S1E1 - Fuck Humans Episode 1


This is Ann Harada podcast that focuses on LGBT relationships. In to read a failure listener discretion is advised before me lies a few tweet and then the Sea of Brown and yellow. As far as the I can see the field looks aggressive. It's such as rough and spiky spiky but I walk through it anyway. My naked body parts through the sea of grain yet I feel no sharpness esteem across my flesh it instead the grains gress me gently brush against my skin oven towards. What's my body? As if they crave it they stroked my phone bill. My Penis grace against my acid entail and Michael cartons excited by the prairies ministrations. I smile to myself. I knew Belykh this skies beautiful such rich color Brown and yellow like the brightest of bamboo. A Raven flies through the sky. One of its this floats down and I catch it. Texture of it is weird. It feels silky and smooth touching freshly washed hair. It's beautiful blacker than the darkest of nights and shines brighter than the purest of obsidian. The smell I know no this smell this earthy aroma patchily and central would but there are no plants out besides Graydon Dayton. How can I my car straight up at the skies of accusing accusing it responsible for its state is it? I can feel my tongue. My blood flows through Asif. Pacify them now. The only thing I can hear this healed I know I know it wont it. I checked my alarm. MM-HMM IT left to go out into the sun soon. The digits nearly faded. But I can still tell that it is too early for me to be up look outside and watches the full moon glows in the night Sky Knight Plaque. The tent in my sheets does not go unnoticed. I place place my hand. Betting begins stroking myself to completion. Hopefully this will put me out for the rest of the note. It Good Morning Make Jerry. Good Morning Captain Basque Sherry. It's Prince Max ax. He's been getting on headquarters about being too friendly with coworkers. He wants us to refer to each other by our titles now. I'm I'm caught to boost your captain. Basque as Medina's is now Afiza as Medina's etc etc Prince Vexes. This is neither king of this region or charge of headquarters so I will continue referring to my friend by her name. Good Morning Cherry very fine but if he comes back. I'm going into secretary mode again. Good Morning Basque. She's been looking healthier these past few weeks or horns look stronger cheeks rounder and her fair skin once still no brightens up the room. What's with the big smile on your face? I'm just happy to see. You've been eating again as Daya soon. I will worry that he would be nothing thing that skin and bones soon bony never. So did you find the go to the local breath. And like I told you no offense uh-huh to the guys and gals down there but that's the equivalent of eating cheap takeout. You know you're picky. I suck you this I oh I can't help it if I have a refined taste. So who's the lucky person your partner who's been feeding you. I assume you must be seeing someone considering how you're glowing right now. Oh you you wouldn't know them. This game is only so big nick. Dry me well you see. Our conversation is cut short by the entry of two offices. One I know well. Asthma days stands tall and proud like always is uniform. Samak Hewlett is black beard trimmed and cut even as ram like horns disappeared. Spotless next to him was an Uzi. A nervous looking. UCF that Delaware the face of flowers they were carrying shaking. And they're gelatin out in like hands got in Basque. Gutty Chetty so the prince has gone to him too. I see this who's own new recruits elva starting on the forest today Off Officer Avi Selmer reporting for duty allies the at ease soldier are those flowers so pretty she was right the pedals around with minor strikes pillow. The colors were striking yet. Despite never having seen this plan before something about the scene Villier yes background from its customary degree new friends with a gift. These are Sel Yeah he's a fait. Are you a botanist. Honest Captain Basque. No I assumed because of the color I'll put these right on my desk so everybody in headquarters can see them. I don't mean to alarm anyone but I believe I smell a human. What's gone down everyone? It's just bask Oh yeah I forgot. Aw I'm sorry. Captain Basque is is a is a human. No just worked with one you. You work work with one technically. I'm sure you've noticed. The gigantic stone wall that separates us from the human side of the kingdom in the middle of that wall. All is a station. We call at the tunnel. Is the only path in more meat sued. That leads to KIJIMUTA vice versa. I ranking visas from both regions percent there to guard the station. We make sure no human monsters go through the tunnel without permission. I understand but I need to work so so close to a human. We're cut off by glass window. He stays on his side and I stay on nine however there are holes in the glass lasted allow us to speak to each other. This is how I believe. The human scent gets on. His Cologne is quite strong. May I ask why the the wall was built back where I'm from. Such extreme measures aren't necessary about a year ago. There was incident a monster got caught out with two human lovers too. Well he was Olympia and you know to fix a way. That caused a huge uproar the kingdom our king and the Queen of PG mood up the wall to make sure that never happened again but what happened to the monster. In humans will lobbyist carrying out his hundred year sentences. We speak the humans however we're apparently very well known in Kijimuta Luda got up with paying a fine humans. This conversation reminds me. We need to be leaving soon. Don't say forgotten. It is the first of the month. HMO Lenses monthly meeting with the counselor order today once every month the king holds a meeting with the council order the point of the meetings to discuss the current ongoing monster based regions. I ranking visas. Such as Modena's are sent into every gathering to protect the king in case one of the council members of the sudden urge to overthrow him in all my years of being visa. I never have seen a member of the council attempt to do so but it is not the council. I'm worried about Prince Alexis sitting at the end of the table. Oh it looks more irritated than usual. His spotted ears glued to his skull as if already on the attack he also keeps picking at the thread read of his robes. Ruining the expensive fabric shame. It's such a fetching garment yellow Baroque pattern on Brown linen coerce. That reminded me of still with us. Sorry I was just hoping that this meeting and soon faster it ends the faster I can get tongue duty over with and now for the last item of the meeting. The tree not there are lots of minor terms and conditions to the treaty but to keep this short I'll just mention the major ones the treaty of apiece states as follows to keep the peace amongst each other humans and monsters must stay in their own territory office. So's must accompany if ever reason a human must enter monster territory or vice versa. If a human or monster is caught on land that is not their Own Without an officer and accompaniment choice of punishment can be imprisonment or death. The same rule applies if ever a human in a monster caught having sexual relations shins in the rare case of a human and monster forming a romantic relationship. The option of imprisonment is withdrawn and the only choice race is death. If these rules are not upheld the treaty can be nullified and thus the war can continue for those of you who wished to keep. Keep the treaty intact including the condition of keeping human and monster separated. Please raise one of your hands paws wings or or other appendages. Every hand goes up except one of course for those who I do. This treaty treaty is nonsense. And we'll never last. We need to attack the humans. Not Try to be their friends. Your Highness with all due respect act. You've made this argument several times. Before and in those several times we have explained to you because it does not benefit us or the environment to attack the humans it's not about making friends but about keeping the continent livable. War Causes Great Damage. Mitch to the environment or do not remember our great ancestors toward this planet apart into their oil and coalfield battles. Yes but we have evolved old. We have solar powered weapons now if we attack them when they least expect it we can get them before they get us. And why do you believe the humans ends planning on attacking US brother. Have you not seen how quickly their technology advances compared to ours. It will only be a matter of days before their honor on our kingdom steps with their lasers and bombs and microwaves treaty states that any advancement of war tech must be shared between both sides hides and you just expect the humans to keep their word. The incident from a year ago would be the perfect excuse to end the treaty brother. If you end it now you can help bring on a new era for months or kind all over. No but no if I nullified the treaty. Z. I put the lives of many monsters. At Risk War is serious. Beck's people die on both sides. It's irresponsible for you to even ask for such thing when you yourself have never even picked up a sword. The treaty has lasted four thousand years. And it will last Dow's Damore now if there are no more objections meeting dismissed Captain Best. Can you stay behind please yes your highness walk into one of his private but wise despite its grand decor. That room is quite peaceful at note. The kingdom's flag hanging above the nearby fireplace the White Crescent Moon Symbol on the blue fabric. That's a nice royal touch to the room. How goes it at the tunnel? Fine Your Highness. I feel like after today's meeting. I shouldn't have to stress the importance that it'd be heavily guarded at all times and we keep watch over twenty four seven the humans to the same good good. He looks exhausted talking to Prince. specs would do that to you. A full blooded wear hytner powerful and strong yet. Somehow arguing with his brother had made him look so drain. And Your Highness. May I have a moment to speak freely. Go on Prince Vexes sudden cough awards source concerning to be honest his entire behavior. These past few months has been worrying setting rules for headquarters randomly ordering searches on vendors. There's attempting to ban. Any tech is even close to being Jason. If he's not careful I'm going. The people may find a reason isn't sent him to the Guillotine. Yes I understand. My brother can be A lot but please try to behold your anger with him even as royalty vex had to live a hard life you know. My father found him abandoned on the streets. While traveling point one day he couldn't have been more than a day old on top of being teased for his mixed heritage. He had to grow up up knowing his parents abandoned him. I believe his animosity for humans is more of self hatred than anger. The more he attacks humans the less he believes he is one it said honestly I understand. Keep this in mind. The next time I come to the prince and I will try to less than my brothers dictator rulings. Maybe I can calm him down by offering him some human fruits as much such as E. claims to eat humans he absolutely adores their produce. But I am keeping you here for too long. I'm aware that you out tunnel duty today. Yes this at noon. I'll be on high alert making sure that piece continues throughout the kingdom. If I could kill him I would. He does this. Every time he brings in some rancid smelling human concoction an polices it right next to the glass window and I know he does it on purpose. You've been glaring at me for a while. Now Buff Guide anything you want to say a CV seve the amusement in his is his bright Hazel is no I used sure you look ready to breathe with fire. It couldn't be my lunch that's bothering you is it. He then touches the soggy wrapped. What ever that is leaning against the window? I know you. Monsters of a more heightened sense of smell than US humans but. I hope. It's not bothering you. That outlines he brushes hair out of the way and for a moment. I'm mesmerized by the shine. His hairs and possibly black like staring into a void. Do human feces not have dress codes. What your hair is too long? If someone attacked act you would take as a simple gravity ponytail in the match would be over this hand spa up into fists. His Brown skin redden's it's a fish tale. It's childish but I enjoy upsetting him and I I as they say regardless its inconvenient for battle I do well in combat. Spiro hope the treaty remains intact. And you never have to find out how well why why wait on a piece of paper you have the key use it again. I'm not usually this childish. But there is something about him mm-hmm we want to get under his skin and if I didn't care about the human race I would. You should raise agnon that. I never lose my loyalty to humanity. big talk for such small man. You really think you can take me on. I can take all of you. Good Afternoon Gentlemen. Good afternoon pass another delivery to the humans research department yes. We recently discovered that some of the plants in this region tin can boost the effects of certain human medicine angel. The humanized forced to do my shift with takes out the paperwork and starts writing down the necessary information. I'm for Pasco drop off. He's an ass but he's diligent. I will at least give him that name Pascal and and and what I keep forgetting you. Monsters don't have proper. Last names like us a glare at him but it goes unnoticed. Not like it matters anyway. There's nothing he can say. That could happen passes obsession okay. Item plant samples from Morimitsu location. The Department of research at Tj Muira have the items in question shrunken down for transport. Yes I got them done by a witch this morning. They should be good for for at least five hours before returning to normal size. Put the rams through the shoot police VESCO places three miniature crates on the delivery table near me shoot above table sucks up the crates and spits them out on angel side you'll receive one of our headquarters Messenger birth to let you know when you're package has been delivered. Thank you I What is that on your wrist? Go this it's the watch over watch but it has no no mono nor markings instead appears to be made of glass and metal. What are those lines inside? And why is one moving. Oh these we we call these hands. You have the tall one. It's the hour hand. The shorter one is the minute and the one that is moving the seconds though technically they all move you see every time the secondhand circles around the big short hands drift to the next number fascinating best goes good and smart bird but I often to read his visits to the tunnel his fascination with human technics deliveries long. Every time he drops off a package he catches hold of one of the many gadgets. The Human Ephesus Kerry and can't resist asking questions about them. What makes it worse is how much angel in choice it? He clearly loves having a load slowly. Monster asking him about all the advancements humans have made over the years his interaction between Pascal and Mia like night and day. I get sneers. Well Pasco it's smiles. It's infuriating tell me. Is this watch based on past human tech. Yeah every day. We find more relics. junket allow us to recreate our ancestors. Inventions your species tech is so interesting. I often wish I could visit your research. Research departments pick a few brains on how to improve monster tech. The silence is brief but noticeable. None of us feels the need to comment on the obvious. He has in theory. It is possible for Pascal to visit humans department as long as he requests an escort mission however a thesis. Don't volunteer to take take part in such assignments we too loyal to our regions. Besides Pasco no monster whatever wants to step foot on the human land act and it could be said the same vice versa. Well I should be going. Please keep my package safe. Yeah See of others others. Here's Day it was a busy one. I the meeting then tunnel. Tutti how does this keep happening. happening was separated by a window a window with whole suit. Tiny only buttons could fit through them and yet somehow I still keep coming home smelling like him. It's such a heavy to sandalwood impartially. If I don't get my uniform clean soon you smell a flood. The house economically field. Lingering in my nose I need to hard I heard it seems my libido has been going haywire lately popping up random like your boy. Dragon Eyeballing Tunnel Tutti duty ever since I tasked with guarding it. I haven't had time for dating or even a simple hookup. My Cock Springs Freak into the cool night air it's drenched in pre common poses with need take a deep breath and his send fills my nose want to minded of him. While I'm doing this suddenly he's I can think about masturbating. How as if you humans? I don't do it too but at least we at these insead to keep it in. The bedroom emerged him kneeling on his face. Inches from I did looking at over us of creating such a weird looking cockatoo black like onyx and unnaturally big. Don't act like you're not impressed. What makes you impressed? This is I boss. Mike Cox Leagues Like Mad. Had So close you heard me dragon boy. I said I wonder how it tastes. I imagine imagine angels tongue taking a long usually talk show. AC White I open. I see my release on the floor but in my mind I imagine. Imagine it's on angels face. The white fluid contrast beautifully with this brown skin drips overs. Bright Hazel is is. I even got some that gorgeous silky hair of his rude and then he fades away. Maybe I'm the one who needs to go to a for author that came income outside. WHO's out here? It takes me a few moments to recognize the body. I the limbs blend well in the branches the tree what the I walk over to the body hanging in the huge oak tree that takes most of my yard. Whoever this a person is has been hurt bad? There are cuts all over their skin. And the clothes aren't in any better shape. Speaking of which clues are a uniform of the feces but a human one that that aroma I push away. The couldn't fleck hair that hides strangers face. I'm not at all surprised what I see baskin as bad as was waste by Mazda Boyfriend Angel by Ben Russell mm-hmm Sherry by suddenly prince best. Buy JV half the Vaccine Pascale by Lewd Audio Elmer

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