George Blake Pt. 2: Proud Traitor


George Blake kept his composure for three whole days he endured intense interrogation from the men who are once his colleagues and friends as the hours passed the lead interrogator herald Shir gold produced document after document asking George to explain how they had gotten into Russian hands. George said that he had no idea could he explain why he was the one common factor the one person who'd had access to all of these files again. George shook his head no clue he claimed finally sure gold gave gave George and out perhaps he was in debt or under threat of blackmail. That would be a perfectly understandable lapse in judgment that crossed the line. George didn't mind being accused of being a spy. You didn't mind being called a traitor but he was no cowardly patsy for the Russians he banged the table and declared the truth. There was no black male he had approached the Soviets he had offered to spy for them entirely of his own free will and he was proud of it. This is espionage the par cast original exploring the missions of the world's most incredible spies in what brought their covert operations into the public eye throughout up this show. We'll explore real world spy tactics required to impersonate exploit and infiltrate the most confidential places in the world. I'm Carter Roy at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners you you allow us to do what we love so let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening it really does help we also now have merchandise had do parkas dot com slash merch for more information. This is our second episode on George Blake. A British intelligence agent who secretly became a communist during the Korean War when he returned to England he began spying for the Russians photographing laughing documents and giving up the names of British spies. Even those who thought he was their friend this week will hear about Georgia's trial and imprisonment and how his greatest feat of daring came years after he was finally put behind bars. George didn't quite know what to expect when the British Secret Intelligence Service or S I s unexpectedly recalled him from Shamlan Lebanon where he I was living he had moved. They're hoping he might leave his life of spying behind and settle down with his wife and children to a more peaceful existence in nineteen sixty one when an old friend and former S._I._S.. Colleague came to Lebanon and told him he was wanted back in England. George initially feared the worst but his fears were allayed as he was assured by both his friend into Soviet contact that this was simply simply a routine matter nothing to worry about but as he sat down across from his superiors at S._I._S. headquarters it was immediately clear that this was no simple dotting of is and crossing ts. They're questioning questioning was pointed and intense and it culminated at the end of the first day of his interrogation with a devastating accusation they believe George was a spy for the K.. G. B. and had handed over sensitive documents in order to advance the Soviet 'cause that night George returned to his mother's home where he was staying while in England he had denied the allegation of course but it was is entirely true and as he sat at dinner with his unsuspecting mother he was forced to pretend that everything was fine his mind reeled but outwardly he discussed weekend and travel plans with characteristic heuristic good humor though he knew he was in trouble. George was still rationalizing. He thought he could talk his way out of this mess and get back on good terms with his colleagues. The second day proceeded much as the first with the noose tightening as the S._I._S.. Interrogators provided further proof of Georgia's treachery and yet Georgia's denial continued at lunch he went to a nearby shop and had had a mosquito net delivered to his wife and Lebanon as if everything was just fine he dined alone at a nearby restaurant then return for yet another round of interrogation Georgia's colleagues were generally polite and even even friendly throughout the entire process they were weaving a web of course making George feel like they were his old friends and that he could tell them anything but the confession was all they really wanted. They presented him with document after document nearly irrefutable evidence that he was a mole George managed to keep his cool despite the fear roiling inside him after lunch on the third day they changed their tactics interrogator Harry Shirt gold through George A lifeline sure gold offered him a sympathetic motive for his obvious deceit saying quote. We know you work for the Soviets. We understand why you were blackmailed and had no choice but to collaborate with them. This is a classic interrogation technique across law enforcement branches former C._I._A.. Hi Interrogator Philip Houston says that it's almost like you're putting yourself in someone else's shoes and seeing it from their side as Houston describes it the interrogator begins by rationalizing the action that that is offering a reasonable explanation for why the crime was committed such as being coerced or blackmailed then they project blame by accusing someone else like the Russians of putting the suspect in that position throughout this interrogators downplay the crime while emphasizing the importance of getting the truth out there hopefully putting the suspect at ease in priming them to tell everything here the technique worked but not quite how Harry sure gold expected it to George exploded at the interrogator launching into an indignant rant he was infuriated at. The idea that he did what he did for any reason other than true conviction and ideology Chur Gold suggested version of events portrayed Georgia's someone who could be cowed by blackmail a sudden surge of pride swelled Sheldon George he was proud of his convictions and of how he'd fought for them in his own treacherous way unable to contain these feelings he fired back. Nobody blackmailed me. I approached the Soviets. I offered my services to them of my own accord. The interrogators were stunned. George had just confessed everything knowingly eagerly rather than walk it back he proceeded to lay out the entire story behind his conversion to communism and to the Soviet 'cause they asked him to pause. If he was willing to share like this then perhaps they they could arrange more comfortable surroundings. The next day a car picked up George at his mother's house and drove into sure gold's cottage in the country. He was given a bedroom in the cottage and over the course of three bizarre czar days. George Blake spoke with several S._I._S.. Officers he detailed the events of his life in the history of his deceptions. It was an oddly peaceful period. George would make pancakes six in the mornings at night. He would talk with his roommate. Am I five agent. John Quine about his fears namely how his betrayal would affect his mother and especially his wife and children at the end of the three days George was formally arrested and taken to Brixton prison to await trial Georgia's cottage roommate John Quine was dispatched to Shimla in Lebanon almost immediately there are he found Georgia's wife Jillian and told her what George had confessed to she had no idea what George was up to and yet in her own words she had little trouble believing the news later. Here's she would say. I didn't think from moment that they'd made a mistake when she visited him in prison on May second nineteen sixty one she was pregnant with their third child and yet she couldn't bring herself to be angry with him sitting across from George. She didn't see a traitor to her country. She saw the man she loved. The trial was the next day may third and and as of yet the newspapers had barely discussed the news. The British government embarrassed by the scope of Georgia's treason had put a gag order on the trial proceedings restricting what the press could learn and prince about the trial trial when George was brought into the courtroom his case seemed cut and dry he had confessed fully other remained was the sentencing the Official Secrets Act under which George had been charged provided a maximum sentence of fourteen years spy Klaus Fuchs had received the maximum sentence only a few years earlier after he was found guilty of passing atomic secrets to the Soviets Georgia's George's attorney argued that his treason had been comparatively minor and was driven by belief rather than greed still even with his impassioned plea for leniency. George was nervous about the sentence since would he spend a decade or more in jail. The judge heard the arguments then began his own address to the court he explained that Georgia's fault had not lane in subscribing to communism ISM that wasn't a crime in England but he had remained in a position of vital importance within the government knowing he disagreed with their views and then worked to undermine them George side to himself a maximum sentence it would be then the judge was showing no signs of sympathy toward him. George was wrong. It wouldn't be the maximum it would be three three times that each Georgia's five charges under the Official Secrets Act covered a different period of his career. The judge decided to punish him separately for each charge three would be served concurrently than two more consecutively that came to forty two years. It was unprecedented. He was going to prison longer than the man who leaked the the secrets of the bomb. George had effectively been handed a life sentence. If George wasn't front page news before he certainly was now he was immediately transferred to the Wormwood scrubs prison in west London. Naturally he was considered a major flight risk. British officials were concerned that he might continue to communicate with his former K._G._B.. Overseers or that they might send agents to free him as such he was closely monitored at first he was held in an especially secured wing of the prison after a few months with no incidents he was released into the general population wormwood scrubs but his every movement was tracked in a Logbook George proved himself to be an exemplary inmate he began to hold book clubs and salons with the younger prisoners even helping them to draft letters of appeal in their cases. He took correspondence classes in Arabic he practice yoga. He even became friendly with the guards joking casually about his status as an escape risk by all appearances. George Blake was ready to settle into a long edifying life in prison surrounded by books and friends but contrary to outward appearance George new from his very first day at Wormwood scrubs that he was going to escape and in nineteen sixty six five years into his forty two year sentence he would attend a daring mission to do just that <hes> next we'll hear how George Blake masterminded an incredible prison break. I like to eat healthily but I've also got a busy lifestyle. That doesn't leave me much time to cook but Bistro throw a nationwide one hundred percent plant based meal delivery service has come to my rescue. A mealtimes are no longer a chore but a chance to take a breath slow down and joy something delicious All v Strom meals those can be heated and serve so I can enjoy hot healthy and delicious meal. Whenever I'm hungry being another great thing about Bistro? 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The British Secret Intelligence Service had uncovered proof of his treason once in prison he had become a model inmate furthering his own education and teaching others George became something of a folk hero around Wormwood scrubs despite his betrayal of British intelligence many felt that his punishment had been too harsh a retaliatory measure and not true justice among these sympathizers were a pair of young revolutionaries and Michael Randle and Pat Pot oil who had been arrested as the ringleaders of an anti nuclear war protest at at an ear force base they weren't fans of the Soviets Randall had even demonstrated against them some years prior but they saw in George a kindred spirit and the three soon struck up a friendship pothole was nearing the end of his sentence and US would soon be in a position to aid in Georgia's escape one afternoon in May of nineteen sixty two. He and George were doing menial labor sewing together mailbags. George excused himself to the restroom as the guard nodded his assent George Kat Potholes. I in steadily gestured follow me in the bathroom alone. George handed bottle a half eaten chocolate bar then walked out at lunch bottle found a safe moment to see what George had given him opening the chocolate bar. He discovered a note tucked under the wrapper with instructions to help George just scape once pothole had been released the note read. If you feel you can help me on your release. Go to the Russian embassy introduce yourself and say I bring you greetings from the We's the note went on to lay out a plot in which with help from the embassy pothole would arrange to have a rope ladder thrown over the wall from outside the prison this would allow George to climb out and escape the puddle was sympathetic to George. He started to get nervous now that he was faced with having to act on those sympathies pothole brought the message to his friend Randall the two agreed that however much they like George the plan escape mission was too dangerous and could threaten their own peace movement if their involvement was discovered Randall and puddle finish their sentences soon after and left wormwood scrubs they they had been Georgia's to best chances at escape and now the situation seemed hopeless at the same time he became ever more determined to break out whatever the cost he had nothing left to lose use his personal life was in shambles despite jillions loyalty throughout the trial and early prison days she had grown distant from him in recent months and was considering divorce but he couldn't escape without <unk> out accomplice on the outside. Enter Sean Burke Sean Burke was a hot headed narcissist who had landed at Wormwood scrubs in nineteen sixty one after attempting to mail bomb Cobb who could been spreading rumors about burke sexuality burke was material but it could also be fiercely loyal to those he liked Burke and George were in the habit of taking walks together through the prison halls one afternoon moon in September nineteen sixty five sean met up with George at their usual walking spot and noticed that something was off with his friend. Georgia's is were downcast is face troubled burke asked his friend what was wrong. The two started walking and George quietly began to share his thoughts. George prefaced everything he was about to say with the disclaimer. If Burke said no to this proposition and there would be no hard feelings George had no money to offer him though he thought that he might be able to write a book about his life someday and turn a profit then George got to his point he had lost. I hope that the Russians would save in if he was going to escape it would be on his own and he wanted burks help. He knew that Burke would go before the parole board soon and would likely be released once into that happened. He would need him to plan the escape from the outside. After a long moment George offered to let Burke think it over for a few days burke jumped in immediately and said I don't have to think it over. I have already made up my mind apprehensive. George asked what his decision was Burke said I'm your man and so their plan was launched into motion a few weeks later Sean Burke went before the parole board who granted him hostile type of conditional release which would free burke during the days and having spent his nights at a halfway house with Burke Eric now free to travel around London he could acquire the necessary supplies for a breakout but they were going to need money burke approach Georgia's family namely his mother and his sister who would remain supportive. Supportive throughout his five years in prison he hoped that they could finance the plan but they turned him down. Georgia's sister especially thought the plan sounded half-baked and likely to get them all arrested as accomplices <music> so burke turned to two old friends Michael Randle and Pat Pot oil they had been Georgia's friends in prison even more than he had and yet so far they had done nothing to help him. They seem to have been moved by burks argument because they agreed to help with the plan. The team was assembled in addition to Randall Hoddle and Burke George also enlisted a few of his fellow prisoners to help in the escape. First Erc secured an invitation to theater performance put on by inmates of Wormwood scrubs sitting in the audience he nudged his seat mate one of Georgia's inside men and slipped him a two way radio later that evening being the inmate brought the radio to George now George Burr could communicate albeit with Georgia's radio at the lowest volume setting and only at night when everyone had gone to sleep in the wee hours. There's they would continue to plan out the specifics of the escape next burke bought knitting needles dozens of them. He and George had agreed on a rope ladder as the best means of escape but we're worried that wouldn't or rope wrongs wouldn't support Georgia's wait the knitting needles would provide surprisingly stable footholds as he ascended the ladder Georgia's fellow inmate Phil Morris was key to their plan in his fourth-floor floor cell he had broken the bar over his window and taped it back in place to avoid suspicion. George now had a root out of the main building and with the rope ladder a path over the wall once he reached the prison courtyard junkyard. This speaks to the loyalty. George seemed to Inspire People Morris was willing to help at no apparent benefit to himself though these seem like relatively simple preparations they had to be done under the utmost secrecy. It took an entire year to get all the pieces in place but now on October twenty second nineteen sixty six. They were ready at Five A._P._M.. George took a shower in the prison bathroom. You got dressed in carefully made his way down the hallway outside his cell. There was a wrestling match on the T._v.. In the Common Room George hoped that the commotion motion of the Fight Would mask escape after a casual encounter with a prison officer he continued on up toward the fourth floor of Wormwood scrubs here he slipped into the cell of his Co conspirator Dr Phil Morris on the walkie running a little late with Sean Burke. He was sitting in his car outside the wall of the prison a bouquet of flowers on his passenger seat. This not only hit is radio oh but gave him cover. If anyone approached he was simply delivering flowers to a friend with burke in place it was time to go just after six PM. George Blake pulled out the middle bar of the cell window and easy task. Thanks to Phil Morris who's planned to break the windows bar had gone undetected by the guards outside rain poured down onto the prison building it made the tile slippery and treacherous actress George slid through the narrow window and onto the roof gripping onto a gutter George carefully lowered himself over the side of the roof then dropped he landed on the ground below then pressed himself off into a hollow in the prison wall where the passing guards couldn't see him here he waited for word from Burke but on the road outside the prison burke was dealing with his own issue a patrolman driven opt to wormwood scrubs exterior gate to lock up and had stopped to take an especially long look at burkes car feeling the pressure Burke had driven away and was now rushing to get around the block and return hoping the patrol moved on luckily he had where their brief window finally open Burke Radio George at the same time George could hear a commotion Coming Ailing from inside the building the wrestling match had finished ahead of schedule and the prisoners were loudly chattering as they headed back to their cells. He was out at time when burke radioed George told him to throw the ladder over right away. They couldn't wait a moment longer. Eric had been holding off as long as he could. The patrol had moved on but now more cars were parking in the street around him as a nearby hospitals visiting hours began he heard the urgency Georgia's voice and decided it was now or never jumping out of the driver's seat. He grabbed the rope ladder from the back of the car and threw it over the prison wall. George sprinted across the we are to the wall and made his way up the rope ladder as quickly as he could but when you reach the top and look down George realized they hadn't secured the latter properly he could climb up at with Burr holding otherside tight coming down there would be nothing to keep the whole thing from being pulled down all twenty feet of the walls height a solution as simple as nailing the bottom of the ladder to the inside of the wall would have solved the problem. He didn't have time to think or strategize though he was vulnerable easily spotted at the top of the wall so he jumped and he fell on impact. George broke his wrist and slammed his head head against the asphalt of the street dazed bleeding and bruised George stood up and with burks help tumbled into the back seat of the car he was bloodied and battered by the escape George Orange Blake after five years was finally free next will hear how George found his way out of England and into the welcoming arms of an old ally. If you enjoy the examination of the world's most incredible covert operations head to spotify to stream any and all episodes of espionage for free spotify already has all your favorite music Zik now you can find your favorite podcast there too you can listen to espionage for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker. 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They even managed to find a doctor who is willing to secretly patch up Georgia's broken wrist using ause stone from T._v.. Prop House but still the major problem mm hadn't been solved. George was free but where could he possibly go and how could he safely get. They're staying in England wasn't an option even if his mother and sister would take him in he would still be a fugitive from justice he briefly considered fleeing to Cairo where he had spent time as a teenager but eventually he settled on the most natural solution he chose to return to the Soviets he had helped so much during his decade as a spy and so we settled on East Berlin but getting there wouldn't be easy. Air travel was off the table. George was recognizable nationwide. Thanks to his escape he he could disguise himself but even then nobody in the crew had the know how or connections to forged papers that could help maintain this identity. The crew briefly considered helping George enter the Soviet embassy by hoisting him over over the wall but George rejected the plan. He didn't want to be a bother to the Soviets who would have to deal with an international incident. If he was found at their embassy in England he also feared being trapped inside the embassy for years years on end as previous defectors had sometimes been the only viable option remaining Mr Bringham across the border by car the crew acquired a camper van which they modified by creating eating a small compartment under the bed behind a set of drawers George could hide out there for the duration of their trip which would take them across a ferry to the European mainland. They're they would pass numerous checkpoints and hope nobody inspected them too closely Michael Randall Georgia's old friend from prison was chosen as the driver Randall decided to bring his family his wife and their two kids hoping that they would just look like a family on vacation under cover of night after nearly two months of hiding George slipped into the secret compartment and the Randall family began their long journey almost immediately they encountered a problem barely an hour into the journey as the Randall family near the ferry at Dover they heard a banging coming from the hidden compartment. They pulled to the side of the road in rushed into the back on opening the secret compartment. They found George Gasping for air. The hot water bottle they provided him with to give him something to urinate into. During the long journey had generated a suffocating chemical smell with George George recovered and the bottle removed they seal them up again and continued fourth when they boarded the ferry. The Reynolds had to go above deck and leave the R._V. Parked in the hall role in order not to arouse suspicions but they encountered no problems here a quick passport check and no custom search cleared the family without trouble they had left Britain successfully the very docked at Ostend Belgium and the Randall family drove into the city without issue once they'd passed beyond the Austin city limits into a quieter part of the country. They pulled over once again to check on George from here. They agreed he could ride in the back seat with the kids. They were unlikely to face any further unexpected searches. The journey was uneventful until they reached the East German border expecting to deal with customs. A family had hidden George in his compartment once again. This was their last major test. If they could pass over the border they would be home free until they reached East Berlin but unlike in England the the customs officials here demanded to search the vehicle George listened as the officials strolled about the R._V.. Checking cabinets moving from front to back finally the footsteps I had reached the bed under which Georgia's compartment was located. If the official check the drawers. What do you find George? George breathed a sigh of relief. The official had gone outside outside the guards of the checkpoint cleared the Randall family and they were soon on their way toward East Berlin it had been nearly thirty hours of straight driving with no sleep but the R._v.. Finally pulled to a slow Oh stop a mile shore to the East Berlin checkpoint with affection the Randall family bid goodbye to George who thank them profusely then he began to walk. George approached the barbed wire walls and searchlights of the East Berlin checkpoint. Even though the view was intimidating George himself was in high spirits his confidence hadn't wavered and he was sure the Russians would welcome. Doc on him as an old ally he hailed the check point guard on duty and introduced himself the story he told must have sounded unbelievable to the man that he was the infamous spy George Blake and and had made an incredible escape and journey across the continent and shown up here after months on the run at this guards particular checkpoint George was met naturally with some suspicion at this claim he was placed in a small room at the check points where he waited for the Russians to figure out what to do with him while he waited calls were being placed up the chain of command from one skeptical superior to to the next until the stroke of luck befell the way words spy a man by the name of Syrah Gay Kondratiev happened to be in East Berlin for a conference that day Kondratiev had been one of Georgia's Soviet handlers during his years of spying the chief of the K._G._B.. And Berlin had called Kondratiev in the middle of the night and asked him to check out this stranger claiming to be George Blake George for his part spend the night in a bad at the station at eight A._M.. The next morning December nineteenth nineteen sixty six he was eating breakfast and taking his morning coffee. When a familiar face into the room it was Kondratiev draw chef who smiled brightly and Hug George tightly he confirmed Georgia's identity with the others in ushered him out of the station? Georgia's plan had worked the Soviets welcomed him just does eagerly as he'd hoped his treason is prison escape and his defection to Russia all represented a major victory in the Cold War against the West and they were thrilled the flaunt him as proof of Communism's superiority after a few weeks in hiding to prevent any British attempts at extraction or worse. The Soviets moved him to Moscow the decades following Georgia's resettlement in the U._S._S._R.. Dr Saw him enter a period of uncharacteristic calm though his wife Gillian did eventually divorce him George managed to maintain a cordial relationship mostly for the sake of his children. All of them have visited Georgia in Moscow over the decades. George has given occasional interviews to the press often supporting Soviet government. He showed no remorse for his actions. Not The treason for the prisoner escape nor the defection with the fall of the Berlin Wall in nineteen eighty nine and then Soviet Russia itself and nineteen ninety-one George was forced to question everything he had done was the betrayal worth it now that the Soviet a union he had served no longer existed George concluded that Soviet communism as an experiment had failed not because it's values were wrong but because people were fallible and he stayed in Russia Asia applauding the new government for handling the transition with grace as he saw it he compared the collapse of the Soviet Union to the decline of French and British imperialism worldwide while the West had turned to violence to maintain it's power and had often failed Russia had led it satellites go peacefully this point would be proven wrong in the following years however as Russia clashed with former Soviet states like Chechnya Georgia and Crimea the APP that didn't seem to shake Georgia's confidence in communism as an ideology in two thousand ten. He declared that one day I believe that the majority of governments will voluntarily choose the communist model model. The Russia of two thousand nineteen is clearly not what George Blake hoped it would be when he spied for the Soviet Union nor when he defected there in nineteen sixty six but even if he disapproves of their current politics George as few options returning home is by now completely off the table. Georgia's reputation in England is a mixed one as an avowed a and admitted spy. There's no denying that his actions hurt England and America's standing in the Cold War the wiretap tunnel which extended underground into East Berlin eavesdrop on internal communications should have been one of the great successes of Western spycraft and intelligence gathering instead the West was humiliated to learn that George gave the Soviets the full story before construction even broke ground but others. There's including George himself insists that his punishment was inordinately harsh to charge him for multiple violations of the official secrets. Act was unheard of the forty two year sentence made it seem like Georgia's punishment management was meant to make an example of him rather than serve the cause of justice. There's one place however that Georgia's reputation suffers no ambiguity at the age of ninety six George Awards Blake remains a hero in Russia under the Soviet Union. He was awarded the highest civilian honour the order of Lenin as well as a military decoration the order of the Red Banner and in two thousand and seven Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowed the order of Friendship Onto George Blake through the fall of the Soviet Union and through the rise of Modern Day Russia he has been consistent point of pride for the Russian in government George believed in what he did unlike many spies there was no money and no fear driving his actions just a true devotion to the communist 'cause it's a valuable reminder that in the war of intelligence one countries trader his another's hero. Thank you for listening to espionage. We'll be back Friday with a new episode for more information on George Blake amongst them many sources we used we found Roger Hermansen's book the greatest trader extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes of espionage as well as all of par cast other shows on spotify or wherever use NEPAD casts several rule of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help is to leave a five star review and forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll be back next next week with another deep dive into the world of clandestine operation espionage was created by Max Cutler is a production of Cutler medium and is part of the par cast network it is produced biaxin Ron Cutler sound design by Russell Nash With Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller Additional Production Assistance by Carly Madden and Maggie. Admire espionage has written by Thomas Dolan Gavitt. I'm Carter Roy.

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