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Escape to the lost on the left side stories of cannibalism started. It is nice. It kind of gives you slide into the end of summer and people are kind of vacation spot. You know <hes> it'd be nice to have our own little island. Yes is that what you wanted to be nice to just have our own private plane with some of our favorite friends <hes> some more popular than others. You know what i mean. It's just nice young enthusiastic crew ah just stare just not at not at our bidding but they hate to say announced hated disappoint you you go out there to your little island with your little masseuse house. Just stay all day in a masseuse house does different types of masseuses seuss's happening to you and different levels of it different young enthusiastic masseuses doing their job so fervently because they're on an island is our for them to go. Oh and seems very like a hostage like a captive so no no no no of absolutely not. Everyone's very volunteered everyone did they love the experience of different experience they are. I love turns is what i've been. I will call them on interest thinking that we could go. We can call it something like the bro leader express. Oh yeah that could be fun. All all hot dogs all the time yeah. I just get so mad because again. It's just it's just nice. You just think about relaxing because it's been a slow news week. I mean nothing has happened this week. Nothing important no significant deaths really i mean. I don't even know what we're going to talk about but let's jump into it. Hey what's up everyone. This story is i am ben with henry henry. I know if we only had we only had one big news. Story to talk about. Travis is actually here with his as well because that's how much much we are were searching. Were searching for things to talk like even talk about and has another angel. Heaven is just a prison for good people who've only been convicted of of being sex offenders and not sex traffickers. Oh very thing that when epstein got to heaven 'cause you know you went to heaven. 'cause that's at this point at this point. I think those are the people who actually go to just have i'm nation. Haven't that would be in line with his religious beliefs. I'm not amazing. Do do the curtains open. I imagine curtains michael jackson's their and really michael jackson here. Bill cosby's father is there and then two of them are just like we had just just about to start the band and you can join jeffrey like how much fun that would be jeffrey epstein up there. Maybe went to muslim heaven the isis heaven with all the virgins there. He'd be so happy yeah you get all the new young girls he can teach we've been we're being a little bit facetious because geoffrey epson committed suicide had yes jeffrey upstate who was in manhattan jail. He committed suicide on saturday morning. <hes> was walking into the airport to see marcus and henry and travis us and i sat down and looked at me and they said men. Have you heard the news as if it was like what the new york knicks get kevin ah durant what happened jeffrey epstein committed suicide today and it was i mean one of those strange moments where in life life you can actually just not celebrate the death of someone but you are just sort of aghast at what a waste of human being he was. Your reaction was you you said neat. I remember you literally went neat neat half asleep. You're half asleep. When you arrive in the airport. See i woke up to my phone. Exploding bloating woke up to my phone. Just bring think blinked. I thought something actually had happened to somebody. I love i scramble over. I look at it and i have not been tagged in a pedophile lyles death so much something my uncle randy died is that i believe that the the <hes> the way this news spread so i guess we can get into a little bit real quick before oh restart fellow suicides the boys the romeo and juliet of the north <hes> two boys what's his name ishmael belsky the chaman. Yes miguel ski in the ski whatever their names were cam cloud and briers from belsky were found in a lover's pact dead by suicide. That's how they found them. They believe really on the attacked is that is that henry make them up. One got shot in the head and the other one when i believe that they did is they put a little cyanide pill. In the very tip of of briars penis is that right end of his is cock and he was one last time for my brother in arms and he sucked on that fuck can bet limp noodle until the suicide pill worked its way down to throat and then he died so romantic. You're not a corner though so i don't know i mean but this is this is this this is what i heard. I'm not a corner but i'm also not a foreigner so it like making fun reasons and ways that people of course not but yes their suicide pact has now completed. I mean they had that song from romeo and juliet essien you oh what a what a robots indeed yes indeed the <hes> the two boys who terrified british columbia for multiple weeks they are found dead as the boogeyman boys boys are gone and hopefully for the victims families they can have a little bit of closure although these things are just so immensely stupid in ridiculous. I am sure that is hard to come by but the b._b._c. boys are officially dead but we i'm actually surprised that they did commit suicide aside because i believe they did commit suicide and they weren't eaten by a bear. Nope nope before it happened. I guess they were just there. Love was to pure zahren. Arain brace in-depth was too tight polar bear polar bear looked on in gel because polar bears made for life and with the polar bear population dwindling mashing mashing. It's harder and harder to find a suitable mate. All the good ones are either dead or married yeah it is hey buddy. I know i know the score of that game but yes. Let's get on biggest news story of the week without a doubt jeffrey epstein and as soon as this news hit every single person on twitter had an idea of how it happened and because of that there was a lot of misinformation spread around. There's quite a bit of misinformation <hes> we <hes> we don't know what happened. We know that he was found hanged in his cell hung in his cell. Something happened in the night. We know for a fact that after his initial will after his initial suicide attempt. I think that was the beginning of june. I believe in the mid june twenty six of july i actually blow was the july was it that it was. We know that he was put on suicide. Watch and a week later. He was taken off of suicide watch. We know that he had a cellmate for a period the time that he was supposed to have a man named nicolas tar tig leoni whoa was only a corrupt westchester cop who murdered four and in a weird the underground cocaine deal and he is jacked fucker. He looks like the picture in those ads on the side of the weather channel where it's like the one trick. This guy knows makes bodybuilders hate him. Komo rippling biceps yes but every the most toxic trump followers were their twitter. Icon is just a big jack dude with wraparound on oakley's on winging. It is that same selfie so he was then. We don't know whether or not they he said that he was not a part of the originals. Either quote unquote suicide attempt or attack on jeffrey epstein's life. We know that in the days after he was released from suicide watch jeffrey epstein said that he believed he was going to be attacked again <hes> mhm. We know that the m._c._c. right is what it's called. C._m._c.'s the men the manhattan correctional center center they are now looking into to the errors that might have happened during the night that jeffrey epstein committed suicide. Yeah we know that they were <hes> very understaffed staffed by literally four to six thousand employees. Yes that is really the biggest truth that we know. The new york city jail system is extremely understaffed across the board knows stories of rikers. Island are truly hellacious so that we do bend the biggest truth is that this is a game of clue where every suspect is a wealthy pedophile hoping open cut is sleep clue that is true. We are looking at the mall's loaded story on the right because now every conspiracy theory and its mother and father and uncle and grandpa are in play we are looking at what marcus and i had a long conversation in the airport that when the news hit and the big thing is like i think that people are gonna look at august tenth twenty nineteen as a milestone conspiracy theory thought the way that j._f._k.'s assassination assignation was the way that now i guess the landing the moon landing all of these stories this is going to be because there's so many things you can hang on this particular nail of trump right and then trump possibly could kill him for implicating him within his his weird pedophile network and now we're seeing attorney general bar. He is using the clinton conspiracy theory to drum up more confusion. Which is the trump tactic at all times or just create total chaos. You got clinton's. That's right of course they're gonna kill him. Trying to vince foster i looked a little bit of the vince foster story very sad story as i'd. I'm going to use the term complicated woman yeah. I don't think that the clintons killed vince foster but i will say a lot of people do and because of that there is as they were going through storm area fifty one now we have a group of people who want a storm the clinton home here in new york <hes> which again will oh probably just lead to a lot of death but what's going on right now with aig bard. We won't get into much in the weeds of the minutia of government <hes>. We'll do that on top at but he has said he will recuse himself but then he said he will not recuse himself as henry point earlier trump this this world of elite pedophile defiles operates perfectly in chaos and is just more chaos every single day as we have the gbi like. I'm not going to take the case being like now. Take the case. No one really knows. The truth is very difficult. We also have to remember alan. Dershowitz is is also implicated in oh. Yes oh yeah warmer governor of new mexico ritual richardson bill richardson. I mean on on on because so what pr- we're proceeds. This is apparently a cachet of documents were right. I believe on friday yeah fully fingers richardson and what's his is they imprint andrew other basically saying that they're all of these witnesses testimony saying that bill richardson had sex with me under the direct express <music> messages of jeffrey epstein milk. Tim and i was a baby girl and bill richardson. I it's all they all have the same tone with the the all say categorically we deny the introduction of underage females and it's like the way he's just like obscene. Was that guy is it the bagel guy yeah yeah. I've had bagels yay no bill jeffrey. I've seen no. I've never even met a single jeffrey funny. Is that what the g._a._o. Is that how you spell his name and of course bob barr or bob barr bill bar bill bar william bar. He worked in two thousand and nine fine with the law firm that represented jeffrey epstein. That's why their job. Romania should not be on this case <hes> but we sell see. I mean either either way. It is so interesting to see how tight knit these people are. I mean all the way from labor secretary alex kosta the fact that we just i have so many names being listed and coming out and all of them just happen to be very powerful people. This epstein case is just heating up but the the woman who was probably the most geared right now. Henry is his number one gal epsteins number one gal because with epstein gone she's the new head of the snake and her name is lane maxwell d'alene maxwell bell with the ges in the front of which is jeffrey epstein loved her so much she is the daughter of the late press fair and robert maxwell according to the guardian and she has repeatedly and vehemently denied allegations of involvement in a sex traffic network run by a ah seen weird because you don't get a lot of proud guys on this. No people be your frontlines of that small business and i helped him raise a do a big business but as you gotta help the small business owner absolutely but this is interesting because it reminds me of the nexium cases well with keith rainier. He had his number one gal <music>. I'm blanking on her name now. It seems as if in a lot of these sex trafficking it's steph sex trafficking cases. There's like a number one woman a hill. It helps normalize the the grouping of women is you have her sort of be the one on one person that that slowly but surely grooms employees for your sex trafficking company right according to virginia jew free or as you free g. i. e. u. u. f. f. r. e. says been one of the documents also been but now gylain maxwell she's gone. Do we know where she is. She's gone in the wind yeah so she just like osama bin laden family after nine eleven just got on a jet plane and took the right took right off but who's going after i heard the case has been effectively closed because of epstein's death so she kind of is allowed to just be gone manggala life out in argentina or or uruguay and just try to go into the bushes like homer simpson that gif. She is legitimately. She is just now a quote unquote person of interest i but when you start lining up the we wanna go conspiracy theory. Let's because if you're going to look at jeffrey seen as being suicide quote unquote quote right who benefits from said suicide machine right who who benefits from steph besides everybody because then it has really total fucking chaos right this it's really is like everyone wanted him dead. Everybody wanted to have because of his because not just because of his connections to not just because of his connections to a pedophile network. It's mostly has to do with. I think the money how required it and whose money was he fucking with certain people. There was a a an op ed in the new york times. It came out yesterday that since basically the this reporter at sign an n._d._a. With jeffrey epstein saying that he wouldn't talk about anything that they talked about personally okay in this meeting and then he said well. He's dead now. So that's fucking gone. He wrote a whole article about meeting with jeffrey jeffrey epstein beautiful home he. He said he walked up and this is in two thousand eighteen. They met okay doors open when they arrive at the mansion to a young european girl with the haircut right this very ponytail the brought in by two other very young european little models that brought him into an antechamber were jeffrey combs walking in super grand and he's like. I can't believe you even deign to meet me here. Most people persona non grata. They sat at a table. We're jeffrey episode. I hang out to explains how one day the love of young girls will be celebrated as homosexuality yeah right now his love it didn't he for young girls is just he's just he is just it's his sexuality. It's his love language. I believe that he used the term. Which i thought was very interesting. I believe he called it. A cultural abnormality yes <hes> that's sort of what he referred to are very good sex laws in this country when it comes to uh stopping pedophilia directed him to look at pictures of him with his his favorite celebrity friends and i swear to god on the wall it was just a picture of epstein gene with the the what's his name not the prime minister the head dude of saudi arabia. Oh <hes> ben soman yes with n._b._s. And we all right then a picture of obscene and trump <hes> and then a picture of f. scene in woody allen say look these are my friends. Come see my friends. Dave then went and he explained to him about how i'm working with elon musk's right now but i'm not allowed to tell anybody because he says that it would it would cause dispersions on his character going on with his money but just just quickly. What do you think jeffrey epstein in woody allen talked about. What did they have in common. I wonder class everything jazz just jazz. That's they spoke about nothing else right now. The new york knicks. Maybe i don't know nothing else so they and in their meeting he leaves he. Then gets hits hit up by jeffrey episode for weeks. Hey hey would you come to dinner with me and woody. Hey do you want to go to dinner with me and steve bannon bannon and can you imagine he's number one. I mean a lot of jalapeno poppers. If you're what bail yeah he's. He's a popper guy he. He knows how to do a copper. Yeah all right so let's start. It'll keep looking at like so all right. That's all right character. Examination jeffrey seen he's very proud of the fact that he takes a societal villain because people would still come to him with their secrets because that's what he said he sa- trade secrets. You wouldn't believe what i know about who i know and you won't even know who you wouldn't even believe who i know this shit. He was telling this reporter right openly in his living room so you got big the big conspiracy theory one trump right trump and his people trying to nail right problem is that trump is president. Yes that's difficult to pull off. We'll also cunanan loves this because they think think trump is the pedophile hunter right he was he was undercover so this is just this sort of folds right into that whole theory that conspiracy theory but uh. I'm not even saying that he would be difficult for him to pull off as president is that he doesn't really need to hide anything anymore. Because now we're seeing that what what is trump after for your more more pedophilia accusations. He already has several on his record his president so he already has us executive privilege. It is very difficult to persecute him. What's the point of going after epstein if it's going to cause all these problems for you unless you're doing it specifically to throw heat on the clinton people like because well. That's the that's what the that's what the right has done now. This is the great mirror game of american politics and the binary world that we live in. It's just mud being fling on both sides so the clinton conspiracy. This is the one that involves you know all the all of the behind the scenes stuff and the chronicles this. I it's ridiculous so you're about half of it. Last night. I was talking. I was stoned out of my gourd came back for what's fun time in hollywood. Butch edibles said it was like now it's time for some real entertainment absolutely started watching the clinton chronicles and it's really funny there the way it opens like it's nineteen eighty-four being like the world has never seen never pursued and it cuts you bill clinton with the saxophone incipient on like black and white like negative fucking. It's like well so you know it's like why does this clinton doc have more younger than quentin tarantino interesting very interested <hes> but of course that that goes back to for a long time in right wing circles when it comes to seth rich the former <hes> staffer that was that was killed in d. c. and then as edmund mentioned vince foster so this is just perfect like like four right wing conspiracy. This epstein suicide is just like just right now. It's on the menu just right. Bill clinton killed epstein. He would've left his trademark cigarette in the asshole. Of course i love the way he treats human. Beings like ashtrays all right so a part of it is the u._f. Do who look at victor thorn as the guy who created essentially created the entire storyline that early clinton is a murderer <hes>. I don't know what she did back. In the guy i believe that bill clinton might have done a little cute kid feel your pain and he covers eyeballs when the was running drugs through his various airports when he was governor arkansas but the you could see the clinton chronicles is gonna say biased because it was partially actually funded by larry nichols who is a political appointee under clinton in arkansas. He was fired from his job. Oh and jerry falwell oh uh-huh that also helped create that entire storyline and it seems to be all of this shit all this confusion can only help trump so it seems that all of this is a very convenient fini way to keep throwing throwing smoke in the air and throwing dirt in people's eyes were hillary clinton to be honest who should just fuck and disappear who it seemed to be. She really only killed people. That directly affected your political career so honestly if she was going to kill somebody she should've just killed herself doc right. She did she anyway now. She's she is. She's she's being her best. She's doing her best. She's in the woods woods did she do hashtag be be best indeed <hes> but when it comes to pass it. I don't put a pastor. I mean i don't even know anymore. This is the world of a conspiracy theories okay so well. That is <hes> you know this trump. I don't even think is really the he's not even the most important in person here we go so many people on so many different levels <hes> that wanted jeffrey epstein to be silenced and i think i would not be surprised most if epstein internalized all of that feeling that he knew everyone wanted to die and i think he probably felt it to the degree where he said that. I'm going to <hes> do everyone a favor and at all but going along with that i mean i think the most nuanced explanation or maybe the most nuanced explanation in the realm of conspiracy would be that yes perhaps epstein did actually by his own hands kill himself but he was given such a wide berth right to allow the allowed him to do interesting probably some coordination happening between between the people that don't wanting to talk and himself willingly giving himself over to the suicide option because i think epstein he he's very hyper aware of his image he he wants to be in control or he wants to be in control of everything that happens to him because he thought he had the power to manipulate reality around him and then he found himself at this end game and he said i'm not going to. I'm not going to go out like they want me to of all of the of all the theories right because because i'm i'm i'm gonna lean towards you travis because if you look at the irregularities that happen while he was in that i am at the same time. I believe that somebody like jeffrey epstein. This may be in the category of somebody like dennis rader where they are such a ah they've grown so in love with their own myth of themselves as a villain and that he had an incredible amount of patients and i think that really if you look for your opportunity it takes what three minutes to suffocate even if there was the standard thirty minute check he could do it. Oh yea time period and also the people that were watching him. Were not technically taos. They had moved people over to their position there. They massively massively fucked up but a part of it i think goes to i think we're not giving enough credit sure where we don't think that he's not a total title. Manipulative sociopath be able to charm a group of people so thoroughly that number one. He got himself out of suicide watch because he knew he he added. He knew he was gonna fucking off himself. I'm with you travis. I think that he is such a hollow person whose entire life was built upon this fake a a fake of a view of of of richness of he is invincible. He is global. He is everywhere. He is omnipotent and he knows everybody and he can fuck him. Manipulate everybody as soon as you go from. I get blown three times a day on my yacht my private ireland to now. I am in a cell and one of the most guarded jails in our country right. I think at this point you are ready to go. You're looking for an option again. What's yes. He knew what that was going to be. The end and i think you're right. I think he took it into his own hands. Because that's where the power was and then furthermore i think he has because you know he's this trans humanist. I <hes> subscribed to trans humanism. He wanted to do the big <hes> seating women and his ranch. I think to some extent he has achieved a kind of singularity because he is the villain that is ubiquitous in our minds as we were talking about is eddie idea of that he is a multigenerational thinker which is along the lines lines of many people that you would call if there is such a thing as you luminosity the it is these types of people these people who looked the idea of extending their lore deep deep into the future so that people will use them as a touchstone for forever and they can guide society but now again who benefits so if there is a there is like from giving him a wide berth to commit suicide for me. The person that most benefits is d'alene maxwell all and all of the interconnected directly around him so i think he could have been suicide by his own people. I think she's totally screwed. I think she's the one that doesn't benefit. Everyone else benefits because he's dead. I mean we've got the two thousand page document but he's gone so he's not gonna flip on everyone. He was hours he oh he was are going to be all flip. They all he never went to. He is not used to jail. He would have flipped. He would have committed suicide note. He's what he did all of his sort of like riches changing what his i think he is super naturally sort of eerily calm and like he would not give it up. I think that by the end of course he would. They always flip the day by year ten. He will be so desperate for anyone to speak with him. The only reason anyone would speak with him if he gave them another their name they would manipulate him. He is once you are broken once. You are in jail once. It's all stripped away. Everyone is the exact. We're been worked for blackwater blackwater so he's saying i think maxwell is screwed because now she is the number one person she is. The next didn't line for the epstein punishment. The victims of epstein are victims of her as well so when he took himself out of the picture she's the head of the snake now and and that's why she got on her fucking little boat and went out to see by because at this point. I didn't know who she would. Epstein was still alive. She was aside peace dam shoes aside i figure and now she is the main figure we're seeing new york. Times articles mercy new yorker articles cheese everywhere. She doesn't want to be implicit implicated in all of this now all the pictures of her at at chelsea clinton's wedding or showing up she is it now because epstein took himself out so i don't think she wins an lane maxwell. Well is also a glee maxwell. It's there's a great article about her in vanity fair explaining her mentality as well as she essentially go. The episode was sort of a pseudo father character for here that also was a lover an former boyfriend and all this shit and she was trying to keep his good graces for as long long as humanly possible and so. I think that she is what you're saying. She's the torch bearer. She is entire legacy and now she's just gone so we have no oh clue where the fuck she's gonna pop up. I will say this. This is where i will give the conspiracy theorists something if she ends up dead yet. If she ends up debt i will say okay. Let's take a look because epstein. He's in jail. It's very controlled like i think you're right. I think they allowed to occur. Yes very similar to the nine eleven but when it comes to her if she ends up in a uruguayan bath house found dead on the toilet something gene happened so that's what will what if she commits suicide. That's different though in public. She's in public so it's possible that she could get suicide and that's the only the one thing that conspiracy. I don't have going for them. In this case is epstein is in jail. It is not this is not the the batman. This is not batman. The joker is not walking talking through the jail dressed as a corrections officer. You know going to kill epstein but if she ends up dead that can carry we'll has come come all the way around now because when you have a bar saying there's something really <hes> something must have happened in that jail cell to jeffrey epstein and we are we are are we are investigating thoroughly right and then warner coming out saying we are now from from the state has basically said we cannot say committed suicide yet. We're waiting on further information so they are muddying the waters were looking at the actual top cop of our country and the media are working together her to actively insinuate that there really isn't illuminating because that's what that is right if you believe that jeffrey scene was murdered in his cell by someone either either some connection of his or by the fucking president or by hillary clinton and the clinton foundation you are literally. You are tipping a hat to to to your opening a world of conspiracy or that. You're doing just to protect who because now this is the mike thing right. You say the aluminum israel if you're going to say the aluminum israel but then you're going to try to report on it and say the top cop. It's like we're going to investigate illumine audio that also allowed information that the woman a he the circle steps wider then we're just being like they aluminum body whoever is did people behind the scenes or allowing the people in front of the camera to talk about the people behind the scenes. It's all still confronted also believe it but it's also lets them get off. Totally scott free like that was the one thing with when it comes to media which is just so sad to see. We had like joe scarborough who you know whatever but he was tweeting. Oh something seems fishy. All of these mainstream media streamed dreamed you're talking on seriously theory immediately talking conspiracy theory immediately and that is the danger of conspiracy theory takes your eyes often what actually matters which is these human beings who have power. They've worked so hard to get. They are the ones behind these fucking massive ass pedophile rings. They are the ones in charge of things they blame it on some conspiracy theory than they get off scot-free. This is the most suspicious event in recent history this is. This is a part of it where it's like. I just we're so confused right now. Because because of this this is such that we are in the middle of a fucking <hes> we're in the middle all of the pelican brief residence somehow we have ended up into this spot where reality is straight up. I mean this is. We're in a a a political thriller. I think the enormity of this event is is even highlighted by something. I just read which was <hes> et epsteins autopsy. There was a sort of third party pathologist who is observing the autopsy. Guy was michael bayden and that guy also observed the autopsies of martin luther king okay. He was also involved in the o._j. Trial and he was also he he was a party investigation of the j._f._k. Shootings as well interests so they paid dude so that's a lot of experience having that person in there. I think that sort of yeah underlines the enormity of this is a historical event and mean energy behind conspiracy theory in this one in particular. It's only good because it's sort of aiming. It's punching upward. Oh man. I don't know dude there are about. I think there's sixteen eighteen hundred billionaires in the world. We know the names of like eight of them like the titians. These are people who go out and they speak can public the scary. Most nefarious people are the ones that we don't even know exist and that is that true billionaire class we talked about like the people that run cargo exactly what people that run these gigantic multinational multi industrial companies that are also somehow involved in it a guy named steven pinker. Who's another scientists. Scientists like all of these influential scientists that were deep in the bracket of jeffrey epstein also very strangely. I mean we didn't hear about this. Jackass who runs victoria secret before the owner of the secret wexler so sandy they cancelled the victoria's secret fashion victims are all over the place. No victoria's secret fashion show back back in my day. That really did matter because we didn't have any sort of adult entertainment online. I used to build up what the secret special runway show coming on and members being like alright siemens you guys are all going on a trip today and they're like we can't wait ask but at the very least like this events shows that some may maybe some billionaires make mistakes and they slip up and they they okay let that mask slide in the wrong situation and epstein was the wrong they were just running with the wrong guy and then they got caught and now now. We're in this big thing but i mean yeah you're right. There's billionaires that that live in the shadows so that's where they want to be. We'll never know but these people may be have messed up enough for us to sort of poke them in the eye but that's how review the clintons. The thing with the clintons is that they would they were connected to whoever was going to help them at the time. It was gonna help them. They are very ambitious people everybody to them as a throwaway throwaway person to them jeffrey epstein was a throwaway person they were using him for his various connections and all his money and now ever since they took he took those four plane writes this. I've heard so many different numbers on the amount of plane work built. He bill clinton has claimed four yeah four the times. I've seen the number twenty six thrown around quite often as well thing is. Is that if you do if you're on anything called the lolita express right i would say is a- at least if it was just a glow leader like standard chip i at least be like ali's take some time for the little girls to get there. It's not that much of an emergency but when the lita the express it means they're getting there as fast as possible and that's what i think is really concerned. I think for me if i'm going on a strange billionaires explain it better recalled. The milk train because that is where i would. I would really enjoy myself you would never drive the you've never had the lalita audubon no more though in because it's germany but let's couple more conspiracy theories number one idea that jeffrey epstein was there's a body double and then he acts if you look at it. The ear matches folks. I've seen the fucking put about the nose in review. I do love the <hes> what just like a line line drawing lines around ears and then when you but you're not a very senior lying around the year that you just made those lines. You made them different. Yes this is what we talked about in the live show but it was interesting though because you get a feeling that as soon as he was found the ceos were like oh shit uh eh because usually we don't have photos released a person who committed suicide so bizarre but i think that what and so that's obviously were a lot of the conspiracy theories came in because he's tried. They're trying too hard but i think they just saw the gravity and recognized the gravity of the situation and they were like we we better document this <hes> otherwise no one is even going to believe that he is dead and he maybe he'll just originally el chapo himself and just scares the fucking whereas the pictures osama bin laden's fucking corpse. Oh they went to go look for him again and i went to go look for him and they all said the same thing apparently one. I don't know if it's conspiracy theory or just straight up theory was that the reason the osama bin laden photos were never released was because his body was so badly mutilated that apparent one of the stories is that he got tapped and and all of seal team six when a book a book a book a book in fucking lit up his whole fucking body that he was just straight up a bunch of coleslaw. That kinda makes us look bad actually actually in a weird way. Yes that's the way they didn't want to release it because he thought it would create an international incident of its show that when said of either taken prisoner or doing anything that we fucking tournament them into chinese food but i mean when it comes down to it. I mean you know get them but i still would like to see a picture of the mush. I guess well i believe there. There was some released there. I spoke with o'neill neil the guy who actually shot him or says he shot him. That's up for debate. <hes> because also seal teams are not supposed to say who like anyway so he's not necessarily another good graces is but now he's a t._v. Target head now and i spoke with him about all that stuff and it was really fascinating when they when they dumped him overboard obviously that it was just so that they didn't have a the place a mecca for people to go and mourn and now of course his son has also been dead the other conspiracy theories that the camera inside of his cell was inoperable that is completely leonov true. It comes just from a random. Ask tweet it's it literally has no basis i checked and checked and i know no one has said anything about the camera in his cell being inoperable. We have not seen any of that footage yet. We have no clue what exactly how inside of that cell yeah i. They don't release it. I'm not sure i almost hope that they <hes> that's tough to say. I guess maybe they do need to to just sort of put certain ideas or rumors to rest <hes> but yeah that maybe maybe to calm people down. I'm not quite sure the same like fucking osama bin laden. What we are seeing is again. Real conspiracy in the wheel conspiracy has come out of this. Is that the cloud of confusion. This creates allows absolutely louis lata shit. We're in the middle of probably what will end up being one of the most contentious elections. The united states will have seen for quite a bit of time. I i think that we are i think twenty twenty and be a minefield this. This is the type of shit that allows them to make big moves moves allows them to do shit in this time period especially somebody like our bite. The fucking president who works at a really works within in a cloud of confusion very very interesting. There's a lot of billionaires very scared right now. There's a lot of people who don't want their names to be out there. In the papers and you're right they're probably scattered around. They're probably trying to get money out of certain places but it into other places trying to erase history any kind of relationship that they had publicly with jeffrey epstein steve. I'm sure as being scrubbed because he he gave so much to so many people he took pictures with so many folks he glad-handed so many folks he is. They are all actively erasing. He's seen him from history as we speak which is because of his connections not the easiest task to pull off so either way no matter matter what has happened here jeffrey epstein a complete and utter waste of a life. I was talking to marcus about this as well and henry why you have everything you have it. All all these people have so much and they choose to throw it all away because their egos they're narcissism and just their their idea. They can the idea that they can get away. They can do things that we can't do because they have power. They have money and they have clout so. I am actually the one positive thing about this. It sets a precedent for these wealthy elitist world wide the world the people who are in control of the world this the president like no one is above our standards and no one is going to be treated differently and obviously they are and they still will most likely be but this is at least a little chink in the armor of just being like hey you all can't just get away with raping a lot. A bunch of children death reminds me that we live in illusory world. You know like manhattan is a giant sex dungeon with the world's biggest. Just have we walked by. It's just so crazy 'cause we. You know obviously coming <hes> living in brooklyn and beat him manhattan. We walked by these houses and you wonder what's going on. I feel the same way with <hes> with robert. Durst like what is going on in these huge mansions that everyone we put on a pedestal we walk by say oh my god i would love to live in that and what dark world does that door open up to. My big thing too is that it shows that if we were vaguely somewhat in in a class war happening right now if this if this is true this is how they view your view and this is on on all sides. You are a sex story for them. You are nothing you are nothing. They dealt with people like chess. Now off we are in the middle of is an entire hijacking of mo- society by these he's billionaires. We're looking at <hes>. There was a story. I was reading about the a billions of money. The billions of dollars going into the billions of dollars going into believe into stock home. I'm trying to find these like these places very intense liberal places that are being flipped too hard right far-right philosophies by billions and billions of dollars they want to i guess lessen the population they want to do put us into into some sort of battle against shelves that terrip apart. They're trying to make sure that we're focused on on these. These daily a fights on the internet. The one is wrapped up in it because they don't wanna see like the real answer is again. The group of people storming a spot fought is again animated. That's just again pointing towards the wrong. No it really is <hes> extremely interesting and obviously we'll cover the political aspects of all this unabling its top add this week <hes> but you're right man the the amount of redistribution of wealth in this country has been going on for a long time and globally it's been going on. I'm for a long time and these billionaires they cash in on their investments on a regular basis and i think henry has a great idea as well. One point epstein messed. I with the wrong dudes money then. That's what started this entire thing. A kosta was like well. We'll charge. You barely do it. You'll you won't really serve any time and and then he just continued to be a pariah. He became too big of a liability and they this <hes> this was allowed to occur again. There's a there's a quote from the michael apple bayden pathologist guy that i'd like to read. I think that sums this up pretty well. The famous and infamous the celebrated and notorious do not bleed and die as the rest of us do they have scenarios is intricately plotted dramas buried villain stock the earth hidden and other guises and news of their obscure ends in far away villages only brings disbelief. Wow that's wow honestly interview that man. I can we interview. I wanna talk to you but this is just one one of our take obviously fucking spill out into society for the next couple of months or years or wherever long this takes. Do you see more than just go. I don't know you know or or does it. Just go away. I could see that too tomorrow tomorrow. Something else ridiculous happens and we forgot about all this and everyone who is currently liane edge says who we avoided it again. We got away with it again. Because we've changed the new the media narrative. I mean even talking with travis. He watches listens to a show. Oh the daily time yeah. This wasn't even the most of new story of the we got back from. I got back from a milwaukee on monday and then i was gonna sit down and have a coffee and listen to the daily. Listen to michael michael barbaro about epstein suicide. The biggest news story and the thing on monday was about some freshman senator and i felt immediately you like the heat in my head. I was like what this is. This is actually like being swept under the rug. Michael barr was down <hes> but yeah i mean i i became obsessed with. I watched <hes> eyes wide shut on the plane and the problem is that it's all that you just see everybody wearing matthew lease. That's a really bad movie to watch on a plane because then you have to constantly back now. I'm watching this because of the thing that just happened. I also relates eight year old kind of strange but anyway. I'm i'm little girl. This is done by a master of cinema named kubrick digital women in front of the opening gaping vaginas seen just to simply caught some of the shearson shyam. We're like totally living in eyes wide shut you know they just kill people in pat. Each other on the back of nothing happens like the truman show meets. I'd wide shut eyes wide shut <hes> <hes> all right well anyway. Let's do here of the week very quick the word okay this weeks of the week. He's the dude as far as i know. This is completely really harmless. He wears the t._v. On his head and he drops off tv. I love this story. Yes this is happening in virginia. It's a dude who literally where's where's the t._v. On his head and because of the ring technology of course that's the new home security tech. We get to actually see him. He drops off televisions. He doesn't do anything to anyone <hes>. He considers himself the t._v. Santa claus this is what according to jim brooks pank. This is what he says. He's a homeowner gyms a homeowner all mortar. He says he wants to be known as the t._v. Santa claus. I could go one because he's the only one you gave nickname truly. This artistic warrior showed and given something to talk of giving people something to talk about this doubt yes as you said brooks bake said we got an old tube style tv thirteen inch <hes> this is according to home under michael crow. He says i thought my son brought it home but apparently not they had way too much time on their hands of all if they had all these t._v.'s and spread read them all over the neighborhood but you know what eitel hands idle hands are the devil's workplace or the devil's work thing so they kept them busy and whoever you are weird t._v. T._v. on your head guide dropping off other t._v.'s in virginia porches your this week's hero of the week he's great i love doing he's just doing fully cooley 'cause causeway. He's just t._v. Boy from fully cool. It's pretty fun. I really like <hes> you must have been having it because they have video of two and he apparently he did it to the day a year later like he did it. Once before in august august whatever the day was august eleventh twenty eighteen but apparently only the we didn't see him because it was before the rampant infestation of ring cameras yes so now i don't know if he likes the ring camera not maybe he never wanted the attention <hes> but it does look difficult to clean up all the t._v.'s and i guess it is kinda scary to get a random t._v. on your porch but as far as i know he has grown so he's just a he's just a funny t._v. Santa claus as far as i know i know what until i actually had a bunch of letters this week but we're running out of time because of bullshit so i'm just gonna. I'm gonna say next sweetcorn. We'll have double. You're letters next week double letters next week <hes> all right everyone all the wall so much for you're listening and truly thank you so much for coming out to the shows in saint paul des moines and milwaukee. We just absolutely loved it and then i had a chance to show my documentary a on sunday milwaukee. Thanks to everyone who came out to that. It was just really remarkable. This i mean the midwest henry is just. It's just very sweet their various. Here's the best comedy audiences in the world. It was so much fun. I love being man. Just relaxing love the food on took some. I think the sixteen spotted cows we had on the saturday night and we're not good for my body. I only took my last beer shit. Okay good spot. A cow is the single greatest fear in the history of beer is is literally the best player to ever exist. It's so good <hes> all right. Everyone thank you for <hes> love that you are not intricately involved in the life of a pedophile billionaire good love that you've made good choices about your friends. Your business associates laugh like you're a correctional title officer who just received the twenty grand wired ear account that you're walking into jeffrey jail cell in order to choke him to death laugh like you're just about the go-to with that money in a double and live not unlike got coward epstein live and you know what if you made mistakes and acknowledged collagen move on because that's how you grow see or yes you may be some deeply vastly connected pedophile billionaire but if you just say i'm sorry goes a long way. Well maybe jail sentence as well but <hes> all right. Everyone thank you so much for listening hail yourselves hail satan magoo's delay shins wins hail knee. I'm innocent. You are buddy. This show is made possible by listeners like you. Thanks to our ad sponsors words you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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