The kid chrishell show Here in the studio now meet Is taking time off bailing out and we thought it'd be cool to have engine levy. Who is a voice on this. Show every once in a while We give her a hard time and stuff formerly of channel twelve and now she is sitting in what she referred to it as the meat chair which Some people may take a different way engine that but when it's meet seats beat seat. That's right so she's here with us today and it's a very exciting because on friday. It's something where we just opened up the phones and let them ring and when they ring into studio we pick up live on the air and it's all up to you to take over and talk about whatever you want now engine when the phone rings the wringer is on so whatever we're talking about if you hear the we gotta go right to it. Okay okay that's the rule for calls. That's what we call. It calls it. All thunder phones under phones is another one so five. What three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. So i'll be interested to see what comes through today While you are here okay now You were chill twelve for many many years in a now you are working. Where i work at the law and crime network. Okay and then. I have a gig on ninety five. K r c. Sister station wonderful But what do you think your most famous for outside of the city limits engine outside of the city limits most famous for that that that glide crinkle between my browse on netflix. Where i'm like. What like you're really saving. If you if you google her name all over the internet you will see that in the pictures of stuff the Making murder documentary. Which anytime i talked to you. You won't give your personal thoughts on that whole thing steven avery. Yeah won't share them. Which is a share of some of them which is upsetting. Well you ask me all the time. Everybody's like said. Did he do it. He did it. And i'm like i just won't go there. That's not cool reporter for what you can have. You don't you can have your take on it. You're human you're right. Yeah so so. I mean you were right there on the front line. I think there was some stuff where you saw me with the crinkle phase right like there was obviously some times where i'm just like what you know. Like what the hell inside the trial. Like when we're in like come on guys really screwed that up like really So obviously i thought that. But i'll also there was a lot of evidence so against him. Yeah well. I mean it was weird that a her bones were found in a fire. Pit on his Property yeah. I mean that's i mean most people would say that's pretty exciting. Yeah i mean if you find bones in my backyard in a burn pit like mixed up in there and ship probably going to think might have done something tricia. What was your last name. hala back. Yeah she was on her way out to his place to take pictures of cars. You selling something like that right the next thing you know. She's and she had been there many times before right now. Do you feel that the police the whole thing was that because he was arrested before that he was in the middle of that getting paid from the the state or tower they were setting him up and throw them back in the. So here's the deal. So yeah he was wrongfully incarcerated for four. yeah for rape and then He was suing. Everybody says it was for thirty six million dollars. But that's not if you talk to the people involved that he wasn't suing for thirty six million dollars. He was just suing and thirty. Six million number came up somehow. But anyway so ones wasn't the settlement now was in the middle of deposition when the rest of the gun right. So he he they were in the middle of depositions and you know he thought he was getting paid. I don't know if he was going to get paid he would have gotten. I'm sure he would have done something. Yeah yeah heck yeah. He's i don't think he would have gotten thirty six million. I wanna talk to civil lawyers who think maybe let it gotten like two million it for him because he was white trash he would have been. I would have blown it by now. He. he lived in a junkyard at a salvage yard. Tremendous brother chuck if you say that. He saying she was not found at the junkyard. Like he's worked at me. He's like no. It's technically another piece of property. So they get really mad twenty feet from the yet and she was on her way there right. She was there now. Do you have your ear headphones working now. I can't get this thing put on those right there and turn them up a little bit. Because i can't hear myself. Well i got this voice mail. Want you to listen to what what's wrong. I'm wondering what it is. Well it's very special. Okay you ready meet his headphones on. I just want say that new here you can hear me. He asked voicemail i got. You'll be very interested in this. This is a collect call from neighboring. An inmate at the county jail gross. I heard that you'll have a engineer. Levy on your show. I know from covering my case engineer. I didn't do it. I think she knows who did do it. But i didn't do it. One thing is for sure this engine. She's very doable. I had a few chances to do it. A lot of guys would do it. When i got out i will do it. She would like to have a nice dinner at my trailer. We could sit by the fire. Could get engine that real hot way with the ladies chris. I can get them so hot there on fire. Ants theresa alvin. I gotta go. chris. Evans called me for something conjugal visits. I would love just to do it it so there. You go steven avery. Leeann voicemail for you engineer. Any comments i have a lot to say. You know it's really funny. Is that before this happened. Move up to wisconsin. And i don't know a soul rate. And i'm all gung ho. It's my first reporting job. Like i'm gonna like kick this thing you know i'm gonna kick it's kick it in the rear. I'm going to really like do this. Great job all fired up and it was like really hard because they didn't know anybody. And so i remember i was like oh i read about steven avery. I was like. I should call that guy in like dua story with him i should. I'm the dna staff really interested in. He wasn't he was out of prison from the first right. And i was like i should really call him in like go talk with him or something because i was off during the week the newbie and i just. I'm really glad. I didn't ever get around to making that call. I would have been in the fire. I don't know. But i don't know and i there's people you know the people who here's the deal the people who are on twitter who hit me up like they wanna know like every you know they are very fervent. You know they they watch this. Tv show. ray. And then i actually covered this and lived and but they pour through the court documents and the stuff read all this stuff so they they have. They have a lot of theories and they have a lot of concerns and then his new lawyer you know gets people whipped up on twitter so anyway. That totally was not stephen. I know stevens voice. First of all you're kidding me. No shock gain. Meat is taking some time off today and Engineer levy is hanging out here and today is also being friday It's gonna call so the wall call friday. We pick up the phone when rang and we just put you on the radio. That's what's happened in. Okay happens all day on friday all all morning here right now in the studio is mr pry combs from seven hundred w newsroom. Update inside on covert. Good morning. good morning. And i guess i would imagine that kentucky is going to be open and having a better time than us here in ohio. That's what it sounds like. Governor yesterday said that As of may twenty eighth he is going to allow more people to gather indoors in the state of kentucky Relaxing capacity limits Vera thousand people or lhasa. Your event time. Perfect for like high school graduations. You can get together at seventy five percent capacity one side. that's a bigger events. You know some kind of show with us arena or something like that could go on now at sixty percent capacity so the math might make sense or You know maybe some concerts there at some point this summer. I do know for sure that despite these changes the ovation center which is the brand new music. Venue in newport is not going to open until september. They don't wanna do it until they can be. One hundred percent capacity so Sixty percent doesn't work for them but the governor did say that he believes By the beginning of july that the state of kentucky can race all of the capacity limits all of the covid restrictions currently in place yep as they see case numbers. Crop i It's funny because you would think that this would be more of a you know what people say a democrat. He would be more against opening up things. stent dewine flipped. Well he did. The outdoor event thing Lifted capacity limits for thousand or less that opened the way for the purple people party right wednesday night on the bridge. This i think now may open the day. Open the door for you know the street festivals and all those kinds of things that we have seen in the past and certainly if everything's over by july that means that people could gather on the river saying september right beyond the labor day weekend. We blow something to happen on the sunday night. Well that's going to happen. I care but the thing is is that which would be. It would be hilarious though if if somebody comes out of the kentucky ohio size empty because we could do it like no funding in ohio. We're the ones that cancel the drinking. Even come to my place. I know i mean it is strange Governor dewine is going to be in cincinnati today he is coming to visit one of the vaccination clinics in price hill. And i sure That you know just as willie press d monitor earlier this week. We'll be pressed again today for a day. you know. give us a day. Give us an idea when you think you know this. This is going to be over. What do you think because of the running. He got into now. The pressure is on and everybody else is doing it that he's going to be like. Wow i'm gonna stand stronger because everybody is pressuring me to do it. You know maybe if it was six months ago. Yeah yeah ok given that you know. Now we're starting to andrew that election cycle where he wants to run for re-election you know in the pressure is on him from from From both sides die harder from his own party so downtown. Cincinnati the longer this goes. Good luck villanova. Buildings would businesses. Because everybody's figuring out how to do it from home. Yeah and that's that's going to happen anyway. There's no doubt about that. i mean it's cheaper. It's what you're it's better for the employees. I mean you know there's all downtown. Cincinnati is just going to become one of those halloween stores. I don't think we're coming to that. But it'll be interesting to see if the governor moves from you. Know his goal of fifty cases per one hundred thousand people. Because we're not close. We're at times. Yeah yeah yeah all right well thank you. Brian comes. he's gotta bust out of the seven hundred. Wwl w newsroom here. All right the phone number in here if you want to be on the radio with us of course it's a simple it as you can see Call the phone. Just pick up live on the radio. it's calls a wall here on the kid chris show and lee filling in for meat today. Hi you're on the air eight chris. I'm sorry i know we had Interview scheduled at seven fifty. My name is michael our but I gotta take care of Around that time so if do now can you hold about Three minutes okay. This is an interesting one and ginette. Michael real quick tell everybody looks a little second of what What this is all about trying to lose. I'll tell and actually we'll just do it now. His son is the one that was shot at the drive. Through at railly's know that story. I just happened okay. I think i went with day. It was One was Was that wednesday. It happened monday monday. Michael bryce thirty two. He was Outside of rallies. I did see this and some random guy just walked up and shot him five times. I'm so sorry. Mr howard are immaculate. Now it's good. It's good did do if anything we all understand. I mean i'm we're parents and your son. I mean he was thirty two years old. How many kids does he have five kids and this this dude voiced concern right and is it. Where are we right now with this whole thing. If you don't mind me asking did. I can't give out too much information per se. Everything's moving in a direction. Okay so they know who did it. Yes and it was somebody that your son new. No really yeah. So it was random They don't think it was random. Like i said i can't give too much information but they don't think it was random but mistaken that that is of a possibility. Yes okay. I see my son. Just bought that cord before Because you don't. He's called before this guy he's a he's a truck driver and listen to the show and stuff and all of a sudden. I got the text and And he was like man. I wanna come on and i told them you know when you have like go fund me going because obviously funeral expenses and stuff and and anything else hit me up and of course will be Helping you out with this. And which day yes today. We're going to set up A phone fifth third. Okay you have to have a death certificate before they let you do that and his body just got released from corner okay. So we're going to go set that up today Where in the process of getting the funeral arrangements done in When they catch this guy man you know i'm not showing any mercy. Whatever could be thrown at him and then more okay but you stay out of you have family too. So don't do try to go after them in court or anything. No no no you know. I gotta i gotta make sure i'm here for everybody else miserable. I'm here for my grandkids and help out with them. That's right well you know i'm gonna. I'm gonna do what they do. And and don't get frustrated to. This goes a little bit longer than you think. Because you know these guys you know like the detectives and stuff they don't get involved with like telling you too much because they don't want their their lead to blown you know what. Let me say this. Too man All you parents out there Make arrangements You never ever talk to your children about them being buried. You know it's always the the key is burying. The parents set stuff up maggie stuff in order to get power of attorney orders. Take this stuff seriously. 'cause you don't wanna be caught off guard with this because i never expect something like this. Yeah so please parents and if we have lost kids is them. Stories would empathize with him. But now god knows feel. Yeah it's worse. I'm sure than what you were saying. Well listen like. I said you keep in touch and anything you need from us where here this is a terrible situation and even gets worse here in. It was like iran. You know what. I mean not saying. Either way's good but it's like really there was no need nonsense. It's all nonsense. And it sucked and i wanna thank them then. Detectives man has been on it. Yeah they keep me updated. They their daily the what they're doing in princeton. Yeah and also they'll propsals people that came running over the help your son right. After it happened. I talked to one guy. One guy reached out to ms name was alan and if he wants to get what they do yeah he. He ran up and tried to put all the You know. I think he was a military dude or something like that. Yeah he went up and try to save his life. But what a terrible situation but dude you you keep in touch all right you text me whenever and stuff and we'll stay on top of whatever you need. Okay thank you take care. That's michael howard. He called Last year and it was more of a positive discussion because he called in because he was a truck driver at a black dude and he wanted to call and go. Hey you got black listeners. I thought cool and then when he texted me yesterday i was like this guy and then he told me i was like oh man. This is terrible. Yeah i'm i'm looking. I'm about this right now. he was just addie. Drive thing guy wants now it. It's horrible and if it's mistaken identity because of the guy because of the car that's well five kids five kids see. That was the thing. I was sitting at home yesterday. I wonder if maybe it was a jealous boyfriend of somebody. Maybe he's got a kid with somebody else and you know what i mean and avoid came wanted to deal with himself. Who knows. i don't know but Now hearing what. It could be terrible but sounds like that. The police are On the case in a on somebody. Hopefully we'll have an arrest soon but man. What a bummer. For this guy. who did it to. They'll figure it out. Oh yeah the phone number here is five one three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. That'll get you on the radio here. That of course. is sitting in for meat. Who's absent is an engineer. Levy you knew her from the local twelve They fired her they hitter. I'm just kidding. Now she moved on and has a gig now on what is it. Is that court tv. It's a what is that thing called again. That thing law and crime network the wall in prime network. It's like when. I tell people that there have been people who have called and said. Hey i'm calling the law and crime network and they're like crime syndicate. You're right now. There's a tv station. Yeah it's a tv station. Covers all the d- do a lot of well. It's all stories about crime and things like that but a lot of courtroom footage stuff like that. Yeah that's me. When guys get pissed off flipped a desk at the judge and all that stuff. I love that got we have. Apparently we have a show about that on court. Can or something like that dan abrams. He's like our boss and he has all these shows the court cam. That's like on an e. I think we do stuff with so. Yeah they have these crazy videos. One guy that runs out of the courtroom and as he's running down the stairs this one cop dives over the railing. That was here. I remember that it was like. Oh my god. I love that stuff anyway so being that is friday as well. It's a call to the wall for you to thunder. Phones is what we call it off when the phone rings we just pick up live on the radio k at five one. Three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine in the only rule is when you call you. Say where you're from and who you are. Okay that's that's all that's the only rule you're on the air caller. Hello hey chris. This is frank from clermont. county veterans. Yes that's sorta sponsor of thunder phones and do a good man what's happening. These guys will do a great thing. These guys help out the veterans and stuff which is cool deal because it's not a smooth ride for somebody's guys coming back from from the army. War whatever's going on and plus you gotta get influx soon as people are coming back from afghanistan right right right. Yeah yeah. we're staying busy. that's for sure. Yeah well we kind of want you guys to go out of business. Quite frankly right well hold on. Shut down my job. You know absolutely absolutely but we have. We have memorial day coming up. Do you have stuff happening. I know you guys Get involved with things such as that. Yeah absolutely Memorial day may thirty first and One thing that we do out our office is We we like to make sure that All the all the graves of the veterans are marked with a with a marker and a flag and We give those out for free They they're Aluminum markers and they they hold the flags and They get the war arizona them or if we're in a war era than we got Just the standard veteran markers but If you're a defense a clermont county veteran buried in clermont county and we'll give them to you for free. Wow wow what's crazy. Is you think back at something like that. And you go well. Why isn't that happening anyways. Right right you know. I mean so. People have that issue as far as having a grave markers and stuff these guys back from serving our country Absolutely crazy so. I mean when you hear these stories what would make you coming out of high school. Go yeah. I want to sign up for that knowing that when i get out of the army from serving my country or whatever that i could possibly be just thrown to the wolves like just thrown decide. Well it happens. And but that's what. We're there for veterans advocate. Should we take care of them. Yeah that's awesome what. What's what's the website though. I'm sure people can donate to to help out for things such as that sure. It's a clermont county veterans dot com okay and Phone number anything five one three seven three two seven three six three okay very good. Well i appreciate you guys being a partner of ours and You know I've talked to you guys a couple of times Anything for the vats. I in these guys are coming back. I couldn't do this job the way i do it without people fighting for this country. So yeah it's important. And i think more people need to see that so perhaps who very good we appreciate you. Yeah frank i appreciate you take care about having given the internet. I'm a good guy. I know you don't like people to really know that right. Well i mean. I'm not hiding it. We're on the radio that's true but yeah you are actually very sweet thank you what else are you. I'm telling me go ahead. i'm listening cheaper. Nice guy he's like a great guy nelson thank you that time similar steps okay. I'll write it down for us. That's levy she is here today. Today is also called for the wall. Of course anyway how this show. I want to thank the guys who send any song for us from a listener little spooks and the key calls time on their hands discouraged. I want them to do what you do. Is you go to kid. Chris dot com. And there's an upload link there and you can send in your song the jaaz to the wall. I wonder if i should try one indeed. Yeah you should. I would love to hear that could break your balls napa. Know how. I'm thinking like how i would sabir like mix it. I guess we'll get a hold of rick rubin he can produce it for you. Our phone number here is five. One three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. Your buddy segman is standing by. He wants to come in and talk sports stuff with you. Get you updated on that. That's all straight ahead but first we want to give you an opportunity at a thousand bucks. It is friday that means thunder phones today. Of course that it's good production that's engine levy. She's here today. Fillon because Meet decided i don't wanna work today. What is he doing by the way. I don't know i don't know what he's i don't. I don't get into people's personal business. Why because i leave it on. Tv news people to poke around called meet and say hey. What are you doing today. Levy was at channel twelve for how long so the second go around ten years. Wow right time now. She's on the The criminal network or what is it called the crime and crime network from the waas. I answer that. The phone is ringing. So i got an answer okay. That's what we do on fridays enough with you. Hello caller you're on the air. Who is this high grad. Oh this is concentrating how you feel man okay correct. Constantine jelly is in philadelphia. Known him for many many years now. Let's see listening on the app. I guess okay. Awesome yeah concertina. Let's let's filler in. So how old are you now. I'm forty three credits yuppies. Forty three years old how he works at a nursing home he's fully vaccinated correct kris. That's right He likes to play call of duty. The video game credit card cody. Don't now it's not the video game. what do you like to do. What is to call of duty that you play sa- you're gone to the bathroom and you either to the number one of us that he does the number two and any calls people to tell them about it. Yeah okay eight magazines. While you're doing that or i mean just calls people saying i'm taking a duty while that's what you're doing right now. Yeah i'm taking a duty. Why am i talking on the phone. Now what do you think that go ahead. I would never have known. sounds like. He's a pro ended. That i got a i got a crash through. What kind of is your part. Ho ho you can't saying yeah constitute and we're going to let you go all right. You take care bud okay. Was that real constantly. I mean okay. I just wondering. Is that like a prank caller. Constantine is a guy. I've met in two thousand five or six in philadelphia and he used to come on and do our show and We ended up hiring him. Actually it was kind of like the station mascot he was like our segment. What station was this was a radio station in philadelphia. I here gray. But he's been you know. I think he's coming for the fireworks actually so you wanna meet him you can. He's got a very. I'll be shared at mark that down. Well i could give me your number you can call you call of duty. Command dirtier deleted guy gets blushing. He's bourbon edge. Rogue colts went after that question omen smokes big tag. tv star. Come on what do you think the answer is. I don't know talk. i'm not saying anything. That is not the question i was expecting. I thought it was going to be something like sorted steven avery. Like something like that the The unexpected is what the show's all about. That's right calls it a wall leave. Fridays came into good day to engineer. Probably come back. Never come back but will you come back. I'll think about it for you. We go your way back. That cigna's built the tower for seven hundred wwf. Long i replaced the light. Now it's becoming a strip mall around tower now. Yeah this is crazy thank you. That's chester yeah. Yeah it's an that is sacred ground up there folks. Yeah the seven hundred w w tower. It's it's one of the biggest signals in the country. And i can just imagine the radiation or whatever saw that or whatever. Why would you want to be close to used to be half million years ago. Why don't they like the tower. The transmitter the half million watt transmitter is still there right. It's in the building store when i retire. I'm gonna. I'm gonna give tours of the of the tower and stuff. Well the way you spend your money on hookers and drugs. You'll have to live in that building. Yep that's true things. Things have changed. We last talked ads right. You're a big tv star. Now in law. I've gone right to the gutter somewhat no choice. The sports is brought to you by collin electric cooling color electric wiring for today's world. Yes five one. Three two two seven forty one twelve cents a colin electric cincinnati dot com dot com. The battle for the ohio cup heats up again this weekend with the reds against that cleveland. Baseball team wrapped up into series. Two one. they haven't won the ohio cup since two thousand fourteen. So now you won't say their nickname. The indiana director stories against kansas city ordinances recently the brady riding a five game streak. The reds have won three of their last five seven. Ten tonight wade. Miley goes for the red legs of against please check. They missed a they miss shane bieber they business shane bieber tonight or this weekend. Thank goodness tonight. Start stretch of thirty games and thirty one days for our red light. Who do you think is gonna win. Sake who the the reds okay. Of course right the former reds pitcher bronson arroyo will join. Tommy throw on the reds broadcast radio this weekend. Oh that's going to be good. So i going to do it last year in the pandemic came bronson. Arroyo is going to do it. So they're grooming him for something can't say oh los angeles angels cutting ties with future hall of fame. First baseman albert pools. He made a career at against cincinnati. He three forty four forty seven homers hundred. Forty-seven rbi's joey votto was hurt. Reds need a first baseman. And you gotta get your future ready. He looks good and red is he. Younger giovanna alba no now pool halls. Great american ballpark. Who could rent them out. Think about it. Yeah think about it. Okay just think about it. Thank you sir. let's see what else is going on. Here it's part. That's the z. College sports really. You don't want that no. Nba russell westbrook got his number. One hundred eightieth triple double last night for washington over toronto. One away from the record set by the big o oscar robertson. While it gets college sports would have been better than that and middletown kayla harrison but defensive her professional fighters league title last night knocking out her opponent in eighty three seconds. That's hot bingo. Yeah there you go right there. I want to check her out. Does she live up there. No forget it though. Okay would you. Would you fight her for charity. Sick no octagon know why no way you know why she kicked my doesn't matter. A lot of people come out and pay to see it and you could earn charity. Us probably fight you willie. Okay okay. both of us not curb. stomp you. I'm going for the ladder match to sell. Let's go could show off in front of league. I'm sorry okay like very you know that jolan really is a ratio. That's a cut. There's one it's an honor to be here today. With angie net formerly channel twelve. Now a superstar on court. Tv she was there she was there in the minneapolis. The wars ohio engine. I texted you during that. And i said get the hell out of there tonight because i mean that's a war zone. Many people texted me message me just people. I don't even know people. I do know who were like. Oh my god careful zero. Certainly you guys i mean did you zoom all that or did you. Were you actually in in in the room. You know when the draw they only let like ci. Reporters ended a time. And they were like you know. Say how heke get in there with barbed-wire tanks and everything else now. They got three other. The three other guys are going to get tried. What later this year guy in august allegedly how they do that after all this. I don't really find a jury talking about the joe joe and getting a new trial. Well he says he didn't get a fair trial and retired trial. Sorry i've talked to t he's asking for new trial and i've talked to two well known defense lawyers who basically said to me. He did not get a fair trial. Oh so that means you have to go back the war zone right. Oh flack jacket. Nine per se press or does it say on it one of those the press wanna press one because there were some people up there. They were media. It'll say media. There were people up there. And i was like what press do you work for. They were like they were wearing like all black and like a black vote bulletproof vest or whatever and it would say press on the front. And the back chino. He was up there. Pat reecey sent him up there. And basically like you're putting a target on your back. Why would you know. Put press on anything like i like. How are you even legit. I just have my code on and our security guys. They had like our security. Guys were great so they had like a gun on one hip and a taser on the other and i was kind of like well somebody could. I could just grab that shoot somebody rate. I was kind of like. Is that safe. So you're you're talking out loud while people are okay. But they've gone over there you'll go near just great that right. Yeah but ever all the press heads security so we had these two security guys and when the verdict thing was coming down you know they were outside the courthouse with bullhorns cunanan's they were literally like you know. Shut it down. If we don't get it and some of people were saying. Burn it down. We don't get it. And i our security guys were great. They weren't like freaking out but they literally said okay guys so we got about ten minutes to the verdict standing there and i had one of the guys like behind me because i kept going up to get video of with my phone and they literally just said if it starts getting bad. Just run and go to the hotel advice. Run could run yes. Here's our advice. We're not gonna product you. Rod rosenstein panic every man for himself british brave. Abby sag we have an hour long special tonight on the derek chauvin trial good. They made me put together and it was like so honored because the talk of it is tied down. So let's bring it back up again. Yeah there's a lot happening. Yeah there's a lot of new buildings that we could flammable. Let's get to show. And i've never seen so much plywood and everything is boarded up when i got up. I thought. Oh my god. It's like when i got there for jury selection. Mcdonald's everything was boarded. Wouldn't have listen decline that that deal. Mcdonald's open you get it. You have to wrap up your Segment i know. I'm sorry to clucking hens ignore him and talk among ourselves. You already have happy. Friday everybody thanks. Call an electric. Thank you all for the sports part of this. That's correct. not the violence engine is trying to incite. That's happy weekend everybody. Thank you segment of the home. The hits one or two seven w. e. b. an in studio today is internet levi. Who you know from local twelve for many many years. Now works for the a law in crime network. Is that what it's called. Yeah yes. I got it right. Finally as we Are into the show sex ed court. Tv for tv. Part of the stuff is on court. Tv right where we're separate. Okay now our phone number is five one three eight one three seven nine seven nine seven sabir and that is what you do on fridays. You call i just pick up live okay and it's all up to you you take over when we're on the air just by calling so no what we're talking about We'll stop in answer. Is that okay with everybody. Hello caller you're on the air. Hi hey my name's teddy just wanted to ask you. If you for knew that. I get chris big fan of a cold videos. I'm up you never heard of that or to participate in one tale about. Oh kolding videos. Those are now. Go google it. Okay see you. This is gross. It's girls u. c. k. o l. d. i n. g. you sit kolding. A man whose wife is unfaithful often regarded as an object. Object of derision. Yeah so there are code videos out there yes. It's usually husband's videotaping. Their wife with other guys and other men hit does that cuckold. Okay like the husband is school. Likes usually the husband will recruit the guy. That's weird no. This is what this is. When i know. I'm like really boring person. When i don't know stuff like this. You need to learn this stuff. That's what keeps marriages healthy. How's your marriage okay. Fine your marriage is not healthy business. Okay what we'll see what happens one day if your husband goes amen I'm interested in this. I like you gotta you gotta find somebody else to get interested in really mean. That's just not my. That sounds weird. I can't do that Hello caller you're on the air. Go ahead hi antoinette. I'm big fan. Hey doing good. How are you cool. Many prostitutes do you think chris than with more than twenty or less prostitutes. I've been with more twenty. Yeah you think it's hot. I don't know. I don't think about are you are you. You're like you frequent prostitutes. The past i have. Oh yes yes i mean. Do you have like a black book. Or how does that work. Is it like a heidi fleiss. Kind of thing back. It'd be this is years ago. And i've been married it'll be fourteen years At the end of may but It used to be like when you go to a town like rena would go to a lot by just for work. Want used to go up there for work. I used to go to the bunny. Ranch do my show from there. And say i've done all that like that. You think it's awesome. You know the guys will take on. It's cool you get to walk into this place all the girls lineup and you can pick a girl and you normally pay for but i knew the owner so we would offer his birthday party and he gives us free pass legal. They're like it's not illegal. You can just like you can just like walk in. And it's like a thing. Isn't it no. It's a business and it's very very. I mean it stricter because the government's involved there you know it's regulated be present some type of documentation that you're no. It's because you're 'cause they don't do anything with you unless you're protected got it. Yeah and then You like but. I had passes. He gave us free like hookup tickets. So i've only done that twice. But it's very robotic and terrible. It's not fun at all well. I'm learning all this new stuff about you. Have you ever been to amsterdam. No no red light district there. I know but that's not as fun at the Like when i would say the hotel in reno whatever. I would go into the yellow pages long ago it is in a new pay like would they would escort services. Do they still make. I don't know but the last time they dropped the phone book off on my porch really. And i just put it. In the recycling i the prostitutes stuff was fun back today. Because you're sitting there as a guy you guys are warning. You're sitting there and he waiting in your hotel room or something and when you hear the knock at the door like this is like kind of like dominoes. Comes you feel excited. You're like oh this is great day of the night. Exactly filling in for me to Took some time off is engine levy. We have on the air every once in a while here on our show she Is formerly from local twelve. Now on the law and crime network. She goes bothers Families or go through a terrible situation and you shove the karen in their face and just totally bother them. But that's fine. We need people to do that. I guess engine that's right. It is of course. That's nice nice about it is always on friday's open phones for your call. Thunder phones is one of the other names for pick up the phone when it rains. It is right now. I Just ask you. Would you call say who you are where you're calling from god. Caller name drumming ends wiler from alexandria. Kentucky yeah i was just curious You guys Still keep in contact with thomas. Yes that's house. Wonder what he's been up to He's at home. Does that help me. Don't radio anywhere else. no. I don't think ever happen and look we. We had an opportunity to bring him back and he turned it down so he doesn't wanna do it. You know what you guys were awesome together just like you guys got him all wild up. Yeah well it's not our choice. You miss autho wondering if you guys got any inconsideration tickets. Nope simon well. You guys have a go skulls. All it is is free stuff all show show we gotta love calls it awhile. Hello caller. you're on here. Who are you. Where are you from off your patty from dilford. Hi how are you. I am like. We'll get one hour a week of big hair bands with rachel. I mean that's ridiculous. We need to get some more that out for matt complaint that we need to. We need to do this all day on wednesday or the launch. Do you have a big fan of the hairband stuff. Oh yes do you like Do you collect a lot of that music. You still have some of that music. I have a few. But i don't collect it but i just love listening to it. What's your favorite. That's the real music. Oh my favorite was probably ozzy Actually i won my first pair of tickets to a concert through. Wgn and i was twelve years old and went to the The concert when motley crue opened up for him. Oh that would be good doctors. Dr feelgood is like one of my favorite like that really. Oh my god that song. Boom boom boom boom in the beginning. It's like the best. I love that song. Well i mean look it's a. It's a format thing. I have nothing to do with any of that. I'm only in charge of when i turn the microphone on poisoned. Let's try and get that get that going forward. I try and do anything. I'm not looking for any extra work. So i'm not gonna go run down the hallway and fight for some kind of format stuff. I'm sorry fight for you just too tired. Thank you do you like poison. Oh yeah yeah. I liked poison to is bret michaels. Still around. didn't have or something. Or brain tumor. The that doesn't mean curtains for fellow when it happened but remember it. Wasn't he like on the apprentice or something and celebrity apprentice. Oh a stroke. Yeah okay horrible. Yet when he d also remember when he was doing that dating show and he banged all those chicks. What a great life. I don't remember that deville remember coarser. I think i just got cut off. Hello caller air egg. Hey this is the last day before. Mother's day weekend. We should be promoting a lot of things for the mothers. If it wasn't for them we none of us would be here. Let me guess you'll have a restaurant or something that you end up promote. No i just have a mother. That i love dearly and i wanna just i just wanna give everybody else happy. Mother's day weekend shout out. Yeah okay well very good thank you thank you see. That's what it's all about. You know. I know you worked on television for awhile here locally seven. I'm sure you would get emails saying you should do this. You should you should do that. I get that all the time people will say you should put me on man. I'm really funny. I opened the phones up. And that's the fun we get. I think it's funny. Yeah people are always like you should do this. You don't do this. Don't do this right and it's like while you're watching right. Hello caller you're on the air. Hey what type it. I'm a little disappointed in rachel. I have to admit rachel's on after us. Yes at ten o'clock oh Sitting in there we didn't catch their name listed the song dr feelgood then turn on. Acdc night of the long knives off of those about to rot and name. So you're disappointed me. I'm not rachel. I'm janette yeah. Wh why. I apologize disappointed because her lack of music knowledge. Not knowing that dr feelgood and acdc. Night of the long knives or the exact same. chris. I did all i said was. I didn't say anything about that. I just beginning dr field goal. You said dr feelgood was extra call. Stop talking to them. Don't engage. it's what i call it feeding the cat. They don't stop coming at you when you engage with it. Okay you know. What i think is funny is that i have some pretty good eighties. Nineties music knowledge. I'll tell you even because now they're going to call and bob cat nap. I'm just getting old. These jerk offs are going to call him. A bother me about this to chris show and his two seven. Wbz yes that's engine levy filling in today for me to decided to take time off. He doesn't like fridays because people call in and talk to us. Digest levy was on local twelve for many many years. And now she's on the law and crime network that you could see on cable and the funny thing is last. I do my video show on thursday nights from my house. Call live from club. chris. And i said you're going to be on and all that and i tweeted it out. Everybody's all like. Oh man. I'm going to call in and i'm gonna say this. I'm say they got scared. They're all cowards. Anyway so I love what happens but it is a magical recall. The show ed's calls cow anywhere five on three one three seven. Not seven hockey. We're not singing. Law pavel seventy that listener listening range so Yeah when the phone rings. We take them here on the chris show. The rule is is when i pick up. You say who you are and where you're calling from. Hello caller nick from saint. Louis a funny. I guess today. I was listening to your show and taking my boys school my nine year old was in the backseat and he said that all sudden you guys thank man come on. He started playing a jingle. Oh yeah man the steak man. I'm like what chelsea thanks famous man. Well listen my job is to make segment relevant again. He's on seven hundred. W w all the time and nobody listens to that trash. So the komo exactly. That's why so i'm bringing. I'm extending the segments career. I'm like man i'm like. You're making this stuttering sports cats that i've been listening to for years frigging famous again on my nine year. Old boys all excited it. Got me thinking though. whatever happened to the The evil saying clip gone flown is gonna bring those back i email. We played them a lot before. But then i put them to rest but now that the segment is on here all the time. Maybe we need to revisit that yes correct. Have you ever played them for him. Yes he knows all about me and he doesn't like him. Segment comes from the old the old school radio where you don't you don't make fun. We're on the radio. So he's a big fan of those things it's a fresh Are here for you. Thunder phones. Kalu your calls to the wall. Just what i pick up. It's go time. Go ahead if we went on a dream date. Would i end the night telling you left tif. I'll hang up and wait for your answer. I don't even know what to say. What are you. What did you mean i think i know. Have you ever been told that by after okay good. I have really nice teeth. One of my my big attributes. I think decent teeth. I didn't get my first cavity until it was like twenty eight drag him now. I not that i know of. Is there anybody. We could call reference. Now let's just move on.

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