Queen Pin Pt. 1: Jemeker Thompson


Due to the graphic nature of this queen pins crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of murder sex and drug abuse that some people people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen Jamaica was on edge usually aleisha radiated confidence that lit up the room but not today she resisted the temptation to taste the synthetic courage on the table in front of her an an ounce of powdered cocaine instead she gathered up several grams and handed them off to one of her most trusted dealers David. She wasn't unsure if it would sell but she wanted him to try. Jamaica wanted to convince her boyfriend and business partner Daf that they should pivot from selling selling marijuana to coke Daf wasn't enthused about the switch. They already did well. Dealing weed cocaine was a bigger risk but Jamaica wanted that cocaine money showtime the next few hours went by quickly Jamaica hit only only reached out to her choices. We'd clients but every single one of them wanted in Jamaica. Only had a few grams left. When David returned he'd already resold everything Jamaica had given him and he wanted more where there once was an ounce of cocaine? Now there was a stack of cash when Daf have came home he was astonished. Jamaica had made all this cash off a single ounce in one night for this kind of money they would risk it all their time their freedom even their lives and I'm Kate Leonard and this is kingpins apar- cast original every Friday we journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how kingpin or Queen Pin Rises to the top of the underworld and why they fall as we follow the lives of infamous crime bosses will explore how money and power change them and our change the community around them this. This is our first episode on Jimmy Thomson Hairston One of the most ambitious and powerful cocaine traffickers of the nineteen eighties and early nineties. This week will explore what happened when a wave of cocaine smashed into Los Angeles and how Jamaica Road that white powder wave from Destitute Childhood in south central Los Angeles all the way to a mansion in Encino next week. We'll see how Jamaica expanded her empire nationwide nationwide only to see her maternal instincts. Bring it all crashing down at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do we love let us know how doing reach out on facebook and instagram at par cast and twitter at our cast network and if you enjoy today's episode this owed the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help us. We also now have merchandise head to podcast US dot com slash merch for more information now. Let's witness the powerful rise of the Queen Pin of Los Angeles Jamaica Thompson hairston Jamaica had a lot in common with other hustlers. She was ruthless. She was violent went. She had an insatiable appetite for money and power but she had another asset. None of the other big players had she was a woman and as a woman Jamaica was acutely aware that she was expected to do less to be less cunning less aggressive than the men around her at at first Jamaica was resentful of this unfair presumption of inferiority but in the drug slinging business or as insiders call it the Game Jamaica learned that men's underestimation of her was an advantage in fact Jamaica's femininity brought her to the very top of the game and awarded awarded her the prizes she most desired money and control in Nineteen eighty-one Jamaica and her boyfriend damp or watching the football game at home to Meco watched Daf Drool over a commercial for an enormous television money was gushing in from cocaine sales. Jamaica decided her death deserved surprise the next day. Jimmy entered an electronics store in the posh neighborhood of Santa Monica. Jamaica Jamaica proceeded straight to the counter. She knew exactly what she wanted. No browsing necessary when Jamaica heard the prize for the model she was looking for she made a counter offer. What kind of deal could she get if she paid in cash for two T._v.'s and of course she need delivery and installation? Galatian Jamaica was always thinking ahead considering everything she'd need to complete the deal no nickel and diming and no middleman no Ma'am Jamaica left the store with everything she wanted and at a great price but she'd also planted the seeds for something more those seeds would bear fruit the very next day after the T._v.'s were delivered and installed and Daf was delighted with his surprise Jamaica Peca received a phone call. It was one of the electronics salesman she had dealt with the day before checking in to make sure Jamaica was satisfied with the product and service then to her complete surprise he made a proposition he had some other products she might be interested in Jamaica arranged a meeting to check out this new product. She was pleased to discover the product was cocaine and the T._v.. Salesman was selling it at a better their price than her and deaths original Hookup Jamaica was relentless everywhere she went she saw ways to improve and expand her business and although she could be hard she also knew how to be approachable. Friendly even Jamaica's ability to get total strangers to trust her was unique. You can business where many of the men dealing drugs used guns and fear to get what they wanted to make a strategy served her and daft well in an episode of the Documentary Programme Gangsters America's most evil Jamaica reminisced about the height of their operation quote in south central in the early eighties. It was like selling ice cream. Jamaica reports that at the time quote it was nothing for me to have fifty kilos of cocaine and the garage we had three dope houses. They ran twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a a year they never closed down and money is being picked up every single day Jamaica writes in her memoir Queen Pen that that she and Daf only put hundred dollar bills into their safety deposit box at a Beverly Hills Bank there simply wasn't space for smaller notes Jamaica and damps lifestyle ameliorated in step with their expanding wealth Daf remodeled his mother's home and transformed her garage Gaj into a luxurious man cave for him and his friends to gamble in when they wanted to gamble in Las Vegas instead the chartered a private jet uh-huh Jamaica took her girlfriends on lavish shopping sprees on Rodeo drive where Jamaica instructed them to buy everything they wanted a designer Zainur stores like Fella Gucci Chanel and Armani Jamaica was acquiring a taste for the good life. She never tried the product that that was making her ridge but she did have an addiction to something else money. That insatiable desire created a cycle the more she got the more she wanted. Jamaica and Daf weren't the only ones on the comma all over Los Angeles but especially in south central troll young people were getting rich practically overnight selling cocaine ostentatious cars with insanely expensive sound systems is and rims became commonplace in poor neighborhoods like comte in Jamaica and Daf owned more cars than they could find garage space for but the Los Angeles Police Department was fighting back and their tactics were the most extreme the city had ever seen facing political pressure to clean up the streets before the nineteen eighty four summer Olympics l._a._p._d.. Chief Daryl Gates used a four ton military tank equipped with a fourteen fourteen foot battering ram to tear open dwelling suspected of concealing cocaine operations violence didn't just come. I'm from law enforcement. Competing drug dealers often used brutal force to gain territory and access to product but Jamaica didn't let the danger affect her game play she said in an interview it was a lot of violence around me but the violence didn't affect me. It didn't even even bother me. I felt like I was untouchable. Jamaica's unflinching attitude toward bloodshed and mayhem her obsession with money and power her fixation station on control can all be traced back to her childhood in nineteen seventy. When Jamaica was in fourth grade? She came home to find her family had been evicted from their rental house on Sycamore Avenue in Los Angeles. The Yard was scattered with her family's possessions. Jamaica remembers seeing her Easter dress that her mother had constantly fretted over keeping clean thrown in the dirt her mother Lonnie was was in the Air Force reserves and a probation officer for the California Youth Authority Jamaica couldn't understand how her mother could work so hard and take on jobs with so so much responsibility and still not make enough money to take care of their family. Jamaica hated how helpless she felt even at eight years old she she knew she never wanted to be vulnerable to this kind of chaos ever again in an interview for the Netflix documentary series druglords words Jamaica declared the day that we got evicted was the day that I knew that I wanted money and I wanted to control everything that's the day Queen Pin came into my heart that night Jamaica Lonnie and her three brothers shared a small room at the West atoms manner a run down Motel Jamaica couldn't sleep at night and instead stayed up listening to her mother crying in the bathroom. Jamaica Jamaica vividly remembered the hot shame she felt when a friend from school saw her leaving the shabby motel that afternoon she told US and Hattiesburg neighbors lived miles apart but it was here in the country not in the urban jungle where Jamaica would get familiar with with violence and accepted as a way to solve problems after Jamaica got off the plane. She found her grandmother in the airport terminal. As soon as Jimmy got close she was immediately pulled into a crushing hug then her grandmother who everyone called me. Dear asked whether Jamaica had eaten Jamaica neglected to address her grandmother as Ma'am in her response not two minutes after meeting her mom dear Jamaica received her first slap but the pain served its purpose Jamaica might have resented her grandmother but she respected her. Jimmy Carr's aunts and cousins also lived under meteors roof and Madeira handled her large family with a mix of military terry precision and southern manners during Jimmy Carr's time there beatings were commonplace and Jamaica learned fast when one of Jamaica's cousins tested her by stealing food offer plate Jamaica stabbed his hand with a fork Madera sent them both out back and laid down the ground rules no biting no scratching now work it out Jamaica's cousin was ten and much bigger than the eight-year-old old Jamaica but Jamaica wasted no time in making first contact right on our cousins jaw. It was like something within Jamaica had been an unleashed. Her cousin went down after that First Punch and then Jamaica was on top of him throwing punch after punch medare separated separated them and beat them both but Jamaica was proud now. She had a reputation among her cousins. Don't try that girl from California breath. Jamaica lived in Hattiesburg with their medi-share through nineteen seventy seven her relationship with Madeira was always rocky and it came to a head during her freshman year of high school. Jamaica had secretly lost her virginity to a man almost ten years her senior. She thought she done a good job. Keeping their relationship on the down low until Jamaica came home one day to find medi-share at the door with a shotgun Jamaica cut was no longer welcome in Hattiesburg Jamaica finished out the school year but as soon as summer hit she was on a plane back to Los Angeles Jamaica had left L._A.. A homeless little girl she returned a competent forceful strong-minded fifteen-year-old Jamaica had only been back in Los Angeles a few weeks when she noticed a particular man in her neighborhood whenever he joined the craps Games is Jimmy Carr's brothers played on the coroner. Their cries of excitement always seem to get louder when her brothers came home after a night of gambling Kamenica asked after this tall attractive man her brother Tony told her that his name was Anthony Moseley but that he went by Daf Jeff Jamaica kept asking around about Daf and she only heard good things a friend who had dated him confirmed that he was funny clean gene and decent so when his sixty three impala convertible pulled up behind Jamaica on her way home from school and the hydraulics dip the low rider right right onto the asphalt is Jamaica put it. I almost lost my mind. I was done we'll tell the story of Jamaica Mika Staffs Romance and how their love made them both rich right after this they seem like a friend or even family you trust them with your life but behind the promises of fame success and riches beyond your wildest has dreams is just another scammer trying to cheat you out of your life savings every week the podcast original con artists dives into the Psychology College of hustlers swindlers and fraudsters to share with you. The greatest cons of all time con artists come from different walks of life and we cover all of them fairness founder and C._E._o.. Elizabeth Holmes grew her company to a value of nine billion dollars. Despite the fact that its flagship technology did not work Jordan Belfort also known as the wolf of Wall Street partied hard and made millions while engaging in stock stock market manipulation and Bernie Madoff Atop Wall Street market maker who operated one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of all time conning thousands of clients out of a combined sixty five billion dollars spot the con- before it finds you listen to con artists search for and subscribe type two con artists on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts or visit parkas dot com slash con artists to listen now now back to the story when fifteen year old Jimmy Thomson returned to Los Angeles in the summer of nineteen seventy seven for her sophomore year of high school she found herself drawn to a charismatic gambler on the block named Daf everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved him but for Jamaica there was one thing that set him above the rest his money down to Jamaica Emeka to Marie Calendar's on their first date before this outing the nicest restaurant Emeka ever been inside of was McDonald's. She couldn't believe that that she got to hold the menu at the table. Rather than ordering off the wall. An old couple at the table next to theirs didn't have enough money to cover their bill. L. Daf slipped the waiter of fifty and wouldn't allow the couple to make a big show of gratitude. He was happy to help. Jamaica was taken with the money money down flashed around and even more taken with how he spent it. Even though he made a lot of money he never allowed it to make him arrogant or rude and and where did all this money come from selling marijuana before long Daf was Jamaica's boyfriend when Jamaica started in her Sophomore Year of high school in the fall of nineteen seventy seven she brought damps. We'd business to school according to Jamaica she was bringing in thousands of dollars within a couple of months she had it all popularity of boyfriend and most of all money for Jamaica money changed. Everything money made her feel in control of her life. She felt protected and powerful in a way she never for had before suddenly the people around her respected her Jamaica's addiction to wealth and power had begun as the money flowed in Anna Jamaica became intoxicated with it and that intoxication soon clouded her judgment Jamaica really really liked Daf but she was always on the lookout for other opportunities. She always wanted more per desire led her to pursue another another man on the block named Alonzo Jamaica described him as short and stocky with a nasty streak. He was the exact opposite of death in one evening. Jamaica saw Lonzo on a balcony a few apartments down. He grinned at her then in a flash Lonzo leapt off off the balcony onto the street. He was in pursuit of another neighbor who owed him money. He caught the debtor and toward the back pocket off his pants to get it as this cash. Jamaica's first reaction was no way death would do that. She recognized something in Lonzo that she felt in herself. A killer our instinct and Jamaica was drawn to it therefore she knew it. Jamaica was balancing two men Daf Upfront and Lonzo on the down allo Jamaica revelled in the attention but the cheating only made Jamaica more possessive of Daf. She loved the superiority of knowing doing she was the only one getting to double dip. Jamaica wouldn't allow other women near her man. Jamaica even fought one of her classmates in in a burger king parking lot after she heard the girl merely mentioned deaths name with two men and Complete Control Jamaica felt felt on top of the world but as she would soon learn she couldn't stay on top forever after a few months awesome juggling her drug dealing school in two separate men Jamaica's world shook when she discovered she was pregnant at the age of sixteen the baby did not belong to Daf Jamaica had been withholding sex from her main man in order to retain his interest and respect yet while she kept her distance from Daf she had jumped right into bed with Lonzo an incredibly sexy man she never planned to have a future with Jamaica Approach Lonzo about the situation without ceremony or emotion. He suggested she get an abortion. Jamaica was crushed Lonzo. Lonzo never felt anything for her. After talking with her mother Lonnie Jamaica went forward with the abortion. Jimmy Co wrote having that abortion hurt worse than anything I'd ever felt and it was the scariest thing I'd ever been through but worst of all it brought a horrible horrible emptiness. I'd never felt before but there was a silver lining to Jamaica struggle when Daffy finally learned the truth about Jamaica's is cheating and abortion he stuck by her while you're MECO was physically and emotionally recovering from the abortion DAF visited with food presence in humor in a time of absolute desolation. Death was the only bright spot when Lonnie gave Daf an earful over the abortion Jamaica tensed up she hadn't told her mother about the relationship with Lonzo and just let her assume Daf was the father but daft protected detected Jamaica and kept up the lie. Jamaica didn't know what she had done to deserve such a loyal man but one thing was for sure Daf half a keeper in the spring of Nineteen seventy-nine. Jimmy Carr's mother was called up by the Air Force reserves and stationed in Japan. She left Jamaica in charge of caring for her baby brother cliff who was only a year old but Jamaica was only seventeen years old and still with junior in Highschool Daf proved himself to be upstanding yet again he moved in with them and cared for cliff while Jamaica kept up up in school. Has Jamaica watched Daf. Take responsibility around the house. She fell even more completely in love with him as death N._F._l.. Jamaica started thinking about a real future together. After Jamaica graduated from High School Jamaica found herself preoccupied with the same desire that recurred His business there when you Meco witnessed staffs deals firsthand. She was dismayed to find that daft's tender heart had made its way into his game when a customer couldn't pay Daf would offer them. We'd on credit. He was known to give loans for front others this gambling money but Jamaica didn't like seeing anyone get a handout of what she was starting to think of as her money one one night. Lonzo came to the house. The man had no shame not only did lonzo continue buying weed from Daf after getting Jimmy got pregnant but he had the audacity to show up without money to pay Jamaica was hot and ready to go off the death toll Jamaica not to worry worry a little free. We didn't bother him. Lonzo was all news but Jamaica couldn't abide. She followed Lonzo outside outside. Jamaica grabbed the marijuana right out of Lonzo's hands and put her face close to his. She wanted it to be crystal clear earlier how it was going to be moving forward. No money no weed. Lonzo got off that porch as fast as he could. empty-handed word got around. Fast Daf was still a nice guy but now Jamaica was the backstop Jamaica wrote in her memoir playing. That role came naturally from then on. I checked everybody. Daf in Jamaica were becoming a real team. Gene and Jamaica was the muscle after she graduated from high school. In the spring of nineteen eighty. Jamaica had more time to build what she was now. Recalling her business her mother Lonnie had returned from Japan and she insisted that Jamaica live with her until Jamaica turned eighteen in a few months so Jamaica moved with her mother and little brother cliff to a new apartment near Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles right away. Jimmy could notice that another kid in the building. Ricardo was selling weed. Jamaica didn't like competition but she had confidence in the quality ever product instead of seeing threat she saw an opportunity she sent a complimentary sample of product to Ricardo casually casually letting him know that she'd be happy to go into business together according to Jamaica's memoir once I slid him a sample. It was a done deal from there. Things took off. Jamaica sold weed out of the apartment whenever her mother wasn't around but that model wasn't sustainable with her growing business her we'd was so good too. Many people were coming to the door so she moved sales to the curb. Jamaica's business expanded rapidly in the new market. She was selling more hours sometimes even minutes than she used to sell in a week in high high school. She was cocky quoted as saying where there had been nothing a month ago. Now there was a full on weed spot with customers steamers round the clock every night. I stood on that corner like I owned it. When Jamaica was working she always wore a sharp outfit smashing her shoes to her athletic where she enjoyed the independence dealing gave her and she took pride in her work by selling on on the corner. Jamaica certainly wasn't keeping her operation low key but the only time she saw the police was when they visited the donut spot down the road by the time Jamaica turned eighteen in September of nineteen eighty and moved in with Daf she had turned her upstairs neighbour Ricardo into a loyal L. dealer he kept up sales in Lonnie's apartment complex while Jamaica dealt with exclusive high rolling clients at our new plays with death by this point. Daf in Jamaica were selling marijuana by the pound Jamaica remembers receiving an entire u-haul stuffed with bricks of we'd aide photographs from this time show Jamaica neatly piling stacks of bills on her bed and posing with the cash for the camera for Christmas nineteen one thousand nine hundred eighty Jamaica got death a rainbow selection of sweatsuits and Jordache jeans. Daf Got Jamaica Louis Vitton bag inside that was the key to a Mercedes convertible Jamaica and Daf were enjoying their first taste of the good life but for Jamaica a single taste taste of something good always made her hungry for more late in nineteen eighty. Jamaica picked up the phone. It was death he'd been arrested and he needed her to post his bail so she did what we all do. When we need help she called her mother. Lonnie gave Jamaica the number for a bail bondsman. She knew named Willie at Willy's instruction. Jamaica arrived at the Venice police station with ten thousand dollars cash cash for deaths bail a Rolls Royce. The color of money rolled smoothly into the lot. The man who emerged wore a suit suit and matching crocodile leather boots and a belt he owned a house in Baldwin Hills with a view of downtown. Los Angeles that day. DAF got out in jail in Jamaica met a man who is rich as she wanted to be. She was convinced that there was more than bail. Money behind Willy's wealth it took several weeks but after many phone calls and meals together to Meco one willie's trust. She finally got the call she'd been waiting for. Willie was ready to work with her. We'll learn what surprises Willie had in store for Jamaica. After this and now back to the story by late nineteen eighty Jimmy Thomson was eighteen years old and she had just I met a bail bondsman named Willy who had helped get her boyfriend daf out of jail. Yet Willie was extravagantly wealthy. Jamaica was convinced pins. He was doing some illicit business on the side and she wanted in after weeks of convincing Jamaica. It finally arranged a business business meeting. When Jamaica arrived at the address Willie gave her it was a motel. Jimmy Carr's guard was up she and Willie had met at restaurants or at his house in the past. She wasn't sure what to expect but the money was calling so she got out of the car. Willie welcomed her in the room was uninhabited except for Gucci Duffel Bag Jamaica remain standing while Willie gave her a long speech speech about how the work he was entrusting her with required patience organization loyalty. Jamaica wished he would just get to the point and eventually Willie opened the Duffel bag inside was a triple beam scale. Willie started to instruct Jamaica makeup on how to use it but this time she cut him off she knew what to do with a scale so willy finally cut to the chase. The next thing he pulled out of the bag was a plastic sandwich bag stuffed with a fine white powder cocaine. It was the first time Jamaica laid eyes is on the drug that would define her life. Willie show Jamaica how to measure the cocaine and what to charge one hundred dollars for a gram fifty for half and twenty five for a quarter when Jamaica asked how much Willie wanted for the drugs and scale he told older the first batch was complimentary and then he showed her a role of colored condoms pick a flavour Willie had treated Jamaica like a professional so far and she found this proposal demeaning and foul but that cocaine could bring Jamaica and Daf the lifestyle she'd always always dreamed of shape picked. Cherry that day Jamaica learned an important lesson about how to build trust and her business relationships ships in the future Jamaica would make sure she was the one offering the condoms she would be in control. We'll Jamaica and DAFT's cocaine business took off fast. Soon Willie was delivering their cocaine kilo at a time and and then it was two kilos and then it was four as Daf often said they were winning but just as Jamaica and damp were getting established as cocaine dealers. The game changed again. A new form of cocaine was being born right there in Los Angeles crack. Mark powdered cocaine could be cooked with a little baking soda and water to form smokable rocks this treatment exponentially magnified fide the euphoric effects of cocaine because smoking the drug made it hit the system faster as soon as the high wore off users immediately wanted wanted more. It was incredibly addictive and cheaper than powdered cocaine in one thousand nine hundred eighty. The Los Angeles Police Department was overwhelmed and according to Jackie Hickey a former gang task force officer for the L. A. P. D.. It felt like crack was being sold on every corner. Hickey even recalled a Christmas tree lot that accepted crack as payment cars parked on the street would have their antennas ripped off so they could be used as makeshift crack. Pipes Jamaica learned about crack when our customers started asking for it soon soon her and deaths entire business was transformed. They had four to five crack houses running at a time cooking and selling the drug <music> but a larger business meant more risks. Some of Daf in Jamaica's workers were robbed and even murdered after graduating from high school Jamaica carried had a gun in their designer handbags and had no qualms about pulling the trigger but she and Daf used another motivator even more powerful than fear to hold their your business together generosity. Daf in Jamaica rolled up all the singles that came through their doors into fifty dollar bundles these these were given to children the homeless and families in need around their neighbourhood Daphne. Jamaica also hosted barbecues for their entire neighborhood had an all their employees every weekend in the local park death hired a different D._J.. Every week to keep the tunes flowing the power couple would often make an entrance emerging from one of their luxury vehicles in matching outfits. They enjoyed rewarding the people who worked for them mm-hmm and they knew it paid dividends their workers. Loyalty was essential to giving Jamaica and damp the security. They needed to build a family in November nineteen eighty one less than a year after they began selling cocaine. Jamaica realized she was pregnant. This time the pregnancy was a joyous one. Jamaica hope the baby would be a boy so it would look like her Daf. Daf was hoping for just the opposite. Immediately plays Jamaica on maternity leave. He wouldn't allow her to touch the drugs but she did still count the money and deposited in the bank in July nineteen eighty two when Jamaica was twenty years old after nearly twenty four hours of labor. Anthony Junior was born and his birth inspired such joy in his parents that a few months later they drove to Las Vegas and got married when they got back to L._A.. They moved into their first house. They were still winning but all winning streaks must come to an end in early nineteen eighty-three Daf and Jamaica were having breakfast at the Eminem a local cafe where many of their friends congregated Jamaica had been out of touch touch with the day to day of the game for over a year but she was about to be tagged back into play one of their dealers brought over a Fatman Dan and flashy jewelry and shoes to meet Daf his name was Judah. It was a simple introduction and handshake but Jamaica was immediately really skeptical after Judah left. Jamaica handed Daf A. WET NAP. She didn't want him contaminated by someone she didn't trust Jamaica's distrust only increased after she and damp socialized with Judah they went out on two different occasions. Judah brought to different women Um and introduced each one of them as his wife. Jamaica definitely didn't want daffy associating with someone who disrespected women that way but despite her reservations Juden death went into business together before long Daf was staying out all night he always claimed claimed he'd been out with Judah but Jimmy Carr's gut told her something more was going on she started snooping and deaths drawers and cars until hill she found proof of her suspicions. A pile of unpaid parking tickets issued at a location. She wasn't familiar with that was all she needed to conclude. Her husband was cheating on her Jamaica brewed herself a cup of tea and sat at her kitchen table able to wait for hours. Our imagination ran wild and a rage ballooned. Jimmy Carr's possessiveness over death had only grown since the beating. She'd given her friend in the Burger King parking lot in highschool daft should have known he was playing with fire when he finally came home around three in the morning. Jamaica didn't ask questions she just started firing her gun. Somehow doubt dodged all the bullets and left in a hurry to sleep at his mother's house that Jamaica wasn't finished with him. She used find it for one one to locate the cross streets for the address arrests were Daf had been issued the tickets she took a sleeping anthony out of bed and dropped him off at Lonnie's house then she drove to the address on the tickets the Andress letter to an apartment building and parked in the alleyway behind it was daft truck. Jamaica wasted no time she picked up an empty bottle in the alley and swung it into the windshield. The trucks alarm immediately went off seconds later. A woman came running out of the building. The woman cut off the alarm which meant she had deaths keys. Jamaica smiled here was the woman who had ruined Jamaica's macos Marriage Emeka leapt at the woman grabbed her hair to hold her head still and punched her over and over as soon as Jamaica Emeka heard gunshots she knew it was time to retreat as she fled she saw Daf behind her shirtless and pointing a huge gun at her. The honeymoon was finally over for the next couple of weeks Daf called and paged Emeka nonstop. Sometimes she talk to him but mostly she'd let the calls go unanswered death had betrayed her and she didn't think there was anything he could do to regain her trust roast after Jamaica and Daf had been separated for awhile. Jimmy Carr's father took her an anthony for a drive. Jamaica's father worked in construction and he said he wanted to show them a fabulous mansion. He'd been working on in Encino a suburb of Los Angeles the neighborhood hood was packed with Million Dollar Mansions. Jamaica's father kept naming off the celebrities that live there like Marlin Jackson Michael Jackson's brother then her father flipped down his visor and push the button on a remote hidden inside the heavy metal gate to the property in front of them swung open and suddenly they were headed up the long driveway towards the Opulent House but Jamaica could tell this property wasn't under construction. It looked finished. It looked perfect. Jimmy Carr's father invited them inside to look around. The interior of the house was just as gorgeous gorgeous is the exterior there were marble floors and a crystal Chandelier in the entry. The master suite featured an oversized whirlpool tub and heated floors. The backyard was just as breathtaking outfitted with a pool and hot TUB. The entire property was monitored by security cameras campers. It was a dream when Jamaica asked her father who was moving in. He just smiled an offer to show her the garage. The GARAGE DOOR SLID UP TO REVEAL DAF waiting inside anthony random excitedly and DAF swept him into a tight hug. Then Daf handed Jamaica two sets of keys one to the House and one to a new B._M._w.. Already parked in the Garage Jamaica Emeka took back her husband and together they moved into the mansion in Encino. Jamaica and Daf were back together and closer closer than ever for deaths birthday that year Jamaica threw him a surprise party at a club on sunset called the candy store. Everything the decorations corporations the catering the entertainment the cake was first class but Jamaica really outdid herself with the gift accustomed. Tom Painted collinet roadster which she unveiled in front of the Party guests today nineteen eighties Clin as sells for about forty five thousand dollars I but even though things between Davin Jamaica were on the mend the game was becoming more violent and dangerous than ever although they were physically removed from the brutality that plagued south central Los Angeles their mansion wasn't a fortress in late nineteen eighty-four. I four Jamaica suggested the damn for the first time that they leave Los Angeles. She had a friend raising her family in Texas and it sounded like a good place as for them to start over with a legitimate business they could take their money and get out of the game. Daf was willing to consider it but the game name had other plans the very next day November Twenty Third Nineteen eighty-four twenty two year old Jamaica prepared breakfast first embiid for deaf. She wanted to make sure their conversation about the move to Texas started off on the right foot but when she brought the food upstairs I was getting ready to leave to make a protested that she wanted to discuss their plans daft smiled and told her they they do whatever she wanted to Meco was delighted and kissed her husband Goodbye. Then she called her friend in Texas and they spent hours planning the move. Who've then Daf called? He sounded pleased. He told Jamaica he was winning and he would be home soon. He in Jamaica exchanged. I love US and hung up a few hours later. Another friend of Jamaica's called. She asked if Daf was okay. She just heard he'd been shot at a car wash where he liked to play craps. Jamaica assured her friend that DAF was fine. She just spoken with him. Then Jamaica's pager went off. She returned the call. It was another friend reporting the same news. Jimmy Carr's stomach dropped. The House phone rang again this time it was daft's mother. She asked Jamaica to come to the house. A DAF had been shot and she wanted Jamaica to come with her to the hospital. Jamaica's worst fears were coming true. Jamaica put Anthony in the car and sped over to dance mother's house by the time she reached it. The entire block was jammed with cars. She pulled over and walked through the crowd owed. She saw an unwelcome face approaching. Judah Judah spoke in a monotone that conveyed finality but not one in bit of remorse Daf was dead. Jamaica was stunned. Suddenly her perfect life was shattered. She he was a widow and her son Anthony. No longer had a father. Jamaica never met damps mother at the hospital. She went straight to the city morgue. Thanks again for listening to kingpins join join US next week to find out how Jamaica expands her Los Angeles cocaine empire nationwide and how her love for her son made it all come crashing crashing down for more information on Jamaica Thomson Hairston amongst the many sources we used we found her memoir Queen Pin Britain by Jamaica Thompson Hairston and David Ritz extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes of kingpins as well as all of our casts yes other shows on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help doc is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at Bar cast network. We'll see you next next time. 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