The Leipzig Disputation


welcome to five minutes of churches racist hosted by doctors leaving nichols where we take a little break with the president's exploring the past travel back in time as we look some people suffer any place in the shade the story christianity is his own story in town family history let's start in welcome back to another episode of five minutes in church history on this episode on what they're good friend doctor w robert dot productive godfrey good to see you again good to be here with steep always fun to talk about historical anniversaries with you because historians love anniversaries will celebrate just about anything twenty nineteen is the five hundred anniversary of a very important moment back then luther is life from fifteen nineteen at licensing in the licensing disputation so we know what's leipzig town in germany martin luther was pitted against johann acc and we know the acc means corner so did ask the corner bank martin luther into the corner in like five hundred years ago great question coming just as you're viewers thought maybe they were finally done with luther third for a little while having given so much attention to luther two years ago and harry's back he's back on the truth is of course that we celebrated lutheran fifteen seventeen for his first public act the began to challenge the old church but in fifteen seventeen i would argue luther wasn't really a protestant yeah he became a public figure he began to get a lot of attention but his theology was really developing it has not reached any kind of settled conclusion but because you become famous he began to be invited places and because there was tension between university oblige sake of university bitten berg a an invitation went to costa andreas bernstein from carl scott luther folder colleague on the theological faculty succumb to like say to debate and luther was really annoyed but he wasn't invited so he was added to the invitation a day which alive sake they were there several days a little bit of side note is that at that time there it was a man by the name of john petzold dying in leipzig who have sold indulgences that sparked a lutheran action and fifteen seventy and luther communicated to test soldier tried offering condolences on his deathbed comfort but the disputation itself was formerly going to be between act and luther on the matter the pope's authority but as they debated the hutch and luther tried to limit the pope's authority act was able to quote all sorts of theologians at historical actions of the church to show luther was not in agreement with the great historic traditional teaching of the church and luther was then being painted into a corner so more and more he was saying that well history may say in theologians may say but the bible says only other hand an so the corner that back really painted luther into was forcing luther the control recognition mission the tradition is one thing and the bible is another so what we have at lights it really is beginning to see the plank of sola script tore that crucial playing for the reformation reformation theology being lay down an ak brought in this endless absolutely because for luther as for most medieval south until that time that assumption was the bible and tradition or agreed but at life certain luther was sort of forced to recognize nyse that sometimes the bible and tradition diverged and you had to decide who you're gonna trust is you're gonna trust tradition or you're gonna trust the bible and that's where luther really came to consciousness of so the scripture so luther was happy to be painted into the corner and happy to affirmed his trust in god's work probably not so happy at the moment but happy with the outcome to the shore and we're all happy then came to that conscious well will leave it at that then so happy five hundredth anniversary of the licensing disputation thank you doctor godfrey for being with us that's the lights say disputation and i'm steve nichols thanks for listening the five

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