Roland T. Owen


Welcome to murder minute on today's episode the mysterious murder of roland roland t owen but i your true crime headlines five chicago teenagers were charged with first degree murder. After their fourteen year old friend was shot and killed during an attempted burglary police say that the teens were attempting to break into a parked car in a suburban chicago driveway. When the seventy five year old homeowner noticed them he stepped out onto his porch and yelled at the teens to stop he told police that all the teens ran to awaiting s._u._v. except one who began to approach him fearing for his life he fired at the team who was shot in the head and would later die from his injuries. The s._u._v. sped away before police arrived at the scene but the teens pulled over a short time later to ask for help from police officers investigating nearby car accident. The injured fourteen year old and a seventeen year old got out of the car and police police officers called for an ambulance and began to administer first aid as the rest of the teens attempted to flee in the s._u._v. The ensuing pursuit lasted about fifteen minutes and ended. When the s._u._v. ran out of gas the occupants ranging in age from sixteen to eighteen were all arrested a- as was the seventeen year old who stayed with his dying friend in the state of illinois. A defendant can be held accountable for the death of a co conspirator during the commission of a felony even if they were not personally responsible because of this felony murder rule the five surviving teenagers were charged with first degree murder and are each being held on one million dollars bail if convicted they could each face a sentence of between twenty years and life in prison philadelphia police attempting to serve a narcotics warrant at a home in north philadelphia were met with gunfire and hours long shootout ensued with the gunman barricading himself inside the house to police officers were inside the home when shooting began and were trapped inside for a time before being safely evacuated the shooter identified by police as thirty six year old maurice hill had a lengthy the criminal history including burglary aggravated assault and gun charges. He fired more than one hundred rounds. During the nearly eight hour long long standoff wounding six police officers his eventual surrender was negotiated by philadelphia attorney chaaka johnson who had previously represented represented hill hill called him during the standoff expressing concern that he might be killed if he tried to surrender johnson was able to facilitate a phone call between himself hill the police commissioner and the district attorney they attempted to negotiate with hill and convince him to surrender but eventually had to use tear gas to force him out of the house charges have not yet been filed but philadelphia district attorney larry krassner told reporters that the suspect act should not have been on the streets given his extensive criminal record but that he will face more than enough charges so that he never leaves jail again. The parents of the dayton mass shooter who fired on a nightclub district august fourth killing nine including his own on sibling have apologized for the glowing bitchy worry that was posted for their son. The obituaries for the shooter and his sister were posted on the website for connor honor and coke life celebration home in bel brooke ohio while shorter than his sisters. The killers obituary described him as a funny articulate articulate and intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile. It made no mention of the horrific crime that preceded his death or the lives he had taken the obituary dress striking contrast to the descriptions given by acquaintances of the shooter who described a violent and troubled young man dan who was fascinated by guns the backlash over the glowing tribute was swift and the obituary was taken down the next day and replaced by an apology from the killer's parents. 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Dot com slash m._s._n. Welcome back to murder minute on today's episode. The mystery of room ten forty six on wednesday january second nineteen thirty five life at one twenty pm a well dressed young man wearing a black overcoat carrying no luggage checked in to one of the four hundred and fifty rooms at the president hotel and kansas city missouri. The young man appeared appeared to be between twenty and thirty five years old stood around six feet tall and had a large scar on his scalp just visible under under his dark brown hair combed over a distinct cauliflower ear. He registered as roland t owen. You're from los angeles and requested an interior room with no windows to the street. Owen was given a room on the tenth floor and bellboy randolph probst escort him to room ten forty six as he led the mysterious. Mr owen to his room owen remarked to probst that he had recently been staying at the nearby mira back kotel and that at five dollars a night the prices were far too high. The two dollar per night charged by the president hotel was far far more reasonable when they reached room ten forty-six probst unlocked the door and handed the key into only the young man looked over the room entered the bathroom and took from his pocket the only the personal items that he brought with a hairbrush a comb and a tube of toothpaste and placed them on the sink those strange nothing seemed suspicious about rolling t owen until oh around two p._m. When the cleaning lady mary soap dick reached room ten forty six during her rounds she knocked on the door and and avoids said come in when she entered the small room she found owen sitting in the dark with with the shades drawn next to a single lamp which dimly lit the space as mary finished servicing the room owen told her leave the door unlocked. My friend is about to visit very soon. He he was either worried about something or afraid she later remarked. He always wanted to kind of keep in the dark. Soap hoped came back to room ten forty six a few hours later to deliver fresh towels owen was in his bed laying there fully dressed a note was on the desk. It red dawn. I will be back in fifteen minutes. Wait the next day at ten thirty a m when mary again returned to ten forty six. The door was locked from the outside. Mary assumed that owen must have locked the door on his way out out. She used her paschi which opened every door in the hotel and entered the room to clean but much to marry surprised owen. Was there sitting alone in the darkness of the room as mary went about her cleaning owen glenn received a phone call no dawn i don't want to eat. He said i'm not hungry. I just had breakfast breakfast. No i'm not hungry. Owen hung up the phone owen and mary then made small talk. She finished cleaning the room and mary left to go about her rounds later that afternoon afternoon at around four pm. Mary returned to route ten forty six to replace the towels as mary approach the door. She heard two men talking. She knocked a husky rough voice responded. Who is it. Mary replied that she was the made in that. She had come to deliver fresh towels but she was cut short. We don't need any the rough voice replied despite knowing that the room was out of towels since she herself had taken them that morning. Mary left at six p._m. Jean owen unrelated to rolling not owen checked into the hotel she had been shopping in downtown that day and was overcome by nausea feeling too l. to drive home and decided to check into the president and rest for the night. The receptionist checked her in two ten forty eight next door to roland. Omen gene called her boyfriend to let him know her plans for the evening. At nine pm he came to the hotel to check on gene visited herber few hours and left around the same time across town. Robert lane was leaving work at the kansas city water department after his shift ended at eleven eleven p._m. As lane turned off of main street and onto thirteenth he saw a man running alongside the road wearing nothing but an undershirt pants and shoes a strange side on a cold january night in kansas city as the temperature that night would have been around thirty three degrees. The man began waving his arms trying to flag down down lanes car. He pulled over and picked him up. The frantic man got into the back seat of the car apologizing to lane saying that he thought it was a taxi and wondered if he might be able to take him to a place where it would be possible to find handicap. Lane noticed that the man who was staring out the window had a cut on his forearm instead. You look like you've had a bad. The man mumbled. I'll kill that tomorrow. The expletive that the man used was frustratingly subsequently redacted from all reports eliminating the possibility ability of gleaning any clues from this crucial statement lane drove on but when the strange passengers spotted a cab he jumped out of the car and took off back in room ten forty eight gene gene owen was having trouble sleeping. It was midnight and she was being kept awake by yelling. That sounded like it was coming from room ten forty six. I heard a lot of noise which sounded like it was on the same floor and consisted largely of men and women talking loudly and cursing gene later recalled when the noise continued. I was about to call the desk but i decided not to. There was reportedly a party going on that night in room. Ten fifty five the guest in room ten forty eight may may have mistaken where the voices she heard were coming from the elevator operator charles blocker who was working working the night shift had already taken several people up to the party that night but as the night quite downs sometime after one a m blocker recalled taking familiar woman with dark hair up to the tenth floor in his statement to police charles blocker said i took a woman that i recognized as being one who frequents the hotel with different men in different rooms. It is my impression from this woman's actions. She is a commercial woman. I took her to the tenth floor floor and she made inquiries for room. Ten twenty six about five minutes after this i received a signal to come back to the tenth floor. Upon arriving there met the same woman she wondered why he wasn't in his room because he had called her and it always been very prompt with his appointments and she wondered whether he might be in room ten twenty four because the light was on in there. She remained about thirty or forty minutes. Then i received a signal to go back up to the tenth floor i went back in the same woman appeared there and she came aimed down on the elevator at the lobby about an hour later. She returned and company with a man and i took them to the ninth floor. Later received a signal to go to the ninth floor at about four fifteen am and this same woman came down from the ninth floor and left the hotel in a period of about fifteen minutes later. The man came down the elevator from the ninth floor complaining that he couldn't sleep and was going <music> out for a while blogger described the man as standing about five foot six inches tall slender under and around one hundred and thirty five pounds wearing a light brown coat brown hat and brown shoes. The woman was about the same size and wore a coat of black hudson seal the next morning around seven a._m. On january fourth the hotel's switchboard operator noticed that the phone in room ten forty six had been off the a hook for some time and upon checking the logs noticed that no call had come in oregon out from the room she sensible boy probst up to route ten forty six the door was again locked and the do not disturb sign was hanging from from the knob after knocking on the door. Several times probst heard a deep voice. Come in it said turn turn on the lights for popes had forgotten his paschi frustrated. The bellboy decided to leave and shouted through the door. Put the phone back on the hook and returned downstairs but at eight eight thirty a._m. About an hour later the phone in room ten forty six was still off the hook this time another bellboy oy herald pike was sent upstairs with the key to place the phone in room ten forty-six back on the receiver after the bellboy knocked and heard no reply he unlocked and opened the door. A win was they're laying. Being naked in the bed. Seemingly passed out drunk under the sheets which appear to have dark marks all over them. The telephone in stand was knocked over. The bellboy placed the phone back on the stand and left the room but just a few hours later later around ten forty five a._m. The phone in ten forty six was again off the receiver so the original original bellboy probst went back upstairs to owen through when he opened the door. He was met with a horrific scene. When i entered the room this man was within two feet of the door on his hands and elbows holding his head head in his hands. Probst later told police. I noticed blood on his head. Then i turned the lights on i looked around around and saw blood on the walls on the bed and the bathroom this frightened me immediately left the room and went downstairs. The bellboy rushed downstairs told the hotel assistant manager what he saw they called the authorities and around twenty minutes later police and detectives arrived at the hotel followed shortly by dr as they examined owens extensive injuries they found that he had been tied around his neck ankles and wrists with tight cord. He appeared to have been tortured. Owen had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest so violently that there was even blood splatter on the ceiling. His skull was fractured. His neck was bruised from strangulation and one of his chest wounds showed the the knife had pierced his lung but owen was still alive and conscious detective on the scene. Ask edwin who had done this to him. Nobody owen responded. I slipped and hit my head on matab. After this brief exchange owen lost consciousness and slipped into a coma as as he was rushed to the hospital according to a doctor the injuries on owens body had been sustained six to seven hours before he it was finally discovered. It was a strange case for the kansas city police department. Whoever attacked hacked owen had taken almost everything from the room there were no towels or items of clothing and no weapon the only things they found were a necktie label a hairpin a cigarette and they closed bottle sulfuric acid. The only fingerprints found by police were on the telephone and appeared to belong to a woman just after midnight on january fifth nineteen thirty five rolling t owen died in the hospital but who was rolling t owen when investigators contacted the authorities in los angeles they found no record of a role in t owen in the city investigators began to suspect that this was not the victims real name so they placed the man's body in a funeral home for viewing with the hope that someone may come in identify him as the story the newspapers people began contacting the kansas city authorities to come and see if their missing loved one might be the man now lying in the funeral home but of the almost three hundred people who came to view the body. Only one man recognized ignites him robert lane identified owen as the man that he had picked up in his car along the road just a few nights prior. He told his story to police who dismissed it believing that if owen had re entered the hotel in the condition described by lane someone at the hotel would have noticed the investigation then switched its focus to determining whether whether any of the other hotels in the area recognized the man and the only other name they had dawn the hotels did recognize the man owen had occupied many hotel rooms recently but each new mysterious guest guessed by a different name the staff of the nearby mubako hotel which owen had complained was too expensive serve knew the man as eugene case scott of los angeles eugene had rented a room for single might and like owen specifically requested a room with no windows the saint regis hotel new him as duncan ogle tree and also claimed that he shared the room with a man named donald kelso each time police received a new name they checked with the los angeles police department each time they turned up no matches investigators could not locate anyone by the name of donald kelso either nor did they have any leads on the identity of the woman whose fingerprints may match the ones found on the telephone. Some speculated that this murder must be the result of some sort of love triangle but why wouldn't owen tell the police who attacked him. Perhaps he was trying to protect someone for months. Police followed lead after lead all dead ends and the case grew colder and colder in march with no identity and no one to claim the body authorities announced that they plan to finally bury owen in an unmarked grave in potter's field when news of the barrio plans hit the papers the funeral home received a phone call from an unidentified man offering to pay for proper burial will and requesting that owen be laid to rest in kansas city's memorial park cemetery the anonymous caller reportedly lately added then he will be near my sister like the funeral home. A local florist also received a strange call. A man phoned to order thirteen american beauty roses to be delivered to the owen funeral. I'm doing this for my sister. The man said on march twenty third nineteen thirty five money bundled in a newspaper was delivered by a courier to cover the funeral expenses. The money for the flowers arrived in an envelope with the handwriting obscured by being written in block capital letters using a ruler on the twenty sixth of march. The roses were delivered to owens funeral service along with a card which was also found in the envelope containing being the anonymous payment the card with the flowers red love forever louise the only people in attendance that day at the man known as owens funeral where the detectives working on the case for several days after the service undercover police case to the grave site dressed as grave diggers in the hopes that someone might visit visit owens grave but no one came the case again went cold and overtime fell out out of the papers over a year passed and in the fall of nineteen thirty six a friend up a woman named ruby ogle tree read an article in an old issue of a popular magazine called american weekly which chronicle the owen case when rubi ogle tree saw the magazine she recognized owen as her missing son who had left birmingham alabama in april of nineteen thirty four his name was artemis ogle tree in the early days after her son had left ruby and artemis had kept in touch regularly but eventually the communication had stopped artem ass- had intended to travel to california but in the spring of nineteen thirty five after owens death in room ten forty six ruby began receiving strange range typewritten letters from various cities around the country the first from chicago then another from new york saying that he would soon be traveling to europe but artists will be said didn't know how to use a typewriter and the language in the letters others was unlike her son it was slangy an unfamiliar to rubio gotree in august of nineteen thirty five ruby ogle trae received a phone call from a man claiming to be a friend of her son. The man said that his name was jordan and told ruby fantastical stories about her son's travels and adventures like like how artemis had lost his thumb in a bar brawl saving jordan's life and that this was the reason why artists hadn't been able to write when rubi ogled free questioned the man story he promptly hung up ruby who was already worried became suspicious after the strange telephone call and decided to contact the new director of the f._b._i. Hi j. edgar hoover asking him to investigate the matter but in november number when ruby ogle tree saw the american weekly article her suspicions were sadly confirmed she contacted the kansas kansas city police and finally identified owens body as that of her son. Artemis ogle tree ruby explained to the police. The distinct scar on the side of the young man's head had been from an accident that he had as a child where he was burned. She told them of his plans to go to california and how she'd lost track of him in nineteen thirty four started receiving strange typewritten letters others and about the phone call from the man calling himself jordan. She told them how worried she'd been for her son. Because artemis ogle tree it was just seventeen years old the name on the headstone memorial park which changed from wilmington owen to artists ogle tree and the case of what happened in room ten forty six when cold for good in the early two thousands dr john horner who penned an exhaustive account of the mysterious case of from ten forty six for the kansas the city public library received an out of state phone call about artem est ogle tree the caller claimed to we have found a box of newspaper clippings about the case in a deceased elderly person's belongings and there was something else in the box something that had been referenced in the newspaper articles but the caller refused to say what it was in two two thousand three the case of room ten forty six was reopened. It remains unsolved. This has been murder minute for true crime anytime download the murder minute app or follow us on instagram at murder minute.

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