Verizon Unveils New Robocall Blocking Feature


Addition digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority. Verizon wireless customers have a new weapon to fight robo calls. The nation's largest carrier has launched a free spam blocking service for Android an IS phones. When activated you'll be able to automatically block robocalls as well. As get alerts when a call is probably spam customers will also be able to report unsolicited numbers for an extra three dollars a month. You can upgrade to the premium version of Verizon's call filter and with that you get more control over your calls, including the ability to create your own personal block list. Mobile carriers are under the gun to do more to thwart robocalls. The FCC's chief is warning action could be taken if progress isn't made the robo call blocking app. Haya says Americans were annoyed to the tune of twenty six billion robo calls last year. And that's a forty four percent jump from the year before dishing digital. I'm Palmer Dane, and there's more WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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