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WeWatchWrestling #263


This is a head gum podcast. Do you watch wrestling. Readings. Valued tation world there. Welcome Brennan VO he'll baby face alike. The we watch wrestling podcasts, the only professional wrestling pod guys that you or I or they are. We all need. It's a celebration, professional wrestling. None of these, what's? What's your word? Brang Brang lists. Grank listed. Those are real trouble out of these FDA approved grade a wrangles, just complaining about everything. I am professional wrestling, scratching their neck beards, save in their Pugh rustling McCarthy with professional wrestling paddle on time, simply, hey, guys back at another week. Good to have you home Sibley Tom, your ear holes, which is the worst phrase. Does it give you a lot of fields? What rustling from him professional that was great fit? Was that not a great fit? That was a great fit. Pretty good, Tom, Lexi whole chickens do that personal in professional wrestling encyclopedia. Mr. Vince April Urals that's that's the comment that gets you in all of this time and space filth that you've spew ear holes makes you feel it's a thing people say about podcast, like get that and your your whole. It's like first off, it's been said by a lot of people that either I'm okay and all right, the worst, the worst thing ever just saying because the great if they said butthole his then what's thing because that's what you would say right at potty. Doc potty in your butthole. We're not even two minutes when the two and a half minutes in already brought up your butthole. I didn't bring up my butthole. It's it's implied. You know when you eat as well as I do. I got a message from a guy who's who really is compiling all the awful things you've said over the really some of those are really good. I mean, it's not just you, but somebody's polling quotes right now. Right? Wait, wait, wait, you guys both seem to know about this. The you don't check the Email. That's your problem. Okay, right on on you. How does he have? Did he send you guys a file? This was just a copy and paste. The thing that we got yesterday came in Aldridge. Point, he said, checking it, I got my favorite is one time goes, I wanna motorcycle. And I said, I said, drinking out of these cups, full mold at your houses all the daredevil. You. And you just want to ride a bike out into the desert alone. And Tom goes MacOS. I just wish you were in the desert alone. My favorite that he said that he when he told me he was doing these was that Tom says he wishes he had a make a wish kid so that he could meet Lana. How about that Brock last? This is off the airtime popular swimwear as finally caught up with my love of but's. That's true. I mean, that's that was true in nineteen ninety one no-no. It wasn't. 'cause 'cause butts have come back. So things are much more thong based now, and there's a lot more but cleavage. Did you ever in there ever klezmer again? Well, he was dead. Frankly, while it's ironic anytime somebody is presumed dead, they show up during a Helena cell and they ripped the door off the hinges. It also seems like every time that a prince and Saudi Arabia snaps his fingers, they've gotta pull out every guy that they can possibly by. Well, I was just thinking about on the win the to your came out on raw this past week. I wanted him to just be very honest and the undertaker voice guys. I was very close to retirement, but there's this thing called money. It's good to have a lot of it, not great to have a little of it, and there's these Saudi princes that are they're just playing hand over fist just tons of money. Brock listener, so good to see him Brock with a beard bearded Brock. That's you have Seabrook is my favorites about to be deer season Brock? Yeah, and he needs to have as much cammo as you can Reno a half to keep my face warm. I bet Rina's always asking for the beard and he's like, no, I'm not a hippie. Like he's the kind of guy that says, I look like a hippy when he hasn't gotten his haircut in two weeks. You know what I mean totally. And when he tore the door off, but something I've never seen before Janie kick it down, he really made. He came kind of fell away. Bill with it for a minute to over. He climbed up at like it was a ladder. Oh, that's right. He set it on the side of the ring. I, I mean, I had never seen that before. I thought it was great. I always love seeing them, especially with the beard. He really made Cain feel like a kind of a kind of a wimp because he was like, 'cause Cain when he debuted twenty years ago, like he really had to pull that door off the hinges, they don't make the cages like they used to. You know that well there there ain't no are no twisting twisting or zip ties or whatever. The fuck was that read was that cage bright red? Well, I thought I heard it was going to be bright red. I was like, and then when I saw it, I was like right on second of all, was it significantly bigger it just it's gotten bigger over the years. This shots of them fighting on top of it. I was like, fuck that looks huge issue. Love that. I love when the guys fight on top of the cage. How many, how many chicken breasts you Rachel tariff. During the show he eats a whole chicken. I'm telling you, I, I was money is not where I need it to be right now. So I drove throughout the entirety of Helena sell. Well, what when did you even see it? He was streaming on his phone, making the people in the back what happened when at time. But Sunday's are just a really good driving day, not a lot of traffic and a lot of demand. So you know, I what I gotta do. I had some issues I had a woman. Oh, listen, I happy with me. Well, you've got a lot of his shoes, Tom, you pick up anybody downtown at Bola or drop anybody off at the globe? No, I fully me though nervous about that. I wish that you would have gotten the call to come get me? No, that would have been the best moment of my life times a grill, but the thought of picking up someone going to Bulla and like them, maybe even wearing. We watch wrestling shirt, I'll please. And then what's the problem with that? I guess there's no problem. It's just I have a big ego and we'll then this is very sensitive. This is good for you. Believe me, the humility gauges is deep in the red, but if you're not humble, you get humiliated. You remember when dean and the giant guy were punch each other in in the face. They were doing the, I love. Right funny because you like him. You like him a lot. I get so distracted by body. I can't hear names or anything. I mean, he's, he's, he's just a body to me. No, no, no. He's a great wrestler though, which is, but when him and Diener on top of the cage and they're both punching each other in the face at the same time, I feel like they actually do make some contact because it's there so amped up there on top of the cage adrenaline zardy through the roof when they meet and start finding other. But you know, why don't you want you say to yourself? How come there's not, you know, big red Mark on his face, you know, hug him, there's not a big brooms of the head. Wait. So people always say, oh, you're phony wrestler, nobody says your your, you know, your great actor. Dean was never on top of a cage. Was he the the to watch the second seconds wound up on the top at one point. Okay. Okay. I thought, because why is that? I don't remember how they got. I guess they just climb down because then Seth and dolph went through the tables. Right. I did like the shell other than the the finish of the of the main event. That was the one that I didn't. I mean, I I understand what's going on, but how fucking hilarious is that? I guess the deal now is with WW their pay per views. As soon as the finish happens, they cut off the feet so you can't hear the crowd booing them out of the Bill out of the town was the crowd booing. Oh, they were. The crowd was not stop because it's like it's, it's it's the most toned, fuck and bullshit of all time potentially. You know, it just seems like they're the whatever point in wrestling. The idea was to try to like a. He's the fan base and sort of make them wanna come back for more and shit. It's just, no, here's what we're doing and we don't fucking care. No matter how many times the crowd, you know, little the fucking piss out of a beach ball, Vincent McMahon that though because it's it's that is having it be, you know, Brock and Roman again, again, again is is definitely speaks to that. But I mean, it's also I feel like on Sunday. It was this thing of, we know what the parameters we've set are. We know what the rules are. We've been telling you the whole night referees, only there to count a pin full or submission. There's no way out. There's no way in it's, it's it's, this is the hell in a cell. The previous Helena sells for decades. Have been hellacious. Men have been thrown to their deaths. They've been carted away. They've gotten back up Shawn Michaels bled like a stuffed pig. None of, but even even the same pay per view. Earlier that night, the referee was going to lately the play by play guys were like the referee's got to stop this and they're like, he can't stop it. Yeah, Jeff hardy has a fucking screwdriver in his ear. Leave, they open the show with that match. I mean, talk about hot opens a hot hot open, but that could you even tell me the the, the, the exactly the and drop the mic and through through. The I mean, the show is still long, but there was really only like eight or nine matches. Interesting. But at any rate, but to just end the Helena cell of like, oh, it's over now is Balkars. I thought Becky Lynch and Charlotte had a very good, Matt. Yeah, you know some. Oh, Joan. AJ. That's given. That's always fun. Yeah, it was. It was a good show. Oh, I did try to try to watch the Mick Foley one man. Did you watch it now? But let me you don't have to make that fake. I was trying to make a face. I didn't get through it, but to notes one, having that guitar player from Alice Cooper's band open like where Jeremy Boorda out, like all right guys, like Mick Foley, and but I, you know her from Shinsegei nakimora resume entrance would've she just comes out and just fucking just start shredding. Yeah. And I was sitting here going, I know what the fuck. I was laughing. I can't believe this is like, this is the best. Everyone should bring guitar player as their opener on the road, but but then with MC, I wanted the stories, but him him like doing the the bits stand up. It's I, it was just hard for me, believe me and then, oh my God, look, how big that spiderweb is. Can you see that can, yes. Wow. This is where you're having us record. Bencze the. Argue about mildew began my cups, the my ever murder spooky MRs overtaking what she zoo. Just let me know the first time you see or have a spider anywhere new year and then we'll discuss. Okay. Trying to kill me, I know spider webs. You know what made that spider web spider a Brown recluse. This dude sees arachnophobia once. All right, go ahead. May was such scary. You're so right. You're so right. It started off rough because I'm like, please don't it is that thing of like. I've been listening to Kelly Carlin in the in what I've drive around some time reading Carlin home companion, and and I love Kelly Carlin and the book is tremendous, but it is what is that book? It's it's a memoir about just like grown-up. She's Jordan as George. Carlin's Donnelly. Oh, I bet that's it's great, but it is very. It's like listening to somebody read is rough. So I just have to focus in on the contents and not the presentation, you know. But for me in, it's just my opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong with what fully doing there. Yeah, that just for me if he just tells the story. Right, actually funny, right. And there's gonna be laughs, but he's like shoehorning like, he's, he paid us since the like I'm going to say, fuck one time today, and then continues to do the through the fact the whole show. They kept cutting back to that. It's it's it made it feel like. That there was the rule was empty and they only had that one shot of that one girl right with the buzz-cut who's just sitting there like he hasn't said, fuck Gat you know? Yeah, but the story, I mean I to go. And what's he actually started talking about, you know. Shit. It was like it was in I was in, but it did feel very much like a being at an open mic and when comics, right out of like word for word, what they're just write a monologue out and they're like, I have to recite this to you now, right? As opposed to just doing yes, it wasn't natural. It felt mino- because that's it's Jimmy dri now said it to me fifteen years ago. He goes, wow, that's the name from the past. Boy, it's he was stand up. Comedy is not a monologue. It's a dialogue you are talking with the audience, you're not talking to them. It's a conversation you're having with them. That's why they're bits. That's why you're not going up there and doing a monologue. You're doing bits. It's just like, have this is not. I mean, it's just no, and this is the one man show Brian, and this is just if I can. Believe me. I felt that too, but that how far did you get? Did you get to talk about like a doing a localized promos for w. w. yes. Do. I mean those were the things I love, but eventually back into like like a three, you know, the the rule of three on some bit and I'd be like it is. It is. It is and it's and it's just but worth watching. I'm not man. It's so worth watching and stand up is, is stories. You know, it's just like right stories. Man mean you definitely put. It's like, tell the story. Like if you listened to Harlan Ellison, read one of his stories, he fucking performs it, and it enhances anything you would read written by him going forward because you're like, oh my God, I hear his voice, his cadence and each story has its own unique voice and take to it. I, it's just one of those things. Speaking of a unique voice on a unique take three of Bulla, oh boy is in the ring. He's waiting for Brody king as opponent. Arrives. Trevor takes the Mike and says, I've been more bowl is this guys had matches. What are the crowd proud response? Four loving. He's like, he's like, look at you, man. What is what? Is this? A good Charlotte concert. Oh, my God says you say, you're hardcore. I'm goddamn hardcore. You're from van Nuys. Van is. He's like, I think people just cheer you because you're the only guy from California gets booked on these shows. And he goes, look at you with all your stupid fucking tattoos. He goes, you don't probably don't believe in God. He's like willing PWG. I am God and you will believe in me. Wow, such a good pro, wait a minute, but let's let's talk about this. Sometimes the promo like that. You make the other guy looked like such a third burner? No, because I mean it. It didn't feel like it was like Trevor Lee is a is a shit. He'll I've loved Trevor Lee, don't get me wrong. No, there was no part of that. That was because I think about to get his ass. Everyone's sitting there knows the deal. Now. Did he end up beating Brody? Yes. But it was not at the the sake of Brody or he didn't? Yeah. It didn't feel like he was not. You know, I mean, everything said is hilarious. Right? And I lot I know exactly what you're talking about, which is the normal rule, which is you need to build your opponent up, but I think it's just a special situation right there where yeah, you know, had it Brody seem to be taking it on the surface. Awesome. Because any finally put his hands around Trevor's Atkin. It was on, you know? Yeah. Just like Vince went tonight one. I went tonight to Vince when tonight three. Nice. We've got you covered. We got you covered with the weather, did how did he? How did he win? How to travel gonna try that again. How did Trevor beat Brody? Was it a clean? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they don't. They don't really do, especially in the tournament matches. There's no, you know, no fucker. But, but then Trevor did get squashed by the override champion, Jeff Cobb, we kind of like shocking and cool that they that they did that in there and it doesn't. I again, I don't think it hurts Trevor either that Cobb basically gave them like three moves and fug and pin disase. Yeah, Trevor also came out really selling the warriors had with Brody, you know? Yeah. But. A night to Trevor was in the first round with your friend, Marco stunt, little Mark Arcos their remark. It's insane. See someone once and then there every suddenly I heard him in an interview where he said that he had been wrestling in Mississippi, whatever, and somehow joy, John l. booked him on his like the show. He didn't New York like like twenty didn't mania, whatever it was called, like Boston, New York or something. Does those shows? Yeah, the crazy match. He said the next morning I woke up from a text with Cody Rhodes being like, you want to be an all in. And then he's just been everywhere ever since it was literally like an overnight thing where Joe joy, and that's the same thing with fucking PC. Oh, who's everywhere? Now, George, Ryan stars, Joey, the taste maker, the star maker, which guys p. oh, she's the guy. I mean, I call him bizarro Jerry Lawler. He's just like this folder. He used to be in the fucking WEF PWG. Cards that we got went away to Quebec or whatever and then has. And he's, he's a lunatic. He's out of control. I don't. I I don't personally. I don't dig it, but a, but everyone else seems. Oh, yeah. I mean, he's just Ania fifty. He's he's a mania he wants to die in the ring. Twenty two years active. He's a lunatic. He was the one. I've only been sexually active that match with Walter where his chess-like black from the chops. The he was the guy that like Shane Douglas told that story about where he was at book to show in Montreal or somewhere in Quebec, and with. And so like a house show and then it was him. And Kevin Nash was the champ. Right, right. Oh, yes, yes, yes. You know, the story is this the one they said ruin over the phone at a hotel. Arvid him is at him. Yeah, that's the starving, Marvin guy jobs today, like it was going to be, you know, he, he books the, the show promotes it. He's, you know up there doing it through vents, you know, I mean, Vince is the promoter. He's the the book are what will reverse how everyone he's the local Motors, the local promoter. And so we're going to have some sort of a fuck finish or something so that we can do a return because they. Sold the building out and like he's the reason the building was sold out because it's like, you know, the local hero is getting the title shot and. When Shane Douglas tells the story, he's like, Kevin was cool. Kevin was a cool guy, but you get them around like Shawn Michaels in them and like Sean was a fucking dick. Yeah. And so Shaun who wasn't even in the match, not involved at all was like a fuck that you're not. You're not doing the job for him. You're gonna. Fuck him. Beat him. He's like, well. Squishy, it's supposed to be like, you know, like a fuck finish or something like, so we can do a return. He's now fuck that you're the champ. You're the fucking champ. Knifed power bomb, you, fuck and win. That's it. So he's like he said that like, PC, oh, comes into the locker room and Sean just like, hey, how's it going? Man? Good to see a good to see you. And like, literally, he's got his, he's. He's going to go leave and Nashes talking to PC. Oh, and then Shawn Michaels is behind PC owes back and he's like blind in one eye. So he's like, he can't see Sean at all. And he said that Sean was behind him, just going like. Three. You win like so what you to do tonight and Nash is just like. He's a win. You'll fuck what you what? One, two, three, Jack power user the Jack Novo bomb to. He's like, oh, no, no, no, no, no. We gotta have a return that's not gonna find. So the whole fucking thing was fucked. Fucked because of the click. Well, I think he taught 'cause they're little fucking curtain call bullshit. Well, Shawn, Michaels, you know, karma catches up. That's why is that weird? I know I will always in that ironic of the weekend to did Bandido wrestle on to dude. He was in that trio's mash, oh my God. ITO is. As over or moreover than anyone I've ever seen and PWG people are fucking loving them of the fucker. And I and he's awesome. That's not to say that I don't feel the same way, but I just I was struck by how over he was with the crowd. I'm surprised they didn't win the whole thing. I mean going in, I was like, it sure seems like it, you know, because he he was so yeah, but, but everyone was down with Cobb, there's there was no Stanton in the Cobb victory at all honor. We'd have to go back to see who we all pick to in Bola. I think you said Trevor Lee said Bandido. I believe I said, chef. Well, let's wait. We got a review and may now if you vents, I was contacted via Twitter, we'll let us anything. We need to listen to the tape, but we, we can't there no tape. All of a sudden, Tom loves everyone on Twitter, a true, hey, need be listened to Vincent. Thank you though. I call Jeff Cobb to win voices getting higher and higher because I knew in my heart and soul, that Jeff Cobb is going to win and sure enough. He did. I never thought and do you win? Because I don't think they would give it to a loser to know who and ITO was. But. Bandido I'm supposed to go on a call with rob later today. I'll have him review it. And if in fact you said Jeff Cobb than next week, we won't bring it up, but you probably lad, well, Robin, we talked about once a week, you know, just really. Wow. You can get him on the phone once a week. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Usually when he gets over the side work, I know he's got a minute. Yeah, puffing on red or whatever. And when we have word, I called it, but I don't think they would have a Lucia door when Bulla I feel like they would feel that would be limiting to PWG what I don't know talking about. I think you, you know, I don't. I you wrong, but it's, you're not even, you know, even just wrong. It's just outlandish. Like you don't think pent OEM. Pentagon, junior, however, you wanna say it, you don't think you think that would be limiting. That's a lavar. I don't think they would want it to be have this stigma as only a Lucia promotion little stigma. I mean, it's l. generic won it in two thousand eleven. There. You go. And no stigma? No, I think stigma. Vinnie stigma? Yeah, man. I was night one night. One was great. I'm trying to think what my. If my brain cells will allow me to recall, let me let me look and see, because I know that was one match that night that really stood out to me while so night to kicks off with Trevor Lee versus Marco stunt. And of course, well, what's great is they introduce Marco as Mr. fund size. And then all of a sudden from from nowhere from out of nowhere, the ring people just start throwing fun size candy bars into the ring. Really? Yes. Did someone hand those out to people bring them? I couldn't tell you. Did you get any candy bars? Yes. I'm sitting in the front row. I grabbed some Twix among them. Starburst says knickers. They were out of my reach Snickers fund size. They, they really, that's the perfect fund size. In my opinion, it's the perfect candy bar. Yeah, it's better than fuck in Milky Way. The the guy who blew me out night one was Puma king. All right. I didn't. I didn't awesome. He like he comes out and he lays like face down with his feet cross on the rope, like a cat, like hanging his arms down. Many turns over in like shimmy down between the top and middle rope. Really. She was, he was hilarious. Oh, wow, really good. So I liked his match with full Mita, but the genetic David star. And you know, I've said before I didn't. I'm not completely on board and I'm and I'm still not. But David star was impressive in. And of course journal is on fire the bad boy, and then the ring comp I had never seen that dragon off guy. He's a mania is a mania. Yeah. And then Shingo. I don't wanna tip the bit. Shingo was my man all weekend. Love Shingo. It had been forever. We haven't seen him since fucking see kings dragging at USA, but his his deal is coming up with dragon gate apparently. So hopefully same shaimaa maybe we shall see not as deal, but like we haven't seen him for forever. Yeah, former bowl a winner himself. Whatever happened with that monkey and the DOJ, Joe. I try not to think about it, but I love my go. There was a whole thing where some of those guys were like torturing a monkey in the dragon gate. Oh, Joe. I don't know if shingle was involved. I'm certain seem Shima was but anyway, really? I love. Oh, I mean, if you want to, you can look up the story but and in fact toes, Iowa was probably involved as well, but Jesus but home, I God, that's like, that's fuck as fuck fair. That's God. That's a monkey in the DOJ. Oh, that they just like, oh, no, kind of until until Friday night it had. I've been able to block it out and then she came out and I was like, oh, I don't wanna think about that. Now again, here I am eating, you know, hamburgers and shit. So I don't have a lot to say, but. You don't walk in the room and like slap the cow in the face. Yeah, nevertheless. Oh, God that really your. The pit in your stomach. Does he key took it to the limit? He got his ass to the final. He was the first eliminated in the final, but the. In a minute. I can't believe Shingo get through accustomed with that mullet man. It was a beautiful display. Where's he from from Japan, Japan? Well, it is like when we met when when Bill apter when we met him star cast, I was like thinking to myself, I'm like, well, we have met once before very briefly when I was on the road with WWE in Philadelphia. He was there with Jimmy Snuka, and then I, I met the both of them, but then I was like, wow, why bring this up? Because Jimmy Snuka probably killed a woman. Right, right. You know? Yeah. Why? But then he when we asked them favorite wrestlers that was one of the names he brought up. Yeah, people try to piece it out, man. You know, they try to try to keep it separated. But I mean talk about fake news spill. You couldn't have gotten to the bottom of that story. So what, what, what were some of the stand outs for for night to what they did. I'm glad you brought up that tag match because people were raving about it at night to, and then what they did at night to was then the tag partners fought each other. Yeah. So Shingo and dragon off had a unbelievable match just. Like first of all, dragon off, he comes out and his chest is all fucked up. And I was like, oh man, this guy foot Walter last night. But also I think don't matter who he fights. He just, I think, because I'm looking at his cards, just chop me please his his chest is all fucked up. Is his chest fucked up all the time. The start, and then he's got like blood red fucking contact lenses in maniac him and Shingo had a fuck and ridiculous match. Yeah. Then Walter and Thatcher might have had my favorite match of the night. Okay. You know, I mean, like it's just one of those matches words. It's like. It's just this is a a real wrestling match? Yeah. On night three, the tag was fun. It was. It was the Luce Bros. Oh, Phoenix versus the rascals. But when the rascals came out, they had all their masks on. I love it. And so at first they were trying to say, no, it's us and Pentagon's like house. Why are you allowing this whatever, and then it calm naked with them making tag in the wrong corner. Both of them at the same time, like tag on corner also night to up stairs for the first time, which was cool vantage point. I, it's funny, I, I hadn't even thought about that, but Danny Kuna. He's got a little back trouble going on. So he was like. Oh, Jesus sieve all the fucking my favorite murder. Anyway, I went up there and boxes and fan mail. Just got knocked over. But it was. It was cool. It was an interesting vantage point. I don't know if I'll go back or not, but I was saying to us that to be in the front, though there's no, there's no other option you. There's like a number of stools along the rail, and if there then you gotta fuck off. I mean. The globe people are so like they got such a Boehner's about there being air conditioning that I'm like, yeah, but I mean, it's it's. I hate how dark there's pluses and minuses. Sure. It's so fucking dark in there that at one point one, Jeff, Kaban. Darby, Al? Yeah, ridiculous match. Darby Allen is just he's ridiculous. Yeah. I mean, no. Fuck dude. At one point he does like his, what is that dry? Like a coffin drop, whatever. Like where he just, you know, he just falls like with his arms crossed and onto his back or about, we'll get to that. I don't know Sibley if it was my place, I'd be upset. Say it wasn't upset. Yeah, it's my fault. You gotta fucking, oh boy, FedEx, express the feeding window. When is the the cardio window. I mean, the air should not be real. Anyway, Darby, Elon. He took a fucking back bump from the top rope onto the fucking ring apron. That was just at a certain point. I'm just like this is unnecessary. It is odd when you reach that point and you're like, you're, you're taking out of it. 'cause you're just like that. I mean, like like. Joan Iraq and what's not saving with era. I never saw him once. I'm so happy. You're so fucking like ever slog with a lot on my God like genuine dislike, just like it's go away heat for me. Yeah. No, I'm like, go away at one point. He decides Jona rocks down on the floor. And Sammy goes up to the bounty Paladin same Guevara. Okay. He goes up to the balcony. Oh, and then a Mike. As soon as he pops out onto the balcony. I'm like, this is unnecessary and he doesn't moon salts off of the fucking balcony. The first one, the first one, not where people are, but the one right below at right though. No, the one with people the the, the ones on the sides, like where Lincoln city. Okay. Okay. Yeah, not taking anything from not to get an image of what the fuck was going on. And. And that wasn't even the finish, but it was just it was one of those things. I'm just like. What are you? Yeah. I mean, I think that every them I concern was like, fuck what the fuck star we're going to do when he comes out here. All right. You know, well, the globe for me, the thing that can't be beat is getting in an an hour and a half before the show starts and tying done by eleven o'clock like fifteen or before eleven, and on the night and hot dogs. They got hot dogs like hot dogs, hot dogs, and chips, and candy and three bars. So you never wait in line for anything? Yeah, but especially night three and maybe it was just a timing thing. But like there there were matches where I was like, that was great. And there wasn't like sometimes I'm prone to go like probably should've just like, had that be the pin, and then it goes for another like three or five minutes. And I felt like on night three, it was like the matches were like tight. And I'm not saying, you know, again, personal opinion shorts. Well, that's funny as the tree. Does match on night too. I was like, it felt like the main event at all in was like, and I think they were both like around twelve minutes while I'm like, this could have gone a little bit longer. Yeah, I was like as soon as it was over, I was like, all I could think of as the main event of all it. I did walk by Brian Kendrick and super dragon. Heaven haven't haven't Ivan words. I never saw regal, but I, I was told that he was there hurt. He was there. I saw him, but I like not anywhere close. I heard he was there night one into who do you think at least night one if anyone who do you think might be a leaving? The Indies to perhaps go to annex t, I'm sure there's geysers rumored about, but do you think anyone else's? I mean a based on who is there maybe Brody you know he can. He can go, he's he's got the the size that Vince would love a feeling Rhody. He's still at a point where they probably think they can really mold him to, oh, big time. Trevor league could ever. May the deal. In our impact. But I mean, Christ, I, I wound up like I'm putting together my, you know, putting together the house and putting things where they go. And I had like table for three on a couple different table for threes. And I was like. Flabbergasted by the amount of TNA talk and then Tina footage. Wow. But what else from night to, I guess that's everything. But I mean at a certain point I was like, I'm going to be done with front row. Yeah, you know. And then when I saw you taking pictures from the balcony was like, did you have a seat in the balcony? Yeah. So on night one, I had a front row seat and then I just went around and sat. I was like, I was getting close to it. I was talking to like. I, I was saying he was just like, I might not go back because initially I put, I put my ticket down on my seat in the front. And then I realized that I was on the side that I thought the lights were going to be bad. Ultimately weren't then went over and got because the last time I was there, I just sat in the last row stage, right? And. And I had liked it because I like in the last year you're not that far away, but you can just back chair up and get out. Do you need to do your right? And I'm dead center. So then I sat there then that's where I was just going to go back to unite three. But then you know, Dan, he was talking about needing to sit on whatever we want upstairs, and it was what's also is able to sit right down upstairs. Well, only because I had the person I bought my ticket from from night three was at the front. So I I was like one of the first general admission people in. So I was actually sitting down in my normal seat and I looked up when I was like, oh, looks like they're not filled up yet. So I went up and found. So in the future when you get into PWG or are you going gonna be like, I'm going to sit in the balcony. I don't think so. Because I, it was. It was good and I'm glad I did it. I'm not saying I would never do it again, but I just I think that that spot for me on the on the side in the back is good. About the best vantage point in a future like that. I like wrestling, but it's like the stool was not super comfortable. And actually the next day my my traps and shoulders were little sore from like leaning forward. Like on the rail. Yeah, you're blasted. You're trapped just like rather descend not into sitting on a stool. But I mean, when I'm in the front row, I have to stop myself from like I lean on my knees because you so like I, I have never been more jammed into seat. Then I was night too in the front fucking row. I looked pretty tight, and at one point like and we're constantly getting up to fucking that's the thing run for our lock in that fifth row even when things kind of spilled a little bit. I'd never I'd move. You know what? It's it's it's for a younger man who is like the mosh pit complain about the states for like God hired impedance a call gonna tie. Cheney one. This is bothering can eat my big fat Deng hers, Mark, dawn, or hers hers. Why are about our? No, but like it's, it's probably, you know, it's for a younger man. You know someone that wants it really has nothing to do with that. It was more the guy sitting next to me on my left when they would come out. He would just jump up and run and worse. He wouldn't take fucking chair with them. So now there's a fucking like I'm trying to fold my chair up than other people are pilot in. Then we got this fucking chair in the way and it's like, dude, take you fucking. Do you not see everyone else taking their fucking chair with them? Then you have the grand lists is that like if the wrestler even nods in direct and it'll be up with their seat and they're pushing off to the size gentleman, I felt bad for full Mita because he's in there with his partner and all anybody can chant about as Bandido man, you know, I'm going to give me too little. Did you just interrupt? We were saying with that. Let me tell you something dragon off and. What's this? You Shingo was so tremendous that people started Wadden up the one dollar bills and throwing them at them. Well, by nine, three people were throwing throwing bills at all times to the point rows, of course, getting upset. Before a match would start, they were throwing money, and I'm just like, and I'm sitting there with Danny's like I call my dad is like, what is this start in? Mexico? What is this doll in? No one seems to know the origin. I thought it was a Lucci LeBron in that. That's what I thought. I, I don't know that Mr. Kuna says, no. What I know is that it's not before the match starts. Well, it's. I put it up there to people chanting. This is awesome before anything even happened. People are excited. That's good. I celebrate the excitement. I, I don't. I don't celebrate excitement. I it's like when you hear a fight forever chant it's like, no, don't fight forever. Let's you know, you can wrap this up. The showdown, a lot of fun, the showdown down under Tom and he thought s- feelings. I honestly, I have a lot of questions. I want a fucking spreadsheet of the money I wanted to talk with you Austrailian show not the Saudi spreadsheet for that too, because. I mean, clearly they're not getting, you know, when is Audi money, but they're getting money American time like two and a half weeks. I think the Austrailia show is like on Saturday, Tober six or something. Sounds right. Like is that like a one we could watch together or is it going to be at like, seven, I won't be here, but it it is. I think it's like a normal time. Okay. Be on the road again, smoke the days last cigarette wonders. I'm not gonna play the forum. Yeah. Well, so so has kissed Ozzy no, not Bob Bob, please October six. Bob Seger cold up. Sit around. They specifically said that Bob Seger's looks were what stopped him from becoming the superstar could have during the video music invasion. Why? Because he looked like every MTV viewers dad. Because before people didn't really know what these guys look like. And then you know, they start seeing what they look like and they're like, we don't want Bob Seger's face. And then Rod Stewart is like I got a million music videos and they're like, let's put them all on. Well, let's man uses oil of olay every day that's been documented. But Bob, it already had quite a run already. Ten matches announced for fucking Australia. What's the date. October six. Greenwich, meantime, what time is it coming on? October six is not the Saturday, not next Saturday, but the following Saturday, they just keep coming. These Saturdays. I'm going to a surprise party. You're organising a surprise party for yourself. No. The cemetery. I'm going to see a scary movie in the cemetery. Can you imagine you're on your blankets, you've got your picnic set up, and this will start screaming. Some scary app is sir, you need your shoes on and the cemetery, sir. The patented Sibley shriek people arrested peace with all these movies and shit going on up there. Yeah. I'm sorry that I'm sitting on your betrothed but sorry for sitting on your dead wife, but isn't young Frankenstein area, and I'm watching back to the future three. Triple h with Shawn Michaels vs undertaker with Kate God. Oh my God. Hold on. I don't think he understands look up the monkey story. What happened? I just I, I didn't know about Sean. What that he's wrestling? No, he seconding triple h with Shawn, Michaels vs undertaker with came. So he's not gonna come out like ring gear, do there's half a chance he's wrestling and fucking Saudi Arabia. I mean, that's what it smells like. It's Meals like the because they keep doing these fucking. Angles on raw right where it's like it feels like from this key will be working in Saudi Arabia, but we'll see. Can you imagine coming out in the pants? No. Sure. Yeah. The long hair anymore. You're badger our part right with no pants. I know. Yeah. Like short haired, Sean Sean, man. It's weird back that other time with the light crappy Brown tights and you had the page boy man. The page boy, and the genes batch back with with hunter was was a hell of a match, but it was weird. It was like, oh, I gotta get used to this. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's like when flair had the like skater cut, kind of, do you remember even remember in nineteen ninety? Nine? We're like every single week. It wasn't even a podcast. What the fuck was Jim Ross doing? But he had like the the Ross report? Yeah, every fucking week. He said Shaw Michael's come back this week? Yes. Every fucking week. What was that? Was that just like radio show or was it like a? Was it an online. Line bulletin or something wasn't bite. This was not bite this. So yeah, the Ross report. Do you think this Saudi Arabian money is hurting the product. Oh. I mean, I don't understand the question. I think he's saying like from a public relations standpoint, a public relations, corporate nightmare, taking this money and doing business with you're not comfortable. Now I'm not saying from that aspect, it I'm saying more in an aspect of like undertakers about to retire. The undertaker has a legacy in all this, and now it's just seems like, no, I'm going to keep fighting in Saudi Arabia until these checks run out it is. I feel like it is affecting the legacy perhaps of certain wrestler. Could it possibly be that you go shopping for what's wrong? Could it possibly be that nothing matters and that, especially in WB could it posit anywhere else on earth wasn't? Nothing matters complain, but they get to see the undertaker wrestle who who who little. But I mean, I think the, I think that the new day needs to go away to Tom's point. I think like at a certain point when you're just like Jesus Christ, how many times they going to wheel him out here, you know, yeah, but but but we are in a brave new world where nothing ma'am. Nothing matters where they keep. They keep giving us what we don't want, and we keep coming back to say, we don't want it. So really well, who's in saying the alcoholic, you got more or the spouse who's married to the alcohol, putting up with all the insanity. Who is the fool, the fool, or the fool that watches WWE we're who's, who's the fool or the fool who follows him on Twitter? Yeah, where the fools, I mean times mill. So it's, hey, man. Hey, man, who's who's who's at fault. Me Audi Arabia, Australia, Vince Wenda when Brock comes out and beats everybody up bright and it's just like, oh, God are smell money. This guy is not gonna be around forever. This guy doesn't respect the WWE guy just wants to fight and the UFC to show everybody that he's still a bad. It makes me want him so much more. Yeah. I like to think that he comes out there and on headset. It's just complete silence and you hear Vince just like breathing, and then you hear like star. While everyone's like booing everyone is doing and heating up some throwing an atom and people's chanting. We don't want this and Vincent in there on headset to everyone that's on headset that will listen the TV truck, the production people, the writers, everyone Vince just goes, I s. I don't know. I just I because it's it's just I thought the undertaker was on his way out. He was gonna have like a cool final last match, Tom, and now it's just I'm around for the foreseeable future. Welcome to two thousand ten. Is that what happened undertaker then it every year for the last Magyari of the decade has been under daggers last mania. I have a certain attachment to an emotional attachment to the undertaker. Sure because he looks so much like see 'em punk, what no. I no. You know, van finish your thought last nerve gas, what you just take your k- hop on. You know, I, it just feels like come. He's the Onder taker. He's he's the appear to me of class and integrity. That's what's bothering knows what to wear to. Why do you want him to go away? I don't want them, I guess you're right, you're right. I just I don't want his reputation to be sullied like the idea of Shawn Michaels coming back and wrestling. I am like, I'm, I am like, who cares slash? I really wanna see that. But I guess I'm worried that maybe something will happen to the undertaker maybe like he'll do something. He'll just be really sad. You think you think Dennis Rodman heads some words of encouragement at all. Can you. I, I would love to have been at that wedding as the invisible man just just have no mass, be invisible, Sylvie consciousness at that wedding. So I could be wherever I want and listen to whatever how bad he wants to be that way too. He's willing to give up all his mass and opened his feeding window early. Hey, man, wait visit, hey, man. Everybody's eating cake. Watching Kato, Frene window the fuck you talking about Kim Jong. What would you what eat over there? Rob Zillow. So what still with North Korea may I stand for the national anthem? Do you stand for the North Korean nationally of them? Let me ask you. So I always Jay Leno. Work snug. True. Hey, man, where's call? Maroon anymore. See store Astle. She's still deliver mail. He's a mailman right claiming member that he was on jeopardy. Undertaker I made the wedding wedding cake. Well, RIC flair's web seems motherfucker in the pink over PSA. Do not believe it. We're models you, Michael. I'm not wrestling in Saudi array. Abia, they wanna give me what let's go. Let's start walking now. I think he might at at the flare wedding. He may have the same shirt on that. We laughed about him wearing in the SUV in that that is good shirt. That's the good shirt. Like it's if there's a special k young to be on camera for twenty four. All right. Got to get the good shirt on Michelle. You putting this stuff on your Instagram, good. Many times RIC flair been married. I believe this is number four or five. This is five. This is five. I bet he cried through the whole ceremony because he finally found his true love. Fi, you think this is true. Love very, will might be Haiti says he looks great. I mean, for the first time in the history of his life, he's marrying someone where he doesn't have to worry about her marrying him for all his money. She's marrying him for all of his debt Choi that that you derive from feeling like RIC flair doesn't look great. Yeah, say that he looks great and then you, you casualty yourself, like, fuck this guy. He looks like. Shit or what is it? Well, he does look like shit. It's he was. He was on his deathbed. He was in a coma and had to learn how to walk again. It's just funny to see. Mm, all dressed in white. At his fifth wedding. Hip hop song. Oh, really? Yeah. Just like I guess I joy the seena as never give up style of RIC flair he is gonna be Rick flair I like the idea of someone just being them until the end. You know, he's going to live up to being refitted all flock, his bride down the aisles, right Ziglar zig Ziglar. You watch the footage on TMZ. They walk right past Michael. He's just standing there like trying to be inconspicuous dressed, like a fucking watermelon popsicle. He's an, he's in full Flamingo fanny pack at the wedding. You know, I guess there's a certain level. There's a certain level of earnestness to all of it that you don't see anywhere else. You know what I mean course Dennis Rodman's there. Of course, undertaker wore that shirt. Of course, Michael PS Hayes was wearing a fanny pack. I just there's a lot to appreciate in it. Yeah, but I mean, unrelated the wedding you seem to derive I do. I joy around Rick flair not being well. Yeah, yeah. What's your beef is with him? I think it's funny not not the discomfort of an older man, but the fact that it's RIC flair the fact that he'll still probably close a bar down tonight, still looking like that or not, but like it's like Homer Simpson when he would look in the mirror need. See a big buff guy RIC flair still sees the, you know, bid acai in the mirror if RIC flair doesn't live longer than all of us. Okay. I'll just say to you, friend, friend, nudity, not crack wise, what he goes down because it's going to get ugly. A lot of wrestlers already hot. You've, you warned me once on, he's Dave's. This is not the first warning, and as you know, we've been doing this show a very, I'm not saying that dude ain't flawed, and that I don't laugh at RIC flair. Yeah, go ahead. Because I think he started the no-fly Louis. Exactly. I do not make fun of wrestlers like, you know, posthumously posthumously that's not true necessarily, but like on the day, Rick flair passes away. God forbid take that day off. You'll give me twenty four hours. Agree. Yeah, and you'd better get it all in. You better get your shit, and because there's just too much to talk about. You should watch the table for three with him staying in Kurt angle. Oh, did you find the watch the JBL? Yeah, man fucking sat down and I couldn't stop their shit faced. Thank you. They are should face and especially there should face at the beginning clearly you think they took five or you think they dislike? I don't think I think they showed up drunk rep bites me because it doesn't seem like they remain as shitty low. They do. They do their shit face because by the end, Pritchard is starting to get into that whole like should face in serious thing like listen, like, you you, you're so important to me like that type of shit. Dude. I haven't done that and so. Oh, wow. Like I it has been forever since somebody explained to me that it wasn't the alcohol talk like this is I'm telling you like, you know, I was having problems. I was the king of that. I, I was the first person to take his side to tell you how much you mean to me. Prichard went on table for three. He didn't do that serious while what it's great. That one is great because it's they clearly all like each other, but it still contentious because like when he gets into the purchase, like will you were still in use, stealing our talent and bishops like I didn't. I wasn't stealing your fucking talent, you know, and these, like you're offering all money more money and the convoluted way that he explains. He's like I was offering the same amount of money, but to work less days. And then like JBL starts going into like FOX business insider like Modi's like, no, that's sixty percent of the time. The other percent of the time, all of a sudden like purchase, like, okay, I'm out of this conversation like you're, it's getting to real think they were drinking together before? Yes. Did they meet somewhere? Yes, with an agreed upon thing that I think we should. I think whatever hotel they shoot that in if it's the mania hotel or whatever. They were. They were like some deck in a headset at the over and be like, okay, wrangle them from the bar, like it's time to shoot now, they're probably like they brought their drinks with them into the fucking thing. They were either like coming from somewhere, whatever. They're like, hey, man, we got that thing at four. You wanna pop in here or do you want, let's get something to eat before the thing. Yeah, let's get some before we're supposed to eat on camera or they arrived, and they were like guys run really behind. That's fine. Vandy about an hour and all three of them. You wanna grab some beat and then yeah, they're all winking at each other. Let's get the flu. And there's like producer that sees that. And they're like, oh shit. But it is funny too, because like even when like Pritchard is he's, he doesn't even work there anymore, but he still like refers to the company has us and we, you know. When Bischoff is talking about how lame WWF was in ninety four ninety five and then Bradshaw of all people. He's like, well, Bruce, who is in charge of creative in those days. He's like Vince. He's like, oh, it was Vance Vance. Yeah, he's like, well, who is in charge of creative when thing got the stuff got really hot. And then he's like, vins Russa. It was just incredible. They all hate Russo. They're all shitting on Rousseau. And why is that guys? So universally hated, he's seems to deserve it. Yeah. It's earned. Apparently. Out of those three who's the alpha. JBL. Probably, yeah. I mean, you're talking about in life like coups the fucking dominant male guy table that's going to be acquiesced to. I mean, but like are you talking like business ones? Just like, who's going to have the final say, inevitably at that table who's going to dominate. Didn't didn't feel that way like it didn't feel like. Because none of them while I tell you the one who thinks the most of himself, I would say as Eric Bischoff without a doubt, but the the one that is the I don't. I don't. I guess I'm not following the question. It was was shot. It was a great Eric. Bischoff is a human early nineties action movie villain, Thursday all every day twice on Sunday, and it's something that he's maintained and held onto even with his voice is voices changed over the years. He he's now like a Alpa chino type because he didn't always have to really, you know, no gravity think he that was not his voice. Well, you know, I think it's the years of Yellen. Here's a Yellen drinking all night with Brad Sean pitcher doesn't help. I heard some DDP on Joe Rogan podcast, and that guy's voice again. Voice yoga. Voitey p. so that's the thing in that that fully, I mean, the the Foley one man show is is great. I enjoyed pretty much all of it, but the story about him, you know. Because they would do the localized promise, right? So it's like, okay, we fifty different cities and he's like, he didn't know that guys would just do the same promo fifty times, but change the name of the city. So he showed up with fifty different promos. She's is Christ, and he said, DP was running. The session was producing the segments. The, you know, the interviews and he does cactus. Jack does like three right? And he psych says, DP left the room and he's like, oh, that bad. Like he's not even paying attention to thing. GDP went down the hall to get dusty. Dusty was head of WCW creative at the time, right? He brings in dusty and dusty watches cactus Jack to a couple of the promos, and he's like, says, dusty walks up to him in between shots says he puts his hand out, puts his hand on top of them and says they, we're going to keep you around hit full. Why. That's awesome. Yeah. And Gumbel today? No, no, Gumbo today we're Gumbel list today. I man, you wanna talk about how good the bona pills Montoya go right ahead. Have at it. I got one right now. How was the boxing match? On Saturday? Yeah, missing night to of Bulloch. Let's expand our portfolio. I think it was now is boxing the dirtiest of all sports? Yes. Was the fight super exciting and fun without a doubt. Did everyone on the couch sort of looked confused when they announced to actually one's job. Oy. Roll. They've done that. So you know, it's, it's, it's not, but it's I, I had a wonderful time. It was a fun, exciting match, and that's it. You know this canal fellow? Yeah, can l. was there a spread wherever you watched this match? Was her food? Yeah. What food. So it's sandwiches sandwiches. What just like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stacked up cut in half its jersey. Mike's. Okay. The other one I watched gnarly came over. He brought some severe Jason. Delicious feature. Oh, him and his girlfriend marina. I liked. I liked that sting RIC flair Kurt angle too. I could not believe the amount of TNA talk. But then as soon as it starts, all three of these guys were DNA. And then when they showed the footage, what's also hilarious as they talked about angle and stink talked about being inducted into the TNA hall of fame and that they got Rolexes and lead like flare, stops everything. He's like, Rolexes. Nice. Do you think they're all talking about because they haven't been able to for so long? That's the impression like it seems like they weren't allowed even mentioned? Well, I mean, no, they hadn't been. I don't know what changed what the edict was, why Vince softened on that stance, but. When you have three guys sitting around talking about their careers and two of them, if they're not going to be able to talk about a decade the last decade of their career, a huge chunk of their lights little silly, you know. And it's also it's Kurt angle and sting didn't wrestling other anywhere else. Yeah, but the classic. Pre show with flair was like he was working every week. That's right. They were like, sting disappeared for a decade and he's like, what are you talking about? He was working every every Wednesday at TNA Booker. You were there. Shit, man. She yet, but then the whatever the next table three was that just came on actually, I was like no fucking way. Then I scrolled through and I was like, I feel like I've seen every other one that I wanted to see. I did. Increasingly, I have sort of seen little things that that have made me want to check out impact, but I can't figure out how to like I if it's on TV channel, I don't have it, and I don't know if it's somewhere else. Well, I mean I, if if for no other reason than to see Trevor Lee right, but I mean, and I was talking to my buddy Carlos at the bar wrestling that we went to, and he was saying that the LAX thing is kind of Ardy sort of peaked a little bit, but that it was really good for a while there because it's like Eddie Kingston is with the original LAX in now, Conan is with that new group, who was there the oh at Barra. So they've kind of flipped. It's like the. That's right. We went to Barra sling on Wednesday at what fucking week of like nonstop. Total nonstop action really is what it was. I think you man that the bar wrestling was fun. I didn't. I didn't love that venue. Yeah. Well, I loved the neighborhood. It was in. I was very excited. See if my car was still outside down skid row, the literal skid row and just, hey, skid rolling. It was skid row adjacent, but it was take a right at the tent city and park wherever don't worry about car because it was on what it was. It was near like sixth. 'cause like skid row is like, you know, Sam Pedro and six that it didn't feel like a place. In fact, someone was saying that there had been some windows smashed in cars and that the venue had tried to like pay better attention. But other than. Right. Well, that's what that security car driving around. The whole night was that was I was them. Yeah, the matches themselves, of course, were fun. Yes. If you ever wanted to see p p raise that tag teams Bhatt holes. Oh, man. It was the night for you and the trunks came down. They stayed down. Yeah, because I mean, Peter didn't pull his trunks back up. He, he, he the whole the, the whole match the, the match ended the they, he walks back to the back. Yeah, the thing you may love about going back to the bootleg thing Email about that building is that there's a chance of seat because there's like a whole side of seats. Yeah, in that big room and there's a hard out. Yeah, I have a story from. I have a great story from bar wrestling. Oh boy, the guy n v the with the scarf envy. Yeah, RV d. m j. f. m j f. So I'm sitting there and we, I found some seats for us off to the side of the venue where we could sit down on some stools at a middle bar kind of thing. And I guess it was one of the many intermissions that night. Ever. Two matches there was a to be after every match is what I was told. Yeah. Wow. They ever heard of momentum. They didn't pay to buy drinks. People are going to be buying drinks, dude, when worry about that active. So I'm sitting there and it was during one of the intermissions and everyone had sort of scattered to go there, take a whiz, go outside, whatever, because it's also it's like this is working against you bar because you give him a fifteen minute break. They're gonna go side and smoke pot. Yeah, not run it like, oh, I've been a run to the bar, right? So I'm sitting there and what's his letters again. Jay at m j f comes over with another young man, and they arm wrestle in front of me. All right. M j. F asks him. How old are you? Just wanna. Make sure this is legal. And the guy goes like twenty and he's like, all right, twenty one. I was like, all right, good. And they don't know. That's not what you said happened. You said that the the guy goes, I'm twenty four and I'm Jay f goes good. You're older than me. Oh, yeah, yeah. So then I m j f is a young man who has two very big career ahead of them. Bear will might they arm wrestle in front of me which I am a picture of. And I this when I say this happened, like it happened is closer. The mad is sitting to me right now. There's maybe two feet of space between me wraps. It was right in front of they arm wrestle. This kid loses an MJ just after loses goes no, by me, some fucking tacos. So do you think that they wrestled for tacos, or do you think that he had already paid j f for the opportunity. And then put some tacos on, I think tacos were part of a bet to see who would win the arm wrestling. I don't know why this young man thought he would beat a professional wrestler in arm wrestling. That's a guaranteed loss. Yeah, but every show we go to every wrestler comes out without exception you go. I could kick that guy's ass. That's Tom quote that's not true. I don't think I can fight anybody, especially the wrestlers Lesnie comes out. You like fucking pussy, bro to king comes out. You're like, yeah, whatever Stephan. Jeff Cobb comes out, you're like. You know, Tyler Bateman I'll twist is must ask the other direction. You've said then. No, none of these things have been said Randy Orton. You use like some sort of really inappropriate slur guide kids, right? Yeah. Randy who's got to just do the reverse of his head. Men shave. The head grew to get beyond the ran. Man is sadistic diabolical keep it up. You're going to get a screwdriver in your ear. That was so fucked. That was like, how do you open the show with that at a certain point, I'm like, is he going to rip is off fog. Like like, Jeff, here's the thing is Jeff hardy came up with the idea. Oh, he doesn't care. Randy. Randy's like you sure you want me to do this man. Like I'm gonna rip the logo, do it all the time. You can't rip these things. He's like, I used to have a spacer biggest gate or we'll man little big deal. Raisman limit. Tell you. I'm planning on dying out there. Okay. Every time I go out, I am ready to die. So here's some ideas. What made him finally put me into this cell, but thank God. Here we go. Looking the inverted suplex into the fucking ladder that was open. That was worse. I mean him going off the top of the cage to a front. I table brick that's awful, but the latter thing, there's no way that that wasn't excruciating. You know what's so funny is it is an, it's this the WWE, whether like Randy's no longer on the table. When did that happen? I don't know. They they, they, they're like, oh, God or the people at home, don't know. Zoom in close on Jeff. And then all of a sudden he just falls onto an empty table. It's like they, he's like, oh, you're gonna take him for a ride, but you only tell me half the story. I'm like Randy supposed to jump up at the last second, bright, miss it at said, you just missed that in this like, oh, like I missed something. Just doing another stunt show. Yeah. Then you're just like, well, why did this portion of a bitch just throw himself through an empty table, but whatever. Is this barstool sports? I mean, Randy's back was fucked. Randy's leg was fought. That was gross. I'm hoping that you know Jephson Jeff's been structured on whenever and then he comes back, which we'd, I'm, you need to have a run as a tweet in the tweet. What's the deal is broken, Matt, hardy retiring. That's what it seems like. He's right now. He's trying to get the water out of his house man. 'cause his his hit Haaretz, did it really. That's just saw clip of him like in a room just like trying to pull water. Gosh, the movie theater room couldn't tell I couldn't tell what was going on there, but it didn't look. Cool, man. Yeah. Hit here that were they near near a river or was it just? I think there's just extensive flooding ya'll over the fucked awful, just awful. It's really, really fucked. A monkey the hold on now we just got that out of my head come on man. Well, what do you think she should come out to shock the monkey by Peter? Gabriel. No, but I'm just doing just read up, read up on, you know. And then you tell me if you think it was best was messed up or not, man, I can already tell you it was messed out one hundred percent but guarantee you one like that monkey and raiders of the lost ark. Nevertheless, we, we have to, I don't know, nevertheless, Vince persisted, could it? Could it possibly be that it was who's the like? Isn't there like a space monkey out there that's wrestling. Oh, yeah, maybe needs to get revenge brethren. Yeah. From from earth. What now is bullet. Does it always come down with three way? I know it head has like the last few years, but it's just like that that's my only it's not even an issue, but like I would just I would love if it was just bracketed a little bit. So you had some idea, right? And then you knew it was because it was? Yeah, I was like, wait a minute. There's only so there's one more semi. Oh, there must be three people. Right? It's that that happened that started a few years ago and it's been consistent. Was it the winner of each nights? No, they they do it round one semifinals. And then the final. Yeah, that's how went down man. I don't know how the globe theatre gets the dragging out there, so early man, but they get him in a position. And I mean, and so you're, you're just inside Chillan like Tidiane Milliman for fucking hour and a half waiting for the program can do what you want. I mean, it's just it's so stressful being outside. And then as soon as I am inside, it's like now the real stress is beginning like because it's like everybody's in a group of ten to twelve people. They take every seat in the front row and then it's like how far from the corner can I get how then even when I finally fucking sat down, it's like, man, we are jammed up in here. Yeah, then it was like we're resetting the chairs, and there was no room for my fucking chair. So I'm like sitting like in front like just me against the apron, but wrote is over. It's we're moving on. I mean, that's the other thing is the globe. You can just lean on the bar and watched the fucking show. It's what you need to do is every once in a while kicked on a buck or two, the guy who has his name in the bathroom all night. But other than that, you do tended in there. Yeah. Does he have condoms breath mints. And gel bathroom candy. Yeah, I didn't see any prophylactics, but everything else that you mentioned people, fuck man, that Bola people. I mean, there's always a couple of babies conceived up. All right, stock. Maimi. Bara sling was tight. So you didn't go tonight to Boras. Did you knew? Although I'm to I like Baldwin park the best, I think, yeah. I mean, I'll go back the bootleg if around but was jammed I do like Baldwin man. It's just the vibes is good. It's it's a great, hang. I like the lights being on. Yeah, that's I'd been the American Legion post in receipt of they kept the lights on. I could see everything I could see other people if felt like more of a community. Whereas the globe is is you're just watching a show, it's different. It's totally different. Five? Yeah. The, you know, I think there's a notion that makes it look more, you know, cool or professional to like have a lighting rig not talking about the globe specifically, but a lot of India's you watch like on high spots or whatever. And I just think like even like the lighting, a bar wrestling downtown, it was like, this isn't necessary. Like I think almost every time if you just kept lights on, it would be it would be much better and it doesn't take anything away. I mean, every car show that we, we would go to just be the lights on at the war saw every DVD I had. It was just like the light like EC w arena. She on the fucking lights on here we go. Yeah, I feel like king of trios I went to, they may be used lights in there, but but yeah, I, I haven't seen Chicago in forever. You know, Matt. They had a lighting rink. I, if Brian I I couldn't. I couldn't go. I couldn't go to Bala. People are like, give me a ticket to bowl. I was, I can't go to bowl. I get a he. He's been. He was in England had right. I was in England. I, I didn't know any news. So I wrote it article by myself. I loved it. I haven't read it yet. No. Great. Well, it's just so funny too because he's so. There is that complete lack of self awareness. In that, you know he was. I'm like, he's explaining to Alvarez. He's like, I'm flying to to to to England. And you know, I mean, all I was thinking about was myself. So I wrote an article about myself and it's like just on paper. That statement is fucking hilarious, said that. Sure. Well, I mean, he's getting a yet. He was going to achieve. Go into a ceremony right for him. So he he was thinking about reflecting on his life flexing on his way. Like because he's also thinking about what am I gonna talk about during my speech? Do you think he could ever make it into the WWE hall of fame because he's never been involved in the WW tell that to do the butcher. No. But I mean that being said he has had more conversations on the phones, Vincent man than of the butcher, dead. When's the last time you think he's spoken to Vince McMahon personally, but he said it. But probably I mean they used to talk on the phone regularly, but the last time he spoken to him. I wonder, I wonder when they've they've probably run into each other, maybe but gene stored the gene store, Dave here to get some jeans, seven for all mankind grace. Oh yeah. Those are hot, Dave. Even I know that they look like short ask, you don't see Jordache the Beverly center the other day and I went into the the, oh God, what are they called? The genes that have that horseshoe on the back pocket lucky is, are they lucky. I wouldn't. I just saw a lot of David Meltzer jeans, juicy on the, but it's true because it's written might use from apple juice from apples. I am. I am thirsty. I am parched high needs some, but Jews. That's an inside God damn. Tom was very wrestler. I'm going to give it to give it up. Oh, just pick a wrestler at random. It's not like he didn't watch a ton of wrestling this weekend. You watch the fucking hell in the cell you saw. Got him. Bara sling Leo rush, Leo rush. Where did you see Leo rush? He's the hype man for what's his face, the hype man for what's his face. Sibley ditty. Am I not right? No, you're right us on Monday night face. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, if it's your favorite, he's your favorite of the week. I guess he didn't do any rest and we get. We get some details. I just miss impressed at how well he did on the Mike in that huge environment and situation at raw. I mean, he was even on commentary at one point. Yeah, and I thought it was a little. Depressing that he's, that's how he's being utilized because he's the kind of guy that could do a backflip from a prone position. But Drake younger is a referee would are you? Gonna do? Yeah, that's true. He's the gab them, but he really has the gift of cap. And I, you know, all hell does on the Mike. He held his own on commentary and I was just happy to see him because I like him a lot zone. I'm making put up occurred. Hawkins collection has been up there for a minute. I did not see that they put a curt Hawkins collection, but I think Hawkins and Ryder started a podcast, maybe they, I think I saw that. Good. Yeah, that's the move man also a every time you see the fucking guy from high spots. You gotta turn choking Trent into a into a podcast they it would do so well, if those two, they all right, not even. Let's not even release those things just have Chuck and Trent to a podcast have guests or whatever. Those two don't have to even worry about. Longevity in the business, they'll have advertisers in everything, but but you're going to the grocery store and same. You should sell cars, but the man is going the hardware store. He's running a a, a wrestling store die per say, fine. We all. I mean, Netflix doesn't podcasts. They seem to be doing this idea. Also, honorable mentioned. I got to meet pretty Peter Avalon. Oh, and that was running each other planet fitness or wherever. You know, I got to be at bar wrestling. You get a couple of tips. He's brain with a friend of mine. I, I didn't have a chance. He was a friend. What is this a pass. What's he talking about? Friends of friends are a friend of ours. Comedy scene, Laura Crawford is friends with him, and I got to meet him and that was that was a really cool house. Anshu pretty firm? Yes. All anyone on Peter, you know, like I know you are. I didn't say that I just filed a not know who you are. You said I'll see histogram. Yeah, I was like, get a great Instagram out there and he was like, what? I'm like, nothing. I'm gonna go. Vinson's you've ever rushing go Shingo, cingo party out all weekend man fucker. I hope not, but I don't. I don't recall, but I'm gonna say for this week he has McVay wrestler, and he was so happy to see him again. And I'm, I'm glad that he went all the way to the finals. He fucking awesome. Shingo who's your favorite wrestler, man, cactus, Jack? I think I do give it to Mick Foley. It was. It was years ago today when he years ago today fully can make fully almost away. Yeah. Undertaker says to he finally, here's undetake your says to Terry funk. See if he's alive. He's he's breathing. There was so much Frank discussion in that presentation that I was amazed. It was a WW network. I gotta finish it the the part win. Undertaker drops down and Terry funk turns around to like by time, right. There have been times when that's like choke me up a little bit and I don't know what it is. If it's just like this act of friendship funds, like stay away from my friend, he may be, you know, or what. Yeah, they, he talks but also undertaker understanding the severity of the situation and they're just trying to keep key. There is something very special. Let me tell you, I, I cried watching that one man show, and at one point, Mick Foley himself gets extremely choked up and starts talking about, you know, he's like, oh, because this is the fake sport. And then like start citing other things that have happened in the business. And it's just like. Shit was fucking real. It was raw like his he no longer felt like he was reciting something he had written down. Yeah, you know, I mean, but I mean, it's just it was funny. Things of like at one point he talks about being in an airport and rereading his first book had a nice. You saw that right? This is hilarious top because he's like, you know, trying to refresh his memory about everything leading up to it because he's doing this one man show for the anniversary and he was in where was he in Ireland or somewhere will the woman, the woman was I, but he's sitting there reading the book and the woman significant to him just goes like, sees his picture on the cover of the book and looks at him goes, excuse me. Can I ask you something you reading a book about yourself? And he's like, I am. She's like, who wrote his? And he's like, I wrote it. Like, why are you reading this. Good. That's awesome. But yeah, you're eating a book about yourself. Tom, what can the kids find you can find line online at Tom Sibley both Twitter and Instagram? Find my brother at aramid Sibley both Twitter and Instagram and ozone podcasts. It is thing that's is thing this week. Oh, it's gonna be a little late. Yeah, yeah. Leaving the Boehner's flopping in the breeze already. He's back fucking hard core for three weeks. They man key listenable keep it in the bowl. If you drop the seat believes be neat. Vince where can rely on Twitter advent save on Twitter, Vince dot April on Instagram, you got this this right here. This is your old pal, Matt McCarthy. Encouraging you to follow me on all forms of social media at McCarthy. Redheads. What the fuck is this? Oh, this is old, nothing. God. I'm like looking at this note in my calendar. I was like, oh, fuck. What am I gonna do. Today. What. Go to. This is Matt McCarthy dot com. Follow me on all forms of social media at McCarthy head this Saturday, September twenty. Second at eight PM doing a show at the Silverlake lounge. Come check that out friends in Los Angeles, a muscle do in. Oh man. The new Japan thought they're back at the pyramid like, yeah, next week person. Fuck dude. Yeah. We come Sunday, right. Oh, man. Then I got a check to see if I'm doing Jerry duty beginning of October. I push that shit back dude. I pushed it like this was like last year land. This is as far as I could push it. I pushed it to Christmas Eve in hopes that somehow it's not actually happening. Fuck it. All right. You want to do patriot shout out. Patriot patriot patriot on Michael, Bradford Mr. Bradford. Yeah, Suzy Barney. Suzy Barney. Yeah, the big purple dinosaur and Michael Carlson, Michael Carlson. I l he l. e. ho dealt Carl. Yes. Thank you. That was a hate them podcast.

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