TYT Extended Clip - February 10th, 2020


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Welcome back to another week here at the Young Turks big New Hampshire Week and I am joined this week. winsome comedy go back after a little bit of a gap Alonzo Bowens back in studio. Yes it's been wild than a while back. It's great to have you. You hear yes but in the weekend you're going to be the breakdown comedy club in Oklahoma City. My First Time Working Casey looking forward to it. I'll say hi to Chris Paul. While Mammo Clipper Pandy and Francesco Fiorentino have you. Here's what a week it's going to be. Oh God you know. It's it's like obviously it's really exciting tomorrow with New Hampshire and we're gonNA live coverage. Are you involved in that. Yes you're going to be involved. I was supposed to. I'm not going to be there and So you guys are going to hold it down and then I mean your corner no no. It's it's my wife's beat a day which some would say more important than the New Hampshire primary She's one of those people and So no it's going to be awesome to have A and an endless is going to be You know A calling in from New Hampshire and then later in the week we'll get the results so it should be just about What do you think another week later depends ends on where the where the tortoise goes and those sort of temperature later in the week I would go eventually? Yeah I mean. We don't have the bench give enough time. For Attorney Claire. Victory come on up city. Love the fun club surge. Yeah clubs surge. I love it. Meant that. Like that. Comment so look through the course of this hour we're GonNa talk about a lot of stuff at the end we're GONNA be talking about some Fox's promotion for a right wing comedy special special and I don't know anything about comedy but both of you do so. That should be really exciting along the way we've got discrimination. We've got Biden lashing out at Pete Buddha judge and sanders circuits defending himself against some some new tax. But before we get to all that. Why don't we start off the most excited news today? The Federal Budget Donald Trump has released the details his budget proposal for this year. Barren mind before we get into the specifics that this is not the budget that is necessarily going to pass. It's almost certainly the budget that will pass but here is what he wants. He is especially because it's not going to necessarily become law. Anything putting here is basically a symbol. It is trump saying what he wants and what he does not want. So we've got a lot here. It's a four point eight trillion dollar proposal That includes two billion dollars to fund his enhancements to the border wall. Two billion additional dollars for this year so far they've spent eighteen billion dollars on that wall between the US and Mexico it. This time the enhancement is just that the wall will stay up right. That's it won't be blown over by what's that thing winds I mean yes. They're going to the third little pig and they're going to see if they can build something to withstand the hot and the huffing and puffing was powerful against the wall it I mean this is all you know the whole budget this. It's all fantasy right. It's like we're going to spend this much. And then he increases spending based on economic growth. That's never happened. Yeah you know. Then it's not going to happen but again this. This is a political appeal to who is base. That's all it is. Then he can say. Hey I put in. This and I wanted to do that and they stopped me from this. And it's all you know it's like you said it's his dream it's projection and come on. How much did he right? That's a good point and so again like we said Multiple Times Times. You can't necessarily be sure that any of these numbers GonNA end up actually looking like this but The Democrats didn't billions for his wall last year and they supported the military budget just a few months ago so so some of it could make it through all the way. I don't know why we're still paying taxes like you know what like for I just this. It's ridiculous like Ken. Will someone come after me like listen. I'm not Mafia. I'd like to think someone would come after me though. That is important enough if I evaded my taxes someone adventure would you. No one can dream. But I honestly don't know why we are again you're saying the complicity of the Democrats. And all this you know every time. I think what happens with Democrats is that you you say there's going to be Militarization like border security. There's GonNa call security and then eventually that gets siphoned off into building more of this dumb wall. I mean he's already siphoned off money from FEMA safe enough money from the military like. I don't understand why we are cooperating anymore but of course I can't say that because I'll she called UNCIVIL and bipartisan. If you were rich you wouldn't have to pay taxes so you don't WanNa pay taxes. Step up your game Steph Steph. Bring home a couple of billion a year then you wouldn't be bothered paying taxes and the thing about the military budget. There's there's two things things I look at. This is one like the veterans portion of the budget. I'm fine with that. The only problem is exactly what you said. It doesn't get to them. See if if it got to them if it got to improving the Veterans Hospital budget if it got to improving their their other benefits and stuff like that you know they deserve it and and I be okay with the problem with taxes and the budget is the money never gets to where they say. It's GonNa go if the money was actually used to rebuild infrastructure structure for example and you actually saw the roads were getting smooth or bridges. Weren't falling down. Then people be like okay. I don't mind paying taxes. Hey wait there's a new school ooh got built so you know the pro and the thing about the military money is. It's political suicide to say no to the military budget. That's that's the thing. Remember everyone in Congress everyone in the Senate. They're all their only job is getting reelected rights. Once they're in their whole thing is I gotta keep my job and it is. It's it's the first thing that will be used against you. You talking joke about being uncivilized un-american if you're in Congress and you vote to cut one one penny from the military but you were obviously in league with the terrorist your right you have to do you. You know so that I listen I. I don't know what the solution is. This can't keep going. It's impossible to sustain this. What happens is every twenty years at thirtieth the economy crashes right right now? Listen I'll be honest old guy. I've had a good run. You not so good but I think about the next crash. I'm going anyway so the yeah. Yeah no you're right now in this budget the military is getting like seven hundred fifty fifty billion dollars because we're fighting Mars or something. No just a regular run of the mill budget seven hundred billion dollars and that's not even the full budget there's there's all sorts of contingencies and oversees all that and look I think we could easily cut the budget in half it combined with some other changes to our foreign policy and be perfectly perfectly fine. I know like you say they'll say you're not supporting the military that's Bs way more supportive. I want really well paid. Soldiers with full benefits who are really really far away from bulletin bombs and rockets. Because they're here and they're well paid. That's what I actually want. I agree people react negatively to any sort of talk about cutting the military budget. And that's why some people have been trying to shift the narrative about that for a very long time. But it's on us to do that. We have to redouble our efforts in the same way that we've been trying to get people. We'll pay attention to the climate crisis for years and years and years sometimes for some people decades we after the same thing because we are wasting so much money that could go to so many other things I mean. I don't I don't even know where the money for our allies who ended up killing and Disappearing journalists ghosts. Who is that in this military budget? Is that in the State Department budget. I'm not sure I mean you talk about terrorists but it's like as long as it's a state sanctioned you know act there's no terrorism there and what Saudi Arabia Abia does or what Israel does. That's totally fine right. We can't call we get You know criticize that or else. We're definitely un-american ETC The budget though I think is is brilliant because it really is the continuation of like Bannon's fan fiction between Charles Dickens Line ran the keeps on writing thing and like you said it there about destroying the state they wanNA dismantle the state and you know Alonzo's point with with like you don't see the roads fixed you know you don't. We don't put money into infrastructure. It's the self fulfilling prophecy because if you don't see it being fix your life. Why do I pay taxes anyway? Oh yeah the stage just gouging me. Everything's rundown it's like it's all deliberate. And so yeah. We are living in that nightmare. Fan Fiction Right now and to address your point with the military budget I- i- transparency is part of it because within this budget is just like pay for put US troops for the soldiers and housing like show us how much money is being unspent on that part. And we're okay with that and then maybe we'll cut down on the budget to battle Mars. Maybe that maybe space force. They've got a they've got an emblem. Now we'll get them t shirts and we'll just stop you know and even you know again. I used to work in this industry and somebody's technical. Technological advances dances made by the military. Do come back to civilian life. You know everything in your car was developed. An aircraft years ago some of it makes sense and some of it's ridiculous regular but they won't break it down the other thing is and this is where trumps based on. What you talked about with Bannon is is so amazing? They they don't even try to lie any more. You know what I mean. It's just they say we're not cutting Medicaid as they're cutting Medicaid and their base is sitting there like well at least not cutting Medicaid stupid. They're cutting medicaid decay. You know so. They can't they can't do any wrong getting back to what you were saying. They can't With their base. No matter what they say we'll play along we'll believe it. Yeah Eve- even when the claim that they're not gonna cut it comes forty eight hours before the budget cuts. That would be an easy connection to make it really fast. I just WANNA run through a couple. The other big changes Mainly in the area of cuts. Because you talked about what about our allies well military allies probably GONNA be fine but if you don't have good military if you're in trouble while you're screwed because the trump budget calls calls for a twenty two percent cut to the State Department and the US Agency for International Development's budget effectively overall for four aid it is a twenty one percent cut and and Generally and you ask a lot of Americans about should be cut. They say yes when you ask them. What percentage of the federal budget goes to foreign aid? They say twenty to thirty percent set. It's a tiny little fraction of that. But they think we're just handing hundreds of billions of dollars every single year which was National Endowment for the arts. That's Fassi percents really eats up. Most of the federal never publicly funded. We wouldn't have country anymore with that much money. They can do the hands. It's so really fast. I want to give you just a preview. An idea of what a twenty one percent cut tour foreign aid might produce so trump last April froze four hundred and fifty million dollars in supports Cortel Salvador Guatemala Honduras. That's needed direct support for people living in extreme poverty endangering those nations leading to seek better opportunities the United States in twenty team for example example more than one hundred sixteen thousand Guatemalans crossed over the southern border more than any nation except Mexico. Now the idea that you take away aid for these places that in a really rough state things get worse than they decide to come here. The connection between that and then coming here is not lost on the people who made this budget because they are putting more money into the wall they are putting more money into the Department of Homeland Security so they get what pain and suffering this is going to produce. They just don't care. It's the self fulfilling prophecy. Once again you. To cut off the aid to these countries in need you Force people to flee and then you blame them for their own destitution and and and listen. I think we don't talk about this enough. But I think that the refugee crisis and the migrant crisis I'm going to call it a crisis is this hemispheres version of the a Syrian refugee crisis. And it's GonNa require like I'm not saying it's going to be a simple fixed but it's going to require a multi national solution. That crosses borders orders right that has to do with both trade and safety obviously has a lot to do with us. Because I'm sure we're not cutting I don't know how much military aid we're cutting cutting humanitarian aid. But our military might be continuing funnel through there But Anyway the point being is that we we need to solve this. We need to fix this. I don't want I think no American wants to say that Salvadorans or Guatemalans Should be able to should have to leave. Their country should have to leave their country if they need to if they need to seek asylum asylum. I believe that they should be able to seek asylum in the states. But like I don't want to create the conditions for them to have to leave in the first place But anyway it's back to the cruelty not like a cruelty is your aim. If an ethno nationalist Extremist agenda is your aim. This is how you go about doing it. Absolutely absolutely deeming. Listen we can get a lot of that. Humanitarian cut out the golf trips to Mirror Lago. Yeah that's one third of the money that we're spending uh-huh on humanitarian aid around where I mean the what you said about the self fulfilling prophecy. Sure take away their money take away their food takeaway housing take away any incentive active. And they're gonNA WANNA come to a country where they feel they have a better opportunity. But there's no. There's no profit in building opportunity in their country. That's that's not sexy but sexy is what gets you votes as saying. Oh look here's another march. We got to build the wall. You ever noticed the the the refugee march the caravan's caravans only happened a month before an election. Yeah only time. There's a caravan among and then the day after an election all right break it up. Go home it's like they're Hollywood extras. It's like we're GONNA. We're GONNA listen when I need something. You'RE GONNA need fifty thousand extras to march toward the border. All right. That's a wrap everybody go home. Pick up your most every single time. really fast. Let's go through a couple more cuts just see. No now. We pointed out They say we're not cutting social security Medicare Medicaid. Even though he has already said that he will in an interview then he tweeted that he wouldn't. They're cutting four point four trillion dollars over a decade one hundred thirty thirty billion dollars effectively in cuts over prescription drug prices through Medicare two hundred ninety two through Safety net cuts including things having to do with work requirements for Medicaid and snap and also seventy billion dollars cut through limiting eligibility for federal disability benefits. So politicians are often really dishonest. They hide what they WANNA do. So I would like to give credit to Donald Trump and the republicans heading into their election. Saying no we're going to cut trillions from the most popular programs in the history of American governance governance. Good job. They're really fast. It's also no. I believe that Greta has had an effect. The EPA is going to receive a twenty six percent cut so that's impressive. Hud is going to have a fifteen percent cut. And you know what they're even cutting the Centers for disease control by nine percent as the corona viruses over the headlines isn't actually a significant in that way in terms of setting the agenda for the CDC. But they don't care no all these things the EPA hud the CDC that doesn't benefit billionaires benefits. Dumb schmucks like us well again. Their base doesn't believe that I mean you have a base that votes against its its own best interest right so when you have people who are voting for two to eliminate the EPA when the mind is right next to them when the toxic sick dump is right next to them or or whatever then why not do it. You know it from the point of if you're the rich Republican businessman to whom need regulations relations cost money. Kid You know how. They're probably amazed they like really. They're gonNA just let us don't this sludge. Well Yeah Eh. Let's get the sludge dumping. I mean it it's fascinating but but it sure you have a and this is a locked in base that don't bother us with the facts or or anything else. Are Kids getting sick. The hospitals now one hundred miles away. Whatever any of that all you do say well that was a democratic congress? They like Eh. So it's easy. This stuff gets lost in the budget. Yes this is arguably the most unsexy topic ever and no no one's going to go back and be like I wonder why the Corona Virus broke out late twenty twenty throughout the country. Oh it's because you know we gutted the CDC or you know so. I think we need a plan to put very hot actors to work in explaining the national budget like Allah Margot Robie in the Bathtub in the movie that I'm forgetting cry. Yeah I was GONNA say moneyball but it's it's the same director this money but the point is we need more if the Oscars could just explain the budget as they're walking on the red carpet is that too much to ask. Yeah Yeah walking. And did his his part. I guess in some of these but we'll get to. That was all over the place but I love him. He's you really. Think that any trump supporters there's going to be listening to one of the Hollywood liberals. Yeah Yeah I do know every right wing personality was watching. Because they're all live tweeting the entire. They I knew it was going on. And if you are if you're trump supporter or maybe you're conservative doesn't love trump but you still think that the Republicans are the party. That's going to keep you save. Just bear in mind that yes they will protect you from caravans that they hype up the danger. That are not actually dangerous to you and your family. But for things like infectious disease The climate being destroyed you you know more natural disasters in the future massive cuts to that. They're not just not going to protect you. They're literally disarming the agencies that are set up right now to protect you and your family so bear that in mind as we had a nude election without thinking short break but come back thanks for watching to it. What if you could take control of your Internet experience for the price of a cup of coffee a month well if you had an order? VPN Dot com slash two it. You'll be able to connect up to six devices to Nord. VPN's military grade encryption for just three forty nine a month. If you go now they'll even throw in from one in Fremont go now our buddy You know I started the show by saying uh-huh excited it was to have both of you on and apparently I was the only one Salty sage wrote in a member's comments saying Alonzo and Francesca. This feels like a power panel and Liliana said any day with Francesco on an epic date. Superstock Alonzo is going to be in my neck of the woods to changing my plans this weekend. Step up your funny tonight. John Nam and try to look like an idiot and progressive in the modern world. Said trump watch the news right before working on the budget and thought hey great idea the they have a cartoon version of those say. There's no way trump could sit through Linda's maybe the first three minutes something that's about as good as he's GonNa get and Yeah Oh by the way if you would like to have your members comments read. You're probably going to have to be a member you want to be one of those Z.. Good at USC DOT com slash. Join to become a member today which is GonNa get you access not only to all the special member stuff postings and all that and other shows but also the exclusive Content that comes at the end of our big election day tomorrow. We're doing New Hampshire. Almost all of that is for everyone. There will be a little bit at the exclusive for members so little bit extra. If you support the network and with that why don't we jump back into it with Bernie Sanders now by virtually every metric the front runner in this thing. He is accordingly accordingly being attacked more and more and those attacks are coming from people like James Carville which we'll get to but also of course. Donald Trump here is Bernie responding to some of trump's trump's attacks against him. I think he's a communist. I mean you know look I think communism when I think of Bernie now you could say socialist but did they get married in Moscow we we got a president who is a pathological liar. Who likes although I did not getting married in? Moscow participated in creating a sister city. You program with the city of Yaroslava. When I was mayor the city we have Republicans with US people at city officials? So that's a lie and obviously I am not a communist that I presume assuming the president knows the difference. Maybe he doesn't I would bet every dollar has he could not give a convincing definition of both separately. Yes he could. Yeah I think Kaputin has taught him he did. That's one he better not get raw. Putin Blake all right this question you. You'd think quit his history in Moscow he wouldn't bring it up. Yeah and just just. I'm just saying there are certain towns. I've been to that. If you ask the Best I'll do is admit I've been there. Let's say there was anything that happened. No one else was involved in a hotel room with You know was. They're doing their job. That might have involved. You know we don't talk about urine did I say you're I did wasn't something r Kelly would call a holiday okay. We can really fast on that. I don't I don't necessarily WANNA get so into it. But it is odd to pivot from years of people alert being critical on Russian government. You know they work with us. In some ways strong leadership gets done like the obvious friendship between them like trying to sort normalize that relationship for several years and then turn back to I mean he was there and that is by itself and obviously it was about the facts but but that seems like a weird pivot. I mean I have no doubt that a lot of trump supporters will be able to do that. They follow his words. They'll have to change their like Russia's our friend t-shirt don't they have what they are double sided for sure or what what was that. What was the unite? The right how to chant. I'm really striking guys Monday. No I wasn't at that rally. I mean what's interesting about trump and Bernie need that I've always found fascinating is that trump actually understands that centrist Democrats and the establishment Democrats Corporate Democrats. Really Really Hate Bernie. Sanders any utilizes that he plays on that too. Actually I would say pick off or try to pick off unsuccessfully Some people on the left or more specifically like try to sort of get the independent voters. Get the right wingers. Who might sort of like Bernie? Because they like his is ideas He's trying to any utilize. He does it so well and now that Bernie is a front runner. He's pivoting to okay. He's a communist. He's a socialist. Obviously the to me I wish Bernie would just hit back a little harder on this like we're talking about a president who is a total is just a walking corruption case He runs his administration like a Mafia He's completely bludgeoned bludgeoned every Republican to fall in line with him politically and you know. He does go into the idea of socialism and when it comes to trump's version of socialism awesome which is corporate handouts which is over inflating the military. You know that's that's taxpayer. Money to you know so. Somehow we have tons of money when it comes to military and we're totally totally broke. When it comes to healthcare we actually have a little bit more Santa's where he gets into a bit of that and he does go a little bit harder against trump so let's watch in many respects in many respects Alexa where a socialist society today? We have a huge budget puts money into all areas now donald trump before he was president as a private business person. He received eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury housing in New York now. Now what does that mean when the government gives you eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuel industry whose product happens to be destroying in our planet right now receives tens and tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks and sodas the pharmaceutical industry the difference between my socialism and trump socialism. MM-HMM IS I believe. The government should help working families not billionaires. So there I I I absolutely agree with you that they need to to hit back harder. Yeah and much harder now this is still. I think the Democrats are still too to gentle in a fight. You you know this fight and and I think you give trump too much credit to say he's aware of Bernie standing with centrist Interest Democrats etc.. He doesn't know people tell him but but you know but he doesn't know to and the other thing John when you talk about how he bounces around he like Bernie said he's a pathological liar. There used to be a character. The Jon Lovitz did on Saturday night live. It was called a liar and and I can't do it any justice but what he would do he'd get caught in a lie and he would just keep going with like he finds something you believe and then he'd so so it's literally like trump is like doing the character Bernie Bernie's a communist. Yeah yeah that's it. He got married in mice got. Yeah that's the ticket and again if it wasn't wasn't real it would be hilarious. He's making up the lies as he goes right now. And but but you haven't an audience that's believing it right this goes. This goes back to Barack Obama. Not being not being an American right the most ridiculous thing you like well. Who's going to believe that? Apparently millions There's no subtlety to what trump does and I think the Democrats need to learn. I don't think that the Democratic Party to candidates it's still bill like it's it's all over the place you know what I mean when they say does this this Super Hatred Bernie. It's like there's no candidate that that everybody's getting behind at this point you know. So so they're choosing the whoever. The front runners going to be right at the front runner. This week is Biden. Then bring this up about. We hate Biden. If it's Bernie bring this up we ate Bernie me and Blah Blah Blah And I don't know how that's going to play out but when you talk about the fight against trump this this you know I love Michelle Obama but when they go low we go hi. That ain't GonNa work now when they go low go low. Yeah go you know you. That's the only thing because because unfortunately it seems to be what works yeah yeah and with With trump like the the media does like at least somewhat recently they like to fact check trump. But I worry that in his attacks against Sanders there. The zeal forward is not going to be there because a lot of the media either believes the same sorts of lies about sanders or they find it convenient for them to be spread as a tiny little example of that in that clip. That you saw where he says that Santa got married in Moscow. I forget if it was sanders is or one of his surrogates but they were on one of the cable news channels and the way that was portrayed was trump joked about him vacationing in Moscow. No trump did not joke about anything when he told a lie. He was corrected on the spot. By Sean Hannity Guy who came out looking like he had a connection to the truth but the media even that was spun in a way that still sort of made trump look. Better Than Sandy's I think this I think he had such a good response though and I and I am so sorry that I said I want him to be stronger. I think he was really strong. And I think Alonzo's Alonzo's right that other Democrats and the media have to Not a like actually be honest having this discussion. What do you mean when you were saying your socialist this country you know? We shouldn't be socialist like you should define what you mean by that because it shows that you're not actually listening to what Bernie Sanders is saying. He's never said that. He wants to implement socialism in this country. He said he wants democratic socialist reforms. And he's not even really said that he's just mostly mostly focused on things like healthcare on green new deal. He's mostly talking about moving the Democratic Party back to being the party of FDR of the working class right anything goes goes to our discussion about the budget. Absolutely it matters when anything. It's important for us to throw back in the faces of anyone who says this is socialism that we do you give billions and billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry to the pharmaceutical industry to the private healthcare industry. There are there that companies get tax breaks left in writing to supposedly give us jobs so that is absolutely matters. When we're having this discussion? We should bring it up at every point in the media should bring it up. That is if if we're going to really have an honest conversation of socialism have an honest conversation about where the money currently goes in our country. Well the big problem with me. I may as a few big problems with the media media but it is another area where trump's bullying techniques have worked massively. Because if you call him a liar if you call him out on a lie then you'll lose your White House credential. You know it's like oh well you're not allowed to ask questions anymore because you pointed out the obvious lie told right and in fact that the the media is is is so owned by corporate companies now and it is such a for profit industry. You know what I mean. It's like well. We don't want offend the advertisers. You know which is really bad when we get to the media level of that right but but that is the big. It's such a simple thing to say. That's not true I don't know about you. I watch these news conferences. I want I want somebody. That's not true. What you just said? You just made that up you know. But but they can't do it because they'll lose their credential or they lose their their turn asking questions right and their bosses at whatever network there from like. You can't do that. You can't blow our our access to these White House I it's it's it. It is increasingly difficult for the American public to get any sort of truth. Matt's what's and again we're in a situation here and the the viewers of of ty people were engaged and were involved but that unfortunately is not the majority of American majority of America might turn on the evening news for a little while or or something like that and just unfortunately don't get informed I just wanted one of the members comments because I love the name Co host Jenky Greatest. That's funny because he's not That was beautiful. Man Bernie really trump on the socialism for the rich point Yeah and with that. I do think we're going to have to move on. There's some great Nina Tina Turner. Pledge at all you mean to turn okay. We're GONNA play one going to look you you for instance. You wanted someone someone strong I think I have someone strove so Nina Turner was on the news and she's been asked about James Carville wild wild attacks against Bernie Sanders and movement and supporters. And what it would mean if he were the nominee and Here's a bit of new turn. Respond those attacks. James Carville made the argument over the weekend that Senator Sanders isn't a Democrat. He's an ideologue and we've got to get practical. If he is the candidate he is not going to be able to help win over. The Senate does does practical mean that the eighty nine or so million people who are uninsured or underinsured in his country continue to suffer does being practical means. We don't take steps in this country to deal. With climate chaos and bring world leaders to bear does be impractical mean that we continue to prop up a legal system that is unjust in in every stretch of the nation that bears his weight down a black men and black women and then by extension if you are Hispanic or indigenous or poor does being practical practical means that we don't say to the American people that you deserve better than what you are getting. That's not the kind of practicality we want this practical mean that you hold fundraisers in wind cave warsi crystals with bill billionaires who want to control the system this practical mean we continue to go with the status quo while five hundred thousand people sleep sleep on the streets at night. That's not practicality. So with all due respect to Mr Carve with the p American people in this country need they need somebody that is unabashed and that has the courage rich and the conviction to stand up for them and to call out the rigging of the system. I mean it doesn't get much stronger. Good I mean and this I think speaks to the heart of what is so horrible about the attacks on Bernie Sanders for being a democratic socialist. which is that? It completely bypasses reality that Nina Turner just mentioned I seven different issues. Everything from homelessness to incarceration to climate change to healthcare in one long breath and that was more coverage than most news outlets do in an entire day. So this is someone who's actually in touch with reality at someone who is in touch with real people struggling struggling. And she's bringing that and saying yeah it's not that radical if you look at where people are at it's not that radical you look at where trump has taken us which was already bad three more years down. This hellhole right and so even just to get back to quote unquote. Normalcy will require require a radical agenda but moving moving forward is going to require some actual vision and some plans so hats off to Nina. Yeah exactly well. We want an ideal. You WANNA candidates running. They're supposed to promise you the moon supposed to aim high. I don't think it can't supposedly you know I'm a go right about here right. You know what I mean you you GonNa make promises and then when and you get office you do the best. Hopefully you would do the best you can to make these things happen so you know this is. This is the thing with the the hatred dietrich toward Bernie. I think like if you're if you're Carville this statements get you in the news. You know what I mean. That's part of his job. Yeah so so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe maybe I'm underestimating this. But I don't think the Democrats who haven't decided yet. Let's call them Democrats undeserved they don't automatically hate Bernie and the stuff Bernie is talking about. Is What people need and what people want so people are going to listen to so so I think in this situation you give him too much credit to James Carville honestly I can give too much credit to what he's a talking head. Ah That's his job. And if you're a talking head and you can't stir up enough controversy that somebody's mentioning you. Then you're losing your job. You know what I mean so well. We're talking heart here. We're not talking heads okay. Yeah I'm done. It could be both. His head is in now now but her his perspective is maybe early two thousands at best. Maybe the nineties and I know that like Nina Turner talked about there and the way they attacked Bernie at the debate where the first ten questions are. Hey all of you attack democratic social visit crazy. Aren't we lose that. Look the term. Democratic Socialism is new to a lot of people the philosophy the ideology is not. There's easily one hundred million democratic socialists in this country don't know yet but they have been craving a candidate that expresses this is those values who champions platform for a long long time and it is just amazing. The the the the media figures they just don't get it so they have someone like they. You don't know how to respond okay with that. We do need to take a break but stick around because Joe Biden He has decided to go low against Buddha judge. And the interesting after this. We hope you're enjoying this free clip from the young Turks. If you WANNA get the whole show and more exclusive content while supporting independent media become a member number two. It dot com slash. Join Today in the meantime enjoy this free segment. Hello and welcome next first hour of the young Turks. We've got an awesome story coming up in just a minute biden versus Buddha judge in a new AD But I did want to read a couple of comments. I I from the Super Chat which you can do on Youtube. Kevin says it always been my belief that if you're blessed with excess of moral responsibility to help those that don't how. How can you claim to be Christian at the same time? Argue against social supports agree On hashtag Santos Wante says when they go low meet meet them with an elbow from the sky and you can build up some more speed. Because they're right moving. What wrestling move is that from this sky galveston flying elbow and there was another member? Comment from Angie says Alonzo's my favorite comedian slash social commentator. I really look forward to seeing being on the show in hearing him on wait. Wait don't tell me what benefit you and I'll be on. Wait wait this weekend awesome. Let's you don't have to wait long. Okay and okay with that. Why don't we jump back into the news? Joe Biden was hurt by what happened in Iowa. I mean we all were confidence in. The system wasn't all that but he in particular was hurt by the apparent rise of Buddha judge who has been rising in the polls after Iowa. I can't say for sure that. That's why Joe Biden has decided to go in this direction but take a look at their most recent ad. Toronto Obama Call Joe Biden. Those bars Broza Merck overhead but keep Buddha. Judge doesn't think much of the vice president's record. Let's compare when President Obama called on Joe Biden Liden helped lead the passage of the affordable. Care Act which healthcare to twenty million people and when park goers called on Buddha judge. He installed decorative lights under bridges just giving citizens of South Bend colorfully illuminated rivers who vice president Biden and former mayor. Buddha judge have taken on top fights under threat of a nuclear Iran Ron Joe Biden helped to negotiate the Iran deal and under threat of disappearing pets. Buddha judge negotiated later licensing regulations on pet scanners. Both Vice President Biden and former mayor. Pete have helped shape our economy. Joe Biden helped save the auto industry which revitalize the economy of the Mid West. I and led the passage and implementation of the recovery saving our economy. From a depression Pete Buddha judge revitalize the sidewalks downtown southbound by laying out decorative brick and both biden and Buddha judge have made hard decisions despite pressure from the NRA. Joe Biden passed the assault weapons ban through Congress his then he passed the violence against Women Act and even when public pressure mounted against him from the former mayor. Pete fired the first African American police chief southbound and then he forced out the African American fire chief to. We're electing a president what you've done matters on the democratic side. That's about as rough as I've seen so far this. Oh yeah yeah the Republicans they pull up the knives. Second Sodas but that for for for a Democrat that was pretty brutal the music against although I don't know if the musical reverse if I would've been like can't with those lights under the bridges are important. I was just music in my head. While the music's part of the psychology of the you know like we were talking about off off camera average on the thing about being vice president when you take credit for these things we don't know how involved vice president is you know other than Cheney. That was the only time when we knew the vice president isn't it was running things. 'cause you know Bush would be going for a bicycle ride chain. You would handle it. So it's difficult to judge judge in you know what I mean. Say how much it is he did. But it's a political ad what's posted. It's supposed to be this. It's supposed to be. This is my best and this is is your worst this is my best and this is your silliest so when it like that's what political ads do they always say oh. We're not going to do that. Yes you are yes you are because that's what politicians do because it has been proven that it works. Yeah I just like watching. Moderate candidates go after one another. And just you know seeing being just like fighting over who has less effective ideas. It's very cute. It's been a rough evening. Progresses win when moderates do that so more of it but definitely definitely definitely we were talking to our production meeting. There's a me of like all the nights the roundtable putting their swords in the middle and it was like like Bernie Rose Warren Liberals Club Char fans in the middle. It's just hating. There hasn't been a big week for mayor. Pete Can heal the Warren Bernie divide divide people common enemy. And we're GONNA have one just on the Biden thing I don't know how involved using these things but I've been following. Let him for about a year and man he says he was. He was buying passage all those things the ACA Iran nuclear deal. The the Paris accords. All that stuff. I'm going to ask ask. What was Barack Obama doing? During these eight years we was apparently Joe Biden was holding down. The house was going to the pancake. Breakfast and eating just full stack and rand slammed MANDIC and kissing babies. Yeah I wonder I wonder how feels about Joe Biden claiming credit for everything that happened but anyway that do that that is a throwing that away but that is a huge question. That's a huge question because it would be imagine. If Barack Obama said those things about Joe that would be a whole different commercial and that commercial would have much more impact. If he's like Yeah Joe helped me do ABC Andy. We don't know he's going to endorse if and we don't know that he's got an indoor somebody but we don't know who it's going to be you know and you keep you keep going back to two Pete and Iowa Man Imagine if they knew he was gay that would have been older. People would have been walking across gyms all over Iowa. Exactly what I'm going to that side of the gym so we have the response to this ad response. Well you know it's a typical political attack and It's too bad because you know so many communities communities like mine and south then we we know that we might look small from the perspective of Washington. But toss. It's it's what's going on in Washington that looked so small and small minded after C. N.. N.'s Jeff Zeleny. He pointed out. That Biden made a similar inexperienced attack on Barack Obama In the two thousand eight presidential race former Vice President Biden replied quote. This guy's not a Barack Obama Obama. What do you think of that? Well he's right I'm not and neither. Is he neither is any of US running for president and this is in two thousand eight. It's it's two two thousand twenty in so many years to master his Barack Obama impression when she pulls out all the time way to say nothing. Yeah that was the home instantly constantly. Just you know it's just word salad it's like it's like inspirational words. Salad and then. Trump is like senile xenophobic world's Word Salad and they're very similar. I think a debate. I don't WanNa see a debate between the two of them but it would just be kind of funding to see through that one thought is expressed yourself dude. If you actually have something to say if you think I think that is wrong then talk about your legacy if you have a legacy but it feels like you don't our legacy yet and what you do have is actually firing a black police chief and being like having a letter written by a bunch of African American police officers about your tenure and about discrimination nation in your own police force one of the like three or four different anyway. Well that is his legacy. I think it would have been would have been hilarious right when he said that. Just you know none of us. Are Barack Obama. A Little Barack Obama head just popped up damn right. You Ain't right you ain't and is this this'll we're here. Wouldn't it be great if Barack just finally reached a point like stopped being barack like there's nothing to lose anymore. Say what you really think what you really that would be wonderful you. He's he's one thing he will. You can't read them. You can read. And they said this was whole presidency and a lot of times times people like he doesn't know what he's talking about it and then they find out two years later like wow he was right on top of that like he literally you. You don't WanNa play poker against him. Tell you that Eh. He didn't give up anything but just if that head would have popped up they can't we get key and Peele to bring back angry Baraka just pop up day right. You Ain't that'd be. Just oh man that that would've been perfect. Okay we're GONNA work on that I think we have time for one more story. Let's do that recently on Fox nation for or a right wing or right leaning comedy tour. That's going around. Here's a bit of that promotion furniture life liberty and the pursuit of laughter watches Comedian Michalakis. Gallacher's gives his hilarious. Take on American history. I think England Mrs America every Fourth July. They're like damn it. We lost. We could have had it all. American politics antics. Everybody remembers the Bill Clinton when he first came in when he was relaxed and laid back and then we found out why and American stereotypes. I'd like to get someone from all. Aw ends against someone from rural on the wheel of Fortune on the same day ticket. Yeah I'd like to buy a plus the musical comedy musings of Brian in Hater. Everything is extreme. Everything Ismi can't laugh out loud with Damn right to freedom to oh lack as we all know am not a comedian but both of you are so. I've been curious for a long time about conservative comedy. It doesn't often make a ton of sense to me now from what I can see from the footage we have a little bit more. This does not seem like hard right attacking liberals sort of comedy but like you've you've both traveled you've gone all over the place and some of these areas and in fact you know some of the people involved so tell me a little bit about this about conservative. Well let me take Michael Michael Longtime Mike is he's a great comic. Look he found a niche here. He found a bunch of people who are going to pay good good money to see him and he's GonNa do his material. I don't think he's the extreme right-wing hateful kind of you know what I mean. It's not a rally it but but whatever it is I'm mad at you found you making money good for him. You know what I mean this right wing thing people always ask. What's it like right wing? They don't come to comedy comedy clubs they don't they. Don't come to two comedy certainly not coming to see me. So they see a black comic up there they like wonder if this guy's what trump no no they pretty much ahead ahead of time so good for him. I mean this is like what diamond and Silk Right. Look at look at them now. That's one that really you talk about. We're in it for the money you know so good for my and if you and let me tell you as a comic right as a comic if I could get a network to promote my tw- war if I could get CNN to say go see Alonzo Boden or or MSNBC or anybody or or the young Turk can someone but but that's huge. It's it's about selling tickets making money man putting assets and seats blessed. Listen it's funny because that Promo definitely didn't seem mm-hmm again like super extreme because usually when you see like right wing comics or like we don't give a rat's behind about the S J ws you know we're GonNa Punch Down Amoun- Wigan Milk Fun. Everybody remember we used to make fun of the poor and the disabled old the old days like that's usually what right wing comedy Kind of bills itself off as which is just being mean spirited and listen it gets laughs in certain you know fortune circles but what I will say? Is this if you think that like comedians cans and comedy like people are way too sensitive and no one's laughing anymore go to an open mic. There is an open mic near you. On any given night it is at a dumpy. The bar you can go there and you will see the most offensive sexist racist homophobic material being tried out and just feel at ease and be like yes. This freedom of speech isn't dead. There are lots of comics who bring their dogs inside the bar and you know maybe they live around the corner. We don't know dumping on the thing is there's a lot of bad comedy out there and I just don't find right wing comedy funny Because usually it's making fun of people who are actually in need so that's my take on. I think people still do that kind of comic. Say don't go go see an open mic. Come see US pros due. Waste your time unfunny people do it come see us funny. People do it I could spend hours on that argument about what you're not allowed to say in comedy. I I stand behind this one hundred percent. If it's funny you can say it. I still see it said things that are so-called offensive to people you know I could take this back when I started in comedy in the nineties. Def Jam was the biggest comedy thing in in America. Biggest thing big on white people you know I j more used to have have a joke at during jam. He's like I watch them to see how white people are supposed to talk right because a bunch of black comics were like. Hey White people do this. This no hate it's different and it's it's funny and it is what it is so if he's doing a right wing comedy show. It's probably not GonNa be funny to you if you're left wing just like if you're right wing person and you go go to typical comedy show because comics definitely tend to lean left we are going to be like this funny when they make fun of trump you can be like. Oh that's not right. He's the president. We should respect the office. How many times have we heard that nonsense? So I'm mad at him good for him. Go Mike make some money. They'd be paying me what he'll kid kid. I'm Joe see that's fun that's fun okay. Well unfortunately that's all the time we have. But thank you to both here Alonzo. I hear you're in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City brick town and on wait. Wait don't tell me so. You can get plenty of me this weekend. If you know Casey do you know if there are seats awaiting asses asses at yes. Yes okay well. Let's see if we can fill that up. Okay thank you thank you. John Permanent home. We've our coming up right after this.

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