportunity presents itself and it makes sense you he will fight anywhere. Have you spoken to since he's been back from meeting the pope and if so how would the conversation with him about meeting the public on the outside looking in I gotTa admit known San Light. That was a kind of a big deal just knowing knowing that I shook his hand he should the pope as crazy. Well somebody said it. The best on the Internet. They said you know his right. Hand the right hand didn't need Blessing but he he it's already blasting he got it. Got Blast asked again so so I'm expecting great things on the right hand Going forward being as how He met the Pope and Got The blessing thing in all. But I'll tell you it was just An amazing once in a lifetime type of thing. I think only two other Riddick Bowe and I think Muhammad Ali Ali had actually met you know the the pope Active vote before Deontay be in the third. I thought it was an amazing thing and I I send globe where they must be. I know this is like like I'm not a star-struck guy. Not a guy that goes around getting autographs and all that I said. But if there's there's any way to get the pope to sign me ago I said that would be really cool so he told me you got it done. So I'm I'm expecting to to get that glow from Deontay days sometime in the next week or two but I think that's pretty cool. How many not many people can say they have signed by the folk definitely initially would be something to look forward to shout out to the again it donkey for remembering that So again Internet loves talk to you had no issue with him going all the way to Italy and you know so close to camp starting like you said it starts on December thirty first all all that is fine but yeah no yeah. I didn't I didn't have I didn't have an issue with it because It was it was it was in advanced enough. It was I can't came from the date of it but I remember it being it was basically mid December so we we we were still good Of course at this stage of his life and career he travels You know in the premium type seating first class type situation so it's not like he was crammed in the middle of a of a row with with his knees and his chest or anything like that he's able to stretch out and And all that so given all that the opportunity was just so remarkable and And he is the he got so much love over there from the fans in Italy and And all that it was that it was just really I think. Think good for his good for energy for soul to to to really feel that kind of an appreciative level You know away from home and to see how people people were so excited and how much they love boxing and all that it just it was good all the way around I think the WBZ put the You know made eight the introductions and connected the DOTS and But but I think he was a great for Deontay and I'm glad he did it because I think it just shows people how big that heavyweight champ is that you know. The heavyweight champion of the world is a big deal and I think somehow someway. We've forgotten that over years but back in the Manali and you know even Larry Holmes and Linac Mike and he dander You know these guys it was. It was the worldwide worldwide thing Recognition level and. When you meet the Pope I mean? That doesn't happen every day so I think that maybe a lot of people's minds got them to realize huge deal this heavyweight championship. So J with the quick turnaround from the Luis Ortiz. Fight to the Wilder fury February twenty-second. What are your concerns with the weight? A coming in on. What type of way do you expect while did come in last night was to nineteen and the fury fight was two? Oh nine and he claimed to be sick. Nick this is also a training camp during the winner. What are we doing to make? Sure he doesn't get sick and he doesn't come in to like fury was just heavier than him. Yeah I think I don't I don't I don't know I think or I have this role but I remember so you know. Of course he was sick for the first Ortiz fight. I don't know that he was Sick for the first Purified I think it was just like I think he just wasn't eating enough and And nutrition was not a big as big a priority for him As it should have been and I think I think he learned from that and he realized that you know he has to make nutrition he has to stop and slow down and say you know what I have to eat. Even though he doesn't he's not really God that that that operates like that But the until you the kind of guy could go a day or a day and a half and just be so busy he just he just hadn't really thought about stopping and eating and he he has he has to realize that he did realize that he's got to get that right because that's important part of staying healthy. Not getting sick is nutrition and getting your rest and all those things. That's why have to the fury fight. When he said he wanted to go back to the basics oppose the greatest thing ever because the basics? Don't just mean technique in boxing. It also means living. You know your life in scituate where you're getting your rest. You're getting your nutrition and all that as well and he did that and you saw the result of the of the fight with Brazil and so when when you add that up. I told him I think you know that. Just shows you how good you can be when you're doing all those little things right you know there's no sense in making a one or two round fight in two eight or ten round fight you know do all the little things right and these fights will be short and And you see he improved upon his performance with Ortiz from fight. WanNa fight to he He got Brazil out of there and one he he. So we're we're looking forward to spectacular performance against period. Have you given any thought that three may pull out or freed may not be ready for that fight because he has the cut over his eye knows we still know. There's still the possibility. And we know business history. Last time he was in a rematch with let he did not go through it Yeah there are things you know you can only control what you can control. I've I feel like he's definitely all and He's a fighter. He's a fighting man he you know it's it's in his blood I don't expect that there will be any reason for him. You know to pull out of the fight The Cut House concern really really more from the wrestling fan point would would there be an an even. Though it's choreographed you certainly could still catch an errand elbow or something that could could reopen that cut But fortunately he's good and now since he fought what mid-september she got mid October. Tober Mid-november Mid-december. He's coming up on almost four months Synthetic cut so if he should be a okay so I don't see any any reason to think he wouldn't I think he's excited about the fight. And I think I think Tyson fury like nothing more than than being the underdog because is he's he's always shown the ability to rise to the occasion when people think he couldn't do something that's when he's at his best and so that the fury we've got to prepare for. He's he's never gonNA do as well as a massive favourite. I'm I mean you know I knew when it came to somebody like Ottawa Lynn that that was a tougher fight than people thought God and he was this massive favorite. And I say this is GonNa be a tough fight. It certainly was but when he's the underdog he he's always at his best and So that's what we've got to prepare for. So there's no concerns with the Alabama winters in possibly getting sick. No no I mean you know anything can happen to anybody you me or our fury or or wild or whatever but I certainly believe that Alabama winters you know our milder than London or Detroit or her you know wherever he is. They're GONNA Cam California or wherever I think I'd you know I'd roll the dice with Alabama. Winters are usually fairly mild. So we're not going to be. We're not going to be running through three feet of snow I can I can assure you that and What do you think about Japan Hill Aka sugarhill stepping in and Andy. Lee being a trainer as well I don't know a lot. I know I know Japan I know he got aw you know. Ties back to a manual as a relative and and he worked with with manny and also I guess we're Jonathan Jonathan. Jonathan banks who I'm friends with So but I don't know I don't know him as well and of course Andy Lee was very good fighter And he fought a lot of his career OUTTA CROCK and You know a really really good south ball so doc. But I don't know I don't know enough about him to really to really give a lot of an opinion then they you know they've always done really good work as best I've ever been able to sell but You know our thing is we just have to. We have focused on what we're doing and that's that's Doesn't really matter what what what fury's he's doing it who he's got. It matters more that we do what we do. And as long as we do that I you know we'll we'll be in great shape. We'll be fine. No you gotta be bringing in any kind of South Pole Barn. Because I know you're not a softball but and this rematch with Derek Zora. He chainsaw that whole fight. Now he's going to sugarhill. WHO's somebody who training even a big powerful softball? So would that be any kind of game plan going into this camp. He switched South Porn. Wallingford pseudo okay. Dami well if you If you charge him puree spends approximately twenty eight percent of the time as a southpaw and so he certainly capable of doing that and and he's capable of doing it very well. A main thing is You know now what they what they have to figure is. Is it worth it. You know by going South Paul. He's putting that high that was cut about five inches closer or to us. So that's something they've gotta figure out if that's worth that risk or not You know that's that's their call. We we deal with whatever you know. Whatever they do? We're going to deal with so that's really you know. The big question is If he goes softball he's you know the gamble he's taking he's putting putting that I hi four to five inches closer to the anti wilder so That that that could be problematic but but yes to answer your question. We will certainly do. Approximately twenty five to thirty percent of our sparring will be with guys working as southpaw. Aw so we will have southpaw help and can't for sure and If he turns out ball it you know it'll be nothing that the as not used to because we just did an entire camp with Getting ready for teas with all south false barring and twenty five to thirty percent of this camp where we softball sparring. So we'll be ready. So is the rhys worth the reward to invest into the body to try and slow down theory from all this herky-jerky ah get outta using the ring and stuff or is it too much danger and a big man going to the body. I think I think I think you know there's always GonNa be times where you can do that and you should go to the body and you can do that with without Leaving yourself open the thing you don't want to do as a tall guy and I think this is what you're talking about. Is Stan Very Tall and then jab or right hand downward at that you know at an angle You know and leave yourself. Open for counter I think there are times when it's beneficial You have to get that kind of body work in and even if you're you know a guy I can move his head all he wants but he can't move his chest it. Can't you know his chest arms All that is is very hit up oil and you can do those things things without compromising your your petitioner leaving yourself open So there's there's a lot of value to that but But yeah he's got to fight all the way around but I think I think that that is certainly something that we will be working on now. Now you spoke about deontay taking nine rounds to figure out fury and then that was confirmed because he knocked them down and then he was able to knock him down again in the twelve in the Luis Ortiz fight. It took him about six rounds to figure figure out Luis Ortiz in the rematch. But he was down on the scorecards. Is that type of game. Plan that you're willing to risk with fury who's a better boxer and and was able to get up or is it style McVeigh's that was for Lewis. Ot's the game plan will be different for fury the game plan would be different The thing about Ortiz Deontay was so smart and intelligent about how he went about it. Think about Ortiz is. Is You know if you put him on a scale. He's GonNa Start very very he's GonNa start a hundred percent and then as a fight goes on He starts wearing down here. are some of the steam comes off his shots as around. Go by so the worst thing you could do with a guy like Ortiz is to go out and try to trade bombs with him while he's at full strength. Um We know that the gets stronger and stronger so if you look at that match up you got one guy that gets stronger anger and stronger. Another guy that gets gets weaker and weaker as the fight goes on. So why would you not take your time. Bernie little steam off the guy and and then if you're gonNA trade with trae when it's beneficial to you and that's what the antique did. Plus you know a lot of times when you're when you're lining somebody up especially somebody it's good as or ts. He's he doesn't want you to hit him so he's he's doing everything for you not to hit him and so it's not easy to get positioning just right and the spacing and the timing and the distance and all those intricate things. It's not easy to get that. Just right where you can land The shots you're trying to land. And of course he he doesn't want you to those show. So what what you have to do is position yourself now. The anti may have lost some rounds while all he was getting that position ride but little by little he was getting his positioning right. So I guess what I'm saying is there's battles and there's there's wars the battles are like round so yeah if you're losing a few of the battles if you're losing a few of the rounds that's okay if you're getting your positioning right to win the war for and that's what he was doing so furious a little bit different. I think you do have to be more active with a guy like Perry Because like I said that he doesn't really have a discernible pattern but but with periods I think you know you have to be you have to you. have to invest more early Than than you would with a gallic Ortiz and my final question do you believe that fury would activate these rematch clause after this fight or do you. You see this fight while the winning in a normal while fashion and fury not wanting an immediate rematch. Well the thing is you've got a couple of issues there number one is you know. Does the guy want a rematch. Course our focus is is this. I you know this fight This is the you know the regardless. This is the one we're dealing with. We're not worried about what happens after but I will say there's two issues to deal with it one is does this guy want To tee it up again and and and and force a rematch causing number two. Is You know where the public stand on the issue So you know if you've had you know you have Mike Tyson and Michael spinks and they had a rematch clause and You know Michael spinks may have said I'm enforcing you know I want my rematch and But you know people would say well you know we'll people by that fight because my knock him out in ninety one seconds So there's the two issues issues is is. How's it going? How does the guy want it and does the public want? That's really the the two issues and those are things that we won't know until you you know until after the fight so you know her thing is let's let's get in there and let's put on a spectacular show. I mean Deontay. Is You know the king being of the heavyweight division. I don't think there's a person on earth unless they're just a hater unless they're just really ignorant or really just an absolute you know hater I don't think there's a a human on earth that knows boxing. That if you said WHO's WHO's the most exciting heavyweight I feel like they. They would say wildfire without even any question and if you say who's must see TV wilder louder who's the most electrifying guy division wilder. Who's the guy you can't blink? You can't put yourself. You can't drop your cell phone. You can't go to the bathroom. It can't can't go to the concession stand like you know the guy that anything can happen at any second and it's all it's all water there's nobody else in the division like him and there hasn't been anybody else in the division in for a long long time so I really think people should appreciate him while he's here and and number two. I think you know people should realize that that that they're witnessing something extraordinary. I think they're gonNA appreciate him when his career is over but I wish that That he would get you know. Continue continue to get bigger stages and bigger bigger and bigger platforms because It's it's an. It's a remarkable thing that's happening right now Somebody with that many any wins and no losses and that many knockout It's it's really quite quite a once in a generation thing and we're we're we're here we're here seeing it now. Think that's pretty cool. Well Jay Man I WanNa thank you obviously for your time. Always appreciate you coming on the show and I would definitely appreciative of your time We hope that you put together a perfect game. Plan a great camp as some grace bond partners which you guys nothing but the best us but Catch on the next one eight. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you so much for coming on. They added Ladies and gentlemen. Gentlemen trainer will renounce of the Anti Wilder J. D.'s. Mike what did you think awesome interview. I was glad they're bringing the south SOUTHPAWS case three defies to implement that tactic. I'm glad he's bringing in new gods to spruce it up a little bit. Yes that was some interesting information man. I liked that I liked that We're going out to all of them. They won't get to right quick. Oh we got some love. Yeah Wow wow now. Three zero two zero one zero eight say none just showing love mayweather. Boxing says Midwest in here already. Step your game up says says Ray Ramon in this bitch squad up. TBB for life. Because my guy every moment of I g and he come back with another one Ray Romano here. Six hundred plus get them likes up yes why why not. Three zero two zero one zero combined with another one. No judge was needed. This time has to bump squad number one heavyweight but killer nineteen eleven all the way in Sweden he says Tyson Theory Crisco was the worst fight ever. Aj verse to hold my beer. Okay maybe that I guess we try to say. Aj to the bad fight. Yeah Lou Lou said that it wasn't exciting. He said lobby on the show. Respect them he say he did what he had to do but he said it wasn't was an exciting. It was element of of suspense. All the way through that Franken had the thing. What if Andy length out again all I could think of is? Aj China style on while like why. Why like that's not what we're here for this the heavyweight division we already got fury dancing around and right now? Are you by the dance to a lot of tap dancers in the UK. I'm telling you got one car going going out to talk to us the the Jazz Kelly style down pick on this Josh Kelley. What you mean that Billie Joe does man? I'll tease. I'm just listening to this. We're going to mastermind in texts. whose big super parts of the opening the calm? Making this Good interview guys appreciate the show. Oh man you know. I was really worried about the fight being be made. Because we've been hearing about favorites we second But it is nice to finally to have an official. I'm super excited for this fight because to me it's really a toss up by Because of the realm of their last performances. You know. I'm not really sure what's going going to happen. traditionally the bossert of better. But you know we'd like we said before wildest traditional punch so that's always interesting and I found that interesting during the PBC poster they've actually acknowledged every B. O. again under Taika theories dream though. That's kind of you know an interesting but they acknowledged login and a past tense. Yeah Yeah F over the former but still they hadn't even other since so. That was kind of interesting to me but I am to meet the House of kind of fighting and I just can't wait man we're GONNA have a big fight party in Texas for You know watch it with all the all the family game together from around man I just I K- wait breath all right champ. Cyp Boomerang what what up. Man You know got Setup wow the southbound got out is because those people who come on his show and give us context L. to the people represented TV. It's funny because you come here like bitches. What is every time they hear something about loud some related to level in going there compensation talking shit? Every day. She started getting weird I bear. She's getting weird because because we're from a day on the show eight hundred on the show like you guys are always fighting. Hand that fucking Fiji. 'cause you come here every single day which means that you need. It's medicine visit. You need medicines. Got The needle. Doing Muscle connects 'cause that's where we are seeing the light in your s your disappear as they got us more fucking asking. y'All bundy admitted at the stick around. But when it's all going to get the best that you'll come back. This is hard on your ankle. Never fucking stop Yagi Auden fucking hill and I'm here to see what the spending a nice Entertaining call from C. P. I'm telling you Burma Rang No. You're it was a good interview this hour. We give up a T. V.. Thank you wow squad. Yeah man so you already know man how we get down over. Him Bio scribe. Brian is going to be the same outcome with every other rematch. That we don't think this man then I'll know how fight on glades Agley Angle coalition it. One day I do fucking right hang on Labra grab a gonNa be looking up again and we're GONNA have a different refereed town. It ain't GonNa be no long as count GONNA upgrade you. Know the aim bringing. Jackie says bag. He done man say I wouldn't be surprised Maj.. Unreasonable from the Hood Sale Panama Going Hotel normally did he got a wide. The fight from a bulk across the street st him and Jay reasonably sitting together but But yeah man that man we are going to go mad ron right hand he out. You did alert Josh. It give us a call. Brady era gave the Jammie Begum up already. Yeah Man. I don't know who Panama Panama Ban too. We might who's Panama. We might not be able to get To to that was bob just called me man. We wanted this going to be along right here. We work and see what I'm saying girl. He Face Tommy. They time he brought us. It was hilarious. He invaded all no face time. He has seen a hotel room beige walls and shit it would have been dope to see a a joint in his hand. You'll everybody on skype about the not hear us because we need to take line. Thank you because Blog talk is done man and I can't I can't three way them. No Problem Ladies and gentlemen we have a another special special guest for you guys that they're promoter on saying been around the best to do it. Then Crawford may well all of them by Bam in. I think I think the questions that we need to buy X.. Bob Arum probably going to be about the promotion. I'm not saying what was it that are coming out But the part that's coming out and doing doing it like straight to like the I g things like that and is there on your Fisher. Press conference no win. Where how many is there going to be? I sitting on saying like. Are you guys going to put this together. I WanNa know like the the timeframe like eight weeks eight weeks. This is a short amount of time to try to promote defy. It make as big as big as you say because you you've talking about two million two implies so that's a lot of buying for a pay per view of a fight and that's like almost coin ten times what they did the first time so a lot of questions. Try to hit them back. That's that's probably why facetime he just texted me say in London. He got off phone though. We should be good. Should be okay if I know. But if he has back Connect them if not man another day. Another show Who we who Yadda who's on at the time man? You give me the line a lot easy. We got all Noto we gotta go to bomb boxing when a BAA all right. He's working so stainless choice. It all right. Well we're going gone to California. It's the portion of the show. We call bio. Oh Yeah Oh shut out to the boxing guys. Man Shot up to the boxing. Gospel T. V.. And out to the boxing God's for this spike being finally official announced Yo name put a car just be on the billboard the Gypsy kings versus the Cango would conduct clash of the titans. which all think that's right right? Yeah Oh we already know what's going to happen while they're going hitting with that vibrate neom Mike you finish the risk to crack his mouth fucking but is it cranium. That's right that's right that's right and that's your point. Come all my yo sat out and see me man prow pa-past number one Hit those thumbs up man great interviews news. I love the one with Lou Dibella most man that keeps it one hundred. But he's been saying on What Georgie Pours? He'd been saying all along wrong. Man He said is correct. The sport that we love I hate to say is corrupt is corrupt Man I was just surprised is how blatantly he was just saying how even the judge is tied in with the networks. Or you know the the the belts in all Kinda shit man so we you know we we take take a few steps up in this sport man but man. We got a lot more to do to make sure his tightness all right man but tb hit those thumbs up. You're listening to the number one pound for pound boxer. podcast Voice of the people. There is no equal amount. Thanks for calling in Info Joe we going out to address in the UK. Yes yes people. We'd say I'm Mike what's good man you know is yeah. Yeah Yeah of course some matter innocent. That's how long ago today marks marks the anniversary investor Of Five years of TB. She have to give me like twenty five minutes. Oh my cutting Mama on my phone just popped up guys. How listen WHO's under Jay talking to? Jd Is Lewd Abella non fuck would atman listen. This is all year in twenty twenty. Get to know in Assam China China Sea while he's going down third fight. He's going down. Everybody fights is going down this this I don't have that peachy prop about that fatal. She was it him and UK guys. How many of them before he put one and he lost realistically in a skit roof? Instant GRANDPA pop. The they hate that. I'M NOT GONNA lie the TV instagram's my favorite page on instagram. More recognition man. Just carry on rhythm things in it but listen Mike a spiritual is gonNA come out there. I WANNA come out to this fight soul badly. What's what's the whirlwind weekend? My going out there might might trying to push it around man Mike you here I mean if my go I go real simple as that. You know what I'll tell you one thing. Yeah let me tell you. Let me to boxing. Nobody at that. What's that trading off? sugarhill this I wouldn't take too much noise of you know Sons and nephews instead of like you know realistically did not the same. I don't don't want it will never be running. This guy will never be whatever the sky is the only guy give into as is probably Shane. mcguigan most of them. Just just POPs his sons in it. I just get ready. We'll be good. I say they just they pop ages man. Thanks for calling in and did get an extra thirty seconds there buddy you know. We were generous. The seven talk to me. What else am and not working? So check coming in then from the Guy Seven hisself asks Jay Abou- body work in the wild theory to rematch. This cover. That for you the killer nine hundred eleven next asked ask him about the body work so he can soften that bitch up. He's stop him katrine apart killer all in the UK trail. I know he from Sweden wait. They got to relate to that. Oh no and Kaby zero. Nine seven says free walkout with that dog face. Oh My guy if he got that if I were that the Dow Shit on the phone he go make a snapchat Emoji mass down. Let me get out to Josh North Carolina. What did he what do was on TV? The how you doing. Hello okay this this. Why won't see man? Hey Man got them with theory in water fight. I hope my boy wider out of coming in at two twenty five and work that body more and I think this fight. It'd be over six rounds. Six hour you Jay. I'm on my big black Terminator Math Service but I think it's going to happen in another thing after why they get done here. I'll know what his next. I hope it was next. Fight is out of the country but I wouldn't mind seeing him. Aj thought in Saudi Arabia. You for that mother fucking day. Oh Yeah Mike. I hate to say book book across the Bitch. I'm out with him. He you can talk to a safe. We went around in a seven. Oh No sir well then seven fucking parleys man man. I thought you guys doubt about me man because I told you to come back so real quick. I've always said what Well wow they're trying to say that Fury had everybody was talking about very coming up his layoff as if it was the first bag like mayweather being with Marquez. Or somebody like that where he came fresh off the street and fought the best Tampa. Pam Theory has seventeen round that year. Wow the only had a team and he was also like eight nine months. And that's always been my statement through nine rounds. It said wow the time to catch up with him because he had been out the rain for eight nine nine months now. There's no excuse. But that was the fact and I'm glad he pointed out that I wouldn't on anyone thinking about that part of it because people try to play the next thing godless I'll say dishes praised put. TV The rest of my call Debt I interview. You guys. Keep doing what you're doing. I like the fact that you aren't afraid. The accident tough questions. You guys question the guy down from the boxing. Whoever you from Abba? WBAI B. O.. Wherever you got nasty was hard on them Mike you win afraid to do bill tough questions today. That shit adult man. I left your five star review. I don't know if you read it but That's kind of what I was talking talking about. I used to watch the breakfast club because all the main will hold people accountable. They got away from this year. At some point somebody sign. You guys already know what's going to happen when they tired. You guys don't change. Who the fuck you are? Keep asking the tough courses key. Clinton a your foot on people's throat and doing it the right way and people are GonNa keep watchman you guys. DOC will give more following the great interviews today. That's my car right. It might You got a little better relationship with female male. You GotTa get not a female because we gotTa Test This Medal C. O. C.. I was just about to say Texas metal about the one that strap. Is he still around phone knowing say he was gone probably a little bit more strenuous. No I'm it's like you for the most part. I feel like we should be getting on Harrison on told him to claim. We'd love to have mon so I John Shallow to roll back to you. Does He. Coming on what I need adult man the holidays. You just got to keep those. Mike was saying you know. It ain't fucking WHOA. What am I would say? Why are they going to end up being a profit? That's why they call us fan boys over What he say Wh What's undisturbed. Mr Don't need to be explained as I know what he was doing. And Salute you just know assing that you will you the truth. Touch potential talk to us. We do Yemen looking forward to this fight but happy. I said now awesome surprised. It wasn't a twenty twenty months. Surprised Sir Twenty seconds giving yourself time to prepare a Looking at the Looking at the new world champion coming in appropriate world champion this law whatever a Lineal title only reason being I love while water supply of just I can't see the decision and I'll say this. Oh to the judges and if it goes to the judges while loses I could see I could see lucky down theory but no more to what's Casiraghi up because you know he's a gypsy so so Yeah decision if his decision. This is impossible for world. It's wiggling auto decisions so it can only go that way. You know that crazy tougher book says where he has to knock out his opponent every single time islands We learned from sports. That's just never going to happen. You cannot you cannot look at every single opponent especially as you as your opponents get better in quality than Than some of the people in the past so he'll be back them show the afraid of them will be to come yes. It's fury's time to shine a think aloud front is gonNA live in American trader crop. Jim and I mean that rookie Honesto stowe so yeah it was. We'll see what something but I just can't see Bought a decision in any main defiance. Thanks cuts breath gangster. No seriously yellow to do that on that level newsreel cameras on a level. That's Yo in the face of face to face ace though. That wasn't no that wasn't no. LemMe Lemme just You Know Gissin on my chest not let me teach your were lesson. But that was that was that was see. I'm old that was classic smack. DVD I can't man video going. I've been hurt. I've been heard two stories. It was video. And Wow wow but what was understood like you said I ain't got to be talked about. Carl's Y Z. What up wow? What a baby talk now? Cement was good. The pilot in my hand right now might want to smack yourself across a Bluesy the knowledge. No I'm great. I'm glad that is is being made in on Sunday announced it. I'm glad for it. You know what I'm saying. I can't wait to see the answer to knock Tyson furious smoothie Fuck Out Nam saying decapitation season But Oh you know. I'm Kim mccollum showing sweeper before I go Michael and I'm out for Dan Pat. We've got pat your yeah he's Jr Oh shit we got missed the PBC in the build knowledge about Tom you late chat the champ made the announcement where you've been at me window shopping because I don't care what Mr The we see ya eh. What's up man? Then yeah let me give my boomerang to on this. He will good Mike. You mean in Luke I pressed one and then it didn't go through and then I pissed it against that. I'm on. I'm on the huge so I don't know This was a beautiful day for TV. Just like it's GonNa be a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood for PBC GPC Tyson foods really ready for it. I mean this is family cooking him dinner enough to WanNA fight beyond okay. Wilder wife not feeling so nervous for this sees you live. They're gonNA call through because he had the same rematch with what's his name. Chris go so stop negative energy. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Don't you want to fight this. This is a beautiful day. Though I mean I know they're ready in There's so many obstacles with some go through this committee. Type saying he cannot be onto water out so is he going to bring that same fight like Anthony. Joshua did to the dude beat him up. So we're going to see how this is GonNa go down and I can't wait way to have my family together. We got the water t shirts we all the way through with it. You know. I'm I'm ready to pay for it on the APP I wonder if they're going to be on. ESPN is on at is on Fox at ESPN APP and is on cable television. And you could get tickets on ticketmaster ticketmaster and access wrong W. W. Dot A. X. S. is dot com or at www mgm dot com. Would you said do I go back and he I got SPN okay. I'm a have to get 'cause I got Disney close. And then you get you get if you've got Disney plus plus you get the bundle where Hulu assign but you gotta get it through. Hulu that's the whack part you get Disney plus who needs to be real nest. This is how the zone he's a do. What if Disney is doing bay should do it like this? 'cause I mean everybody Eddie wants to see how it shouldn't be one KRAPF on. This is not a pay per view so the song could do this the same thing that well no they can't because they need subscriptions unanimous. I mean they could do but they could do a zone pay per view so oh you know you buy it from within the at and you just you subscribe is going to have to pay TV. Signalman signalman they got the signal they broadcast out. They just got to come up with a back end deal you know but but I could see that I could see them doing the same thing. ESPN PLUS DOING ESPN's plausible. I suppose to be subscription and they still charges for the pay per view so why can't zone when daytime come. We're going to do with in Alabama talk to me where I noticed that. Were you gotTa tell me what you saw that right. That's such as I guess That's that's that And we we went to see you. pity with no bond stainless. Everybody I we as over. Thank thank killer right now. GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter. I'M GONNA try one more time BENEFA- but were in Alabama him once twice right Yeah now CTO instagram twitter active on twitter guards to want to. You can follow me on. You took Mike on Sports do say.

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