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this is a cbc podcast listeners here you like my podcast is another one you might like the two princes a new fantasy adventure story from gimblett follow prints rubber it as he sets out to break the mysterious curse that's been looming over his kingdom he's ready to face whatever dastardly villain or vile monster that stands in the way but what he is prepared for is meeting the handsome amir a rival prints on a quest to save his own realm forced a team up embark on a slush buckling adventure together with dragon cursed forests and all that good stuff the to print soon discovered that the thing more difficult to save their kingdoms from utter destruction is following their hearts i'm excited to share the first episode of the two princes but to get to listening all these episodes right now on your favorite podcast gas dapper wherever you get tired why you denise what's going on god loan we apprehended a thief breaking into the queens private involved captain we think it may be a spy from the kingdom of the east a thief wait now he slipped away wireless booker but don't worry will catch you see the doesn't make it out of the cost of i'll know tried a queen there's one more thing i think he has the forbidden book watch my show don't worry will get it back we'd better if we don't we will have more on i just wrote him do that in the name of the queen of fall give the intrusion dramatic ciba's who's been recaptured trying to steal the sub basement meal before the crane beef well a villain you lead nine nights quite the shakes off that coconut coming off eight route hi mom oh you are in big trouble this time mr out mom easy only here you're gonna pull you'll be lucky to have any here's what i'm through with you how dare you embarrass me like that i'm sorry okay i know the forbidden book as well forbidding but i have a thousand questions about the forest and no one will talk to me about it in that book has the answer may be no one will talk to you about the forests because there's nothing worth talking about of course there is it's taking over our kingdom that's a lie mom the farthest is not taking over arcane there are trees and vines literally everywhere you can't cross the street without tripping over them the crops are failing in are fields and all the animals we hunt for food have been driven from the land or kingdom is being squeezed to death and no one is doing anything please drop this distasteful subject from what i've been able to piece together from gossip and legends all our troubles began a thousand years ago when the two kings challenge each other in the hollow that's where the curse began maybe if we go there one is settings thoughts in that follow a okay besides even if there was a problem with the forests which there is and it's hardly your responsibility you rich stop that dismissing me robert you're such a non grateful shot ungrateful yes ungrateful we have a wonderful life we live in a gorgeous castle we throw marvelous parties and up until recently the people have been moderately fond of us why spoil it all by looking for trouble because our kingdom is on the verge of collapse about my poor boy you have so much to learn about how to rule but lesson number one is really very simple life can be perfect as long as you don't know two clubs that sounds criminally incompetent will spur lesson round let me out of here look me in my room where the rest of my life you're trying to scale down the power again but i'll tell you i've had fresh crocodiles installed in the mouth and i've been much too busy to feed that so i really wasn't oh hey fitzroy alex cora grounded again you're right i can't let her get me down i'm just so tired of her treating me like a child you know my dad were still here there's no way she get away with this he would take me seriously he would listen when i tell him we have to do something about the forest actually no i take that back if my dad were alive he would have stopped the forests years ago before it ever became a problem in the first place everything would be different mom wouldn't be driving me crazy are kingdom wouldn't be in danger in i wouldn't be yeah alone i don't know what to do about the prince you'll notice the he's always been inquisitive but these last few months ever since the forest is grown more aggressive he's become downright impossible interesting i honestly don't know how much longer i can keep up this charade prince has died he could see how much trouble wherein everyone can or if they don't they will soon enough in the second lead on but i've completely lost control of the situation the second i stop smiling and start screaming run for you're alive this kingdom is over it will collapse into chaos and pandemonium and that will be the end of everything is you just have to say yes you know just here's your majesty you might lead you're supposed to win by me when my at my name we saw all due respect to imminence but it's turned prince who's to the truth the truth the truth about before is in the prophecy not okay schatz more good news i f protected group perch from the truth almost eighteen years and i'll protect him but the next eighteen hundred if that's what it takes in color your books to drug and while we're on the subject you can take this suck an alert immediately ruining lives were bitten look amongst extinguished the prophecy or the prince's curiosity elementary students just is filling up your days with deportees and ribbon cuttings will keeping all the kingdom district to deploy ever know your right i've been far too small scale in my thinking oh show let's take a look and feel years younger and then and then and then and then and then and then and then i am not a good boy sleep tight oh hello hello someone air detroit there is funny if someone is there any show yourself right now someone out there what do you want me to a all right then oh good damn you really do get off the floor you're not a dog fits right dumping naughty among people have you stopped the weirdest dream last night there is this really nice nonstop stop talking your mommy has the most wonderful news i was thinking about what you said last night and i realize you're absolutely right it is time i stop treating you like a child and allowed you to become the great prince the i know no you're destined to be sweet friel you actually mean i do three they were so you're going to let me go the forests oh no no sorry i should have been more clear you're not stepping foot in that forrest no i was thinking since you're turning eighteen wouldn't it be something if i threw you a great big well once in a lifetime party in what i yes paypal royal wedding they laugh cry they eat too much cake i know what you're doing i am not getting married just because you want a distraction well obviously not silly you're getting married i'm not in love oh sweetie sweetie is that what you're worried don't you give it a second thought mommy's taken care of everything point what does that mean yes come in and get out pajamas reverse hosh slow chamberlain glenn if you finish the truck in the nation yes you'll majesty would you like to hit it if you it'd be good to all eligible it is the kingdom are you tired of being unmerited unwanted to do crazy meaning and you're otherwise meaningless existence didn't bring your dancing shoes and in itemize dollar rate to her majesty's royal ball you win the chance to marry his royal highness prince rupert just a slight shots right at the conclusion of tonight's royal ball the prince to pluck one lucky lady from a license obscurity of mediocrity by joining with her and holy matrimony drawbridge open from eight pm perfection send it out immediately it lane you're you're you know we don't call him back mom going back right now don't be silly there the chamberlain's very busy man in between you and me i do not paying enough for what i put him through now let's figure out what you're going to have the ball i know this is a rather boats suggestion but i'm thinking russell's mom in no no i'm sorry mom but no i don't care what scheme concocted cocktail or how much of a distraction unita i'm not tying the knot with a complete stranger just because you can't face the reality of what's happening torquing don't i refuse to be a part of this insanity any longer you understand this is me prince robert the first putting my foot down i'm not getting married and i will go to the forest and break the curse and there is nothing you or anyone else can do just stopped me oh rupert oh i'm so sorry i know how ridiculous i must seem to you but you must believe me i only want what's best for you i know mom there's nothing i wouldn't do to protect you nothing you have to believe that i do of course i do good i knew you'd understand god but what what what what are you doing scott prince real parts of the royal ballroom room and tie him to his throne well come this way you know hey hey get their hands on me what the sweeties timing off the rest of the day what just hold hold it yeah hold it alone in that said he would be you know when they do try just smile d i know go once a sour push through a husband maybe i feel like smiling if these rope front cutting off my circulation the phillies so great to finally meet you i am fan currently right now i like beer the pleasure is all mine i love you're outfit damage in bondage motif it's like oh great sicily why don't you tell the prince about that extremely interesting book you were meeting the other day book book the book dear the one we discussed the clink clink other day i would totally breeding that's amazing book all about wagons dragons striking that the dragons love reading about them and talking about them and sharing my life with a certain plans to also have the finest smelly fire breathing did you hear that rubber ladies sensually likes books and dragons two of your favorite things i mean what a bit on what was the name of the book oh gruber don't badger that collapsed while okay ladies subtly thanks for stopping by to feel freedom enjoy the rest of the party you really think that what's going to work did you honestly i thought they were fifty fifty now if you'll excuse me lady marjorie just arrived i need to go say something devastating about her outfit don't trump's fall in love with me tonight is never going to end unfortunately no to hunga sorry lord chamberlain didn't realize you were still here in court road are and so yeah well you know you may find this hard to believe but i was in a similar situation when i was your age oh really your mother tied to a throne in your pajamas paraded you in front of every girl in the kingdom like a price pig and a county fair i meant to is expected to marry brought great shame upon my from leaving a few okay look you don't have to lay on the guilt about me doing my princely duty mom's got that covered on the contrary o'hearn while the decision not to mary was indeed difficult a goal is to burn my choice despite what it cost me over the years really really no news so you never fell in love with anyone go yes are fairly love many times then why didn't you get married because the kingdom's the move is not good ready so traumatic i don't understand i think you'll royal highness though a no actually i don't i don't i mean i don't wanna get married because i'm seventeen i mean whatever you choose to do in your personal w i'm not i'm not judging but i'm not i mean you you you shouldn't assume notice calls behind forgive me spoke delivered show mother used to have quite is talking to eligibilities waiting to you i everyone i grew up in the coming up through the ground it really because now you know take this what is this a mac and take you straight to the looks but you must immediately take my saw no i can't just leave you all in the middle of a few months the real bathroom the hospitals that will decide the fate of everyone schemes and skill before hold on kentucky what do you mean there is a prophecy a mother kept hidden from you if you're one of the great guests skipped the hall and once you are now j g o j you hear me good to i don't wanna be too optimistic but ice vegetation it didn't quite know what he told me that they've they've given up you're so calling this doesn't make any sense why would the forests rick freaked especially when it was on the verge of crushing i hardly say it was crushing excuse me there majesty i think i speak on behalf of everyone here when i say one thing that's ever happened she writes your majesty i've never seen the funniest is voted well tonight sunny and ferocious and deliberate this wasn't some random infestation this month i did we have a trying night of course did a few people almost die sure but isn't that the home i truly memorable party i tell you before it was after something and i don't think it would have repeated unless you've got exactly what he wanted and what pray tell would have forrest once percy in your expert opinion do you think those trees managed to achieve around the sun is about to rise the castle is still standing here we must pay the doing nothing and i mean absolutely nothing has changed isn't that right robert robert reverse right in in in in in in in the faster boy were almost there just over the hill keep going look you're we understood the forest well we we go all right no no problem so don't just take a little longer to get to the hollow so what i've got two legs and a short in this map bike and do this i am just going to march into and and chanted forced into battle with an unknown evil that's been terrorizing my kingdom for years what could possibly go wrong oh forced let me make sure she comes a the two prince's was created in written by kevin christopher snacks in directed by me o'donnell with performances is by afraid to nazi so matthew reese christine baranowski no galvin sean patrick madden demands didn't executive producer mimi o'donnell senior producer katie custodial producer a number of new feeless associate producer and all that edited and produced by max you borrow sound design by daniel narrowed scar bike rack glass well and bobby lord to bring this is a production of gimblett media

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