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Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast. Tonight breaking news as we come on the air a plane slamming white into a neighborhood the aircraft crashing into a California home residents. Scrambling using anything they can to put out multiple fires. The pictures coming in the pressure mounting more gonna doesn't top Democrats Saint Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam must step aside after that bizarre backtrack now insisting he was not in the racist photo. But acknowledging he wants did dress in black face as Michael Jackson the powerful storm triggering mudslides and flash flooding high water rescues as residents brace for a second slam out west plus the major warm for millions. How long will it last the deadly police standoff a suspect barricaded himself and posting it live on Instagram gunfire exchange as a fallen officer saluted the fiery jolt caught on camera a man's clothes igniting when security? Guards hit him with a taser the fugitive an urgent manhunt after pro fighter suspected in three murders escapes a jail transport authority say he's extremely dangerous and Trump's football fear with the president said about the dangers of the game. And whether he would allow his son Barron to play. Fully eating sees. This is ABC world news tonight. And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom Llamas. And we begin tonight with the breaking news out of southern California a small plane crashing into a residential neighborhood. This video just in from Yorba, Linda, that's outside of Anaheim showing at least two homes on fire at for a Cessna slammed to the ground parts of that plane. Scattered on sidewalks and driveways smoke could be seen for miles eyewitnesses describing a loud, boom and affords confirmed. The ABC news that at least two people are now dead. But it's unclear how many people were inside that plane. Let's get right to ABC's Marcus more who's in southern California tonight. Parts of a southern California neighborhood in flames after assessment slammed into it emergency crews on the sea. We had a reporter. We had a reporter punk plank. Russia's also over here. So you're this you guys might need assistance. Maybe get people hospital at least two homes in gold. Authorities telling ABC news tonight that at least two people are dead. But it's unclear how many were on board the plane, I have a single family residence. We involved at this time with reports. Four people missing. Glanton establish and you come in the small plane had departed the Fullerton municipal airport, the NTSB and FAA will investigate what led that plane to crash until Yorba, Linda or Marcus more joins us live now in Marcus this plane crashed right into a neighborhood and residents were using anything. They could to put out fires got us. Right. Tom. We've seen in the video someone using a garden hose to try to put out that fire. Of course. It was no match for the intense flames that engulf two homes on the ground and soon investigators will be at the scene to try to begin to understand what went wrong here in one of the things they will certainly consider is the weather. There have been strong storms here. Heavy rain and gusty winds, but it is far too early to know, Tom if that played any role, and this tragic crash markets more for us on that breaking news, and we will stay on top of this story throughout the broadcast mortgage. Thank you as a thorns investigate whether weather played a role in that crash. A one two punch of extreme storms continues to slam the west of first round of heavy rain triggering mudslides. Flash flooding across California. Several rescues reported the sheriff's helicopter look at this hosting a pair of stranded motorists from the roof of their car in forty mile per hour. Winds an excavator swallowed by a massive sinkhole outside of Los Angeles. Tonight residents bracing for round two. Here's ABC senior meteorologist, rob Marciano. The power of mother nature on full display across California tonight as millions brace for yet, another round of punishing rain wind and snow when you're you're bracing for what you already know. What can happen? Yeah. It get a little nervous. Torrential downpours this weekend. Transforming busy roads in Los Angeles into rivers this Santa Barbara neighborhood, hit hard by earlier wildfires now inundated with mud and debris. The saturated earth hampering cleanup efforts. A sinkhole in Malibu swallowing this front end loader whole, it's operator narrowly escaping unharmed swiftwater rescue teams across the state on high alert this San Bernardino, man, airlifted out of a sinking car in the Nick of to the east and the mountains several feet of snow making travel treacherous. They're forcing drivers like this one to pull off the road and chain up a lot of people Slater on we race all three accidents coming here, and in San Francisco winds gusting up to forty miles per hour toppling trees through power lines. These residents fighting their way through the Gus with each step. All right. Rob Marciano live frozen central park tonight in rob the west dealing with some extreme conditions as we just saw the temperature starting to rise here in the east while these storms in the west Tom are actually help warm things here in the east, but the atmosphere that Pacific is reloading again for another storm on the west coast. This one's going to be colder. Take a look actually Portland. Seattle may see a little bit of loyal evasion. Snow during the day tomorrow and more. Heavy rain San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, down in San Diego. Now blizzard warnings are posted for the Sierra. Or we've already seen three feet of snow at pass level. We could see up to ten feet of snow there before this all wise down sometime during the day on Wednesday. Now, look at these temperatures swings. We saw high temperature today a record high in Indianapolis in the lower sixties. They were three back in Wednesday fifty plus degree swings in the last three days for Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis and temperatures were in the fifties today across parts of New York tomorrow. And then again on Tuesday, look for even more warming could see upper fifties may touching sixty degrees during the day on Tuesday in Boston this all last probably to about Friday. And I got a cat lady atop it feels good to shed a couple layers now after that wicked cold last week, right? We look forward to those warmer temperatures, right? Rob. Thank you now to the mounting calls for Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to resign in wake of that racist photo scandal more than a dozen keep Democrats look at that from house speaker Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and several democratic twenty twenty. Foles now saying he should step aside. It was this newly surface photo from his medical school yearbook showing one person in black face another dressed as a Ku Klux klansman that ignited this controversy. And after I saying he was in the photo northbound recanting now insisting it's not him. But also admitting he wants did dress in black face during the nineteen eighties. As Michael Jackson, the firestorm showing no sign of letting up with many asking can he survive? This Zachary quiche continues our coverage from Richmond tonight the demands for Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to resign reaching a crescendo despite his claims that he's not either of the people featured on his own med school yearbook page dressed in black face in KKK garb. I was appalled that they appeared on my page. But I believe then. And now that I am not either of the people in that photo yesterday was pathetic spectacle by governor on north of the previous governor of Jinnah. Also, a democrat thing. Northam has to go. But once they picture where the black face and the clansman came out. There is no way you can continue to be the governor of the Commonwealth Virginia. More than a dozen other prominent leaders from his own party, adamantly agree. House majority leader Nancy Pelosi saying he should do the right thing north press conference intended to reverse his initial admission that he was in the photo only added to the chaos and confusion when he said he used black face on a separate occasion that same year. I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume is. Because my memory of that episode is so vivid that I truly do not believe I'm in the picture in my yearbook in this bizarre moment where he recalled his costume the night. He dressed is Michael Jackson also drawing criticism. I had the shoes I had a glove, and I used us a little bit of shoe polish to put under my own, my cheeks and. The reason I used a very little bit is because I don't know if anybody's ever tried that, but you cannot get shoe polish off his notion that you can't get polish off your face easily. Yeah. Just to me that was the first time that he had been tried black face for now. The governor says he will stay in office. If we get to the point where we feel that we're not effective that we're not efficient than we will revisit this and and make decisions all right Zachary. He joins us from outside the governor's mansion enrichment Zachary I wanna keen on the governor. They're saying he may have to revisit his decision to stay in office. If he's unable to lead. Is there any indication tonight that is happening, Tom? We're not hearing anything new from the governor's office, but we are seeing some activity around here tonight. And we have heard it from multiple sources about an urgent meeting happening tonight between top staffers and the governor Tom Zachary quiche for a sacrifice. Thank you. We do move on to a deadly police standoff outside of Cincinnati a solemn procession today for a twenty year veteran sheriff step. Dini Bill brewer as his body was transported by ambulance. Brewer killed by gunfire in the twelve hour standoff with the suspect filming himself and posting live to Instagram before the swat team moved in. Here's ABC. Stephanie Ramos for those details tonight. A veteran sheriff's deputy is dead his partner wounded just outside Cincinnati after a gunfight with this, man. Twenty three year old Wade Edward win, deputies responding to a call Saturday night of a suicidal man barricaded inside an apartment with a weapon win documenting the standoff on Instagram posting he needs help have now fired back happy, but only once or twice authorities say wind was involved in a burglary attempt, but despite threatening suicide began firing at the arriving officers. Win keeping police at bay four eight tenths twelve hours of fire. Even breaking out authorities using megaphones to negotiate with win. Hours later win is taken into custody by swat team killed in the confrontation detective Bill brewer, a married. Father of a five year old son, very young said morning for. Sheriff's office. Police escorting brewers body officers lining the highway saluting has the motorcade passed by when it's hard with aggravated murder. He's doing court tomorrow. Tom stephanie. Thank you next tonight empire actor jussie small at making his first public appearance since reporting to police he was the victim of a brutal hate crime telling fans he fought back. Here's ABC's Tibo sin Saami. Days how have been able to get through without obviously my favorite, but also the love and support falloff actor and singer Jesse spotlit spoke emotionally in his first public appearance since reporting that he was the victim of a violent racist and homophobic attack in times of trauma or hurt or grief. We do have a responsibility to lead with love. And if we don't we just die inside the empire TV star sang at a sold out concert Saturday night. At the troubadour club in West Hollywood, I was bruised. But my ribs were not cracked they were not broken. I fought them back. Police say he told them he was beaten up walking back to Chicago apartment by two hooded men who shot at homophobic and racist slurs before yelling maga- country, and he says one of them tied a noose around his neck. Authorities are still searching for these two persons of interest seen on surveillance video early last Tuesday morning. No other images have come to light that show. What happened? He's been very cooperative. And we have no reason at this point to think that he's not being genuine with us last night smollet spoke out against people who've doubted him he rhetoric passed around and has the start, and it has a guess what stops with the people that believe in love. Howard police tonight, tell us they still haven't received any tips in this case, they say they've been searching through multiple camera feeds and at this point in the investigation will only say that they are quote making gains. Tom Stevenson salary with that update tonight. Steve, thank you. We turn out a politics. President Trump in a new interview hitting on a range of topics from the shutdown to the molar investigation. A possible preview the state of the union and on the Super Bowl Sunday. The president also asked about the dangers of football. And whether he allows soon bear in the play here's ABC White House. Correspondent Tara Palmeri with less than two weeks until the latest funding. Bill runs out the president not ruling out another shutdown if he doesn't get money for border wall. Would you shut down the government again? Well, we're gonna have to see what happens on February fifteenth. Well, I don't I don't take anything off the table. He and house speaker Nancy Pelosi both set in their ways, she says under no condition will there be money in the budget for a wall. There's not convenient wall money in in the legislation, but Trump is facing opposition in congress on multiple fronts. A large group of Republican senators recently passed an amendment rebuking the president's plans to pull troops overseas fighting terrorism. Trump recently announced he would be reducing the numbers of troops in Afghanistan and Syria, but now seeming to waver on if it will be a permanent solution because here by your intelligence chiefs, though is that you could in that vacuum. See a resurgence of ISIS, the a resurgence Alcock comeback. If we have to we have very fast or plans, we have very good cargo planes. We can come back very quickly, and I'm not leaving and on this to bowl Sunday, a more personal comment from the president saying he'd have a hard time letting his son Barron play football what he calls a dangerous sport. I just don't like the reports that I see coming out. Having to do with football. I think the NFL is a great product. But I really think that as far as my well, I've heard NFL players saying they would let their sons play football. So it's not totally unique. But I I would have a hard time with it. Tara Palmeri joins us live now in Terre. There's another part of that interview. I wanted to discuss the president was also asked if he would make the mother report public. Tom President Trump said he's leaving that decision to his acting attorney general William Barr now Democrats have been pressuring bar to release a full report. And he said he'll be transparent. But he's yet to say what if anything will be released. Tom Terry Palmeri froze tonight. Tara, thank you and one more note from the presidency interview also discussing the political crisis in Venezuela through a new round of mass protests on Saturday in support of opposition leader, an interim president one Widodo President Trump saying US military action could be an option adding he rejected a request by nNcholas mother widow to meet months ago, and there is much more ahead a world news tonight. This Sunday the mixed martial arts fighter accused of three murders escaping from custody. The manhunt tonight, plus the girls high school basketball team their bus rolling over on the way home from gain how they're all doing tonight and ten tons of cocaine up in smoke the images just coming in of a staggering drug bus. What we've just learned when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast back. Now, if you look murderer escaping while in custody, he's a professional mixed martial arts fighter and considered extremely dangerous. And now the late breaking update just coming in. Here's ABC's area. Russia tonight, an end to that urgent manhunt after a daring escape by professional MMA fighter. Now murder suspect caught after more than nine hours on the run. He should be considered dangerous around seven AM this morning. Forty four year old Cedric marks making a brazen getaway on foot as guards from a private transport companies stopped at a McDonald's north of Houston with a van full of ten inmates needed additional units without escaped prisoner the middleweight seen here in this a fight within. The process of being extradited from Grand Rapids, Michigan to temple Texas on arrest warrants for the deaths of his ex girlfriend Jenna, Scott and Michael swearing-in. The two reported missing on January ninth their bodies found in Oklahoma on January fifteenth, the fugitive fighter also a person of interest in the two thousand nine disappearance of April piece in Minnesota piece was never found the case still open and Tom marks is in custody tonight and facing additional charges. Tom real thank you Tom now for index and we start overseas off the west coast of Africa heavily armed police in Cape Verde say they seized ten tons of cocaine from a ship bound for Panama sitting those drugs on fire now eleven Russian sailors are in custody suspected of drug smuggling back here at home a charter bus carrying a girls basketball team rolling over in West Virginia. At least fourteen people were injured one student airlifted to the hospital. This happened on the way home after losing a high school. Championship game. No word yet on what caused this crash would told the girls are gonna be okay. Also tonight, it's turbine seen security guards. Philadelphia. Take a look tasers a man outside of gyms that popular cheese steak restaurant. But after they taste him the man's pants catching fire unclear exactly what ignited no word on his condition or what led up to the encounter. Detectives are looking into the incident tonight and New York's governor tonight calling for a Justice department investigation into a growing crisis at a Brooklyn jail. Protesters swarming correction officers some demonstrators getting pepper sprayed as hundreds of inmates. Go without heat and electricity for a second. Week officials at the Federal Bureau of prisons say fired that facility caused the problem, and they expect to restore power soon. Finally tonight, far enough, her snowblower and blowing up the internet. The eighty two year old grandma getting it done in muskegon Michigan old man winter may have met his match in eighty-two year-old more lean Downey now known as the snow. Blowing granny the image of her taking on the heavy snow and freezing temperatures went viral this week. I like being outside the smell. I just don't need any help. I got this big machine looked great. She describes herself as a quote tough old. Rod doesn't need her grandchildren's health. No, I'm sure they would help if I have my grandson has plowed at once. But I'm fine. I like being out there getting out in the snow reminds her of growing up in Harvey North Dakota, the he'll go cold a kiss there. And there's one more reason why she likes to get behind that snowblower. I think engine sounds like my Harley, maybe. That's right. The snow. Blowing granny also owns a hog riding in the sidecar is her greyhound Pippa teaches likes to ride Marlene will be dreamed about getting out on the road once it warms up. But in the meantime, she won't let the weather keep her down. I'm ready for it to be summer, and I'll enjoy the winters long as we have it just to be outside. No matter what we think Marlene for sharing her story. And we thank you for watching. I'm Thomasson your may first thing in the morning and David Muir. He's right back here. Tomorrow night have a great evening. Good night. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast.

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