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Episode 044 - Alberta Bill 10


No we could get our podcast up to number one was tiring of. Yeah but that means that. I have to subject myself taking welcome back to Putin politics. Canadian Issue Serve Ritchie skirts. My Name's Adam Mike and Mike. We're GonNa talk about something that happened A couple of weeks ago now or behind the Times. Now what are we GONNA do fall into my cats? Right topic happened like fifty sixty seven years ago. Who Cares Yeah. That's okay we'll get we'll get. We'll get to those topics to have some of those episodes in the backlog. No but I I guess what I wanted to talk about was Bill Ten in Alberta Biltonen built-in Tan. Exactly what is bill ten? Don't know the bill names. I'll get is the Public Health Emergency Powers Amendment. Act of Twenty Twenty Okay. So this bill passed in to To royal assent on April. Second of two thousand twenty now depending on how you feel about legislation. That date is important because the province of Alberta announced their state of emergency on March seventeenth. And there were certain things especially because of the the social distancing and you know where people would be allowed to go and facilities. They will be allowed to use and things like that. During during the emergency during the public health emergency you know and different governments have been doing have been doing this But levying certain fines and and things like that. Say you know if you're caught you know breaking any of these rules than individuals are going to get a fine of X. and corporations could get a fine of why and you know whatever okay but at least from my understanding from doing research about this bill. They're supposed to be some sort of law or provisions in place. Already that would allow government to make these kinds of changes in Alberta. They have a bill. That's called the Regulations Act for instance from from doing the research on this bill of research. I should say from doing the reading on a towards this bill because it really wasn't research. The Regulations Act states that changes to regulations are not valid against persons. Who have not been given actual notice of them and have not been published in the Alberta Gazette so essentially if the government wants to make a change there has to be notification of it For it to be valid makes sense. Yep so I know one of the one of the things that was mentioned in in the articles I was reading. Is that you know. It's like the thousand dollar fine for people for not socially distancing so that was so that was introduced by the Minister of Health Tyler Andro And obviously the Ministry of Health. You're laughing when I mentioned the name. Have you heard? Have you heard more about tyler? San Leandro with the last time I mentioned his name like I said I was a fifty fifty debate. Yeah Okay so so this. This new fine for not following social distancing was created But it wasn't there was no public notice put out it wasn't putting the Alberta's at so it was against the so technically levying. That fine was against the regulations. Act so where built ten comes in. There's a couple there's a couple of parts to it but so I guess the first part that I'll say about bill ten is that it introduces It's kind of. It's kind of meant to give law enforcement more power in regards to how they manage certain situations in a in a public health. Emergency obviously not just not just limited to the current situation limited to any public health emergency in the future right. There's also a provision in the bill that So I guess in the original Public Health Act so they so before what they will do is if there was a law in place they could suspend that law Fokker and so what they added in the amendment was that not only can a current law that exists be suspended but a new can be created with no oversight. No debate at and doesn't even have to be voted on in the legislature cut. Bill Ten was not given a sunset clause. Oh all that now. The government five hours to figure. That was a bad idea. Yeah well that's great. Well you see the difference. The difference is you know the federal liberals are dealing with the minority and that was never that was never gonNA pass the UC P is like. Oh well I mean we have a majority here I wanna give federal herbals liberal or credits that than saying the only reason they they ripped it off. The plate was because of the fact that they were they were they were in a majority situation. They may not have still done it. I'll give them a little bit more credit than that. Ok p the corruption in that. That party is yeah so I mean yes. The bill like this amendment is not has not been given a sunset clause now these new bills or laws not bills. I guess it'd be laws Offenses fines whatever They can be given sunset clauses But yeah the bill. Itself doesn't sunset clause so now some people are saying it's a it's a crazy abuse of power and anything can be passed and so on so forth and it's kind of true but it does also have to be during a public health emergency. So let's say when this situation with covert nineteen is over and the and the and the public health emergency has dropped that provision within bill. Ten doesn't have any effect until the next public health emergency. No like it's it's an original power like you the same issues that I have problems with the liberal government even introducing it the federally where they had Executive power is the exact same reason why I don't think it should be done in Alberta like there's no difference I don't I'm not like because I'm going to be like no notes. Hookah do no. You should never have executive power like we're democracy. You should never have executive power length. Sorry I shouldn't say never. There is very rare circumstances wars. Yeah well with an emergency like the Federal Emergencies Act would come in and Catastrophic Pinta mix not this kind of pandemic influenza pandemic levels will call it now well. I consider catastrophic catastrophic national emergencies. Potentially right yeah not even just not just health not just health issues. Yeah those things more executive powers. I think that's necessary like I. I'll give you know I'll say listen. You need to do what you need to do. Any news with Boston Unite. Like you'll make mistakes but I don't do it. Yep circumstances like that right Were not there we have time to. You know assess and figure out and debate about things and we should in a limited scope of course and you should have powers that make it easier to do things but still limited scope and I mean I know. They're majority coming to pass whatever they want to basically but still what? Yeah so so then. The the icing on the cake with this one is that they passed the bill on April second but they made it. They made it retroactive to March seventeenth. Which was the day that the public health emergency was put in place? So what they're saying. Is THEY RETRACT? Meaning that they can take an effect because the public -mergency was already declared out. You're saying right so that we don't have to wait for the next one that's right. So when so for instance well not only that? But for instance like because even if they had passed it instead well it takes effect April second. I like the day that the bill passed. It's like well under public health. Emergency so this Bill takes effect right away. But by making it retroactive to March seventeenth. They basically made it so that the new state like things like the new fines and levies and things like that that were announced by the Ministry of Health after March seventeenth but before April second were lawfully done. Even though the law didn't exist until April second. Yeah that's not gonNA create any problems. They're not getting losses. No not at all worried about. It's nothing you know all any any any of those penalties fines and things like that that were levied between March seventeenth and April second. Nobody's going to challenge those in court. Not at all no not not going to happen. I don't know what's going to. It's going to be whatever it God. Damnit it's GONNA be fine. How sometimes I just laugh at these EP? I noticed that we have a theme about which provinces we talked about went to forget. We've for not forget we don't talk about it because the they're not messing up. They're not trip. Yeah exactly I mean like. I don't catch one because such went doesn't make mistakes like this. I think I think I think the problem with Scotch win is more so that Kenny is so loud that nobody hears mot sure. I mean I if I really wanted him. Oh yeah but like you know Manitoba. We'd bring up. I don't think we've ever brought up sketch Wan. No well the maritimes I do because I just find it fun. Yeah again to be talking about that. No NAH maybe it's too. It's the two of the four largest provinces right. I mean it Goes Ontario Quebec BC Alberta so we talked about on -Tario Alberta because Antero we live here and Alberta is the next. It's the next province that is prevalent in the national stage right. Everybody everybody's hearing about Berta. That's because they're just comedy gold there anyways power again like the conservative government got broken up because they were too much of cronies. That's by. Create the Wild Rosen exert a party and then Kenny was supposed to unite them to avoid cronyism and since day. One it yeah. That's working out day one. He did everything everything the wrong way like from even getting elected with his suicidal campaign that the other guy did hey stories that have come out. Don't forget we gotta we gotta cut all those We cut all those teaching jobs and health care jobs. And Oh we have seven and a half billion dollars to invest into Keystone Excel. I think the great the greatest thing that's happened is like within a week of him announcing that extra funding for Keystone Excel. There's a there's a judge I can't remember what state it's in that has blocked the pipeline again. Yeah like it's done. It's like I can't see coming back and and and you know again for the people that work in that industry. I feel terrible. Well it's very cyclical like ebbing. Anyone who's ever worked in Alberta in the oil industry they know that there's big ups and big downs and you have to understand this but the thing but is thick and this is what got miss. 'cause I didn't see any news coverage on it really the fact that the most layoffs in one day from like one organization ever occurred was in Alberta. Yeah because they cut twenty thousand jobs in one day. No one has done more effort in candidate like. How did that get missed? How is that not like the most pressing news like? Yeah Copa. Nineteen is big but like these jobs regardless of whether or not Cova nineteen happened or doesn't these jobs are still getting loss and they did it like through a tweet unlike Saturday or Friday but they cut twenty dollars gift to in in in since even since the public health emergency was announced March seventeenth. Cutting the T. Cutting the twenty five thousand teachers and support staff and things like that. I don't I don't think it was all twenty twenty k. Education jobs not necessarily teachers rank but they also passed a bill that took effect on April first and essentially reduced doctors pay during a pandemic. I mean intellectually. They say well. The doctors are getting paid more BERTA. They do get paid more than over but the cost of living in Libertas also higher. Then everyone else to right so you have to take a look at both sides of that coin. It's a con. It's the economy of scale right teachers and other teachers in Alberta also get paid the highest on average but again if the cost of living is higher there because the economy is the way that it is then. They're getting paid fairly. Don't get it. And you know all Hubbard. Acids fix this problem radical concept. I'd only you uelmen saying it. For what since we started this. I know put a sales tax but says DAX in all problems off. No I mean does it. Does it new drew's other problems? Like you know it does hamper the Conway. GotTa gotTa gotta but I think that's. That's what you can do and you don't have to do like you don't have to do or crazy. Seven eight percent sales. You subscribe to Windows two or three. Isn't it systems five Okay scheduled I like. I've read things that say that if Alberta introduced a three percent sales tax based on I mean obviously now again with covert nineteen. It's just GonNa it's GonNa be like everyone else. Their budget's going to be out the window right. Bunches Earth wind up at like but before before cove nineteen and any additional spending and things like that it was like with a three percent sales tax. They would have a surplus Yeah like the fact that the A. Burda government is pushing forward and doing things that are just like everyone else is trying to say. Hey we've got your back. And when the Education Minister says two weeks beforehand. Listen I know things are crazy right? Now Your Education Budgets for the cup coming fall. Don't worry they're not get touched Like we're just GONNA deal with whatever happens. And then they complete turn around and do something completely different. And it's like what are you doing? What are you doing right like these are the issues? I had with. Ford's government before January right saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite and now you see during a crisis is doing the same thing like doing Thaksin's Mo like Oh. Don't worry guys you know we were going to say this. And then we're going to release something you know. Berry in the Burien like five hundred thousand other news stories. We'll think of think of the things that they've done since again since March seventeenth. Okay they still passed a where nobody else's passing a budget and they pass out. They pass the budget with again. Essentially little to no debate little to no oversight not taking recommendations and their majority so they can just pass it and it is. It is what it is right but that budget was still based on at some point in the five years. I don't remember I don't remember exactly like if it was an average thing or or what but it was like at some point in the five years that they were looking at in that kind of budgetary window. The price of oil would be fifty eight dollars a barrel and that was out and that's how it would make sense. It was looking for an extra for twenty twenty twenty one yeah they expect Wti to be six dollars. That's about to protect not likely at this point as I as I as I look at it. Right now Obviously it's not changing right now because it's not trading right now and it's at eighteen dollars. I got wiped so to go back to the list. You Pass you pass a budget when nobody else's passing a budget you have you cut education workers while the schools are closed. You single biggest layoff in Kansas single biggest laugh in Canada's history you you cut doctors pay in the middle of a pandemic and then you pass a bill retroactively giving you authority almost authoritative powers Yup. Good job good job. Well done tenant remember how you would do again. Remember what we said about the twenty four hour period thing like you can't ask them. Yeah no no. They're running businesses usual. They don't get exempt from that. That's right if you're running a pandemic government you can get them from it so The other nine provinces and three territories you'll get exempt but Kenny. You're running business as usual so no yeah you can be hammered when you start running business appropriately where you're not threatening to cut jobs like Ford is given a blank check. Listen we're going to do what we can. Yeah we're going to do and so far. He's been carrying through not perfect. He's not like you know he's not batting hundred percent here but nobody is. Looks like he's trying yeah. Is it perfect? No but what is Kenny? Doing what what are you doing? A weight no no keep in mind. He did cut back his war room a little bit. Oh Yeah I guess there's no one going no one's fighting oil right now okay. The rooms loss leader anyways man. The war rooms allows leader. I couldn't believe that that was the thing that they're tend to always cut back our wardrobe. Who's fighting oil right now? Who CARES ABOUT OIL? There's no environmental is going to well. I mean they they possibly cut back the war room as well because you know they are getting one point. Seven billion dollars from the federal government for the Orphan Wells Fargo from while They're going to have to do. She still talks to. They're going to have to put like ten percent sales tax. Just deal with oil from wells. Well consider what his estimates estimates are that To clean up that mess over a hundred billion dollars hundred five hundred. Yeah I see I have seen higher as well. But that's that's like a low ball estimate and it's like this. I mean again. This money from the federal government should hopefully put people back to work so it was. It was someone's tweet and it was Governor forty seven thousand abandoned oil and gas workers named Derek Suddenly RE IN ALBERTA SASKATCHEWAN NBC. Or maybe it was just. Berta suddenly realized that they're eligible for Serb. Yeah so anyways. That's where that's where we are the story in this day and age yeah stat. So I via Kenny. What are you doing like what how? How is Ford just laughing? You repeatedly with a leader. A cow is the thing like Ford has a complete majority so he doesn't have to deal with anybody else but he is But Kenny is just he's trying to pull Trump basically like. I'm I'm the person in charge. And you know my way and I'm going to have authoritarian regime like sorry what. I don't think Kenny realizes that his party is going to be the party that everyone points to the collapse of over. Oh yeah that's quite possible. Bright Lake when the Hershey books come out unless he changes direction because he's so Aligned himself or embed depending on phrase it with the oil industry They're gonNA look back on and go. He's the reason why. Alberta went down the down the drain yet. Because it will it will have happened during during their mandate. Yeah people donate so many people down. So many people want to blame The END EP and Rachel Notley and it's like they were trying to diversify the economy. You can't do that in for years. And that's all they were given did it ever since early. Didn't necessarily make all the right all the right steps. No and all the right moves but they were still they were trying they were saying look oil and gas will only get this province so far we need to do more. Okay well anyways. This episode was And still kind of is about built-in in Alberta once Adam hacked slashes it. Yeah what's that makes. Wants to make a couple of cuts here and there right all right. If you want to hear the whole conversation Make sure to find our patriotic page and become a patron. You can hear all the uncut episodes there We have some. We have some good conversation. Anyways my name's Adam managed by Kentucky soon.

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