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Episode number to the Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with Nick cattles here. Thanks for joining us. As always. It is much appreciated the Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with Nick cattles a sponsored by a bet u s support Boston Sports Journal by calling one eight hundred seventy-nine bet us and get set up today. Be sure to tell them as a sports journalist sent you and Greg man since the last time we spoke a lot of news happening. Let's start with Mohamed Sanu on this very podcast our first episode you had said keep an eye on a new he might be gone because of the money well now we look up and he's gone Greg. Yeah, Nick. I just think that it's sort of along the lines that we talked about and and in the first episode we talked about like, you know, he's he's making six and half million dollars a year and really what are you getting for that six million dollars extra that you that you that you wouldn't be getting from Jacoby Myers or a Devon Ross or a gunner of schefsky who are other options for sort of the bottom of the receivers. And when you look at it, you know, n'keal Harry obviously is going to be on the team. Julian Edelman is obviously going to be on the team. Now what you're saying Mohamed Sanu is your number three receiver all of a sudden. Look how slow they are. I mean they I mean it could be the slowest receiving Corps in the history of the league, So he wasn't going to be one of your top three receivers you were going to have to put somebody else with speed out there along with that group and considering this teams going to play a lot with multiple tight-end wage. Fullbacks and things like that that could happen. So it's it's like so so what are we doing here? And I think that the I think the fellow check made the right choice in terms of not compounding is error of sending a second round pick which actually ended up going to the Ravens when all of a sudden sudden will help them compete against you this year and paying a six and a half million on top of that that just would have been it just would have been done and I'm glad that bill made that choice. I don't think the team is sustained substantially hurt without him to new on the team. I think it helps along the lines of making them faster going into this year, which they need to do across-the-board and I think it was a no-brainer. I mean you look at this trade to go back to that in a second before we continue the discussion about the wide receivers now currently and what this team has on its roster. This was a major with to put it nicely Belichick. I think this is one of the worst trades he's ever made as the head honcho in New England giving up the second round pick for a guy who played eight or nine games and Greg when they made that truck last year a lot of the justification as far as what they paid to bring Sanu in was because he had that extra year on his contract versus Emmanuel Sanders. Well now that doesn't matter you gave up the second round pick and you did not get that extra year from Sanu. Yeah, I went back and I listen to I think I was on felger & Mazz the day that the trade went down and I I I went back and I looked at what I wrote but also what I said on a show and I did I thought it was an overpaid at the time because some of the people Justified it by saying well It's in and I do think the second year was part of the equation for Belichick and why he didn't go for Emmanuel Sanders and I get that, you know, but some of the justification from Patriots Falcons was okay. Well, he's got the two years plus you're going to get a compact compact form and and I argued against that at the time saying like he's going to be 32 by the time he's a free agent after the 3 years who's going to give up who's going to sign up for much of anything at that point. So what kind of calm pic are you getting? I do think it was a it was a major blunder. When you combine it with the long brown decision. It's just it was just a complete disaster a receiver last year and I do I I don't think it's too much of a leap Nick and Jake's know if you agree with this, but I don't think it's too much of a leap to say that but between Antonio Brown and then Mohamed Sanu the combination of neither of those things working were sort of the last nail in the coffin. For Brady leaving. I think if if an Antonio Brown came here and worked out I think that you know, and that's that's a lot of ifs because we know what kind of disaster that guy is off the field, but if that would doubt even if Sanu came here and help put them over the top and all of a sudden they're in the AFC Championship game or in the Superbowl then maybe Brady is still here, but the combination of those things and plus the frustration of fact, he had all training camp with lukewarm thrown too. I mean, you know, they they get rid of Demaryius Thomas, you know, he was the one guy who who who actually had some skins on the wall, that could do something then Antonio Brown field and then Mohamed Sanu and I think the Brady part of his equation at the end of the season, I do not think he was he had one foot out the door the entire time last year and I do think that actually thought there was some softening before he decided to leave but that being said, I think everything that went on last year as far as Personnel just LED Brady to be like, you know what I'm sick dog. To Camp every year and I got Joe sloppy that I'm throwing to the defense has eight deep on the defensive side. I can't even get a backup, you know Center to play with me off and I'm sick of Bill saying me and Josh you're going to get a figured out. I'm sick of figuring out. How about you? Give me some people to work with from the get-go instead of patching it together. And I think that was the final nail in the coffin. I said Brady said, that's it. I'm leaving. Yeah, I think that was part of it. Ultimately Greg. I don't think he re-signs with New England because New England was not going to go to the two years and everything that I read Brady was more upset about the lack of a commitment from that team and Belichick most notably. That's why he left so I don't think Belichick was going to give him the kind of contract at Tampa stepped up and gave him and good for Tampa, but also good for Belichick. I don't think Belichick should have extended himself two years for a guy who's 43 years old for as great as Brady has been at some point. You've got to cut it off and be responsible to the organization. I think Brady wage Get paid for what he had done versus what he was going to do. So I have no issue with Belichick saying no, we're not going to give you the two years in Tampa. Listen Bruce Arians. He had to do what he had to do. Right? That's a that's an organization that has consistently they needed somebody and you can see it. You know, we're going to get into the Leonard fournette stuff. But you know, that's the trickle-down effect of bringing somebody in like Brady. Nobody was dying to go to Tampa before Brady thier one last thing about the wide receiver situation Greg. We talked about it over a text last night. It seems to me that the timing is not going to be great for the Patriots to try to acquire somebody from outside organization. Maybe a Curtis Samuel some people think he is available. He has that link with Cam from his Carolina days, but what about the evaluating of the position and where the Patriots are at now? I mean when you look back Belichick's history with evaluating wide receivers. Yeah, he hit on Edelman he hit on Branch he hit on Mitchell. Unfortunately the knee stopped his career. He hit on evaluating West Palm. And you could even give them credit for David Givens. But when you look at it, most guys that he brings into play that position to be a one or two guy. They haven't worked out, correct. Yeah, and and you know, I don't know how much blame to give him. I mean obviously he gets some of it it's his show. I do think part of it has to do with them, you know sort of the transition from college to Pro, you know, but some people will argue that it's never been easier to identify wide receivers coming out of college because they throw so much now I saw how many wide receivers went in the draft this year. How many went in the first couple of rounds and of course the Patriots just sat out and didn't take one in the draft so long. I mean if if I were Belichick and of course, I'm not and I don't have you know, eighteen million Super Bowl rings and he has those for reason but I do think that you know, I do think that black belt extremely smart. I think he constantly looks at these things so it's not like You know, it's not like they make these mistakes and they just did they don't revisit them. They revisit them all the time. I'm just surprised he hasn't turned that over to say Josh McDaniels to say, you know, what you pay income and all select them in whatever. I I will say that some of that goes on sometimes Belichick doesn't you know, he still sides with the defense and we'll take defense over offense, but I think it's it's been a problem. And now the team is where it is. I mean, I I don't I know the the names don't jump off the page two people but I kind of like the group that they have is off the right trigger man. I don't know well see, you know, and and by the way if the people saying Nick Randy Moss, come on known commodity Hall of Fame receiver Brandin Cooks known commodity from New Orleans. I'm talking about guys that were invested in brought in and thought they were going to be able to do the job and they were incapable of doing that. So you like the wide receiver group for all intents and purposes what they have on that roster right now. Let's move to running back right because the other part. Use that we've heard recently Damien Harris. He has a pinkie injury. He's going to be out for a few weeks. Sounds like he's definitely going to be out week one against Miami. How does that affect the backfield the New England long as they get ready with Cam back there, you know needing help I think from the Run game. Yeah, this is Nick it's going to be this is and they run into this every year so they used to it. But this this further complicates the final 53-man roster deliberations, cuz it's like okay, you know in from the people that I've talked to they're not overly concerned about the Damien Harris injury, you know, I told a couple of weeks so yeah, he's probably out week one there is still a lot of excitement about what he can do in the backfield. So he is still in the plans wage. I really hope this doesn't knock them on the pop or anything like that. I I would hope not but that's going to be part of the conversation in the part of the conversation is also going to be what do we do with Lamar Miller who is activate off. Off of Pop, I think since the last time we talked yeah before you move on to Miller I want to ask you about that. Were you surprised like when I saw Lamar Miller come off the pup I was figuring. Well, you know, maybe I'd their time with him leave him on there, you know open up a roster spot and then when he was absolutely ready to take him off, I was a little surprised by the fact that they decided to know. Let's take him off the p u p right now. He's yeah Nick, I don't really know the background on this specific case, but you know, I know a lot of fans like to talk about like what didn't they just leave them on pop then they could still well, there's two sides of this coin. There's also the players side and that's going to Lamar. You know, Lamar Miller wants to be probably wants to play and he probably wants to get paid like per game roster bonuses so you can get new situation where say the team I'm sure the Patriots would have been happy if he stayed on pop up for a half the season and he would have gotten paid but you know, you know, maybe Lamar Miller's chomping at the bit and off. Of a sudden if the Patriots don't and basically the rule is you come off pup as soon as you pass your physical and so if Lamar Miller's agent in Lamar Miller thought that he was healthy enough to pass physical they could file a grievance with the league and it could get messy and so it's the Patriots don't really have the ultimate Choice really the ultimate choice is with the player and she must have you must have felt ready to go and and you know, so it was a little bit of a surprise but I do think it I think it complicates things as far as roster cut down cuz now Jake Harris is down for a week or two. Now. What do you do? You keep Lamar Miller and that access somebody else at another position. When you looking to be talking about behind the scenes when you look at your 53, I mean, the ultimate question is Muslim our Miller. Does he have a spot? Does he have a place on this team right now? On my final fifty-three, which I just finished. I'll be right enough for bsj. I do not have them on the team. I have running backs on the team. Yep. I have Sony Jake white Harrisburg head as the four running backs My Hope and this will also be something that will probably talk about at some point My Hope Is that veterans? Like say Brian Hoyer a call back which I ultimately decided to release him to steal a spot for others on the roster that Brian Hoyer Lamar Miller, maybe some other veterans agree to come back on the practice squad. I protect them every week and then all of a sudden you have a built-in taxi Squad they're going to they're going to have to do a lot of selling. I think I think teams across the league with these new rules with the cobit. They're going to do a lot of selling where they come to these players and they say look, I know I know this hurts right now. I know you probably thought you weren't a spot you probably did but this is a numbers game right now, and we want to park you on the practice squad. Because we're going to need you. We it's just one of those years. Yeah, and you know, the the cobit circumstances the quarterback thing is very interesting. We've heard guys like Bruce Arians and others talk about maybe quarantining a quarterback just in case because the quarterback room guys are close to each other. You don't know how Covetous going to affect it. Now with all of that said Greg the evidence in front of us right now is that the truck was doing a great job with covid-19. You're looking at Camp who has the injury history instead of who was dealing with an injury. Just going back a few days ago. Yeah, it is. It's it's going to be a similar situation in when they they were last year where they were probably confident that nobody was going to claim Brian Hoyer or sign him and then all of a sudden the Colts came out of nowhere near you know part of it had to do with the Andrew Luck thing. I don't think and you know, you know, what's helping in this situation with a Brian Hoyer as opposed to years prior is that there have been open choosing games? So there haven't been any injuries at quarterback across the league. We're normally, you know, we've lost about you know, four or five quarterbacks by an hour, you know, at least backup quarterback things like that and preseason games. And so if there was any chance where somebody was not going to sign Brian Hoyer and they could get him back on the practice squad and sell that took this would be the year. I don't think there's a Colts team out there, you know hockey him but the X Factor is if you're the Buffalo Bills And if I were the Buffalo Bills, I would absolutely sign Brian Hoyer just to screw the Patriots and and I would yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's it's a great call. It's a fair point. No doubt. If you're Sean McDermott your thoughts about it Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with Nick cattles hear the second episode of our podcast Venture will get to bet us in a couple of minutes Greg, but I do want to ask one more thing before I move out of the bigger picture of the team and and maybe where you think they they fall into the you know slot as far as the AFC with a lot of predictions coming out over the last couple of days on various websites Power Rankings and such. Where do you think the running back position goes from here? Like, how do you have it? How do you have it falling? Like do you think hey Harris comes back if he's healthy. He is right back to being the number one, or is it going to be now Michelle's job to lose once again because of the Harris injury Well, I think I think what happens is obviously Sony is the the starter to start the year and he has a chance to you know, maybe put some distance on on Damien Harris and all that but I think I think it's it's it's normally how it goes this time of year, which is Damien Harris will come back. He'll get some carries and then it's a competitive situation where they sort of wage look at. All right, who's the hot hand who's doing better? And and I think I think what happens is Sony's playing time is like this Harris comes back. It's sort of evens out. Yeah, and then they sort of make a choice who's are laid-back who's not our lead back that sort of thing. So it's definitely Sony's ball to start. He's going to have to keep it though because he's got actual real competition now. All right off Craig's thoughts on whether or not he thinks this team should be ranked higher than it's been ranked by a lot of different Outlets National local everywhere A lot of people again putting out their power off. Kings in their in their playoff teams and all of that but before we get to that let's get to us, correct. I listen up Sports Bettors. This is Greg Bedard here to tell you about my favorite sport sports book and that's bet u s football basketball and baseball all back and that means it's time to get down your bets if you got in your that's down. I'm going to get my bets down as we get closer to the football. I saw I see your Celtics you'll see you got the Celtics shirt. And when I saw that the Celtics for game three, I bet u s our favorite they're down. They're underdogs by two points. What do you think about that long? Yeah. I mean, I would not be surprised if Toronto wins game three. 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Yeah mention mention the G-Man mentioned Greg Bedard, they'll love you. They'll say, oh wait a minute you a hell of a deal and also Boston Sports Journal that we'll also they'll also hook you up. There you go. Boston Sports channel, as always. All right big picture here, you know, I've been seeing stuff Greg all over the interwebs the last few days about this team, you know, bleacherreport.com Eating them. I think it was Nineteen as a staff in the NFL you go back to the ESPN football power index. They had the Patriots around 9 or 10 in the league as far as a playoff hopes and overall ranking. Is this a playoff team? You pretty confident there a playoff team. Are you kind of wavering? What do you thinking going in here? Absolutely. I I to me there is little doubt that they took our playoff with 9 mm with you a hundred percent. Yep. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what sure it's not, you know, it's not your older cousins Patriots team, you know, it's going to look a whole lot different but change can be good and and look at the look. They have a great secondary you have a they have a could be a great offensive line. They should be able to run the ball. I was actually texting with my crease earlier today. We were talking about some stuff and I said, you know I said this team this team needs to rush for three thousand yards this year and month. You know the Ravens set the record, I think it was last year or two years ago. They said it at about thirty four hundred yards. I think at the Patriots get to the upper ranges of you know, 2829 hundred. I think I think they're on course to have a successful season. They're going to need to have the lead they are going to need to play good defense, but you also have one of the best coaching staffs in the league. And yes, there's there hasn't been a lot of continuity on offense. They're going to have to work through some things but so is everybody else. I mean everybody else is as in the same bucket and while I don't think Bill Belichick is invaluable. He's pretty damn good at what he does and I have a lot of confidence in what he does. There are two people I never bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's gone, but Belichick is still here. So I have a lot of confidence said and and also Nick the other thing is, you know, what do you think the divisions going to do? Yes, Buffalo is going to be good. You know, we'll see how far Josh Allen can take him. I'd rather have Cam Newton dog. Josh Allen, but that's me the Dolphins speak to that's me to the Dolphins have had a ton of changes in their front seven and other places that's going to be a work-in-progress the Jets of the Jets. You know, I don't have a lot of confidence in Adam gase as the head coach. I like them as an offensive coordinator. So all of a sudden you combine the coaching staff with the strengths of this team with that secondary not a lot of teams are going to run away from the Patriots. So, you know, you get Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels into a close game. They're going to win more often than not and if they you know, 9 and 7 a.m. And 6 at least, you know, they're going to be in the ballpark. So I see them and with an extra playoff spot this year. So I I would put my confidence at about 95% off. The Patriots are going to make the playoffs issue. Yeah. I had this conversation with Andy Hart today and I think there are playoff team. I bottom of the barrel Mark is just like yours nine-win team. I think that's the dog. First you will see I think they'll be around nine or 10 wins everything falls into place. Everything goes perfect eleven wins, maybe but that's everything going perfectly Pro Football Focus ranked this defense as the former best in the league this week. I don't know if they're that good but they're really good. They're secondary is I think Elite so with that defense with the Run game we talked about this an episode one, you know, they're going to play differently. This is not going to be the shootout Patriots. This is going to be a different brand of football. I don't hate it do what you have to do to win. I agree with you on the coaching staff and you talked about the division. What about this conference? I mean that's conference aside from Kansas City in Baltimore the rest of the AFC it's not great every single team you can list at least one question if not two or three and especially at the quarterback position. So I just think there's lots and lots of questions. I do think people are under estimating this team just a little bit. Let's move on to the boss which one one more thing before on that wage. Do people forget what the Titans did last year? I mean the Titans came in here. They made a run. They can't came in here ran the Patriots and Tom Brady, you know off their own home field went to Kansas City had a lead if I remember correctly and then the then the Chiefs went on their run like they did against Texans also, but you're talking about right near tanyhill. They the Titans have a good offensive line. How many weapons can you name on the Tennessee Titans last year? How many Defenders they certainly did not have the secondary that the Patriots did and my boss was pretty damn good but he ain't Bill Belichick and they're offensive coordinator isn't Josh McDaniels either so, you know, basically, I think I think the Titans are sort of the blue print off what the Patriots can do and play bully ball and and and keep the the scores close and sort of grind games out and that's that's the formula and I think they're ahead of the game. Then where the Titans were a year ago. Yeah. I mean, it's high and sat AJ Brown which would be the one thing that the stud number one guy who could have explosive plays but I agree with you overall you look at home team very very similar, which is why I think the Patriots were interested in Leonard fournette, or at least placed a phone call because again that that idea of downhill with Cam pounding defenses, of course, he went to Tampa. Let's look at some quickly quickly will look at some changes that you have to your 53 we talked about Brian Hoyer Lamar Miller possibly released hopefully signed to the practice squad received. You've got Jacoby Myers for Sanu and you have Jeff Thomas being waived. Why is it Myers? Yeah. I just think that he's just steady. He knows the offense. Jeff Thomas is a guy who hasn't been on the practice field a ton this summer. So it's already going to be uphill for him. And I just think that I think the Meijer what he did last year is more consistent wage. Build off that he's a little bit more of a known commodity and I think they need that in the receivers. And I think yeah, you know, it's going to be a risk waving Jeff Thomas, you know in his speed but then again, you know, nobody drafted him. Nobody. Nobody else signed him. I don't think he got a huge bonus from the Patriots. So the interest wasn't great. And so, you know, the hope is you get him to come back you sign him to practice squad and develop him and you know, I think that's sort of the best place for him cuz there aren't any padded roster spots this year. Yeah, people know that you're one of the best talking about offensive line played because a lot of people actually want to do the work and look at the offensive line and all that. It does stick out to me that you're keeping cajuste T and you're getting rid of Cunningham. I've read a lot of good stuff about Cunningham and how he could be the swing tackle. Why you going with cajuste here instead? Yeah that that that was another sort of coin flip for me. I just think that could use was you know, he was a third-round pick last year. He was hurt all last month. You got off to a really rough start and training camp, but I did see some flashes and he Nick I'm telling you. He looks the part. He looks he looks like a future tackle and including would possibly left tackle ability cord Cunningham's done a really nice job this year. He got off to a fast start and sort of slumped. So it's it's a coin flip for me. And it's sort of guess work because we haven't seen the last week of camp and really that's that would probably determine it but I'm just going to go with the last visions that I saw was could use of going up Cunningham going down, you know, I want to see if I get a little bank for that third round pick and you know, if worst comes to worst if there is an injury at tackle, um, you know, I do have Joe Cooney that I can can move out there. I can't sign a veteran tackle. I have options. I just You know, I'm just going with the youth and sort of the upside of cajuste to keep on the roster. All right one last one before we get to our Boston Sports channel, member question of the day, you are not trading Joann Williams. You are keeping him over Terrence Brooks and Terrence Brooks. I think we had this discussion episode one. You're not wavering. I've read a lot of good things about Brooks, but you're not so long is this team? Yeah, you know, I keep that's this is another position and you get down to like these last three or four spots and it's almost a coin flip and there's a lot of things that we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. I really like Terrence Brooks. I want them around I would like them on this team and but it is a it's it's a pretty big shock if you've been out at practices year that I have them off my final 53 because he he was a starter, you know, you didn't hear me say that but he was he was on the field the whole time other guys who page A lot on this team. So if you just watch practice you'd be like well that guys on the team but Belichick does these sort of things in Calhoun could be another guy that's like that. I just think I decided that the end of the day Adrian Phillips wasn't on the on the field. Maybe the Patriots were hiding him a little bit not quite to the the Moss stature of 2007 when he didn't practice very much, but I just think they signed here's my rationale and then they sign Adrian Phillips for reason in the offseason. I think this would this is Jake before Chung opted out and they saw him as an upgrade over somebody and I think it was Terrence Brooks and I think they're going to stick with that. And also I like Joann Williams. I like his versatility. He's a swimmer. I'm only keeping five cornerbacks I think and so if there is an injury there Williams covers you he can go over to cornerback he can do that. Plus he can cover tight ends dead. Big tall receivers tight ends were other guys can't really do that for so for that reason. I'm keeping you on Williams and the guy I'm releasing is Terrence Brooks. I just woke up Adrian Phillips. I want to see what he can do in this defense. Yeah, the cornerbacks you mentioned. You've got Gilmore Jones Jackson McCoy D and Bethel and then cut is Ross Jackson and Brian. All right, let's get to the Boston Sports Journal phone number question of the day check us out over at bsj for $0.11 a day on our annual plan. You have access to Greg Sean McAdam Brian Robb Conor Ryan. Dr. Jessica Flynn and many more to come back Sports coverage the way you remember it. No clickbait. No BS no politics just straight top-notch analysis of your teams from a team and company that is all and they mean all New England. Let's talk about Don. I bought a question here Greg a good discussion Point here. No doubt. Is this the worst trade for a veteran that we've seen with this new deal? Okay. Well Nick, let me you're more of a Patriots fan off. Than I am. So maybe they're maybe there's a couple what do you think of the candidates now when I and I I'll give you my answer and I will say that I borrowed from Uncle Jerry Thornton over our Boss Mar store cuz he didn't do this and I did look at his list because you know, of course, he's written books on the Patriots and things like that. What's your vote? I don't know how I don't know how I'll just read you off what Jerry has a sort of his list. Okay has let's see unfortunately you to choose from Grog forward Garoppolo for a second rounder. I think that's definitely on the list Chandler Jones for second round pick and Jonathan Cooper. I didn't have a problem with that one because they weren't going to sign a Jones to a big money deal so they had to get something and they got a second. So, you know, that's good. See more for a first-round pick. I think that's good value. I don't have a problem. Yeah. Yeah. I took a V and a 6 for for Chad Ochocinco. I don't really care. I mean he didn't a lottery ticket. Yeah, I'll skip over my winner 3rd and 3rd in a swap of fish forging Starks. I don't even remember doing Starks. I don't even secondary. Yeah Deion Branch for a first-round pick you could make that job. You mean you could make the argument but I mean, I think if you can trade a receiver for a number one pick if that receiver is not like a top ten guy in a league. Then I can't really go crazy about the value. It's the fact that they were really replaced Branch when they moved on from him, right right right away. Yeah that that was the thing. Yeah, so they didn't have a good plan behind that injuries winter was a V for Albert Haynesworth and we all know hainsworth was terrible when he was here. And he basically I just I don't I don't lose my mind. If you talk about like V topic sixth-round picks seventh-round picks out of the ones that you named I would probably say this a new ones pretty bad because they were up against it with Jimmy. They had to I think they had a deal Garoppolo because of spot that Brady put them in by defying age for so long. So could they have gotten a bit more? I don't know maybe supply-demand but where they were I mean, I think the biggest beef about the Garoppolo trade was If you pulled the trigger in the preseason, then would you have received more than what you got because San Francisco knew they had the leverage at that point that that's that's the biggest question about that deal. Yeah, we could go off deep on the Jimmy G deal at some point. But you know, I I think the only other one that approaches this for me is Logan Mankins for Tim Wright and a fourth round pick and choose the only the only way you can defend Bell check in. This deal is that they went on to win the Superbowl that year despite making the pic but I just thought I didn't think they got enough for Logan Mankins, but I think back to me. I think that this new deal was worse than all of them. I just think it's it was it was that bad they got they got nothing they wasted they wasted a second round pick for eight games and you don't have that you would have four years of control for wider. I mean in a head was funny as I listen to the audio from the felger & Mazz discussion that we had on that and and I said I said, You're giving up a second-round pick for this guy. Like you can't find a receiver in the draft that you can I can give you more than what's news going to give so, you know, I guess I was right at the time but it is what it is. I thought it was an overpaid. I didn't hate it as much as other people. I thought Sanu would bring something to the team, but I mean hindsight's 20/20 looking back at that deal. That was awful. But Hey, listen, what's the new deal was awful? They released him the Harris injury not great news, but both Greg, and I we believe this team is a playoff team the Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with Nick cattles it is, of course sponsored by bet u s support Boston Sports Journal by calling one eight hundred seventy-nine bet u s and yet set up today. Be sure to tell them that Boston Sports Journal sent you Greg. It's been a great time and look forward to the 3rd podcast of this Venture and we'll actually be talking about football and to match up in Miami Dolphins. Miyami traveling to Gillette Stadium until next time. Thanks Greg and we'll catch up with you. It's the Greg Bedard pay off. podcast with the cattle

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