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WKPWP - Ex-WWE Creative Team member previews Survivor Series, reacts to Becky injury, Bryan turn - Interview Friday w/Kevin Eck (11-16-18)


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What was the bigger story this week? Daniel Bryan, capturing the WWE title and turning heel viciously on AJ styles or Becky Lynch getting injured by nyah jacks and choosing Charlotte as her replacement at least delaying the highly anticipated Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, boy, that is a that is a very tough question. Because obviously on. Given week. It would be tough to say, you know, one of those was not the biggest story, but two of them happening on the same night, basically or within a twenty four hour span is just amazing. I mean, obviously, both huge stories, but if I had to go, you know, which one was number one, and which one was number one. A I think just because Becky Lynch is such a hot character right now. I mean, her character is on fire sort of reminiscent the way a character. Like Daniel Bryan was a few years ago. So I think just the fact that she's so hot, and it's been such a grass roots thing. And there was so much anticipation where people looking forward to seeing her against Ronda Rousey, we didn't really have you know, we haven't had a chance to end -ticipant. The Brock listener Daniel Bryan match because it was just throwing together at the last minute. And there's no Bill to it whatsoever. So in and it's weird because Daniels slated as a heel now and Brock's, he'll whereas, you know, I think the raw. Ronda, Rousey, Becky Lynch thing really had captured the fans imagination and was the match in no matter what went on last summer the survivor series. I think Becky Lynch against Ronda Rousey was the main event and was the match everyone was looking forward to. So I think Becky being literally knocked out of the match is the biggest story right now. Yeah. As a print journalist I had to choose a headline this week in the pros and torture newsletter. And it was hard, you know, trying to fit because. Yeah, you know, like in your mind is a purchasing. What gets the biggest font? And I just planted the two I did a co headline. I mean, I I couldn't use though, I did put Becky I. And Brian second. Remember, I, but yeah, I agree. It's a close call. And it's like it's a fascinating question because we were not talking about this two and a half hours into Monday night raw. And then suddenly Becky Lynch gets hurt. Yeah. Or gets bloodied. And it's a Monday night. It was two stories when I was doing the way post show right afterwards. There's the story the major story at that point seemed like, wow. Was that imagery of Becky standing in the crowd face and arms covered in blood? And I caught it moment that takes her to that next level of just bad ass. And then I'm adding this asterisk during the show, but you might have a concussion she never broken does. And I was sort of hopeful that at worst she'd have to wear like a face mask on Sunday. And then we got the bad news Tuesday. Well, and we say bad news because Becky is when you're hurt enough that you actually can't wrestle. That's bad news. No matter what from becky's health standpoint. And I'm worried about that severe concussions are nothing to mess with. And it can affect you for a long time to come broken bones tend to heal, you know, so I'm less worried about that. Even though I wouldn't wish that upon her. All that said could this end up being a positive in the sense that Rousey and Becky became so big? I mean, it just it's felt bigger than I think WWE we anticipated when they first penciled us in that survivor series. Maybe wasn't big enough stage for it could this delay lead to on social media. They've been going at it since the the match got delayed. Could this be a big enough match to actually invincible man's mind? Now be saved for wrestlemainia as a match that's promoted as maybe a top two or three or four match on wrestlemainia this coming year. Well, it could be and again your point. I don't think this was something that Vince McMahon was certainly thinking about I don't think he was you know, if you could just look at the way Becky has has been booked up until this point. I don't think Vince believed that she was on the level of of someone like Charlotte flair. And you know, I would concur with that. When when Becky and Charlotte and Sasha all debuted at the same time. I thought it was clear Sasha. It was the most over star. What was going to be the biggest star and Becky was clearly a notch below the two. And it's funny how you know those first impressions can can change. Because clearly now Becky is is the breakout star of of three and could Becky and Rhonda DEA wrestlemainia match. Absolutely. You know, you when circumstances are out of your control that are that are dealt your way. You do your best sounds like a cliche, but your best to turn negative into a positive Becky Enron at wrestlemainia certainly would be a positive the negative. You know, the other side of that going is. I think all of us thought a big money match. Probably the biggest money match for Rhonda. Big-money opponent would be Charlotte flair and that's a match. I thought, you know, not only could it will likely or was likely to take place at wrestlemainia. But I thought there was even an outside chance that it could close wrestlemainia that if it was built up properly if if both competitors were protected and story was good that that's a match that could have closed wrestlemainia. So we're gonna lose out on the first ever Rhonda Charlotte match. You know, however, big that may or may not have been we don't know, obviously, we'll never know now. So the, you know, the sad part of it is that now we're just getting Rhonda and Charlotte's room together with absolutely no, literally, no build up no story whatsoever. Which I was that's why I was a little surprised that that they went to it right away. I thought Oscar may have been the person that they would go with for this match against Rhonda. And that way you. Still have Rhonda and Becky Enron and Charlotte down the line at whichever shows you wanna do them at because you know, I mean, Rhonda only has is going to have only so many big matches where you can believe her opponent has the opportunity, you know, a realistic shot at beating her. So I I know that that Oscar has been, you know, really severely devalued and damaged, but you know, since it is just a match that was thrown together, you know, five days before survivor series. I wondered if they could have made, you know, it just kind of reminded us quickly that Oscar used to be an advocate kicker not all that long ago. And what she had done down in annexed tea. And if you'll remember when when they were all all the women were standing in the ring, the only other one besides Charlotte that got a pop was was Oscar, and he was saying pick me pick me and the crowd pop for it. So, you know, I think they could have gone that way. And that way you save like I said there's other two matches down the line. But yeah, you know to answer your original question. This could ultimately, you know. Pay off as in Rhonda and Becky as a huge, you know, huge wrestlemainia match, which obviously is good for Becky. And you know, hey, it's good for the company. If this is what you pray for right? I mean, it's what you hope for is to characters that are this hot that fans are salivating to see the two of them go at it. So yeah, I think you know, ultimately, the the negative can be turned into a positive. Whether it's our hearts lungs or other organs, the were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy at Kaiser Permanente our specialists care for you and about you working together, creating a treatment plan specific to your diagnosis and total health so from primary to specialty care fine reassurance. In a great team of healthcare professionals committed to your healthy recovery. 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November sixteenth two thousand eighteen it is interview Friday, and my guest is Kevin Eck, former WWE creative team member longtime wrestling columnist Kirk Russ columnist also and he is a guest on the show on a semi regular basis. Always great to have you here. Kevin welcome back to the show. I appreciate away. It's always fun for me. Let let our newer listeners know, just briefly, the timeframe that you were around or that you were part of WWE. And so the bigger matches and angles that you were around to kind of put your behind the scenes experience in perspective as we move forward here. Sure. So I was with w from is three years. It was basically from the summer of twenty eleven to summer of twenty fourteen. So I started right after you know, with the rise of Siham punk, and and the big angle that he, you know, shot at summer slam that year, and you know, with their for the the rise of of Daniel, Bryan and return of Brock Leser and the forming of the authority. So, you know, and also, you know, something that people might not remember. But I thought was pretty cool to was through the rise of Mark Henry, you know, Mark became world heavyweight champion, and you know, to toot my own horn slightly. I did, you know, the famous retirement angle with Mark in the salmon covered jacket was was something that I had pitched not didn't pitch jacket. That was all mar the angle itself with something. I'm I'm proud to say that I that I pitched I'm happy that Mark came up with the salmon jacket. I it would've oh me too. Oh me too. That to be marks thing that makes it more cool that that was his idea. But very cool. Also, tell people how they can read what you've been writing about professional wrestling lately. So every Wednesday, I have a column that comes out on press box online dot com. It's a Baltimore based sports website. But we do Peress Lynn column, which is not Baltimore-based. It is national. It's called the hot tag comes out every Wednesday press box online dot com. Every Friday, I have a column on sporting news dot com, which is titled am I the only one, and I ask sort of rhetorical questions or basically the events of you know, what went on that previous week for all and smackdown. And I do an occasional feature as well. For sporting news on occasion. And and also some work with ring of honor's website Oro h wrestling dot com. All right. We're going to preview survivor series today and eager to talk to you about Daniel, Bryan and Brock Lessner. I known your calling you said, it's unfortunate just like the Charlotte Rousey matches kind of thrown together with five days notice that Daniel Bryan Glazer thrown together on short notice. We'll talk about about that. Let's I want I want to stick with a Becky Lynch and in that story first before we get into previewing survivor series. Because because Becky Lynch reminds me of somebody that you were around during his rise, which is Siham punk. Where there's a star who like you said Becky was maybe third or fourth in the list of women that you would predict would become big stars as the women's revolution began to take shape and the call ups happened and she ended up much bigger Siham punk brought in DC w sort of a Paul Heyman favor. Paul do what he wants. And all that. And then the fans really attached to them like the fans attached to Becky that in a way that exceeded the intent of inst- McMahon and the presentation on TV talk about the parallels between the two, and then tell me what you see as you watch on television having been around Vincent man in the inner circle that still intact there as punk got maybe bigger than they want it more popular than they were prepared to fully embrace and accept and take advantage of. And how that correct me if I'm wrong, and my framing of it. But then how that the adjusted over time and what they how they resisted overtime. And whether you see some of the same things. Opening with Becky or it's different in certain key ways. Well, I mean, I think you touched on it. It's similar to some extent. But I also do think it's different. I think that punk because he did have such a following already on the indie scene. What are you doing to ring of honor and other places I think there was already a buzz about Siham punk, and it was a buzz when he got signed to WW developmental. So I think there was already unawareness of him. And he curiosity from you know, sort of the hardcore fans as to what can punk do on the big stage of WWE will they know what to do with them. I can punk succeed there because he really paved the way for guys like Daniel, Bryan. And Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens who came afterwards punk was sort of that first real big indie darling type to to to make it there. And so I think there was already some awareness of him. Whereas as with Becky Lynch when she debuted. Sure, I think the fans who you know, they were familiar with from an extra t, but I don't think she had. The level of notoriety that that punk had already had. So I I think it's different in that respect. But as far as how you know, maybe the upper brass looked at the two of them, you could probably say it was similar. I mean, I I don't think you know. I don't think anyone looked at C M punk. Let's put it this way. I think they looked at C M punk one way. And then when Roman reigns came along. I think they looked at him another way, right? Whereas one one guy has WWE superstar written all over him. And the other guy he's a good hand. And he's got a little something. And he's got some fans support, and he can probably be a mid upper mid card type guy. We'll see where it goes. And I think Becky very similar. She was not earmarked for stardom. Right. Oh, you know. It was again, she came up with you know, the big three. So certainly she was valued when she was introduced the same time as Sasha the same time, Charlotte. But I think you know to me as. An observer. And I would say probably the most fans even at that point. She was number three of the three, and you could even go one step further and probably say that you know, Bailey was moreover than she was. I mean Bailey. Great matches with. That's why I say three or four because I thought even Bailey, I think some perceived in my mind bigger than Becky in terms of upside. Yeah. I think in my mind at that point. It was just a matter of time until Bailey got called up and would certainly leapfrog Becky again, she'd be a good hand. She'd be someone, you know in the middle of the card, and she could probably put over, you know, the Sasha's in the becky's and the Bailey types, but you know, at sometimes the best laid plans, right? And and the fans just got behind her in an organic way, and I don't you could gradually see it. But I don't think there was this explosion. Maybe the way there was with punk the way there was with Daniel, Bryan. And some of that maybe could beat the booking because they were putting cert- certain circumstances that that may be Becky wasn't. But Becky always got that good baby face reaction. And personally while I liked Becky. And I thought she was a good performer. There was something about her character. This is just my personal opinion. It was so white meat baby face that I found it almost bland, I you know, again, nothing. Against her in ring work or anything else, but sort of her promos were she was so white meat pay face, and I was a little corny, and I thought that was going to limit her as far as how high she she could go, but again, it continued to grow and I remember at money in the Bank a couple years ago. I thought well, they should give this should be becky's opportunity. They should give Becky money in the Bank, and they gave it to Carmella, which I thought was, you know, horrible decision. And then same thing happened. Again, you know, this has gotta be Becky year, and they gave it to Alexa bliss. So you could really feel it building especially this past year money in the Bank, the fans at this point it had grown to a point where you couldn't ignore it. The brass couldn't ignore it. They had to realize at that point that there's something going on with Becky Lynch. No matter what we you know, what our personal feelings may be. There's something going on there. And we have to do something with her. And that's why the he'll turn happened is because they they did realize there was something. There. And I you know, I can't speak for anyone on the creative team. But perhaps there was a feeling similar to what I had that this white meat face character might not work. So let's give her an edge. And let's turn her heel. And you and I talked about it before I was in the minority. I thought the he'll turn was great. And I wish w w would have gone full force with it where and they didn't. And by that what I mean is you know, she did one promo where she kinda healed on the fans, and they cheered her anyway. And then it seems to me like WWE said, all right? This is an uphill battle. We're just going to book her as a heel. And if the people want to cheer her, that's okay, but she's still going to do everything. He'll she's gonna cut he'll promos just won't heal on the fans. She's gonna do helix thing. She'll be a chicken crap. He'll we can we can say that. But chicken say cramps you'll. Okay. I don't know if I could say the we shouldn't sure what we're not at marked as explicit. So I would probably wouldn't be explicit. So yeah, she's still did he'll things yet. The people were cheering for and I and you know, I think that'd be that'd be just said. Well, let's let's go with it. But now, I think again because of circumstances and how you can adjust on the fly now because of what happened with nyah Jax injuring her. And then having to go a different route, you know with Charlotte taking your place, I think now what we have is a stone cold Steve Austin like baby face and Becky Lynch. I don't think WW gonna fight it anymore, especially based on what we saw on Tuesday. I think and I hope she's going to maintain the same edge that she has she's not going to be a white meat face. I think they're gonna have to tone down somewhat. Obviously, she's not going to run away from people anymore, and I don't think she's necessarily gonna be healing victories. But she's not going to ride in on a white horse. Same way with stone cold Steve. Boston. I think she's going to be kind of a standup tough his nails in your face type, anti thority. And and I really do feel like and this is obviously it's high praised compare anyone just don't go Steve Austin. But and it's almost unfair in a way. But I I do feel like right now, they have the female version of stone cold Steve Austin. And and you know, I think this even though it's so unfortunate. What's happened? I do think in the long run it's going to help. I mean, you you touched on it. When I saw that, you know, the image of her with blood all over her face blood all over her hand and her continuing to fight and just the look on her face. It did make me think of stone cold Steve Austin being trapped in the sharp shooter by Bret Hart and refusing to give up and the blood pouring down his face. I think this image of Becky is going to be icon. Ick similar to that. And I think we've now just kind of scratched the surface of how big Becky can really. Be if the machine really does get behind her and just goes, which they did with Steve Austin if you're meant Steve Austin was not the pick either. He was the ringmaster you're going to be stuck in the middle of the card. 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The right now trade in the military. I phone and you'll save three hundred dollars. Visit a store or call one eight hundred. Service for many balances to all service and finance agreements required to seventy nine ninety nine down plus thirty per month times twenty four full price. Nine hundred ninety nine zero percent APR for well qualified buyers plus tax on full price allow eight weeks rebate. So with win the Siyam funk thing is happening. And then we look also at the Daniel Bryan phenomenon but five years ago where he's he's catching fire. But he wasn't there guy. There was like you mentioned Roman reigns is sort of what we got a Roman. Looks the part how how much of a comparison. We'll do this is kind of a transition thinking about Charlotte, and Rhonda how much is Charlotte's similar to Roman reigns. And in what ways do you think she's different to our is yours, and fans and mind, and but also management because there's a chance at that. Charlotte isn't just hurt by having her match with Rhonda be rushed onto a pay per view without the build up that they planned and sort of that first time ever just being spent on short notice. But also, we have this situation going on where I think the heat is off Charlotte a little bit because of the nyah Jack's injuring Becky, and it's not really management's choice to put her there. But there has been a perception. And thus a crowd reaction among fans that Charlotte. Grains. It was the chosen one and Becky like Daniel, Bryan. It's the pump where the inconvenient fans choice where where Charlotte in that realm. And do you think management is up until Tuesday was handling it? Well, and how do you think they should now handle it with Becky being out for a while and Charlotte in that spot? Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna disagree slightly with them the comparison of of Roman and Charlotte in that, you know, they looked at her and said you're the chosen one. I was there WWE one Charlotte. I started out at inex- t. And I mean, obviously, everyone knew she was RIC flair daughter and all that. And I think there was you know, I mean again, as you know, that's a blessing in a curse it's like, you're RIC flair's daughter. So you'll get your foot in the door. But you're clears daughter, you know, you'd better be really really good. I don't think anyone at that point looked at her when she was green. And just starting and said, oh, yeah. This is the woman who's going to be the face of the women's division for years to come. Whereas with Roman, you know, when he first came in as Lieke at FCW, I think it was it's time they were already talking about. And this guy when he's ready. This guy is going to be the next, you know, he will he will replace Johnson. A as the guy he looks the part. He's got the, you know, his his father was. His family's been in the business. Father was Seco Samoans. And I think it was it was different in that respect. I think Charlotte, and is you know, I'm a Roman reigns fan. I think he deserves every every bit of attention and push that he's gotten but Charlotte was not as handpicked. I think she if you wanna use the word earned. I think she more earned her spot by showing what she could do. And to me, she was the most complete performer in the women's division. I've always thought Sasha banks while very good with lightly overrated by the fans, whereas I looked at Charlotte, and I saw it all I saw spectacular athleticism. She's fearless in the ring. The look at part of the look to is size. And when I look at you know, and and I don't want to, you know, shame anyone for being smaller or whatever. But when I look at Charlotte. I mean, she's tall. She's got that athletic built. She looks to me like she could really have her way with a lot of. Smaller women in the vision. So I thought she had all the tools, and she got really good. And I think that's when WW said, wow, you know, Charlotte is the one I don't think it was necessarily. They looked at her on day one as they get with Roman and said, you're the one now I think part of your question was, you know, was where to Charlotte go from here. Or is that sort of what you are. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. It does. Because even if management saw Charlotte a different way than than they looked maybe at the inconvenience of pumpkin Daniel, Bryan. There was some pushback of Charlotte being in the spot that fans sought Becky deserved. But now some of that heat has taken office, Charlotte. Whatever was manifesting, and we'll never know because it didn't have a chance to reach its apex 'cause the focus shifted to Becky, and and Ron Charlotte was kind of doing her thing. And her moment would come later. But now is is Charlotte sorta dodge a bullet a little bit in the sense that she's not seeing as being pushed about Becky, but simply the default choice because Becky. It down in a way it could help Charlotte, even though something is taken away because that first match ever and the height that would lead up to it now is diminished. I think based on this really short turnaround. Well, we look to me like w w was doing with Charlotte. Is it looked like, you know, obviously, they couldn't ignore it anymore fans push back against her while she was in this program with with Becky, even though Charlotte was booked completely as the baby face and the wronged party. You know, Becky did every Becky was clearly the person who did everything he'll ish and everything wrong to her for good friend when they saw the pushback to that. And and when Becky won the blow off match, it looked to me like they were trying to tell story of Charlotte having to regain her confidence, which I thought was a really smart way to go with her because even as a baby face, Charlotte. Always carried herself with such confidence that you know, it's it's hard to like her when she's going against the plucky underdog who's never gotten the big push. So there was pushback on Charlotte. Really when it was you know, beyond our control. So I think a story. Almost like a redemption, or, you know, her going on a journey of having always been so confident and now, you know, the fans of suddenly turned against her her best friends turned against her, and she's doubting herself. And she has to kinda work her way back up to where she was. I thought it was gonna be a great story. Unfortunately, we only got about, you know, two weeks into it and everything got thrown into disarray. I think WWE and trying to help take as you said some of the heat also Charlotte also, you know, they had Becky endorse her which I didn't like from a story line standpoint. I think I understand why they did it, you know, Becky, choosing her and then going the extra mile of, you know, embracing her, and then Charlotte, cutting a promo later saying, you know, she's fought with Becky she's fought against Becky now, she's fighting for Becky, I think obviously that's not so subtle attempt to make sure that everyone gets behind Charlotte flare, you know, in in this match and. And going forward. I I would not have gone so far after everything we've seen with Becky and Charlotte. I thought it just kind of took me out of the the reality of it took me out of the moment to have them. Suddenly bury the hatchet that easily, especially if you think about it from like, why would Charlotte one a hug Becky at that point didn't make a lot of sense to me. But again, I kinda see the method. You know, Pete behind the madness what I would like to see ultimately is, you know, I think we gotta go back if they want to go back to it somewhere down the line is is is Charlotte turning on on Becky, which you know, I was not for that during this current storyline. Because I said, you know, we've seen that we've seen he'll Charlotte and baby. Thanks, Becky, that's already been done. But obviously now they are they both evolved as characters two completely different characters. Now, you know Becky with an edge now and Charlotte with having kind of gone through this journey of her best friend turning against her. And then maybe. Trying to give payback to her down the line. I think sets us up, you know, at some point for another really good Charlotte Becky feud with Charlotte back in maybe which is more comfortable with in the he'll role and and Becky in this kind of edgy stone cold Steve Austin, esque baby face role. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows using free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offers subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members your customers may reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows using free shipping and much. More all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members netra customers may notice reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. So let's let's look at Sunday and the options at WWE has and try to get inside the head with the clues that you see here on television with this greatly condensed situation for Charlotte. Rhonda what are WWE's options? What do you think they're considering and likely to do what are like you said he disagreed with the moment that they had in the ring. We're Becky kind of Chris and Charlotte is a replacement. What are the different directions they can go here because there's so many considerations here thinking about Charlotte. You're thinking about satisfying the fans on Sunday with a replacement match which WWE is. They're they're concerned about having fans think they they got cheated out of something that would have been great. So they wanna make it really good. So fans don't feel that down. And then of course, you still have to look at Ronda Rousey, as this highly paid super valuable asset that you can't damage just because you're trying to make up for some disappointment the feds might feel over Charlotte instead of keeping in that spot. What are the different scenarios on Sunday? And the context of each of them playing up. I mean to me there's only one way that this is going to play out. And that's Ronda Rousey goes over and taps out Charlotte in the middle of the ring with the arm bar. I mean, I I don't see it going any other way. I it's like, I don't think personally, I didn't think Becky was going to be Rhonda. I just I don't think you know, as hot as Becky as a character. You just can't be Ronda Rousey yet. Not yet. I mean, that's that's that's my opinion. If I was booking. I'm not it's too early for Rhonda to have a I loss even against the hot character. Becky, and there was a way to do that where Becky could come out of there, even as big or bigger of a star. If it was done the right way, there's certainly ways to lose and still gain something as you know. So I don't think Ronda Rousey is losing especially now with the match being thrown together to me, it just would make the zero sense to have Charlotte when this match I think it'll be competitive, I think we'll see Rhonda pushed much further than she's ever been pushed in any other match as it as it should. Would be. But in the end, it it's going to be Rhonda that that goes over because you know, there's still obviously there's there's more money long term and short term in Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, as we have said is, you know, her character needs some rehabilitation, and it's it's certainly the not the right time for her to be beating Ronda Rousey. I think she's still needs to go on that journey to some extent to rediscover herself. What I'm interested in seeing is what part is is Becky Lynch gonna play. And you know, if you've noticed on Twitter, Rhonda and Becky are still going at it pretty hot and heavy on Twitter. So this is not, you know, this issue with them is not going away just because Becky got injured, and is it going to be in this match. So I would expect Becky to pro perhaps be seated at ringside for this match, and you know, I- Rhonda try to prove a point. And maybe go the not only beat. Charlotte. But maybe try to prove a point to Becky, and, you know, maybe put her back in the arm bar after the match and then Becky gets in the ring. And there's another face off. You know, if we're building to a big match wrestlemainia, I would think that would be a missed opportunity not to do something. Like that. What's interesting, though, for me is is Becky is. So over right now is a baby face Rhonda also over as a baby face. But I think the fans of sort of made it clear already that if it's between the two of them, we're cheering Becky, so we'll WWE just kinda like book them both is sort of. You know, Twitter's and let the fans decide or will Rhonda really show more of a mean streak, I thought her promos recently while well, very good. We're borderline he'll ish. So you know, what do we do? We see Rhonda sort of going more in that he'll do action on Sunday. I think that's what I'm going to be looking at did you do you think Ronda was? Intending to be helix or WWE, creative and Rana together, we're tending to lean Hiller, or is that Rondo leading an aspect of her slip through that she's not really self aware of and the delivery, maybe was more helix than WWE anticipated. Because I don't think ripping on millennials in Vince McMahon's is is a heel promo ever. Like, just we kind of have Vincent men pay ever since I comment on Steve Austin show, Tamil anyways, that you know, he's kind of has thing about that. So I I'm not even sure that they think what Rhonda was doing the last couple of weeks was meant to come across. He'll even though I'm with you. I thought it did. And gave us a window into how good she is going to be if they go that route I yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you that when I heard that promo. I'm mmediately thought Vince, either wrote this promo or really had a hand in, you know, adding some some lines to it and certainly the millennial stuff because I agree. I don't think Vince thinks that's a he'll thing to do that handle taking understand that. You know, you're insulting some of the deals that are watching. But I think he has such a negative feeling towards them that he doesn't see that as a bad thing. So I think that was part of it. And I, and I do think Rhonda's delivery was maybe leaning toward, you know, went from sorta like bad ass baby face to a little more in a he'll vein, and I don't know if that's the way it was intended. That's the way they wanted it produced if that was just Rhonda kind of you know, putting putting her spin on it. But Rhonda, I, you know, she if they pull the trigger on her if they go full on. Pull the trigger on her as a heel. She's going to be I think off the charts. Great as a heel. And Becky is so popular now that if they're going to build that match. I say, let's go all the way. Let's let's make Becky that edgy baby face. And let's make Rhonda the monster. He'll in the vein of like a Brock listener. And let's go. I mean, let's not do this tweet or stuff. You know that that's how you know. Look it's going to be a big match either way. But that's the way I would go is like, let's give people and let them really invest in the baby face and really hate the he'll rather than oh, it'll be fifty fifty or sixty forty you know, there's nothing wrong with doing that on occasion. But I just feel like here they've got the right personalities the right performers to wear this. It'd be epic. If it's done the right way. I'm with you. So. What is your? I wanna say official prediction, but you're you're strongest leaning in terms of what they do on Sunday because there are a lot of options that that can happen here is it just Rhonda. I mean, I I got the sense you're saying, here's what I think is most likely to happen and will happen Rhonda taps out Charlotte other circumstances where you frame that where Charlotte isn't hurt. And do you see the possibility that there is a shenanigans either with Becky or with for horse women or something else? Like, maybe they set up Oscar to be upset that Becky was about to choose her. And then cho- Charlotte's was in that crowd reaction might have on expected. But Oscar was the one who showed the most fire she probably was instructed to do. So I even have that as a dark horse candidate to kind of set up something there. What are some other scenarios that you can look for in the pros and cons of them? Well, I think Oscar is a wildcard there. And I think if they're going to go in that direction, certainly she's the one that they would they would do that with. But I think it's going to be much more straightforward than that. And my prediction like I said, it's just is just a tap out in the center of the ring now in saying that, you know, as I said before I think it's going to be a very competitive match. I think Charlotte is going to push Rhonda beyond her her limits. And I think you're gonna see Rhonda, you know, in a much let me go back because I can say this. I think Rhonda has showed show too much vulnerability already against stars that I think she shouldn't have like, you know, Alexa bliss, and Nikki Bella and some others. Not the first time she faced Alexa, but the second time. Yeah. I thought she should've been kept stronger. So that you save those moments when she's in the ring with someone like Charlotte and Becky, so I think you're gonna see Charlotte take the fight to her. I think you're gonna see Charlotte the on the verge of winning multiple times. They could also tell the story of. Of again, all and how they want to go with Rhonda going forward. You could tell the story of Rhonda speeding the hell out of Charlotte and Charlotte never quitting. You know, if you really wanna rehabilitator her character, that's one way to do it. It's just have Charlotte on the receiving end of an arm bar, and the judo's and everything everything that Rhonda has this out, but she won't stay down until finally finally Rhonda is able to beat her. I mean, it's the kind of thing they've done with Brock when they wanted to get over rocks. Opponents, you know, how many S five does it take before you finally lose? And I think they could do a similar thing like that with with Rhonda in Charlotte. That's the way I think it's going to go. I think at this point. I'm a I'm as big of an Oscar fan as anybody, and I hate the way she's been devalued. I I think it's criminal the way she's been devalued, and it's been money just thrown away. I don't know that I'd feel good about her as a fan. I I don't want her involved in this match at all I want this to be this is Rhonda and Charlotte, and the larger story is Rhonda and Becky, and that's why I think becky's gonna be out there, and it really should just be those three. I Don I, you know, and I know we have other matches obviously other pay per views before we get to to wrestlemainia, and they're going to have to face other people between now, and then, and you know, you can always throw somebody in there as a as a as a one off. But I wouldn't I wouldn't do anything like that on Sunday. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies, TV shows music, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new. Amazon prime members at your customers made undis- reduce speeds for some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions fiscal me and sent good Mark Wahlberg rose, Octavia Spencer lanes LA, I has been cake with his extended. Enderle? Luckily, Quebec case good movie that ADD Sema. I I. Daddy's home less musk. Then did they land? You really like cardboard boxes hunt? Anybody interested in play with a giant? It took me three hours to assemble. Family didn't see. Did I say? What does it say? Is your prediction Becky versus Rawda at wrestlemainia? And and what percent chance do you put on that? At this point. Given the way things have played out. I put a star. I don't know what the number would be. But I think it's it's, you know, I think it's I think it's better than fifty fifty for sure I think it's a strong chance that that's the way they go. Obviously, it's a little, you know, we've got ones on raw ones on smackdown. And as you know, Wade survivor series only the one time of year when Brolin smackdown compete against each other. But obviously, you know, there's a way to do anything, and they can find a way they've had they've had smackdown versus where all matches that you know, even during the brand split at wrestlemainia before. So there's a way to do it. There's not a bigger match that you could do your your your you've already done, you know, you're gonna do Charlotte. And Rhonda that stuff I thought Rhonda and Oscar was going to be a big match. It's not, you know, unless they do really a unbelievable amount of character rehabilitation of Oscar that match is not gonna mean anything. So, you know, and I I think it's too early for the the horse women or anything like I mean. You know, not a lot of fans even know about that, you know, about what that whole thing is. So I don't see that. It's to me. It's gotta be I think anything other than Rhonda and Becky would be insanity at this point. It's right there in their laps in their laps. All you have to do is not mess. It up. Right. How big can Ronda Rousey, really, I'm sorry. How big can Becky Lynch really become like is there? I mean, if you strip away the preconceived notions of of what the ceiling is for somebody who comes up through developmental has been around while and has wrestled in is just another member of the roster. Trading wins and losses disappearing from TV all the things that can define someone down. And she certainly been in that position longer than Steve Austin was before Steve Austin took off she's almost more on the lines of a Bret Hart type people saw our worker way up. And if she more Bret Hart in the long run or she. More. Or is it is it does she have the potential to be stone cold or the rock? I thought when she walked out on just walking out to the ring this week. She channeled Conor McGregor. Like, there's this way and star power and confidence that she has just using that. I don't think people necessarily saw new was invert before when she was her previous incarnation before getting this edge is what's her destiny and in what should her destiny be? Well, I'll tell you what I certainly didn't see it in her. You know, I, you know, think I'm a pretty good judge of thing. I I kind of pride myself on looking at people, and this is going to be a star. This person doesn't have the factor. I didn't think Becky had the it factor. I did not think she was capable of this. But I mean, you are so right. She is exhibiting charisma, and she's performing with a with just an unbelievable level of competence, right now, you know, was this in her all along and people just didn't see it, or, you know, I I don't know. I don't know what the, you know. I can't fault. That'd be that'd be management too much. Because again, I didn't see it in her either. But it's there how big can she be? It's as big as the machine will ever be. I mean, that's the honest answer if they really get behind her and just, you know, but it's a fine line. I should I should you know, quantify that get behind her as far as leading the fans continue to push her. Don't do anything. Storyline wise to her. Hurt her on the other hand if they go a little bit. If they if they in any way watered down her character or feels too much like the machines pushing her then, you know, how fickle wrestling fans could be they will push back, and you made an allusion earlier to you know, how does she compare to Daniel Bryan or seeing punk? Well, I can say this when Daniel Bryan was rising up the ranks. And again this happened while I was there. There was a feeling between upper management that the fans were more interested in Daniel on his way up than they were in him arriving and being the top guy. And that once he got there while he's still was getting incredible pops and they still loved him. There was a sense among upper management that he can't sustain that position. He's not a long-term top guy because he's an underdog and you underdog camping on top the underdog has to fight from underneath. And you know, I that's interesting as compared. To when you when you talk about Becky Lynch will there ever be any pushback from the fans, it, you know, I don't even know if that's a real thing, you know, with that in upper management's mine or was that really thing that you know, it's all about the chase and not necessarily the destination. So so that's gonna be interesting to see how that plays out. I would love to be a fly on the wall right now. And know, what hurts McMahon's honest, honest feelings are about Becky Lynch is he shaking his head going God damn she's over. But I don't get it. Or is it more like the Steve Austin thing? We're like, geez. She's on fire. We gotta go with it. Yeah. I don't know. I I would love to know the answer to that does. Visit man has a reputation insert circles where if he didn't choose somebody to be over that he looks for excuses like with Daniel, Bryan. And maybe there's merit to that. But he's he looks for clings to seeks out in spouses excuses for why. Yeah, they're into him. Her. But it's not the right choice for us in the long run. Because XYZ once once he or she gets to the top they won't be as is that a legit thing. Or is that not really fair in the sense that he does it case by case. And he's open minded the fans picking someone that he didn't pick. If he doesn't see drawbacks. If he goes while I didn't like you said, I didn't I didn't see this in Becky. But now, I do and so that might recalibrate your perspective on her upside does Vince recalibrate or is he sorta stubborn. I think you hit on it in the case by case basis. I mean, we keep talking about Steve Austin. And I think that's the prime example, the guy who caught fire and Vince, you know, I mean, you would think at the end of the day, that's businessman and Vince, obviously saw dollar signs of Steve Austin now, let's be honest to he was in a in a brutal wrestling worth WCW that he was losing. So, you know, he's in a position of strength now where you know, the product that'd be that'd be pretty much is what it is. I mean, the stock price is going to go up and down and fluctuate, whatever. But it's TV deals that they've gotten with some of the deals like Saudi Arabia and know, the company is in better shape, financially than it's ever been. So it's almost like Vince doesn't even have to necessarily listen to you know, he can be stubborn and can afford to be stubborn now more maybe. So then like I said during the Steve Austin time during the Monday night wars where you know, ignoring Steve Austin's rise at that point would have you know, could potentially put the company out of. Business. So I think you know, you have to you have to look at it from that standpoint. You know, I omit Foley is another. I mean, you, you know, mixed told stories mixed written is books Nick tried for years to get into w w Vince looked at him and said, yeah, it's got it. Look like a star Jim Ross pitched for them. And you know, gyms told the story that Vince, the only reason Vince, okay was because he told JR I want you to know what it feels like for a guy to break, your heart was gonna come in and fail. But look at what you know. Look how big Mick became. So I think there are times when Vince is like all right? We gotta go with it. You know, when I was there vac writer was really on the rise. And there was a lot of, you know, push back on on sac, and you know, he was not well like by upper management and why not as a quicken. You just looked at him as kind of a joke, and they didn't see him as as as a very, you know, there was some people who didn't think he was that good in the ring, and there were others who just thought because you know, some of that Zack Ryder character is not too far from him. He's kind of a he's a super nice guy. But he's kind of like that that bro thing going on. And I think they thought he was you know, I think I heard the word idiot front around at times is that they just thought he was you know, he wasn't a man's man. He was kind of an idiot. You know, he collects action figures, and you know, this guy can never be one of our top guys. But he got so over that they finally decided to do something with them. And I will remember in a production meeting one day because the agents were really pushing at that point because they were telling Vince how over Zach was when the live of them, and you know, he'd just entered a new program with all Sigler and think Ziglar was US champion. At the time. He was and that's when the agents started planting the idea of you know, riders should actually go over riders should beat Ziegler for the US title. And I remember Vince saying, I don't get it. But God, dammit, if the if the if the fans are behind this guy, then I don't care if you made events wrestlemainia, that's what they want and that was good lip service at the time because I think once they put the US tight on funds act, and once they started elevating him and putting him in storylines with John CENA. They weren't too impressed with some, you know, became a self filling prophecy puts he didn't have some great performances as far as his acting ability. And then it was like, you know, even though the fans were still chant cheering for them. Just as much the push kind of died and Zach quickly slid down, you know, the totem pole. So all that in a nutshell is that it really is a case by case basis, and you can never predict which way the wind is gonna blow with Vince McMahon when it comes to any particular talent. So before Kevin. And I discuss the big night that Daniel Bryan had winning the WWE title turning heel and getting a match against Brock listener five days later, it's -vivor series. We're going to break in and give you a snippet of this week's torch live cast episode. Covering annexed t it's called pito UT toxin exte- they record every Wednesday night. We put it up shortly thereafter, and they review that nights TV show. And also talk about other aspects of annex t roster changes call ups cuts, and they answer Email questions, and they also preview takeover specials a week of the show. So here's an extended snippet of their takeover preview. This is an example of what the show was like if you haven't subscribed yet in your annex t fan. This is three of the four hosts who are normally in rotation on the show, and they just have great chemistry. They know the product inside and out just in James has been covering annex tease TV show for well. Over five years for torch dot. Com. 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Greg parks is live at POW torch live cast dot com. Taking your calls and talking about the event any often as co host with them too. So when it's not a pay per view night. Then they discuss upcoming major events or review pass major events, and it is a little earlier in evening on Sunday night. So okay, great reasons to subscribe to the PTO torch live cast, there's at least one or two shows that you'll add to your rotation of programs that you're listening to if you're a big wage fan a big fan of big impact fan or you just want to hear some enemy talk for pro wrestling fans who a but kind of time together and don't make you feel ashamed to like pro wrestling. That's a good show for you and the deep dive with rich, and by the way, a single topic in-depth every Saturday, so anyway, subscribe, if you haven't yet searched torch or pro wrestling torch on apple podcasts, or whatever you listen to progressing podcasts. So here we go. This is hardly Paget. Tom stoop and Justin James previewing annex t takeover wargames coming up on Sunday. This full episode dropped yesterday on the life cast line if you can hear the review of this week's TV show answering questions and more. Delo the whole show, if if you want if you already have downloaded the show and listened you can just jump. Ahead on your podcast app here because this snippet is approximately eight minutes so just jump at about eight minutes. And then you'll get back to the conversation. We're kevin. I can I will pick up the Daniel, Bryan. The Daniel Bryan news this week. But I really don't see this coming off of Champa right now. I think that he's got much more to do with black end Gargano for at least another four or five months. If you're wrong, I'm wrong because I could not agree. More through Tom. We all know that. There's one person that any roster that Mary right now. It's Bianca Bel Air. And all the teen dream would be like my best man at that wedding. And like, I love the dream. But there's no way he's winning. Yeah. I mean, they can use this to turn them permanently baby face if they want and tell that story, and he'd be fine person to be involved in North American title or even. I don't know. I don't know do something with him some sort of interesting story with him. But the main store here's champ is reign of terror and the longer that goes on the more satisfying. It'll be when somebody finally sleighs. Yeah. And I think that somebody is either not on the roster at all why seen fit through a recent addition to the roster. I think that they could keep the the title on ciampa for a year before and make that win really meaningful like with Kevin Owens because he is a Kevin Owens. He'll the last one. We saw healed this Skillet unexcused. Kevin owens. All right. Our main event wargames the undisputed era versus where Cochet peak done and war raiders two men start. And then is it every five minutes somebody who enters think. So so at the. Let's say Colorado. I think body starts it off five minutes later, Bobby fish joins and so on and so forth until everybody's in the ring. And then it's I pin faller submission wins. It right. Is not a limitation. It's not like Sears match. So yes. Because as Justin pointed out this week on TV the baby faces couldn't get along. And the heels are well oiled machine, I'm gonna go with the baby faces when you hear and either ricocheted pins coal to end any sense of him challenging for the American title and Rick. She moves on new challengers or that easy finish is war raiders pin. One of the take champs to really establish that they're next in line. And they get outta a shot at the January. I don't think if there's any value in anyone winning this match other than undisputed or or or raiders like having Ricky shea or done pick up a win. Here is really bad. I think I think it would hurt undisputed or a lot in less. It was maybe Bobby fish taking the pin, Adam Cole's Teflon. But but I I just feed here is just being booked as this machine right now. And so for them to lose to this does nothing it hurts them badly in less. It's like Hanson a row does it like it's like one monster giant, demolition, derby maneuver. And then covers like like Hanson in Rojas sit on top of two people at a time in pin all undisputed era at once especially with done in ricocheting the match barely kill existing. I think it's really hard to make the argument that undisputed era loses this match and it has any booking purpose. All right, Tom what team wins and who's involved with finish? I think that Pete done is going to take the fall and. Would make them most sense for him to get pinned by Adam Cole. I I could see I could see Roddy doing it. Because why not I think that? Well, I guess I guess I just sort of assumed that Bobby fish, retain, you know, slid right back into being tagged Champa. But maybe Roddy, I dunno. Okay. What I'm getting at is that I don't think war raiders at or the tag champions, whoever that duo is is going to be finished involved in the Finnish. Because there's not as much value or storyline. If occasion in pinning one of the war raiders finish this match, and they can plant seeds for the continuation of that tag team feud that texting championship viewed by having the war raiders absolutely just paints, the the cage with with the tag champs suck highly Riley and the other guy. Strong. Okay. And I'm going to say that. The heels have the advantage and the and done in ricochet not being on the same page is an ish where done gets pinned. It could be ricocheted too. I feel there's more value in inning done. And this is really going to be another statement win for undisputed era where they can now rather than it just being a one a one off last year. They can really say like, okay. Yes, wargames is our match we've been two of them, and we've one bucks and. Then then you can parlay off into a continuation of ricochet and done you can continue the tag team title feud, and then coal can do something else. Maybe feud with velveteen dream. Yep. Yep. Absolutely. And our kind of scenario out of this house thinking about you're talking Tom was you can sip a situation where Bobby fish is going after ricochets title in 'em. Cole comes out dulling after Trump is title. Where story is where the story is that undisputed eras going for the gold. They want all the goal because I think they've they've been saying this in their backstage segments that you know, once they get through war games. They're going to own all the gold or you can have cold or we have coal back to the North American championship. 'cause you know, coal is to North American is MRs to United States championship. And then he could have fish go after universal title up annexed teach. It'll funny when I when I just said, I don't know Cole could confused with dream. I was totally thinking of it as a North American championship. The I still think about him being North American champion gammy, you shoot that with the. But that's is I would not mind seeing this. Be the lead into undisputed are chasing chasing, all the gold and bring them all in house. And I think that'd be totally reasonable totally okay. And seen that happen at all. But then they have to add the to add fraud. So just group so they can get the women's title China Oricon chair. Remember this bring her back in acts like it there. She's always been there kit. Don't then we Photoshop Photoshop until some backstage segments member on August thirteenth two thousand seventeen. When tied are consciously helped us win this fight this. I still I do not think this is going to happen for multiple reasons. But I still like my idea from like a month or two ago of Dakota KYW turning heel. And joining them to be there to be their women's championship challenger. I liked anything. We're involved. Decode kind not being his bed. Bailey knock off that. That would be the goal is to get her out of that territory which works for me. But it's not working for too many other people. So I feel like she's gonna make a change. She's got obviously, we all seem to agree. She's got a ton of potential. Yeah. I it twenty because it works for me too. But like you said, not working for many people, that's obvious. So this team will be reviewing takeover on Saturday night. And it'll be available exclusively for v. Not members the takeover roundtables after takeovers. Our the exclusive the regular Wednesday night recorded show is available free on the people that you've torchlight cast lineup. So again, if you're not to be at P member you want that instant gratification and our so after an XT takeover end, and they might go ninety minutes with a round table. But that a couple of hours of takeover ending up Saturday night. We'll have that up for you. As if the member you can download it on our VIP podcast feed, which is compatible with popular podcast apps on iphone and Android or you can stream it right from our every website both mobile and desktop the coupon code enter to go VIP for six dollars off. It brings the first month down to just three dollars and ninety nine cents is sale three nine nine sale. Three ninety nine. In other words, it's three dollars and ninety nine cents for the first month. Six dollars off our normal ninety-nine rates. So the coupon code is sale. Three nine nine to sign up. Go to PW torch, VIP info dot com. POW torch, VIP info dot com. That also includes our post survivor series roundtable that I'll be host. Eating with Bruce Mitchell in Todd Martin and much more. Go check out the details. PW torch, VIP info dot com sale. Three nine nine is a coupon code. Let's let's go ahead and shift gears to Daniel Bryan, and the he'll turn and the decision to turn him. He'll and and this this was not their hand being forced as far as we know. This was a choice to go Danube riding. It's rock listener at five days notice instead of AJ stas against Brock listener for some greater purpose that we will find out more about on Sunday and beyond. Daniel Bryan, did he come back from his hiatus from his time off forced and WWE. Not take advantage of the momentum. That should have been there of like Seth Rollins when he came back from his time off got the huge pop New Jersey. And then. He was cast as a heel in the fans were like, whoa. And then he was miss book that whole summer Dany bright. It wasn't that bad. But it feels like Daniel Bryan came back, and it was a certain place. If it's meant thought he belong and things had changed since he was gone. And he wasn't a difference maker. So is this Vincent man going knowing his mindset as best as you can we need to shake things up with Brian. And it sounds like Brian's in favor of this. It will shake things up with him because his character did get kind of boring with the time away didn't really his goals. And now, there's a guy cult named AJ styles. Who's at at the top kind of filling the spot that maybe would have been naturally Daniel, Bryan. So take me through your thought process. He saw things play out on Tuesday on what you thought was going on behind the scenes to to steer things in this direction. I, you know, I wonder if the to incidents we're related, and I'm talking about the veterans good wintered and women's match tunes. Good that spark Vince to think we know we need to shake this thing up that you know, everybody was really looking forward to Bethune. Rhonda Rhonda in Charlotte with no buildup wasn't going to be as good. What did you look at the the men's match? It's like, okay, AJ and Brock. There's not really a story line there other than yes, they face each other last year and try. To come up with something, you know, sort of on to fly, but it's a match we've already seen, and I have a feeling strong feeling that the result was going to be the same. It was going to be you know, I just didn't see AJ styles beating Brock listener. So I wonder if the women's match being chains led Vince to just, you know, look, a whole part again, look at as a whole and say, we need a bigger attraction, different attraction, we've never done. Daniel Bryan, brought Wesner it's sort of one of those matches first time ever never been done. Instead of meeting ages again, you know with Brock. Let's let's do something different. And I think that's just my hunch. My guess is why that mass was together. But looking at the larger question of Daniel, Bryan. Yeah. I mean, I think it was it was a big deal, obviously when he came out of retirement, and it was a lot of excitement in the beginning. And then it kind of you know, Brian just sort of became another guy. You know, a top guy, but just another. Guy on on the roster rather than special as he was, you know, before he got injured and before we had to take time off. And I think some of that may have been then just my speculation is that, you know, the guy was all for over two years with, you know, smearing this brain trauma, and I wonder if they were just thinking, okay, he's been medically cleared. But for our protection and for his let's not throw this guy into the deep end right away. Let's gradually built him back up. Let's not have him in a title match right away. Become it's an in the send thrown it'd be right back where he was. And also that wasn't doing anyway. And as we said earlier annual to fight from underneath and gained something. But somewhere along the way his parents are just kind of became marginalized. And there wasn't really even though the fans were still with him for sure. And there were still yes chance it was just it just wasn't the same. The magic wasn't there anymore. And as you said AJ styles had really soprano. At him when sort of that underdog not necessarily age as a big underdog. But you know, he's he's one of those Indian guys who had the workers way up, and it took him forever to get the W W, certainly not a ham cook a chosen one type and AJ was kind of that guy. And I think people look at AJ as the best in ring performer in WWE, and again, kind of supplanted Daniel, Bryan, I think in a lot of people's eyes. So to me, the he'll turn doesn't make sense. And I think it will freshen up annuals character. And I think it'll be good for age as well in the long run to have, you know, Daniel AJ and a prolonged feud not just a one off. I think it's going to be good for both guys. But I think, you know, against kind of summation as like, I think it's it's all there's a lot of things converging with Daniel. Bryan with them wanting to take it easy on him in the beginning. And the character being a little stale, you know, and then the rise of Asia. Style. I think it all kind of came together. I, you know, I was the he'll turn what have you know, certainly been something more plotted out and not so out of the blue it made that opening segment of smackdown. Make a lot more sense because I thought dangerous being a real jerk. Yes. Now, why Daniel being such a jerk like he wants to punch him in the mouth like oh, AJ's doing is being respectful. I love J going. I can't even mention your name. If I say, you're my favorite opponent. You're the best technical opponent. I've ever had data Brian Daniel. Yeah. I said don't say, yes. So. Let me back take one step back. The they think I use. You did not think that AJ would likely be protected against lesser that at AJ loss last year, he'd lose again this year, I agree with you. But I also think that's wrong. I think Lessner is a part of not even a part time guy. I mean, he's got limited dates left. He's unlikely to ever become kind of a fulltime guy and AJ somebody that fans liked the reactions to them every every week. I talk to people on site. It's fact on tapings and ages consistently the most popular guy or two tough call. I mean, this isn't a guy who sort of over now is he selling out smacked on TV tapings and smackdown. How shows no, but the brand isn't. So that's not a reason not to push AJ over listener. That's actually more worries that give him a win over listener. Because I don't think AJ has been framed the way that I've seen top wrestling promotions. Who really believe in their top guy push frame? And promote their world champion. And so to me if you wanna tenants to go up, and how shows and Vincent the less at the last investors conference. Call said, oh, we're not worried about it. Because we have a solution. We only worry when members go down, and we don't have a solution. We're gonna reinvent this whole thing. What? Okay, whatever we'll see. But what are they talking about bigger? Screens more prize gives away giveaways t-shirt guns. How about promoting your headline world champion as a bigger deal and make fans believe that? This is the AJ styles air, it's not just a catchphrase. He says by celebrating who ages styles this on TV every single week and on pay per view and part of that is to have him actually be Brooklyn to break. The perception that age as just a guy who does cool spots and has good matches. But he's a small guy on the beach show, and he's part of an ensemble. So to me an opportunity on Sunday was lost in a way, I did expect AJ to win. So it's it's saving AJ from a loss. But it's a lost opportunity to give him a win. And there's so many ways you can tell the brook listener story afterwards. We're lesser goes on a rampage or whatever we're his next opponent is the next matches more intimated because now listener against broad or Seth or whomever now this is a Paul Heyman cells fence on the idea that this guy is angry. So I was hoping for that. But certainly not putting my money on it. Well, if you look at the guys who've defeated Brock listener since his return a few years ago, you know, it's it's guys like John. So, you know. Triple h Roman reigns. Goldberg, even and those are the only names that come to mind, if I'm missing someone, you know, please help me out. But there are no 'em punk Daniel, Bryan AJ styles. Type guys that have people Brock listener. And and and whether we think that's right or wrong. That's how he's perceived by Vince. And I don't necessarily know that it is wrong. I don't know that that as a fan, I necessarily believe, and I know this may be unpopular thing to to say, I don't know that I believe AJ styles could be Brock listener. I don't know that I want to see that result. Unless now if you remember years ago during Brock's, I run he lost the WB titled to Eddie Guerrero. Right. When Goldberg that was kind of like Eddie beat him. Right. But he didn't really beat them. That's the only way I would have seen AJ styles winning is if grown from in or whoever. Them out strapped with them or got physically involved, an AJ gotta win which then age could say, yes, I've beaten Brock listener. But I mean, did he really okay? I don't know if that really helps them or not. But I I just don't, you know, Brock is such an attraction and. And I think he has to be protected as such and you really have to limit the number of losses. Who knows how many I don't know how many matches he has or what is contract status is w but you know, he doesn't wrestle a fulltime schedule. So every match that he's in has to mean, something, and I think you really have to limit his losses and to have him lose to Asia. And what is basically WW version of the all star game. You know? It's just raw versus smackdown. There's no real issue or heat between Brock and and in AJ. I mean, just to have Brock lose that match. I don't necessarily think that's the right call. Well, you're not going to disagree on that one. But that's okay. I agree. We agree with so much. We got it. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. I just your attendance is down Vince is answering questions to investors about it. Turn the guy who's at those house shows every weekend into more of a star. And let Brock absorb it especially because he has so few dates he's not working that many days. I get your argument. I mean, it's it is the best coder. Argument to what I'm saying in. Absolutely get it. And there's only so many losses that somebody like listener can have before it becomes ordinary, and you lose that edge of him being a special attraction. I I'm considering that in my in my belief that this was a chance fishy because AJ loss last year, you're just doing one in one. And then you're also setting up the potential if listener is around after his yo see fight or fights. You can do AJ and listener in a rubber match if you build AJ up as this just red hot unstoppable champion who's held the title for two hundred two plus years, and then Lessner it you can do the rubber match at arrest. You can actually do wrestlemainia match if you run out of the big guys against Brock type thing. So I that's but but I get what you're saying. I mean, I do. So with the reality is unfunny, no data Brian goes in into a he'll with five days notice. It is not the circumstances. We thought now I'm a little puzzled and maybe helped me understand on Ron Monday. When Jin Brock lesser Paul Heyman. Essentially cut healers promo because they're going up against AJ and then gender Mahal comes out of the sing brothers. And Brooke beats them up in the crowd doesn't really cheer because they've been not only condition for the previous five minutes of Brock's. He'll but for months and months, they've been told this guy doesn't even want to be here. He's not one of you. And it sort of worked. You know, there's a resentment of Brock even being there as opposed to that while we get to see Broncos. This is awesome feeling that used to be there. It's mitigated. I was a little confused by Jenner coming up was that just Vince go, and I want to see the brothers and gender. Get beat up Broughton these beat up somebody who can be sacrificed. Let's do that. Or was it laying the groundwork for Daniel, Bryan? A he'll to get heel heat against Brock listeners baby fae, remind fence how much they like seeing him toss people around, but that's predicated on that the Brian audible wasn't just because of Becky Lynch. Yeah. My my guess is that the Brian audible had not been called yet. Obviously. I don't think it was called. Stars the gender thing. I think it really was them looking at the segment saying, okay Paul's gonna come out and talk with you know, that'll be great as always. But you know, what that that the people want to see and not a baby necessarily in a baby face way. But you know, the segment will be more entertaining. The segment will be more memorable to fans will get something more out of it. If Brock beat somebody up because you know, whether he's a face or heel the fans like see Brock beat people up. So, you know, who are you going to send out there? I mean who can you sacrifice. Well, certainly genders in a position now where he can be sacrificed. And I mean, I it wouldn't make sense for you know, how do you make baby come out there and interrupt that promo and then get his ass kicked. Like that doesn't make really make sense. I mean, I guess they could have maybe found some way to do it. It's always a way to do anything, but the gender thing kind of made sense to because of the connection of the previous year it was supposed to be regionally gender against Brock. So you had that connection as well. At all. I think it all just kind of fell into place. Vince, saying we need somebody from to beat up gender is can be sacrificed. And oh, yeah. That's right. There's a connection between the two of them from last year. Even if, you know, not a huge connection, but there's something there, and that's why he was sent out there. I I really think it was just let's make the segment better other than you know, as good as Paul is on the Mike, you know, people wanna see some action to out of rock him stand. There this week. So let's have brought beat somebody up. And and and that would be my guess is to how that came about. Yeah. But as far as making Bracha baby face, I don't think that's that's what I'm really confused about is. What are we? It's a really odd dynamic now with Brock still being he'll and Daniel Bryan turn. Now, we've got monster heel against, you know, undersized duplicitous he'll and what are we supposed to feel here? This is not, you know, at one time, obviously, this would have been such a huge match the the ultimate David and Goliath story of Brian against the beast. And all my guy, you know, could have been built up so. Right. But now, not only is it thrown together five days before the match, but Brian to heal, you know, so I don't I have no idea. You know, what does match is gonna look like or how the crowds gonna react or how they want the crowd with. What about the alternate scenario? And why not do it have? Daniel Bryan beat AJ styles without turning. He'll just great just great TV match. Go twenty minutes or more. Brian gets the win fans. Cheer the dream matches on. It's happening and you go into Sunday Dany Brian underdog baby face and either comes up short or beats Brooklyn. You can we can debate that as a separate point most likely Brooke wins, but Brian puts up a great fight and comes and maybe the storyline is he's even goes into little damage because of the AJ match you. Okay. You know, can't be autzen independence, you can do to kind of tell your story. And then Daniel Bryan turns afterwards on AJ style. So fans get that. Yes. Dan, O'Brien one and we're super happy. He won the championship. Now. He gets the Brock match you get the right reaction Sunday. And then do the turn afterwards. Why not do it that way? What jumps out to you? Yeah. There's no good reason. You know, again, I mean the whole plan. How far they have things pointed out that I don't see any good reason. Not to do it that way. I mean, they're certainly you have the as you said Daniel title from AJ at baby-faced ABC's match. You got the, you know, matches change now and Sunday. And you know, if they wanted to do an issue with Ryan and AJ after that, all you would have had to do is structure the match so that its annual fighting from internees against beast, and in the end, you know, maybe Daniel just refuses to quit he uses to give up maybe you have AJ out there because he has so much respect for Daniel likes, Daniel and ways to save Daniel being put in the self again that he throws in the towel sipping like that happens. And then you have Daniel turn on AJ thing. I didn't need you to save me, and blah, blah, blah. I mean to me you could even say in that there's more gasoline won't things. And it gives you, you know. To your point my point it gives you more. He'll baby-faced dynamic that you would expect out of block. And and Daniel I have a problem if Daniel turning heel at all, but yeah, it seems like, you know, I it could have been been in a different way just because you sit down and you look at this match on paper and all against I don't know how they think fans are going to react or how they wanted to react. I don't get the feeling at all the BRAC is is baby face. No. So it's really a heel versus heel match. And you know, you've gotta is chant beast against this undersized guy. And and they don't know, you know, how they wanted to go. I just I didn't get I don't understand what reaction they're trying to elicit. How often did Vincent man behind the scenes stress that he wanted a face he'll dynamic how important was that to them or was it situational? And that he wanted that for the bottom three fourths of the card or the bottom ninety percent of the card, but he didn't really care if it was just being stars in a big. Spotlight match because it seems like he waivers from that more often when it's just Starbucks a star, yum senior versus rains fans inside. So is that is that kind of the exception. And how do you think he feels about the dynamic going in Charlotte Rousey and Lessner Brian where it's kind of a pick them in certain ways. Charlotte may get booed. Rhonda me get boo they both might get cheered with Brian. There might be fans pushing back against his he'll turn the way they did against Becky in the way, they did the first time they tried to turn me off the white family or they might not they might go all in behind listener. Because they look at what Brian did AJ and buy into that as just not cool and they want to express that. And they want listener to beat up writing back at them. There's I want one or two more weeks to tell the story. We don't have it. So what do you think? Vince is mindset is an attitude is about crowd reaction going into Sunday. And how he feels about that. And big you ity and really unpredictability again that you can't make a statement. And it it it's. You know, again, it's so easy. Even you know, lack of seen at two wrestlemanias of that. I think you'd have to stars guiding the two eventually sees it as its big stall versus big star. And and that's the attraction and fans will, you know, cheer for they won't. And we'll just sit back and enjoy it goes all the way to, you know, wrestlemainia six with hulk HOGAN, and the and the ultimate warrior. So there are instances like that. And then there are is MRs like the year, we had Daniel Bryan and John Johnston it summer slam. And I think I've told this story before is that the top two matches were Brian and sina and punk and Leser, and you know, own paper. Wow. Two great matches to you know, the co main events, and then the numbers came in after the pay per view and they sell short of expectations. And Vince said there are two reasons for that is that it was baby face versus baby face with Brian apparently Brian seen in. Iraq was okay, but CNN Brian. No, it was baby face baby face, and that doesn't sell tickets. And the other thing was this goes back to our our discussion previously. We had with Lessner AJ was that. No, one believed a guy CNN punk size could be Brock listener, the people didn't buy it. And and they were that's why they didn't they didn't invest in the match. So those were his his his his feelings. So again case by case, it's it really depends on who the individuals are. And you know, I guess what the story line could be at that point. So, you know, I think in general he likes the face he'll dynamic, but he also likes his, you know, a word that Vince used a lot with sophisticated and in some ways the old baby face. He'll that was that was wrassling. Like my dad used to do, you know, that's not sports entertainment. And I think some of it. He he feels like there are no baby faces or heels, and you know, but if you look at the. Certainly you could go down on the roster and put guys in BBC's or he'll category. So there aren't and in fact, when I was there, I don't know if they still do it this way that is literally the sheet that we would have the baby faces on one side and heels on the other. Yeah, you know, but I remember we had like mid card programs, which no one none of the writers. Understood probably don't even remember it because it was not very memorable is we started doing thing with MS and Kofi Kingston and this was during MRs baby face run. And it was just a mid card thing, suddenly, MS and Cokie were going at it, and they were kind of both acting Hewish. And we didn't understand we were like was a one of these guys turning heel oak. Dammit, not turning heel is it's just showing attitude. Why does one of them have to turn heel? And we're like, okay. You know, but fans don't really seem to get it. And if you remember the fans kinda turned on their matches. Yeah. Because they didn't know what to do, you know? So this is mind is constantly. You know, they're I feel like. Sometimes he does try to reinvent the wheel to show. How smart you know, what I mean? So, but you know, as far as Sunday, I'll just I'll say it again. I don't know what is in his mind as far as the crowd reaction for this. I just I don't know if it's that like you. You know, does does he think that people will get behind Brock because Brian just turned on AJ? They want him to get his come up ins or will. They look at the size difference and root for the underdog. Even though he just turned on AJ. I don't know, you know. And I'm I'm very I'm really looking forward to see, you know, we'll the crowd get behind either of them or will they sit on their hands. Or you know, what will they do? I mean, I have a feeling and I don't want, you know, I feel I feel like I'm pitching interference. And then like every match, but I wonder again, if you know AJ styles not booked on the car at agent sells did not take Daniel Bryan's place in the raw versus smackdown elimination match is is AJ going to somehow get involved, and and that leads to Brock. Over again Brock's. He'll so nothing wrong with him winning with, you know, a distraction, and and that leads, you know, I think it will get a pop for AJ, right? 'cause he's he's getting back at Brian. And then you know, you can resume the and Daniel Bryan feud, and you have an excuse for the newly crowned WW champion losing a match. So, you know, I wonder if this is something as simple as that. What's the long term trajectory for Daniel? Bryan after going he'll now does it might you know, is it a Becky Lynch likes situation. But but the way it was post to go more fans actually did boob. Ryan. But it gave him an edge. It gave them a boost. Or is this is seen as more of a hail Mary for Brian who they felt was sort of flat. And they don't really have term plans or hopes, and he'll be a less of a baby face by the time. He turns again, if there's not a good explanation now, I sort of trust Brian to come up with I think he thinks about his character. And and wouldn't be in favor of this. If he didn't have an exit plan to kind of end up landing as a baby face long term. But what do you see in that regard? Well, I think Daniel will be a terrific. He'll and not, you know, the last time he was he'll WW. It was it was kind of a almost a comedic thing. Right with the, you know, the goat face, and, you know, the, no, no, no. You know? I it was it was it was it was like a fluky. He would get fluke win. Wins. And and he was you know, more funny than anything else. Daniel Bryan can be a serious. He'll he's done it before. And I think that's the guy. We're going to see now is serious. You know, bitter. I'll do whatever it takes to win. And I think they can tell a good story that with him coming back and not getting the reaction that maybe he expected at him being frustrated with losing some matches that he thought he he should have won. I think there's a good story to tell there. And I think Daniel is such a TalentEd Perform or that he he can really tell that story and and had layers, you know, to to this character. I have a feeling though, this was alternately more about AJ styles. And I think AJ had had the title for over a year, and, you know, even though at the end came abruptly, but to say, the least I don't think it was necessarily a bad idea to take the title off of him and have them go back into chase mode a little bit. And I think ultimately AJ, I think I think Vince does like AJ a lot, you know, he wouldn't have held the title for a year if he didn't. He doesn't necessarily look at them as like he's Brock Leser or even Roman reigns. But he's a guy that Vince likes. And he's a guy Vince has no problem putting title on for a long time. And I think you know, now we can see AJ in chase mode. AJ's got a real, you know, a bitter rival here now in in Daniel who who now has all this heat or should have all this heat turning. And I think now you're gonna see great program between these two, and ultimately, I would expect to see the title, you know, back on AJ. That's the way I think it's gonna go. But you know, again who knows what's going to happen circumstances change as we found out for sure. And if Daniel really catches fire as as a heel champion and Vince thinks that's where the money is. Then you could see it go that way. I think Vince would be much more open to Daniel, Bryan. As a heel champion, then as the baby face champion -essarily. Who's you know, again, he he looks at you know, Roman reigns and John CENA Moore's those kind of guys. But I think as heel champion. I mean, you know, Daniels such a talented in ring performer, he could have great matches against a lot of a lot of different opponents. But again, my feeling is it's going to end up back with AJ. Eventually, what do you have a wrestlemainia top four matches in your head right now including recalibrating based on what happened Tuesday. You know, where does the W W title end up universal title and up, and if you know, we're we're all leading towards Becky Rhonda right now, but not willing to, you know, put our, you know. Hundred percent odds on that by any means, and then special attraction match wise, you know, a Batista. If hunter isn't available or if he is. Well, yeah. The certainly things intern here into disarray as far as w title, my feeling for the universal title is is I believe that Braun strowman is going to be the guy to be listener. And then drew McIntyre perhaps wins the Royal rumble. And and you get drew McIntyre and Braun strowman pretty universal title. That's. I'm not real hundred percent confident in that pick. But themes, like that, you know, things are headed in that direction. Certainly drew has has really been protected from a booking standpoint. And clearly they're big plans for him. And obviously Braun I think you know, the time is right Braun to get the title. And you know, but I don't know what that means. You know, I haven't really thought about fleshing out the card. I don't know what that means for Lessner going forward, or you know, would be thrown into the match, and then it's a triple threat. You know, can they I'm thinking, I don't know. But that listener is just going to be either. He's just going to be too into USC at that point schedule-wise either. Like, I don't necessarily even assume he's going to be on wrestlemainia this year. Yeah. I wouldn't assume that he. Yeah. I wouldn't assume that either, you know, petite currently, you know, obviously, they were looking at the Teesta and and hunter and now, you know, hundreds suffering, the torn pack is gonna even be available. You know, I think Batista's still going to be part of the show. But now now instead of you know, sort of a legends match, which again, I'll be honest, I saw the Teesta and hunter back in the day. And it was fine two thousand five or whatever it was. I really don't need to see it again in twenty eighteen I had zero interest in that match. And I'm not that I wanted hundred to get hurt obviously. But if that match doesn't happen, I'm fine with that. I would rather you put the Teesta in the ring with somebody. He's never been in the ring with before who who's a younger guy, you know. Or if you want to go to the dream match, you know, route and and put. I'm in, you know, if you wanna go nostalgia put him in the ring with Goldberg, you know, a match that's never I think they've wrestled each other. But but but Teesta wasn't as big of a star. Or, you know, if lenders go too good to be around listener and Batista is a dream match. That's you know, that's never happened. If Drew's not in the in the match with Stroman, then I think puts ruin their with Petit, and that's a nice southern Eggers cap. I like I like mizzen, Batista. Now. That's what I never thought of because you know, over the Hollywood. Yeah. Kind of a Hollywood thing, and it just gives you a chance to get a win over a guy who can take a win. It's clear face. He'll dynamic it elevates MS because he had a special tracks match with Batista. So if Mr. baby faces a bigger star for it. I mean that seems like one of the better options for MS and match wise. It's just safer, Batista. You don't miss can fill fifteen minutes as a pro with him. So that jumps out to me is maybe not on everyone's radar. But I I kind of like that I like it better than for played for sure. Absolutely. I mean to me any option almost any option would have been better than he said hundred just you know, it was the same when I was working there. And and it was Batista. And Randy Orton. I was like you kidding me? What nobody wants to see that. What about Shane McMahon is a he'll against Batista's a baby face. I you know, it's hard for me to be objective. I just and it's not personal. I don't know. Shane mcmahon. I I don't think I've ever met changing, man. I'm just not a fan of Shane McMahon. As a as a wrestling performer. I'm just I just don't you know, it does nothing for me. And you know him, you know, winning the World Cup thing. And I just I'm you know, chain doesn't he doesn't. He's like superman, right? He's like the modern day stone cold Steve Austin or John CENA, and he's a forty seven year old executive non wrestler, and I it's hard for me to to stomach into the by him having these great matches with AJ styles and the undertaker, and you know, I I would love Shane to be nowhere near wrestlemainia. But obviously he'll be there. Here's the one match. I would wanna see, you know, we talked about triple h now we're talking about Shane I wanna see the two brothers in law fight because. There's a shoot aspect there that could be really brought out in promos if they chose to go there. That's the only match I wanna see Shane in and one of the few matches. I would wanna see hunter. And at this point, let's wrap up with just quick thoughts on the undercard. I mean, I think this is a two match show. But the team Roberts has team on match will be good. I mean, there's a lot of good recipes in that match. It's it's going to have time to flesh it self out. Anything jump out to you that when you look at MS Shane Ray, Joe and hardy against drew Dolf, Braun Lashley and Finn. What kind of story? Do you think Vince wants to tell where when the matches over we accomplished this with one or two or three of the characters? Honestly, I think it's all about your McIntyre. You know, I think if he's going to he's been pushed he's been protected, and if he's headed where I think he's headed, you know, which is a big match wrestlemainia. This is a showcase, you know, survivor series matches have been used a showcases for guys many times. And I I think you know, you're gonna see drew McIntyre as as one of the. Survivors. I think team roll we'll go over McIntyre will survive for sure I think he'll look strong in it. I think he'll eliminate some guys. But you know, I I don't think he let's say it'd be the only one I think he makes valor at the end, maybe even Bobby Lashley who could be protected and and be there at the end. I don't think Braun strowman, surprisingly, I don't think Ron Strom. It is going to survive because something tells me, Barry Corbin may get involved, and that may lead to Braun, even you know, leaving the ring to chase, you know, bear into the back and he gets counted out. I think it could be there could be something fluky like that with Stroman. But I I don't I don't see team smackdown winning. But you know, I'm very curious to see how shame it man gets eliminated. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if it's shame is left as the only man on his team facing lake four on one or five one one. Then he beats this guy then he'd beats that guy. Oh, but he finally he succumbs to the numbers game at the end. I wrote this the other day in my my first box column if there's any Justice dos Ziglar will will beat he will eliminate shame as as payback for what happened at World Cup. But as we all know there is no Justice. Yes. Okay. So they women's tag match nyah to meet a Mickey Italian ruby riot against Oscar Carmella Naomi Sonia in one more. I you think I don't know how if it had happened when you were there, we're we're a wrestler hurts another wrestler autopsy on the tension Louis, but that doesn't mean it wasn't responsible. Incident where someone should have been more careful. Do you think nyah Jack's given those circumstances ends up in any way in the doghouse are being punished for this? Do you have examples of that happening? And then and then kind of preview this match too because they have this opportunity also to set up. Ny jacks as a killer for Ronda Rousey next. And and take advantage of what night did to Becky because it wasn't advertently and create a sense of doubt of whether on it can beat somebody this big who broke becky's face. Yeah. I think in this instance, like, I don't know how much cheaper is on on. I mean, I think she's well liked it, certainly, you know, she has family connections in the business. So I don't know that that there's heat on her or that she'll be punished. I don't think she will. My instinct tells me that this is going to try and capitalize on this. And and you know, that she's you know, Moreover, I guess as a monster. Now, I mean legitimately poke someone ace like that's. That's that's a legit thing. She broke her face and the image of the blood and everything else like to me, especially if you're gonna have ni- going up against Rhonda. I mean, can you couldn't have scripted it any better, right? As far as making Nile, look like killer is she she faces someone like Rhonda. So I don't think there's going to be any heat. And in fact, I think team rawal wins. And I think nyah and into Meena who, you know, they're they're promoting the two of them is kind of too bad ass women. I think they'll be the survivors. So that that's you know, it's it's naive is like the first one eliminated up, and then we'll know punishment. But I don't think so I think I mean, certainly it wasn't done on purpose. I think everyone knows that. And I think this would be like all right? You know, it sucked for Becky, and and it's unfortunate. But all right. You know, the happened. And now, how can we capitalize on it? And this is how we're going to do it. How about south rollin Shinsegei? Do you think one is one of those guys? Are likely to be protected or giving a boost or is it just even Steven one of them wins. And they kind of forget it happened to move on. Well, I mean, it's it's a little disappointing to me in a sense that this should be a dream match. And it should have this big really big feel to it. And to me anyway, it just doesn't it? Because since days, you know, has just not lived up to expectations and WWE in you know, some of that is booking you'll probably some of it falls on to for maybe not quite living up to his there's reputation, but this to meet doesn't feel like the dream match. It should as Seth is clearly the more over of the two that said, I think this is an opportunity tell a story between Steph and dean, and again, I know it sounds like I'm predicting outside interference and every match. But I really do think like dean is going to get involved in cost the match. Yeah. Yeah. I think that can be a storyline forwarding match as opposed to you know, the dream that scenario who's better how about the because because be upside because it needs to win some matches too. One. Yeah. Yeah. That's what they're going to win that. No. That's a good point. I mean that is a factor in this. As you watch it play out. I mean, they're not gonna just give one brand all but one win. For instance, they're going to try to keep writing someone even then the ALPA against shameless and says I'm looking forward to this. I just I think it's a chance for LP to to show a fans who haven't seen them a lot of a match that can get them over and against shamelessness Azzaro who fans no are tough and bad ass and big I I think this is a a sleeper of maj. Not not interesting the best of the night. But in terms of actually having some impact and being memorable and a significant part of the show that helps move forward. Yeah. I think my first instinct was of course, you would give AO p the win because their team on the rise. And and shame says are don't need the win 'cause they're more established. But again, I think smackdown needs to win some matches. And I think this will be another one they win. And I think the X factor is big show is in shamelessness czars corner and Drake maverick is in authors with pains quarter. So I see a big advantage. For the smackdown team. And I think. I think AARP will be protected, but I think smackdown guys go over any thoughts on the tag match the survivor series take match with a bunch of they found they found the colognes insanity and Galveston Anderson, they'd be job who sows. I honestly I I worked with Primo and epica when I was there, and I love those guys, but I honestly legitimately forgot. They were on the roster. I think it's gonna be a this is going to be the most one sided match on the card if you look at the team role. I mean. Boy, you talk about a a red flag. How how how weak the raw tag team division? I mean, Bobby Rudin sad gablers a team captains for God's sake. They weren't even a team a couple of months ago. So I I think the smackdown guys over, and I think certainly who sows and new day will be I don't know if they'll let anyone I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole team survived if it was a clean sweep, you know. But certainly I think new day who those are going to be there at the end. And then any thoughts on the cruiserweight match. Other than I don't think anybody cares about it. You know, which is unfortunate. Both of the buddy Murphy and the stuff Aliya post talented guys. But I don't think anybody's really interested in it. And I think to five live is become such an afterthought for WWE management. But you know, I I guess buddy Murphy only when the title of months or so ago, so I don't see why they would take it off of him at this point. So I don't see a title change. Yep. Yep. Our kevin. Thank you. Great. Great talking to you about this. I'm glad we I mean with so much that happened on Tuesday. It was great to get you on this week to to help try to make sense of it. And and look at the different possibilities that are out there. I mean, I'm not necessarily in favor of everything that happened this week, and I was very much looking forward to Becky and Rhonda and less so Charlotte. Rhonda, but it's not just a cliff drop of interest because they're Charlotte's a big name. And I'm really curious what they do. They're Daniel Bryan. I still want to see it play out. I was looking forward to AJ getting a win Overbrook, but I also was bracing myself for disappointment. 'cause I'm a Minnesota pro sports fan, and I'm used to that. And so Daniel Bryan, maybe as a heel against Brock who's sort of a he'll I I mean, it is not a not in a car wreck way. But in just it's so unexpected what's happening that you just watching it it, it does feel more novel the rest of the card looks fine. I mean, it's it's nice. There's good met inch should be good matches good action. But yeah, it's been fun. Appreciate your insight. Anytime way. It's always fun for me. Like, I said so give one more plug to help people can find you. So social media and online if you aren't sure you can find me on Twitter at Kevin Eck. You can find me on press box online dot com. 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