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Hello word nerds. First word for two day is allocution. A. L. L. O. C. U. T. I. O N. This is a noun from sixteen fifteen a formal speech, especially an authoritative or, or a Tory address. The etymology says this is Latin ala Kyo, or Allah, que-, which means to speak to, and that is from ad plus low Kwee, which means to speak next is all of two separate words. This is an adverb from eighteen twenty nine. We have the synonym fully F U L L Y as in. She's all of twenty years old next is a log. Humous. A. L. L. O. G. A. M. O U S. This is an adjective from circa, eighteen ninety reproducing. Ng by cross fertilization, Alaga Amee is a noun next. We have allo generic. A. L. L. O G, E, N E, I see could also be allergenic, which is what I thought the word was in the first place. This is a an adjective from nineteen sixty one involving derived from, or being individuals of the same species that are sufficiently. Unlike genetically to interact anti genetically, as in ELO generic skin graphs, and it says compared to the word sin generic, which I assume is the opposite next. We have. Allographs. L. O. G. R. A F T. This is a noun from nineteen sixty one, a homo graft between allergenic individuals allographs graft can also be a verb. Now. We have allo graph. G R. A H not. G. R. A. F T. This is a noun from nineteen fifty one one a letter of an alphabet in a particular shape, as capital, A, or lower case a to a letter or combination of letters that is one of several ways of representing one phonemes as p p in hopping representing the phone, name p aloe graphic is an adjective. So I guess what it's saying is, basically, the shape of a letter is called an aloe graph. Learn something new every day. Especially when you read the dictionary next, we have Allama tree. A. L. L. O. M. E. T R Y. This is a noun from nineteen thirty six relative growth of a part in relation to an entire organism or to a standard. Also, the measure and stuff. The of such growth, aloe metric is an adjective, next. We have allo. Morph. A. L. L. O. M O, R, P H. This is a noun from nineteen Forty-five one of a set of forms that a more fem- may take in different contexts as in the s of cats, the E N of oxen, and these zero suffix of sheep are alum morphs of the English plural morphine. So I think what this is saying is that there's a thing called the plural morphine, which is the thing that exists to make a word plural. So the s in cats, the E N in oxen and nothing to the word sheep. And so those are called, although morphs aloe more Fiqh is an adjective, and ELO morphism is a noun I think I would have. To learn what other morphines are to find out what aloe morphs are, but I have a little bit more of knowledge of that now, which I probably won't remember next. We have alone j- I think that's how it's pronounced A L L O N G E the pronunciation guide is one of the stranger ones I've seen. It's got an A dash apostrophe L O with the the line over it to say that it's a long. Oh. Then there's an N A super script end. So it's small and it's up top. And then a Z h don't worry, I won't keep on describing the pronunciation guides. This is a noun from circa eighteen fifty nine. We just have the synonym writer to a and writer is spelled R, I, D R. The etymology says this is French and it literally means. Lengthening. So if I were to say this with a French accent, I would say at horribly, but it would be something sort of, like alone JR. But somebody who knows French would say, it much better than me. Next is. Allopathic. A. L. L. O. P. A T H. See this is an adjective from eighteen thirty relating to or being a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by using remedies as drugs or surgery, which produce affects that are different from or incompatible with those of the disease being treated next. Is Allah, Patrick. A. L. L. O. P A, T R. I see. This is an adjective from nineteen forty two occurring in different geographical areas, or in isolation as in Allah, Patrick spec-, Asian, it says compared to the word sim, Patrick. And that is not the first time we've seen that the opposite of one of these aloe words has an S Y at the beginning, aloe. Patrick Lee is an adverb an aloe Patrie is a noun. The etymology says this is made combining all, plus the Greek Padro, which means fatherland, and that is from Potter, which means father, and there's more at the word father next is Ella Fain, the end of it is P. H. A N E. This is a noun from circa eighteen twenty one and a morpheus translucent mineral of various colors often occurring in, in crustaceans, or stalactites forms and consisting of a hydrogen aluminum. Silicate the etymology says this is from the Greek allo fannies, which means appearing, otherwise, and that is from all plus finest sty. By P, H, A, I N, E, S, T, H, A, I, which means to appear, and that is the middle voice of finding which means to show and there's more at the word fancy next. We have. Elephone. P. H. O N E. This is a noun from nineteen thirty eight one or two or more variants of the same phone name as in the aspirated p of pin, and the Annaspiratou p of spin are Allophones of the same phone name p I'm not one hundred percent. Sure on what they mean by aspirated and Annaspiratou, but I might have to look that up. But here we've got another aloe word that is related to letters in sounds in such Allah phone, and Ella morph, Allah phonic is an adjective next is. Allo polly. -ployed. A. L. L. O. P. O. L. Y P, L O, I D, this is a noun from nineteen twenty eight. It's a great word a poly -ployed individual or strain having a chromosome set. Composed of two or more chromosome sets derived more or less complete from different species aloe polyp Loyd is also an adjective and aloe Polly ploy. D is a noun. Whoa, aloe. Polly, try and say that ten times fast next is Allah, pure and all a. L. L. O. P. U R, I N O L. This is a noun from nineteen sixty four eight drug c five h four and four oh, used to promote excretion of uric acid next. We have the phrase all or none. It is hyphenated. This is an adjective from one thousand nine hundred MU. Worked either by entire or complete operation or affect or by none at all as in all or none response of a nerve cell next and last four. This episode is the phrase all or nothing. It is hyphenated. This is an adjective from seventeen sixty five one just has the synonym all or none, which is what we just read to a accepting, no less than everything as in. He's an all or nothing perfectionist. I Kana used to be that type of perfectionist, but I've chosen not to be in my old, age and to be risking everything as in an all or nothing combat strategy that will be the end of this episode. Thank you very much for listening, go ahead and share and rate, and review and tweet me. And Facebook, me and Instagram. No, I don't have an Instagram, and calm, Google voice and until next time this is Spencer reading the entire dictionary. Thank you. And goodbye.

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