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Tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the triple threat extreme winter weather hitting from coast to coast a blast of snow striking northeast tonight as a new major storm takes aim at the west ready to sweep across the country ginger Zee standing by with the weakened track the deadly high rice crash a plane slamming into the sixteenth floor of an apartment building before crashing onto a pool. Deck construction workers singing message tonight for President Trump from the parents of auto warn beer who died after being held hostage in North Korea. Why they're speaking out about Kim Jong UN now and how the president responded late today. The figley baseball executive caught on camera physically struggling with his wife who cries out for help with the CEO is saying tonight and the reaction from major league baseball moments ago. Terrifying confrontation of former patient attacking her therapist with a hunting knife. Inside of her office, the desperate, and I one calls and the chilling moment. Police arrive and countdown to launch the embellishes plan to send Americans back into space. This is ABC news tonight with David Muir. Good evening. It's great to have you with us on a busy Friday night. I'm Tom yomas in for David. And we begin tonight with the triple threat of winter storms moving across the country tonight, millions bracing for snow ice and heavy rain from coast to coast the northeast getting hit with a second round of snow for tonight's commute home plows clearing highways there in Camden, New Jersey, twenty inches of rainfall in northern California at least one person swept away by flash flooding and another major storm beginning it's March from California all the way to Maine airlines already reporting delays and cancellations ABC's aerial Russia. Leads us off tonight driving conditions deteriorating for millions vehicles off the road amid a white out in Minnesota, this semi jack-knifing in the Colorado. Rocky. And across the northeast a messy morning commute in Maryland state. Police responding to more than sixty crashes, including this fatal collision on the beltway outside Washington DC. So this is your normal commute. You wanna stay way clear this in the west residents assessing the damage after record breaking rains, inundated communities, north of San Francisco are will car is in Guerneville the water here is starting to go down fast. But you still have homes and businesses like this putt putt. Course that are swamped the damage is significant with more ran on the way this weekend those reigns. Part of a major coast-to-coast dorm now marching east Tom tonight, ice and snow wreaking havoc here at LaGuardia Airport. More than six hundred fifty flights delayed and another blast of snow expected this evening and yet another round later this weekend. Tom it's going to be a travel mess in parts of the country. Right aerial. Thank you. Let's get right to ABC chief meteorologist ginger Zee with the forecast, she's along the George Washington Bridge. Ginger. Good evening. Good evening. Tom take Boston, for example, a city that has had more than twenty inches below their average this season. So they are snow-starved. We're gonna make an dent in that this weekend. Let's get right into it. I'll take it to the maps now where you see in Minnesota and Wisconsin one of the low pressure system visibility reportedly down to near zero in the states that have been really hard hit. But for us where we've been so mild and have had so little snow getting it tonight. We're going to have that winter weather advisory from New York to Boston. And some of that coastal New England going to end up some of the heavier snow totals by tomorrow morning. Then we turn our attention to the west coast that storm hitting tonight for northern California with the rain into early tomorrow morning. Denver has a Saturday night. Snow moves it across I want you to focus in on Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia where you get severe storms on Sunday afternoon evening, damaging wind is the primary threat the northern part of that is that low that becomes a coastal system and impacts us Sunday night into Monday morning, making for a very difficult commute. The heaviest snow. Oh falling from Worcester. B-actor scrim, Tom, and we'll stay tracking both these storms through the weekend. Ginger. Thank you now to the frightening scene in Fort Lauderdale a small plane crashing right into a high rise apartment building. A forty say the pilot was killed when the plane flying a banner slammed into the eighteenth story building killing between the sixteenth and seventeenth floors. Surveillance video showing the plane's final moments. You see it there? The pilot trying to pull up that banner. Appearing to catch part of the building ABC's. Victor oquendo is on the scene tonight tonight, the planes, crumpled, wreckage still lying one hundred and sixty feet below where it slammed into the side of this high rise. Active plane crashes his apartment surveillance video capturing the moment a banner trailing the plane appears to get cook the plane disappearing off camera that entire building quickly evacuated inside you can see the damage in one residents kitchen this yellow banner plane was in the air for ninety minutes before crushing in between the sixteenth and seventeenth floors of this Fort Lauderdale condo leaving gaping hole allowed bang. And then a couple seconds later as brash the pilot, the only person on board did not survive construction, crews were working on the deck below at the time of the crash while residents were inside the building incredibly, none of them injured by the falling aircraft. It could have been substantially worse with a lot more injuries on scene. It's all tonight. We're learning that in two thousand fifteen while flying in California this same plane had an engine failure it caused the pilot to make an emergency landing in the LA river that plane is still on the pool deck here behind me. The NTSB is here, and they'll be heading the investigation, Tom Victor oquendo frus tonight, Victor, thank you. We want to turn politics. Now, we moved to the White House. President Trump facing new backlash in the wake of his summit collapsed with North Korea. The president seeming to anger the parents of American college student auto warm beer who died after being imprisoned by the regime. The warriors who attended last year state of the union issued a blistering statement after the president defended Kim Jong UN over their son's death. President Trump responding late today. ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran is at the White House while President Trump was enjoying his time with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong UN in Hanoi. I think very importantly the relationship. Just very strong, Fred and Cindy beer kept silent today. They broke that silence. Declaring an extraordinary statement, we have been respectful during the summit process. Now, we must speak out their son auto warmbier arrested in North Korea in two thousand sixteen while on an adventure tour paraded before cameras his terrified anguished confession. We made the worst mistake of my life. A propagandist. Like, Kim seventeen months later on a warm beer with dead flown home in a coma after being brutalized in North Korean custody in two thousand eighteen President Trump invited the warriors to the state of the union and pointedly blamed Kim for their son's death. The dictatorship sentenced auto to fifteen years of hard labor before returning him to America, less June horribly injured and on the verge of death. But in Hanoi, the president. Seemed to absolve the dictator he felt badly about it in those prisons and those camps. You have a lot of people and some really bad things happen to auto some really really bad thing. Why are you what he tells me? He tells me that he didn't know about it. And I will take him at his word and today, the warm beers for blunt Kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son auto and without mentioning the president. They were buke him for his bromance with the dictator. He likes me. I like him some people say, oh, you shouldn't like him. I said why shouldn't I like him? I like him get along great Kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable. Cruelty and inhumanity the warm beer said no excuses or lavish praise can change that or Terry Moran joins us now from the White House and Terry President Trump responding to the warm beer family tonight, Saint he's being misinterpreted. But his words were pretty clear there were Tom President Trump has gushed about Kim Jong on in a way he hasn't with any other world leader, he said. Literally, quote, we fell in love and he's praised him as a visionary leader. But he's insisting tonight that does not change his relationship with warm beers. He praised them and tweeted, I love auto and think of him often, Tom Terry Moran for us at the White House. Let's stay in Washington Bill. The White House also pushing back against questions concerning the security clearance for President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, the New York Times reporting the president order Kushner, receive top secret clearance, over the objections of intelligence officials Democrats giving the White House until Monday to turn over all documents related to Kushner's security status. Here's ABC's chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Congressional Democrats today putting the White House on notice setting a Monday deadline to hand over documents related to Jared Kushner, top secret security clearance. The documents were requested five weeks ago. Now in a sternly worded letter house oversight committee, chairman Alagic coming says he's asking for the final time. It comes after the New York Times. Supported President Trump ordered former White House chief of staff John Kelly to give his son-in-law the clearance last year over the objections of the CIA and the White House counsel in January Trump said he had nothing to do with any of it. The. I don't think I have the ability to do that. I'm not sure. But I I wouldn't I wouldn't do it vodka Trump telling ABC news the same just weeks ago, the president had no involvement pretending to my Clarence my husband's Clarence zero today, the White House refusing to confirm or deny the New York Times report, but they are saying this, and I will tell you that the president has the absolute right to do. It was described Pierre Thomas joins us now from Washington and Pierre once again, let's be clear here Congress's giving the White House until Monday to turn over any documents related to Jared Kushner's top security clearance. That's exactly right. Tom Monday is the deadline, and there's a not so subtle threat. If the request is ignored expect to subpoena, Tom Pierre Thomas for us tonight Pierre thank you next tonight. Some disturbing images made public showing San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer in a physical altercation with his wife, the two tussling in a public park as she screams for help. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzales. Tonight. Police say they're investigating this fight between San Francisco Giants CEO, Larry Baer and his wife TMZ sports. Posting this video showing bear trying to grab a cell phone out of her hands as she screams for help then falls out of her seat and onto the ground as he prized the phone away afterward, you hear Pam bear still shouting in the background as her husband tells her to stop. Fair leader telling the San Francisco Chronicle, my wife, and I had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member. And she had injured her foot, and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument and bear reportedly went on to say, he apologized to his wife. The couple calling the situation embarrassing. Major league. Baseball tells us tonight they are working together. More information about what happened Tom Morsi? Thank you. Now to a terrifying. Confrontation in California police releasing bodycam video of a former patient or with a knife threatening to kill her therapist officers. Forced to make a split second life or death decision. Maybe cleaned San del with the video tonight a panic nine one one call since officers racing in. The voice on the line is a mental health therapist in Fullerton. California attacked by a former patient seen walking in moments earlier with a hunting knife. That patient Catherine Brazil had been treated by the therapist for three years until they had a falling out the therapist got a restraining order Brazil, allegedly making repeated threats she makes it clear. The therapist is gonna die to veteran. Officers tried to get in. But the door is locked. So they kick it in. As Bruce zone raises the knife. Again, both officers opened fire. Brazil shot seven times was killed. The therapists survived this entire incident from last may was over in just three minutes the district attorney determined that both officers acted reasonably in order to save a life. Tom Clayton San dealt with that chilling video Clayton. Thank you and news tonight about the crash of the Amazon cargo plane near Houston, the recovering the cockpit voice recorder from the atlas cargo jet three crew members were killed when the plane went into a nosedive moments before landing last Saturday. No word yet. What may have caused that crash? And the countdown is underway tonight. Spacex and NASA hours away from a critical next step in relaunching, America's manned space program. The crew dragon capsule see it they're set for a test flight to the international space station early tomorrow morning with a dummy passenger on board. If all goes, well, the capsule may take American astronauts into space for the first time in eight years, and they're still much more had a world news tonight. This friday. The miracle. Survival caught on camera a teenager. You. See you're you're trapped inside her bedroom after a plane slammed into her home how she was able to walk away. Plus the young woman killed by her friend the alleged motive inheritance money. Now, the secretly reported confession police say help crack the case. And the manhunt intensifying tonight for the hit and run minivan driver who caused this dramatic rollover stay with us. So you just woke up your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications. And a text from your mom saying, how do I click this? Okay. Maybe that's just me. But if you wanna get up to speed, check out the new podcast from ABC news start here. Literally the ground was shaking. I'm Brad milkey. And every morning, we're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast, fresh, insight, low Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen calling all in twenty minutes start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Next tonight. Chilling new details in the murder of a young woman in New Jersey that made national headlines a friend, convicted the motive greed and other secretly recorded. Confession that helped crack the case here's ABC twenty twenty anchor Amy Rohbock. It was a shocking murder. Confession. Took me a half an hour to kill her Lee magazine, describing how he strangled his friend nineteen year old Sarah stern. She goes to the front. Door. Out. Drager the friend who secretly helped police record that confession Anthony curry now. Speaking out for the first time, you know, it's heartbreaking in a sense. You know, somebody is your good friend. You don't think they would do something like that this newly released video revealing more chilling details are grabs her legs and got her over to the fence Stearns junior prom date pressing Taylor here showing police how he helped McIntosh's ni dumpster spotty off a bridge by the shoulders and her sir up onto the railing. And then I pushed her feet over. So she was going over the rest of the way they're ultimately goal. Steel stearns. Inheritance money locked in a safe, McIntosh's knees. Own words, sealing his fate this week in a New Jersey courtroom guilty guilty guilty. Did you feel anything? Yeah. I felt that Sarah got some Justice. So about her. What would you say to land Makati if he were sitting here, you're evil person? He shouldn't exist on this earth a powerful statement right there in AB joins us now on set 'em. You were telling me Cirrus turns body was never found. So they needed this confession. That's right, Tom. It was a key piece of evidence. In fact, Sarah's dad says without that recorded confession. They probably never would have known what happened to her. Leeann Makati now faces life in prison without parole for the murder and Taylor faces ten to twenty years for his role in the crime, Tom and so much more to this story. Amy. Thank you, make sure to watch Amy's full report tonight on twenty twenty nine eight central right here on ABC time now for index in a miracle. Survival caught on Cameron, Florida. The new video showing a seventeen year old girl stunned but alive trapped into Brie and in the wall moments after a small plane crashed right into a winter haven Florida home during a training flight one week ago. That teen freed suffering only minor injuries a student pilot also walking away, but the flight instructor did not survive. The cause of that crash is still under investigation. Staying in Florida. Now, the manhunt intensified for a hit and run driver wanted for a violent crash in Sarasota surveillance video showing the driver of a minivan making any legal left turn into oncoming traffic clipping, a car, you see it there and causing it to roll over several times a teenager behind the wheel of that car in critical condition tonight, the mini van driver leaving the scene and a stage and screen passing to report Tony winning actress Katharine Hellman perhaps best known for her roles. As Jessica Tate on the seventy sitcom, soap and later, a sassy grandma Mona on who's the boss has died at home in Los Angeles from complications from Alzheimer's, Tony danza, just one coast are paying tribute calling her a national treasure Katherine helmet was eighty nine years old finally tonight America, strong, Mr. de back at work after receiving not one but two. Organ transplants and the whole school there degreed. Win the doors of cold green elementary open and fifty nine year old tyrez, Dan, rich, salt all this commotion overs. Joy. Realize just how look he was reached wasn't being dramatic. Just a few months earlier. He was in a bad spot in need of an organ transplant, but not just one to a new heart and a new kidney, he waited and prayed and somehow got both a double transplant a fag in fault. Looking at me a lot of people still waiting on kidney hot the students at pulled me in are thankful to for nearly twenty years tirees known as Mr. d has worked as a custodian in the Richmond Virginia school. On monday. He would turn and the schools six hundred students teachers and staff were all there for the warm and very loud. Welcome back. Tollways, decorated with course, each one painted by a student Mr. d giving out hugs and high fives. Amidst all the celebration, it has not been lost on Mr. D just helped blessed t truly is thank God. Forgive me. A second chain thank off looking at me. Tonight. We thank Mr. dean pull read elements you for sharing that story. We thank you for watching on a Friday night. I'm Tom yomas. I'll see you right back here. Tomorrow. Good night.

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