Ep. 8: Robby Barbaro - Having Diabetes Has Been a Gift


Welcome to the plan strong. Podcast I'm Russell Wilson and I am super pumped richer here. It is my goal with this show to inspire you and also to provide you with actionable steps. You can take it home to not only eat more plants but to discover the best best you that you can be and the good news is I know. It's a new. Here's an unfortunate truth right now. Type two diabetes is a pandemic. They claims the lives of millions of people every year. But another truth is that it's preventable and reversible if you put the right lifestyle habits into play and contrary almost everything that you've heard all forms of this devastating disease can be mitigated and managed for the whole food plant based Diet during our recent heart of a hero campaign and Pittsburgh we tested every participant for cholesterol blood pressure weight and blood sugar. Before and after the event in fact one individual had a fasting pre glucose of three hundred eighteen at the start which was evidence of diabetes going completely untreated and unmanaged in just seven days. This person's post blood. Sugar came down to two fifteen following our seven day rescue challenge guidelines. It's still a long way to go but it's one example that demonstrates how the body quickly responds and West to heal when it's fueled the right way. My guest today is the super sharp super handsome Robbie Barbaro. He's the CO of mastering diabetes. A comprehensive program developed to help people both understand the science of insulin resistance and take control of their health through a healthy plant based Diet together with his partner Dr Cyrus Combat. They have just released their first book called mastering diabetes. It's an absolute beauty of a book. Highly recommended You can go to your local bookstore or Amazon to pick up a copy and I just got done reading it. And these guys have done an amazing job explaining exactly what is going on with every type of diabetes imaginable from type. One type two type one point. Five stations diabetes prediabetes. You name it. These guys are are all over it fair warning. There is a lot of information in this episode. So you may want to listen twice and take notes all right. Enjoy a welcome to the plant. Strong podcast season two as you know the theme This season is the heart of a hero. And so we're we're we're I'm interviewing people who really are changing the game in the in the plant based field and I can think of really no one better than the the young lad sitting across me right now. Robbie Barbaro Robbie. I think I've known you if I'm not mistaken I'm just until this out there. Like two thousand eleven or twelve. It's going to be somewhere around there absolutely. And that's because you used to work with With Brian Yes with Brian. Wendell WITH FORKS OVER KNIVES. You helped really kind of create that that empire. I'm going to call it an empire. We had a lot of fun. You got a lot of fun. And and then you kind of set sail on your own with mastering diabetes Cyrus Combat Cyrus. We we saw a need in and set out to fulfill it and that was. How long was that three hours to twenty seventeen is when we officially started mastering diabetes and I left forks over knives in the middle of Twenty Sixteen? And did you. Do you feel like you learned Just a ton with the work you did with Brian and marketing forks. Over knives to that you can then apply with mastering diabetes absolutely Working at seven is particularly with Brian. Wendell who's just a really special person. I always tell people. He is Fox overnight his brainchild and he's just brilliant guy his communication to sort of help execute the movie and everything beyond is really special so definitely getting the opportunity to work with him. Every single day we worked really hard Tirelessly to to get off the ground and to see it. Continue to succeed in the way that it has been really fun. Forks over knives has done so much for the movement so much for So many of the brands within the movement myself. I mean without forks over knives. I don't think you know engine to and myself would be on the map and it's really spectacular men. We're not do. Yeah that was. That was my. That was my big line. So I WANNA talk to you today about mastering diabetes the but specifically you and Cyrus just wrote a book yes. What's the name of it it's called? Mastering diabetes is subtitle. There's a subtitle. It's called the revolutionary method to reverse insulin resistance permanently in type one type one point five type two prediabetes and just ational diabetes. That's a that's a pretty a pretty strong statement right there. It's a strong statement and permanently is in Italic intentionally because we really mean it and when when you optimize your lifestyle when you follow the principles totten this book you maximize Your Insulin Sensitivity and insulin resistance is a thing of the past gay so you just said a mouthful there and I know for you because you're in this space you know it just seems like you know brushing your teeth or putting your seatbelt but I think for a lot of people out there. It's like I think we gotta break apart that sense and before we do I wanna I wanNA know a little bit more about Robbie. Okay so in this book Cyrus introduced. You're introduced and next to your name. It says the Seeker Right. So tell me why. Why is your nickname? The seeker and let's let's know a little bit about your journey and got you to where you are right now. Yeah so my journey particularly with diabetes. It started out with the idea. That I'M GONNA reverse type one diabetes. Okay so that's where the secret comes from. Let's take a step back all the way to the beginning okay. So what is where you so? Type one diabetes. Why don't we start there OK? Okay yeah so I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I was just about to turn thirteen so I'm thirty one now. By the time people listening to this I would have lived with type one for twenty years. Okay now type. One is when your pancreas has been damaged. We don't know exactly how you don't know the cause. But the panthers has been damaged and it does not produce sufficient quantities of insulin anymore. And Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for taking. Blood Glucose or glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. That's insulin function okay. My pancakes is damaged. Doesn't produce insulin. Longer I need to inject insulin to manage my bug coast levels that is type one diabetes. So you're injecting insulin. That can then escort your sugar into your cells food. You Eat Yup and and I'm trying my best to repeat some of the stuff here so it sinks in please do please do. I like that okay. So now the other most common type of diabetes type two so type two. That is when a person's actually producing plenty of insulin. Most in the beginning they're producing too much. Okay I've excess insulin. But their bodies not using it properly. Bats type two diabetes. Also prediabetes is similar situation. So so when you say. Their body is not X. accepting it so it's rejecting it exactly right okay. Okay develop insulin resistance. Okay and we'll have to. We'll talk about that in a SEC. Okay Yep so then. I'm just going to go back to that title. The book also type one point five diabetes when the world's at so that is a slow onset version of type one. So there's still a little bit of insulin production a little bit. So pancreas isn't completely decimated exactly of the again. This is where we scientists don't really know. We don't know exactly what's going on. Why do the type one's just have their pancreas completely obliterated and Produce Basically Zero Insulin? And why do people with type one point? Five has such a slow onset of the condition where they're just kind of slowly progressively getting worse and worse over time. We don't fully understand it but it's real and there's a lot of people who are getting misdiagnosed. They people say their doctors will tell them how you're living with type two but really the living with type one point five. They don't have enough insulin production so we help people and and is there a certain like like in my experience it seems like type one usually happens under the age of ten usually? I don't know if that's true. So used to be like that. Used to be called juvenile diabetes and then type two adult diabetes and now over fifty percent of type. One diagnosis happens in people over the age of twenty. One say that one more time fifty percents diagnosed with type one. Our older than twenty one right now. That's that's crazy to me. It is okay so so that's type one point. Five is where your pancreas is producing a little bit but but not enough exactly at prediabetes. That's you're on your way to type two diabetes and so you have a little bit of the beginnings of insulin resistance exact okay so and then the last thing you say is occurs during pregnancy. So that only happens for females. And it's really again no situation of insulin resistance. That's the core thing this hormonal things going on yet but in some cases is the core problem once again okay So if I was to clump all these together in under one umbrella called diabetes what percent of Americans are currently living with type. One point five two prediabetes or station diabetes. So it's over one hundred and ten million and there's eighty million who are living with prediabetes. Don't know they're living with so. Should we add the one ten an eighty does that? No no one includes. That's okay okay. Okay 'cause I twenty six million with diagnosed diabetes. Okay so that's that's a good third of America. Yes so right so to me. You're mastering diabetes book and programs. You have a large audience we sure. Do we have a lot of people to help? Wow a lot of people to do. You want to explain more about your journey and the Secret. Explain that so now we understand what happens in twelve years old. I get diagnosed with type. One diabetes actually basically self diagnosed myself. I have two older brothers and the middle older brother had type one diabetes four years prior to my diagnosis. So I was complaining to my mom for two weeks came on. I think I have diabetes. Just like Stephen. She said No. No No. Don't be silly. You don't have diabetes. So then she goes away for the weekend with my dad looking at homes in Florida and we're living Minnesota at the time and my mom calls a check in. She says hey how you doing. I'm like mom I couldn't sleep last night. I was cramping she said. Okay go upstairs. Use Your brothers because meter and test yourself so tests myself and I'm over four hundred. You're supposed to be between eighty and one thirty so my bug because was sky high and my brother said then and there you have type one diabetes. Pack your bags. You're going to be in the hospital for a few nights so we went to the general doctor. They ran some tests. I'm not exactly what they tested. But this idea you're type one then I go to the hospital for a few nights. My parents flew home from Florida. And I remember my dad saying look. It's just an inconvenience. You can still do whatever you want in life. Don't worry about it. It's just an inconvenience and that impacted you. Yes have a huge impact on me and I really feel like the way my parents parents at me through this allowed me to not let it take over my life. It was just a thing you just handle it and everything is okay and right now thirty one. Would you say that having type one diabetes is one of the greatest thing that's happened to you in your life absolutely that? That's a huge blessing in disguise. And it's giving me so much purpose I get to help people. It's taught me a lot about my own body what I get to see every single day with this whole concept of insulin sensitivity to we're gonNA talk about It's really powerful now. I will say it's part of my journey being the seeker. I'm ready to get rid of it. I learned the lessons. I'm happy with it. I would like for nobody living with type one to have to live with it any longer and for people to not continue being diagnosed. I would love for that to happen now to your knowledge. Is there ever been a case of type one being reversed so there are some rare random situations that are not repeatable and a hard to explain so nothing in research? There's no evidence based studies showing. Hey if you do X Y and Z. This will likely lead to the reversal. Which basically means. We're trying to figure out how to get Beta cells to work again so type. One diabetes technically classified as an auto immune condition. So I have. Antibodies that are said to be attacking the Beta cells or insulin. One or the other so even if I was producing new Beta cells right now I have antibodies. That would then kill them right so we don't understand really exactly how to solve this. But that's that's the situation right so anyways as a seeker that is a mission. I went out and said I'm going to be the first one to solve this. Hey if Roger bannister could run down. Everybody believed that wasn't possible. The smartest people in the world smart scientists said that's not possible and he did it and then other people do it so somebody's got to set the trend. That's just human history. Yeah so we're we're gonNA figure this out. Somebody's figured out. I'll and I'll just give the example of you. Know Look what Dean Orange and my father were able to heart disease absolutely right and it was an. It's funny how people in the Profession. The cardiologists didn't think it was possible. And so it took basically two doctors outside the the fold to basically show that it was possible. I think it's perfect. It that maybe you and Cyrus are able to figure this thing out. Make it happen. God people that do that huge. Yeah so anyways. That's sets me on this path of doing anything and everything to optimize my health. So my body can create. Its own new Beta cells. That's the mindset mine says his bodies infinite wisdom. Does this amazing healing. You fathers reversing heart disease. It's the body that's actually doing. All the fixing repairing giving the right nutrition and lifestyle habits. So I'm like okay. Why can't we do this type one this? This shouldn't be that hard to just get some new cells working again and that set me on the path of just learning everything and anything I possibly could about getting my body to function at its highest level. Okay and so So what point on this journey as a seeker did you discover a whole foods plant based nutrition so in September of two thousand six? That's when I heard a podcast by a man named Doug Graham Yup talking about eating eighteen ten and vegetables. Okay so here this podcast. And he's talking about this book. He has coming out so I learned from the podcast starts to eat more fruits and vegetables and getting excited about it because prior to that I was doing a plant based Diet and not feeling well. I just need to stop you for. Yeah no one. You remember the. You're doing Kyodo Diet. So you were sixteen fifteen plus years ago right And relieve in podcast. Then there was this your raw Vegan radio with Steve Bruce Act. That was the show. I mean. That's that's pretty impressive. Yeah Wow I thought. Podcast started in two thousand ten. I think looking back on the show. I should've started a podcast. Okay before that you're doing Kito. Yeah so before that I was doing a plant based Kito Diet so I was eating lots of Greens lots of nuts and seeds lots of oil and I felt terrible okay. I was taking the least amount of insulin. I've ever taken my blogger coast was pretty solid but I felt terrible so went back to a natural path and trying to figure out what should I do? Do you have any options for me? She said maybe. Do Some curation therapy. Maybe it's heavy metals that are problem and I was considering it. This is going to be very expensive. It's going to drive from Gainesville University of Florida where I went to school to Tampa to get this done and in between that I heard this podcast with Doug Graham and he was saying if you eat well that actually nutrition can help you read your body heavy metals. And that was very intriguing. So He's got this book coming out in December of two thousand six between there. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and figure things out. I read the book straight through and Cyrus is one of the testimonials in the back of the book so I started googling his name. This was in two thousand in two thousand December. Two thousand six because when the book comes out. Okay we've been at this for a while. Both of us combined means Cyrus so he was in the the book and I was really. I was definitely inspired by that testimony when I go. Google his name. I see pictures of him involved with this organization called organic athlete. He's doing biking. The Dude looks. Rip On like this is cool. I'm GonNa do this so I signed up for coaching with Dr Graham. One on one coaching best decision I ever made and I learned how to start eating fruits and vegetables from the expert and figuring out how to manage my blood glucose along the way and when I started I literally just beneath for the first week. Rip Just Bananas. This is Christmas okay. My grandmother is in town visiting. I come down for Christmas dinner with a Pyramid of bananas on a plate. Five on the bottom and for them. Three legit peeled banana. I'm looking at a crate right there. You we're not messing around when it comes to bananas around here so and I started doing this and the fact that I'm eating all these carbohydrate rich foods put your told to avoid and seeing my insulin sensitivity. Sore was mind boggling. It was fun. It was exciting. But still mind boggling and I wanted to learn more and that's what I kept on doing and the at that time they were good good research. Navarre material out there like this does spend literature for a long time so okay a long time. How long is a long time that this stuff is years? Goes back to one thousand nine hundred twenty. Six doctors. Sansom was one of the first studies of patients being fed a high carbohydrate diet and seeing their insulin sensitivity improve all right. I'm impressed. So what was Gimme another study? Sometime between nineteen twenty four and nineteen fifty. He name another one okay. How about nineteen thirty five? Dr Rabinovich publishes a five year results of basic fifty patients eating a low carb diet carbohydrate diet and fifty patients eating a high carbohydrate diet and he sees that insulin sensitivity improved. I think it was. It was like sixty percent or something whereas in the low carbon was like one percent. Wow and then in nineteen fifty five hundred. Give me give me five more years. Okay we have. We have publishing a paper in the Lancet where he has eighty patients living with diabetes. All using between twenty and one hundred twenty minutes of insulin feeds them a low fat diet. Thirteen percent of calories coming from fat and every single one of them saw reduction in their insulin. Use Eighty percent stop using some completely in eighteen weeks eighteen weeks so that's a little over four months. Yeah four and a half months yeah. That's impressive so the science supports exactly what you're saying and it has for a long time. I've every level so here's nothing to the contrary. That's the interesting part. So there's some things when it comes to nutrition admittedly confusing if you go read the research on fish you see things on both sides and even the researchers right in papers. Oh we looked at this paper and that was said this in this paper said that like the mentally but when it comes to insulin sensitivity on a low fat diet there is not a single study to show that it doesn't work everybody who did it every time it truly applied right. Maximum of fifteen percent of calories come from fat showed a significant improvement insulin sensitivity across the board. Yeah that's huge. So let me ask you this in in one sense. What is your prescription to mastering diabetes? And Yeah what is it? In one sentence one sentence sue eat a low fat plant based whole food diet with a maximum of thirty grams of fat per day. Thirty grams of fat. And how what percentage is that fifteen percent Samak's so okay so it can repeat that to you please. So low fat. Meaning fifteen percent of your calories coming from fat or less plant based whole food diet and I think we want to dive a little bit into the Hofu plant based. Yes but what's interesting to me? Is that that what you just said there? That completely defies traditional medicine medicines wisdom regarding how to treat this because because their whole thing is a local low carbohydrate high fat right. It's the exact opposite so it's the exact opposite of Italy and so I mean it's almost like you're telling people listen. I know that you think that the world is flat there. Let's say they're they're thinking the world's flat it's actually round and they're like that no they can't be that way. I mean that's almost like the the the battle that you're having to fight. It's exactly what we're having to fight. And the confusion is understandable and legitimate diabetes is one of particular diseases where we are self diagnosing or self assessing meal by meal with our own instrument. You can't figure out did you. Heart disease get worse or better meal by meal. There's no test. But when a person living with diabetes eats a bunch of bananas and they test their self and their two hundred the two hundred and fifty they say. How can you tell me that the bananas are not the problem? They just made my bug assault. What are you talking about right? I get they're coming from but what they don't understand is the reason their body was not able to metabolize. The bananas is because of what they ate prior because their insulin resistant they have eaten a diet. High in fat particularly saturated fat that has resulted in the storage of fat in tissues. That are not designed to store fat and that resulted in insulin resistance. So they ate the Banana. Their body was not capable of using. Its own insulin. To Take the glucose in the banana are the stream into the cells insulin resistant. But it's not the bananas fault. No it's not it's fascinating. I think it's one of the reasons why you said in that. One study in four and a half months was at eighty percent or something like that. We're able to get off there going to get to you in better to want to go in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. American journal Clinical Nutrition James W Anderson. He had twenty patients. Okay they were all using insulin and in just sixteen days. He got half of them off of their insulin in sixteen days eating high carbohydrate diets this diet was nine percent of calories come from fat as well over seventy percent of calories from carbohydrates it was a high fiber diet and in sixteen days half of them get off their insulin. The rest of them also decreased their insulin. And there's a lot of these studies. Yes they're small numbers of people in many studies. You know when you look at research but the consistency in small numbers is a very big deal from study to study to study. I mean in your work with Nasrin Diabetes. Because you've got a pretty sensational online program with literally thousands and thousands and thousands of members. Yes do you ever encounter somebody that is compliant and doing everything right and they're not getting results. I love this question so the answer is no. I have yet to see it. I personally see it with my own eyes. Now I've talked to some doctors and you know who've been in this field for a long time and they always like to say hey. Be careful rob. I have this example of that random example and one person was low in chromium or something so the doctor had to fix that. And that's all the problem but I personally have yet to see it. Particularly in people. Living with insulin-dependent diabetes whether that's type one type one point five or insulin-dependent type two. Some people have had type two diabetes for a long time and just a pancras as exhausted. And so they may need to inject and some for the rest of their life because their pancreas has been burnt out. Okay so in. People who are living with insulin-dependent diabetes all fascinating test subjects. We know exactly how much insulin we injected. We know exactly how much food we ate. We can measure our insensitivity immediately and so with people living with that every single time they will increase the total carbohydrate content and they will use less. Insulin repeatedly never seen. I would love for somebody listening to this. Podcast to a friend senator skeptic. Show me the person who can actually prove they truly did it right and they needed more insulin. Because it won't happen and to raise the ante there rip one of the things. I'm proud of is that I have documented every single thing. I eight for three hundred sixty five consecutive days. I have a picture of everything the winning my mouth every bug because reading every insulin injection for three hundred sixty five consecutive days. Now I've done that for many more total but there was a year. I said I'm going to do it every day so if anybody was like. Hey no I don't want to show you pictures. Well no excuses here CDU at post your pictures on Instagram and showing that it doesn't work because well what I love about that in in it. Sounds like your program is that you want people. That don't mind being accountable. Yes right and if you're willing to be accountable if you're willing to work the program it sounds like the program works. Yes as long as you're willing to be vulnerable number one thing if you come into our coaching program is all I ask. I one thing communicate with us Just having the willingness to write whatever's going on I don't care how bad you failed. How far are you out the way it doesn't matter? Yeah taking that step to communicate this happen. I'm struggling. Can you help me that you would? That person will succeed if a plant based diet is ideal for humans. And we've learned that dogs are. I'm divorce as well. Can we just share our delicious leftovers to our pets? Well the answer isn't quite dead simple and it's probably not the best idea. Dogs actually can't safely eat everything that we need specifically. Let's take a look at some green leafy for example Kale. It's a superfood for us. But according to Dr Ernie Ward. Who's the veterinary medical officer for Wilder Dog Food? It's not such a great idea for our dogs and the same goes for spinach and cabbage and some other green Levi's but luckily there are plant based foods and specifically proteins that are ideal for dogs and all of them are included in the wild earth. Dog Food formula that our dog jade love so much and that. I'm sure your dog will as well visit. Wyler'S DOT COM or Amazon and use the code plans drawn to save forty percent off your first order. So your book is broken down into four components. I don't WanNa talk about all them. We don't we don't have time right now but I want to dive into a little bit more. Specific number one is a fat plant. Based whole food nutrition that is the first component and you break foods up into green yellow and red foods. What are Green Foods? What are yellow foods? And what a red foods okay. The green light category. These are foods that you can eat when you're hungry until you're satisfied okay. I'm not telling people to just stuff themselves and overeat on these foods but you can basically eat them ad Lib Dem right so in ad limited means as much as you want so much as you want all right so and these are in a specific order. Okay aware well-thought intentional order number. One is fruits bananas. Pears mangoes apples offer. It's number two starchy vegetables. Potatoes Yams butternut squash number three. We got beans peas and lentils. Okay Yup Number. Four is intact whole grains those first four in the green light. Category Are All coury providing plant foods so we really want people to learn how to eat in a way that they can sustain so a lot of people living with diabetes. They're scared. The Blood Glucose numbers okay. They're scared in the beginning. What's going to happen and so we actually have two separate meal plans in the book for people who are very insulin resistant. How to sort of mitigate those spikes in the beginning okay there's ways to do that is certain strategies but the point is I don't WanNa see people start eating lots of salads lose weight see better readings but then be starving and not be able to maintain it eventually go and have a cheeseburger and then feel better because they finally got the calories they were looking for. Yeah so we really want to emphasize these calorie dense green light foods as the staple. Okay this is not a vegetable diet. So but so the green their calorie dense their whole plant based foods intact grains potatoes fruits vegetables. There are definitely vegetables so non starchy vegetables leafy Greens. Yep Herbs and spices and mushrooms. Right okay out. The green light caddock. Okay and would it be correct for me to say that all those foods that you just said are have a calorie density of six hundred calories per pound or less? It's close to that. We made the cut off seven hundred. Okay chickpeas are kind of like around there. And they're cool. We're cool with that. The chickpeas are happy that we left him and and really a lot of that. Research comes from Barbara Roles at Penn state so it becomes fuzzy line. Where are you going to really draw? Line CHEF? Aj Jaws at at six hundred really through our coaching program and through personal application. We can tweak it. We'll make adjustments right right. But the general guideline is right around there. Okay so those green foods love it. That's complete alignment with the engine. Seventy rescue program all right. What about the yellow okay? Yellow light foods. These are still very healthy. Still should be a part of your program but these are not foods you get to Adam you have to be conscious about. How much of them near consuming? Okay so either high in fat or they're a little bit more processed. Those are the two things that will put a food in the yellow light category. GimMe Gimme some example. So a higher fat plant based food would be avocado nuts and seeds. Coconut Meat Olives. These are very healthy foods. Their whole foods. They're plant-based they're just not low in fat and it's very easy to many nuts. It's very easy to Avocado. And that will impact insulin sensitivity and your ability to manage your blood glucose levels what about dried fruit category. It's not whole right. And it's easy too much calorie dense. He's just way too high. Even dates dates. We technically dates our whole food. But the calorie density is over a thousand calories per pound. And it's just easy too much most people who are GONNA pick up. This book are looking to lose weight and dates are not going to help you do that. Now there's other things in the category which little more processed those are things like Brown Rice Pasta or Zeki Brad. Okay again healthy foods. You can be very great part of healthy program even weight loss but it's just be aware be conscious of those foods they're hiring calorie density there little more processed. It's better to eat the original ingredient that that food was made out of Brown. Rice is better than Rice Pasta. Yeah but Gareth plus is still great and that's why the yellow category is defined as eat. It just don't go crazy. Right was was the last time you had a handful of nuts so I have tried to take Brazil nuts and buy a bunch and Putin in my freezer eat one day. I thought that's a good idea. Why not let with AC? I'm not worried about my selenium consumption. But I thought I'll try it. I can't do it either. Eat them all right. So I don't put in the WHO's no nuts in my house? So you just did you so you just don't do nuts because a you don't actually need them for any particular reason or even the selenium in one. Brazil you do not there for Dr Michael Gregor okay. So what about what about dried fruit you? Do you do like dates or anything like that days? Treat LOW BLOOD GLUCOSE READINGS. Okay and again. This is where we get into the. I'm glad you're asking these questions. Because he's really important and we love. This is really are passionate. Mastering IBM is coaching and the specifics for each individual to achieve their goals. I'm not worried to lose weight like I'm out of good wait. I'm very active me. Using dates. To treat. Low Blood Glucose. Readings is perfect for somebody. Who's in that position? And that's why I use it for. I don't sit down and eat a meal of dates. Okay let's move on a Red Red light foods. Read by foods are going to be all animal products. That's GONNA be beef chicken fish shellfish all of it okay then also going to put in there really processed foods obvious things like you know a Dunkin donut very just process stuff and that includes some of the new process Vegan items which again. We're supportive of their healthy. They're changing the game. They're bringing a lot of people into this. You're talking about like the impossible trying to reverse insulin resistance. If you want a reverse type two diabetes. Now it's not a good idea. It's not good it could be a good transition. I don't depending on where you're starting at but long-term we're going to put down the red light category which he wants you to either. Never eat or really really minimize. Well if you if you look at the nutritional of a beef burger or even impossible beyond burger you'll see that there are anywhere between fifty to seventy five percent of calories coming from fat right and and typically Five to ten of those grams of fat coming from saturated fat. Which big problem. Big problem if you're trying to reverse your diabetes. Okay so those owed once your dad hear that yeah so all oils all oils. Yep Yep okay so. Those are the green light yellow light. Red Light Foods now. I want to continue down this path because I I again we could. We could talk forever forever so but so a lot of people are concerned or want to know. How much food can I eat? And you guys have five kind of guidelines rules in your book. I'm going to name name them. And then if you could just talk a little bit about them please. So number one is you say. Don't count calories. Just eat until you're satisfied. I mean I love that because so many people these days right. They're measuring their measuring laying their food. They're counting their points. They're looking at portion control in. It's like a scientific experiment. Yeah so you say put that. Throw that out the window when you start eating whole foods that are loaded with fiber loaded with water content and loaded with nutrients the nutrient density of those green light. Foods are through the roof when you eat those foods and you are predominantly eating the green light category. Your body tells you and you've had enough Natural mechanism the natural feedback of. I'm good. I'm satisfied and you just go onto your day and when you're hungry you eat more without overthinking. Yeah so you have a you have a calorie density section in your book and you basically say Calorie density can be a lifestyle of abundance. It sure can right. I mean hopefully I mean you're you're telling me it doesn't have to be about deprivation to abundance. That's exciting. It's really exciting. Particularly in the world of diabetes health where people have been told. It's all about limiting. You can't have too many bananas because it's going to raise your because level you can't eat keen walk. It's going to raise your bug because you can't have too many beans. You know maybe a copper here there now this program. Yeah Yeah and and the key for the key I think for people to know about Carrie density and eating until you're like comfortably full is the magic of the bulk this in these foods. What comprises bulk okay. Balk is fiber plus water. And you get a whole foods whole food. Am I going to get that in a date? Yes you are going to be lower in water content. It's going to be quite high in fiber okay. But a little bit lower in the water content which is a big point and that a raisin raisin exactly rape. I'm good yes okay. You have some examples of calorie density so just because this this to me is I'm very proud of the way the illustrations of this so you say three tablespoons of peanut butter is the same as one large. Baked potato. That's right which I'm like cool and then you give. How many grams of water hammer grams of fiber are in each? And that to me is very telling and because you don't have the book in front of you you know. I don't WanNa put you on the spot like that but you say that there's one gram of water in three tablespoons of peanut butter and two point five grams of fiber versus the Baked Potato That has two hundred and twenty four grams of water and six point. Five grams of fiber. That illustrates the whole thing about bulk equals Africa vertically in water. People will see Sarah's not eating a meal and be like wow. That's a lot of food and I know it's deceptive. It's a lot of water right right eating our water. And it's the purest water you can possibly consume. That's a big conversation big debate. What's the best water to drink? Number one is get it from your food. Nature has purified water. Yeah yeah and I will say. In addition to those images of the side by side my favorite illustration in this book is the one that compares a full day of eating versus individual foods so a full day of eating a ton of food of Apple. Banana breakfast lunch and dinner. Huge plates has fifteen grams a total fat for the entire day. Which is the number one teaching point that when you eat whole foods you get fat. There's no like added fat there. Okay and so. Can I stop you project so I think it's important for people to know that this is? I mean we said in the very beginning. It's fifteen percent calories or lesser coming from fat. But it's not a no fat diet because all the fat you need is there in its inherent in the food. It's a hair in the food and we do have an insurance policy just to make sure everybody's covered of having ground. Chia seeds of flax seeds at breakfast. You automatically meet your essential fatty acid needs right then and there everything else. Get from whole foods is a bonus when you say essential fatty acid needs. What do you mean by that? So that's Alpha lipoic acid and they're like acid so your Omega threes and a mega sixes. Gotcha that's what you got. You know you gotTa have a very small amount required up and as an essential because what you buy does not produce them. You need to get them from food. Okay I want to move on to rule number two here. Yes pay attention to total fat consumption. Yes I feel like. We can actually just kind of but anything added to add to. It's very simple. You use. We teach people in the book that it's smart to use nutrition logging software in the beginning of your journey. We don't want like you said we don't want people counting things and putting all the time like that's ridiculous you don't have that for your life but in the short term you learn a lot when you put your food into interest logging software So I use crime meter. That's what we teach our members to us. It's a really simple easy to use software and so when you become aware of how much fat you're eating it's mind blowing right but you gotta you gotTa put it in the data to see right so you gotta play play the game not understand and also I would imagine too if if you've got diabetes and you WanNa know how many carbohydrates you're taking in. And how much insulin you need to be using. It's important to maybe be logging all that and so. I mean you probably still are absolutely so. The mastering diabetes method has four components. The first one is low. Fat plant-based Hofer Nutrition. Yep Number. Two is intermittent fasting. Yup Number Three is daily. Movement and number four is decision trees. So what you're talking about is what it takes to fill out a decision tree and that is absolutely required. It is absolutely essential part of this massive diabetes method. And you're right for people using insulin. What happens is they become very sensitive and they start taking too much the insulin. They're injecting working too well. Lots of logos readings and that's dangerous by filling out with decision trees. They can prevent that and understand. What adjustments to make based on objective data is all about empowering people with diabetes to take full control of their health. You don't need to rely on other people to tell you what to do. You collect the data. The data tells you what to do. Gotcha rule number three. Remember all whole food plant based Foods contain Barbara hydrates fat and protein. Yes so nobody needs to worry about protein right no need to worry about post. Don't worry about like overdosing on carbohydrates right. Now have you. Have you ever been hospitalized for overdosing on carbs? I have not so the other day you said you had seven hundred plus yes grams of carbs. I mean that's almost three thousand calories and most importantly is that I injected twenty six total units of insulin. Now a normal. What does that mean? Healthy human pancreas is gonNA use somewhere between twenty five and fifty okay. That's what a normal healthy human packers. Going secrete okay. You're you're you're somewhere around the fifty over the course of a day every other day. Yes so people who are living with type one diabetes. A great test subjects for this there will be people who follow a low carbohydrate diet. They will eat very low carbohydrate diet. They will eat thirty total grams of carbohydrate and inject thirty units of insulin thirty thirty. That's a one to one raise. Yes whereas yesterday I was over a thirty two one ratio for a twenty four hour period. So the magnitude difference that we are talking about here when it comes. Insensitivity is quite extraordinary. It's mind blowing because again if you're listening to this show you probably into plant based eating. Share it with somebody. Who's Nah okay? Share these numbers. Somebody who undertake wait a minute. That people don't believe Me Rep. I post stuff on instagram history. On Story People Reply. Back to me. They say that doesn't look like one hundred twenty six. Are you sure you're counting right? Yeah and I say yes. I'm using food scale and I put things into chronic meter because that's what I do living a person living with type one. I'm very aware of what I'm eating and people are just floored. Well I'm looking behind me right now and I'm looking at this wall of mangoes. Persimmons peaches I mean God what else. Oh papy I mean it is phenomenal and I mean this isn't for a family of eight right. This is for a family of one. Robbie and and Mr Barbera right. That's it and you're GonNa go through this in what period of time I would say about a week. We can have. Wow but again a lot of water. Yeah it's beautiful water yes okay. So that that's that's good so Rule number four treat fruit like it is your best friend and you are doing that. I absolutely am and again that runs. I mean how many I we had. We had a woman that was at one of our engine to medical emergencies just recently and she you know her doctorate. Put Her on a Paleo program. She hadn't had a piece of fruit in over a year and she was literally frightened of what a fruit would do to her. We've had people come to our coaching program. And their first step towards eating more fruit is just holding it. Thinking one of our clients. I think my love because we're not just holding the apple. People are very scared for again for good reason. I understand where they're coming from. They all absolutely had the experience of eating fruit and seeing the bug because sore. So it's really a lesson in. What is the core problem here? And so the reason we teach people to treat foot like it's your best friend is because of the nutrient density because of the water because of the fiber. This is actually going to address the root problem. Which IS INSULIN RESISTANCE? That's the connection across all of these forms of diabetes. That's where we are united in our coaching program in our community. And everybody would working with this a lot of the public and divide between type one community and type two and people type one get upset when people see them and be like. Oh you ate too much sugar. That's why you have type too much cake. You know like no no no. I didn't and if I hear somebody say that I'm like great. That's awesome glad you have an awareness that it's diet that is leading to people living with type two diabetes because that's true so I'm grateful for that awareness but we're bringing this all back to one simple thing. What do you got to do to maximize your insulin sensitivity to insulin? I inject work more efficiently. And what are we? GonNa do for people having a prediabetes and type two diabetes to make their Endogenous Insulin Insulin. Inside their own body Yup make bat work. Properly and fruit is your friend in that game of maximizing on yeah and just so we were hammering home for people. The the reason why they're insulin resistant. To begin with is because of all the fat that has been packed away in their cells. Right where we're really shouldn't be vastly right and by eating this way. A whole foods plant based low fat diet. Your body is now an. I'll just use this term. You tell me if you think it's fine metabolising away the excessive fat. That's in those cells exactly right and now without the excessive fat in their. Your cells are now sensitive. Yes not rejecting. But they're sensitive to the the insulin. That's going to escort the sugar in. It's exactly right okay. All right and then the last thing as far as you know when people won how much can I eat? Is Log your your food. You kind of already addressed this but You know I think it bears repeating. Yeah and especially because people don't understand how much fat they're eating. It's so hidden. People don't understand how much fast ruling that tablespoon of all oil eat the salad. I thought it was really healthy. I probably low in fat but that olive oil. Just screws it up well okay. But conversely I think it's important for people to know that they would be blown away when they're eating fruits and vegetables and grains and beans. How much fat. They're getting a very good point. That is an excellent point so if I look at the foods behind you Like mangoes do you have any idea. What percent fat mangoes? I don't off the top my head but if I had to guess it's going to be somewhere around five to seven percent. Okay I would. I would guess seven percent. And what about a banana again? I don't know for sure but I think the average I think is gonNA be between five eight percent for fruits and what about Rubella or one of your one of your favorite Greens actually have more fat than people would imagine. I think I think lettuce is in the twenty percent range double check. Yeah my understanding. Is that green leafy? You're dark green leafy yeah are typically somewhere between nine and eleven percent fat super locale toilet yet but but so. You're still enough there when you eating them in large volumes it matters right but so you're you're you're cronin meter you're putting it all in there and it lets you know over the course of the day. Exactly how many grams of fat that you're getting and typically how many you get so yesterday with you know eating over three thousand calories over seven hundred grams of carbohydrate eating no. Overtly fatty foods no nuts and seeds avocado. I had eighteen grams of total fat grams. So I'm GonNa just so. A gram of fat is about nine point five calories so I'm going around that up to ten. So that's one hundred eighty calories out of your mouth. Just call it three thousand zero so you do the math on that and ten. So that's actually that's somewhere around six seven percent. Yeah I'll give you. The exact number. Yesterday was six percent. Yep It was six percent and what about your protein? What percentage of your calories are coming from protein for me is actually a little bit lower? It's six percent six percent. Well you know what I mean like. According to all these nutritional authorities your protein consumption too should be between five to ten percent ten percent at the high end. Yeah so you know what? It works beautiful. You bring up a great point here. Which is the foods just automatically have what you need. Yeah we don't need to make this too complicated. Yeah well what's interesting about this experiment that I'm having with you right now is that I want you know I have never done what you're doing. Never log my food. I've never figured out. How many grams of protein carbohydrates fat I get and so I find it fascinating. Yeah and just knowing the way I eat verse how you eat. I know that I'm getting probably twice the amount of fat. I'm probably getting you know higher amount of protein in there because I'm eating a lot more beans and stuff like that but anyway log your food and to be clear. People following the mastering diabetes method. Can he just like you? This is not like just like rob your Cyrus right book right. It's very personalized and we are very passionate about that through our coaching program. Which is you have to love the food you eat if you don't love it if you don't take the time to explore new recipes and try new things and eat new foods and figure out what is really enjoyable to your palate. You're not going to stick to it. Yup and so we really encourage experimentation and trying to eat different foods you and I. We need to sink our teeth into a couple mangoes as soon as this is over. Okay absolutely like I'm just eyeballing these routes behind you the whole time and I'm like drooling inside well. Listen this book When can I pick up a copy? February eighteenth right well so that was. That was two days ago. Pick it up right now. Wow so it's available. And if I want to know more about mastering diabetes you know everything that you and Cyrus are doing work and I go. The best price to go is mastering diabetes. Dot Org and you will see everything you need. Their ticket started. Fantastic well a I want to have you back because I feel like all we really spoke about. Today was the first component of your book right. I'd love to actually come back and talk to you about intermittent fasting and the role that that plays in mastering diabetes led to talk to you about daily movement. And then maybe we can explore the decision tree again a little bit more so that Robbie I want to thank you for letting me come to your home like where I can see the beach. This is like heaven right here. If I was thirty one again I WOULD WANNA be right here doing what you're doing man. What a life You're doing amazing work. You have the heart of a hero. Thank you for the the difference that you're making in in making keep all over the world healthier. I really appreciate it. I just want to say thank you for everything you have done to sort of set the stage for people like Sarah and myself to come in and participate in this movement. You are a true true leader. Your an amazing example of a human being that just cares. this cares about people and amount of traveling and lecturing. You do look the sacrifices you've made for family time to get this message out is like not GonNa notice is really appreciate it. Thank you thank you. My plan strong rather piece engine to keep plan strong in my ten years of providing plant strong programming. We have always stressed the importance of knowing your numbers because you can't manage what you don't measure if you attend. One of our retreats biometric screening is included. So we can show you just how effective the lifestyle is even within a week to start. Healing your body from the inside out. I'm excited to share that. We have partnered with the nation's largest direct to consumer lab testing company to give affordable access to hundreds of tests and up to eighty five percent off retail one of visit plants drawn dot com slash Ludwig to see the tests that we recommend and those that are available to you. You'll have your choice of using her labcorp or quest diagnostics and you can get your numbers checked today again. Land strong DOT COM backslash. Blood Work Right. I hope that your is inspired as I am after that riveting conversation with Robbie we're GONNA share links to his website and the new book in the show notes if you're listening on your phone through any of the PODCAST platforms simply. Scroll down in the player to find links to all today's resources next week. What's going on? Well I'm headed to Cleveland and I'm going to jump in the kitchen for some culinary inspiration and general mayhem with my sister Jane and my mom and Kreil S Allston. Thank you for listening and subscribing to our show. I want you to know that we read each and every one of your reviews and we appreciate each and everyone. If you WANNA learn more about this season or today's guests and sponsors please visit plans drawn. Podcast DOT com the plan. Strong podcast team includes Scott Vadasz. Ill will record which amy mackey. Patrick Gavin Wade Clarkin and Kerry Barrett. I WanNa thank my parents Dr Kabul the Elson Junior and an Kreil Hustle Ston for creating a legacy that will be carried on for generations and being willing to go against the current and trudge upstream to the causation. We are all better for it.

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