Buddy Dessert, Jurnee Smollett & Qveen Herby?


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Welcome to the weekly the podcast where you'll learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't Bobby Finger I'm Lindsey Weber and Katy Perry gave birth and the baby's name is daisy as everyone thought well, not ever. WanNa think everyone wasn't as involved as we were in guessing the name of this baby but daisy bloom daisy dove blue, which is funny. 'cause dove is trendy name. It's trendy visit trendy like currently. Yeah. His Dove Cameron. Now, there's like babies being born named. I could not name you one. But like I've seen a few times she commitment after daisy prism second-half Bloom. We're ending this conversation because she's of them and we actually should not be talking about her. We should be talking about that congratulations she gave birth to a baby. Do we just want to get right into comments because we have so many this week yeah. I have to say your guises calls we need some more like original thought like you can't just call and comment on everything you have to call and give us some new stuff to talk about I. Know We all have group think but I know you have the creativity in you to come up with some questions and some thoughts and some theories let's don't stop. We don't WanNA scold you don't WanNa scold Zinke Presario. All. Thank you for calling it. All lobbies I'm not. You're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions, comments, concerns, emphasis on questions emphasis on questions. Hey Lindsay. Hey Bobby you just ties bonus episodes or you we're talking about Moss no getting fried fun and you was served like two weeks of it. So I'm actually oppressed intriguing. I'm starting my last year law school but I did prosecution work somebody the summer at a state level, and since the federal charges and they're pleading guilty to federal plea agreement most likely they will actually serve all the time they see guilty to federal time does not include like probation or parole or anything like that in almost every case. So don't like five months and. She's GonNa get months, Saint Joseph Federal System. They probably will actually serve all of that time. So just give you an update on the guys preferential by. That's wow. That's makes perfect chance they're going to serve the whole time my favorite Damien rice song, federal crimes. We got a lot of lawyers calling about this very friendly, very sweet lawyers for your nice lawyers. I. Know I'm going to need one of these lawyers. I'M GONNA go right into the WHO weekly call log and I will call one of those lawyers and be like hey. Next. Call Hi Lindsay Bobby I hope you haven't been inundated with calls on this topic, but the Dj Colette Song from the Devil, Wears Prada is plays in very very faintly. You can just Kinda here like the the base in the background but it's playing in the scene where Jackie Fillet comes into the benefit gala and emily I'm sorry I'm stoned why am I tried to remember names emily is explaining to Andy who she is after she's likes not under faith out anyway crunch crunch. Thank you true Devil Wears Prada heads I found the clip in here at us. Chuckling away. Frontier. Oh my Go-to Morandi Keats. Sure. Special right after. I. AM merinbloom fabulous. Anyway. So it's very quietly i. know what was weird is Iran through want Hindenburg, where you can kind of drown out the noise. Yeah. Because I wanted to see if maybe the music would be a little clearer, but then it sounded even stranger listen to this. Plane Friday. Happy. I wish flame was playing at the met ball gala in the mid divorce party years before the was released and Carson Nasha. And fully Kirsty Nasha who hated it even though we loved it. Okay. Thank you for those calls. Yes. It's whenever marantz shook Lima shuttling. She hates Jacques Lean I. Know is that the same scene where she has to have the book with all the names and when she with their faces? Yes I like that part. But when she gets the book and she's like that's John or whatever the song by digital lettuce and not playing it's only playing twenty second twenty, five seconds snippet. Next call. The Brandy Monica feud was real. Monica Punched Brandy backstage at the nineteen ninety eight via maze. That math book I always thought that this was just a rumor because they've spent like twenty years being like it was all made up with the song the labels pitted against each other because they wanted to sell the song and they made people hate us we don't hate each other anymore like it was all because we were teens and all these men were in control of our lives but then they address it in this one interview from two thousand twelve and they were promoting And they're like, did you punch brandy and Monica's like I don't? I'm not gonNA and then brandon jobs like laughing earlabontay no, and Monaco's like I plead the fifth you can play the clip here. It definitely sounds like something happened a depth look. She put her hands on her because she's like I. Apologize. I Apologize I apologize and like I'm not saying anything those. Guys Avenue. V. Asset also. Break Almost All belongs to me is on I films right now. Goalpara, one, six, hundred. I definitely think that like the tension between them was so false because they're like we didn't know each other put together and then there was tension that was falsely created by the media and our management. That's the thing that makes me uncomfortable. It's like the feud was real but the feud also faked right if you'd was completely manufactured because they were children, it seemed real to them. It was intensive them they fed off of it like they were completely manipulated and but I think you can say the feud was real even though it was falsified. It was a real thing and they really did dislike each other at the time of the song and also clearly got into some sort of unnamed altercation at the MTV awards as they allude to as Monica alludes to even though they won't say what happened the only people who've actually said like Monica punched brandy are like men who were there because they claim like Monica Punch Brandy clearly something happened it must be so exhausting every time you are brandy or Monica Monica has both of them, but especially, Monica has so. Many other traumatic events to get through in her life and every time you go and interviewed you're like, so tell me do you hate brandy like you hate each other you hate each other it's been twenty years to be fair. They did release like a follow up song to it and did all the press in the world like they definitely like got over to the point where they're like we're going to capitalize off of it again, I'm just saying like I, don't feel so so bad because they made that decision. And also I will say you save Monica has trauma brandies, brothers, Ray J. So let's not even get in. Let's not even get in to it. Okay. We can move on he weekly medium Tony. Time here. Just wanted to provide you with some more info about sneaky and that right in two thousand, sixteen actually. Being Party ways they were together for over thirty years in a previous life I may have served as maybe regular dressing him and repairing his customers needed. people walk in and it was kind of a big deal when the relationship ended. Interesting living will beat a laptop is a very sweet call because it sounds like she was in a relationship with snoopy. People love Tim and I took care of him and fixed his costume him. It was a mutual decision Yeah, they STUPI. As no longer with Metlife, they broke up the estate they were being paid like twelve million dollars a year licey shelby or whatever Charles Shulz like the like the comex the peanuts it was I was reading about it. It was it was one of those complicated relationships where it's like the rights were actually owned by some larger conglomerate but then the actual show to state got like forty percent of all the prophets and the conglomerate got like sixty percents or something crazy. Like, but the estate was making a good still makes they don't need metlife for it. But when they had it was bonkers money and it was like they make so much money off of the peanuts characters every year so much money. But I liked this interview with the Global Chief Marketing Officer. metlife Esther Lee. She said we brought in snoopy over thirty years ago to make our company more friendly approachable during a time when insurance companies were seen as cold and distant it worked also snoopy drive our business and served an important role time. We she added that we have great respect for these iconic characters but that it's important that we associate our ran directly with the work. We do and the partnership we have with our customers meaning when they die, we pay their relatives like did you did they think that snoopy took the meaning of company too far from where it was like supposed to be like no one knew what metlife in life insurance was anymore I think they just stopped doing consumer marketing and they were like, let's stop making this about ads and actually try to improve our service or something it was only. Speak they wanted to spend less money on marketing as I think ultimately. L.. Next call speaking top got million comments about. Bobby. Longtime occasional times I just finish your segment be better and I wanted to call in and say that speculation is actually I would say a European. Then I did fellowship and France several years ago and specialist was like a very common option like Tele. For crates and There was also a prophecy place in Paris in the fourteenth that are. To that also has. and Taylor as a flavor. So my be in American who but. definitely a fresh them. I'm trench. The thing that I find interesting is that the company that like load speculators who makes those cookies in Europe is the same exact company as bisque off like they're the same it's just a different name just a different name you. Yeah, I love this Golf I love yeah, those cookies. They're called speculation speculates means it's a word from Philemon from the Latin word for spice. Did you go to the I'm assuming you awesome. It's the specialists wikipedia and they have little shortbread cookies in the corner dead. Yeah. They look like animals and there's a ship Farmhouse on Elephant Horse and they reminded me that I haven't had those ringling brothers animal crackers so long did you also love everyone loved those as again? I know. But they're definitely overrated. They're not very good cookies I'd rather eat speculates I'd rather eat bisque offer speculates over like those like kind of bland shortbread ish adjacent animal crackers, tech those or those like Dutch those like butter cookies in the ten. Those I fucking. Love well. You're fucking tin every single time I go to your apartment or r.i.p it's been six months but every single time go to your apartment and I see that fucking Royal Dansk like. Off. On your coffee table, I'm like cookies and then I open up and it's not cookies in there. It is not cookies in their people would be more excited by what's in there. Then the cookies unfortunately one of them I feel like one day it'd be really funny if you came over and it was cookies. You like cookies and. Other. So good I think those cookies are really good in they're not overrated at all the time titles. Not, all irony bobby just listening to the podcast and have he thought it to share this information that tiffany Shen was briefly engaged. They're non metal guy on guys they're pizza place. Or. Fancy place. Knowing this that had assured. Laptop. This is incredible on two guys and a girl in a pizza place. One of the guys not Ryan Reynolds and not the girl was to tiffany minus amber theissen because she had taken amber off of her name when they got engaged at this point because she guest starred on an episode series of episodes of two guys and a girl and a pizza place and she played his girlfriend on the show she's a firefighter named. Marty. And then they lied cooked up I know she's a firefighter named Marty and they hooked up and then they got briefly engaged and they they broke it off but that's like Incredible information. You're like, I, don't care. That's incredible information. No I think it's very good information I managed to say that whole thing without saying his name, which is Richard Russillo. Lost a time that name is lost to time we're going move on to questions but before we do that, we're gonNA play most of your calls about state names and city names that also rhyme with human names. As alternative, we didn't handle. Texas. Alexis. I'm not even sure I'm pretty sure we were like call in with your ideas, but maybe I didn't even that point as you both called in any way, and then some of our actual friends Texas very long lists that day made independently in their own spare time Let's play those and go into questions. GIADA. Nevada. Schalke Kentucky. Morgan Oregon. Romi. Wyoming. Missouri. PIPPI. Mississippi. Jane Main. So Joe. Idaho. Caroline. Maryland. Dom Guam Paloma of Homa Mona Arizona highly? Hawaii. Ramona there is ONA. Blair Delaware Hanna Indiana. And Louisiana. Sophie New Jersey Tammy Miami Morgan, Oregon. 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When you use offer code who make sure your business ready to meet the demands of delivery culture get started at ships station DOT com today click the microphone at the top of the homepage type in who that ship station dot com enter offer code WHO SHIP STATION DOT com make ship happen. High and we we longtime long time. I was wondering if you guys could talk about to WHO's at I think hearing a lot about lately. Specifically. Journeys small let's and Jonathan Majors Journey was a child after she's been an a ton of stuff I think she should be them. I hope she'll become then. I think her brother might be notorious them. And Jonathan Majors, I think is a WHO on the rise. So if you guys could talk about them out, shoot it, love these guys country crunch love Karl County is buzzy a whole country. It's a whole. Did I say County Country County. County, I am watching it I do find it extraordinarily confusing though like I think it's beautiful and I really think everyone is quite good. Do. Find the show itself hard to watch but it doesn't matter because it's just it's very buzzy like it's just talking about it's like westworld and in that like you're watching it and you're like, this is pretty I'm not sure if I think it's good. But I'm just going to keep watching it. It gets. Right? All season and the thing is I find myself wondering like should I just read the book as the book exist but I also kind of just WanNa be surprised. So I'm not reading the book and I'm not even though I have no idea what's going on and I was really annoyed by the second episode becoming a completely different show I don't want to spoil myself. I'm still like well, I do WanNa see where this goes. You have faith in this show I don't know I haven't really read a ton of reviews about it to be honest I'm not quite sure like. If it goes a place where critics critics usually given like a few more episodes than you know they're given like either half the season or the full season. So like sometimes they don't even know where the show is going and like if it resolves itself or become something different, that's better. But yeah. Okay. anyways the point is is not the show itself and its content. The show is the point is this stars of the show which are journey smaller and Jonathan. Majors and we've talked about him Michael K Williams is also in the show and he's very good in this show. I. Didn't know that he goes. He goes by Michael Kenneth Williams a lot now like I've Seen Katherine out a few times. Anyway. I've noticed that since recording you the mullets this small it's we love the small I. Love the small ones I fucking love this mullets they're like they're like the what's the other J. named group of their like the Doug but good Like. Like Oh yeah they're way more cars the doug good. The Douglas but talented, but talented, right so. Not Yeah. No the Douglas or not talented. I wouldn't call the doug talented. Maybe they're like talented having children but I was going to say that's their talent. They're very good at a children You Have Jesse Journey Jockey Jazz Joe Joe and Jake and their father's name was Joel so that's where that came from. In case you're wondering about the smallest and their mother's name was Janet it's all Jay's Oh my God and not all small it's are acting. It's mostly just an attorney. Yes. Yeah. Jussie and journey are the two most famous actors journey has been in stuff said she was kid so as Jesse but journey is most well known I would say as a child actor for her her stints on both full House and hang of Mr Cooper as the same character denise's like an iconic full house character like she her face will always mean. That to meet personally, and then there I didn't know that she was on I knew she was on Mr Cooper but I kind of forgot that she was also denise meant that they were in the same world. It was a crossover character. It's just like a lot of network shows where they have the same characters and they help sort of like promote the other by appearing on the other thing like there's an episode of that show. Empty. Nest. was sort of a spinoff of golden girls and they existed in the same universe and sometimes the doctor from emptiness will be on the golden girls and sometimes Sophia would be on an episode of emptiness. Never TV has done this forever a lot. Of the smallest were child actors though because I remember the, there's like a whole story. If you read one of the profiles by journey that the mom did Janet did say like Oh you like you these kids. I. Got Plenty like here and they like all kind of got involved and also I forgot this but jake is also a he's a food personality because they need that show on the food network member smell at eats and they were like all on the show smokies. Yeah it was it was yeah. It was like all of them and they all got involved in the show. But so jake is the other small at WHO's involved in Showbiz that I forgot about he was also. In hanging out Mr Cooper that was that was one of his young childhood rains but journey, right. So journey as all the kids were like went different ways and did their own thing journey stayed in the acting lane and she's one of those actors who former child actors who for the past I dunno, she's in her mid thirties thirty three but the past I would say over ten years, twelve years of her life anytime she'd be anything it'd be like journey small growing up journey smollet is an adult actor now. So every few years she gets like some comback narrative whenever she was in the Tyler Perry movie temptation, which was terrible by the way and the worst Tyler Perry movie. Oh. Let's get into it, and then after that underground came and I think underground Gaber tons of hype. The show got cancelled but that show got a lot of buzz and that was a extremely like adult role for her and underground was created by green who also created lovecraft country, and so now they're working together and me Chagrin extremely buzzy because she keeps making these shows that everyone likes and she's working with Jordan Peele and lovecraft country. Okay. But this is all kind of boring. Can I just say the one thing that's interesting about this? Sorry to say is her she recently did a profile for and sorry to say that this is interesting but it is a for Hollywood reporter for this because you have to do press. For this show, and so of course, Jesse stuff is GONNA come up because if you remember the last time you've heard about Jesse's entire thing is like it was kind of left is very confusing is still pending charges against him by like the city of Chicago and stuff that are like kind of you lied Blah Blah Blah and it's very unclear still to this day. No one knows what really happens like he has come back to instagram. He's like he's acting he's like on stuff again like even though he got kicked off empire which eventually kind of ended itself anyway. So it wasn't kind of a relevant that he got. Kicked off of it but the point is is that he's kind of like people have not necessarily forgotten but like kind of moved on because it's kind of dragged out for so long you know. But anyways, what's interesting is in this Hollywood reporter profile about Jesse, they ask her about about this Hollywood reporter profile about journey they ask her about Jesse and she base like it's the most painful thing families have been through to watch somebody go through that. Has Been Devastating. I was in a very dark place for a number of reasons which I think she referring to she got a divorce this year she was married for ten years to the sky and got a divorce right before this show came out and she said and I've tried to not let it make me pessimistic but everyone who knows me knows that I love my brother and I believe my brother so like she's not even really necessarily commenting. On, the case itself but she just saying like I stand by him no matter what it doesn't matter, but it just makes me reminds me that that case is still so mysterious and so like no one knows what the fuck happened. You know what I mean any fully charged whip something like disorderly conduct in relation to the fat lake basically, they were charging with lying to the cops but the charges like disorderly conduct specifically and as recently as the summer. June, the courts are still trying to decide what to fucking do this whole mess they know something was up, they know something was wrong. They know something was not clear about his story, but it's just like the question is what and also like what I mean. It's so hard to know because there's no information So she was asked about that and also her divorce from that singer bell that's why she was journey smaller bell for a long time now. She's journey small it again, that's why she is on lovecraft country and She's back to small at, which is Great. Great name a lot of equity in that name we move onto. Jonathan. Majors next who is the? I. Guess He is the Star. The lead of that show that she is co lead and he's had an even bigger year than journey because he was in the five. He was in the last lack in San Francisco, which is I was thinking about the last man Francisco because I was On the Andy and I was remembering like how beautiful that movie is, and it made me Miss Theaters I was like that's the sort of it's just like very much. The sort of movie that you WanNa see a movie theater that movie if you haven't seen last month seven CISCO I think it's on Amazon Brian he is kind of the opposite of journey which is so. Funny like his career is like very like he went to Yale drama school and he he got his start like later in life like his ray cow was like this and last year essentially are you know his I guess when we rise was kind of like when he that was his first big thing that ABC docudrama number that which has come up a couple times recently, right I know. Truly. So that was his new he was older and so like it's funny 'cause like him journey are like the two leads but they're essentially kind of like the opposite type of Hollywood person where he's like I went to Yale drama school and she's like I was on hanging with Mr Cooper when I was five years old, you know like a different pedigree away. The other thing that I wanted to mention about journey was the part in. When you talk about child stars did you see was macaulay Culkin's fortieth birthday yesterday? He tweeted like I'm old he was elected old I'm forty forty. Actually funny. He's a funny guy. He's a funny guy. But when you think about child stars like so much of it is really dark and there's a part in the Hollywood reporter profile that you were according earlier that sort of gives a little insight into why the splits I mean leave Jesse out of this but why this mullets are sort of. I Dunno grounded. I. Don't WanNa say normally outlet Josh Hollywood. Well, adjusted yes and it was a part where they she was talking about her mother. So as a child actor in the ninety in the early ninety S. House was hanging super was an eas by you like a working actor. She was getting offers from Disney channel journey was and her mom there's this line. Let me quote it. She says. The work that followed. Followed Full House. Those things was patchy aided no small part by small. It's mother who'd regularly turned down offers on her behalf of for the simple reason that they didn't satisfy her taste among them journeys own Disney channel show a prospect that Janet small wouldn't so much as entertain. Quote, my mom would be on the phone with my agent yelling at her like I could go sell pussy on the corner if I wanted to make money okay I don't need to make money. My daughter is not doing it but that was my mom's mentality. I. Will Not pimp out my children and I'm grateful for that. So it's like thank God my mom didn't just throw me on the Disney channel because who knows where I would be right now the suggestion of darkness but mainly just the suggestion that like it couldn't it wouldn't have been her life it wouldn't have been her control and now she gets to control everything. I mean it does though make me think if like if journey was like Alexis, Texas like what would have happened there definitely is like another journey like the journey, the journey that journey could've taken could have been a very different path I i. am curious if she was like an Alexis, Texas, she would have been successful like she was a q- Kid who could act who always stole the show whenever she was on full House right is surprising that Denise Room full, House. Didn't get her own spinoff moment in a way like for many reasons because like they would because you know the Olsen, twins had a very successful child career. Who knows what they're like adult since we don't hear or see them ever but like lewd personalities anymore. But like but I, it is funny. It is like interesting to me that Denise I'm calling her denise in my mind what she who she is but like that denise didn't get those opportunities but apparently, she did she just like her mother was like we're not going that route we're just like not doing that thing you know this this Joe Joe. Like what could have been had the journey and Jo-jo dirtiest smell et but a different. Okay. So I address Malek to the list of Joe Joe's. Next call. Eighty desert. Please comments. I. Excuse me caller that's not how it's pronounced. If you read the People Magazine Story About Nikki and Brie Bella revealing the special meetings behind each of their sons names, you would know that buddies middle name is pronounced. Desert. Desert. I just but it spelt desert it's spelled desert and she said for his middle name, I really wanted to incorporate my family. She adds this is bree. By the way this is bringing Nikki birdies. Middle Name is Joe after my grandfather who just meant the world to me so I wanted buddy to have something of my grandmother her last name her maiden name is desert. When you look at it, people are going to say dessert because it's French but it's pronounced desert. So it's actually like there's a family thing it's her grandmother's maiden name, but it's also dessert dessert. I mean, obviously, this is not you know the middle name kind of falls away in your life. So he's going to be mostly known as buddy which issues with, but we won't get into it like as a person's name that's just wild but like I like bud but I don't love buddy I think buddies like, AH, whatever maybe he'll go by bud or whatever. So the point is, is that if you name him buddy desert people are gonNA say Buddy dessert even if you're like it's desert like just like don't like this. It's desert we'll spelt desert. Okay. Well, you know how am I supposed to know about? How am I gonNA know that not to be all baby named credit up here I'm looking at those people cover and it's crazy crazy going on here rec- gi that is broken CGI. These babies don't deserve the that's been doing being done to them. They're literally newborns get the CGI out of their faces. They both look like Deign to Hong the actor Dane dehaan. No. Here. Look like you know at the Mac of people magazine sometimes but mostly like the back of like lifestyle. Okay and like closer they have those like lifestyle. Like those fake babies it's like, oh, get your own fake baby in. It's like very disturbing because they're just dolls that look very lifelike. That's US look like they look like they're dolls. It's because they've been they've been photo shopped to death to death including Brian Bella two. They also got the same treatment it's nice or not Brian Bella, Nikki and Brie. Mickey and bree. Even, though they're styled the same here and they're wearing the same clothes because it's like we're twins were the same. This is our stick even though we're adults, they look different I think for the first time in a long time usually they literally look identical one looks more likely Michelle and one looks more like Casey Mass, graves, ricky, Lake, or over-regulate. Am I right like they usually are photographed and specifically styled and then photos they're highly fisher mom vibe is a little bit making them a little a little different or maybe I've just seen their faces now enough time were able to like kind of tell the difference between them. The other thing about this is like Babies aside like the gift of life we love it. We stand it's great that they had kids. It is still so crazy to me and so controlling and almost manipulative that these two plan their people cover and the reveal of their kids like the same cover we're going to have them born on the same day if possible like all this stuff like the fact that they like planned all of this out to me is so fucking funny in conniving like. The funniest best way like just just straight up celebrity conniving press conniving an idol they would ever admit or claim to have plan. This I think they actually claimed otherwise, but you look at this cover and see. Eleven months of planning you know like it looks like now, this is exactly the outcome they want it and there's a Liar Matteo born July thirty first in an Arrow pointing at buddy born August I people exclusive double baby joy Latino. It's just so funny is to have like they made their careers wrestlers because they were twins they got their own reality show as twins and like their relationship I just feel like twin thing has been like. They've used this twin things so well to further their careers in Hollywood that it's like the to this being the inevitable end point of it, not necessarily end point I'm sure they'll figure out new ways but like this, being the the latest stop in and not twin trained to me is so fucking funny it's so funny also they are both boys but down to their instagram announcements both being the photo of the baby hand grabbing the the finger. And then it says Lee. Michelle, did it too Leah Michelle did it and so two Katy Perry. gave its baby hand grabbing the finger, which is a thing that they do. They're grabbing the thing they do, but it's a boy. And they both US and they both use blue hearts. The whole thing is just identical. Like winner there had going to diverge what's that GonNa do do they exist outside of this unit? I don't think so. It's just like such a funny. Maybe it's all they know maybe it's just like, oh, we're twins. This is what we do. You know but it is just like so funny that their careers have leaned on each other literally they're leaning against each other on this. Exclusive. They're literally back to back like the twins on the cover of the twins movie star Dan veto and aren't sort snigger they're twinning. They're justin like the their adulthood stage feel like twins. It's like a lot of things things that are really cute when you're a baby and really cute when you're elderly and like all look at those old sisters who wear the same clothes and they're eighty nine, but it's like look at those. Eight year olds and they wear the same clothes and that's cute. But when you're forty, it's strange like there's a a seventy year period when it's strange. But at the beginning at the end of your life, it's like Kinda cute and they just have to sort of muddle through this. I do think that the thing about twins is that like twin will always be fascinating to non twins. Like, as like until the end of time like we people as not, twins will always find twins fascinating and I think you can either play to that or be like very much against that. But like some twins are like, yes, we are incredible. We are special and we're going to like us that and like these two are the epitome of like the Hollywood twin thing like we love twins. Twins. We loved he loved twins when I was. You know we do when you find out that celebrity has a twin you're like, oh, I like you're obsessed with it like Ashton Kutcher or like who else has a twin? Scarlett Johansson has been. Who else has a twin? Rami and Sami Malik. I Love Sami. Malik. I love the other Malik brother. Okay. Let's move on. Hi, this is Sarah Longtime longtime. I just saw online where they'll listen learn has broken the record at only fan for earning one million dollars in less than twenty four hours. And I just feel like, Lindsey Bobby need to know that information anyway. Hope you guys are having a good day. It's. Top another entry in the good form Bella Thorne log good form Bella thorne she made a million dollars in twenty four hours on only fans, which is something only fans like thanks for the Promo. They loved their telling everyone that's news. They only fans is out here confirming this left and right they love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it because it's like look at the potential of this platform even though she's like point zero, one percent of earners but you know it's cool. She's not the first liberty to be out here. Doing only fans. There's a lot of different only fans clones two that are like people are doing for whatever reasons they want to use them because it's not. Just used to be just like sexy reasons. But like now, people are kind of broadening out and doing lots of different things I mean you can be a fan of anyone for many different reasons. Bella, Thorne is not doing nudity on only fans. She played out apparently people who have signed up for the service say that it's mostly Bikini photos like you know she's good at that too. She says, she wants to start posting like videos as well and like screenwriting videos and a whole a whole screenwriting. The point, the reason she's doing this, she didn't interview at the La Times over text, which is really funny and the most gorgeous millennial moment she's working with the Director Sean Baker who had made. Tangerine he made the Florida project. He made that movie starlet with the Hemingway the other hemingway incredible movies. He makes movies about like women who exist in like underrepresented. Parts of society and the economy. So it's like in Tangerine sex workers it was like trans sex workers they was shot on an iphone member like you with that was kind of the big thing about Tangerine was shot only on an iphone, which was like before apple was doing that on iphone thing this was actually shot on an iphone the entire. Movie. In it's an incredible it's really fucking good movie in Florida project. It was like a woman who's basically was like a criminal sell it like she was poor she had she was a single mom she was a criminal selling like disneyworld bands and then like the guy who's a working class guy running shitty motel such like extended stay like Antler Gun. starlet, it's also about porn stars, and so it's not surprising that she's working with this director Sean Baker and researching a movie, which ultimately will be about an only fans type service. She's like we're doing this research. Well, it's unclear whether it's a docu series where they were making a documentary about her only fans experience or an actual movie about a girl. With an only, it seems like pushing towards the second she's called research maybe Bella Thorne's next journey will be what breaks her into like more of an indie scene vibe or something like she's out here. Doing God knows what didn't she just direct porno for for like four KNOB. Member that Russia did Bella Thorne good form Bella Thorne to the extreme she's. Out, here I read some article that was like how Bella Thorne is different than than day because like they both run that Disney show together I'm like how count the ways in every single way it's like their careers are so divergent was the going GonNa Win Lake Six. Oscars and then they're going to be like here's the difference between these two women and it's like I. Know It's true and it's like these two women have not been friends or work together in maybe fifteen years at this point. Presumably millions of dollars a month, but she's going to make on this thing as long as she keeps making good content is go towards this movie, the bulk of it at least the other really funny thing is that on her only fans she links to her Amazon wishlist and the first time I saw this link like this cannot be real, but it's but it's linked from her own platforms that would have to be legitimate says this Bella Thorne's Amazon wishlist and can I just read you the things some of the things on this? Things yeah. Okay does he cakes fake cake six inches blue birthday cake fo- cake fake food display baby shower. So he has one, two, three, four, five, six fake cakes. Okay. Six weeks I've never even considered. Buying fake cakes exist there's a market for fake news. Okay. What is she doing? What these fake cakes they're like for prop styling? Is She gonNa like do something with them? I'm just so curious I have no idea. Has It's ten haircare miracle even product which I use I love it. It's like conditioner spray. That's great that she's asking for that from her fans. Gene also wants a she wants a golf set she wants golf clubs and a character potter I'm so confused she wants a putter and then the most most confusing one is the last one she has on here wouldn Sushi serving tray boat before the plate for restaurant or home she has a Sushi boat, but it says the other thing is it says needs eight has to so she needs eight Sushi boats. Eight sushi boats. This list involves golfing, Sushi platters, hair care, and fake cakes like. Mystery it's like the fucking Davinci. Code that wishlist it is so confusing also, why do you have a wish list if you're making a million dollars a day on or a million dollars? Like you just made a million dollars. You can afford this Sushi boat it's twenty, four, nine, hundred. You only need six more. You only eight more sushi boats. You can buy yourself the rest like you've made a million dollars on only fans. Maybe, she wants to do something with the Sushi both and only fans like eat sushi on only fans I don't know I. Don't know. Allan. Talk. These three quickfire questions about them potential. Let's start with this from our leaving been has done percents. Shimon. Samara Weaving Starve ready or not. Yeah, relative of Hugo weaving but not daughter of Hugo Weaving. I would say I would say, yeah. But I also feel like she definitely gets lumped into like the Margot robie limited the same category with. These limits are these different women. It's our job to the between those six women in that viral tweet where it's like, why do all these women? and. I. And I cried. I could name five of the six but two of them I was like I literally cannot tell that I do not know which one of these. Look up who they were, Jamie King Margot Robbie Faith Ford, which is dated photo and actually shouldn't be there Samara Weaving Emma, mackey and Jaime Pressley yet it's all these like blonde women with like kind of sharp features. Some are Australian because era and or Samara who cares Samarra and Margot are both Australian right Margot Robie Australian. Australia's Sonali do they get mistaken for each other but they're both Australia which I'm sure doesn't help in America because we you know lump all Australians together of course, and that I think would be her only issue. The thing that I think the caller is referring to issues in the new bill in Ted. Alongside the other the other newcomer. So they're like Oh is this going to be this could be like a big thing if it's big enough movie shore, but otherwise like she's not the star of it. So like I'm curious or maybe more maybe those roles are bigger than we expect. But like that's the question is like whether that could break her it's out. Today's you're listening to this interesting. Cool. Oh, it is coming where the OD. Beauty. They decided to just like fuck it. Let's release bill and Ted days the music. Cool. So like td on that, let's go the next one we have a we have a triptych of of potentials. What are your thoughts about Tessa? Thompson. Well, she'd be them. Ever. She's somebody. But. I don't know but. She's so pretty I think she is a them. them she was like the lead and Westworld this year to like she she wasn't much good and West on Westworld. Okay. But it was good in every world right find good. Okay. Like no one was able to be good in that movie and I think the marvel stuff the next door as well again, and the flop of men in black men in black international flop will not stop her though that was a US fucking flop. Yeah. It washes of them. I think she's at them and okay with calling her them I me to next one. Bobby I just finished watching the new peacock adaptation of raising world starring Alden Ehrenreich. Still very much a WHO right. I'm wondering what do you think it would take for him to become event and this point Because I feel like he's had some pretty big chances. Selah who? Do. You think will ever become a them. All didn't Aaron right who or them. Likelihood of becoming of them. ME French he's definitely a WHO now I think it's shocking that brave new world is being watched because I haven't heard anyone talk about it. Anyone. No I think a WHO okay. Let's say like he's like such a he's the biggest to, and he's like literally at the top of every lake coming actor list for a while and it's like he's not where is he I don't see him. You know like it's fuck in. Waiting for Godot out here like he's not coming. Where is he the poorly re? Oh no but Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay he's in the poorly received peacock original adaptation of brave new world starring as John The savage. What do you mean? He's not going anywhere. What do you mean when he received adaptation but he's getting these huge roles like he's like young. Indian young Harrison, Ford. He's in brave new world. He really is like getting these moments, but it's like not clicking I guess. I mean even though solo was perfectly fine perfectly perfectly solo could not overcome its flop narrative and the fact that it wasn't embarrassment and sort of put a stop to the Disney vacation or the like high speed Disney application of Star Wars. They're like actually we're not gonNA. Do this anymore we were gonNA release stores. We've every year, but you know what? Let's not because of Solo they he was cast because he could look like and sound like Harrison. Ford thinks sound school in a way, but it's also sort of a red flag like whenever you're being cast because you have another person's energy is like. Kinda. Wrong. Like you're not bringing anything new to the table. Let's like you're not supposed to be an impersonator. Yeah. Like it's kind of like that's not a good way to start a career. It's like, oh, he doesn't amazing impersonation of Harrison. Ford. It's like Oh okay. Thank. Oh. Oh Okay he was in Hail Caesar which is a really good movie and he was really funny in it. But that was an ensemble movie and then he was in that Warren Beatty flop world's don't apply with Lily Collins I believe. We Love Lincoln like it's it's just it's just it's. It's just it's tough like I just don't know who is out here standing Alden Ehrenreich like I'm always there like an ehrenreich updates at Ehrenreich. Like there isn't I just don't think there is i. mean proved me wrong if there is I would love to follow it if there is because I would no more I have no problem with Alden Ehrenreich I. Think he will keep acting but I do not. He'll be sort of like we can do better you know yeah and it's maybe this is unfair but it's also sort of like if anyone who is of his Ilk as like young twenties handsome white guys. It's going to be like, like Paul Mess Cal's GonNa. Get the roles that maybe Alden Ehrenreich was gunning for a year ago you know what I mean like. There's already a new batch of. Men. You're saying like he missed his spot like it's kind of like passing him by a little bit I. Think you Mr Spot He's good. He's handsome. He's talented, but I don't think he'll be of them. Whatever so talented. And okay. You're comes a call weekly long time first time I believe. I'm just calling to let you guys know that Sir Twenty seven era. Cover Band Carmen which number of we've paid snl twenty or something. Has Actually rebranded under. Under the stage name. Queen Furby. But Spells Avi So I'm I'm might be actually. Hervey. And, convene Herbie formerly known as the. As, Carmen. Actually, made the news last week. 'cause they. covered. Walks. But when you got to know that. Convene herkie covers off. There's nothing more cursed. Let's see. Did you hear that convene Herbie covered what? Did you. Hear Bobby. Did you hear that? Did you hear the convene Herbie covered wop last week? Did you hear convene her covered? What did you hear? That Kevin her be covered up of all things to cover covene Herbie covered wop if you remember Carmen. How can I fucking forgets harming? Let's just play a really quick Carmen. Carmen saw play their single 'cause that was they. There were they did covers famously, but they weren't a cover band. They did have singles like brokenhearted was like a big hit for them see. Skin. and. So like this husband and wife couple in the era of like pombal Moose and like when we thought it was cute cool and we were like into Acapella and we thought like this was a thing that was okay to do like they got famous off of like these rap covers that they did on Youtube as a husband wife duo, and then they started carmen the band and they had a few hits under like with real songs but they continued to do covers up major label because if they were on Saturday night live and then Carmen went away. rebrand was like Carmen was like clowns wild Carmen was famous to we'll say like Carmen was funny at the time when people really liked Carmen. Just like it wasn't like this thing where it was like in hindsight were like, Carmen, was whack it was at the time that Carmen was famous we were like there's something wrong here like Carmen is this is weird Corman was instantly polarizing there's this clip of them doing a cover of pumped up kicks on that like went viral on Tumbler for being just like so bad do you remember I'm going to play the I'm GONNA play here? You have to turn up. Okay. So carbon. Although many of us found Carmen extremely finey Carmen developed a very rabid fan base. They dump their label they she decides own Amy Decides you know what? Like I wanna I, WanNa do my own thing, amy. Noonan. Nick Noonan. Fun. Fact. They met at Berkeley College in Boston met at music school music nearly Carmen the too. She's from she's from somewhere in middle. America. And the. So she decides to rebrand and she's Seen Herbie Q. V. E. N. Herbie now, and what she's doing is mostly hip hop and it's a completely different vic- rebranded as convene Herbie, and like mostly people didn't notice like her fan base obviously was like Wien like we love I it's I know we're saying convene. Em but it's just queen but everybody was like covene Herbie and that's her fan base and she had them. But like no one else kind of new and then somebody started i. think there was like a few tweets that were like, did we all know that like Kevin? Herbie is carmen like Carmen rebranded every was like what the fuck because it was a song that was called like Shaw Day in the nineties and she had kind of like braids and everybody was like what's going on here with Caffeine Herbie and then sat also kind of faded away. You know that after that one kind of brief like a yeah a, there was a brief like what is. This a weird appropriation thing happening now but like I people just didn't care enough about Caffeine Herbie till like really have that communist they were like you know you can have this conversation elsewhere. Let's take this conversation to another place like we don't need to waste a year or like we can't do that like this is just too strange like there are plenty other people appropriating that we can focus on that aren't convene her be like we don't need to focus on that. Yes. But she just released this walk cover and got the seal of approval from Cardi B. Herself who said so good in in response to convene Herbie's cover of wop and Lindsey found this. Interview with Omaha Com that has happened in the middle of Corentin. So it's like a new interview it's prop but you know earlier this summer and were laughing at Ku Kevin Herbie but there is when she talks about is just so funny the name is so funny the name is so bad the aesthetic so bad it makes me uncomfortable what she's doing with the styling and I don't know and her makeup and her hair like there are things that are wrong with this. It's very much again the trend top it's very much like a top that smash and crop and Neon, and you know whatever an inauthentic and feels very much like where did you buy this? And it's going to disintegrate upon second wear you know. But the way that she talks about convene Herbie you sort of you're like, okay I get it like I I find some of the imagery, a little annoying and I I would say skirting the line of of that's appropriate name an problematic but basically, they got famous really really quickly and they were Carmen at the time and they had to continue being Carmen and she's like we were forced until sticking with this aesthetic that hadn't really been formed just because it's what everyone fell in love with and it really wasn't us and so then they leave the label she starts she's like I wanted to actually be like. As artist and I wanted to make it easy for fans to differentiate between me and becoming a queen. That's her quote and Nick still produces the music but she's the only one that's four like camera facing and she says, all my music is about empowerment now Henson. Queen Living Your truth. Even if it means transformation, we have to demand these things ourselves even though things are crazy right now I'm so grateful I can do this and she talks about like. How streaming makes it hard to make money off of music and stream it hard to like think about albums like it's just very expensive and so she's like I change my look and style and aesthetic every few months so that I can keep people coming back to my spotify profile and playing new things and like. It makes a little sense. It makes a little sense but the part that stop making sense in this interview when I was willing to throw a bone was someone says the interviewers has okay. So Kevin. Herbie, is that a reference to Herbie husker and she's A person? No. Oh, because they from Omaha. Because they're both from Omaha. Not, normal parcel would not be like, Herbie. Husker the the mascot for the Nebraska Nebraska. And so she's like hell, yes, it is. It is. It is a reference to Herbie husker. I changed the spelling I went to school in Boston everyone used to call me Queen I. Guess Because I'm really bossy and then I looked up this fuck like imagine this woman. where she like her namesake is the polar opposite of this woman, her namesake is an overalls wearing bigalow blonde man with a big old red co cowboy hat snatching a football with the CORNCOB in his back pocket and his name is Herbie husker and Herbie redoubt is what Herbie is referring to Kevin Herbie is literally convene this guy. This is with overalls and corn. He is straight out of the hee-haw Cornfield and I was over here. thinking she was talking about marijuana but no, she's talking about corn. Yeah and then Queen Corn and so in Corny this this got me thinking about her thing about like hell as an artist I have to evolve to keep my fans excited and to keep myself profitable Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and I have to change after change after change and then I realized when I was looking Herbie husker that when he changed people got the And it has Herbie Husker, the oldest current Mask University of Nebraska Lincoln Sports. Teams. Herbie was created by guards dirk west Blah. Blah. First appeared in nineteen seventy four. So he was this like overalls wearing downhome good ole boy. Cornfield worker from nineteen, seventy, four to two, thousand three, and then in two thousand, three, bully me I don't like him. He looks like he would beat me up both these Herbie's Wood fucking Gimme a swirly and the red hat is not helping. So her shove your head into a toilet that's fresher Thousand three changing into where from overalls to blue jeans and a Red Light Polo shirt and everyone got fear s with him Oh so you're trying to co you're saying while Herbie husker made the change that no one liked Covina Herbie. Change. So she really been that people liked I mean I know people like this is. What I'm really saying. Convene tire thing is about like metamorphosis and change and as an artist you change. That's what I'm calling myself having Herbie but Herbie husker's whole thing is like tradition tradition. If you fuck with tradition like people will be furious and I just found that a little interesting. anyway here's a snippet of of convene Herbie Singing Lop, which did you hear convene Herbie AH singing what? I heard that Kevin Herbie covered wop Uras listen we saved the best for last here it is some mode and the some holes in the so there's some old in the show though some. Assets certified free. seven-day week. At Post. Game Week. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you fucking with someone. Bring bringing up but when as book? That's a perfume genius was singing about when he said don't you know you're Wien. Let's game of who them because I gotta get the wet asked Pussy cover out of my mouth. Did you hear she covered? I gotTA. Get. The wettest plus. I didn't mean to say but okay. If you WANNA pizza you can get a pizza you want a double cheeseburger. You can get a double cheeseburger how caviar caviar Caviar. Double. cheeseburger. Your one find caviar find a local business on capitol. Okay. We got means maimings Diner Brooklyn new. York. Heard of it meaning diner, Brooklyn New York we both got bts. We hit them in the park I was. There is you can use the caviar apt to get the food you want curated list of options, offer quality meals, but the convenience of NAPA ordering there's a lot of delivery APPs. Caviar is the goto place to find local restaurants that could be delivered right tutors up or we did pick up pick also great caviar is available in over twenty five major us. And they're plenty of options to choose from with the CAP. You can get the food you actually want prospectus tacos to pizza too awful awful sandwich to whatever you want doesn't matter. So get the APP yes, get the APP, get delivery get food you want and for hooligans caviar is offering ten dollars off your first order of twenty dollars or more. All you have to do is put in the offer code who at checkout that's ten dollars off your first purchase of twenty dollars or more with our code who download caviar on the APP store or Google play store and use offer code who. Mike Judge who were them? Mike Judge. Great Oh, veil and Beavis and butthead one, two three. Like animation them. That's the category animation them. Yeah I think he's a them. Yeah. Animation them. Also. General. Office. Space No I think he's a them I. Think the Beavis and butthead King of the hill thing Mike Judge he's definitely a Texas them. I will say definitely Texas. Texas them? Okay next call. All right. We're GonNa see who are then. Chris Brench. Rico. Nasty who were them? One two, three COO cou. I go nasty is definitely a WHO could be them none of them yet but like upcoming them, she's a female rapper. Yes. Trying to think of big hit but now I can't think of one. What's a big hit? Is it just Makarevich just Makarevich probably you might be I think that's the biggest hit but yeah Rico nasty who could be them more chance of becoming than Alden Ehrenreich I'll tell you that much. slammed. Okay. Okay. Mark. Jackson doer. Them. Crunch crunch. I have no idea who this is. He's the guy who plays like. He was the Sweetie Dad Babysitters club and he was also like the rude bad place golf in the good place. Oh, he's good as the he's good as the sweetie data maybe yeah. Okay. One two, three who I had just. To yeah, he's a who he's an everything these days, but he's who get out of town them. Yeah. No, he's three names Outta here next call. About me the WHO's and then movies plate gearing school. I am a younger millennial every. No person sure on that. But my teachers loved the national treasure movies like every single time we have to. Any afternoon, it'd be. National Fisher. So who's in that of those movies By Whether. Were whether movies that you watch multiple times and like school. Like Schindler's list. I we watched once in school. bleak. That's bleak. What are movies that People Watch in school? What did you want me to answer from this? I don't we know understand watched I watched in in school. There are movies that I watch multiple times. One of them was outbreak in to health classes. Did I watch outbreak? I'm not even sure in what situations and the teacher like fast forward it's through particularly gruesome stuff because it isn't already movie, but it's like we watched outbreak at least twice we watched hamlet the long Kenneth Branagh hamlet and another way I watched twice in Highschool Chocolat into French classes that truly is shocking because chocolate doesn't even really have French in it. I mean it's about France, but it's not like it's not infringe. Why would you watch English French people and sometimes it'd be like the most friendship gets his brother like Lecompte or like the fact that it's actually called shock a lot. But like nothing else is French I'm trying to think of movies that they watched in school like maybe Les Miz they played I once like movies that were not problematic in like how a historical had historical relevance. Make sense it was just like very long. You know yeah. Yeah. What are other movies at teacher show in high school? I don't know to teachers even show movies in high school anymore in our high school experiences are middle school experiences I. Know that we watch those movies and we also watched I watched contact I know twice in like in high school and middle school contact. US. Joan once again, I would be like I already fucking watch this in school like this is ridiculous. Get up again I think we also watched like Romeo and Juliet the bachelor and one for some English class I would show that for in this class, the Romeo and Juliet that we had to watch was the the old, the Franco Zeffirelli version, the like old one, and there's like naked. There's like people in it because like after they fucked for the first time there naked and like the teacher had to like throw piece of poster board over the TV, she's like she was awaiting next because there aren't they teenagers. Wrong and so there's a scene whenever they were about to be naked. She was just like standing next Mrs Hoick was her name. She was standing next to the TV and waiting, and then she was holding this poster board and then like covered the screen for a few seconds and then like took it and then took it off, and then we'd like to. Julia, and then we watch with west side story. Afterwards, we had to wait it's funny that there's this I found steady dot com five literature related movies teachers can show in class. Are you a high school teacher looking for an educational movie to show in your classroom? Well, you're in luck this blog has great options. Let's face it high school teachers don't have it easy between lesson planning grading instructing is disciplining your plate is probably pretty full. Sometimes, you just need a break from the constant grind what better way to give yourself some well-deserved breathing room while still providing educational value to your students than to show a movie. I just love the idea that it's like we thought they were so old we true adults like guiding us and it's like someone who's now our age being like I'm exhausted I gotTa show the movie I'm going to smoke like I can't hear. You know what movie that my shop teacher showed us an eighth grade Yes. My shop teacher who was missing a finger like the most classic shop teacher. You can't be a shop teacher there unless you're missing a finger are you kidding you have to miss a finger and his thing that was the he talked about he was like this to my students every year I find it so important and it was Stand and deliver the T- The teacher movie The schoolteacher movie with Edward James Olmos Diamond Phillips of course he was like. Society adjacent. We had to watch stanton deliver, and then we went back to woodshop and I made a cutting board. If you were a teacher, what would you what movie? It doesn't matter what subject Scott and you're like. You're like I. Need to make my kids watch this movie to understand what movie would you walk Tober? But this is not a high school. Middle. If I were a middle, so I would show them the newer version of Great Gatsby like the Leo the Shitty Leo Floppy version I'd make them watch that, and then it'd be like, let's talk about this and then I'd. Be. Curious. You know let's tell us. What do you think about the Lana Del Rey Song? What do you think about it young and beautiful? Does it resonate with you? But yeah, I think if I were in high school what would I be like I just show him in her shoes All my I can you imagine making the whole class watch in her shoes misra finger why are you showing us this and I'm just in the back eating pop because it's excellent. Good. Because it's usually Leaves, but you're staying you're like I, just WanNa Watch this today. So you're all here. We're not teacher try who inclination you please rank from to them. Jason Segel Steven Seagal. Heater stay goal and seagulls. I really feel like seal should be in that listing But you can opt out if you disagree. Crunch. Crunch. And hate this so much. But I a love it. This is the kind of. So it's we crave Peter Segal Jason Segel, Steven seagal seal, and Seagulls I. Think the last person on this list is. Peter Singer. No chance Peter Segal wait don't tell me right. Am I getting the right guy? Yes. He wrote dirty dancing. Okay. A movie Peter Single. Say that. Vana nights he wrote one of my favorite films. which are that has relevance and it's romantic. When you're a lesson plan about Cuba. I'm like Oh. This is perfect. It begins a nineteen fifty like a young girl. Young, girl and her family. Diego Luna's there and he's very sexy and. Everything I know I learned from dirty dancing to Havana nights. Okay. We we're not. We're not talking about that anymore. Then I think I think it goes lowest as Peter Saigal than the second lowest I think. Steven Seagal and then I think seal this is. So this is where I think it's obviously Peter Saito. Offensive and Seagal Seal Jason. Segel are close. They're close they're neck and neck I would say well we. Seal. The singer not seals Tequila singer Heidi Klum SAGAS 'cause Morosi. Crazy rose okay. I think the seal and Steven seagal cigar neck and neck in a way just because. Jason Segel. Sorry not g Steven seagal Jason Segel has been kind of like absent for a little bit. He deeded just do a TV show or whatever. But like our kids kids are watching a forgetting Sarah. Marshall I think I think he actually is bigger than seal I. Think it seal then steamed Jason Segel but at a very. It's close but number one is obviously seagulls. Yeah. I. Know Number One seat number one them seagulls. Yeah everyone that Ms Segel's because they're fucking everywhere. Every coast, there's a seagull. There's always segel's in. They're just so annoying. They're always in your face. We were talking about how much I like. SEGEL's I. Think they're cute. I think they're so cute. They're cute until they like steal your chips and you're like, oh Come on. there. So aggressive sometimes when they steal your chips, they still fries to the first time at to Seattle. I ate at this place on the water called Ivers they have fried fried fish they've like fish and chips. And like Joshua's like, yeah the thing is eagles and they eat all the fries like people throw fries in there. There's always here eating the fries and I was like well, I can't wait to see this and sure enough they were there just like hanging out eating everyone's fries it's great. I JUST WANNA. Let you know before we sign off my mom just texted me a link and the link is that Bella Thorne made two million dollars on only fans. She wanted she sent me the news that Bill Thorn may did she say good for fans in less than a week? No she just sent it to me just You know without any comment alison to understand. Allison's and the know all of you're in the know after an episode like this. Thank you for listening to another episode of WHO weekly keep calling at six one nine who them to leave questions come into concerns we'll be back. On? Tuesday. With another episode have a good weekend. Thanks for listening sports on Patreon.com Sasha. We leave for twice-weekly bonus episodes What else is there to say Sale. Go check those miles listening to. Okay. Don't pro. Out May by our promote this for Promo. Perry's Promo she's doing fine by. Who Weekly? Time. I'm sure he's gotten this call a number of times but Cameron Diaz Center Book Co Workers From My best friends wedding. Thanks so much. High who weekly I'm really mortified pleasing on my previous call. Sandra Bullock Julia Roberts definitely not the same person. Still, don't know how Sandra Bullock and Kennedy is our co workers. Hope it's from the building in Hollywood overk-. Okay. Never call me again. Crunch grunge Halen. Bobby. I had to pause the podcast because I was walking around the West village and I saw your girl Patricia Clarkson I constantly see her out of the bout she was looking. Be Useful as always. She was glowing. She was out with friends wearing a mask outside of Pasta restaurant eating pasta. Last time I saw her was about two months ago at Murray's bagels the girl is a legend. Loves Gluten. She has my love her good form Bella Thorne. Goodbye. Hi in Becky's book should be called. Win Calls the bar. Crunch country. Kids we. W. The. Up. Bed Run.

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