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This is nightline tonight historic departure. The image of the last american soldier leaving afghanistan taliban celebration and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Plus ida's devastation. One of the most powerful hurricanes to ever come as shore in the united states no ranges south roads impassable homes destroyed power cuts. This entire town is mark and summer of soul reliving the hulu documentary the harlem cultural festival with seoul superstar sly and the family stone gladys knight and a teenage stevie. Wonder a celebration of black culture. That was almost lost. Just sorta disposed of and forgotten about we give people their life then nightline. We'll be right back. Thanks for joining us just hours ago. The last american troops left afghanistan as the first round of troops found it nearly twenty years ago. The taliban in charge two thousand four hundred sixty one. Americans died in america's longest war. Abc's senior foreign correspondent ian panel. Who's covered the war since the beginning is in doha. Three twenty nine eastern time which was eleven fifty nine pm on the searches of august. The last american troops last american planes left hamid kazai international. Airports at america's longest war came to an end almost twenty years since it began on october. The seventh two thousand and one general mackenzie general frank. Mackenzie spoke from the heart. About how difficult this is being famed. The loss of life of thirteen american servicemen and women and also of course a much greater loss of life for our afghan allies many of the people who gathered outside the gates the taliban taking over the airport the sound of dumb fire echoing around the city is celebrated saying afghanistan. Now has its independence. But that's not how many afghans will fill tonight. they will feel abandoned alone and afraid thanks to in tonight. Most of southeastern louisiana is in the dark and entire neighborhoods remain submerged. Hurricane ida was one of the most powerful storms ever to come ashore packing winds of one hundred fifty miles an hour. The full scale of the destruction won't be known for weeks but what is clear. The devastation is immense. Abc's chief national correspondent. matt gutman. is there entire town is apart. Curated battered plus volunteers. Cajun navy skim across the water racing to reach hundreds of people stranded in floodwaters from hurricane item. You can hear all the alarms from the hotel's sounding because empowers people stranded over there where a town had been. There's no lake accessible by by the damage and flooding stretching to the horizon hurricane toplitz semi trucks submerging cards families. Desperate ticket out is more than seventy million americans. Face flash flood warnings across the east to new jersey. On a dry patch of road lizzy calvert climbed into a rescue boat. She'd fled from neighborhood. You guys expect it would be this bad bad story home and we thought we would have been no rain. Coming without comes rain slimmed-down sunday as one of the most catastrophic hurricanes ever to make landfall category four hurricane sustaining winds fifty miles roure dumping up to eighteen inches of rain in louisiana twelve inches in mississippi. It destroyed homes and forced thousands of evacuations across the region in louisiana tonight over a million without power homes in some of the hardest hit areas expected to experience outages for weeks there roads that are impassable due to debris and downed power lines. And we need people to continue to shelter in place. If it's safe for them to do so officials reporting at least three people are dead that number likely to rise the president declaring a major disaster in louisiana. Or we're going to stand with you and the people the gulf as long as it takes for you to recover the president. Activating the national guard and fema resources to help in recovery efforts motoring down streets turned into swamps with caja navy volunteer michael. We came upon this family in the plus. You want to get out marooned in their home and surrounded by water. Denise cooper's family including her wheelchair bound mother lucille matthews sheltered in the attic as they wrote the story. The family asked me to help get lucille down that slippery staircase. Michael had left to get reinforcements. Sure enough he came back. The coopers were able to evacuate with just a single suitcase in a few bags in hand hurricane ida coming sixteen years to the day at the hurricane katrina the worst case scenario. It did not happen. We did not have another katrina. And that's something again. We should all be grateful for however the impact is absolutely significant. I am concerned about our state. I am concerned about the health of the people in south louisiana from one end of the state to the other. Catherine o'neill is the chief medical officer at our lady of the lake in baton rouge. It's different from katrina in many ways. It's the same. She was resident in two thousand five during that deadly storm. It's a different time into different place. And yet this morning it felt very similar because all communications were down today for the majority of the day and it felt so eerie to know that people were trapped in their houses. I expect that just like katrina. There will be this sort of storm passes and then this wave of people needing care that category five hurricane ravaged the gulf coast taking the lives of more than eighteen hundred people leaving more than a hundred billion dollars worth of damage in its wake still remains the cost. These natural disaster in us history balsam buildings to collapse. This time around new orleans was largely spared from that kind of widespread devastation but residents are now faced with a blackout. That could last for weeks. The utilities rebuilt after katrina did not hold this. Massive transmission tower mangled power lines falling into the mississippi river ida damaging all eight transmission lines at supply. The new orleans area with electricity. My calling victor oquendo is on the ground with the coast guard as the airlifted survivors. To safety this powerful crashing right down on top of this car. It also looks like it snapped in half. You've got these down lines stretch clear across the block and then take a look at that house down there another poll coming down right on the roof. Liam rashawn had power until seven pm. And then i screamed. It was a big huge flash and then there was traveling fireballs arcane up and down the line. You saw this happening yes. They were green and purple and orange. Well i'd have battered. Louisiana at the state was already in the midst of a completely different kind of storm hospitals overrun with cova patients. As cases surge across the region at dr o'neill's hospital they're nearing capacity. Hospitalised is full before the hurricane hit. We were running out of beds. Beds were functional monitors that were functional. We won't be able to staff as me beds because so many of our own teams affected by the storm to it won't be enough after hurricane. Pediatric facilities are admitting more patients than ever before inside the powers ben affleck rain. I feel anxious hospitals. Like children's hospital new orleans left to rely solely on emergency generators. Dr only masumi and her husband muhammad also a doctor evacuated their three young children to atlanta. Then they returned to take care of their patients. As we always do new orleans we will weather the storm. We will get through it and taking care of these of these children. With louisiana's vaccination rate among the lowest in the country with only forty one point four percent vaccinated the delta variant has driven the state into a fourth covert wave averaging forty two hundred new cases in sixty three deaths each day louisiana is experiencing the second most cases per capita in the country. We worry about a covert surge worry about over surges coming from our medical shelter. And so trying. To mitigate all that at the same time it's going to be it's going to be a team effort for sure they'll the mass exodus of evacuating families and others forced from their homes into crowded shelters triggering further concern of super spreader potential. But down here in the by you. Even in a foot of water and emotion there is a particular kind of resilience. You worry at one point that you might not make it. Yeah i call empty messaging word that much love. Sorry we we in the big easy. These are troubled days but if nothing else the music plays the summer sixty nine. A turbulent time in america in many ways the culmination of the violence and protests of the late sixties almost lost in that chaotic time the harlem cultural festival featuring some of the biggest names in black music. It was a first of its kind. Experience largely lost to history. Until now. here's my nightline co anchor byron. Pitts was the summer of nineteen sixty nine and something magical have decent heart of new york. Since the pips mesmerizing kraus's life performance of i heard it with a great ball. The harlem cultural festival was this beautiful event. Planet family still own. Bb king nina simone types of bars. Pop acts of the day gospel. Excellent elliott jackson all these key figures in black music came together the breathtaking performances so beautifully documented and vivid color now featured in hulu documentary summer of soul directed by mere thomson otherwise known as plus love so the impetus of the whole festival was the fact that when martin luther king was assassinated all of america inner city america went up in flames with riding and not wanting a repeat performance. What happened that made it easier for the city to okay. The idea of having some sort of event that we keep people occupied during the weekend the festivals may go with remind us of qbr vr and the community that we managed to build in spite of everything that this country has done to try to tear down the six week festival. Showcasing astonishing performance. The likes of david. Rothman imitations baby-faced nineteen-year-old stevie wonder the chambers run pop sob- roope the fifth dimension. The proud who come to see those acts three hundred thousand straw. As far as i could see was just black people. It wasn't credible. But the footage of the festival lost to history buried in the archives for fifty years to sort of disposed of him forgotten about not really written about or celebrated until now brought back to life by quest love fifty years later and i still feel. The material is potent and strong enough to still inspire people and touch them that same summer. A hundred miles away. Another historic festival was taking place. One that was said to have defined that age of music in history woodstock is very very beautiful like all the people were together if iconic performances from the who carlos santana jimi hinges. Woodstock comes out. Suddenly all the acts there will in the festival were household names well what stock was hailed as a pivotal moment impact of their culture. The harlem cultural festival was practically forgotten. True lesson that. I've learned from all this. Is that the term. Black racer is real and not an exaggeration. My purpose was to correct history. It hasn't during a critical new era for black america a time when pain gave way to purpose progress and defiance you are having a younger generation. Sort of like the second generation of the civil rights movement that's more vocal more demanding for justice and equal rights whereas now you're starting to see the panthers have a different approach to it where even identified themselves as black. They're protesting louder. Documentary examining how black culture and identity itself was changed. It's a revolution style. Revolution cultural revolution. We found that the african styles. Just sodas better. The hair was the biggest change. Afros the black community is always embrace blackness. The difference is is that we don't longer hitter. And as america continues to grapple with his history of racism looking back can be just as important as looking for so many of these stories were certainly deny or erased. This is an opportunity to pick up some of those pieces and put them in the spur they. I hope to plant the seeds that you use your voice when the spirit compels you to and not to quiet your voice or to to be neutral. If you're afraid you're going to lose something in the process. I hope that's what people get his. Raise your right hand. She was the darling of silicon valley magazine cover after magazine cover but now accused of massive fraud. She faces decades in prison if convicted and continues to maintain her innocence. This is not fake team. This was a product that didn't work. I'm rebecca jarvis and for more than five years. My team and i have been following the case of elizabeth homes. And we're here to guide you through every development of retrial. From the new evidence presented in court to hell. The jury might react to her new life. New episodes of the dropout available. Tuesday's wherever you listen to podcasts. They were the last to die in america's longest war eleven marines one army soldier and a navy cormon and they came home this weekend honored by a grieving nation. Here's abc's chief. Global affairs correspondent martha raddatz a solemn heartbreaking day at dover air force base in delaware. The fallen include eleven marines a navy hospital cormon and an army soldier all of them. So young. The country pausing to mourn to honor their sacrifice marine lance corporal. David espinosa just twenty years old marine. Sergeant nicole g. twenty three years old days before her death she was featured in this photo. Cradling an afghan baby at the kabul airport writing on instagram. I love my job. Marine staff sergeant. Darren taylor hoover from salt lake city at thirty one the oldest his father calling him one heck of a leader army staff sergeant ryan nas. Twenty-three marine corporal hunter lopez twenty two marine lance corporal riley mccollum twenty of jackson wyoming was just weeks away from becoming a father marine lance corporal. Dylan merola twenty marine lance corporal. Kareem nicole way. Twenty from nor co california. His father saying he did not hesitate to be called to duty marine corp. dagan william tyler page. Twenty-three marine sergeant joe. Rosario picado twenty-five marine corp. umberto sanchez twenty-two relents corporal. Jared schmitz twenty navy. Cormon maxed in soviak twenty to his father told a reporter that in the last facetime with their son. His mother told him to be safe. He said don't worry mom my guys got me. They won't let anything happen to me. She now realizes that they all just went together. A nation paying tributes. That's not line for tonight. Good night america. When i am nipsy also from la from thirty for thirty podcasts. In the undefeated this is the king of crenshaw. I'll be honest. I want him inspired and influenced by new. It was a celebration of blackness. We're not just here to entertain about the impact that you're putting on a community in. When he earned enough to lee. He stayed a story of basketball hip. Hop rapper nazi hustle. Life is really a marathon. Listen now on sirius. Xm pandora stitcher or wherever you get your pockets.

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