52: Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 with Justin Sylvester


Good morning millennials. Should I say good early afternoon? We are here at the morning toast. With Justin Sylvester, the lady sitter. He has come to sit on this lady today, and I could not be more excited. We've already done the whole show in the past half hour, catching up on everything. But we'll try to repeat our wonderful conversations. I love the quality. And I have like. She's an LA right now enjoying the sun and near freezing the parent trap. It is. It's exactly the name. He'll be back on Friday when she's doing deli pop. Oh, one hundred percent, she could not go to daily pep without me that was a part of the restriction. Right. And that's very fair. I wouldn't want to like watching YouTube together is going to be a drink for me as a super fan of my own show and of your show. I'm clinic cited I'm actually still her from you for a few weeks. Okay. I mean, not okay. But bigger issue. It's fine done. Also, you're the host of Justice, which is the best name ever for the show. It's really fun. It's actually I feel like you get more than the sip. You get the whole pot, right? He right. It's comes in the first place that people can actually come and sit and talk out their full lives in thirty minutes at e because everything so quick innings is so quick really quick. But this is long form it's like inside the actors studio, but a little bit dirtier right, which which we need everyone's doing all this quick on. Like, I always say. Everyone's all about snack -able stuff, but I don't consume content like that. That's why I love the toast because this is the show that I would want to watch the morning show. We wish to see in the world before daily pop was on one hundred percent. I like to listen to the morning toes on the treadmill because if I can get through the whole thing while like powering through a power walk. I know I did a good job, and I can get through it. Because you guys are so interesting, and you guys keep me on my toes. I take a lot of things that you say that. So so far because I take a lot of things that you say on our show. Because coming from inside the house, and if I don't know what you're talking about. I go it. Who have the cameraman like learned the way that your networks and where you're going to look next. What's so funny? It's like a dance dance. We literally walked the whole they know on Fridays that I'm here for it. Like, I'm the shadiest person on Fridays one because I go out on Thursday nights. And I'm hung over to get to get drunk on Fridays on screen. So the head camera guy's name is Fred he's a director who sits in the control room. He the Google thing was actually him. He kept on switching the cameras, and I was just finding where the light was oh, you can see when the cameras are switching I can see the lights corner of my from paying attention. And is so funny literally just alleyoop did and done it. Well, something that I've picked up on on your show is here we were big blind items people, and I feel like some edgy will lewd to rumors or or perhaps blind gossip, but you can't say it for legal reasons and a million other reasons is that hard you sometimes to like be talking about. I don't know Selena Gomez. When you've just heard a million other things that are. The story that you're reporting on the problem is and it's funny because not that it's Selena Gomez Pacific. I have friends in everyone's campsite, and I have friends who work for celebrities at stylus hairstylists have agents publicists, and you just hear things throughout the industry. If you hang out in the nightclubs, if you go to the restaurants, and you hear the little bits of these here and there as a friend. I would never spill your t I'm gonna lead to it until you until. Google it. But I won't flat out say it. So I have to sort of find the balance of what I can and can't say and sometimes I get hard. But I've never gotten in trouble yet. That's because I was wondering argh lady center and a lot of ladies that you sit on our people that you talk about on your show. Whether it's Kyle Richards, or Chris, so how do you navigate like your own friendships, and like knowing more than the than your audience, might know, not spilling too much she, but like still keeping it interesting because people do know that you have these relationships. Sure, I think we're tile what you see is what you get. She gives her whole life on camera, and she's an open book. She doesn't have anything to hide she's trying to hide anything. She'll give you the good bad and ugly. So when I talk about Kyle, it's it's in a friendly way. And it's just matter of fact, and the things that I probably talk about probably going to stay on the shore some way, you know, the woman has no filter, but people know it's in good fun. I'm never going to blast. Anyone? I'm going to try to humanize. Celebrities what I really try to do. And I think that people don't do that enough, especially, you know, everyone loves to come in with their pitchforks. And have the same opinions on something. And it's like, yeah. Maybe someone did fuck up. But like, they're still a human being Jordan would for sure for Jordan woods. I've said this one hundred times I was twenty one at some point. I also suffered from young mine. I could not seize the it's a clinical problem, I had chronic young mind from the age of nineteen to twenty four and we've all made those mistakes in our lives. It's just funny when something like this happens to celebrity people forget that they were, you know, thoughts at one point. Right. You know what I mean? But on the other hand, I don't know what I would do if my friend hooked up with my baby daddy and for me. And I told this to my friend JD who said he'd over here. This happened to us and us somewhere with my baby. Daddy, the only thing I would want is a text me and my girl ended up at your maybe that he's house should I stay and I'd be like state get all the details. Him back in real time. Kiss him. Don't you? But again, I feel bad for Jordan woods for what she's going through. We had all been there. Maybe not to a degree. But we've all been right because working men and we fuck up we make mistakes. So what I try to do is if it's not you, you know, your sister. There was a cousin our friend who's in the same situation. Right. Yes. Very fair. That's my also like similarly the collagen mission scandal I saw when I was watching. I was on daily pob. And you were the only people who are really like saying, you know, what parents will do whatever it takes for their kids. Like, let's cut these people little bit of a break you and Morgan we're looking through the list, and pointing out names of clearly people. Clearly. We let it at least seven people on this list. That's crazy because a cyber for listening heaven and Laurie Lachlan these people are not really public figures. They're just rich people big money, right? Big money. And you could see what they donate it to the college. I would Andy king slash fire festival some shit for five hundred thousand dollars, and you had five hundred thousand I'm going to set some d for your kids the cop, right? Like, I'm going to figure it out for you five hundred thousand dollars and also that's really not even that much compared to what other people up to six million. But it's crazy because everyone's like, oh on the college level. This is a disgrace. But people have been doing this for their kids to get into elementary school in daycares around Los Angeles for Eber, New York. Yes. It's just how it's done. I guess what people fail to realize. It's like guess this was taken to a criminal level of the line is so alert as to what's legal like, Dr dre can donate seventy million dollars in a building and a whole program and his. His daughter got in all on her own, right? This I've in two thousand two hundred and fifty ahead. Yes. And that's where we're going to cross that's where we're going to draw the line. But my problem is listen, I was so excited that you know, not that. I'm like, I think like this. But there were no black parents in the college, you know, scam situation, and then Dr dre had to bring his ass into the fold bragging on Instagram. He's still didn't legally. Yeah. Yeah. But I just wonder like Dr dre completely forgot about that seventy million. Did you make that much money off of beads that you forgot that you hear the USC seventy million that there's a school named after you forgot completely forgot you think he forgot I think he did. I think you've forgotten. Jimmy was like we're going to do this for USC. I think he completely forgot about. It didn't realize that his daughter got again, if I donate a building to school, you best believe I don't care if my grandson has a two point in barely went to school his last year, he might have been in jail for his last semester of high school his ass is going to college. But I guess what makes it legal is technically. They don't have to let him in like he could not get and it's got. Assurance of like, you know, it's still a gamble. When you donate a library. One hundred percent. Just crazy. Just very crazy. Anybody that's involved in not other than the big stars, Felicity and Laurean Olivia Jaden really sat for the girls. It's really ever came out this morning that apparently they're still enrolled at USC, according to the college. I just saw that impeach six. I think they're gonna be still enrolled for a minute. I think they should stay actually they're they're kind of far from graduation. But like, then it's really all for nothing though. He's brutal. And you have to have a really thick skin. I don't know that they have that. I don't know that they've ever been required to develop it in their lives. And you also have to really want to go to school. Like, I think for right. I think for her. I think she was very proud that you've been to see I think it was a great experience for her understand where she's coming from. I didn't want to go to college my freshman year. My parents had to like push me into it. But once I got there and once it was almost over. I enjoyed my experience which you I went to LSU cool, and it was awesome. It was phenomenal party my ass off. And I don't know how I got out my freshman year of college. But. Right. We did it that's like part of the experience going for and didn't age. Well, and I just feel like people are coming down on her. And if my parents had seventeen where like standards on this Christmas tree with this role in being in your hand. I would've did it. Yeah. And I would have thought twice about it. Because I would have imagined that my parents wouldn't put me in that position. So a lot of people are blaming her and saying cancel Livia Jade, I don't think it's right. I don't think I'm gonna cancel. However, I'm not gonna cancel her. And to be honest, I with never so a big fan of hers. Claudia Margo love her videos. My sisters and actually started watching videos because I was like, oh, she made all these blogs in college. Like, let me watch. And now a huge fan of hers. If you like this happens a lot where people like, you know, they become part of a big conversation people who don't know them people who know them already like are talking about them, and they actually wind up getting a lot of new fans because they have all this exposure one hundred percents when Jake Paul went through that whole thing where he took the video and the suicide for is somewhere in Asian country. And then everyone was cancelled Jake Paul this man came back the next year. In may two million more than he made the last year. And they said he made like fourteen point eight million dollars a year. That's crazy. But everyone was cancelled that you can't. And then we'll talk to Claudia about this on my show. If I were to pay for things might parents did in their past or said, I wouldn't have a show today. Yeah. People would have cancelled my street. We can't keep on blaming other people for what they parents have done. Right. I mean can't just keep canceling people like other one who's there like raw raw? Let's cancel like, you're not perfect either, you know. And so I just everyone's always just a little too excited when going down and that makes me less excited about sure. But that's what celebrities all about. If you think about why people are so obsessed with celebrities. They love the rise. But they love the fall even more because we love comeback. Yeah. We seek her the that's why Lindsay Lohan has gotten sixty seven point five chances in her life because we love a comeback. I don't know. I think once you. Over over. I think you're kinda sorta like kind of you can't even get Oprah. Like, you know. Right. So I think where Michael Jackson is struggling Shane once Oprah came out that was it. I actually stopped to watch that second half. But last night, I was watching the theranos documenting was watching your episode. And you started talking about an literally immediately. I put it on. I was just saying. Seems just saying I don't want to spoil by the conversation. And then I came back to Daly pop. It was so crazy. Why people are going crazy right now. I didn't even know this was ever a thing. I didn't know this woman. I didn't recognize her Pacheco's everywhere. She was everywhere. And by the way, I don't know who's dumber her for thinking she can get away with this which she got away with it for a very long time. Our investors who gave her hundreds of millions of dollars how ever being like without checking a receipt, right? If I'm giving you ten dollars. Honey, I want to see the itemize situation you're going to be like a thousand you're gonna call me in real time. While you're buying the products hundreds of millions of dollars on research that no one saw one paper for that. Is so scary in an I now I've been watching American greed, which like chronicles, the small time Ponzi schemes it's the best show and all I can thinking about now is like what is the next big fraud? Like there are spreads happening. All the time. Everyone is such a fucking fake, especially in the and. So easy to be an everyone wants instant success. And if it doesn't happen they're gonna pretend that it. Did I'm just I'm still reeling over the fire festival. I know and I was supposed to go really Dorothy wing. She's gonna kill me for telling this story Dorothy laying literally called me one day. And she was like do you want to go to fire festival, and I'm like, what are you talking about? It's his new festival. It's going to be the bomb jar rule invited me. It's going to be fun. We can fly down. I'm gonna have hair and makeup. But the one thing I love about Dorothy weighing is for me. I was I guess let's go on in because any adventure with her. I've known her for eight years of my life, any adventure of hers is going to be fun. But the thing that I love by Dorothy, laying is she's one of the smartest women. I know and nothing gets her. So she was like, you know, what something sounds a little fishy. So we will get the first weekend happen and minima town we go the second week. And I was like I didn't go any week. And I we can find it. She's like, no. Nope. Trust me. We're going to wait when we saw the coverage. Of what looked like Fujita in the Bahamas. She was like this is why wait this is why I wait how good for her. Do you know what else is so crazy? She came on our show in August of last year so twenty seventeen and we were talking afterwards. And she was like, I think highly jenner's pregnant, and we were like. I really couldn't believe it. But I was like she poses an interesting theory a girl who was taking body Selby's all the time is now nowhere to be found. I was like, that's so crazy. She is an investigator drew is she Nancy drew, and that's how you found out. That's how I figured it out because she liked pose it, but with the way the truth always comes out, and she doesn't forget anything. So if you're coming up with a conspiracy theory, let's say in August when it comes true in February you're going to get a receipt from the screen shot that she had seen in filed away. Nothing gets passer. Would she says I think something's going on you better believe this woman has investigated it? That's amazing. She needs to work for American grade and sniff out the next fraud. This fish should be the head of the FBI like literally should be the head of the meeting. So you were a producer in rich kids producer enrich kits. So I started out I worked for carbon shirts for five seasons. And then I went into four this show coming out, and this guy Toronto fear was actually casting it. And I was not good for it. I was like this is not me. And he was like I'm looking for this, and this and rich kids, I'm like, listen, I you have got to meet Dorothy, Wayne, she is amazing Morgan steward Johnny jubilee. Like these people are stars. And they're on rich, kids Instagram. You would love their friend group. It's gonna be amazing. I called Dorothy, I was like listen, you have to go meet with Doron Rama's. I don't know. I'm doing this thing for Bravo. I'm like, no, no, no. I'm telling you right now these kids are going to be stars. I don't know if you knew how reality TV works. But it takes years for show to get on this show was shot and premiered six months after their first meeting. Well, that's out instant it was I love that show. So then you worked on the show. So I let them go for two seasons because working with your friends can get a little icky. It's a little much. I let them work go for. Seasons. I needed a job. So I went on I produced the show for two seasons. And then when the spin off EG NYC happened, I basically high build them, and I was fine. Not coming to New York. But they were like great. We'll take with us. And I moved to New York to EJ when I see what Egypt Johnson. That's how you were here for enough. I was here in the same building. And we didn't even know. I think we lived there must have been at the same time. That's amazing amazing. So I did that forever. And then on my flight home from living in New York. I thought to myself because Newark is weird. There's an energy here that really pushes you to do something else. Like, everybody's working. Not everybody's in tomato. Like people are actually going somewhere in the mornings, and that energy is so infectious. So when I got back on the plane to LA was like, listen, I'm turning thirty at the time. I was thirty. And I was like you have to make this happen for yourself because if he doesn't happen between now, and you turning thirty you just gotta get a big boy job sit behind a desk and figure it out. So I had four. Four months to figure out my life. And I got do without. Wow. Did you always wanna do on camera? I always wanted to do on camera. But always hid behind the camera. Because I always I I never people always get opportunities to do things. I was always very strategic that. I never took everything they came at me. Like, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the view, but on the that's all I knew from the time. I was twenty until I was thirty like that was my vision. And I took and I'm doing it. I'm actually doing it. But I took very specific steps like working with Kyle was amazing. I did that for five years. It killed me till he veg up killed me. But I knew if I went this route I would meet Morgan, and I would work with EJ, and I did that for two years, and then led me to EJ and why C which led me to e which then let me daily pob, Jack. So it was all these very meticulous steps. That's amazing. And so now from. Here. I usually do the interview portion like after the news, but you know, what we'll switch it up today for more important getting you so now from here like what is the what's the dream, my dream is I want to die on daily pob. Like, I literally die in the morning test for sure I hope hospice, I take off like. Wall where I'm like, the oldest the, you know, the fucker on the show, and I'm sitting next to like northwest, and like blue Ivy who are now twenty five twenty six and I'm just the old like own coll- on the show. The Petiot ankle who says that every? But I really hope that I literally steal daily poverty in years. And I want my dream is to have just a sip turn into inside the actors studio where we have a once a week conversation on air with talent who just wants to get real in wrong. And that's what I think I'm going to do that. And also to shows in development one I wanna brothers show about my life. We Greg Berlanti. And then I have another one that's scripted chest scripted show, another scripted show that I'm doing we may be behind behind the camera. That's how exciting it's gonna be fun. Okay. Cool. I'm gonna ask you even more personal questions. But first, we must hate you with the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and out of your morning toasts. That's making me hungry. Okay. First story breaking like as we sat down Jesse smell smollet criminal charges dropped in the attack case criminal charges against Jesse smell at have been dropped the empire star appeared in Chicago court on Tuesday morning, where the charges against him were dropped in the case involving his attack in late January, quote today all criminal charges against Chelsea smell at were dropped in his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complete against him small attorneys. Tina Glenn dean and Patricia Brown home said in a statement Tuesday. Quote, jussie was attacked by two people. He was unable to identify on January twenty ninth. He was the victim who was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator at as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public causing inappropriate rush to judgment Jesse and many others were hurt by these unfair and unwarranted actions. This entire situation is a reminder that there should never be an attempt to prove a case in the court of public opinion that is wrong. It is very much. It is a reminder that a victim in this case Jesse deserve dignity and respect dismissal of charges against the victim in this. Case was the only just result. I told y'all you kind of did like you never totally turned. I never believed I know him, and I've met him a few times, we're not friends, but I know in passing I'm a good judge of character. I don't think somebody would make that up to that extent. Maybe there was a few fudge details along the way, maybe you know, we kind lit it up a little bit. But I couldn't imagine him going that far. And I said it a few times on daily pop. I said yesterday on cheddar TV and everyone looks at me like, I'm crazy. I'm like, I don't believe it. I think when you have someone like Jesse smell let and the Chicago PD coming with two stories it's somewhere in the middle. Yeah. Because you can't trust the Chicago PD. Yeah. No. It's it's definitely somewhere in the middle. And I don't know if we're ever going to find out what really happened. He'll write a book. Yeah. But it's like, okay. So if he was telling the truth, okay? Again, this is a horrible store. Very terrible horrible. But the problem is now is that they're right. The quarter public opinion is much stronger than the court of law, and the fact that every celebrity jumped on this bandwagon, and they were like support for Jesse and in two weeks later, everyone deleted their posts because they thought they had been duped. Right. That hurt him a lot. And I think whenever he goes in like empire already wrote him out the last two episodes when this guy goes for another job people only gonna remember this. Right. Well, I guess now he'll keep his job. Maybe they've already mouth, but they can write him back in because they can't fire him because that would be wrongful termination one hundred percent. But the reports are true. His contract is up then have to renew it and the numbers for empire were down on the season premiere. But hopefully, they'll go back up now because people want to watch and they want to see what happens in if they bring him back, which I feel like they would because they weren't they were pretty reluctant to write him off know, but I feel like if you listen to some of the like people. On empire likely Daniels was kinda keep an invade smart. Right. In hindsight. It's very smart as one because we didn't know any new at first he was I cannot believe this happened prayers for Jesse in the country. And then you saw him move to this is devastated. Everybody's so upset about it. But they don't know if they're upset about him lying or this happening to him. Like, it was very it was good. It was slipped. Yeah. Just like Dan Ross kinda sorta do with Michael Jackson. She kept it real Elliot's. She did we were talking about that yesterday Barbra Streisand. Just I mean compared to Barbara Jesus. Barbara Barbara couple. Yeah. Not good. I mean, she backtracked and apologized, but Barbara Disney's figure it out clone her dog again legend. Anyways. We'll continue to update on that story as we get more details, but just keeps on Twitter. This is not the end of it. Now, there's going to be more now, especially if there's a book, which there probably will be on that that's not a criminal case. The two brothers are able to say whatever they want. Right. So they can tell their side of the story. Right. We don't know if they were worse. The Chicago PD if they were really involved in this at all, but we're going to find out everything I'm telling you in the next two weeks. I g may and the ratio are going to try to soup these people up real quick. Speaking of the today show, one of us just came from Hoda and Kathy. And it was not me who was the black one. He did it. He finally did it. That's so exciting Kathy Lee's final week. How did it go? Just so you know, when they told me about the today show. I literally said the only thing I've ever wanted to do in my life is sit a glass of wine with Kathy Lee. And I didn't even pick up my glass wants today. I'm so mad about it. We're so busy, and you always turn to the drink. Plenty of like nothing to say, you're right. It was crazy. But it was amazing just to feel the energy. And there you could tell that people are so happy to be in that space, and they're so proud of the work that they're doing it literally felt like in my wrong like willy Wonka chocolate factory. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was literally smelling in there. It was the craziest thing. Well, that's a great segue into our next story because Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon a new apple series called the morning show. Apple finally lifted the curtains on its much anticipated reunion. I'm Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon revealing the first footage from their new TV series Monday. The friends alums appeared at apple special event introduce the morning show a series that would examine the people and politics of the morning news world, quote through the prism of those under slept over adrenaline is people in front of him behind the camera. We take an honest look at the complex relationships between women and men in the workplace, and we engage in the conversation. People are a little too afraid to have unless they're behind closed doors. But of course. Pointed out, you can't have an honest look at complex relationships between men and women with just women q. Steve Carell who bumbled onto stage promising to bring the quote manliness to the show teasing that his character is and dynamic with a lot of grabbing toss he's a great listener and relatable and extremely handsome. This is exciting. I'm so interested by the world of morning shows. Which is why we started one did you ever see the movie morning glory? That is the reason why this show exists because we love it. And now we have selene Neons personal ship. Do you? I wish the drama was that big on the morning show. But maybe I miss it. Because I'm always in my own world daily pop like when I get in there. I go to my meeting, and then I'm literally gabbing and talking to everyone to see what their opinions are. And how they feel about you know, everything that's going on on the show today. So I never get a chance to see the drama you. However, there are politics behind closed doors. Yeah. So I do get it. But I'm interested to see what they do. And I love the Jennifer Aniston is doing TV again. Yeah. I gotta watch friends. I love friends Atta hate friends. Claudia loves it. And it's like the one thing we don't agree on are you trying to like one character too much is that what it is. I just think first of all I hate a laugh track. So that just automatically bothers me. And then I'll watch an episode, and I just don't think it's funny. And maybe it's because I don't like any of the characters. So I'm not like oh Chandler. That's hilarious. Did you like the hills? Yeah. It was. Okay. I think maybe it's the age group. Yeah. I think living in New York, we'd no internet and like going to coffee shop to hang out. I think you might have missed that boat because you're so young perhaps. Yeah. Like if you didn't start it early. You're not gonna like it now because it's also not the kind of TV we're used to a sitcom with laugh tracks and these old style jokes one hundred percent. Yeah. Like, I don't watch Seinfeld either. You see that hole? Thank finding what's your favorite show scripted. Ooh. I don't watch so much scripted. Right now dynasty. Oh, oh, you're not watching dynasty. I fucking dynasty. Do you? Watch Nichola shirt off the show. I'm done you're done. It nNcholas shirt is not showing up next season about she's not. And I think I from what I heard that. She was obviously difficult to work with this isn't the first time that we've heard it, and they didn't want to kill off Alexis because this would be a really big spoiler announced. So I'll tell you after the we're definitely not seeing her again because and cannot keep a job. She can't keep a manager gave a job. I can't believe you've watched. It's the most underrated show. It's amazing. Okay. Good. I was like I thought you were saying you don't watch trash I love it. But I love Nikola shared. It's I'm not gonna watch doubt that she's off that I love Liz Gillies and I'm loving the new crystal. I liked the old crystal to crystal new crystal like has, you know, bigger set of balls, which is nice old her the so meek, I can't believe you watch that show. We're gonna talk about game. Hey, great. I'm we're gonna love it so much anyways. Back to morning shows. Have is this like Documenta? Restyle reality show. That's what I was getting the vibe of where they're going to talk to existing morning show hosts on this morning show. It's a scripted show. Just about morning shows. Doc you series where they're gonna interview. No tried this. There was great news. Do you? Remember that show with Nicole? She was the only bright spot in it. But this was I think this is more of a sitcom. I think this is going to be more of a drama. Okay. Like that other show Aaron Sorkin. Yes. The news room down that mixed with a little comedy with anything that Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston going to sign a four with Steve Carell this show is going to be a hit. Right. And it's Apple's first TV show, and they're throwing money behind it. Honey, Chris McMillan is doing hair on a TV show. His day rate is nothing less than twenty thousand dollars. That's so exciting. Okay. I didn't realize it's going to be separate that makes it also interesting. I thought it was going to be like talking to the people who wake up early at three A M. It's going to be like the trauma behind view, which apparently there was a lot of. Yes. Accord there dearth I'm ten so what time do you wake up for your child? I have to be in office at six fifteen. So I wrote a lot better five fifty. And I just literally get up and go that's nice for you. Because I can shower there. I can brush my teeth there. I am not a morning person. I'm not a morning person either I've become one because of this show, but we go live late enough that most people don't consider it the morning new brochure, but my husband is such a morning person. And he has all this energy. It makes me even angrier document, my mornings, so like me walking into meeting looking like, I just got dragged the honor guard struck is always on there, which you'll see on Friday when Claudia comes in and hair and make up a dance party to wake up. It's good. It's a fun time. Six AM is not fun when you're thirty year old single, man. And like you want to go out. I go out I still can function hung over like that. I do my best work done over. Honestly, when Claudius I can't be I'm like, a death becomes her hung over. So when Claudius because over there's no show, the Claudia can come in hung over. And it's so funny. Oh, my my boss. Some of the only days where he is. Like man, you're on fire today. Boo. If you had a Breathalyzer me IBM. Jail. I literally be in jail right now. It you've rather lies me. I take to work on Fridays. Yeah. Because we get oh because you can't try because Dr not make sense to work every day because I don't know how to drive. You can't live in LA. You're right. Your wardrobe for the show, do you wear your own clothes to they bring in clothes like that must be so fun. It's so much fun. I'm styled by this girl at engineering Rodriguez. She's phenomenal. She has like a lot of people in the industry coverage. She tells me Juliana Roxy DA's, and she knows my style by now. So I don't normally look at what I'm wearing for the week. I just roll in. They had steamed and I'd just throw it on now because she and I have worked together for two and a half years. She knows like I want to be a little hood like Ryan Seacrest a tiny. Just who had Ryan says next in smart TV show news, Wendy Williams, husbands alleged mistress gives birth the alleged mistress of Wendy Williams husband, Kevin hunter has given birth to a baby. Multiple sources told page six while frail TV chat show Queen Wendy remains in a Queen sober living house. Serena Hudson gave birth to a baby on Monday at Philadelphia hospital while they're naming names here and hospitals where he can look records, by the way. First of all, Wendy. I love you. Why are you in a sober house? In queens. You are rich you have coins. I think that's the point. That's like Demi Levato when she was in a sober house. When she was a judge on x factor, but not in queens. Now, she she Beverly. That's that's. She was not playing around. It has not been confirmed that Wendy's husband Kevin is the father of the child, but there is widespread speculation that he is indeed the father one source said, quote, Serena gave birth to the baby at hanham in university hospital in Philly, apparently, they chose this location because they were worried that if she gave birth New York it would be leaked to the press. Well, it's too late to a second source said this is a crazy situation when these Wendy's in halfway house fighting for her sobriety. While her husband is at the site of his mistress was giving birth through baby Shrina went into labor on Sunday and is believed to have given birth late on Sunday or in the early hours of Monday. All somebody was really given. All right. There's a lot of details. We're going to get the name soon. It is specific are we going to get their babies name brochure? But the rumor is that she already has a baby with this man already. Oh, this is the second child allegedly that is so crazy because as we were saying before like imagine if Wendy was reporting on this story about another celebrity, and she would be like get out. What are you doing? But I. Like, Wendy Williams knows that everyone knows as their little secret. And by the way, Wendy Williams may have an open relationship or their husband that we don't know about because I live in Los Angeles, and I'm in the gay community. And a lotta gay men have open relationships and a lotta open relationships aren't open to the public. Right. So they keep it to themselves and things on the sides. And they have their like, you know, they have their understanding. Right. And I don't know if Wendy is one of those people because I have heard this continuously about this woman and her husband. So I have to believe that Wendy Williams knows about this. What is she like, she winning news? Because winning those everything the problem is Wendy's not being completely honest with her audience, and as a fan of Winnie Williams, I just wish you'd be like, listen, we working things out in my marriage. Like, you know, this is come out. This is what's happening. We have understanding my business, and I'd be like great. I can move on. But I felt like. When Wendy went into that sober house. There was something that was a catalyst that she wasn't sharing. And now, it seems like maybe her finding out about this. Love child was a catalyst for her relaxing. Right. And we would be understanding of that. But I think we always talk up a lot of things in Hollywood people treating athletes, blah, blah, that there's this understanding that a lot of couples must have because they live in another world there in Hollywood. Oh, a lot. I think that for her to explain that to her audience, they wouldn't get that. You've been many people celebrities that have been in open relationships in that have talked about it openly, Google, it there have been a lot of people. You can say these things on this show that have been like, oh, we have open relationship. The what a lot of people don't do is a lot of people say, okay, we're going to have to open relationship, but don't embarrass me. Don't have that. Just come out one hundred percent thought of that was open. I think she was literally hit off field. Yeah. You know? But he embarrassed her in public which made it even worse. There are a lot of athletes who have girlfriends bed travel with them all across the world. So their wives can chill at home. And sometimes when they can't get in touch with their husbands. They're calling the side. She'd be like, hey is law there. I need to talk to him real quick. There are people who actually have that situation. Because guess what? If your dating athlete if you dating rapper. I would rather know the one bitch that you sleep in with then the fifty that I don't know about which is so crazy to think about, but it makes sense it makes sense. Because if not tap smears off guessing, I'm calling you calling the one side bitch who was supposed to be there in Philadelphia. When you when you were there, you know what I mean? Yeah. Can you imagine I could not imagine now? So that's why I don't know that everyone would be so understanding which is why maybe she hasn't like shared with the class. But isn't the world progressive? Wouldn't you understand? If like Wendy was like, my husband, and I have a mutual relationship. There is a design, and I can't even go into that. I was about this as. Today. Yeah. It's some line items stuff. You got you guys know where to find empty, right? It's you saying there's some people that marry men that aren't into women, but they're married, and they have a great relationship, and it's a business relationship, and it's bumping and grinding and killing it, and and it works for them. But guess what? Those people each have boy toys, girl toys on the side. And no one knows about it because they keep it respectful. Right. But I think that's. This is disrespectful like he's out of his mind. But he and Wendy had been together for a long time. And it seems like Wendy is under his spell and her friends want him to get away from her him. But Wendy can't just yet. Yeah. It wouldn't be candy. Did you know that something was going on when she was? Yeah. The way for a month. Yes. And I I had heard these rumors there was like a year ago or so like where someone like how to picture of him with the girlfriend where they profile on her. And so I was like, okay. There's clearly some weirdness and Howard Stern was calling her out. And then when she went away for a while. It was clear it wasn't. It was. Yeah. By the way, if you're going to have a mistress and your wife is going to be on TV. I'm speaking hypothetically. This is allegedly. You don't put mail to your mistress this house? Yeah. Don't let your mail go there for all of you watching. Why would you have mail going to this woman tone? Oh, a now, it's always the mail fraud. I'm learning about right? And like, I didn't know what mail fraud wise for so long treason, Joe where Cuban I'm like what is now fraud. Thank you didn't use a stamp, everything if you ever lie in mail you've committed mail Email to that's called peaceful, mail fraud. It's like crazy. It's all snuck it in the mail boxes out of stamps. But people were not involved in this, right? And we can't state it enough. I say it all the time through new people harmed in this game. Segue to our next story, which is at Yale rescinded mission as Spurs student faces the consequences of the college scandal, Yale University has rescinded the admission of a student in connection with the far-reaching college admissions college admission scandal, the university confirmed Monday, it is the first known case in which a student's involvement in the scheme has resulted in revoked admission dozens of parents are accused of cheating or paying bribes to get their children into elite schools, including Yale USC and UCLA. Well, I have to say this is great timing for the student because the admissions process is still happening. You can get in as late as April. And you know, if you've got waitlisted you'll find out this summer, maybe take a gap year. This isn't the end all and be all for you. Gets released. It's going to be all right. But so far so good so good. I would rather be this student than Libya Jade one hundred percent, right. But by the way, I'm going to call this right now. And you can Mark my words, and you go to Mark this in play this. When it does happen. A Livia Jade is going to come back from this ten times stronger than what she started it. Her numbers are going to be up her endorsements identity bomb. She is gonna come back from this. I think that she really can come back from this. I hope she knows that like I hope she knows that it will be. Okay. I hope she has. It's all about like who you are what you're made of everyone gets knocked down how and when you get back up. So I hope that she has the inner strength to pull it off. Because she can the the problem is and this is not a huge problem. But it's a big problem. Her mother has never been involved in a scandal before Laurie Laughlin has her learnt lawyer Lockwood sorry has one of the cleanest records hallmark, like hallmark. We're talking at Becky. That's why I cannot cancel on begi. She did one thing wrong in her life. The first thing that she ever did wrong. Granted it's going to end up at the supreme court. But I don't think Libya Jade is going to be prepared to know that there's other side because their family has never gone through something linked, right? You know what I mean and the public? It's it's so shocking that back whereas Lynette Scotto would do something like that would do some shit like that. Right. And by the way, I bet you the one thing I've said on this show. And I've said it thousand times is when you're in a relationship with somebody. I don't care if we'd been dating for three months three years thirty years, you'd better never fucking say. I told you so, and I bet you William H Macy is I told you so the emails he was on. They didn't go through with it. He was probably like this isn't kosher go shirt. And I saw that there. There's rumored that they're having problems because he said, I told you so I would strangle my husband from here. Like, I would we're in New York right now, we would be in the Hamptons, and I would literally chopstick up. If you told me, I told you. So it's one thing you do not say in a relationship, right because it's not gonna make anything better, you wait until I'm passed out or you're in the shower to say of or you find roundabout way because the good thing about I told you so is you then are letting the person know like, okay, maybe I'm not wrong all the time. So you have to find a way to say that where it's like not I told you so because that's a death sentence. It has to be even know you could say it. But like, I thought this might be hustle. Maybe in the future. We can discuss these decisions before you make them one hundred percent. But do you think Frank Gallagher is going to go in a roundabout way? Frank gallagher's. I I told you I told you not to every morning and poor her I feel bad for her because they only like fifteen. Jeez. Right. There's this very minimum about what happened. There wasn't photos taken. There wasn't anything. That's happening like that illegal, but she had guns drawn in her at six o'clock in the morning in her Beverly Hills home and everyone thought because they all live in this coldest act in BelAir. So it's like her and the next to her is, Dan bills. Aaron do you knew damn building Oregon is everyone thought the FBI was there for Dan does aerienne Mead while they were there for Felicity Huffman. That's crazy. Isn't it nuts? I didn't realize that he lives there to he's so fine. Yeah. I follow him. He's he's attorney. He's interesting. And like there's no one else that's doing what he's doing good or bad in your single days. Would you have done? No. Because of like all of the like there are so many girls like that's a lot. But like if he was just a man in a bar. Attention to the party. We'd bring some Clorox wipes. Wipe it down real good layers skin offers. And then I would do it. I'm telling you right now. He's fine. He's like you an a man who got money, right? And he's not afraid to spend it. You know what? I mean, he's fine. And I'm not into that Jurassic. Look once in a while. I would I would let him I'd be. I'd be in the harem. Jumping off the roof. Not quite I'm not that adventurous. I would still be in a full body condom. But I would do it and those girls look like they're having fun. You know, it's like they want to know. No one's making them be their jobs. They're hanging with the party of the year. That's would like what's his name? You a Leo back in the day, minus the gaucheness, and like the social media Lille used to get down like that. But they used a party they were on trips they were on Yard's private jets. He is the new Leonardo DiCaprio just a little bit more money. And it's like if you're going to have that much money like at least have fun with it. You know, people are so serious. So boring. I'm so like I like the way that he's spending his money. But I wanna move like what like thought lands like MRs Dan does. Yeah. It's all about timing. He wakes up one day, and he's ready to be done. And it's the first girl, he sees Tricia ready. We're going to do this Tricia we're gonna make it and we're going to get a new sedatives, and we're going to give air tonight. You know, it's going to be like that quick situation ended up being like the happiest couple on the block, right, then it's just like life is about timing. So I couldn't even give those girls any advice for how to be the one on there. Then it's a numbers game. Ninety percent of life is just showing up or whatever Andy Warhol said. And by the way, if you're already, Allen's the best thing that you can do is figure out what time Dan's alarms, going off and put yours twenty minutes to four get up. Put some makeup on your face brushing teeth. Always look like fresh when he wakes up on right next in he shouldn't look fresh. Yeah. And then like the day that he does wake up wakes up, mentally you. You're you're the one would white male polish on ready for the rings on who right now polish. I need to pay. My I'm like so Marras with my hands right now. Visit vinyl stories. Speaking of being wiped up the job rose are in Miami with the J sisters as they call themselves and they're having a blast. And I'm having foam. Oh and for so long. I couldn't make sense of this whole family. And we were so skeptical of Nick imprint like we were like they could be married. Fifty years why pick up Ben's grandchildren, and we still don't believe it. But I'm a believer. Now. I was the same way until I met him. Okay. Look, I was like I can't see them. Together. It doesn't make sense. But he is so suave out of the Joe Nye nuclei. He is the swab is one. Yes. So swaggie so suave and she's so beautiful in exotic. I feel like they're a match made in heaven. However, I don't know how about came to be right. And it's like was it sponsored Luna. It wasn't sponsor. But am I listened like? Like you get a number one hit. You don't buy me back. I've I right. But it was like the weirdest thing after he just had this. I thirty million dollars set of eighteen weddings, like what's happening here where the funds coming from where I need it in the house one hundred percent like somebody's doing some shady shit. Right. But now they're back on top of their game on top of a boat in Miami dancing along Casey mass grave golden hour. And they're having a blast. And I love the surf Sophie Turner of it all like she can party. You do. And I say this because I went through something similar like my stepsister had one of the nicest weddings in the world. And I just could never top it. So in order to live. I have to get married at a courthouse in like allegiance suit and have like pancakes after you know, what I mean like how do you top that wedding? But I feel like for most people that's not an attractive wedding. Like that is so big and so extra and like I feel like to her. It's like that's not a competition because she was never striving for that wedding. Like, they're going to get married and probably England or wherever she sperm, and it's gonna be countryside. It's going to be a whole different vibe that you can't even compare the two this is Royal wedding. And this is like barnyard. Great vibes. You just have to pick your lane. And then go all the way. So I feel like she's not even competing with them like because she's going to have like a totally different type of wedding. She'll probably it'll be like a frat party house party. Like, they'll be like. Yes, Nicaragua's was beautiful and elegant, but this was fun. Yes. I just have to imagine. I don't know. It's weird. But I think they work. I think they'll work out. I think I mean, obviously, Kevin ending L are the template for great Joan I- relationship. Kevin Neal or Greek template, except I didn't know how to is going to do with Kevin going back on the road because she's had her husband in her life with the two kids like she has had the normal family situation when your husband decides to put his balls back out there and to be on the road. It'll be in front of people. It's a little bit different. You can get a little resentful. If you're at home in two kids and your jersey and your man's all over the place, but his brother's not that he would do anything wrong. But I think when you're stuck not stuck at home. But when you're at home, raising two kids and your husband's seemingly having the time of his life. It could get a little much. Yeah. Especially if you get used to have him around, right? But now she'll just get used to like the money from the tour. She cares about the money. That's true. But he needs to have a job. He hasn't been working construction business. Good real has his of New Jersey. What the job rose I feel. I have been getting us angels for years like they weren't in that loop Pearlman situation, where the money was stolen like they are paper trails, and they're going to the money's always stolen. The money is always throwing from fat white guy. It's always like the bald fat guy who still is somebody like if my managers egg. Hey, Mike, you look like new Perlman? You gotta go. I cannot do with you. Just watching it American greed about it can cause name was Ken Starr, the money's always stolen, and like these are smart people that they're stealing from it. It's like why don't they just hold onto their own money? Like what the risk of having a money manager? What is the reward? The people come in with the charisma in the connections and wants somebody tells you that they know somebody else in Hollywood how it works out is one agent will be like, oh, I manage just person in that person. And then you're like, oh, well that person's doing amazing. Let me just get in with this with this whole group. But people don't realize that what happens is they're being legit with the celebrities money that doesn't mean that they won't they'll they'll be legitimate. You remain very, so that's how it all happens. Of course, look at Johnny debt wasted away. All that money. Like you thought maybe there'd be a money manager behind him. And there was right? But he was going to two billion dollars a month on wine that is so interesting, and that's also like in Mali's game when she was doing her poker game and Mike whoever. Michael Sarah was playing to McGuire, and it's like we'll Toby Maguire's playing. So now everyone's coming to the game. That's I don't get. Maybe I'm just like not enough of a thirsty star fucker fashioned Nova made their business right out to fashionable because the business models amazing. The get. The key. They'll fall apart in one wash but the close rate, but these days people only wear something once they posted on Instagram, and they're they're not gonna wear it again. You may get a rash Tibet. It's a little a cheap, but it's Kashmir fashion. But the best. It looks good on TV and lows didn't insta-. Do you have Cardi B wearing it? You have Nikki manashian it. You have the Kardashians wearing it and people will go for those fast factions, and that's what people in Hollywood, dude. That's how this games will always happen. You have the one guy the one pagan God in your corner, Toby Maguire. And then you get all the other chumps that want to be in that whole circle. So sad. Did you just want to be in the light of a celebrity? They don't care if it's legal illegal. They're going to like, you know, get kalanick's as long as their next celebrity. They'll get a colonic that Sam. But it's still crazy because it's also people who are like at the top of their business game, finance sports and show. Toby maguire. Where's Toby no matter would any digital you? They could have all the money in the world. They could have the houses they can have the planes. They can have it all the one thing. You cannot buy in this world is fine. You can become nura. You can have no Reidy. You can be. Infamous but to be famous you has to be a perfect storm. You gotta have the talent. You gotta have the loads. You gotta have the quirk and you've got to be at the right place at the right time. If anyone tells you it's hard work, it really is hard work. Once you get there proving that you can stay somewhere is the hard part, but getting there and being president, and like really getting someone to notice you is all about who, you know. And it's about look it, really. Is it really is that ninety percent two percent talent? I'm quoting all these people tonight. And I don't know who I think they're all Woody Allen. Claiming on Woody Allen if I get wrong because voting allies, but that's what it is. You cannot cannot by fame at all. I miss you housewife, and you have a shit ton of money in a nice house and a husband that's doing some crazy shit. Then you could buy right? Okay. We're gonna talk about how size and before. I let you go. We have some questions for you. And just want to get to know you. So just a sip is amazing. If you guys haven't watched it yet, my favorite. I don't know. I'm tie between LA Ken and Erica, Jane. That's also a personal struggle with. I don't know who I love. No, yes. But I I think I love your episode with Lalla because she really went to she went there like newly engaged and we don't get to see her engaged on the show right now. So we don't know what she's like an incident aged woman, she is everything. And if you like that one take digs actually comes out tomorrow. It's one of my favorites that I've done so far is no really very reserved and very shy. You don't know much about as personal life. But he goes there at he talks. And that's what Justice about it's supposed to be a place where celebrities comes. Able to tell you about their lives. Well, how do you make celebrities feel comfortable because it really feels like in every interview that you do that your best friends with this person? Whether or not you actually are them one just a little bit remain drill. A little Rosie goes a long way when you talk to somebody and you're sharing drink with them. It's very intimate moment. And I think for myself a lot of interviewers are free to share their personal is because they want to be seen as a reporter for myself. I wanted to be a conversation where we can go back and forth. So if I ask you a personal question, I am prepared. If you asked me the same one to open up about it so important it's important because if a celebrity says, well, why don't you answer that? Now, make sure I went to spring break in Fort Lauderdale, and I got low you gotta be ready for a lot of dollars. Nothing. More personal. I will let you know a lot of deal who is a dream Gaspar for Justice said over. Oprah oprah. I wouldn't ask him anything. I'll just let her talk for two hours. Yeah. I would just let her talk for two hours because I feel like no matter what the Oprah says you're going to get the best lesson of your life ever learned. She actually sung happy thirtieth birthday. The David home day. It was the greatest moment of my voice to. She's an amazing boys. All I wanna us sit and talk with her just about it all, but I wanna wait until the point where she gets what she is ready to let it all Quincy Jones last year was like, I'm seventy seven and I'm just gonna talk shit. He was like Michael Jackson was like, yeah, I'm ready for Oprah to tell me everything. Yeah. We're we're Rahmat. That's a good name per show. So did you come up with an injustice tip? I came up with anyone else. Cut off. I came up with Justice, and they fought tooth and nail on it. What they like. Maybe like ten so many different levels. There's all Justin Justice. If thing just the tip, so it's like sexual innuendo. And then it's your sipping team fought the two men. And on. I was like it's the one thing about this show that I am not JJ. Yes. And they're like, we don't like, I'm telling you, John. We are not changing this show. And they tried to talk me out of it. They were like give us to backups. I'm like, just a sip two point zero just as three point. Oh like. You better pick one. It's happening. Pick Justice three point you. You better just get it. And they let me have just sit. And it's been so great. They I when I first got in there. They relax kinda nervous because I'm a very big personality, and the lucky part about who I am is when you're black, and you're gay you can say whatever you want. It's why Wendy Williams gets to say anything. She wants TV because she's a black gay man in her heart at Whittier black Ebid you've been oppressed in two different ways. So you can also talk about the Oprah's because no one will be like, well, what have you been through in your life? And I'm like, ma'am, I came in from south Louisiana who may or may not be Jewish right now. I've been through it. All. Yeah. So I think when I walked in there. I was kinda sorta the only one of my kind of the unicorn in office, and they really let me go for. That's so nice refreshing because you don't get that in a corporate environment ever. They really that's how you like strike gold. You know, when you keep following the tenets that you're gonna say you have to like break, the mold in order to be interesting. You have to believe mold, and I always say like whenever I get a topic. There's two things that I like to do one two three things one. I make sure humanize and make you make a connection with the celebrity, whether it'd be yourself your sister, your brother, you're gonna feel like you know, that person and someone in your life has gone through the same thing because I think it's fair for the celebrity the second thing I like to do is. I'd like to some things and figure out other celebrities at a been through this or if the celebrity him or herself has done this in the past, and I'd like to bring up smokey drudge up some old coffee bean, you know, and the third thing I like to do is a like to see what the next step is going to be for that person. Because I knew a lot of publicists in managers watch daily. And I knew a lot of celebrities that people who work with celebrities have come back and said. By the way, I wash daily pop, and we literally followed your advice to a T. Like when their clients were in a situation because I can't come from a PR background. So the next steps I always I say this person should do this this and this, and I had a manager will be like I've done it multiple times with two different clients. Wow. So smart learning insider secrets I'm going to cigarettes invoice next week. Right. Yeah. Wow. So how do you prepare for an episode of the show you like get the stories how much you like to know about it versus do you guys? How do you do you plan? What you're going to say. We normally go at six AM in the morning six thirty is our first meeting, and they give us an outline of the show. What's going to be on it? And normally that a and the being the c block or the biggest stories that are happening right now, and then the NF blocked or more lifestyle stuff. Yeah. Evergreen stuff. What I like to do is to send stories and before that I'm interested in because when you're on air talent, and you feel passionate about something the audience can feel that you actually have an opinion, and you feel for that. Person or that story are their topic. So I like to send stories in. So most of the stories that are on the show. Come from me the night before I look at everything I watch everything. So you do watch everything. Because literally part of our job is what keeping up with everything every show. You guys have all these guests come on feel compelled to watch stuff that you wouldn't ordinarily watch like do your homework for the show. So that you can speak to everything if someone is taking their time out of the busy schedule to come and promote their projects on my show, especially a celebrity I o it to them to be versed in it evening. Yeah. But if you're coming into the pop, and you'd never seen episode of it. Guess what you're going to watch episode of daily pop. I you the same thing because I never want to celebrity to come in and feel like we haven't, you know, we're not on top of our jobs. Are we don't know anything? So I literally if there's a celebrity list of people that want to come in, which we get all the time. I either highlight and say today, we can do this or next week. We just want them to feel like. You know, like, we know. Yeah. And he should know who has been your favorite interview. So far far. Wayne Brady, I've been waiting to me for very long time. Because people get me confused Wayne Brady, and I just think Wayne Brady's genius, Tracy Ellis. Ross was phenomenal. I really liked. Iggy azalea really because she's exactly what he thinks. She is. Oh, good. Like, she's I thought maybe it was an act. I was like she can't be this chain that street. She's exactly who she thinks. She is. And I'm obsessed with her after interviewing her, and I think my final person that I interviewed was Monique. I was hoping you were going to say her I love, I didn't know all too much on the backstory, and then I went looking into it afterwards. And I just thought she was so well spoken. It's like everyone has come for her. And she does not care and she does not care. She's literally like, I don't give a flying buck. And I say that on the yes, she's like, I don't care. I'm gonna say my piece, and I'm going to stick to my guns. And I think for me at first when I first read about what was going on my first instinct was pleased back down like don't ruin this for yourself you taking it to far. But when she explained it to the an after seeing her over the months. I fully support her me too. I think she is going to come back from this her Vegas show was bombed. She's killing it. She's gonna have her. Her number. And I mean, she hasn't that just like like even if everything that she did was wrong, which I did. Now, I don't think that it was. But even if that were the case like people forgive people move on but still she's not backing down. And I really really I just think it's so refreshing so much easier. Sometimes use apologize one hundred people want you to say and then get back into good graces as opposed like going against Oprah. Would you do know which I don't care? Oprah's stabbed me in the middle of Times Square. And it was on the Jumbotron, I would still be like I ran into the Nive. Just see myself. It's totally Fine Gael that was not Oprah. It was over. I would never go against them. Because that's what you learn your life. Is you don't go against the powerhouse? But if she felt compelled that she was wrong. And I don't know what happened on the back end. I just had my her for not giving up for not standing down me. Speaking of just have to cover one more thing before I let you go, which is puppy gate. Speaking of not giving up and not standing down. It's what everyone's talking about a little bit ad nauseam. I am so teen teddy. I can't even tell you what I know that you are. And I know you said something that Lisa vendor pump on daily pop, and I've been meaning to ask you because I think it might pay new to say like a kind word about her. And you said that you respect the Kraft Kraft cheese craft please elaborate, I respect the crab. And I'm like I actually like Lisa problem. I like Lisa Amanda pump. Because when Kyle started this journey. It was my first day of work her first day of shooting. So if you look back in the history of it, Kylie are the last two remaining housewife. And I love Lisa Amanda upon because Lisa vendor pump is about her business, and she takes no prisoners. And I like a crafty. Ditch the ad. I like a bitch who's gonna move a chess Ps to make sure hers gets like, she can, you know, crown king. I don't mind that I just get nervous when the craft get sloppy. Yeah. When you get sloppy in the craft is when you get caught because you get caught up in the whole moment, you're gonna mean, and I think for her a lot of people are turning against. But a lot of people are not love her people are still loving her. And all everyone in Teddy's saying, you know, keep watching the truth will come out. And it clearly is like there is this big rift right now between Lisa and the rest of the group is she going to film the reunion is she going to be back next season. So I think more comes out that will make people turning on in front. Someone who's been watching forever and has seen this craft go down over and and you keep thinking this is going to be the end for her throw her to the wolves. And she returns leading the pack. Let me just tell you something. Now, you guys went you turn this podcast off you go to branding, Glenn, Ville magazines. The magazine you go to brandy gland bills podcast. There's one about Lisa Vanda pump. Keep in mind. Lisa Manta pump and brandy were very close friends for a very long time. And then Lisa kind of through brandy and the bus and the branding through Lisa on the bus. If you go to brandy Glanville's podcast and listen to this podcast. It will all be summed up for you in less than thirty minutes because she is recent and having a few three or four weeks ago. Brandy has no skin in the game. She's out of it situation. And for the longest time she did not like Kyle. Because of the things that Lisa, you know, kind of told her. But I think to be a housewife you have to go in with you have to be super often tick as Kyle has been this whole time or you've got to be super crafty. But you gotta be you have to be smart about the graph. Because a lot of housewives kind of break. Right. Like, they start off crafty. And in the lies catch up with them. Right. Which is kinda sorta what you're seeing right now, please she keeps spinning it though. And and she has an explanation for everything except for how she knew that teddy new. That's the question she she can't answer. And I think it's so poetically Justice filled that teddy is the one to call her out being kinda ability coach is because when teddy came in season one so many people thought she was the weakest link, and he's like no this girl is going to be the one to bring down. Lisa Vander pump. Oh one hundred percent, and it's exciting. But the thing that Lisa Amanda pump knows. And this is sort of some insight t if you watch the third season of real housewives when Adrian Malu did not show up for their Andy Cohen says it any housewife does not. Show for reunion. They are fired. So lease. Amanda pob knows that she has to show for their reunion. And a reunion is a fourteen hour battle royale. Like, it is like a cage match in heels. Yes. So you have to be prepared. And I think that she won't she's been able to avoid all the girls for the last few months, but she won't be able to avoid them unless she doesn't go to the reunion because she doesn't want to be on the show anymore because the craft has run. Its course that's impossible. No one's going to give up that much money in that much publicity this show works as advertising platform for her brands that she has built an that are beautifully will are still being built, Tom Tom and van or come garden. Yeah. Yeah. So she needs sheepish show as much as the show needs her. And I will say this. I do think that it's caught up to her. But I also think the show needs her. And I also think that all she has to do is. Yeah, you know, what I was mad at you. I was shady and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I was hurt so badly that I felt the need to do this all she is. And it's over it's all she can she physically cannot apologize. And I think for her she digs herself into these deeper and deeper and deeper holes because no one in her camp earner posse. We'll say get just got up holidays. You overreacted? You went too far you were upset that that dog ended up at a shelter. But she got too far into the game. And she just kept on making up making up things. She kept on spinning them. Yeah. And she kept on digging even deeper when she could have in-in Bahamas admitted to her part in it and would have been done. We wouldn't even be talking about it because it's. Really, not even such a big thing. But it seems like tonight's episode. She's putting it on in the press now. And I remember when we read the story, and we reporting it on the show, and we were like, this is the nana's. Did you die at how this season started? Yes. Oh my God. Oh, so dramatic did you die? But you didn't see the whole fight. No. This is only like a place of it. Right. And when Ken gets involved, it's getting nasty is getting nasty. You know, what I think this is a great season of house wise. It's one of personally one of the best ones. I've seen in a very long time. I always think the show is good. There's been a lot of great seasons. This is one of those great seasons and the pages keep on folding and unfolding and unfolding you have to watch the end. Oh, of course. I I'll watch even if it's bad because I love Erica. I'm loving right now Kyle is always just like everybody on the show, including I know a lot of people don't like that. He's richards. Denise Richards, is interview bites are hilarious. They're hilarious. I've been the jury is out for me on her. You're making me like her a little bit more just because she wasn't what I expected, and I don't care about Charlie Sheen. So it's like when everything relates back to Charlie I inevitably not gonna care. But I think I think there's a lot of promise for her. You know, leaned. Goodson of it all where it's like her first season. I was like what is she doing on the show? And now, I miss her every time this everyday and the problem is you want the news Richardson me more glamorous. Yes. Well, because in Beverly like all of these women are so glamorous like Duri when she showed up at L VP's house like in that take dress. I was like hungry. She was starving. She was starring starving only on and they just they bring it. I just I love the level of dedication that. They all have even those who aren't teddy who's not so hair and makeup Centric. She's bringing it, you know, schmear it's like they really take this job seriously. And they wanna give us the best show one hundred. But they know that once it's out there. It's out there for life. You don't want to be stuck in the mean because the queen's will make him about your ass by anything. They will turn your ass into Jif in two seconds. You don't wanna be stuck in the Jif? That's going to every gay man in America without a hair makeup are lashawn. Like, you don't want to be that bitch. That's why at least run up. Always. He knows everything. She even talks about Renna once roommate. Is an EDNA wrapped in a riddle and cash in cash, but leasing how many opening lines can I go. In one hour. I would love for everybody to Google Lisa renaissance and get that resume. Listen and hasn't been working in this business for four decades nonstop she is the hustler of the century. And I love that right now and through house I've she's at the top of her game. You know, like new breath has been released through Renner. Right. She's killing in lobby. Well, you're killing it. I must let you go. Because you're a busy man thing you so much for being here. Where can everyone follow you? Like, the shooter at the ladies sitter on Instagram and on Twitter, and you can watch just the sip on the e news YouTube website. It's so good and daily pop twelve eleven central on E, you'll be back tomorrow. Yes. And Claudia will be joining you on Friday. So they show usually ends around noon. We'll all be running home to watch jelly pop. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for the summer. Fun. So exciting time everything that you do. I'm like your biggest fan. So I'm glad that I was able to keep my cool. Just thank you for all the work that you do and for telling us to Google Google girl. Good let by tomorrow.

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