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Kinda Cute Ep. 22 The Naked Philanthropist, Paul Zimmer or Troy Beckman?, and Paranormal Romance Novels


It's kind of cute right. Hello and welcome back to Kinda Q.. And if you knew welcome. My Name's Billy Evan on. I'm Kinda cute. We discuss articles from the cut. My general pop culture musings. I'm just going to say right off the Bat I would love. If you left me. A five star rating and hand written review. I will send you a Kinda cute sicker if you just slide into my. DM's on Bailey. Evan or at Kinda cute podcast on instagram. Also feel free to so follow me at Bailey of dot com or Billy Vaughan on Youtube so God we got that other early on this time. got some updates for you as usual. So it's official. Aw Bill Hader and Rachel Belsen are dating. They publicly attended the Golden Globes together. So I'd say it's pretty efficient guys another other thing I watched the premiere of Vanterpool rules. And I'm into IT I. I was really skeptical of new blood. Being brought Anka's they've kind of brought on the renew featured characters and my story of this. Is that it just again. You know I love a full circle moment and and I'm sure I've mentioned this story before but now that I've watched the premiere of this episode it takes on new meaning so when I was in. La I obviously dragged my mom to sir the whole deal pump. tom-tom all of them fantastic. I mean awful. Fantastic Thomas legitimately good but the rest of them more trash but Peter was working at Sir. I've always thought he's kind of only one who legitimately like still works there and has worked there all along. So he's the manager of Sir and he was there says like Oh you guys know I go into interview mode when I think I have an end with a celebrity. I was already waste at this point like the night that my mom and I had dinner after this. I don't really remember that dinner and it was at night market. which is like this really cool Thai restaurant in La Barely? Remember any of it. Because I was so drunk by the time I was talking to Peter and my Momma after I sat down. And she's like you were chatting him up I wasn't like I was. I was not chatting him up. I was was trying to get the juicy juice oak by choosy juice. I mean the gossip. Okay so I asked him. I think my exact question was how. How are the people who work at Tom? Tom Do you know them you know. Is there any good info you can give me about it. And he pretty much unprompted said that the manager of Tom. Tom is a Douche. Those user has exact. Words can't be a slander defamation case on this because he said the manager of Tom Tom is a dish and at the time I I was like okay. I don't know who the manager is. I don't care it doesn't mean much Shimmy but lo and behold the manager of Tom. Tom is one of what seems to be. The main characters on this season of Andhra pump roles his name is Max for some reason all the girls seem to be into him and he seems. Like the quintessential fuck boy like. I thought I knew the quintessential fuck boy was before. I watched this episode so but it gave it a whole new meaning for me like every time I thought Jackson was bad. No Max Max is worse in my mind like he's just so cringe and gross and I think he doesn't have respect for women and if I'm picking that up on a thirty minute episode like that doesn't bode well dude because trust me. I know what they say about editing and I know certain reality stars have their seasons. Were there painted to look good or bad or whatever but I swear I I really think this first episode of hand. He is destined to be worse than Jack's like like I don't think he has a soul. I think he might be sociopath. So those are updates for this week. If you watch founder pub rules telling you what you thought and let's get into our first article. The day I got model says her nudes raise. Seven hundred thousand dollars for Australian fire relief by Madeline Agar. I could could be wrong but I don't think we've talked about it influencer in a while. I thought it was time to bring that back. And today we have a model slash online sex worker whose name is Kayla Ward. She's twenty years old and as the cut rates. She says she raised over a half million dollars in just three days to help with Australian bushfires by offering vison news to anyone who's sitting here proof that they had donated ten dollars or more to bushfire relief organizations. She wrote every ten dollars you donate equals one new picture for me to your GM. You must send me competition that you donate it so. The article article was on to explain that she literally had to hire help to go through all of the message. She got to make sure to confirm that the people who were messaging her actually had donated to legit organizations and by Monday after her posting as the vote posted gone viral. Got Over seventy three thousand retweets. And she says she arrays roughly seven hundred K.. She calls herself the naked land-for-peace on social media. Now I really liked this tweet. That she tweeted from the naked philanthropists. Where where she wrote my I G got deactivated? My family disowned me. And the guy like won't talk to me all because of that tweet Thuc it. Save the Koalas and and honestly good for her into instagram. I say let her have her INSTA- back and this dude at her family is wack like do they not know that she was a sex it. The article says she's a sex worker but maybe she hadn't done sex work in news before this but nonetheless I feel like it's kind of unfair for her to dump her for this because this to me is life seven hundred K.. That's on par with what some of the biggest celebrities have been donating. I think Kylie Jenner. Just do it a million dollars. So I don't know I say big ups to this girl using nudity for good. Everyone wants take issue with everything. But I'm into it and and as an aside to Avi guys out there listening if you don't want to sell your nudes to cope with the Australian bushfires you can follow Lisa Frank on instagram this week. That's all you have to you. Just follow at Lisa. Frank and Lisa frings amazing to begin with so why not follow her but for each new follower they gain this week. They're doing one dollar to the bushfire relief. So that's my little plug for that. Go do it right now. It's super easy. You can do it while you're listening to this podcast next step. It says it's called and while this is certainly evocative by Manda Arnold so this is about the Promo for Gwyneth. PALTROW's new show. That's coming out on Netflix. And it's called the GOOP lab. They released the trailer and Promo Image for it. And it's a as cut rights of bolt body photo of herself photo shopped in the middle of a pink aboard tags WCHS with text reach new depths and by Pink Gortex. They mean it's basically vagina imagery and so they go under I. It's certainly an interesting choice of imagery. Three given that paltrow's tips pertaining to gynecology have landed her in hot water in the past for example if she had to pay one hundred and forty K. and civil penalties for the visine eggs the Jada Z. Z.. Putting your visine And she's also gotten flack from gynecologist for claims such as steaming. Your visine will lead to an energetic release imbalanced Sir female hormones because according to science it will not so I watch the trailer on this to do a little luxury search and it's only over a minute long. It's only the minute and eight seconds and it starts out with saying that when she started group in two thousand eight she wanted to do more than to make out with Matt Damon on screen eighteen. Okay legit during this course at during the course of this trailer there's little clips of things are going to be covering like psychics awesome mediums and healing and someone mentioned that. They're having an awesome and I don't know if echo services She's referring to another work or something else that's happening. But she straight up. Says she has an exercises on. So like I said covers psychic mediums. And I really can't wait to make fun of it. It looks completely wild but it also looks like something. I'm going to eat up and at the very end of the trailer. It ends on Little Groupie. gwen herself saying we're here. One time there's one life. How can we really milk the shit out of this? And that's how I like to live my life to the more I read about Little Guarini and her privilege. I'm like maybe we do have more in common than I give her credit for. 'cause this shit out of this life to like a big old uttered cow how not to bore you guys with to influence her articles today but I had to include this one and since we're already covering influencers week this week I figured I'd throw it in It's called. Is this the most bizarre influencers scam yet by bridget. Read and I think I cover some. We're crap on this podcast. But this might take the cake. So this story. Of A man named Paul Zimmer who used to be a huge deal on the APP musically which was actually bought. Recently I think within the past year to buy tick tock which is one of the fastest growing super all the rage social media apps these days. It's it's movie clips. There's like Dan. It has sort of like a niche content. I would say like girls dancing to me. We can talk about that another day. But it's Kinda disturbing because it's a lot of underage girls dancing kinda sexy. Who Have you know fifteen million followers? So it's a little weird. I'm not into it. But okay. So Paul Zimmer. He had seven million followers back on the day and musically and I read the article in read the original article so I learned from the original article that all of these seven million followers actually transferred to tick tock which as I said is Louis One of the most popular applications. This man Dan Paul is supposedly twenty twenty four years old right now and he looks like your basic ass white boy brown hair. I mean like Q. He looks like the kind of person who would somehow get seven million teen girls to follow him on instagram. which I really don't know the specific breed of person? It takes to do that but you know the look I'm talking about. And the cut describes his content as follows doing things like making thirst trap videos of himself lip synching R&B and be songs and flashing. His absolute captions like Happy Black History Month youth. Yikes that's of the week this week. But that's not the juicy apart. So they go into right. Zimmer was disgraced in two thousand seventeen. After it was discovered that he had been soliciting gifts from his followers via musically weeklies live streaming APP. Called Lively Zimmer had promised things like personal videos. DMZ for cash donations without actually following. Through after the scandals Zimmer went went dark wiping his youtube and instagram accounts where he had around one million followers and remained silent for almost two years. So another thing that the article doesn't mention that I found found from the original article was apparently at the time where he went dark on social media. He had a fiancee named Jamie rose. Who was also popular on the APP and when this all all happened and went down she also deleted all of her social media presence? And here's where things get actually freaky in October. Two Thousand Nineteen Zimmer subtly returned with the post about an actor named Troy Becker who looks Exactly like him. Him As impulse Zimmer. He writes this actor at Torrey. Becker I literally looks like a younger sexier version of meat crying laughing face. I don't even use social media anymore but I had to post. ha ha ha. Zimmer wrote Bekker's Instagram Tag. By Zimmer showed an account with very few followers which Becker with Becker saying only that he was less to be filming my TV show Zimmer them followed up a few players to say that he was retired from social media but would be giving his accounts and their followers to Becker and he wrote wrote because he's one of the dope is people I know he's literally my younger twin. My much younger twin I believe tries fifteen or sixteen years old and Morote not only did it. Seem like Zimmer was trying pretty poorly it must be said to rebrand from an influence or to an actor by pretending to be another person but that person was very much much purportedly a teenager. This announcement post like the first one he made about. Becker also showed Zimmer with a beard seemingly to make him look older so if. You're not getting the gist of that. Basically Zimmer seems to have made this other fake account called Troy Becker that supposed to be a teenager but really. It's just pictures of current day Zimmer. Who to remind you? Twenty four years old so beyond the two accounts having super similar writing styles Internet sluice found photos of Choi Becker on Instagram mccollum l. a. based acting school called the Heller approach in June. Four months before Zimmer reappeared more evidence supporting getting the idea that Zimmer was indeed simply trying to legitimize himself for his new career with a hilarious shotty griff te furthermore I got this from the original article Michael from the New Statesman which says bekker's IMDB page indicates that the actor Bay of had doubts of his own while in its current state. It includes very little information. A cash aid version shows that troy. BEKKER's nickname was Paul Zimmer. The pages cash shade. A week before Zimmer did his original side by side with his supposed- d'appel gainer. Now you know we love scammer on this podcast and this is a new breed. If I've ever seen one so the cut goes on to write that there is now hundreds of comments. It's on Troy. Bekker's tick tock saying things like Paul. It's really creepy you're pretending to be sixteen. CEO of pretending to be a different person so allegedly trae. His still posting tick talks where he marvels that people think him Paul lookalike so so the cut insists was saying. Why did this man thinking he had to stop being a tick tock? Sorry to become an actor. Why didn't he changed his name? Why did he want to become a teenager? Why did he think this work? I have so many questions and get them might break the magic that is how simply fucking weird. The story is and it's so weird like this man needs help to change us dirig- behavior because this is a new one. I mean but this is the problem with Internet. Culture is by doing this. Deranged deranged behavior. You become known as someone who is like kind of in the fifteen year old culture I have never heard of this man before and now I saying involved now. I'm following the stupid story. So you know what. Maybe he's more genius credit for honestly like maybe he made this just easy enough to figure out that it would get people talking about how crazy is and he wins in the end. So the original article was updated to note that Zimmer deleted his instagram accounts lead his talks as troy and changes. Tick Tock handle. So I'm really fascinated to see what this dude duck does does next because it's hard for me to imagine someone in his age in this day and age completely abandoning millions of followers lowers Because that's the moneymakers these days. Let's be real. Having followers equates to money equates to add money equates to deals so him him just sort of getting rid of them and then kind of starting this new scandal for himself. 'cause I swear if he had just gone off the map for a couple years and come back on people probably would have forgot about his past buggery. Because there's so much other fucker in the world and a lot of social media do way worse I mean. I got the impression that he was kind of running. It was like a cameo situation this lively APP and Cameos that thing where you can pay celebs to do a message for you and I feel like he was just not falling falling through with giving his messages or whatever it was so while. That's really shitty bad business. I think that he probably had oil. Enough fans that this it could have been remedied and it said he just went this in seen route. So who knows next article is I really thought he was going to kill me and bury remind body. A romance author accused her husband opposing. Her was at her wildest fiction. Yet by Leila Shapiro so this articles our request from Virginia we. We haven't southern Virginia requested awhile. It's good to have you back girl and I have to say this combines a lot of things I like true crime fiction novels and not just fiction novels levels but paranormal romance novels twilight. Who Intrigue Drama? Amin told me all like that Shit. So this lady's name was Sherry Kenya. Hit and I have to admit I was going to go into this article more but the more I got into it in the more I read the comments I started just feeling kind of bad in dirty about the whole situation but I still figured it was worth giving you guys a little bit of a plotline scenario so that if you want to look into it more if you WanNa honoree the article you can and this is on boulter which is a sister article or I'm sorry a sister vertical to the cut. We've we've covered some of their stuff before like the hallmark comic con thing if you remember that so basically she alleges that her hus- her even Sherry Kenya and like I said she was author of Paranormal Romances and she alleges that her husband and one of performer. SYSTENS hatched a Shakespearean plot to murder her by poison so she filed this complaint on nine months after her husband had sued for the divorce and it was like this crazy complaint just with all of these weird details and and basically talking about the rudeness of the assistant sustain and how she was kind of interfering with business but the really shocking stuff was that she alleged her hearing teeth are falling out because and she developed Kazuya tremors orientational bone loss facial swelling and tastes which she attributed to this poisoning by her husband and so the author of this Article wince Authors House which was the same when she had previously lived with her husband. She has a Bengal cat there. There's little statues of fairies Wizards Raven skulls and the author of the article is actually at the House for three days and based on her description this lady had definitely a flair for the dramatic but one of her sons nineteen year old was on her side she. He says his name's Ian he says it definitely happens. There's so much evidence. So he believed saved his his mom and as an aside. There's a picture of Miss Kenyon as a young woman and shoe so looks like Kaitlyn Dever from book smart so so. If this Shit's made into a movie I nominate Caitlyn to play her So part of his I want to share. Yeah this is because this ladies are writing is just hilarious. So she kind of came to be known for the as the Volcker rights dirty and bitten inventiveness of her sex scenes where she talks about the heroine's cat allergy becoming an issue when she goes down on a half feline where hunter she sneezes sneezes but persevered some things are worth suffering for she notes guys. That's worse than the Bazo tax. We talked about in the most curse things as of two thousand nineteen like. That's an image can't get on my head so I wanted you to have that and this lady was just straight up Kirke quirky. She'd go to fan conventions she be really great at remembering all the fans that approached her and one time she was apparently wearing a three foot. Fo- Black Swan as a hat and and allegedly nora. Roberts who's a famous person in that genre took offense and said it was unprofessional but the thing was by two thousand on eleven. Miss Kenyon was big shit tons of money. She was doing really well with her romance novels near really successful. So but this is the part. It comes Kinda sketch you don't know who side to be on. I would definitely say the author of this article did not believe Sherry Kenyan so I felt like it was a little biased and and she writes that there was in a lab. You know who you believe it depends on who you believe whether there is an elaborate conspiracy but she against the other side of what I took away that the author things happen so I thought this was pretty juicy because Sherry. Kenyan decided that one of her rivals was Cassandra Clare who writes fiction about shadow hunters and they have powers invite teams as an aside her series as the infernal devices. Cassandra Clair's is one of my favorite. Why novel series and I think she might be one of my sister? Danny's all time favorite authors. So it seems like Miss Kenyon got jealous a Claire and there was another song called cable who he does not believe his mom and she says is that she'd stop around. She Call Cassandra walking Hor so in. Two Thousand Sixteen Sherry filed a lawsuit against Clare saying let Claire Stole Her ideas and a lot of the literary community took clarice side on this and it was kind of a point where from people's accounts Sheri's mental health surge decline and. This is when the divorce papers were served. She didn't appear to be well at conventions. Her book sales were flailing and I thought this was another juicy part is the author of this article was trying to get quotes from people who worked with her and she gets one of them on the phone and and tells them that she's writing an arthur an article about Kenyon and the lady cuts her off and she says let me stop you right there. The farther I am from the story the a happier. I'll be in hung up the phone. So Sherry contends that this really had nothing to do with Cassandra Clare. And this is really about her husband. And a lady that he hired as an assistant. And that's when Sherry goes on to say that it was this lady and her husband who kept her in the basement poisoned her and like I said offices in that super-rich legal complaints she filed and the husband on the other hand says that he came home one night. He saw her putting a spell on a rival author. He felt it was demonic. Like he felt like shoes a totally different person at the time. And actually it was soon After that that he filed for divorce so the author who spent three days with her says it was like stepping into world of her fiction. An alternate reality where demons lurked behind every door now. Kenyan had her blood and hair tested for heavy metals and all of the tests did not come back seeming like she had actually been poisoned in cable. Her son said shoot always been sick and that her teeth had always been bad the she lived on fast food he he says she's by far the most unhealthy person. I've ever met her. Not being sick was rare and this lady just like a little wild like when she was in court for the divorce case she allegedly called one of her husband's attorneys of fucking liar and randomly brought up. Pedophilia and I guess now she's no longer working on a novels. So that was kind of the end of the article which I felt this kind of anti-climactic and there isn't a side of the end that says that she dropped her lawsuit suit against Ken his assistant But really what was super wild about this where the comments and this is what I feel like suber. We're getting into because there's last time I checked two hundred twenty five comments on this article and it's her family members allegedly Lee like her aunt. Her son cable just like going at her herself going at it in the comments section and. I know that's probably what I should've cupboard here but I felt like commute to give you that back story. And like I said I feel like almost too weird voyeuristic toge- into much into the comments. But if you WANNA go give it a look. I won't judge you so that's just crazy. I feel bad for her either way like she struggling with her mental health or she didn't get poisoned by her husband like she's struggling ling either way and I almost feel like it's almost a common thing when people had active of and imagination. I almost feel like your brain can't work rate because and I see that like so sympathetically like empathetical because I just think the more your brain and think of insane sort of scenarios does the more you can believe this to be true so I wonder if that's kind of what happened here but again would love your thoughts on this kind of spent. Oh Al getting into that and the whole article all is even wilder but you know I always have links in my show notes if you WANNA check anything out a legit shit this week so I have two things I thought would be kind of fun. You guys is to watch. I've been really into watching expensive taste tests on COSMO. I was just watching the one Emma Chamberlain. Did we love Emma Chamberlain on this on this podcast and she was on the cover of Cosmo did one for them. Basically they test different inexpensive versus cheaper thing like an expensive chocolate versa. Cheaper one bottled water versus tap water and they have to guess which ones the more expensive one. I actually Kinda WanNa do this on my youtube channel. Mike Kinsey to set out for me. Because I think it's so fun but watch those. They're they're really entertaining. And then the other thing I've been addicted to watching is the circle on Netflix. which is even coordinator? And it's a reality ladies show about these people who live in the same apartment complex but they can't see each other in person and they just contact each other through social media and some of them are catfish but you would never know because you never see them face to face and eventually one's GonNa kind of take the crown the top influencers like. It's a show that could only exist list in this day and age and it actually started in the UK because my sister watched it over there. And it's just kind of addictive it so bad it's like really that kind of mindless trash TV but at the same time a really interesting social commentary so again. If you're into that give me give me a ring in the D._M.. And I love to talk to you guys and until next week I will see you bye.

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