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A Few Thoughts On Personal Branding #570


Here's a few thoughts about personal branding. Back in the story begin packing the bag for a quick trip to China for a few days, and I was having a great conversation last week with someone about a few things around the business and one of the topics that came up with this idea of personal branding, and it's a topic that comes up a lot with people in this business in the spire and wellness industry. Particularly those that are going independent going out on their own, and they usually selling services, as opposed to products and they feel that they have to become personal brand, but they don't necessarily feel comfortable with all that, that entails and a few of the things that we discussed a few days ago now was first of all personal branding is not a new thing. We think it's a new thing, but let's face it, it's been around as long as we have it used to be called your reputation Bryant. It's kind of the same thing. It's just that these days, the scale gets amplified and it's everywhere. And as a result, the implications of our allot more lot more pronounced. The thing about being a personal brand is you kind of have to be comfortable putting yourself out. There are some exceptions, some fashion brains. For example. You might know the name, you may not necessarily know the face of individual, unless you were real fan or real fanatic. So you can go that way. But I would argue that's not really being a personal brand that's just really putting your name on something. The thing about being a personal brand is also you kind of limit your scale ability Oviously, because you are the thing that everybody wants, there are few exceptions to that, that some people have been able to scale the business by still being a personal brand Richard Branson comes to mind, he scowled his business phenomenally. But if you really think about it, he's actually done. Two things. He's got the virgin brand. And then he's got the Richard Branson brand as well. So he's still created a company brand to be able to scale the business and he's kept he's personal brand. I guess for his own personal ventures and advances. The other thing about being a personal. Brand is that I think when you're dealing with corporate as opposed to individual. So if your to be as opposed to be to see business then sometimes businesses prefer to do business with the business. They don't like the idea of necessarily doing business with individuals. So if you're businesses mainly to be maybe you're better off creating a corporate brand, then actually having a personal brand. And of course, you can still be the face of the company, plenty of examples of people being the face of a company, but at the same time, you can still have that flexibility if your business is actually, your personal brand the other thing about your personal brand is I guess what happens when you're gone. Does your business leave on after you're gone? If the personal brand is the business. It's much harder to do that. Again, sometimes that can work but it makes it a lot harder. I think the other thing to really think about though, is that you are out there for the world to see. If you are a personal brand, and that everything you do needs to be kind of consistent with your brand. Otherwise, you might run the risk of alienating your customers, or your fans or your consumers based on your behavior in a certain area. So, for instance, if you've got a personal brand that is all about. I don't know environmental issues. But then, on the weekends you like to go out on your private jet or on your speed bowed, or do things that maybe not necessarily great for the environment thinking, speedboat does that great for the environment. We'll petrol and fumes and everything like that. The point is that you'll behaviors kind of need to be consistent to whatever your personal brand messages. And I think the big thing to think about is just because you have a services business doesn't mean you have to be a personal brand. There's nothing wrong with being individual selling service and still creating a business brand around that it's essentially horses for courses swings and roundabouts. It's whatever you feel comfortable with so please don't obsess about this idea that you must create a personal brand. If you're on your own, if you're an individual, and if you're in this bar, and wellness space, selling your consulting services and training and those kind of things just a few thoughts would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. And I'm going to pack the bag now and head off the China tomorrow morning. Already, thanks for tuning. I will be back again tomorrow from somewhere. I hope by now.

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