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Podcasting Crossroads PHD127


Good morning good evening good afternoon whatever the case may be this is Mike and this. Is podcast help desk number one. Twenty seven four February fourth fourth. Twenty twenty and she's haven't done one this year. That brings me to the subject of today's podcast. I am at what I call a podcasting crossroads. I am not sure what podcast to kill. What podcast continue? I'm not really sure yet. So I'd like some input from you. The listener of PODCAST helpdesks. You you you. People that have stayed with me through long absences and all that you know. I'm the king of inconsistent and improving that again by putting very many episodes out. You know I don't look it is a bad thing. It's just a thing and you know I know that about myself. And you know I've been real consistent on the podcast cast insider program since it's a kind of covering all the subjects I would cover here at minus A little bit of opinion I guess but Yeah so my current thought is. I'M GONNA whittle it down to just one podcast and it's probably not going to be this one. But but what do you guys think. As far as should I leave this online should i. You know periodically maybe maybe post here and just let everybody know that this is an every once in awhile thing in You know the cost me anything to keep it here because you know other than the domain. Oh May name so. I don't know I I'm Kinda like I said at a crossroads I've got too many podcasts. They don't pay attention to and I really just Kinda want on whittle it down to just the one show probably be Mike Dell's world doing that one forever and everybody over there expects me to not say a whole lot to all the time and then go in short bursts of lots of things but you know every subject that I cover on all the other. PODCASTS can be covered there. You don't have a huge audience not to not really thinking that It's a big deal I'm a hobbyist and you know sometimes they get these harebrained ideas and a startup podcast and then quickly lose interest in it and that that is something that happens to certain people. you know. I envy those who started. I did a podcast way back when and just stuck with that one podcast and kept improving it and kept consistent and all that stuff stuff that I preach is. That is the way to do it. I envy the person that can do that. I'm not that person so I'm GONNA leave it up to you guys. Please please please contact contact me and let me know what you want me to do with us. Do you want me to just leave it here. In let it SORTA be pod faded but not completely gone or should I erase its existence. And just have you guys all go subscribe to the podcast insider later PODCAST INSIDER DOT com. which is the blueberry official podcast but we cover a lot more than just blueberry so you know that's that's cool and just You know what do you think I need. I need opinions because You Know My my intention and Sarah have my audio setup weird so You're going to hear my skype being in here. Sorry about that Not Scope but slack but like I said this is quick and dirty. Just wanted to ask your opinion. Might like I said my F- my intention was probably just kill. It erased its existence. Be You done with it and do that with At least two other podcasts. Or three other podcasts. That I do and just everything down to Mike. Dell's world and you know that's my hobby. That's my hobby podcast. And then podcast insider that I'm a co host on and kind of the pre-production producer That that'll be my outlet for podcasting information. So I don't know Please please let we know what you guys think etc and no. I don't want to sell the domain name. I don't want to sell the show. You know because who knows I might come back but anyway. Let me know what you think I should do with show Probably will post one more episode here at least released just letting you know what what the decision was. And all that but Yeah just I'm the King of inconsistency I know that about myself and I need to Just little things down so I don't feel guilty about not producing so anyway. Everybody have a good however long. It isn't before you hear from me again Go check out. Mike Del Swirled at Mike. Dell Dot Com. I guarantee I will be there as long as I'm on on the planet so there we go. I had to put that little caveat in there gets me later.

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