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Hey, y'all it's Britney and we are back again with a very special episode of our show the not with Britney Eric Today's episode is the first part of an earth shattering to part good for the blacks were we explored the pros and cons of one of the most controversial divisive yet addictive instagram accounts out there the shape. That's right. We're hashing it out with journalist and author George Johnson to find out if the shave room is good or bad for the blacks. We all know the shade room is where you go for top tier celebrity mess you being there lurking look I have learned from time to time but I think we can all agree that not all mess is goodness and the room plays great area a little too willingly at times trust me you're not the only one who feels that way and that's why today we're bringing the shade roll into the light is the shade room good for the Blacks GonNa find out this is the not. In a world filled with Daesh ously bountiful boss of headlines and videos that screen world saw the shave room has taken instagram by storm in two thousand fourteen Joachim. Wanda start at the shade room after realizing she can use her love for celebrity gossip to practice her writing. But after hating ten thousand followers you want to realize she was on something. Today, the Shade Room has over twenty million followers on instagram and features regular commentary from celebrities like the descent Nicki. menaj and Ti that last part is what makes the Shade Room truly unique outside of twitter it's pretty rare for celebrities and everyday people to have so many interactions with those blurred lines are also what makes the Shade Room? So controversial whether it's making Ziya, Wade owner of harmful comments or the legal back and forth with Cardi B. When it comes to boundaries, things can get ugly. So today we brought on journalist and author George. M Johnson to help us figure out if the Shane Room is good or bad for the culture. Thank you me. I'm excited. You know the showroom has built an empire. Moving celebrity gossip here's what's your take on the importance of celebrity gossip. Gossip. It kind of is what keeps your career going on social media wise. As media has shifted from red carpets to kind of step of house, you can kind of create your own `Paparazzi. Kylie Jenner. Day. The. Whole Light Brown skinned girl only. Even though it was big, it kept her name out there viability for twenty hours on. Sale somewhere absolutely down, I think that celebrity gossip in general is fun I. Think it just gives me something to think about. Everyday life especially, these days I'm like recently has gotten dark I will say. The thing that? Has To be say. For the most part, it can be fun. I think that there is a difference between having good fun and that exposing like the more vulnerable aspects of somebody's life four laps, all that being said, what's actually start our. Conversation today with the pros. So you our guest you welcome to start off with the pros at Oh i. Froze are that the platform very very large and When they are used for good, can generate a lot of money especially to light nonprofit organizations are community based organizations and especially small businesses. I think a lot times sites will amplify. Small black businesses or business owners were creating things and it literally opens you up to people to support your products i. think in ways when you utilize your platform to uplift. And encourage and support resources in things that are out there for black folks I think that's something that more of. These types of sites can start to do. Now that's the point I do wonder what percentage like if you actually did, what percentage of share on posts are act I kind of lean towards the lifted Maybe one out of every fifteen. Twenty. That's something I. Think if I'm considering what my pro is I think the showroom actually does what I consider a pretty exceptional jobs documenting how black people use the Internet, black folks have. In DEX on social media, you know we are on twitter. So much is referred to as black twitter. This thing that all kind of white corporate executives are trying to figure out and the share room kind of will break down those pieces before black people like I think about the the not obeying video that came out recently. Day aware she. Fucking Bang. Not A. wakeup talking about not obeying and I'm like what is going on and I knew that I can go to the shave room and it will break down who made it why popular all the means they had developed all around it and I think that actually can be a big service like I don't know of too many other places that are talking about. The way. Black people use the Internet and social media like the share room us. Come along with a whole lot of other stuff. Absolute. Auto. I think that this shade room is a reliable platform for black celebrity. A celebrity period is is celebrity gossip every single celebrity whether they want to admit it or not they benefit from the celebrity height machine and that gossip like gossip mechanism the shade room does is provide back black celebrities who are frequently shut out of your us. Weekly's people magazine's it's a place. Where you know a black celebrity knows that somebody is GonNa care who they are what they're doing whether they are selling Tommy T or in the case of the simone dry like usually I like to keep some of the scams but I can be some old was I can go on the find out but also Michelle Obama gives a speech at the Democratic National Convention. Even if I missed it. Yeah NPR. Have NBC. SHAVER. Remarks on that to the thirty years from now we look back. The Oscars, the grammys, the emmys, the institutions that don't frequently reward black talent. We might look back did not see an accurate reflection of what was happening in the culture, our culture at the time American culture at the time. But this Shade Room Shave is GonNa Habit accurate count black people the culture and shaver actually documents a wide variety of black people and I think that's a good thing. Archive of like everything going on black. That's a good point. It's an interesting slice. All right child that is off for the pros and for what it's worth I think we made some compelling points in the next episode clubs come off. It's wind twitter fingers burnt a trigger finger. Run the house like a tomb raider. Okay. Maybe not but tune into part time for our final verdict is the shade Rupe good or bad were the blacks. Yesterday we discussed the instagram paint you hate to love the shape author George M Johnson joined us to discuss all the pros and the platform like now it's time for the cons and our final verdict is the shabery good for the blacks Georgia's back again to help us decide skin real up here this. Is. I know Jim has been print for a long time but like I'm wondering I'm like. Is there some sort of weird cross section between like jet magazine disappearing from like the digital space and the rise of the shave group I don't know. Jet Magazine ran so the. Koran black ultra into the ground basis. On how? To that point obviously, yes we had discussed brose and I think this. Is Looking really good right now but there are a lot of aspects of the Shade Room Platform. There are frankly upsetting me and my homegirl, and we're GONNA get into that with the cops. I'll go first. Okay. So my cons with the shade is that they don't understand the boundaries of good DASA coverage. The point of celebrity gossip is that supposed to be fun you supposed to know who the he'll is who fool is the person who you're like supposed to be punching up making good gossip editorializing. We'll make who that person is abundantly clear the SHAVER. Over and over again is you know make really kind of like I think offensive armful post about celebrities children. Whether that be just about their looks or you know showcasing without comment the the treatment that the parent gives them like in the case of Ti. Busey. They also will go for the jugular as far as talking about. The gender identity or sexual or the assume sexual orientation celebrities child. As we've seen the case Ziya weight and it's just not okay. So. Is The transgender child of Dwayne, Wade and Gabrielle Union and believe it was last year as I. decided to you she pronouns as well as the names I await. We just trying to figure out as much information. We can to make sure that we give about child the best opportunity to be her best self leitch, of course, made headlines that something I've written about. Multiple, times. But Win of course, the Shave reported on it it. Did Not. Go over clearly wasn't gonNA go over because they know who their audience is and so it realistically just put a lot of arm in the eyesight of of Zionism who already struggling with community and. Things like that, and it's like not only you have. They have a bunch of adults discussing kids business, but additionally, they had offshoot. Called this shade room teens where they're taking all of the unhealthy parts about share platform and repackaging it for people who are in. Middle and high school, and when they go for the jugular disrespect that kind of like boundary. With celebrity children and also by providing content for. Really, young audiences that can be really potentially harmful. Are George. I think it really isn't breeding ground for all of the `ISMs. Phobias. There's literally nobody to check anyone win. It's happening and they leave very heavy in. Misogyny and. In a way that they don't do when. I guess they're speaking of light and they all raptors who were doing. But then when they team do travel I pull something about. Anyone who's a male on new platform they're like a bunch of who comes defense and so it kind of just becomes like this breeding ground is hateful breeding place and I think Cardi B. has also is almost like a personal titian. My fans have semi videos. Of the shave. Room. The. Leading positive comments of me. So I got to argue with them and I told them don't fuck you post me ever again. Don't post I. Don't watch posted. This cycle of work and as someone who's a writer and journalist like you have to do it from the place that doesn't say in in some bias of the people that you're reporting and I think that we forget that celebrities are human. They go through the same things that many of us go through and so when you're watching people like summer walker breakdown and you know you're watching people like offering lennox than like people who are struggling with their first time success and then they go to a site like that literally is exacerbating whatever their struggle is I think it becomes more harmful than good because there's no one to balance out the Hey Hewlett a moment for me because I am followed the room like four years at this point. Cringe I have not quite hit the follow button, but but it's true like there are like the shade room. You know there are parts of it that are really really toxic and I think dangerous too because I think there are I, think the shade room now has actually start to get involved in the mess directly in this way that does not feel okay. bringing you mentioned like kind of. Editorial standards, and it's clear that there are none because I think about Masika and Alexis Skye and kind of their massive battle I mean to be honest. He could probably replace Masika with a few folks because the less guy has consistently. They'll post about the fight. But in the comments, you will see the celebrities actually threatening each other saying. Well. You WanNa say this will pull up and it's like at nap point I'm wondering about what the people run. The Shea Room are thinking because they are they are they worried that some actual harm might come from the work that they're doing. I want to see the room comment on love a hip hop storylines. Cheryl. Actually be part of love and hip hop storylines like that is. Taking it a bit too far. So now it's time for our vote are ready and just to be clear we are not voting on whether or not. We like Angelic Blonde do war her writers we are voting on whether or not the platform the shape is good or bad for the. I've asked the both of you to head to your fridge and pick up two very important items a jar of Mayo. And a bottle of hot sauce. With. Hot Sauce you know sauce almost universally revered by black people. We love a little flavor. We level spice just very important. We're talking about the the shade room. So if you think the share room is good for the blacks, you're going to hold up your bottle. Haass. Do It with your Chess Mayo I usually like a little bit of Mayo on a sandwich or two but I think we all can agree that Mayo is typically not where it's at on the condiments scale. So if you think that the shade room is bad for the blacks, you are going to hold up your mail confidently do it with some power do with all the flavor. At the Mayo Lax. Okay. So we're going to do this on the count of three I want. Two. Three. Shockingly unanimous and this hurts me is hurts me a little bit but. Shane Room is bad for the blacks. First of all George, you understand this the first unanimous bad for the that we have ever had. Three years. Okay. I. Think as the room is right now it is not healthy for us. We just all ourselves much better especially during these times where some reforms. Space Shea Room. defunding, abolish the belief willing to inform. Will, join our say thank you so much for participating in our. The DOTS. mean. Thanks. Thank you so much. This is so much fun. Thank you. Well. That is all we have for today's show, but we have to know, are you a loyal roommate? Are you thinking about breaking the lease tweet us your thoughts at the Nacho using the Hashtag good for the blacks. Thank you so much for watching today we will see next time for a brand new episode.

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