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everybody looking episode porky. Six of gave my mom found. I M Mike Boorda's Boorda's space marines with me tonight private Stephan. Jd Jabe overmanned Stewart Stewart. Stole nine so a Sergeant Michael Hughes pulling rank ethnically. My gamertag has admirals unrelenting outright. Both of us God understa grunt not bragging or anything. But I'm I'm technically not net uh-huh oh and Stephenson's this was your pick introduced the lovely game you pick for US tonight. We're playing alien infestation. Infestation for the Nintendo DS which is a Segue game. I think by made by Gearbox Bay for technologies and it's a tie into the alien franchise also version game called alias station but we're not playing that one. Yeah I didn't I tell yes as it turns out. There is a lot of aliens games out there. We'll be spoilers for aliens and a game movies probably forty year old movie. Maybe we'll see and you can't can't we spoil Predator. PROUDER doesn't Spoil Alien. I'm not space slasher movie. Everybody dies except Ripley. Spoilers spoil it for all the aliens up until and Jones who was Jones again okay not new and a no paxton though they will die screen unceremoniously. Let's spoilers for me. I haven't got we'd have this movie never happened but we're talking about. That never happened taking movies. Those who don't know was alien three was almost a completely different movie and they like they redid it like they've road out several cast members. That didn't come back and it was a lot of fucking drama ended up being a movie that nobody really likes so slowly worth it one in two or three is garbage. Resurrection is pretty good and Prometheus I would say. Resurrection is good good but not not a good movie. Way Ratchet good in a what the fuck even thinking kind of way where there's just so. Oh phone and then I remember like you too but like every time I go back and re watch it. I'm like I remember liking this movie. And I'm like Oh yeah. I only like parts of it. It's like a lives by boy is like I love Winona Ryder. But like she is just so fucking weird in that movie. She's just weird so out of place mall. We're just gut. I don't think we've mentioned this game came out in two thousand eleven for the DS. I can't remember if we said that. Or Not yes help like two years before before colonial marines and three years more alien isolation combined different games read just supposed to be a DS port of Colonial Marines intern. Then they just decided to go whole new direction of a good games alien franchise completely cancel plans and reduce so this game is technically one. It's kind of a metro. Vania games or definitely is one one person called the Metro and light and one of the group and I was asking questions. It's definitely it's definitely Metro's light. I mean everything is more simplified straightforward word. It's the worst talking about this before we started the podcast. It's a halo wars of aliens. Metro game it is a metro game. But it's so easy that anyone can play babies. I Metro Vanya Alliens yeah a whole word in this kind of takes place within the story. I WANNA say between the aliens used to connect two three okay. They noticed the same year on. I'm the US Silica. Which I didn't realize is the same ship that all the marines came on in the first place in the second movie alien? So is there ship Adrift in space. And that you're getting up after the events Aliens Union this basically after they know like after Wayland you Tony. We knows about the aliens fully. And they're like we gotTA fucking stop this Shit and before they start capturing them for for research and development the I get on the ship. It's just you and the enemies right like I mean not the aliens but the Union of Progressive People yeah the UPN. Yeah so stupid yeah. There's like a weird little felt like they were trying to like a starship troopers thing where there's people there like revolting and he has to go stop them. I guess star Search Uber Uber Slash. Hillary stifling that's all you're doing your part to stop the aliens I'm doing my apart face hugger just slams onto them. I think I read like like Stewart. said that aliens three supposed to be something completely different. I think it was actually supposed to so have the. Up Pianist so this was supposed to tie the two together but then they dropped the whole storyline so it just makes no sense at all. You go read. Yeah like they. Somebody released the script for it nice and like the original movie and it was pretty good. Yeah they even made it into comic book. Actually that just came out a couple months ago. Yeah why the fuck. They decided to to change it to blogs they actually went through with it. But I know Michael Bane is I says name like being Michael Biehn. Yeah Echo being not like he was he originally a huge character part in alien three he was supposed to be the protagonist before they were like out. We need Ripley back. Because because Ripley's went sold the I do movies and so like at some point. He demanded that they pay him. The same amount of they are going to pay him for the whole movie. Just use his life snus thank you I think they just did it right now. Like little. They cared they were like fine. Is your million dollars. Probably wasn't much that I mean that this franchise was gigantic at that time to get the anymore Knight's still say it's fantastic. I mean well maybe not right now maybe like a year ago I would say that franchise is now owned by Disney. It's all good luck with that. What I gotTa say was Alien Covenant? which if you live? But I don't know I don't like Prometheus covenant very much don't either they're okay like hey. These are better than alien three but there's tournament I know I know David fincher was asked to go and do the director's cut for alien three. He told Fox ago. Fuck themselves it. 'cause they just kept messing with it when he was trying to created. I think it was his first big budget movie too and then just screwed him over the whole time There's also a lot of really funny things about Aliens were like James Cameron was filming it and they filmed in England's so Oh oh yeah I know where you're going with this. They had an English crew and they all walk in he hated James Cameron like actively aided him they thought he was just like some shitty director. That bro Crappy. Schlaug like Terminator. Not Wrong he had like multiple. Well he like. He had like multiple viewing parties terminator to sit down with crew so he could like explain it like explain himself as director essentially like like presenting himself as a director to this crew and they would not go they just never went oldsmobile. Screenings nobody showed. I think I think the biggest part of it the to the daylight to take breaks for like teen crump BITs stuck in access. It's so awful but it's so funny to have a director in a group so against each other is so funny he he wasn't even against them he just like they just hated him. But what imagine that. What are the movie turns out? So can you imagine if like fucking like Quentin Tarantino's doing hateful eight in the entire crew hated aided Quinton Tarantino fucked up every shot on purpose. And they're like we're not gonNA watch dogs a fucking over your down all right well since one that we'll get back to infestation so this ship to your on the show which I didn't even realize right away that you're on the same ship from the Aliens Aliens Movie Yet. which didn't even compute but one thing is really interesting about this game? You play as different marine except if you play the way I play at the same for marines the entire game. uh-huh anybody die the foot. The marine system is really cool. I actually really like that. The lives where you play. Okay so you play as a marine but you also have a party of Marines and Replacement Marines you find throughout the game and if you buy your spot is just taken by that marine like they just send it in another marines. Take your place. Yeah exactly what you are kind of feel like I got attached to some of them to like. I really don't want this marine to die. Will they like apparently they brought in people to like. They rewrote those characters Let's see here as we like to carry. The game's dialogue was rewritten. Twenty many times to have like twenty very unique characters. According to Wikipedia at least showed it shows like every character is so as so soling carefully built out and store. No there's not much syrup. There's a lot of dialogue between the characters. Took them which I never did and the dialogue. How long is so unique to them? It's a really interesting way of going about it and some of the characters to will even like like you could be happy to find one and you're like oh I'm getting another soldier but then some of them will be like no. I don't WanNa go with you. I'm just GONNA sit out. They won't with you if you don't have any openings right like I know. Glad you're sure but I'm not with you anyway. Yes some will not go with you period. They're just there as part of like story fodder Alia like Alec thank you ever get like Marine Kim. She's just part of the story She's really weird part of the story. Kim Kim is a interesting character. That's cool. I mean because I think I had the same four characters. I remember trying to get people to join me. Nobody would join me because I was always full because I wouldn't uh anyone died. which was a problem at you like how I wouldn't know I should've I did not like some of the people start with but I just couldn't bring myself to let them die but I do like when the game starts off? You don't even fight. I WanNa say you don't even think aliens for for a little while you just can't keep running into those androids constantly Not even entering robots which are so they kinda remind me What are they called working? Joe's alien relation your host to be here. That is the scariest sow on I have ever heard in a game in in awhile. Was Your Shit Run L.. Man You know what I'm talking about because that that fucking game. That is one of the game. We're I beat it. I got up. I was sweating. I was like fuck yes and I have a sense. Of course. Wayland is not whalen gitanas seats on I think. Up Up isn't CPI data. What you P P running them? And it's like why would you design a robot. Like specifically for the Uncanny Valley I mean the whole purpose of those robots which is to kill you I worked for the their. Up owns them but let me all you had to duck and hold on shoot shoulder hell down the fire button and just like from the game mechanic. I understand but from like a in universe company mechanic. It's like we're going to design. A robot looks almost human but not quite so he's just as uncomfortable to be around as possible. Well it was made for war that makes sense. I look it was it was just they. Just come here and give them guns. I Yeah I think so. I think they like Hackenberg something. This game does not really any story other than like your your commander talking to offer. Not Oh God scenes anyone else feel like as soon as the guy. The Red Jacket thinking name is companyman or something. It is considering Ban Ki as soon as he came on. And just like. Oh there's the bad guy. Yeah Claire West Name. It's like it's the name Joe Sears or something. But he's like you like ha ha you can just call me company man. It's a joke in it and they use call him company man for the rest of the game. It's whole game like just give you an example. How much they like? One thing I I do want to mention there's no guys online for this game period period. I always played with the show because I I mean before the show. I guess I'M GONNA I'M GONNA look up a guy. Nothing I'll try again nothing. Like what the fuck doc his name is name is. Sean Davis the most generic name Sean Policies. All the Sean Davis's out there Davis she says my name is Shawn Davis Generic Company Man Chances Jails and you are sure I wanna say a midway through the game now. It's like the last third the game or something. It's not hard to find a lot of like detailed information on this game. Am for some reason but even with a PDF. There isn't a whole lot like just the plot of this is is to senses. The SEPHORA has discovered the USS USS Salako Adrift in space. After the events of Aliens Nailing three with Colonial Marines are sent aboard Salak to investigate and recovered the life-form aboard the ship spoiler alert. It doesn't go well. I do a weekly to get like information on all the the candidate because at the end of the game you get a like a bio of of all the marines. I wake you to read up on it and like thank God someone out. There has an alien spread already. That has like a little bit more information nation but even there. It doesn't have very much. It's it's incredibly surprising because the scheme didn't do badly you got like eight eight point Tuesday point five. Almost across the board order did pretty good. Yeah one of the Raider. I mean nowadays on the radar one of the most fascinating things things. I always found out about Alien Laura. Is that an alien just by itself like you can actually see an director's cut of the first movie where they find Dallas. Alice is that the Lincoln secrete like a liquid to build around its environment and so and if it trout's like human being inside of it it will eventually turn it into a base hugger egg overtime. which is creepiest? Fuck yet. It's something that kind of like fell out of the movies never never get captured the meaning capturing can't you rescue your marines like you'll find them inside some of those events in those caves in the Gu Yeah right okay. I didn't because I didn't let him my die. But I thought that I because I knew this game years and years ago and always. It's always been on my list to Sunday someday. Sunday played always wanted to play. This being listed sunbathes might have been came out to get out but now can't like all the marines have different colored armor Lonzo to make them stand out but also like their marines. They all have the same uniform perform in character model. They're just different colors different colors and then like in the little. When the League Little Info screen comes over them I talking to us? They all have different. Like I actually love this aspect of it. They all have different shit all over their uniforms. Like full metal jacket style. Like one girl is like What was her name? One of the girl marines you come across is now like texting your friend Joe and like sent me a picture. Jess Jeff Jill as a pallet or pink power symbol on her shirt and she's like I'm texting my friend. C. T. Y. L. L.. I I love that Chow Beta. Yeah mainland about. Yeah I just found her yes she had like a power icon John as you had like a little panda charming offer and a keyboard about and keyboard. Yeah because you have to have a keyboard if you're invading your on your space ship being taken ill and she has its extra friend back like also like when you get on the Salako which you don't find out right away which I do like how they wait to give you the wait very long but they do wait a little bit for you realize Oh shit. This ship isn't very safe. There's a fucking queen alien that established a high of aboard the ship. Which I I did think that school until I fought three three of Queen's at they're taking the ship that you're if nothing space and create starting to make more aliens and take and take over over to reproduce and there's actually like a good a good amount of unique aliens that appear in this like you get the gorilla aliens or like a gorilla? Alien like it's called like the really alien praetorian bigger version. Come across a a Jockey Zeno Zeno Wharf which is like knows who owns the space jockey in the movies. I think you like you see like some. Oh God is it in the first notes and Alien Aliens. It's the second movie I think where they come across the space jockey with like by backgrounds. SST's came the alien and they actually put that in this game which never was never seen any of the games before never found the John Wall. Aw Yeah Yeah the space alien that has the snort knows from Stalker. I suppose engineers like things from the first movie Yeah US ingineers this based off me. Okay same same stupid thing. I guess they were jockeys before for you had Prometheus which wasn't until two thousand seven or something. As far as I'm concerned they're still called space jockey's title yeah. Ah Go cool title. Let's say something else. It's up to people it's up to everyone. Who Watches the franchise this but I choose to ignore I imagine Jayson Covenant or like different universes? They're close to it. It feels like they're not really connected. Acted Sleep fucking change and stuff that I think has got a dumb and they say this mysterious creature. That was an alien now. Everyone found really interesting. Let's talk about it for ten hours. We should also explore the fact that the reason why the aliens look the way they do and why they're different is because is whenever a face hugger latches onto something whatever it latches onto a kind of like reflects its DNA when it becomes a full grown Alien Evil Asari. Yeah which is why and Alien three it's more like a dog than a human because it. Yeah it face the dog and that's how you get the Like the guy who was at the Queen Mother. That's like the alien human briefly hybrid. Oh Yeah we're able. That's more human human alien but even the aliens themselves are in the first movie when you come across the alien that's still not like they are original form because that's aliens created read from human so they're already alien human hybrids in the first movie more human than a human ya later. They're human penis monsters in philly assisting ernest making a joke about a certain Hollywood executive right now we kinda touched. This game is a metro venue but they really Kinda they take off and it pretty early as you're exploring in the first part before you get to the first response which is a fucking queen. Let me let's start with the game. I'll fight McQueen off. You see item that you don't get to like the last quarter of the game you see a rent and I'm like oh I can arrange soon because you need this wrench to lower valve or opening valve some shit. You get rid of steam. And that's when I really realized. Okay I mean this game is a metre read any of like. Oh it teases you because you end up going back to the Salako four times in this game you boom three times he coming back. Yeah yeah or is it. The wrench wasn't the wrench. Also found by a guy named Alan Guy might be. I wouldn't be surprised but say accurate. Stainless steel is today. Bay Too much fucking health. Oh Yeah I I noticed. That was kind of pissed me off. The really in the guy was having a good time. I'm playing it. Things are going normal. Then I got to the first Queen and and I just unloaded so many shots from my pulse rifle and I had to keep loading and saving in between the fight to make it Nath when I really. I think you're meant to actually lose marine. Just when you die you started the exact same spot you you are meant to expect you because they sacrifice at least one or a two marines in that first boss fights so because when you get to the next planet and the next area which has lv four to six or you're going to find marines that you're not gonna like in my case I'd say oh. Oh that's nice. Look a marine. I talked to him. I'm not joining new. And then I just kept going and they died eventually. We should say that there are ruins where you can't take kind of like a breather a break and get some points the communicate he asks basically they're basically save point yet. I really like those. You walk any like your whole team. Is there relaxing. Everyone does pose. I wish I wish like resident. Evil was like that. I wish when you walked into resonate will save room all the characters were there just like taking a load off. That'd be so awesome. If they just like getting you five dance by. They might like they are they. We are as unique as the Guinea five. How did we have a ball now? We haven't had. I wonder how Stephan I haven't made one a while. That was Stephanie did it. I know the problem it had to be done. I niamh cool. It rhymes with doom. I did spile when you go to. Lv Forty six. And I remember I remember the same plant in the movie fans in the movie in years and it is obviously. It's Kinda like a shred of like all the alike. The original spaces down it. Just four to six go on like the alien go see like when you own. Lv Sixty like all. The space shock is basically crashed directly directly in front of the fucking Shit. Yeah sure yeah. Yeah it's well it's a little town is what it is is a little colony that they set up there that was attacked by aliens and alien to yeah. LPN before two six was like it was initially just a colony and then aliens those like. Oh people live there now now. Nobody's like why the spine now and it wasn't fine new Alien Day. No is not fine. All just makes airmen or something loophole Leopold risers character sends sends them to try and collect the anymore so they could basically have people bid on them as a weapon. Basically everything anything that happens. In in the alien franchise is Wayland. You Tawny the en- shitheads and doing research. They're like they're like worsfold. Volt Tech they like Like Bra but the worse when he tried to write out Johnny and Alien Three. I think it was the only three right. It wasn't aliens or they're like Oh yeah. They went under decades ago. They're owned by Walmart now. Aliens like got them it just it's Samantha. Joe You're talking about. It's a joke from aliens that would have done really really well and like robocop or demolition man but tailings. It's just like okay. Are we doing this now. I might get shipped for this but I kinda want your opinion on let we played methods early. Should not too long ago. Do you think the backgrounds in this game were better than the backgrounds in that game because I I would say spy a long shot this game that like the backgrounds in the animations like I know this came out pretty late Neil feels he has eleven. Yeah yeah it's like ds but it feels like a call by like like late ninety s game just with better animations like. Oh Yeah I could see. Ada really liked the art and the art style and animations game This game molly always have great stuff for the three. Yes came out the same year but three yes came out in February came out in September. Well obviously it was four thirty s the regular designed for I said this came out after the DS came out. And I was like the week after the League. They don't say dumb things on this podcast everything we don't ever but no I. You are also right about that so I that was my phone such as you are. I did like it. Did like the explanation in this game. The fighting the aliens was fine. Like I didn't really have a problem with like they're a little scary but at the same time they go down pretty quick for the most part with your with your pulse rifle shotgun at career. I never really My God wondering one or two hate Kale everything. I play the fun doors. It's great to document is like you can find their shocking. So stupid fast. It's so funny to name just like Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang. I wish the pistols more viable. Because it's one of those video game pencils that fires as fast as you can push the button. Oh Yeah Oh yeah look to and perfect dark I am A. I'm a huge judge advocate for better pistols and games absolutely and not just saying that because I'm a Halo Fan. Well I like the like titanfall. Pistol little fucking fantastic multi pistols. You can get. Oh yeah apply titanfall too. I used a pistol mainly for when I played out or worlds I almost I almost exclusively use the pencil but I played it. I do think it was cool that they found a way to connect this game with with with the franchise itself. Even though it doesn't zip really like it connected away that doesn't affect any of the overall story of course at anything. I thought I did like that but one part that I. I thought I was doing it wrong after you finish. Lv Four to six. And you're driving that you get into that big tank. I just can you believe that tape blow up. It looked like he was about to blow up and I was missing tons of aliens but nothing happens. It can't below. I just kind of let it go and I'm like I wonder if I can go until it. Crashes Crashes on its own or is it just like scripted that it will blow some point. has crashes eventually but if it blows up it to start you right back of that sequence okay. Yeah because I got the wait was that scripted. was I suppose a crash that apparently you can do like perfectly and you still crashed. Take the engineer's ship coming that that section actually earlier reminded me of the shitty second level on Terminator Arcade. Remember the shooter read John. Connor would be like in the backseat. And you'd have to like Save Them. It reminded me of that. So you're talking about. I was reminded a game I used to play on on my mom's old Nokia Kia phone and I was like well. There's shitty mobile games before phones could connect to the Internet. Keller's like one of those fucking helicopter games but there was a tank mission. Russian into that was very similar jolly old Nokia phones. Were having the best. The Best Games mine had address. I don't know Nokia phone but my phone head. Tetris Tetris petrous. It had snakes snake. Helicopter Game Yeah. It did have snake. My Mom's phone more than she did. Enjoy invention earlier about the space jockey was supposed to be like a face hugger had got on him. Is that why you had the big chunk hanging from his face. I think that's just an alien is what it is. It's it's like the inbetween of a space shocking and alien. Why is it so big because the same shock? These are big I mean fun facts. Yes in alien they actually filmed that scene where they come across an alien alien remember. They film the scene when they come across the space jockeys and they used to make this face look bigger. Oh I didn't know that training school alien. You're in for meat. theus they're more. They're more normal. They're still big but they're not gigantic like alien. That was a short space jockey. He's short in his his crowd. Well I always did. I think it was so cool. That when you saw the scene of the the space jockey in the background sitting in the Canon in this game game and it just made me smile because it the fact that they worked in. You're in the same place for all. This bullshit started at least for the earth. I WANNA stay. They didn't know about the the aliens until the movie alien like Waylon. You Tani wasn't aware and enright. They knew by even before we got all all the bullshit Prometheus movies they still new day now they program the robot in the first Toronto. Remember Bill biggins and low building action. I thought you were making a name for all right. She has a name but it's funny. Was it now Tom skerritt right it. I didn't you on them out. Don't spigots Tom. Skilling Dallas Now none of them make make housing to say. I haven't really watched the movie in years. I didn't watch it for this episode. I just remember bits and pieces floods the first the last week because I had never seen before so I wanted to have some kind of knowledge about where we're GONNA be talking about. It's Ian home that you're looking for or by the way in whole is ass yeah I'm confusing the ANDROID with Dallas. Who is the I get Just boost attorney. Now it's What's his name Harry Dean Stanton. who gets the pressure? Yes it's been a long time. I Balian I was GonNa Watch it for the show and I was like Just watch like I think. I just watched like reviews of a movie series. The last week I stole remember anything from Dallas as characters. The one that gets the hug from the Zeno more he reaches out awesome. I love that Zane. It's it's so the first time I watched that movie at that scene. Scared the ever loving Shit and now I just laugh at it every single time like my mind. It's always a different sound effect when the alien reaches south of Hong. It's always like surprised how that first movie they really made the alien such a like terrible thing and then now again this game they're just frigging cannon followed alien hold down the trigger button Taking care of another complaints I have a series like a VP. Fuck Davey movies but ADP. Okay I'd like to have seen like the Predator on top of the Super Antarctic pure your mate and he's just gunning down aliens like Hordes Spas Valence. And it's just like aren't you supposed to be the best killers in the fucking universe and you're killing killing thousands of their fucking zombies and saw that movie in theaters when it came out for anyone who hasn't seen Alien just look look like Alien Hug Jif and it's so funny it's so intimidating and then so funny I'm watching it now laughing thing that did kind of one thing that did kind of get to me is when you go back to Salako. Second Time I do think that was cool that I want to say that one. That company man shows up for that still later. I think you're right. Yes remember. I just remembered that they make you fight a second fucking clean at the end of that part and I was very like not again step. That fight was cool. That was the good boss fight because the whole point of the boss fight. Is You get into that yellow crate moving things from alien to aliens the cargo ago loader yes power and you have the free. I thought it was. I said as soon as I showed up nothing. It's like it's it's it's the equivalent of like a spaceport left. But it's also the coolest ever made in my like. Get out of the way metal gear. REX can power loaders ear no wrecks way better but that was kind of cool how they instead of having to fight the thing. You had to go around around and hit all the airlock so that will you could eventually jettisoned out to space. May even have a point saying I don't know if he'll die but it won't be our prom or something lapatin of that nature. Yeah it's a great attitude for these marines. They have like fuck this wherever it lands ends. That's where it is the last week I finished the first two movies and this game and I think in all three of them some form of alien gets jettisoned out. Living Era luck yeah sure recurring theme Alien. Now Kill the same space we need you die like I'm assuming they can't live in space right now. No they don't think should they are in space with you. It's I mean they thing about alien vault so when you do the zero G walk towards the end there outside with you point who plays his game. I don't think you've survive. reinserting plants atmosphere but it had pretty sure they can survive space because if they don't need to breathe and they bleed after it I guess they're okay saw. Oh Well No. It's it's all like space physics or I don't understand. They call any physics because I don't see him is me space which is very easy but I I did like where the story goes Apple Story. Actually that Queen and they're like all all right we're GONNA go to Waylon you tawny base and see what's going on and that that was cool. That's a cool part the high from the rest of the movie. Just keep going down running down down on Phobos. Oriole Moon of Mars Do I should've known that it was like it was like the Titan before tightened became a big thing. Titan is one of Saturn's moons Titan was never a big thing he is fucking fantastic. How dare you say on Saturday? When a Saturn's moons that we believed to be like capable of sustaining outstanding human life? And so this is really funny thing. Where if you watch like some sci fi like some Scifi media will pick up on things that that NASA says and so for a long time like Phobos was a planet that showed up a lot of media and then Titan was planned our moon that showed up and a lot of media titan was in? There's like a whole art in Eureka which we've talked about before. Remember I will follow your e. O that moon they go okay like in. I'm a cowboy BEBOP and a bunch of other stuff Jupiter's Moon Ganymede is a like a big planet like very briefly we'd always going to be habitable. Not It's like as soon as as soon as we realized the planet is more habitable than another one side medias like yeah that's the one that's the one that's going to be an every movie for the next five years until we find a better pretty little thing. I notice speaking of a phobos. Like when you got on the base you starts out where you see nothing everything. He's just destroyed their. There's nobody there's no people there's no alien. There's nothing and there's a scene where you walk through an x-ray reader and he stops in the middle this shows. Is You know his x ray of a skeleton. Someone's going to happen with this at some point. You didn't just great this for the hell of it more for this game. Just Kinda You a calm before the storm even already been gun alien down but it was just a really cool. Little scene really made me smile being. I think you get a key card. And then then then the aliens start popping out and you and you realize Oh. No sings went bad at the station. Of course how you SPEC the Caja Monster that can cut itself and opened up the door. I I just don't understand the concept which happens in some of the one of the alien franchises something. Maybe resurrection Wrexham. They kill each other and then the blood opens the gate and the national they skate it up. They kill the weaker one. They also like they're also oh running experiments on them and making better more for I don't know why whalen Gitanas so obsessed with making better more efficient killers because they always just kill Oakland gels Rela they exactly around where it's like we've made way more in the lab. The BRA has use of like we put our craziest most insane. Eccentric scientist in charge of the base so when they fuck out it's like Oh yeah obviously we shouldn't have put the fucking Ashford's charge waylon. We put the best scientists we had available this moon base. And everyone's dead. No but this is introduced the alien I fucking hated of the guerrilla aliens as wound. We take again. Yeah I mean I remember as a kid and I know. These weren't in the movie but I was terrified the alien movies but I loved the toys and I had a punch of the alien toys. Even you know they have nothing to do with anything but it did have really alien. Toyota's black and blue or blue veins on it and the head but yeah I remember that to me. That was cool so I mean I I guess before came out the game but I don't I don't like him in this game figurative me. I always assumed that because they were called gorilla aliens. They were like the they were working on creating them with guerrillas like like Earth guerrillas. But they're from another species on another planet that they like they're like hey what do we call this thing out. ALYSSA'S GONNA fucking guerrillas spe. Looks like a monkey. No we named really aliens until the recording. I never even realized that the the alien the way it looks based on what kind of creature impregnates make that that idea never popped head until this recording even believe it. I mean it makes sense. I mean it can apply the mass effect in a whole New Light right now with these things are basically no more familiar NBA aspect. You sorry I remember I remember. I can't remember you sorry to blue. Do Things yes long-time Larry Blue Aliens. La they mate with other species and take their DNA and cree lake better. Sorry I don't remember any of that. Well it's not like we are as part of your group or two of the three games. I didn't use her anyway. I didn't like her. I'm racist it was great station. We're just talking about. Why only are is one of the best companions ever and this is? I mean if you're going I did like how you're going through the whole base in this game. I know as you're going through the base I did like it makes you go all the way to the bottom of the high enriched Nivo and then you go and get smart gun smart realm is fucking awesome. I didn't use it was awesome. That was that was the best gun I am this game and you didn't a lot of times I felt like you had to duck shoot people the smarter and you can standard fire away and just blow through. Yeah I mean combat is the little we'll divisive and the you can hide behind things and shoot over them without looking at blind firing. Yeah but I mean just in technically for the Game Amos pretty bad ass that they included. I mean the smart got itself as bad US gun if they have looked up to them in the movie. Right yeah it's it's it's in their chose the smarts from aliens by doesn't the smart gun and not work or works but it's shouldn't work aliens like it's it's based on like the infrared scanning the Marine Sav but the aliens specifically you don't show up on infrared scanning 'cause they are like old wanted really definitely mentioned that it apparently doesn't work in their physiology. Yeah so it's like Eh. It's this kind of famous aliens story. That doesn't work like an alien plenty of Marines in this game. I I mean just a cool garden. They needed iconic things. And then you had to go all the way back up that fucking elevator. Nothing that I thought was really cool game. This game does reward you for exploring. It's boring but you will come. You run across tons of bents that you have to throw a grenade at the blow up and you go inside the vent. Usually you'll end up seeing alien hot or alien high with aches exactly and I think that's that's where the Marines can be that we have mentioned earlier if they if they get killed. You'll find him. I think strapped to the wall and even rescue or something I want to say but the thing I thought was cool and you'll get upgrades a lot. Your guns all the gun can be upgraded three times. Yeah get enough material upgrade all three of the four guns in this scam game that never use the shotgun bucket. As you didn't use it. I was like straight for the shotgun after I got it I forgot I had it so by the time I went to. I was going to shoot anywhere already. Had like either plus two or plus three pulse rifle so I just stuck to the pulse rifle and so I got smart gun and then when and I got the flame pride said Fuck it could. The flame has almost infinite ammo. Like it doesn't run out of AMMO Miss. You just hold it down through law then it recharges right away that there are certain doors that you have to use the flame flame thrower to open the go off. Yeah the alien blood that melted the door. Whatever they put on the walls and Healy enlightenment in his in several the movies is like the now famous scene of you'll love the way he's standing still in the fall down on the shoulder and they'll be like oh what's that having having he'll that's in like all the movies now because they can't get anything new home? Every movie has the same exact scene of like. Oh It's this Gu on me. There hasn't unbidden alien movie in a long time. It's also in every non alien movie with a Monsour like Oh it's above me. I'll give you that the bloods rhetoric. That with blood. Yeah every time is like a monster in a movie that isn't a slasher somebody walking and joined in a hallway. They'll stop and blood will drip on their forehead. It'll be like Oh what's this and look up and gatekeeper. That's every fucking movie every movie from like aliens like two thousand ten when they finally were like. Hey we should figure you grab something new. It's only it's only dommage for like five years. You only like five straight years of being an amish and then it's just a cliche and it gets bored boy. I use the pulse rifle tune in this game. I love the polls right for it. Looked so fucking cool. I liked it. My only issue with it was you run. I felt run out of AMMO in this game. Because you shoot a whole fuck ton day which I it fits the whole if. It's the aliens vibe where you're just fighting Hundreds and thousands of these bugs which I thought was good like they throw lots enemies at you and the one thing that I love Metro. videogame game does not have is if I the heat loss or I get confused. Every kill get gives me experience and level up. This game didn't have that and that made me a little sad. But that's one thing I really love about Metra Vania titles I love Kathleen Eslami I just love looking at the polls so fucking weird cool weapon and it's also like I love like there's a behind the scenes there's multiple behind the scenes of alien and like some big of the armory and there's talking about it and it's like the pulse rifle was made with a basically cut up a thompson. Submachine Gun Spanish shotgun into a regular remington shotgun started like duct taping together. That's gone that's it. It's so weird thing as we were talking about with that base we fought fought you end up fighting the third. The fourth boss in this game is a fucking giant gorilla. Alien that you fought earlier. And that's why I wanted to quit this game. I was getting so pissed. Stop trying to fight. This guy was a flame thrower I would just sit. I mean he just would not die and I wouldn't sacrifice a marine and it just fucking ever to kill this guy because he had with the flame thrower first off thousands against a shotgun take your age but I use a flame thrower on him but it it this is where they have. The bosses have way too much healthier fucking tanks in this game like Mike. Mike Is Thinking smart here. You know it's got more surface area so therefore flame doors should be more effective against the hostile with a few Inform information about the game game and again in a message. Board had said used a flame on his boss to be fair. Yeah there's no like there's very a few guides if there are any guide I certainly couldn't find it my getting. I've looked hard but I would have been nice for some of the it would have been nice. I think for some of the bosses or as like Oh this is like the way you speed it. Because he had died to a couple of the bosses of I. I'm on really on their That's the worst part about this game. As the boss fights like they just they go on too long and they overstay their welcome and that sock because overall this is a fun game. Yeah pretty the what the boss you have to Open open the airlock into space. And it's like a three level fight and the platform platforming. This game isn't great. I don't print style. You have to perfectly line up with the above you to jump over it jumping and oftentimes during the middle of combat. When you're trying to do that and it's like I just like chill a little bit or have a better platforming mechanic a like a long way to show up like trying to avoid this alien on the ladder is trying to? I've got a funny part when you're when you come back to lock in that last part of the game others senior. I had to go and hit the ball. Hit hit the button to Destroy the engines. There's one part where you just have to jump Hook the hell do I do. I'm running around looking around. I watch video you he just walks over and jumps up like a whole. I just got a little bit I. Just I don't know why brain just could not put two jump up and grab the Ledge I'm just like swit- somewhere and going back and forth going through. Just switch somewhere. My dumb brain works I every time I the words ALLOCCO in his game it'd be like Salko Sirocco Star Wars. I WanNa play Star Wars. We also the plate fallen order this week because very short and so I was like I gotta burn through all in order to have a chance S. accurate way a really fun game. I was GONNA say anyway better than this but this was this was surprising. They've done a lot of fun playing this. I had more fun playing fall in order because I was at the Lightsaber by. I'd say you're probably wouldn't worked very well against the you know morphs no you know. 'CAUSE cauterize it so it actually really good personal. They're not they could easily grab you and give you a hug. Yeah but if I was dead I dodge out of the way I assume if I have a lifesaver. I'm a jet again. How my brain works? There are no good. I'd have gone like the second. I pick up a toy lightsaber jetta. Good thing aliens. Real Yeah if I array if we're real I would. I would willingly accept aliens being real. If jet I reveal to that is the trade off I would be happy to me. I'm sorry for the thousands thousands of people that would die overnight. I WANNA be a jet is so sorry would be a little higher than that of Alien Planet. Well we'll soon. There's only like a couple aliens. I enough time for me to jump in my eighty seventy seven and fly off to another planet. Let's be honest probably okay but when you get to walk on the last part of this game that's when I think that's when the company man shows he gets my brain gene is just that game informer article that goes was it Corky. wrote it where it's just our worst. Our Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star. That's just that is just the back of my mind. Twenty four seven sour taste. This reminds me of star. Wars believe that after podcasting with you for almost a year a hundred percents you bet and agree with it. It's like fifty percents Star Wars Ten Percent Dragon Ball Z. I'll give you both of that resident evil in there. Who maybe that leaves thirty percent for like trying to other shit during the day and oil fax? Anyway it's like it's like that's like one percent may DJ. I'm like one percent like artifacts all right One thing I think it was cool when you get back so ARCO. And he's like and they're making a comment about the company man. We're going to stop you you. He's and then that's when he activates. There's a ton of voice on the ship for some reason what event but you just shoot them and they die really fast or Bernie honey. I don't understand that it's like John. Davis is a weird funny geared to be in the same he only the real thing he did was the shoulder. Waylon you. Donnie was behind this. All which spoiler alert been behind every single alien problems ever happened in the franchise shock. I I mean just arable I I feel like the story of this game like aside from not existing which was a problem. It's very few. I feel like uneasy way to make game way better. Since you're just like against this random corporate dude like he's not even really he's he's like the leader of the scientists wayland Johnny. But you don't really get the sense that he's like Insane Genius Air Anything. He's just like doing his job. It's like all right like wait. I'm telling you the memo just came in the Marines. If they had just written a little bit more story I feel like I would have really loved it. I really really loves Sean. Davis's character because his works out for his his role. He's just a random late. He is just a random corporate dude for wayland indecency but it just needs to be like a little flushed out. Yeah the key component. Definitely Of this game was carrying about the marines. Let's go with them. I think you bet everything else was like back burner you know. What would it would've made this story fantastic? I kept. I kept imagining this. If Sean Davis I'M NOT WE'RE GONNA come company. Man I love how generic his name is Shawn Davis the same level of character as the as the operatives from firefly serenity where he's just like violently. Loyals Away Lindsey Tani. And he's kind of like this weird genius that you get a sense that he's just a cog in the machine but he's very important 'cause he's like controlling the whole situation and he's got this insane plan but he's still just corporate goon. I feel like I would have loved. His character of that was the case. But as it wasn't just go kill. Sean was like all right. He's dead only character that companyman even had is right in the end of this game when you you fight the fight a gigantic clean. Would I don't know how the hell they fit three queens on the ship all avenue in. Yeah and he's like saved me he's like why these heating like that was great advice. I save you save yourself asshole you find the the Not The not the Queen. The empress yeah she called empress. Are you saying that. No there's there's a the Queen Mother which is like the Queen Mother Slash Mother Queen got two names. That's like the heads you know. More like the absolute top. And then there's the empress which is is under the queen confusing now and then under the emperor is the regular choline. It goes Queen Everest Queen Mother and then under that isn't there. Brewed mother brute mother and then they like the various like okay. So so Queen Mother. Then empress then queen then then Praetorian then all the different kinds of soldiers drones in the guerrillas failure and then right at the bottom is Freddie highmore. Jerry Coyne somewhere above other. He gets alien with his voice. This Magog they expect you to knock out all these frigging barrels and drop the drop like platforms on her Hottest hottest take forever like me. I wanted to twenty to thirty minutes. Sitting there just bury her with the flame thrower again and took ever I. I message Mike and I told them like. That's weird my My last Boston's glitch. She just stayed in one place. I just shot at her. It took a while though if I was talking about just like. We're doing this. Go Go ahead. I'm going to be honest. I use I use the cheap for most of the game just for ability and I like to stood under her and shot out of her with the flame thrower. And it's still a solid ten minutes. It was ridiculous long and even during that fight. She's calling help. I chill call a little alien that we'll come in this room. That don't do anything but look alien movie now. Maybe we'll shoot it. Maybe we won't picture game as it was meant to be and I'm sure it was meant to be this insane climatic fight light up. I I imagined they were picturing it as like. Oh this is going to be on par with like fighting crave. And he's going to take up. Just GonNa take multiple. But it's not. It could have been really cool if you're going through. Different areas was dropping ship. But you're just in one room if it feels like a beard mix matinees like the worst parts of like a metro fight mixed with like a Super Mario Brothers fight where you're just in this giant arena fighting her and yeah he could have been done so much better. If your team in the early nineties really you know what this is too short. Let's make the boss by take half an hour. Yeah sounds great. Yeah did better. When the climax of this game is the second half of the game when you finally get back to fucking Lochoe Salako? SIROCCO stars That's that's the end. Game is the last three hours I was like well. Why why isn't this spaced out a little bit better? Why is the first half of this game? Five different areas and in the last half of the game is the climax as a little odd in pacing pacing and then that fight I was like the animations are so good the backgrounds have been so good at this point the game starts with a like beautiful screen immediately interrupt by all the dialogue in the world should have flew into allegheny was going to be all game starts with like it's got like the starry background and transposed above that is the sprite of the ship of the Salako and they're like moving independent of each other and it just looked so good and then all the star wars tech starts coming coming up. But it's like it's like three times as long as the beginning of a star wars. It's like a fortune now. Novella Rio let me know all the story of alien before I jump into the that wasn't necessary because that really mattered. I'm glad it wasn't because I gave them halfway camp. The bucket feeling that the last boss five better and Super Metro than they did in this game like they implemented a recluse recklessly. Who is like you answer a room and you see like the alien had or something and you realize that you're just on the third floor and you're like I level with the alien and you've got to travel between floors and like attacker somehow or like launch like I'm imagining in my head a fight where you're pressing a button and a part of the ship is like shooting out and hitting the alien and that would have been way more cinematic and maybe not as hard but I think in for the climax game heart but isn't necessarily as important as climatic? I agree. It could've been it. Could've been a really cool fight knowing what they were capable of and it just it kind of fell flat. uh-huh this the second queen you had the power loader and then injected out the airlock and like why couldn't every fight be like that every other ones just shoot until it dies pissed off at us. I agree with all the reviews of the game. They're all like like I said they're all like eight eight point point. Fives like the losses for people who never jumped on the ten point bandwagon. Who It's just easier like? They were all like almost all of them. Were the same score as like. Yeah it makes sense eight like with just a little bit more work. I don't know if there was pressure because it's hard to find some back. Only background information we could find like I said is is on Wikipedia. where it just said that? They brought him to rewrite the characters and make them more interesting right. If I don't know of this game was pushed at any point it just a little more work a little bit more tweeting. This game could have been a nine or ten easy. I agree a little bit more. Like pizza suggest. Fix some of the pacing issues and push some of the. The boss fights to be a little bit more interesting a little bit more difference. Yeah two things. I want to mention about Chris. Game before we get with it one. There's a joke scene where you have to get a card key and you have to find a soldier. WHO's taking a shower and you grab his towel and you get discard Keith? That about that what that was funny like that. That was a cool. Like this is how you get an item. Continue on the game you steal it from a guy that was the. Hey what are you doing. You didn't threaten to shoot him. He'll just like high he'll drop down or something and then the process. You're explosive so that you have to use for the next story parked at wet. Yeah that was stupid and everyone knows phones. Don't work if they get wet. That's why that's my worst APPs on it rains. Everyone knows that or as is no way to keep explosives bright brains your deadliest enemy is moisture. I want to mention is down sucrose designed it makes sense to one. They said one of the most deadly things were were stretch. But you gotta avoid that moisture if you're listening if you're going into the army avoid moisture oyster. That's why we only fight in the Middle East dry there. It's Oh okay. It's a boy pants. That's the way he was a moisture farmer moisture is a so bad would probably didn't WANNA go there. St Moist out space at one part in this game which. I didn't even know you're supposed to I do like fight. You randomly find a air tank near the end of this game near like you will need that. Then you go to the doors to go you can go outside. I'm like what. Why did you just tell me? I don't need this. Yeah now you're telling me to go outside what that part was confusing because it. It says you don't need that. And I was like my brain was split as like a fifty percent was stolen Dylan Star Wars but the other fifty percent was Maine. Okay is this a game thing or it saying like it's like a resident evil thing early on comes across as like this is useless or or is it a movie thing where they say. Don't worry you won't need that but you definitely will it just. It was just a weird line in a game based on a movie or I was like I don't know which do expect it in. It didn't make any any game you come across. It's like when you come across an object in the game it's like Oh this is weird. It's like okay. Does that mean I'm GONNA in a use it or does that just weird writing price. We writing a resume. When you're like this is weird? It means you're going to use it and the other thing about this about this guy in the part where space you Tana fucking aliens or outside the ship. I'm just like why the hell are aliens. Climbing all over outside of the ship didn't make sense refreshing when there's no like really holes in this ship or anything like it didn't make them they can smell the moisture in your got a pistol. I'm just going to the rest of again funds. Aliens don't actually have acid while they're just really really bad acid reflux and they were looking for water to balance it out if you if you were filled with homes aliens and be all of your ass and this game before we go onto listener comments. I don't have many. I don't know if it's a listener comment or question or anything. But what do you have any. I might take those away from some some listener but anyway almost nothing. I posted this in three different groups and people are like. What is this comfortable asking? Who was everyone's favourite marine? The guy you started it with because I didn't switch out anybody inside killed him in the very very end of this game. I don't know John Cameron Yeah the gruff looking guy the title of the title. I love that all the names rely very clearly. They couldn't think of very many names out five. He worked on this thing. Cameron James Cameron. We can't tell them. James Cameron John Cameron I think private Kennedy like yeah but she liked the gothic looking one. She's she's just like Oh. Yeah like whatever anyone said she just be like all right. Let's do that. I don't care about it. Yeah mine was a Amber Fischer is the first I think. She's the first sparrow when you find like the the good looking blond one buster jetson pretty hilarious dialogue throughout Cover too yeah which I was surprised. Because she's not one of the original four you start with yet. She's one of the ones that they showcased on the cover. Well the right. The guy in the left of the cover is one of the one of the guys you start with that Brando. Now Brennan's the young I I don't fucking L. also care what their names were. They were just marine with gun. That didn't die because I kept reloading my favorites definitely Beta the Texas beef. Just like basically the diva of alien. Yeah I liked her and I like butter a lot. The two most different characters. I didn't care about the carriage I enjoy the game I just they were so I like the old guy to God there was one guy you come across as like he was like. I'm Marie I remember reading the end. He was like he joined the army illegally when he was sixteen and he was a marine for thirty three years. It's like pushing fifty story. Isn't there something at the very end of the game. You unlock the though like marine roster. Almost on my game glitch doubt right after I beat it and it went to cry I just went to black screen and that was Paul Iron Sights. Jan Jasper ironsides sites Watson. He's only fifteen but he looks like he's like seventy years old that's like miss. The credits team is the amazing mazing song that plays over the credits. Yeah with talk about you said is I'm like what are you talking to play the hand game. I'm not a joke. At the end of the game you unlock the marine roster and you get to play like the the Nice game you you stab the nicer between your fingers. I saw random screen shot of a hand with the sixty seconds. And you have to tap the screen like the right like Ed lights up ran in between the fingers. And you're supposed to like do the pattern. I guess they're trying to make use of this game. When did we had mentioned even if the DS game it it doesn't really make use the DS street other than to tap at the marine? Which is nice for me because I want to be like I I actually like? Ds Game doesn't use a touchscreen. Because nowadays I'm like I don't want mixed WanNa play the game right. You could use it to turn on and off the late in the the motion ocean tracker on the way. You'd WANNA turn them off. Tracker will school the show on the map to see like with any better videogame. Having to bottom screams a map is all. I need completely happy to have the map down there. Yeah I I own it. Yeah I mean it depends on what the game is like if it's a warrior where game than I'd love to tap the screen and do whatever you're playing four Tiki ship so there's different thing right. It's something like this. No asserted me It's almost the same exactly out as Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Chinatown. That's it. Yeah it's the same way out on the Walla words like the map in the Info and I love that layout in Chinatown wars in this. I enjoyed it but again. It's one of those things where it could have been done a little better. It's like all nothing stood out particularly well on it. It's A. It's like a design like a graphic design problem rather than a game problem. They just need to like make everything Apollo bit more. Yeah I agree I'd give it an eight point five all right. I'm GonNa let's go. I'm going to read our couple apple questions I have. This is actually from the Metro. Vania group that I'm part of 'cause when I posted overblown. Nobody responded to me. I was doing. He went overboard. Have not played this game visit. I like this release it Kinda now not as many who played it as should. Oh really big could've done. I just thinking about Chinatown Lights on. Where's Chinatown wars? Had Parts were like you had to like. They're like many games. Within that will bottom Serena to that what this car you. You've got like hot wire it. Yeah there's a point where you have to defuse a bomb and you have to cut the wires on the bottom screen Donovan. So cool in this like a little mini game. That pops up. Yeah I don't know what he could have done like maybe just restore out of the chest take operation the operation. They can have a little mini hacking game pre buyers out but like the bioshock like is it called like the flowing the rain they can drain. Yeah we'll hacking mini game to get the ship. I think it came up before this two thousand six two thousand nine somewhere around. This sounds that sounds like that would have been really cool and like we kind of broke up the monotony of it just little things could have made this game perfect. We just imagining the name and there has now they could have done not just won't play. bioshock yeah I played recently. It holds up all right. There's definitely a point that game where you WanNa stop lying though. I played all three of the last month or stoker it. I can't play the first one anymore because just after you get sued the The reveal just like this is so fucking boring now it again send us now in that game it has like the worst smog. Like Second Act I've ever played. I would say the peak was when what what's his name the guy who's killing people or making you kill people for him Like he's a yeah you know apart talking about right yeah. It was adamant the and this is name at. Let's Frank Franz that's an atom adults the currency. I'm talking about a different guy. Never mind you're talking about the Derive Ryan. Yeah you have to get the camera or something and take pictures across how. How each Peach Wilkins? Yeah a guy might play that game a little too much but Yeah I mean is. Is there anything else you wanted to say about aliens. Insulation and talk about. Let's do that this appointed because I I enjoyed this. This game is just like I think it deserved an eight but just like. I don't know I think deserved in a in two thousand eleven playing now. It's just so many small small things they could have done to make it better where I go back and forth like I wish I knew what happened behind the scenes. I wish I knew if they were pushed for time or like. If they were just lazy he I don't say they're Lazy Imagining S. I mean because it is a late Nintendo. Ds Game so it should have implemented or learn from yeah implementing more more things into them but who made us the shots games which are fantastic. Those are all really good gearbox airbox Had A hand in this too. So it's it's so many tiny things I could have been better not be saying what the game is bad. The Game Israeli fallen this. It's just small things really small things. That seem obvious. Now it's like Elvis boss might is a little monotonous going a little little. You'll monotonous also going on way too long and needs to be hat like literally half as long if you have all the boss fights licensed game ill flow so much better. Break them up if the boss by a different GONNA make them not fights make the boss. Why it's something you have to do like a puzzle? Zoeller Matt like like the second second one. Yeah I mean that would have been more fun but I would always like the best buy has it unit fighting it. You're trying to accomplish something with it in the room. That's how you make a good alien boss or it's just it is just a presence that you have to avoid. Some Games are better than others. Yeah I want to take over now that I'm back. He's got a couple of quick questions I wanna read or I shouldn't say question couple. ooh quick comment from the Metro Group that I mentioned earlier before I got all the way from Alexander Parker said Oh I like this game. Isn't it by way forward. Yes yes it is yes I I think that's why I bought it. I thought some bosses were BS. They are but it's Rad game. We're tracking down if you've got a DSP quite like the mummy remastered but a bit better at doesn't WanNa play the remastered. But but I do KINDA WANNA try I. It's just as stiffest this one or reason why I bought this because it was way forward and I love matured vinas Venus so I bought it like way back in the day before obviously before. It's in the movies because I haven't seen them until this past week and another question game where he's seen in some of the most popular or movies of all time but like as I was watching them like the franchises so ingrained in pop culture culture. I'm watching them like hey. I know that I know that those lines. Yeah sure is this movie has been copied for somebody else often come out at night. Mostly what is that song by. The Way from Alien Alien was some guy I had commented from a group. I'm in that said that and I'm like what the Hell is this song. Come out at night. I haven't seen the movie like ten year five over five years maybe ten years. It's been a while alien alien alien. Jake bizarre no because Arnold Metro Vania this metro light huge difference. I kind of agree. I don't agree by like comet agree. Yeah it's uh-huh mostly game than it is any other kind of game and the last comment that I do WanNa read is from Alex. Korea said hope it gets into modern learn. Council's very underrated. Game wouldn't mind owning it again. I agree it would be cool. See this I mean you easily could. You don't need to touch screen for a lot of things you could easily court this. I feel yeah. I would want a remake more than port. I think you could remain ally again like just a to fix. All the tiny problems comes in it this remake it and make it a little bit better. They do really well off and before we go to shelter box. Do WanNa say one thing if you're still with us if you if you want us to saw offer some day in play alien colonial marines even if you download the show a ton I get a lot of people download it. There's a good chance we'll play it just because because if that's what we do on this let's make Mike have a heart attack. I don't want to go back to that game ever again I will. I don't want to but that might be a good game for October next year. I look forward to next next October. Allegations Alien Isolation outlast movie. We'll be six four hundred. Just make my shoot himself just messages at some point like Mike was committed last week. Sorry DEPA gases over boys would be worse. Begin like subpoenas in the mail citing emotional drama trauma. Ashley Parker. Go to show for box. I'll okay I 'cause I'm talking to show because I loved Triveni Triveni game. I I enjoy this little game. I enjoyed it when it was it was nation. Short is like three four hours long just just enough to get a little bit in there it. It is a metro light germ. We'll go with that phrase but I I enjoyed it. I'm not a huge alien fan but I liked shooting aliens and I enjoy. They enjoyed the game and I I might never play again but I definitely will recommend it to other people and I will definitely be telling people like hey you should really try nation short you can beat it in a few beat it in a couple a couple of days and you won't add anything to your. You know put you'll do it. It's kind of cool on the shelf. How `Bout you fellow Mike? I can definitely see where going for. Like they. Definitely pay laws to the first two movies and it's cool to sail that stuff all the references. But I just didn't have fun with this like I love Metro Vanya Games and this one one of us so rough. So it's going to go in the box steph. I'll go next 'cause I'm talking now. It works I actually pick the skin. Sorry that you say I wear drink or something to why you pick this game. Oh God I. I don't know why this game I think as I was just trying to think diversely like I was like well. We don't have any three D. S. Games on the list so I'm going to pick a three D. S. Gabe Diaz game. Sorry and I just I don't know this. This one's the one that popped in my head. I had played in like one day and completely forgot about it so yeah but I genuinely remember having good time and and going back to it. I mean it's still just feels the same way like it's a game you can play over the weekend. You don't really need to talk about it afterwards even though we're doing it on a podcast August but Yeah I mean like I like the reviews state you know. It's like eight point five. It's a pretty good game for a DS game. I and I still had fun with it so I guess I'll put it on the shelves confused by Keep Searching Alien Infestation. See screen shots for a year. And I'm just like what's but why they place. I want you to why they why they call it aliens aliens do they. Don't know how to name things like okay. This is aliens. Investigation offset INS and possession. This isn't the first alien. Mrs Is Alien The game the second game of the series called Aliens Alien Three Eight. More aliens is Mrs Game Aliens Infestation of the poor. It should have been alien aliens. Aliens ends with an apostrophe. And then maybe look at all these goddamn lance like Halloween Halloween Halloween two season of the witch and then Halloween again in a Halloween again. It's just like no way. For whatever. Reason is that period of movies from the seventies though like we don't need to title these aliens a two. Oh every everyone will know that first. Blood is a Rambo movie. We call the next one Rambo to her the box. You spider talk since everybody. Oh it I don't know this is a hard one for me this is. This is pretty difficult. I I like this game more than like the Prometheus and Alien Covenant. which like I'll go? I'll watch those AL appreciate parts of them and other parts of like. Why did they do this? It's so far or away from the original like mythology or are they trying to do their own thing or they tried to say something different and this game is like almost in the same vein where I'm like. I appreciate so any aspects of this game so much bit looks great. Sounds great like genuinely fun to play at times when China Vaas fight and I I really did enjoy it. I don't know if I would ever talk about this game again when I appreciated as it deserved point fives. It's it was almost a really really good game. It was almost a really really good metromedia game in two thousand eleven. which would have been you know that would have been something to note Out of in pretty good. It's just so many other things about it that kind of fall flat for me where I like. I get bored like the boss fights. Were just too long. They're overdrawn some some of the like the story wasn't there some of the time most of the time. All the time casing was weird like I said the second half of the game is the end of the game name It's yeah it like effector stayed. Put the game. The version of this game in my head is amazing Susannah. I'm Matt Imagining Planning it. Where the pacing is more like a horror movie? That's more like alien or even if you WanNa make it aliens and make it more of like an action horror. Sure where the first part of the game you're not coming across anything in the aliens are slowly introduced and at the end of the game. They're all over the place. This game can't just throws everything thing at your immediate. The pacing of the actual story is all over the place. It's just so short in the beginning and the end is so long. And then like Sean Davis doesn't get a lot of characterization station as the governor. It's we're not though because the marines all stand out all the marines have their own unique personality and like they all stand out so clearly from each other. And then you have the most generic man on the planet and if they had used that to their advantage and said okay this guy's generic for a reason is and this guy is like he's purposely generic is intentionally generic because that's his role in the company. I would've loved that so it's I think the game's going on my box as much saint joint playing it. It's just. There are so many small things that I notice that small things like a hundred times but there are so many small things that made it. That kept it off my shelf shelf if this game was remade today. If this game the Nintendo's which treatment where like it got like a link's awakening where they remained the game betty in some small things about it. It would be fantastic. Absolutely go my shelf and I'd give it a ten asset as it stands now. It's going on my box but I'm I'm gonNA think about it a lot. I'm going to think about how this could have been an amazing game. You want to say it was all the small things or why you have to and about this game facing really bad. Got New intro. He didn't know the Francis the hands. UH-HUH I think he's not a rabbit. This podcast thank the God. What did I do that to say? I'm impressed how long we talk about game. That doesn't really have any story. Pretty good. I mean uh-huh Damn this is also is also not on speed run DOT com. Listen I'm just blind which is about building. It's I even though I put this in. My box scheme deserves more respect. I just talked about. It's not anywhere the ninety nine and it's not honesty Rodak by that was going to look to see what the speed run will answer this game to see how people beat it faster than amount of time that we're talking about it nothing so apparently. no-one beat whatever I like. I like just like know your place trash and doesn't put it off the shelf. This deserves more respect. She didn't respect it himself. He's usually pretty good about talking about their old games. Like all the way back to the first day and like the mighty switch force games and all all that but I never see them talk about this one I did not know his game existed and so we played this week. That's a shame because there are things in this game that should be appreciated. It's very under the radar game. I agree there's also a pinball arcade name aliens infestation also games probably better inherit DJ. And I talked about a lot. Nearly all pinball games are amazing. I think it's time to wrap up the five cats. Yeah I I WanNa thank everyone for listening and please don't spread it spreads like the alien play like just leave a league as my mom pockets written somewhere so they just jump on their face and all of a sudden we start down when he was on their phone or better yet. Ed This podcast is your health spread moisture. Yeah I WANNA see gators mom downloading. That's an all right. Yeah we're just GONNA save moisture on all right. I WanNa just the word moist printed rented a hundred times on the front of this dirt like US dollar trying to pass Counterfeit Mike for Twenty yes tonight and also I wanNA are awesome. Intro came courtesy of Bulb K. A. Mike Stony from his EP. Bite the bullet songs cool kid squad quad. You will hear the opening and closing. You heard for over five times at this point. It's moist oh it again. I said before if you WanNa if you WANNA she suffering play Aliens Colonial Marines the best way to make it happen is download this episode of Todd because whatever resented the top ten sometimes influence what we're GonNa do something picks up really good. ooh I if if I know a couple. People have played games along with us at times if anyone out there played aliens infestation. Let us know what you thought about it. Because I'm really curious minute on the show somebody who plays as long as you. I think sometime one of the first people that that made me. I really shouldn't probably say whatever the next three games are always ahead of time. So people's play long we. We have introduced what game or playing next week. I just realized hey hockey for the plugs next flu again for another hour half. That's just not enough to say next next we're playing world apes Odyssey. I forgot the name of it that way through what I'll say play on World AIDS Odyssey. which was Mike Pegg? And it was admiral as a huge blind spot for me so I mainly painted so I can fill that in and experience something I never experienced before. Yeah that Christine because because I have never played it either but I'm started playing it before we were before this just to get ready. I'm like yeah. We'll we'll be interesting. I hope half them reason. Comments are just about alien investigation Is I didn't I forgot before. So I'll just plug this real fast. Please follow us on facebook. Twitter twitter instagram facebook constantly posting new things twitter. I Post here and there was I forget. What about twitter? That don't care about twitter but you try so if you please follow us on everything because we we need to falls and I want to say everyone. Thank you for joining us for another episode. Regain my mouth. Everyone have a wonderful night and we will see you next week. I promised game over. Man Cast over

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