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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into Liberty Report with me today is Daniel McCallum our co host Daniel. Good to see you this morning this morning. Dr Paul Good. It's a good day today because we have a special guest and think need about our guests. Thomas Massie he's well known for being you know real believer Iran Liberty. But he's also believe in being a little bit Abate yes sometimes. People get too downbeat over because it deserves to be down. Be But Thomas. Welcome to our program today. Hey thank you ron. Thanks for having me on wonderful I wanNA start off with You know our history. Of course I knew you you before you were elected to Congress and we served together for two months for seven weeks so excited to sit next to try to. There's some liberty to do it on my own. Yeah but you know. There's there's one thing that I want to caution you about you know before you came. It didn't happen happen because that was such a short time when both the people would come up to me. And say Ron. You are the best congressman there is and I'd always say well you have to consider the competition. So that's why I'm GonNa tell you. You are the best congressman but you have to think what about my competition right. They say when you get elected to Congress you pinch yourself and wonder how you got there and after a couple months and you meet your colleagues you start wondering how they got there. Well I'll tell you one thing that you really really. We wonder if he ever when you become a candidate for president you go and you run into a six eight ten fifteen candidate or look at the Democratic Foreign Group right now and you say and you get to know a little bit when you're on debates with have been talked to him the light. What are these people are going to be pressing the United States? I used to think that there's no way individual like me or somebody else could be present but when I looked at them boy what a difference people shouldn't be reassured they know some of them Personally but yeah. That's a that's a good argument for smaller rest intrusive government because these folks are angels. They're not savant. There's nothing remarkable about them. They have the same witnesses that everybody else has. And that's why we shouldn't let them run our lives but you know what it does. It invites the enthusiasm for or something you deal with an idea with and that is messy. Because you're still on the road and you helped so many people. You've helped us out and conferences so that that is where the real issue is changing people's attitudes and minds you know it isn't those members of Congress that we run into it's It's the people in the universities. Universities that people in the media and all the people who've learned economics badly on the people for academic reasons and propaganda reasons endorsed type of foreign foreign policy and of course the monetary policy. So the action is. I've always thought the action is outside of the politicians. But I used that as a forum. And you do that so well well too because people know your beliefs and And they know that you have conviction in which direction you WanNa go and obviously that what is clearly for less government. Yeah and you know. Even though the whole thing is rigged at times they won't yield you even thirty seconds to join the the debate sometimes there is a democratic feature of the House of Representatives whereby anybody can go to the floor of the House for one minute and speak at new. ooh right and most of these other congressmen used that one minute to congratulate sports team or something back in the district. And that's fine but I like to use those one minutes to the advocate for saying foreign policy or less intervention for smaller government and those sorts of things. But at least we can still go to the floor As members of Congress Chris and give a speech and get that out there and be the voice that some people don't hear these presidential debates don't hear from their own congressman right Daniel. Now those one minutes great Mr Massey. There there's something for the permanent record as they say I'm tempted. I was thinking about. You know we're so happy to have you on the show all the things we could talk about and I hate to start with something. That's neither political nor dealing with policy. But I can't resist one of my favorite documentaries of all time. Time is the one that Matt Kimmy did about you in the off the grid with Thomas Massie and I've recommended it. It's so many. Dozens of people have watched it probably twenty times. I I suggest half hour you'll spend I think but I can't resist asking you now a couple of years on after the film's been made you refer to the House that you've built by hand literally you know minding your own rocks as the Shire and I was just going to ask you how things are at the Shire these days a couple years after Matt's documentary this showers running time today. I just came from my house off the grid after Dr Four Miles to get on the grid and join you in the studio but The Sun was a shining yesterday. So we're excited about that. We're using our would gasify boiler basically takes word turns into a gas and then burns it in a very clean process. That's heating our house Since we made the documentary of made some upgrades for instance. I added some solar panels that are vertical. So that when it snows here in Kentucky you don't get much of that in Texas but when it snows in Kentucky the snow doesn't accumulate on those new panels and I- upgraded our battery. I had this Brunch of clunking. Clunky lead acid batteries in my basement. Instead I I've now found a battery from a wreck model as Tesla I took it apart and rewired it for forty eight volts reprogrammed it and it's running our house today. That's amazing wonderful. The walk and talking to. Yeah well I have I have I have a question on what's going on in in public right now and we'd like to keep up with all the events and the biggest event right now is corona virus and it's it's significant because there's a lot of strong feelings in both directions you know it's the end of the world in the other is a a bad cold and by now. You probably have been asked about that. Have you been asked about the corona virus and what one must do and whether or not there should be corn warranties or has the subject come up with any of your media well It's not come up within my media. I think people are trying to gauge H.. How seriously to take it you know? We had the abol a scare in the swine flu and the bird flu and all these other Plagues that we're going to decimate somme the population CERTA speak I think it's I think it's good to be cautious I think also at the same time. You can have more more casualties from overreacting so I'm paying close attention to the reports that that were getting and You know we need to understand how the virus spreads before we start trying to figure out how to keep it from spreading and It's a new virus in it behaves new away and I think that's what's bothering people the most well. I think what I sense from. Your statement is a medical statement. I do no harm in politically officer. You're the doctor. The politicians don't follow much. I do know they wouldn't have anything to do. You know that. Okay Daniel actually. The political equivalent of that is never let a good crisis go to waste. Washington is probably say. But you know Mr Mass. You've I've been very vocal about this piecemeal business and I've seen a couple of great floor speeches and I've seen some great statements. In fact I think one of the best tweets I've ever seen which captures the whole thing. Just a couple of words. If withholding foreign aid is an impeachable offense. Why did Joe Biden threatened to do it? You know so simple. Why is no talking about Brag about your brag about? What's your take on these are these are? That's just a simple question that I get from my constituents and after the tenth when asked asked me that I decided you know I should tweet that the other thing. They asked me as if they're accused the president of using his official capacity to harm one of his opponents in the next selection. Why are these Democratic senators who are running for president using their you know official capacity to damage his reputation? I do have to You know Congratulate Tulsi Gabbard for at least voting present and not voting. Yes or no on the peach Melba jam when it was in the house because she she is running for president and I think it really is hypocritical for them to to try to damage the president by the way. Even Nancy Pelosi said. This should be bipartisan. But the only thing. That's bipartisan about. This impeachment is the opposition to it Every Republican and some Democrats voted voted against the impeachment in the house. And I think you're gonNA see the same thing in the Senate. It'll be great when we get this behind us but you know I was on the oversight committee so I was down in the scare With Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows when Adam Schiff was having what we call the witness tryouts he would bring them in there and if they performed in a way right damaged the president he would call them above ground. You know Outside of this gift for the other hearings but while we're sitting down there I realized that the Liberals Bulls had lost their momentum. It turns out things like universal background checks and red flag. Laws are gun control. That they were pushing rushing. I was thankful that they've lost their momentum on that so if there's one small silver lining in this whole impeachment sham. It's it's what I think. Nancy Pelosi knew in her heart. Art Number One It stopped their momentum in their agenda. That number two. It's going to hurt him at the ballot box. Because American people see through it. You Know Kentucky. He is a state that Sometimes Statewide Democrats For various reasons. And it's a little more complicated than just saying Republican Democrat but but How the higher this Kentucky come down now on impeachment if if somebody like you to use suffer or do you benefit by taking your position impeachment? My constituents have tuned out to out a long time ago. Most of them turned off the TV on impeachment. When the president released the call transcript of his call all with the president of Ukraine? CEO Here in Kentucky Sobat like the Mueller Report. It's a big nothing burger for the most part of of course I. There are some Democrats who are excited by impeachment and the prospect of overturning. The last election that even most of the Democrats that's and nearly all of the Republicans in Kentucky are against impeachment. What was speaking of politics? Let's turn a little bit to politics politics. If you don't mind we were a little surprised to see that you picked up a Republican challenger and I don't know how much if any you WanNa talk about it but it is. It is kind of interesting. Whoa what happened? What's going on down there when you know? I've been blessed to go eight years without a serious primary Challenger Since I won my first election but that hasn't kept the establishment from trying to recruit somebody and every year. They've nearly recruited somebody but the person backs out on them in the last second will this year they got somebody to actually put his name on the ballot and ironically he started out by his campaign. Started out the by saying that I wasn't supporting the President Enough You know I'm going to be a delegate most likely for for the president in the upcoming reelection I was a delegate at the RNC for him in the last election. I'm on I'm a CO chair of his reelecting Kentucky so I found it somewhat ironic but there is a website run by. ABC News called fivethirtyeight that tries to gauge. Based on your votes folks whether you're for the president or against the president and they give you some kind of score and I went and looked at that and every omnibus bill every debt limit. And every CR. You're if you didn't vote for them. They said you were against the president because he ultimately signed it every time you send arms to Saudi Arabia if you vote against is that if you voted against the feis accord I found seventeen votes where they said I wasn't with the president because I wouldn't vote reauthorized the court that spied on him because I wouldn't vote to send arms to Saudi Arabia and because I wouldn't vote for all of this All the debt limits and the horrible omnibus he was basically strong armed into signing. So those are things. Even the president didn't support so I think there are metrics are off but here's what's interesting Rewire we went and looked into facebook. Page of my opponent and it turns out. He's never trumper he's trying to say I don't support the president. He called for a coup a military coup against this president after he was elected of your among other things so I think that's GonNa hurt. His chances is a widow bet. He's he always planned on running. I think and ASTROTURF campaign. He's not been out talking to people I've been talking to them for eight years I will stand and proudly by my voting record. You know I tell people that when I came to Congress I don't give my card because if along seven hundred and fifty thousand people in Kentucky Rocky. I don't give the voting card to the Republican Party. I never gave it to John Bainer. I sure as heck didn't give it to Paul Ryan. I was the only Republican who wouldn't vote for Paul Ryan to be Speaker Speaker because I knew he was good stronger. The president under the bus. Eventually he already under the election. But I just don't get my voting card anybody because the people of Kentucky you want somebody who's independent and they want somebody who will vote for the Constitution and frankly Congress needs to do a better job of sending the president bills that he can happily on and we need to quit sending him in Omnibus Bill. This got twelve bills in one. You know the president would love to have a line item veto but that's been declared unconstitutional but the next best thing would be dissent him. Twelve separate appropriations bills instead of sending him one big giant bill. That's it's got all twelve bills in it and if he doesn't sign it the government shuts down in the part of the government. The people want has to shut down so congress needs to do a better job. I'm fighting for the president here in Congress to make sure. We get better bills on his desk. Thomas I take a position which at times is a little bit controversy. I want to get your opinion about it because as I state that You know it's there's not good Could challenges between the two party. It's very bipartisan. How can this be? They hate each other's guts and all you hear is peak men Peach Mint but my argument here is down the big stuff. Whether it's the Federal Reserve war spending you know suspend and the impeachments go past the mud budget money and it has nothing to do with a really big stuff you know they they never really cut back with us. Republicans Republicans or Democrats but people say. No they're fighting my my sword. Understanding is P- people fight between the two parties because its power and personalities. Involved do you do you think there's Do you think that's unfair to the Republicans to say there's too much bipartisanship. No that's not unfair at all even When Obama was president that Republicans in the majority we gleefully spent him Sent him spending bills has spent way too much money. The the bipartisanship should be in favor of returning to sane fiscal policy insane foreign policy. But what you see is. There's a bipartisan coalition. That's always ready to vote for another war if they even had the courage to vote on it but they'll definitely spend the money that it takes to have another war and they get together and they agreed to spend more money and a lot of these fights that you see between Republicans and Democrats in the media the kind of fake because at the end of the day the Republican leadership is whipping with the democratic leadership to get everybody everybody in the house to vote for these horrible omnibus bills but there is a good bipartisanship to you. Know you reach across the aisle for example with Barbara Lee to repeal this horrible two thousand and two authorization for military force on Iraq. And that's the kind of good by the real bipartisanship but I wouldn't would. We'd like to turn to another topic Thomson. I know that you're very active in this and so I wanted to get your take. You've been very active on Second Amendment rights you've been to so many rallies lately and I'm wondering what is your take on. What's happening in Virginia? It's amazing to see First of all the swift turnaround swift attacks on the second. But but then also the People's responses wish to this point of the ignored so I'd love to hear your take on Virginia and the Second Amendment. Well I think that Sanctuary County Movement For for Second Amendment. I support that. Some people wrongly liken it to The amnesty for illegal aliens a sanctuary city movement there with that's more of an elitist movement. The illegal alien amnesty was this is a a popular movement is supported by the voters the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement and basically what what they're doing is saying we're gonNA push back you're violating rating the constitution. That's the other thing here. Is You know I'm a conservative. I believe in the rule of law. I think it's bad to have a rule of man ten or rule of kings. I believe in the rule of law with the supreme old the law of wall the law of the land is the constitution. So what these sanctuary very Second Amendment Sanctuary county movements are about is saying you know what we're not going to violate the constitution even if you have some intermediate law between the Constitution in an office. That's not valid. And so I support it one hundred percent I went to the Sanctuary Second Amendment Sanctuary County movement in my own county. They had the biggest turnout if ever had in that courtroom in just a small town and then this past weekend was in Frankfurt at the rally. And I'll tell you what what these are the most peaceful polite rallies you've ever been to when everybody's carrying on the opposite of what the news tries to portray and of course they're all stripes of life they're all ethnicities breath the cameras only you know. Try to film the Caucasians and put that on on TV and try to make this about some. You know privilege movement or something. That is ridiculous. You Know God made man and Samuel Colt made all all men equal. So that's you know any also made men and women equal We have some great legislators in Kentucky who are women there were actually instrumental savannah. Matic's was in pushing constitutional. Carry Bill that we got last Last legislature in Kentucky so. I think it's a good movement. I support it. There are sheriffs were willing to go to jail. There's there we won't enforce the law and it's not as dot. They're willing going to go to jail because they realized there needs to be court battle instead of walking up one of their constituents. They're ready to be locked up in order to fight for their constituents very good and we're going to have to wind down Thomas. I want to thank you very much for being with us but I do want to mention to you that you've been very interesting and helpful with our our institute for Peace and prosperity and we will be having a conference in the Washington area Alexandria near the airport in September. So that's just a hint. They would love to have you there. That sounds great. That's after my may nineteen primaries how we can help you celebrate. Yes we're predict that you're you're going to. We'll take a lot of risky votes here. I appreciate your endorsement Ron but it's Carol Paul's endorsement that I sought out and valued the most. You know you've learned. I'll tell you the people that have her telephone number know how to operate. Hey but anyway. We were delighted when you came to town here and visit our home. We had a meeting there and and all that. So thank you very much Chan this skit together. As soon as we key on and pursues the house apiece. AM prosperity. Thank you keep the flame alive that you and kept burning for us Ron in Congress wonderful and I want to thank our viewers today tuning in today Please come back soon.

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