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Today's opening tip. Brandon Ingram talked on Corey brewer evoking memories of one brewer don't on Derek Fisher in that same spot ten years ago. What goes around comes there? But there video of Derek Fisher ten years before that. So Scotty is this the ten year challenge kind of going to the next level? Yeah. I think for raw get all. Gorge for what into the job? I'm Georgia Donald sitting in for our fearless leader Rachel Nichols. Joined by our NBA insider, Kevin arnovitz and six time MBA champion and hall of Famer Scottie Pippen coming up in just a few moments James Hardie capped off the month of January averaging over forty three points per game. Is it actually possible duplicate that kind of production, but first let's get to Anthony Davis who shook up the entire MBA. When news of his trade requests surfaced on Monday. Davis was fined fifty thousand dollars by the league yesterday because his agent. Rich Paul went on the record with that. Request to put the fifty thousand dollars into context here on this fine Davis making over twenty five million dollars this seek this season making the fine less than one percent of his overall salaries. So Scotty Davis, even cares about the fine at this point. I don't think he cares about it at this moment. I think he's looking at his father down the road that if I can get outta here. If I can get to a championship contender. I'm gonna make that money in the playoffs. So is. Not important for him about getting losing that money. But really getting the message across that. I want to go play for a contender. I want to be respected. I wanna be a starter. When he comes it all star game because people are not respected me for playing here for the pelicans. Because I am one of the top five guys in this game. I think in general you're incurring such a find your life is about to get better. Right. So for instance, Eric Bledsoe that fine ten thousand dollars for tweeting. I don't wanna be here when he was in Phoenix in presto, one year later, he is the starting point guard for the east number one teen. Yeah. If you're getting a fine for a trade request that is generally good thing in your life is told to a better life. And I I suspect that he has that much money upholder is it annoying. At least I guess at the very least, you're like are you serious? You're going to find me, you know, I think this is all part of the kabuki theater. Right. Like the has to look like it's in forcing the collective bargaining agreement. So they find the person the person gets me. Eager fine for the person being fine. Because the league has to work for the twenty owners for whom this is a very scary revelation, right? Is that they aren't they are more. They're more pelicans in the league there are Lakers shirt. And I think it'd be an the that the league knows that the players are gonna take this this rule. There's no player going to stay when organs as if they're not happy midseason, off-season, whatever they're going to be able to get their point across in this incident. Davis don't care about this fifty thousand dollars for people questioning that maybe he's kind of checked out of the New Orleans pelicans. That wasn't the case. If you watch last night, we have the video here. He was actually in the huddle. He was offering advice to the coaches to the players during that game. And that win yesterday in Houston that it's got to be a good sign at least elegance for a great sign. And when you see players said those things like that, they never leave their their teammates side is really about guest organization in about more comfort for them. He felt like that. He deserves to be on a better place. He feels like he deserves to be continuing for title and. When guys say these type of things most of the time, their teammates know that it's coming out, and they have accepted because we've seen over the last few weeks years that the loyalty between the teams in the players go both ways and sometime when a player take that first step. It doesn't look good from public standpoint. Because of the fans and all, but is part about business now giving it is weird though. Scotty pointed out the fans have this crazy reaction to players wanting to move and have mobility whereas in real life. We all wanna have upward mobility, right? Like doesn't. It seem strange to you the fans take that tact. Right. But I think there's this perception that sports is exceptional that it's not governed by the rules of everyday life. Like, you might wanna work elsewhere, I might wanna work elsewhere. And and that's that's a product of professional life in this country. You get tired of your firm. You get tired of you place a business. Like, let's try something new. I want to change the scenery, but athletes are not traditionally afforded those courtesies by Minneapolis fans. It's seen as sort of a Jackson. Yeah. I bet it's but speaking of the pelicans the potential distraction of the Anthony Davis trade request. Didn't stop them from beating the rockets last night after the game. James harden, wasn't happy with the rockets defense. Let's take a listen. Terrible. We're not good enough to turn it on. So we got to get up to really the star Tanny tonight was one of those nights where we didn't play well defensively. And I mean, even though we shot the ball. Will you give confidence? Sherline the game the capable of anything. What do you make comments and the loss to the pelicans? This is the twenty seventh ranked defense in basketball for all we talk about hardens experts which awesome to watch in the offense of firepower. They have when they are healthy. Like, you're not gonna get anywhere. They give a hundred and twenty one points to a team with one functional offense of player, drew holiday. Right. They are one of only three teams in the league to give more than thirty percent of their rebounds on the offensive end in. They got crushed again on the glass. Like, this is the problem there. They found like crazy last night. It wasn't so much problem with their one of the five most foul runty. They do not defend and there's really I mean, we can go back to the Trevor reason the loop Mahmoud Tei or whatever else it is the day to not have either. They don't have the defensive personnel particularly cappella not on the floor. But like they're a bottom five defensive team. And it's just like this is what happens how do you explain this off? I mean, you look at the new only pelicans, they're probably little frustrated about Anthony Davis leaving. So some other guys got them. A bit hungry. But you you saw a really excited team last night Dalil for who's been playing very well for them really came out and Mali when you run against the team. You don't know who the star is you don't know who's going to have that big night. They were very unpredictable last night. And that's really what happened to is. They ran into a team that was on predictable. They haven't been really paying attention to. Julia Oprah who's been playing real good basketball since they've lost Anthony Davis and they just play. Well, but I really thought that ju- holiday did a great job on James harden. I felt like it was his defensive pressure. The ability of him to be able to get to this shot blocked this shot a few times throughout their game. But really, you know, once you block the guy shot a few times, you got him thinking now, and I really thought he did a good job on them. Defensively. Did a lot of defensive things that I feel like that guy should be doing on Harley. That's forcing him to drive the ball. But not giving him the drive. He was super impactful. I don't think there's any question on that side of the ball is well, but I. To the wounded animal theory that when teams are short handed you have these moments we've seen this every year. There's at least a couple of games in the NBA because it's one out of eighty two that these teams that are headed come up and beat somebody. We don't expect it to be. Yeah. I mean, you tell me Scott any is there something just inherently flawed about the rockets and their defensive whether it's effort, whether it's whatever it might be. I think when you look at the Houston Rockets their bills and how they play the game. They just want to outscore you they are really not concerned about defending your stop you from taking certain shots. There focuses that they're going to outscore they're going to get up more shots than you. And they're gonna make more threes than you. And at the end of the game. They'll live with those results. Let's take a look at hardens incredible month here, I historic month here in January averaging forty three point six points per game. Yes, you heard that. Right. Forty three point six points per game. That's the highest scoring since Wilt Chamberlain back in March of nineteen sixty. Three anything. That's crazy. This. Parted scores are nearly sixty two points per game this one that's the most points created per gaming single month in NBA history. So Scotty is it possible? Hard to duplicate what he just did this month. You know, what he had a great run? I don't think is possible really because CPA three is now bag in Capella will be back in a couple of weeks or so, but you know, what those guys are not in the lineup. He do realize in. We all realize that he's probably one of the most potent scores that we've seen in the last twenty or thirty years of fact that he's really played into the rules getting to the foul line numerous amount of time shooting a very high percentage. You know, he's he's just an amazing player. I don't expect to see him continues run out there all star break CPA three. We'll get back. He will dominate the ball little bit more as well as Capello. So he will start to show this going, and it's probably best shoot it. Then he doesn't take that. That's the three a good thing. Right. Like if there's personnel coming back that that's a good thing for the rockets. I also think that we're gonna start seeing some. And rules like I mean, the defense is really starting to ski and he's been interesting like traveling. Alike. Oh. In other things, I think the rockets one away a repeat of two thousand seventeen we're Harding just had that unbelievable. Individuals season wins the MVP, but he was gassed I mean, he was gas by the time they got to the second round and to the extent with their flawed defense. This team is going to make a run like they need him to have some, you know, some oil in the tank when you look at their defense, though. I mean, is it they've got Jeff is delic- there certainly kind of their wonderful a great coach. But I think that there's something to be said about the leadership from the top. And I like my dental knee. I think he's a really good coach. I think he's arguably great coach. But shouldn't there be more of an emphasis on that side from him? Scotty. Well, I think once they get Capello back. You will see a little bit more of an emphasis, I just being I think the way that they play in their style is they're going to force you to play a fast paced game. And they're gonna outscore you they're going to beat you shooting threes right going to shoot more. They're going to make more and they just believe that their offense. Going one twenty one thirty that not too many teams in this league compete and its personnel. Right. No reason no bomb say no healthy. Chris Paul out. They were the number seven defense last season. It can be done. I mean they were committed to it last year. But yeah, right. And harden is extending a lot of effort on the offensive in, you know, not exactly distinguish himself defensively. Jamshir? No question about it. All right coming up next. Brandon Ingram posted a career high thirty six points last night as the Anthony Davis trade. Rumors continue to swirl can continue to play this well through all these. But first here's a distant replay from this date back in nineteen Ninety-six, featuring Magic Johnson. Rebounding. The freezer this freezing down. A make make miss Grace's smiley face. A make or miss league. Making heartbreak Rudy gay hits the buzzer beater versus the sons and Phoenix is now lost three games at the buzzer. In the last two weeks. I do feel bad for them. Nah. I really don't feel bad. That's what you go through a young team. If you go on things, but I'm happy to Rudy gate hit that game one had before him. Yeah. We'll have more on that a little later pop. Even with the game winner wasn't necessarily so happy. So stay tuned for that next. We've got miss defense Russ with a full head of steam here and the euro step here to the Cup. So Kevin this seemed to be having more fun this year. He is not had this much fun since she walked into the arena with that. Yeah. It was fun. Yeah. Scottie. He's having fun out there. I think he's having a lot of fun. I mean when you're winning that that says everything. Paul George's playing fantastic that also helps and be happy to make focus booze. Nets shabazz. Napier gets flat tired, then steps out and hits three with the shoe only half on. So Kevin was this as impressive as that? Mike Miller shot back in twenty thirteen. I think that's blasphemy by the producers, by the way. No, it is blast me. Right. Like, you have context and degree of difficulty. Because I didn't Mike Conroy slide back into the shot. So so did I mean, that's the reason through a shoe out of the way to contact in the finals in the final producer Steve just trying to get at me. The Knicks rivalry still going on right now on this show as we speak, so miss gre- Rajon Rondo check, this out drives left goes. No look to Zumbado slams at home. Scotty, you think you would have enjoyed playing with Rhonda would love to play run right now can get buckets. Kevin. What do you make Rondo and his style of play in twenty nineteen interesting? I we have mostly shoot I point guards. But Lonzo Ben Simmons largely because they have many of the same decisions as Rondo did when he came out, which they don't really shoot all that way. So you distribute distributed. All right time to run it back. Let's go rash on Rondos. Top career done we go to number three to start off the cross court skip past Ben macklemore in two thousand fifteen. Young man getting a bucket right there. Thanks veteran Stanley. Stanley six lives, dick, slim. That's impressive number two. Twenty ten flips it over his head to Ray Allen. For three. Splash. That is clear voyage is back. You look at this. Against against a six seven defender on his back and number one in Oakland behind the back. Again, he finds Ray for three. Scotty, you say look at it behind the back. You know, what I think this may be the last of the pass first point Dr. Yeah. This this guy. I mean, look how many people have been eating for this. Yeah. For sure for a long long, by the way, in addition to putting Corey brewer in a poster last night as we saw the beginning of the show. Brandon Ingram dropped a career high thirty six points on sixteen of twenty from the field. Scotty, he's got the trade. Rumors swirling around in his head. He's got to have them. But he told our David minimum. It was quote, just part of the business. Are you press with the way how this young man is handling this? I'm very impressed with him. The fact that you know, he's continued to focus on basketball, and he's really driving his value up. Whether he knows it or not. And you know, the fact that he's just he's using basketball as vehicle to continue to focus in get the Lakers better. Because I know it's been a lot of rumors about this guy last couple of years, but he obviously wants to be a part Lakers. He wants to play alongside LeBron James. So he just have to continue. Wait, wait. He's playing right now. And I think he's gonna impress the Lakers more than anybody. Here's my question. Whether you're branding room. Whether you're Lonzo ball, whether you're calc who's Mary any of the others, you basically walking in to a training syllabi and a locker room every day knowing that LeBron James would prefer that you go sooner than later. Right. And like what is that? I mean when New Orleans probably gonna stand Pat, we talk about all the deals, but chances are they're probably hold on today's events this season. What is that? Like, I mean, what is that going forward? I can't feel that those players feel that that way. I mean, they they look up to the Braun, and they respect and he wants. Yes. Truly helped them grow up salutes. And he wants I think he fills out seeing the problem win with a lot worse players. What he got on this team right now? I think he believes he can do some damage with these players. Whether he he's there with them the whole season of what he believes in any players that he played with. I don't believe Joe's, right. I don't blame him one bitch. I mean, he he would like to win. This is a team with limited. Well, and he said not to but he when he was asked a few weeks ago, or whatever it was, hey, would you wanna play with Anthony? Davis response was duh. Yeah. Of course, he wants to play with that day. So I don't I don't begrudge Bron for wanting to the Lakers to make that deal. But there is a kind of a human collateral, which is that to make that deal. You're essentially tacitly saying these teammates. Yeah. The sooner you're gone, the better. Well, but again, Brandon approach he doesn't work for the front office at the end of the day. He's not the guy that's going to make the decision. But at the end of the day. Day that you don't think that he's at least volved in the conversations. No, I don't think. So I I don't think he's comedy. I don't think he's going to be that kind of cutthroat guy. But I do think that anytime any player has an opportunity to enhance his team and his ability to win a championship. He's definitely going down to that. Yeah. It look. These guys are learning the hard way. Brandon Ingram said this is a business and sometimes trade rumors that's part of the business, and you just have to deal with it. You know, what I bet your Magic Johnson is looking at that game going. Yeah. Maybe I can't trade him for Anthony. Davis Ingram helped his cause helped the Lakers caused and the problem a little Antoine. Walker? Shimmy, shake I'm sure watching that game. Anyway, coming up. Do you buy the idea that kyri wants to reunite with Brian? We'll get to that in a second. But first here's a distant replay from this date back in two thousand. With. Oh, oh what come on white chocolate? Go down heritage. Give me give me give you more. But wait, there's more. That's the last great highlight the baby wore Knicks propaganda. Oh. Kevin Ghani tonight. I don't force agreeing Roger Goodell's first comments in the misfortune the NFC championship game. Baker may feel the key to the Rams beating the patriots and Stephen snits take on the Brunswick crew of Anthony Davis with field tonight, cities TCI. We really fortunate to win the game. I thought that they played us. Coach physical us executed us. We had no respect for them. Or for the game. We didn't play with each other. It was a pathetic performance in Phoenix. Got robbed. Okay. Then welcome back to the jump on Giordano in for Rachel Nichols here with Kevin arnovitz and hall of Famer Scotty Pippin. So we just heard coach pop Ripa steam after a win last night. Scotty, the a little too harsh after the win. Not not really I mean under his expectations, and what we are accustomed to see him from the Spurs. No because he expects his team to go out compete heart. Don't disrespect the team's record. And you know, give your best effort night in the night out. And he didn't feel like his team. Did that even though they they made a big shot really gate a win that game? They just didn't compete for that big. Shop is kind of an apt illustration of the dynamic because you know, usually see them come out with these sort of beautiful like last second shot choreography mount swinging around a couple of screens. And instead, it was gay Pounder laid his face. And you know, you got lucky it was it was a great shot. And it was dramatic something else going on here. Which is it was definitely an honest reaction. It was also a way that pop uses the media in the ways, and I think he wanted to have to ego Kokoschka of who's the Suns coach, she would pop things really highly. It was not a coincidence. That one of the first things out of pops mouth was we were out coached a magic as a tip of the hat for a guy who's in a really tough situation in Phoenix that he really admires. So I think it was also part of it. You can't do that very often though in as a coach, right? You only you bullets in pop credit because he's probably very familiar with prop system as as well. So they were able to defend a lot of the stuff that they were trying to run on the Spurs. Also dug out of a pretty big hole to start the season. Right. And maybe they're feeling themselves a little bit. And you know, pop needs to make sure you're feeling yourself for so long. Right. That's possible. I defer to him on motivation. Yeah. I don't think there's any question about that. There have been reports claiming that Cairo Irving wants to relive the glory days, potentially go back and play with his former teammate LeBron James, Kevin. Are you buying this idea? I mean, I'm fine that like he has a new appreciation for for what it is. Is that required to lead a franchise? I'm buying a lot away. From those experiences in Cleveland, and he has. The utmost admiration, I'm just not buying that he wants to return to that environment. I got us. Nothing more than two for again. I I don't think he had anything to defer about. I mean, they want chips ago. People say a lot to me about how you know, I co tale with Michael, but it was success together. So we did it together. And that's what I see here recovery. Lebron is like I've had a lot of success with LeBron. Let me try to get back there with him again. Because the NBA now is built on buddy system. You come play with me. We can win a championship together. They've done that if receded opportunity again to go on a tack a championship will LeBron James. He can't be that happy in Boston right now they're in fifth place in the east in the week east. So I buy that his team you don't think he cares that much. His team is not at the top. Well, and just. And just got he's point. Lebron gave him the opportunity hit the biggest shot in Cleveland sports history. Okay. So there is that. And the other part of it is that you're both kinda referred to a little bit is Kyrie. And I said this couple weeks ago here on this show of came into Boston being like all right on the accomplished guy on the leader. And I was joking at the time. He kind of sounded like LeBron when the Bronwin from Miami to Cleveland where it was like, hey, I'm here as the conquering hero. You guys got a follow me. And it's easier said than done you can't just proclaim that you're the leader and guys are going to find. And and the fact that did that got injured and a couple of young players became some Dole's, you know, in Jalen Brown in rosier and now coming back this year as well as Tatum. Those guys are not willing to defer to carry right now, I'm going to be on his and that's the problem. I see going on with balls is that those guys have seen their leadership step up in the last three hundred sixty five days that they first of all feel like they were all star this year. They didn't make it. But they're ready to be leaders in again like you said about Korean LeBron there. Not willing to go and stand behind because he hasn't really proven himself like career hat. I mean, like if Boston is playing in the finals, or even you all the way to the Eastern Conference, and they are following him. And he is making big shots. I mean, it seems to me that we don't have the information yet. It's going to determine his sentiment come June and July don't know fair. Those guys are gonna give that leadership yet. Right. We don't know if they are ready to pass that over to we've seen remake bigshots. Yes. He's taken a big shots down in the game. But let's look back a year ago when they didn't have Covey how well with the young players playing how much success about some Celtics were having they were at the top of the east last year. Now, they're in fifth. So have they dial back to feel idea Bill place or did they dial back thinking we're going to be leading in the east and career is going to be a leader. And we shouldn't have no problem into the finals. So you think they say, wait. What is the added value of Kyrie's leadership? It doesn't get us. Any far, right. Scotus point when LeBron lease Cleveland there a lottery team when kyri wasn't in Boston. They're like we got to game seven of these covers finals, and my point to all that Connery has yet to prove his leadership. He's yet to prove that he can take a team to the finals or wherever into the playoffs. You know, he got into last year. So he has to show that he can get a team to that level to Bill his his his value up as a leader. And this is not an indictment on Kyrie. I want to make clear that here but a couple of quick anecdotes right on my radio show on ESPN LA shameless. Plug makes you subscribe to the podcast that honor show. Jackie MacMullan, and Brian Windhorst. We're both on the show to talk about this particular subject, and Brian simply said look in the NBA. You can't dismiss anything anything is possible. Even those guys reuniting and Jackie said, something even more interesting about those young guys in Boston. Which was you know, they're kind of tired and kind of roll their eyes. When you hear kyri say, hey, I've got the championship. I won the championship. Because those guys look at it. Like, hey that was the bronze team it wasn't your team. And that that's what Jackie says was obvious plugged in his anyone when it comes to the ball is the motivation than for Kyrie to say. Then I'll go back to being Laurent or I'll prove I'll stay here in Boston. With a ton of talent more talent coming in. This to me is not a reason for him to go to Los Angeles. So reason for him to stay in Boston where he's going to be surrounded by talent improved of the world that it's his team. I think that room only comes up because they've had players to develop in his position. Jaylen brown. Could play his position Terry rosier can play his position. So Boston is very strong at the two guard position. So when he throw that out there, he just kind of letting you know that, hey, if they're not happy with me here. I have in the value on go play. Lebron again, we'll have more Celtics coming up here in just a second. Kevin. Thank you for hanging out, brother. Restriction. Fictions out. All right. Here's the recommends today. Tim Bontemps who's gonna join us in just a second piece up on the ESPN app dig into what the Sixers should do as we approach. The trade deadline is I mentioned he'll join us next to discuss stick around. This week's MBA Saturday, primetime games at all California affair a warriors host. The Lakers are coverage tips with MBA kept down at eight eastern on ABC, and you can watch always on both on television and the ESPN app from anywhere. We now. Welcome in ESPN, NBA writer, Tim Bontemps to the show. So Tim, we're gonna get right into this with you. All right. Sixers mindset, we need to know what it is heading into the trade deadline. They hundred percent sold on the current version of the roster. Or are they going to look to make a move? I think the best interest. We don't know George, right? We're gonna know next Thursday where we get to the deadline, and we'll see if the sexiest go out and they make a move to improve this roster. A couple of moves, right? You know, Brett Brown for weeks. Now, saying, hey, look, we we need to get more depth on the scene. We have the top three or four guys. But the rest of our team just isn't good enough to compete in the east. You know, even with the issues talk about with Boston before with Milwaukee with Toronto. Those teams are just better than the than the Sixers are from top to bottom. And if they're willing to go out and use Marco fault or use picks to improve that second half their rotation from the five. Spots. Maybe they can't get out of these this year. But if they don't, and they don't aren't willing to make that move. Then maybe you go. Hey, maybe this team isn't, you know, they don't believe Jimmy Butler, as you know, a third piece with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid long-term because not willing to invest the assets now to make their team goes candy. Scotty, what is the Sixers team missing? Well, I think they could use offense. But I liked the way they seem constructed right now, I think they have some pieces that is very valuable in terms of what they can do in the east in terms of winning championship. I don't think they have all those he's yet, but they can be very competitive team in the east so Jimmy boggles, very dominant. Joel Embiid is very dominant. And I think been Simmons can be dominant. He has shoot the ball better in terms of the postseason, but their team that I believe defensively can be very effective offensively. They're not gonna put up the numbers, but I believe in winning championships through your defense. And I do believe that this team is constructed while enough that they can get to the question at the top half of the raw. That's true. You know, you look at joylin you look Jimmy Butler, yoga, Ben Simmons, even JJ Radic has become a really good team defender, right? The issue is you go to their bench and major sham. It's been great as a rookie. But he's not gonna play defense scholars not gonna play defense. You know, they don't have anybody on that bench. That's gives them defense and athletes them. That's why Corey brewer coming in. He's immediately playing right. Because even though it's coming right off the street, basically. It's like, oh, hey, here's a vet that I can play that. No one's going to guard. Right. The first gay place. James harden? He's guarded on the ground. You know, when everybody's going crazy. So that to me is what they need to do if they wanna really be contenders. Because you look at Jason Tatum. You look at Kawai Leonard. You look set of Cuco Khris Middleton if they're gonna play these teams they're gonna have guys besides Jimmy who can guard, but they they're not a team. That's that's Bill to have shooters. I mean, you look at their starting five been SIMS going to be a starter. Right. You know, he's he's not going to be a great shooter. And to me, I think he has to impose himself on offense of in and do more be more effective scoring the basketball and be be more aggressive or no he has all around package. That he can do things on the basketball court. But that's not what that team needs at time from him. He doesn't have the ball gets very passive to exactly. Last year at the buyout market trade deadline time, they added Ersan Ilyasova, and Marco belletti, some shooters Ilyasova place pretty good defense to are there guys out there that they could add like that guys that can help them as far as kind of spacing the floor better and can help them a little on the defense. They liked Dwayne deadman with with the hawks. And you know, that's the guy that they would be able to potentially trade for but they'd have to trademark to do it. So far, they haven't really been willing to do that. I don't think that Atlanta's going to be buying out guys again because you couldn't get suffering. They bought him out. They went to Philly and they played. Well, I I don't think Atlanta's in a position to do that right now they're playing while I want to kind of keep what they got going. And if you look at the history Lee, George, you know, this like bio guys, generally don't do much, right? Like lash went crazy. Joe Johnson went to the hawks. He did nothing. Brandon. Right. Went to the hall or the rockets did nothing a lot of times. Guys. Are you know, big name players that are at the end of their Tracy McGrady goes the Spurs right doesn't the occasional guy works out? But it's more of an outlet Anderson. Yeah. Exactly. But to expect that those guys are going to be the we're gonna make gonna get these two guys. They're going to be big additions. I just don't think that's realistic Scottish point like this team is good. And I think they'll get to the second round almost regardless. But if they want to really make a run, I think they have to make moves. And if they don't I think, you know, I had executive text me earlier today saying, well, you know, the Sixers are looking for guys that they traded, and and you know, they're not gonna keep Jimmy anyway. And like if they don't act stuff if they don't make moves now, you could go, hey, you know, we'll figure it out in the off. So maybe that means they don't believe in Jimmy is part of the going forward. Let's go to the Celtics if you cover them as well, and they're sitting fifth place right now in the east. They win a sexy picked to win the east during the season and in the preseason. But they haven't figured it out yet. Why why what's the problem there? I mean, you guys hit on a bunch of it before. But I think it really goes back to corden Hayward. I think he's the center of all this stuff. If when you have a hierarchy and Scotty, speak this better than me. But it seems to have a hierarchy gosh pop the bottom, right, and it should have been living. Gordon Hayward at the top. And then things kind of trickle down from there. We'll Gordon Hayward is not the player. He was before the injury. Not his fault. But he isn't. And that to Scottish point before has impacted with young guys look at things terro g or wants to get paid this summer. Jalen brown. Played great. The plow Fleischer minutes are caught me Gordon Hayward. They're Gordon Hayward. It's not playing at the level. He supposed to and and that also he's kyri now having to try to say, hey, young guys. You gotta get in line. And they're saying, well, hey, why are we getting line by Gordon Hayward who is playing at the level we want, you know, you mentioned Jackie to like the frustrations in Boston across the border evident. And it all comes back to the fact that Gordon isn't a guy he's supposed to be Scott. Did we get spoiled when it comes to Gordon Hayward with how quickly Paul George came back from a similar injury? I think we really did. And I think what we're looking at two different athletes. Paul jaws superior athlete very athletic bounce back from this injury. And you know, you can't even tell and we've watched Hayward kinda struggle to get back. And really hasn't found the confidence that he needs some basketball court. So I don't want to blame what's going on with the Celtics on Hayward. But I think is a collective thing. I think is really about the success of their young. Players but also being able to coach guys like Rian Hayward and to get them to fit in and buy into what they create it last year because those young players built up a lot of confidence a lot of steam a lot of talk about being all stars in the future. So those players came in this season thinking like they're gonna get those same minutes. They're going to be better than they were last year. And it hadn't happen that wait for them in the balls and Celtics as a team has struggled from that. Because of that they are infill plays and the tooth automatic. Is the all star game. We'll put this team back on the map. But I think all these players were playing for a different tasks first few months this season. And you see them start to play a different role the next three months before if this summer, I think if AD is on the Celtics by July first, they're going to be fine in Kyrenia because the logjam will be cleaned up. And they'll move a lot of these guys. Right. What if eighty isn't on the team on July first, then I think you start to wonder like, okay, what's gonna have Irving because then? You know, you mentioned he's fresh air with these young guys. He looked at this team. Let's say lose in the second round. Right. If you go. Hey, this team just isn't at the level. I need to be and I can go play with Bronner go play with New York or somewhere else. Right. Then like more possibilities open up. But I think if eighties on July. I I don't think I was going anywhere. All right coming up next. The pelicans begin a defined job Okeafor that is I'll explain in a moment. But first it's time for our final replay of the show this one from twenty twelve featuring Blake Griffin. Really let them play. It's a physical game. Forgot about that. Kendrick. Be hungry. Sit there. Worse than that file. Hanging out with Pablo we here in a few minutes to talk about the NFL really needs. A new rule why we should all want kyri and LeBron back together. Fair to call the Spurs Fetig end as slapped challenge. Stay tuned. Makes you check out high noon with Bomani, and Pablo our MBA double header tonight starts in DC with the Pacers. Wizards then it's off to the rose city for the jazz and trailblazers coverage begins with NBA countdown the show beetle and company at seven on ESPN and ESPN app. Here's some Bradley. Beal access though before all this courtesy of the NBA. Inns cone. Kind of goes a little to the house. Don't land the baby stuffing on junk, anywhere. My office, which has been probably point five percents or my officers framed. I didn't put it up. You. Remember is. Turn of the family will Israel baby deuces all this time. Stacks, diapers were just kind of forget about Brad little brats. She goes down. It's weird. I don't get to work. But I do eat a lot even always count them his their boy to be loaded with James, even even little baby. He's. Flu. To censor. This is probably been nicest part of the house the basement. Big panda. What you need baby snakes on kind candy machine. Snow comb team right there fairy movies or on the wall playing basketball and Pedic bay. When I get which. Remember the times you miss all night you to Homebrew. Hamis parker. Jerseys framed my boy, Paul peers. Which of a reason this was one of our wages just wanted to keep rookie all-star game. Florida jersey college draft ball three point contest. My first time do it. This is my first career high when I forty to take it to the man cave. You can see fielding. This is me. TV's always games. Scrape you man. Caves, really good, man. And I hate them saying. Has this may actually old cards, and it's just me painted over two favorite pups. See maybe takes it. Jake. No. Thank you. She's like good. Bye. Don't leave. We all. That was cool. I know that newborn life Bradley trust me. I got you. It's crunch time here on the jump USA versus the world rosters for the rising stars game was announced yesterday. Scotty, which Rostro talent USA baby. Okay. Why didn't blue? Yeah. What do you think? Tim. I'm same wavelength. Look at these guys this games usually kind of filling out the roster their stars all over the place. Yeah. I think the edge. There is the Don bunk. Donna veg the shooting guard against that gives me the edge. I'm team USA as well. So we move on net gains. The nets won twenty eight game of the season last night matches their entire win total for all of last season. So Tim is Brooklyn a good team. Or just a good story. I think they're good team. I mean, they've won a million games here. The last few months and their player development staff has really taken off here. You've got Kenny Atkinson, I think in considered for coach the year, and they're going to be a tough team. I think in the first round with the number of threes. They get up and care sliver coming back here too few weeks. What do you think Scottie things the good story? I think what Russell is doing this season his growth mature. You know, he's really making a run this season. Being all I we move on still hurt. And with this news. We'll have to put our shillue Okeafor update on hold and also today LeBron went through a full practice as he continues to progress towards a return from his groin injury. But the Lakers just announced he's out on Thursday against the clippers. So Scotty, what do you think will Brian actually returns? I would say maybe a couple of weeks after all celebrate. Oh, okay. Practice in. I don't expect them to participate in the in the whole story vents, hopefully, they at least hold him back and give them some out for a month. Yeah. I'm expecting him. Not to show up at least for another couple of weeks after the book. Also, put them behind the eight ball here as far as you've been making a playoff spot. He's out of the Lakers are not making the ploughs. Okay. I mean if he's out a month. That's what another twelve fourteen game. Right. I mean, that's that's a lot of time out. Okay. Well, there's been a lot of talk about Anthony Davis ending up in LA. But wonder if he actually has a better chance of being traded, maybe to the Knicks more next propaganda. The Knicks offer the pelicans porzingas Kevin Knox. And this year's first round pick for the browse. So Scotty should the Knicks consider entering the AD. Sweep six I would I would say out of it. I got a couple of good pieces in knots. Draft picks. I would probably stay out of it. Because to get a D you're going to have to put a lot on the table. I'm actually gonna go the other way. That's I respect that opinion. But you look at the the next if they can get Anthony Davis right now, there's already a lot of talk to Kevin Durant's got to go to the next. Right. But they have to clear money to do that. Anyway, if you have anything Davis on the Knicks, and you have at that point cleared money to then sign another star, whether it's Katie or kyri or any of these guys is summer. The Knicks can say, hey, we've got Anthony Davis on our team complete with us. I mean, I don't know how you could find a better sales pitch getting on starting that imagine eighty with either of those guys in the Knicks would actually be good for the first time in decades yet, look, I I get all that and playing a Madison Square Garden. I'm sure you know, all the guys seem to love. I'm sure Scotty. You had some great games there. I seem to recall you did. All right there, you know. But I just feel like. I guess the number one pick, right? Like, let's say they won't pick. Don't you have to protect it at least like number one protected because of Zion. You don't wanna lose that? Now your top protective. But also you're getting Anthony Davis here. Right. You're getting Anthony Davis. You're not getting a solid player. Good player. Right. Top-five guy. And you then you have the ability to get Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving or these call. No can't take that bit. Well, if I may Davis, I don't necessarily wanna go there. I right like, I don't want that same hoping Katie Katie is going there. Now, I have to think them getting eighty would drastically improve their chances to do in the short. I think that's possible. Let's move on. Donovan Mitchell sophomore slump is long gone, and he has the jazz on a roll Utah's one fifteen of twenty games and nine out of ten. Thanks. Donovan Mitchell, averaging thirty points six assist per game. Over those ten Mitchell told Dr Tim McMahon, ESPN dot com for speech quote. We went from a team where essentially everybody overlooked this, you know, because last year to come out and pretty much everybody wanted our head for the beginning. Scotty is Utah finally living up to expectations. Well, I think they are on. I don't think everyone wanted. They had a lot of teams in the west got better. Yeah. That's just simple point blank. What happened, but you know night in the night out teams are going to come at you. And I'm sure Mitchell starting to learn that the second year round because now last year he built a name for himself, and when you show up in arenas now the fans noble you are. So that's really what he's getting to see. But you know, you talking about a very good defensive team go bare raining defensive player of the year. So they're going to be a team to be dealt with come postseason their team to no one wants to play because they are such a scary team in a well coached thing. One nine or ten Mitchell's gotten used to Scottish point to being the guy that people are gaming planning for right? But to me for the for the jazz really be the team to get in my opinion to get to the west conference finals to be the favorite to do that. I think they need to take my Conley available available. He's a perfect fit for the way the jazz play for the for the way their culture set up one of the best guys in the league. They could trade Dante Exum. First round pick dare favors. Ricky rubio. You know, they're still have the rest of their core there. And to me why Connery's perfect guy play with Don. Mitchell going forward to the guy who can handle the ball could score can shoot and can take a little bit of that pressure off him. So teams can't go into to say, hey, we have to really lock in on Mitchell. And nobody else I think those are all great points. Also had the second toughest scheduled to start the season. They played so many games on the road, or whatever it was. Now, the second easiest schedule and Donovan Mitchell since Rubio's been out has been controlling the ball, and that's an aspect of his game that he's developing. So all right. Let's go to the buzzer. Here. Here's count coups today. Knows always a good thing. Trae rumors as everybody always says means you have value. And I mean that just you're gonna be in his legal on time. When you first get some day twenty. Did you wonder what that might mean for you or anything, you know, not really? Great care last. Scotty. Appreciate his honesty. Appreciate it's on its anytime that you playing good on the best of all all the teams want you. I keep it up young fellows. No doubt about it. All right for the hall of famers. Scotty Pippin for Tim. Bon temps and Kevin arnovitz, Georgia. Donna Rachel be back in the chair tomorrow. Same time. Same place have a great day.

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