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Introducing Room 20


What if no one knew who you were and you had lost the ability to tell them in coronado nursing home employees have cared for a man for years but they have no idea who he is late changed in an instant stint for one man. It happened in the california desert nearly two decades ago on a clear morning in june. He's been kept alive on life support ever since i remember hearing the the cars crashing because you could hear for my bedroom. My name is joanne varian. I'm an investigative reporter and i spent nearly two years trying to figure out how a teenager ended up unconscious an unidentified for so long and how we came to be known only by the name sixty six garage to think that there's a family out there that just has no idea what happened to their son their brother their uncle <hes> <hes> he couldn't even have children that he just disappeared off the face of the earth for certain they had no idea piecing together sixty six garages story will make me question region what i thought i knew about consciousness. Make me question what i thought i knew about my own family so only went to pick her up at the airport. I remember brielle. Get jumped up on this one but i remember the first thing. She said she's two. Oh it's a story about connection and what makes us human ban. It's about resilience and finding hope in the most unexpected places. This is room twenty a new podcast from the l._a. Times studios understands so talk <music> <music> <music>.

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