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This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sports Gov email us at fantasy football ed CBS. I DOT COM take time to dominate your fantasy league of Cheney and dots that's of injury updates for ya and J giant. Aw finally reason to go at JJ or should you welcome to the show. This is the fantasy football football today. Road tour presented by little CAESARS. Pizza for dinner tonight. How about ordering your favorite online from little caesars and using pizza portal pickup? It's the the latest greatest and hottest way to pick up a pizza without even going to the register. I'm Adam Mazer and here's what Ben is gone. Yeah yeah the. Jj News very interesting definitely. I'm glad that he's that he's landed a spot. I guess now it's spell three o'clock eastern On Friday I hope that this is more about Darren sproles Jordan Howard but Howard is nursing Stinger and might not play play this week. So we'll get into that moment. Let's do some quick news and notes and will read your emails via apple podcast and fantasy football. CBS Dot Com. We've got one regulators there's question we've got starter sit and trades and such and DFS We're going to give tips. And I Apologize I. My voice is gone. I'm sorry so you'll have to. I'll just let Ben Watch you do the show I mean why. Why would you have voice? You only do like seventy five shows a week right like in many seven shows seven shows a week plus radio so eight and a yellow people. All the I yell at everyone and might just caught up with me met. You must be the shut up. Shut the hell up by Matthew Stafford is out. We knew that was coming. Bengals ingles cornerback. Drake her Patrick Patrick. He's on I R and that's a good news for his opponents was doing a pretty good job or at least their pass. Defense has gone worst. Since he's been out. alshon Jeffery missed practice. He may not play. You're not going to start him anyway. But what about Nelson Galore would you have any interest in Nelson Agar. No not really I. I'm I'm not real interested in the in the passing game against New England. Jacoby said is going to start and that's good news and if you don't want Zach Paschal this week that's understandable. They get Houston next week. Not not the worst stash. Now let's talk about the Eagles Jordan Howard limited in practice tariffs rolls out for the season. And I don't think it's official yet. Maybe just has become official but last I saw was they were going to sign. Jj so I hope for the sake of this show. It actually actually happens by the time people hear this on Saturday. But what's your take on this J.J. I as a Friday afternoon was owned and just three percent of CBS leaks. Yeah I mean I think obviously obviously has some familiarity with the system in the team I. He's not the type of back that I go gung Ho for. He's he hasn't had a huge receiving role in the past especially while it was what the eagles basically the definition of a troutbeck I Alexander's will continue to have a big role in the passing game. And I I don't expect the. Jj would come come right in and be the lead You know so he might even play behind sanders or behind Boston. Scott on early down. I think he like if he suits up this week. which if if they sign him? I think it's a possibility. They could get him out there as quick as this week if Howard's out but I I'm seeing him as more of a direct replacement for Howard so so would you consider adding starting anything which age I think if you're desperate if you're in situations where you don't really have running back you WanNa look at him. You WanNa look at him as a guy who in the right you know. Gay Matchups in scripts were the eagles. Look like they might be run. Heavy Assuming Howard's out he certainly has fifteen carry upside in that type situation of this week. New England run defense has been its weakness. Mark Ingram ran all over them. Nick Shaw Shaw. Ran All over them. If you'RE GONNA be I think even Frank Gore had a good game because if you're going to beat New England you're going to have to run the football. So I'm really excited Howard's Howard's out. I'm very excited about miles. Sanders do you week one two days after he signs. Jj has a big role. Yeah I mean those are the two who elements right like one would like can here on New England and there's some indications as possible right but to does he have a big role and that's I I wouldn't I wouldn't trust it. I wouldn't trust in two days that he's GonNa play more I might use Mile Sanders probably will use them in a couple of leagues adamant in quite a few like. I think you're I have to start talking about mile sanders versus Brian Hill. You know miles sanders versus like todd. Gurley Joe Mixing. I think he's going to be in that number two running back range and you know this is what I'm going to say. I pretty much guarantee by the time either. By the time you listen or by the time you set your lineups there's GonNa be a report that says Mile Sanders is expected to get the bulk of the carries or J.J. is going to get some more. I will no more so so I feel I feel like Ben. I don't know that we should speculate right now. Because we don't have the information but it will come out that's my guess but I think Mile Sanders could have a really really nice game. He could be he could be the basically every down back. He's got that opportunity against the Patriots. Yeah no I agree I I of the two. He's the one that you'd be interested in trying to use it. You're right there probably will be a report to consider giant. We'd have to get a report that's like he's going going. He's because he's he's not even signed yet here. All righty so it would have to be like. He's going to play it. You know ESPN's Josh Weinstein says that. It looks as if Kenyan drake has moved ahead of David Johnson on the depth chart so this is a situation where I like as of now haven't gotten a report about Jj in his role. I'm starting miles sanders over over either cardinals running back you yet. I mean it would be. It'd be close for me. I think The thing I wrote about signals last week that if you WANNA find any optimism David Johnson. It's hard right now. But he did run a lot of routes Given the number of snaps he played and I I do think there's some possibility that he he transitions into more of like a essentially. Like what we've seen with Kareem Hunt In Cleveland where. He's splitting out a little bit more and they're using drake is more than ever now back. which is something that was is being floated a few weeks back to get chase Edmunds on the field? More to use edmonds as the running back David Johnson more split out wide in receiving role he could still have some receiving value. I think it does not really surprise me. Either that that we're hearing that Drake's playing have him in like the lead running back role. And by the way every time I say start Mile Sanders that is contingent on Jordan Howard missing the game which is not a certainty yet David Montgomery is questionable and trae burden and Adam Shaheen are out. Oh and Adam. THEON DEALIN is out against Denver so Dave Montgomery questionable rams very good against the run very good against pass catching running backs starter. Sit Torri Cohen Cohen. If Montgomery doesn't play I would probably play them. I mean the only other guy they have on the roster right now is Ryan all so Null could get some awesome run. PROBABLY WE WON'T BE COMING FIFTEEN CARRIES I think nor would probably work in but They just brought him up from the practice squad. I I think we you would probably see them. Lean more heavily on Coen and so I think I would use him if you know if it was in question so how many how many lineups you got. But I'm I'm sure miles. Sanders will be popular. O'Brien hill is going to be popular any players. You particularly liked or disliked this week for DFS hills one that I don't really see not as high of an upside I think and I think he's GonNa be on enough rousers that he's an interesting guy to consider fading this weekend in tournaments because Number one last week Atlanta was in a good game situation to run the ball a lot and it worked out well for him as he took over for Devante Freeman. They don't find themselves in those types of situations. There's a lot I think they'll probably lose at Carolina and then number two he ran nine past. Rossi caught a touchdown. But you're at nine pass routes to Kenyan Barnier's. Here's the number three running backs eight and actually think Barnard might play a little bit more in pass pass down so hill could end up being kind of tragedy you know running more than playing in the passing assing game. There's upside there. But we just don't know what his role will the sheep. Yeah he he's like forty eight hundred on on draftkings. He's a lot. Watch you broaden fan. I mean he's the last running back on Fan Duel I think he was fifty nine hundred. He's one of the last ones that you really can consider. Although I gotta be honest I don't know Mile Sanders. I think he's less expensive. I think he's I think he's cheaper than miles sanders But I but I would spend a little more to get sanders the power out. But he's so cheapie lousy do so much you've got JD mckissick and the same price range. And then after that. I mean you know like James Whites more expensive Sony Michelle. I like James. Wait by the way but it's hard to find running back it's GonNa get big work that's less expensive than than Brian Hill. So Do Y- yeah. I think he'd be a bus to. I'm a little worried about him. They can't run on anyone. Yeah and they're exactly. I mean that's what I was. GonNa say the Falcons offense is just not been very great for running back doc. Production for Freeman so just because he'll score last week. I don't I don't necessarily think we should I. It was a good situation for any production last week. 'cause they're out ahead. Yeah it's a good good situation. It's a great match up second. Most fantasy points allow two running backs. That's what Brian Hills facing the panthers and they have actually faced a lot of good run. Defenses this year so this would've been a nice week for Devante Freeman I think by the way miles sanders. Three hundred dollars cheaper than Brian Hill. all right so other guys on Fan Vandal. I I talked about this on the video on Friday. I am avoiding mark. Ingram is way. Too expensive they'll mitigate any pushback from Ben there nope no. It's a tough tough runty for Houston so yeah definitely one that I agree with their and I. I don't like if you start. Ezekiel Elliott and Josh Jacobs. They are eighty four hundred and eight thousand their third and fourth most expensive running backs. Do you feel like you need a great game from them. Or would eighty yards in touchdown. Suffice but you know if you spend that money on Zeke and Jacobs. Do you feel like you need one of them to have like two touchdowns and massive massive game you probably hoping for multiple touchdown upset. Jacobs is one of my favorite places the week though I mean I think a Oakland should. They're huge favorites. They should be expected to to control the game at home. They've been a lot better than Cincinnati this year. Run these been really bad so I I really like Jacobs this week. Presuming that his health is is all there because we're a hundred percent sure on that. Are there any other players you wanNA throw out that you like or don't like yeah. I mean we talked a little about. Dj Moore on Wednesday show. And I think he's a really good option this week against it lands secondary who's just been getting crushed by wide receivers and Moore's volume has been so consistent. He's very clearly there number one right now. I think this is the week where he gets in the end zone okay. True Font is expected to play in this game but they still has pointed out on a radio show. They still pretty bad against receivers with his before his injury. Let's do some starter set a DJ more is so cheap on faneuil to. He's less than Samuel. It's it's weird he's touchdowns I mean. They just haven't really adjusted all right here. We Oh apple podcasts. Starters sit just in from a small town in South Carolina Man I don't I only know big Charleston. Austin is is pretty big. It's going to be pretty big. Start Brian Hill. Or Coleman Tevin Coleman there and pretty easily I think with Brita likely out you know what will probably some rain Moser. But he's had a little bit of the issue as well so I think we'll see a lot of coleman in again similar situations as a giant. Josh Jacobs Ebbs Double Digit favorites should be a really good situation for running back production. Yeah and then you can send a flex question. Would you start Brian. Hill or deebo Samuel devante Parker I would go deebo Samuel I think as presuming that Emmanuel Sanders and kill are both out you. You know. It's a little sketch to be playing both the forty niners but it is a game where they should score plenty of points and be a little bit more uptempo have a little bit more volume because a cardinals like to play fast as well And I think samuels a pretty good pretty good sleeper this week from its F one not mclovin. No we've had him before troublemaker. He our start one Wide Receiver and one flex Allen Robinson. mclovin devante Parker and Ronald Jones one wide receiver and Affleck's Aaron Allen Robinson maclaurin Lauren Parker and Jones. Yeah I can't trust McLaren Really with dwayne asking QB. I mean I know I like the the matchup but I I just can't I think they're going to run the ball. Especially yeah I mean since Callahan's taken over the just love running the ball and I can't trust Devante Parker up against today the S. whites almost fault I I. I do still really like Ralph Jones this week but around. Isn't our Robinson GonNA get Jalen. Ramsey Champa Alan Robinson's a lot better than Devante Barcode. He's nothing but but Yeah no I agree. I'm not starting Parker. It's maclaurin that okay that I'm thinking here and honestly like maybe like none of these guys are slam dunks to me. So it's Alan Robinson maclaurin Parker and Ronald Jones were Rob Jones. I liked Jones because airings talked up as receiving role again. I wasn't that like he had a lot of receptions last week but it didn't a ton of Arauz but then Aaron said it can even expand from there. He's he's learning more routes. He's getting even better at in the passing game. So I like Ron Jones and I would play I you know you can make a case from a corner Ray Room for a quarterback pick one Matt Ryan Carson Wentz. I'M GONNA go. Oh Matt Ryan. I don't WanNa play once against the Patriots and for Flex Hollywood Brown or F. One why F. One half. Oh It's definitely. NFL isn't Brown pretty banged up. He had his yeah he missed practice. We'll see if he plays Obviously doesn't you gotta go McLaren if he plays. I think probably you want to go with him. Because I think in the Texans matchup you beat the Texans down the field. This is from berries as dear Dalvin Devante and Chris. Oh I thought hey good job. Good job twelve team. PR CHOOSE AFL. I'm so condescending. Like I wouldn't expect you to get I mean nail on the college. Yeah yeah well you know. I hate episode. I know a lot about FSU so Twelve NPR choose Affleck's Robert Woods Joe Mixon Mile Sanders enters Mohamed Sanu or Emmanuel Sanders. Who Won't play so most likely? Yeah that's A. There's a lot of pretty Reasonable options that we I I like the fact that makes him got up to thirty carries last week after previously. Never hitting twenty one. Switch over to quarterbacks I think he has been show for big workload even when trailing which is what they did last week. I wouldn't play him though. Probably over Sanders. Orson new news workload before. They're buying their last game before the by was massive. It's not just that he got almost I think one more targeted than Julian Edelman. He also had almost double the air yards more downfield he will legitimate number one wide receiver. Roll night game so I I might go some new against the eagles. I really like him. Okay it's not a bad option for me. It was it was either sanders or Sununu. I I was going in that game. Though Robert Woods is in bad fallback option either From Pixel Bend dear Amman. Dorsey Edgar and Ryan Tracker specs. Yes twelve team. You're killing it actually know those guys are from goodfellas twelve two movies star. Jd mckissick. Brian Hill or Darius geiss scout to be mckissick or he'll we just don't know enough about I mean I'm I'm excited as anyone to US guys but we don't know enough to use them I and the jets. It's are pretty decent run D actually for all their flaws. I would go hill. Yep Me too Christian Kirk Tyra Williams or Curtis Samuel. This is clearly against the niners. It's tough he's a guy like you know I'm eliminating him. That's the one I said. Yeah I I think he can eliminate him. I'll go samuel. I really do think the Falcons will get beat down the field even with True Fon and final question from apple podcasts. From from niners for Life Aaron Jones or Leonard Fournette rest of season four net. Okay I wanNA bring up one thing before net tough schedule tough one was scheduled talked over. Yeah you're right you're right. It's always schedule your. I don't look at the schedule enough. How's Your I love your always on top of that but You just have to love his workload so much more than we're not sure we're GonNa get from Jones you know. His passing role was great. When Adams Adams was out? It's been less so when he's been back in Melinda's pint half the snaps you know. This is not. This is really interesting because Aaron Jones has great schedule and for net has a UH below average one. And you knew Ben was GonNa take for. You might be thinking. Hey what's Adam than I do. I'm also GonNa take four net so I don't care that much about schedule. I think the touches are so catches you know the catches are just so much. Mark More Secure Leonard Fournette the PR machine just like Just like that Ronald Jones fellow. All right. Everybody let's do it one regulators questioned today and it comes it from someone who's name. I do not have so I'm in a sixteen team. Redraft League with the first two rounds as keeper rounds announce a playoff bound team. The commissioner made what appears to be uh totally one sided trade. Godet ice that I did you. You know that was so smooth. Totally one sided trade with one of the last place teams who needs a quarterback so the commissioners go into the playoffs. He made a one inside trade with a team that needs a quarterback in that trait that teams in last place. His Geyser her. There are literally no quarterback on the waiver wire so the first place team gave up. Aj Green Nick. Foles and Gardner Minhsiu and got back. Melvin Gordon and Jack Doyle. Aj Green Nick foles roles and Minzhu to the last place. Team for Melvin Gordon and Jack Doyle to the first place team the there are a few US feel like this ruse the integrity of the League. I really don't WanNa be I what as I have never towed towed of set short worked for Vito to just to- instead of veto interesting I've never vetoed a trade in my twelve years of playing fantasy football with this. Just seems like a ludicrous trade. Also why is he so mean to Adam. I can't comment on that last question but entertainment value. Why is this? Such a ludicrous UTICA straight. It's a keeper league. I mean I I think you're probably not keeping ancient green in the first two rounds but presumably the the last place team like. Are you mad that because they're in last place in last place. They tried to acquire a quarterback can be competitive the rest of the unusual. You don't see people get upset. Like teams are trying trying to be competitive so they acquired both the Jacksonville quarterback so they could be competitive. As far as a keeper's concern like yeah. They traded away Melvin Gordon and they added. Aj Green I could see Aj Green Bean. And he's probably not going to be a top two round peg next year. But is it. Melvin Gordon going to be for sure I mean I don't know I mean it's a little bit. That's fine the last this fine. It's IT'S A. It's a lopsided trade. I mean the team that Melvin Gordon wins but this is not. This doesn't rise to that level of hurting the integrity of the league that you agree with that right. Ah Yeah I do. I see the point. I guess the more I I'm dating there was like why is the guy in last place making this troy because he's not going to keep any of these players right. so He's giving up. Melvin Gordon to a top team and if the first two rounds are keepers probably not actually going to keep Aj Korean the first two ounces actually no way so at first I was looking at you know name Valujet Green. Maybe he's a keeper but he's he's really probably not going to be no so I guess you'd probably hope that if he was going to trade Gordon he'd at least get somebody back that he could potentially keep the first two rounds but if he needs to win. I mean let's forget about the keepers for a second if he needs to win and he's still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I mean he probably would rather have Melvin Gordon but he needs a quarterback so he just Jaguars geisen maybe. Aj Green comes back and actually contribute so there this is not as slam-dunk terrible trade need. I think you gotTa let it slide. And don't toe it. Thank you very much for your email. We got more trades and starter. artor sit at fantasy football dot com. We're done regulating. I just like to hear the song. Hey have you ordered a pizza from little caesars yet. If you haven't you've missed you're missing out on Pizza Puerto Pickup. What Pizza Puerto Pickup? It's like getting a pizza right out of the oven yourself. You Walk in you. Enter a code on the portal door opens. And you're off with your favorite pizza Sir and whatever pizza you order. It's going to have crazy crazy amounts of toppings. It's fun give it a try but it's only available at little CAESARS. Pizza Pizza all right trades fantasy football. CBS Dot Com from Zach. I got offered and a half. Pr Leak my Tevin Coleman for his David Johnson give up. Kevin Coleman get David Johnson. What do you think I would not do that? I mean freight is banged up. Now we don't don't know how much time he's GonNa Miss. I think Coleman is a aback you can rely on David Johnson. You can't right now. Yeah it's it's sad. I Have David David Johnson in a tunnel leaks us. One of my favorite first round picks. And it's really hurt Myanmar officers but there's not a lot of upside with that right now knowing that also the chase. Edmunds is going to be back eventually. In there it's it's trending very poorly aright fantasy football at. CBS Dot Com. Let's get to another one here. This is from Luke Dear David Joe Lou and dusty those are managers for the Cincinnati reds. Wow good for corey Lou pinella and Dusty Baker all reds manager. David Daniel Bell. Yeah that's that I am. That is really terrific stuff. That was more impressive than your Phantom Jeopardy win congratulated I was offered Amari Cooper and Philip Lindsay for my Leonard Fournette and Keenan Allen in a PR league give for now and Cooper and Lindsay. I'm not GONNA do that. I think Alan will bounce back. I like Amari Cooper a lot but I don't see them as being as big of a difference as I think for net is an improvement over linzie especially with no Joe flacco. We've talked about this a little bit but it's NPR. It's GonNa Impact Lindsay's catches going forward. Lindsay's Ben good to now. I do think his rest. The the season is a little bit knocked down because flacco is no longer the quarterback. Yeah and you know what. Feel Riddick what the Hell is going on with him. Is he coming back. And I don't know yet heard anything but He was on I R and it was possibility locked back and they can only bring two players back so that's first time I've heard that name in a while they actually do have good matchups going forward. That helps Lindsey but yeah I don't do straight from Eddie. I'm having a serious issue in the league. We have been doing. Non FAB waiver waiver. Wire just regular waiver wire for fifteen years plus and after. I was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs offs. I told the guys that I wanted to bench my lineup to get the best waiver position. A keeper can emerge at any point of the season. And I wanted to give myself the best chance to win next year A- after an outrage in the league I told them I would start by lineup this year. But if we don't do a Fab next year I would use this strategy next year if I got mathematically eliminated so benching your lineup to get a better waiver wire priority to potentially pick up a keeper. What do you think give your opinions regulators? And it's pretty good so my opinion on this Eddie's is wrong. I'm sorry Eddie. I know you're loyal listener. I love you for that. But you're wrong on this one I I understand. There's like I have seen this and fancy leagues. I've been playing fancy for over twenty years. I've seen this fantasy leagues all sports. That people do these things that are definitely in their the best interest but when they're so extreme that they impact the rest of the League to this degree where. You're just giving a team a win that maybe is competing with the playoffs for Plath spot with the team that you beat earlier in the season and you're not actually trying to put up a fight at all against that other team. You're impacting the way that the playoffs might check out your your impacting who wins the league this year to this degree where you're not uneven putting a team out there that's like he can't stand for that and fantasy you there has to be at least some level of trying. Well that's why I I've I have never seen anything like this because all of my leagues require a legal lineup. Okay well that's yeah you should do. You should do a legal lineup. Make make that case and yes this is tanking and it's not good but I I like the argument for Fab certainly makes things interesting. When you get to keep her aspect in there and saving in your Fab for for guys who show up like that I agree with that but just like to reiterate like I've seen like you've never seen this in any kind of league. Were like people that are obviously in the interests of their team. But it's like so bad for the League if they just you know. Here's the thing I could be Having more fun playing fantasy I need to be more fun leagues because all of my leagues or most of my leagues are analysts leagues. And that like most the fifty leagues right right. They take it seriously. I mean they set their lineups. But there's not that much trading going on we don't always know each other. I don't have one of those longtime Li. I don't I don't have any friends skin Zad. Let's move on Okay Eh. From Connor who should drop to pick up a tight end for this week Shawn McCoy. Let's Avis Murray Kenyan Drake Jacob Hollister Alexander Madison Senator. Adrian Peterson For me it'd be McCoy. Peterson Peterson. I don't know when you're really gonNA love using 'em with guys is being around the rest of the way McCoy like I. I don't know what the deal is with the rest thing last week while to see coming up this week but he only played six naps a week before four so was he really even need. I just kind of seemed like a week before was that the Wiki fumbled. No that was the week before that troubled. In like the end of the third quarter and David Williams played the whole fourth and then the following week he started again McCoy but only played six naps and then a week after that. He's as an active for arrest week that he shouldn't have needed since he only played six maps the week before. That's a long long little vacation. Okay from Sam. I haven't done it yet yet. But I got offered tyreek Hill and Jared Goff for my Lamar Jackson and Christian Kirk. My quarterbacks will be Wentz and gough the the rest of my lineup will be Chubb. Aaron Jones Vont they atoms and tyreek hill. That's pretty good. So would you give up that quarterback. Would you give up Lamar Jackson and Christian Kirk to get tyreek. Kill and Jared Goff. Yeah I mean this is tough. Lamar Jackson is a difference maker. I'm always the you can trade quarterbacks guy at this point in the season we can feel very confident at that. Lamar Jackson is a difference maker. So it's not as easy at this point but tyreek hill is a massive difference maker to and like Chris Rock as well but Terry kill might be the wide receiver the rest of the way. I really believe in him so I would take a hill and I would stream quarterback or play Wednesday golf. What whatever you gotTa do a quarterback to have hill in your lineup? They're going to be very few weeks. where I feel? Good about Jared Goff. I know he's got a matchup against Arizona but for whence after this patriots game. Maybe there's is one more tough match-up things do get a lot better so you could feel. I wish we had Sean Jackson I do but you could feel better about once going forward All right we got some starter said questions to show Chang said does Shawn Oh Jackson you wish Wentz had sean. Yes yes. I'm sorry. I wish he had to Sean Jackson even with the gray matchups. I'm not convinced he's going to be able take advantage of them but he does have a very good schedule go. I never realized this but I thought you're still talking about the trade and I thought you meant to Shawn Watson or Lamar Jackson Jackson and I thought you were like GM their names together. Sean Jackson is an entirely different player. Do the trade is basically what we're trying to say and If you need any if you're out there you got a business. You need higher good talented people. You don't know how to do it. It's intimidating a lot of people a lot of applicants out there. Why don't you use ziprecruiter? Hiring can be a challenge as quotable. co-founder Gretchen hubner discovered Gretchen needed to hire a game artists for Education Tech Company. And she knew it wouldn't and be easy to find someone to grow with her team. That's why she went to Ziprecruiter. Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. 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I am the kiddle owner I snagged OJ Howard in Pr League. Should I play Oj. Howard or Ross dwelling I would go with Weli? I liked dweller this week man. He has been playing in a lot of snaps with kindle out the both last two weeks he got seven targets last week. They did throw a lot more last week. But it's a great match up for him in the Need Pass catchers Howard I've said before I really like his talent? Four of his catches came on the two. The two minute drill drive Excuse me three of his four. Two minute drill drive right before halftime in the first half and he was otherwise kind of just not really involved throughout the rest of the game so it was nice to see him do some things and catch a touchdown but I wanNA see more. I feel more comfortable streaming dwelling all right next email. I I don't know this greeting. I mean I've got most of it from Western Oakland. Hey Jamie this jared blank baker and cuyler. So these are quarterbacks who went number one overall yes. The last five number one overall pick so who was in between there James Jared Baker and cuyler parking we think of it wasn't Cam Newton. Now he's earlier. It was the year trubisky went to was myles. Scare the number one overall pick. Well that doesn't fit. That is. Oh it's just the last five number one case not just contract quarterbacks. I don't no no. Oh Yeah Yeah it is myles Garrett and he said you WANNA guess who that blank is. It should be easy after last night's brawl. I mean football game okay myles Garrett Way to go oh west way to promote myles Garrett you are on fire. They're very proud of you okay. PBR star running back in to flex so pick the running back. Mark Ingram Joe mixon James White. P P R yeah man it makes you almost WANNA go white but I think he will ingram for a little little bit man. I don't know this is a tough one for me. Mick Ingram's in a tough match-up I liked mixon's at increase in usage. I think you can consider him in. A matchup with the raiders. White white might be the safest As PR guy in a tough rushing matchup for New England. I do think what's going to be involved. I have good. He's well I'm going to start at least two of them. I'M GONNA I would take Ingram lynnfield great about it but I would go with Ingram because he just has that chance to score. I really don't like Ingram this week. Yeah tough but I would go out has been a more efficient runner than most backs in the league. Because of the presence of Lamar Jackson maybe he can find more holes against against Houston Grundy than most other banks have. And then you can still start Two of them. Because you need to flex out of mixing James White Jamison crowder and Dede Westbrook. I Love James Powder this week I you you do. Yeah Yeah Yeah I do too. I was GONNA say play him. I don't think I would play Dede Westbrook quite yet WanNa see how healthy he is. But I think I'd go crowder an intuitive axe but man. I don't even know what to backs I do like. I don't know why so. We decided we're redoing Ingram. I think Ingram crowder and white and I'm not happy about sitting mix. Oh sorry I thought you were going to pick another one. Thank you S. for making us sweat from Max in New York City dear. Todd Dak Alvin and SAQUON. These are the last four rookies of the year often ago. Who Do you think's going to be V? Who Do you think's going to be next? The Josh Jacobs well Cuyler cuyler but Jacobs has been doing well enough that I think he might get it. Yeah maclaurin got a case Daniel. Oh Jones happier. Start to that. A three mixing Gallup Golladay. I'M GONNA make a Gallup Allah with Stafford Out Golladay scored last week. But that long touchdown was pretty much all is production with driscoll under center his situations. Not Quite as good with with with Stafford out. It's it's a lot worse. OJ Howard Gerald Everett. Who Ever? It's a little banged up. Go Go Howard boom effort. Yeah like ever. I don't like the rams this week I just don't like the rams really all the offensive line is is so banged banged up and they've really been struggling lately and they're playing the bears. It's not a great situation. All right here we go. This is from Raoul in a town. North of Disneyland and Santa Something Disneyland Senile. Santa Something Santa Barbara Glorieta. Okay Santa Claus because I've got too many players to pick from. I need to wide receivers two running backs and a flex it is not so here. Are The wide receivers mix like there are only two. He's they're spread out Mike Evans Portland Sudden Emmanuel Sanders. ENTIRA Williams I will eliminate emanate sanders. Evans Sutton Tyrell Evans. And Sutton for me. I actually think you can play tyrel over sudden. Let's go EVANSTON TYRA era two running backs. Mark Ingram Alvin Kamara Devon single TERI Jordan Howard Kenyan Drake Alvin Kamara Yup I'll play single terry against Miami over Ingram. That's a guy that I would play over and over. You know we were talking about some concerns about Ingram and a flak lebaron single in a flex. Drake is interesting as PR. You gotta go with three running backs. Let's go ingram now. Ingram Chimera Single Terry Evans. tyrell yeah. Well that's that's what I'm GonNa lock in from Eric Hunter Henry or Allen Robinson. PBR Robinson. No sorry Hunter Henry. I wasn't even actually really like I love out so quick to answer. No you can go. You can go entrepreneur. You're like yeah I don't like what you think it with Derrick Henry because we can't really say even though he's on his by I don't even know who I thought it was. I can't even tell you what apparently like you like Robinson. That's very funny. Funny you but Hunter Henry would you sir. I don't WanNA bully you. Would you really hunter Henry would. I wasn't thinking I mean maybe I read hunter. Rain wasn't realizing just how good he's been lately because he's been way better than a typical tight end. Volume has been really consistent Maybe I was just thinking tight end but glossed over quick all right. We've got a few more from Nick. New running back standard scoring Brian Hill. Damian Williams Royce Freeman dairy guys not Freeman and for the issues with FLACCO that I've been talking about. I Love Freeman Talents. But he's not a guy I I'm just not targeting those back anymore because they're splitting work and no longer have as much work It's not guys so it's Hiller Williams. I'm GONNA go Williams From Jordan deer turkeys stuffing potatoes potatoes and gravy. I think you can get this on. Yeah I'm going to rank him though I he's nothing what hold on. You need to tell me. Is it. Mashed potatoes sweet potatoes. They already got gravy. So we'll say sweet potatoes for that the gravies like a part of the Arabia's separate the how what I okay number one is ranked both potatoes. Okay okay so this would be sweet. Potatoes stuffing Turkey mashed potatoes gravy. That'd be my last. which is a surprise is? I don't really like Turkey very much but I'm also not a huge mashed potato guy gravy. I don't need you over gravy. I don't need it you know if you have a good good slice of meat. You shouldn't need gravy. You shouldn't condiment. I mean that's true of like a steak. That's not true of Turkey if it's good if it's good juicy slice of Turkey you should not be gravy. I like Turkey but these are all like really delicious eating and I'm GONNA put Turkey last on this list. I usually usually a meat guy but turkeys. It's kind of like the dry part of the meal. You DO WANNA get some gravy on their mashed potatoes would be lies for me. I don't know Turkey stinks. Man Like Ham. I am all about the Thanksgiving him. I Miss I miss. I miss her home for Thanksgiving. They don't do they'll do him up here with the in laws all right. Sixteen Team Keeper League. I find myself staring at the waiver. Wire menu of Driscoll Finley Haskins and Allan. I'm guessing this or three Allen's. Yeah it's gotTa be Brandon Allen. I could be column well. Well if it is. It's clearly kyle. And you should go with. But if it's Brandon Allen. was you go drinking threes quarterbacks with that last name driscoll go findlay Haskins or Brandon Allen. Who would you go with? I'll go driscoll. He's got a lot of mobility. I think it phillies in play too. But I'll go driscoll. Ah I just think there's a little bit more rushing upside there. You Know He. You'll do some. This is from Mike he says. Dear Mike Peter Micky and Davy those like Brady Bunch or the monkeys the rockets doc. Those are the monkeys monkeys. Knew it. Damn it they be Jones. Ten Team League. Sit One one of these guys Hopkins Evans Jacobs Keenan Allen or Melvin Gordon. uh-huh actually call for me. It's an easy call for you. Yeah I don't know that I'm going to get it right but I see these guys and I see Kina now and I'm just like no. You're you don't make the cut against Kansas City. Well who UNICEF. WHO YOU'RE GONNA sit Hopkins Evans Without Lattimore Jacob? PBR Against Kansas City is is pretty enticing. He's probably GONNA get a lot of all right. Tough guy who you gotta start to look at all the matchups. You're not sitting Hopkins even though the Ravens is not a great matchup. You're not sitting Evans. Even now Marshon Lattimore is not a great matchup now. He's not playing. Oh so you're not sitting on sitting. Yeah not I don't think you're shouldn't Josh Jacobs so I would. I guess I would have to one of the chargers at I would probably wind up sitting thing. Melvin Gordon really the chiefs run defense all right okay. Yeah it's not. You might be right with Keenan. Elena's I'll tell you look I don't want to keep changing your mind. That's fine. That's fine. My Gut feeling says that Hopkins might disappoint us. But there's zero chance I'm sitting here right so let's run through the rest of your real quick from Dave half to wide receivers and Affleck's please James White robber woods. deebo Samuel Calvin Really devante Parker. I'm not playing Parker. I like pretty much everyone else on that list. But I think I'm GONNA sit woods current depot when I do like Calvin this week with with hooper out in Atlanta the trade Sydney. I do think it was going to have a good second half. I hope so from Chris Chris I have connor in Samuels is on waivers. I don't know why he had it's connor. Who do I drop if anyone to try and get Jalen? Samuels Jamal Williams Kareem. I'm hundred Todd Gurley. No Oh I'm sorry. I know why he told us. He has connor. I read that as Carson. I don't know why I saw it. And it said conor in my mind I read Carson. I Apologize I guess you could drop them all Williams that'll be that would be the one that I would drop hunt up girly just it like you know. Samuels is not even like he played viewer snaps in. Trey Edmunds in in place of James Corden last week. He's even locked in like lead back if Connor Mrs tiny made had a good point on. HQ It could be Benny Snell then. Farewell could be yeah. He might play next week so samuels. We'll have those role it'll be a PR thing but you don't necessarily here's a here's a great stat. He ran fewer routes last night or two nights ago. We're releasing the Sun Saturday. Then Trey edmunds. TRAYVON's actually ran more routes than samuels interesting. But it's weird usage with sales right now I'm not GonNa be like chasing him Madden Massachusetts choose. Its start three PR. John Brown Philip Lindsay Damien. Williams Curtis Samuel. Who are you sitting John Brownfield Damien Williams Curtis Samuel? I'm sitting Curtis Samuel. How about you? I'm sitting Philip Lindsay. Well you know it's interesting. I get where you're coming from there down. Two defensive tackles though which gave me a little bit of pause. But everybody's broncos are going to get. I mean unless the Vikings have one of those like kirk cousins overlooked team games. They're going to be way behind. Probably Right They have a fifteen point implied team. Total it when you do the Vegas odd addition trying to figure that out there ten point road underdogs. That's it's never a good situation for a running back. He split carries. I like Samuel's upside against the Falcons pass game. I don't see Lindsay's upside so I would play the guy who has more upset from Jason. Then start two out of three Marquees Brown. Dj Charge Robert Woods. I mean if Brown plays I want him. I've been really down on Robert Woods in this in this show and I just don't WanNa play any ramps and I understand the back at home but I think it's going to be really slow game against the bears. Bears have been playing slow games lately because their offense hasn't been very good and they're giving up a lot of rushing yards so I just don't mm-hmm and the way the rams offensive line is situated like they're going to be happy to get their offense off the field if they can solve the game down So I think I'd probably go markey's brown India from Derek half PR FLEX so any Michelle. where he moster Willfuller? Yeah we don't know fullish I health and I I think the guy come back from a hamstring injuries. Tough to trust but these other guys are great. Plays either Michelle running against a really tough eagles. The rusty is not really what I want when I want to use him. Most sort is banged up himself and his number two back. I'd probably play Michelle and I don't know where would you go. I would just hope for a touchdown because all the big game from anyone the best chance for a big game as fuller because he always says that that shot to catch a long one if we get a like a really great report clean bill of Health. I'll support you gonNA Fuller. Okay then grads thank you mad. You are just outstanding outstanding with the one more block. Yeah just nail key mother. You're listening to all the intros that are right now. We'll the marlins very sending towards lush. Wow thank you for listening to everybody. I hope you're having a great weekend. Listen to our show on Saturday night I on fantasy football. Aw Ten PM to Midnight Eastern C._B._S.. Sports Radio and Sirius Channel Tool six. We'll talk to you Sunday night with the retailer.

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