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IWVT Ep. 123 Between Us Chickens


Improvised Weapons Features Audio from Donald Boards Dot Com it provides premium music sound effects and voice that enhance any tabletop experience until you know Bieber with the battle part prime subscription you can get access to the entire catalogue as well as tools like soundboards. The mixer battle boards cast allowing broadcaster audio online across any virtual tabletop service. It you can even upload emits from your private audio wiber and with battle boards prime you getting twenty twenty percent discount on all purchases head to battle boards dot Com. Subscribe to battle barreds prime using coupon code. I W V tea chest to save some money and what the mobile century battle parts to your game to the next level the greatest table top audio library material. Uh Yeah the following is an original actual play dungeons and dragons. podcast featuring comedians mediums get improvisers and be creep state of Vermont. Welcome to improvise weapons. UH Last time on improvised weapons. Because what we could do is Kelly are Ringo George Pete. Best's STU SUTCLIFFE. Yeah this feels importance of the guys in scheduling are always razzing like such Dutch Dutch. Can't dig dig a hole without breaking a few eggs right. I'm pretty sure the phrase is you can't make an Omelet without digging a hole as the holidays fast approach. We just wanted wanted to say happy. Whatever you celebrate or if you celebrate nothing happy holiday season being almost over and everything going back to normal normal whichever message applies to you is the one we want you to know comes our court now to it and Welcome to improvised weapons. Last time on the show the gang made it into the feast. They managed to forge their invitations. Mutations and pick up some great new fantasy names like Ringo George best and classic fantasy classic fantasy names so they managed to bluff their way in and get into the feast proper Where they were met with a lavishly setup table full full of all kinds of meats? Snacks charcuterie these cheeses breads knots and began to. Mingle see what they could do. They all sort of took up posts in different places to see what they could overhear CASSIE and overheard a conversation between tease. Oh and someone named have roster about harassers fears about what could go wrong. Ill dove overheard a conversation between some goblins and dwarf about Omelettes and digging thing And you're got a good look at a gentleman that had a large pair of bright red wings and what looked like a branding iron alien eight meet Els Vegetarian and soon after they were all beckons to take a seat at the table will because they're lowered was about to attend to them. Elders on came out of the front double doors of the library and addressed the crowd speaking of their their history and what they were meant for protecting this world from the week by calling the week from leaving only the strong saying things like Anyone who survives their cleansing flame deserves to in anyone who falls too. It was already dead and then surprised the crowd with two things. First I. He brought out Sir Therapist who was tied to a table and left him out Within view of all he then handed the proceedings over over to who after hitting a small button caused a large section of the ceiling of the cavern to disintegrate About the size of a football. Oh fielder soul allowing the shining setting sun to to come through landing pretty much directly on the table and at that very same moment from behind the library. Amidst the sounds of ace squealing Kassian. A floating ship appeared settling over the front of the library. Some sort of aerial boats. Yes and elders on labeled it as the platform from which he would view the Great War I feel like it's some have to be renamed at some point and elders own then retreated into the library. Beckoning everyone to enjoy the rest of the feast to each drink. Be Merry and then rest. Well well for tomorrow. Is the day that we will march into a new age. That is where we pick up so Kassian squealing like a Beatles Fan. Yes in his outing in my seat like biting my knuckles he is hysterical. Someone has gotten a fire hose out. It's to Kenner of this water hip everyone at the table Still like gregarious chatting with each other now reaching grabbing food grabbing drinks drinks having a corrales. I'm still listening in blaming to be edging closer therapy to testing the boundaries. Of course I can Britain There are some some Fokker like getting up stretching their legs a little bit sort of going off to have slightly more private conversations but still like every so often someone just like points again is like that is incredible that let's cast the entire time cool. CASSIE is holding a goblet under his mouth to catch up my anywhere near her roster Ortizo Yeah have roster and teaser. Were or whether we're success. We're both that's a word both near the head of the table sort of at elder zones right hand quote quote unquote hand. And so you're you're you know you could. You could get closer to them your table away. I'm going to sort of pretend like I saw something On the table that I really want food item that I it's near roster that I needed to grab and as I'm sort of reaching passer to grab it I'm going to look at her and sort sort of give the concerned expression say what why so nervous. It's a party yourself. Well it feel better now. Everything seems to have worked out somewhat. Okay just you know. Someone's got to worry right otherwise. Who knows what's going to happen Were you in charge of this display. My Gosh you pulled it off. Magnificent life go this. This is not me this I the head inscribe so anyway I chronicle everything that we've been through and and I also sort of act as as herald of of our Lord so I was just here to introduce him Kim the type and also the one that he tends to air his frustrations to so to cope with that fascinating. What is it like being so close to the big guy? It's it's an honor to say that it's an honor. Of course plus you have to say that but just just between US chickens given the dench not sure understand the freeze. The chickens we are proud has polymorphism casting. You aren't a chick. Ah Let's move. Speech figure of speech have roused. I mean I mean sorry. No I'm not gonNA username figurative speech. I mean sorry once oh I contested saying party. What's your name your name to ask what delighted to meet you Ringo? Yes my friends. Call me the octopus. God you know what I see it uh-huh so he's got a temper though. I can imagine that a lot of stress. He's he's typing so I have to ask and maybe this is a silly question. How exactly does a floating ball of is pilot a ship? Hope I AH I. I wouldn't know you'd really. You'd probably want to speak to about that. Of course the gearhead that makes sense yes as well It was literally to meet you. Rosser you you as well octopus garden. Hey we're we friends were friends from that. You know what I like. I love that short and sweet. Can I call you. H No okay. Don't change and I sort of a pat on the back and sleep over to tease out to teasers. At Least Tease O.. has is sort of still a top per rhino looking up marvelling. At at what she's been able to accomplish. Several people have sort of come over in turn to congratulate her and she is currently. It's speaking with with an an female okay. I'm going to sort of just like wait politely. For a second and sort of eavesdrop to just act like like I don't want to just but my way right into the conversation to weaken pan away from me if somebody else wants to do something to make wanted to edge towards therapy therapy right right at this point once again like people broken off from the table everyone is sort of enjoying the fair. FDR that is available and and people have also sort of taken notice of therapist in that in that he's been left there. Some people have like maybe walked up and just ridiculed him a a little bit. been like you know. Why are you being such a coward? Join US and get on the real team. Some people are throwing food at him so he's not. It wouldn't be completely out of in writing ordinary. Everyone's acting. Yeah so you certainly could make your way over right gauge. Get a look at how he's actually doing. Is he still floating or is he. No no the table has been settled on the ground. It's it's just like up ended off the top. I'm going to get as close as I can. Just come see Roy. rebounders are with this. I can reach out actually touch something that without them. Getting upset like reach out like like I'm looking like what is that So you approach and you sort of reach out like you're like you're poking at yeah we're GONNA poking is he real that type of thing like this and you you poke him sort of around the mid section and you can see him like wince like. There's probably a bruise there. Will you did it. But you're able to touch him and there's no barrier or anything and the narcotics aren't like I m e weird. They're just Kinda okay. They're still there. Yeah they're not fix are still there. They did not retreat with elder care. How I'm getting close to the cans away from people that can't really hear me fish? I mean how close is there. A ray around. What's going on now is tied to a table so I'll go second alternative whisper so he can hear me so thera surfeit CR? Don't look like myself we finally got in. We're here to save you. He sort of dejectedly picks his head up from looks at you stares for a moment with his head cocked and then there's a moment of recognition. Imagine like a really luxurious beard and not in the concave chicken happened happened to your face. It's not important right now. Right now. What's important is how are you? Are you you in any at all shape to maybe escape. Looked like thumb their focus literally tears start welling up. I know I'm well aware of my appearance. Sorry it was just no hockey you. Your face is like smelling salts. They think of as an extra added bonus. I'm I'm not in a good way. I I would have they done to you. Hell we lost the battle of the Gaetan got at least a broken arm and several broken ribs and aw they fed me but that's about it have they can I- insight and see if he's if I can tell he's like himself that I've known is it because I just WanNa make sure he's not already mind-controlled Nineteen is not you don't see any of the telltale signs of mind control and you've seen mind control before you've been my you've been is very well. Well where he's not showing any of that he looks like to be in control of his faculties. Where did they keep you? I was I I kept his own side. He's been proselytized tune. Essentially I can't even imagine He's going to bring you back skin. There were trying to figure out a way to to get you out and fight this somehow. But we've been hitting a roadblock everywhere we've been going now thick look me in the ass. Ah Look looking angrily making. I am going to in a second. Hold on one second Lego. How dare you say that to me and I go up to smack him in on the side and while I'm doing that I'm gonNA cast greater Sorry Casco cure wound of it going role for he's still gonNA take damage. 'cause I'm going to punch him at the role Fortune's I don't have to roll how much I'm not really from the head I wanted to go to ill. Devon's maybe you can communicate Timothy Timothy. Right yeah okay I mean okay. Aw What's wrong. I know I was going to lake flirt with some people so I wanted go see what's up with that big deal with the way totally. Yeah it's twenty two points of healing twenty. I guess he's kind of therapist so kate speaking of the big dude with the wings. What about the other thing that flew down in there been here what happened with that? Yeah where did it go. So it didn't fly in within the dome. It flew down into the cavern right from from the cavern so it was kind of kind of hard to track because of all of the other things you were seeing in your delight over the airship it may not even have landed yet wherever it was home once it came through the whole and wants. It wasn't under the light anymore is it's like super hard to see against the cavern seal which is brief talk. What did it look like when it was in the light? Kinda like a Garg Oil. Maybe it sort of had a similar outlined to it but bigger okay so bat wings humanoid shape not I mean the thing is it's not necessarily bat wings wings and roughly Ed. How much larger than Gargle you'd say probably a solid like three to four times larger but it's not a giant size no okay so it wasn't like a giant stage not giant-sized it's like what troll size like what are we? The body was probably roughly the size of like a very large ox. Oh okay okay. The Wingspan Manche. Nothing really I can do this by just listening in so Asians your fake you punch him in the side. What's your strength? modifier mystery modifiers plus three three. So you do four points of damage when you punch him right Abba then you also. He'll him for twenty two points and he sort of gives like ooh thank you. Don't thank me yet. I I wish you hadn't done that. Don't waste your magic on me. Not Wasting signet your thick shut your mouth and listen. How dare you speak to me like that? Your Fiqh don't waste it on me. I'm not going to be able to help you. Okay how can't you. You are the only one that can control the tempered steel if we have any chance to have any help. Weren't you listening to anything he said he gave you. The answer caught off the head. Everything you see around you hear falls apart without help him. Yes it does but we are only what we are. We need every bit of people with us just like he has them around. Don't have the time once he gets above ground. The war machine is on the march. He's alone right now. Paul and I'm not leaving you behind your fic- verified. I appreciate the sentiment which who are a fool. You can consider me the biggest fool ever because I'd rather be fool with friends than a than a brave asshole running an unarmed on with you. What do you mean unarmed? He can stop magic with his eyes and also I lost a hand but that's beside the point you can't ah that's great. I gesture with the shoulder that passant. I can't show you. Because if they see it they will know him here. Perhaps I can what he sort of motions with his head towards his right arm which he's unable to move because that's the arm that's broken right but that's also the arm that has his granite marble trian about the arm. I didn't Norfolk like I said. Don't whisper magical. There is one thing I can do to help you right now. What is it take it? I can't take your arm taken to physically. We can't rip it off of you. I'm not that strong. It's not. I can release my hold on it and you can take take it under the guise of claiming the trophy i. I don't care sell it to them somehow but take it and then use it. I am not going to leaving behind. Blame not going to spend my time. Wasting at here Norfolk. You are getting out of this. It kills me okay. So then you're GONNA die. Then I will. I will doc if I have to Norfolk. You're better served getting this done now and saving me later if it's possible but saving me now now doesn't help you at all. It only wastes the limited resources you have and more than likely alerts all of these people to what what you're doing you've already spent a lot of time talking to it is about to ended right. Now you're right but believe me when I say you're coming back now. Let's cross that bridge later. The promise that he he spits in your face I take my hand I wipe it off. Maybe the week should should be taken care of now and not given a chance to convert and elbow him across the head as I take I come down and take the arm off. I'll be in keeping. This is a remembrance of your failure. Role Performance Fifteen. You say it loud enough for others to hear it. You're putting on a show and a couple of people throw up an arm and they're like yeah you show it and someone like throws throws Rosa shrimp fitting how fitting leaving leaving a little a little red sauce mark right there. How closer to the ocean? Is this shrimp shrimp. Even really good or just teleportation cave shrimp yeah huma underground pools. It's all white not pick and yeah it looks like they got it nice. I hold it hold. I give him one last look and I wink. Horribly is is the classic quench it. He sort of lets his head lol down again. What are you doing with? The hand is approaching the the red winged man. I was watching the conversation between the two of them One more thing before you get to your things that also I take the fist as it is and and I do this to it just signal you guys multiple queer but just pointing to the arm doing the doing it right telepathy Jack. I kinda wave that off so you approach. He's like yeah. I'm like just approach gentlemen. Yes hold important just like very flirtatiously. I'm just like did. Did you see that ship God and like I would never but wouldn't it be weird if someone stole it. Why would you without turning his head and still standing he never took a seat? Right was invited to sit. He remained standing And his wings sort of not not unfurled but like in stone at his back says it was very very impressive and yes it would be very strange. Were someone to steal it while you are just a hard nut to crack. What's her name? This is the first time he sort of actually like turns his head slightly just enough to get you in his eye line and and you can see it's like it's side. I best looking at you in a sort of looks down at you. He's tall. He stands with a solid to sort of looks down Hugh Announces Chilean. Well I'm George Anyway thanks for the chat dude anything after the comedian. Yeah like what's your into rods four. He's an iron. We're anyway like your wings up later. If you WANNA hang I will be busy. I have a workforce yeah really Tricia Oh right indoctrination. Well elders on forever me elders on. Yes that's that's what. Yeah that's what I said forever though though right. Yeah just going to just kind of backs away well. I don't really know where I was going with. But he sort of gives gives like just like a small flap of his wings as walkaway. Yeah yeah like a dismissive like during yeah and then his head forward it again and turns three sixty like an owl. Just yet gets back teams shrimps and they are so red. It's Yeah uh-huh he's a tornado. I have plus twelve against Flamingo. In every time the only feet I took Ardabil champions of forgotten realms Khotan here is this week's Co Ed Hey k. e. z. i.. Ed C W E l.. T. That code again is make Zinc Welt. It is good until December twenty four th make Zinc Welt words to live by now back to the show so I was watching the conversation between therapist and they couldn't see because he was facing away from me. I can see verified and I can it understood every I could understood everything he said. Yes you can read his so I was like he's got to kill. He's alone in the library. We gotta get to the library. Which I was literally about to say that Lindsey now I'm connecting can go on a walk kid so I was watching the eating Prasada and again the library? Then somebody got the fist and then start moving towards the library not like going into the library but just walking and towards that led casino. Elders owns alone in the library right now. And this is our best chance to get their their if it gave me his fist and he said to go here. Fifty favored fisted me. I I also don't know how to get this thing to attached to my hand but we we haven't tried any L.. Let Casino and we need to make a beeline for it now. This is our chance all right so I look Kassian telepathically. Tell Him we gotTA gotTa go under my Kassian Kassian. We gotta get to the library. The library is open. It's open and he's alone. Okay do we have any idea how long this supposed to go on. What does the invitation say? We left the invitations and said he invites till question. Mark question does everybody. Does I guess archives after we go to the pub. Yeah Okay Yeah. You don't know how long it's supposed to last. But elders words before he left were like eat drink could be married enjoy and unrest well so right that that seems to imply like having the time so like I'm just thinking I'm thinking back to it to dog I I mean he'll probably be alone for a while won't he. It's not like these people are GonNa go bunk with him in the library after the party. I WANNA I want to figure out how to fly the ship but if we if we give me like five stocking with alien at this point parallel to you you and toured the library all right well okay. Five minutes okay. I really this to our faith in an he needs to get on task. This isn't about the airship I can't eat. That's our root out. Don't you guys get it. That's our that's our getaway vehicle. I can't eat anymore so personas and make it fast. Could you save me including sodium. Tim What have I been overhearing between xoan whoever's she's this she's talking while I've been while he's on a Arolla perception. Let's see fourteen. You've overheard bits and pieces of this. This female Elf. Who you've heard her name now is Alamar? You've heard Piso are Ale. Maher coming up to saying no. Congratulations this is an amazing thing. That you've I somehow been able to keep hidden from from everybody even even me the master of communications. How do you intend to be able to coordinate? All all of the all of the troops and everything from from this vessel and tease o assures her that there are the same mirrors that the US to speak with all the generals. There's one of them on the ship. So elders will still be able to use that and speak to anyone who's who's necessary. Of course we can always you know Send sending a message. Or what have you so that that is all safely. Thought this. This is not something that that we are. You know blithely wandering and that sort of the conversation. They're having an alien eventually it ends by a Lamar saying like fine. I'm glad it's all thought out. Don't don't appreciate not being included. She sort of stocks off and then angrily eats at Pittsburgh. I I will up to tease. Oh and I say well. She left on a half. I'm told we have you to thank for this magnificent apparition yes yes. This is This is doing very very proud. Were you should be my God. He could have knocked me over with a feather when it rose up from the from the ground like that I mean what does it at least two though must require. I can't even imagine. What do you need a crew of twenty thirty two? Run up thing It it can run fairly light if need be it's Leaning Oh yeah. Of course you didn't hear it for me you know what's interesting about the ship is that it's actually run by in Ancient Elf's Oh so there's barely way back. When before recorded history the elves listen had cracked sort of limitation beasts travel unit a power source the only thing that they could they could come up with sufficiently efficiently? Powerful enough was was that of of the so this this particular vessel is a powered by an Elf named Rygiel. Yep who can who can control most of the the necessary duties in terms of navigation and movement anything else for positioning cannons weaponry ear. Or what have you that. That's all stuff that you need physical Labor to be done but this ship actually does a lot of it. It's it has a personality. What an elegant solution and one worthy of elders zone himself So you just talk to tell them what to do my government's diabolically clever. Yes you do you do have to have a report you have to convince it. Essentially the when it's on your side well persuasions Oh has been strong. Suit availed zone. Right long right. So yes absolutely he is he is not one to disagree with you know I. I wonder what it must be like giant brain like that you know cooped up away library by himself. What must be thinking pondering there? Couldn't you begin to speculate. I mean the EONS. He's been down there. I assume he's read every book in that library. Who knows who knows? I didn't catch your name. Oh it's Ringo Ringo. It's an absolute delight to meet you and again you should be very proud. Enjoy a night happen. Your joints my garage. You've earned that she should just sort of say. Well I'm going to lots of people to catch up with. It's been a bit since I've been down below but really have a smashing evening and I sort of look seidel away not sleaze Seidel. This time. I sidled I'm I'm capable of many siblings modes of transportation. So you you seidel from Zo sort back towards the table grab another snack. Pretend to say hello to somebody. indistinctly couple of people are like me me me me me. I sort of wave remarks and and I'm going to be sort of surreptitiously looking at the library entrance. In what the sort of guard situation or two paying attention to it all that good stuff photo of us at the same time go time for party break is the bathroom. He ivory right all right. Let's so we're not. Yes yes we want to show off that. We have to go to the bathroom. Oh made boom boom. Let's get the best perception role of the the timing. Because I got an eight that one I'm eighteen. I finally got my net twenty or perception so alien looking at the open doors of the library once again the double doors open outward Yar Open. The nothing's down at the the the head of the table still just sort of like looking around stuff but there's no guards on the doors just inside the doors. You don't see see any evidence of any guards. It's mostly just kind of dark. There's a hallway cashing you'll be okay and the here's a monocle trail and then the really the only thing sort of standing between you physically are like the velvet ropes that are set up because they all the way to the walls of the the in front of library like you just have to sort of get over them and like not incur the notice of the nothing ex but otherwise it doesn't really look like anyone his paying attention. Meanwhile ill dove the dude wings are like flapping. Oh how ooh ill Dov still standing near the Chilean You just you make like a real. Concerted did effort to look at the door like like you're peering around him and it's hard to see because he's he's a wide presidency senior the with the wings and everything eventually you feel this sort of heavy pleaded hands settle on your shoulder you hear that same voice again. His head now turned towards uh-huh and he looks down Yunos. What were you just trying to see? Who's just I'm trying to guess? If that was real velvet you know just Lord then they go up touch the rope to come back go. Okay okay so I go there open then come soft hey af that is a real. Have you touched everybody at the table. It's not my thought we could afford real so yeah very very real satisfied. Well the when she went up to touch the velvet did I mean did the narcotics turn to look at her because she walked she had to have walked behind them to touch it right she did have to walk behind them to touch it. The the nothing sort of on the left hand side did like turn its head and follow her and she did so so we will will be watched if we try to make it up into the library Jand. We can't disguise ourselves or go invisible because the narcotics will see we get demand doors distraction or distract up some thoughts as Asu spouse what saying that you mentioned are but we want to save spells. My G is troll angry. ooh What were you thinking Kassian. I was thinking an an illusion. CAST major image of cuellar showing up and unlike doing some crazy magic like making a race in two parties being attacked by Coil. Are I'll know we would have to do something with the no. Thanks because they would recognize that it's an illusion so I have like half apple plan but everybody but in optics I also can't cast blindness and I'm checking now to see if I can do that on more than one creature at once. I also have of a distraction idea of the fly just released the Dan horse fly to go around and bug. Everybody else get their attention on the fly. The fly to bug them. Yes yes I don't hate that so and we could. Even we could jazz it up with some illusions to make it seem more impressive or we just the pipes of haunting affect everybody. That can hear it. Everybody was in a thirty the radius. Save those that you designate. So we could maybe make the narcotics and everybody in Europe like running the other direction causes stampede within thirty yeah. I said everybody near US but like that's still probably enough to make a big distraction. Right I don't know I'm just thinking thinking not out loud. Obviously like in head chat on our core channel on the. Oh my God there's the ever burning flask. Yeah to yeah. That's what I'm saying. I'm trying to think if we can use the ever burning Glasgow on your Gerke and some way. That doesn't seem like it's coming from us. May Chand knocked your razer over. It will drop through with H.. Hand I make a major image of quail are like banding in and throwing it on him. You know the nothing's will know. Oh that was an illusion. But they won't necessarily where it came from and there will still be a big on fire troll without the Anon- magic. Yeah let's do it all right. Eight boom. Let's go for it so I served to Sisley. Well are real near each other. We're still by the You you're not near each other yet but you can in your everyone is free to move about the presence angle without suspicion. Sure so we'll we'll kind of get in a rough cluster sort of nearest near each other near into the library without year. But far enough that it's on attracting suspicion and I'll slip the ever bring flask to into the May hand and get ready to cast my illusion. Okay what I'm going to make it look like when I fire. This thing is that it's gonNA look like cuellar bursts out of the ground and hurls the flask into the trolls back and cackles disappears underground again. Like to Tommy okay. So order operations. Bill Davis summoning her sexy witch. Kassian is passing off the glass into sexy chant which has a mood bring on it now. Yeah Okay let's blue interesting. The which handles feeling sensual She is essentially holding the burning flask and then Kassian is Kassian role sleight sleight of hand. I'm assuming I don't want anyone to see you casting a spell. Yeah right I get advantage from the gloves. Right or or the bonus. Maguire is you do get the bonus from. Here's such a good Ed wrinkle you remember how Quayle Larkin Detach his hands. Go Rhino wish to make it look like whalers hand. I love that and that we don't even have to earn a big spending. BET like too big of a spell I mean. Well yeah a troll. Well you still might want to have quailed. There's nobody sees it. It's quite large. But if they see a witch hand with a mood ring on it fair enough right yeah you could argue minorly major. Losing Keilor and I can minor losing hand okay samford sleight of hand. I rolled a when twenty eight twenty nine cool. So with your twenty eight you Super under the radar just like. We'll your fingers a whole bunch no one even notices and cast major damage just like there's just this explosion of dirt and gravel gravel as like bursts up from underneath behind your Kirk and very like like yeah of course like this big boom and burst and that very same moment spiracy moment ill dove using sexy hand throws the ever burning flask Throw it can use the hand to crush minor. Allusion to look like whalers hand Pour it right on it your Kirk and pour it out for your home. And this is like whalers and yeah and it looks like whalers he and due to the minor allusion from AOL and this thick red liquid. The minute exits the D. The IT begins to And it drips down down onto your head and like down his back and this other worldly howl comes out from him just this has magical burning starts and all of a sudden people from the crowd. What what what's going on someone put your workout? And he's disappeared appearing back down like a fake tunnel yes he disappears back down the fake tunnel and then the ground after he disappears this perfectly flat as if and you know it just closed itself. But you're kirk is like flailing around now on fire like grabbing every liquid off the table. They can't sell could. It does nothing. And everyone else is rushing rushing forward to his aid in this task her feet and then looking at it. The Knicks have have run over as well. The checking in the library nationalist. Let's go forever. And so the four view dash into the library Are you leaving the doors. Oh Yes yes people to to to notice that the doors were closed in coming in. Look at us. I don't come in of all the door. If we close the doors the doors can be opened. Yeah there's no way that thirty people out here in two crazy magic things. This can't bust their way in here if they decide to. Our best bet is to not. Have anybody notice that we're all right all right so you run into the library proper through through this this dark darkish tunnel either. There is a light at the end of time is and the the sounds of Yorker screams streams of pain As you get further in begin to sort of fade a little bit and get less and less and less and the sound from inside the library. Sorry is eerily quiet. The corridor you're in is about like fifteen fifteen. You know easily large enough for elders to make his way through and there is a another set of doors at the end That are currently closed. But you can see light around the the edges of we've only encountered these two doors so far there was no door on either side. It's just hallway. There's a hallway into the library. Okay I'm getting my I'm getting us. She's tear out of the bag. Upholding swapping from from a rape may regular rapier. Okay are you putting in your sheath or you holding it out. I don't keep a sheets for now because we're sort of still stealth thing. I'M GONNA try to place the hand on my stump and see what it does. Because I haven't I don't know what else to do with this one. So you take yo you all sort of stop for a second to like. Gather your the things cassie and takes out as tier yardstick. You you take the the marble hand out of your cloak and you sort of hold your your stump out in an unwrapped the bandage. That was on it and you take the the marble hand and not really knowing what to do you just sort of place it like the cap of it over your stump and you place it on and sort of like twist it into the appropriate orientation and the marble of it begins begins to sort of on its own just sort of expand on your arm all the way like halfway up four nice and then it forms a perfect ring around your arm that sort of this band of silver almost and then the hand sort of like all the fingers flex out and then they relax. I try to move. Try to move it and it moves nice and the hands even adjusted to be the same size as is your other hand cool. So it's adjusted down to originally bag of holding and toss your hand away. No they can trace the fingerprint. I took the my thought is that that I think L. D. Zone. We'll be able to hand off of you. Because if he could he would have taken it off. Ferreted David Mattingly attached right because he has anti Magic Vision Vision. So why would he keep it on therapy but don't wait to see Z.. So should we talk a little bit about the plan. We actually engage. Do we have time. It's eldest zone. We don't know what we're going into. You know what I mean. Yeah shall we aid and give ourselves some boosts and Boone's We're GONNA need them. I I am going to acting whatever else right off the bat. I'm going to hit him with one of the one of the attias tier spells. Does that can blind him. Because I'll get I could potentially a huge amount of his power away and it's not even like the blindness comes from the flash of light right so I don't think his anti magic will help them with it What I'm wondering strategy wise if if it makes more sense for me to hit him with the sunburst right at the beginning being for massive damage and and and hope that that blinds all of his eyes at once or get him with the Sunbeam which I can keep active until I break concentration Yeah I don't know The blindness I don't know if that'll take away his actual antimetric I. It just went around. Hopefully right it really becomes. Do we want to walk in. And just guns blazing or do we want to actually come in and discuss with him because he seems like he might be one to talk. Heidi you think surprises one of our only advantages at this point but the I mean that's me what. What does everyone housing I agree? We don't want to go talk to right. The other thought I had was. We have that sharp a powder close can throw it in the eye damage. The get some glasses. I I gotTa love that. I'm willing to go up and be the sacrifice of half to May hand. y'All it's all you need. I say we say we do. You know I say we physically blind him the best we can and then hit him with everything we have lined up by any means necessary. So I the the sunburst spell which I think going to be our best bet is more damage. It's you know harder to avoid End It's you know it's it's one burst I but then I don't have to maintain concentration on it. Afterwards I have. That's that blasts out from me. Sixty feet in all directions. So I'm GONNA have to kind of go in so low I or at least be far ahead of you guys that I I can test haste myself to speed up a lot to be a lot. A uh-huh easier to get in position. I cast hold monster okay. I know that too while this is all going on. I'M GONNA cast eight at their level. So you know the fifteenth of September attendance. Does that stack with the other one. The other one when you walked through I forgot about that. Yeah Yeah So. That's why I'm doing so it's fifteen fifteen more a and the it's ten more plus the five extra temporary so very nice. It's not much. How many temporary? How many attempts five five or temporary and the other ten are there until the eight hours is up and then they're gone whatever we do to make sure we walk in a straight line? Yes couldn't with all our defenses. Is there anything else anyone can do to make it easier for me to get close to him without getting zapped with anti magic the one downside of haste is that when it when it wears off or it's spelled out for like six seconds. I've got you on that. Don't worry in visibility invisibility. Oh thanks ace okay. I love that too. If you love Gastonia or all of us we can get an invisible in getting but we need to do this quick now. Let's go I mean we're we're having this conversation on the move. I'm assuming right well no you stopped to put a hand going okay. Can you make us invisible. I can only make one. I can only make two creatures invisible and for level. Why would you custody fifth level because she has to all her spells almost all right right right right right right right right? Oh it doesn't you can't do additional targets it's at higher levels within visibility. I guess I can okay. I mean it'll go off as soon as we cast speller attack but it's still a useful for the initial moment of surprise which he's just giving the door. Do you WANNA use your spell or not. It's up to you times a ticking. Feel like I'd rather save it for Sara an attack by sneaking as we sneak best we can okay great. Well I I'll just this calf based on myself as soon as we're ready to go in your forecast invisibility delivered. who cast him visibility at the same time? No that was the thing I was asking yield up to do it because she could. Okay no I don't have a visibility you can hold monster go right to sleep on you. Tempt Ninety nine now. We're all good okay so you have this conversation. Make sure you have all your items and as this is all going on. You're just like standing in a group in the hallway. Zoom off to the side of it Komo certainly not a straight line certainly no discernible pattern So you're standing scatter plot yup and One of us is up towards the ceiling. Who's who who would you say is like towards the Librarian? WHO's towards the entrance towards the library? Okay ah I would probably relatively close their front up towards the rear who's re-re stuff probably Alien Habu me so as this conversation is happening in this relatively dark hallway keeping squires. And you're keeping quiet as you can or facing Jason. Let's help if it telepathy or anything to When you feel tapper shoulder and you you turn and you hear a very familiar voice? Say Hey guys. I heard you needed help. 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