Men in Blazers 12/10/19


This is Rebecca Lowe will rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in Blazers on the NBC sports network from the embassy row studios in the crap father so already laughing this is GonNa. It'll be a long part. It's the men in places podcast. We back I don't confer guessing. Oh you'd love you love. Your old lover has come back and run and save this day. There are desperate our need a will break the news. I'm in a relatively good mood for this. podcast himself by four attended. And that's amazing. I've never I've rarely seen you for ready. Seen said medically possible. I'm down one point. Two nine you just down. One among the bears beat the cowboy now. It's amazing sporting week ever to one L. blaze. Eric your game. I want a sure Chelsea says we will break down objectively especially AH yeah describe a moment from Saturday's rumble which is haunted me left me reeling grappling even with the hyperbolic just some of the most profound questions. Shinzo human can awesome. So okay go ahead. What Jenna game? Yeah which is not a minute. Yeah volume advocate shirking their identity. To my surprise I will say my having to their identity shocking. It okay identity. Let's say they were footballing. Ralph Williams suddenly buccaneering. They're fighting. They're playing with collective active. The stuff that makes me love sport in the first place and I'm watching with all my kids my wife got love was away in. La this week for work work. So I don't for them watch me living out that emotional wonder that was big. dunks holy return to lift us all up and at the final whistle a a massive game world and the numerous enormous. Three point three seismic a sculpture. You love sculptures that you see where it says love in huge letters. Three three point to a big. Yeah they were that big and my second son bear He's a he's a beautiful is a beautiful boy. He's inside an oh he's A. He's an incredible very cool gentleman. We watches he's gotten incredible. Read of Human Nature sees everything thing if a sports fee forgave empathy ratings Republican ninety-five possible Wolcott levels empathy. Just the final whistle whistle. Yeah I felt like credible overwhelming sense of joy. Incredible relief to take over him because he's saying closest to me on the couch and I expected that light shed fan laughed shed pumping the shed high five crap and instead the final whistle his face just crumpled and he fell into my arms and he silently sobbed David. Kind of profound Saab. Gino them when you hold somebody and they're just just. The soaps are coming from so deep inside the whole body. Shake in your hand. Yeah this is the second time you've told me this story and I love it and I love all your kids alive little busy. He's he's a he's a he's a he's such an open and wise's nolde soul of a human beings poboy these beautiful. You've got emotional. The second time you told me the story. I imagine you'll tell that story with the rest of your life. You emotional about it by still come back to the same thing. Is this right. You have your children caring. So much about Edison football club and the outcome of individual games that they play in that they're gonNA crumble into heaps and even the good move victory might happen if they'd lost me. These are the questions I mean. I just hugged him in. Victor realized just how much of a toll hooping editon we came. We can't was taken on my kids. How much they ultimately realize the threat of relegation? He thought that so seismically late to me. Hey it's like I can't believe I've seen this movie before dalliance allegation big Sam Bish Bosh Poodle crap. See where you do. We go again by some new players. Let's do it said to me later. that he said I ve kept it in all the stress the darkness he said and and I had to write this down. He said it felt like someone we loved was dying and I could do nothing to stop it. This is a good how Paraguay's it's pretty bad pretty bad. Because really he's just he's he's reflecting refracting he's ingested all of your stress and emotionality you put into evidence despite adult care. I'm too I'm too it would you never are. And he's just taking all of that in and he's now carrying that burden I think it's time for that perspective conversation I think also the Vodka Rigi listening much of this is your phone thing you'll accept did made me realize I forget sandwich one life probably over a year. Yeah when all push together watching evitable lose games terribly. Losing has become such a corporate. My identity don't take away my losing but it's my kids. They don't change when they sing. Where by far the greatest t the world has ever see and they believe woods David whereas I believe that the greatest team I'm saying implicitly the greeters T- to me? I don't sing that pop implicit. They are the greatest team but to me. All of this has plummeted me into the depths of emotion producer. Jay DUBB's best summed up his magnificent line. It's always latest just before the dark yet. Just after the and that's it's a darkness sandwich what's going on right now. Some which the contract. I've got new trump stump feeling the contrast in the Dave Oh household my kids walking to the holiday favorite their school on Saturday lunchtime and and they're walking up Hudson Street in the crap parcel hotels their school and two. Gop stopped them and said Oh my God day for kids because they recognize is them from instagram George. Jj while them they're like yes and they have this. Whole compensation in the Tottenham fans apparently like very nice? And I take we've got to find now Georgia's ready. He pulled his keys out and pure spurs and anyway so they retired F.. facetime me to go and told me the story said I'll George did they taught you about the L.. Plays Erica result Everton beating Chelsea and look to me when Everton beat Chelsea like he. He had no idea that the game had happened. No idea what it is and I said yeah they lost and he goes yeah okay like no literally no material effect on him whatsoever. I lost a win. A draw a Champions League trophy. He likes winning trophies. But like everything else doesn't really matter naievety. And in the best inoculation relation life day is a dog this ignorant bliss. Okay talking of darkness. Rajini you've got a PhD in we've got a ton of men in blazers content coming up this week. We have a series of pieces dropping on golf channel and Golf Channel digital in which we deeply analyze the rules changes into the game and also celebrate the President's cup down in Australia. Can I just say on that one of the joys of my year. We've how many wonderful moments we talked to Steve. Kerr found ways we've talked. Take vetch can about the incredible bender. The we just had interview after we spoke to Meghan repeated several times on the most profound things breaking down as we do in one of the films the things have influenced us in our imagination about Australian talking to you about skippy. The Bush kangaroo. You've seen I mean don't don't knock it till you've seen it views not video one of the joys of my year may I may or may not have reached out to the original by holders to see the rights Of Skip a skip. Just let me. If you don't know what we're talking about. Just now eight nineteen seventies Australian television share which skippy the Bush piece. I would call real life television television souls crime after crime of the crime to be skipping. The kangaroo souls Kramer the Crown Yep talks we you need to get on the phone. We came for move into this listeners. But please walk shades beautiful anyway learning skippy willing term. You won't watch the talk a little bit about the goals. But it's mainly for us it's mainly skippy. The kangaroo related. We are back on you to look at it. Looks comfy talented many of you. So roads. A skip the delicate Bush we gotta run into the Weigel Ouaga skippy. I think he knows something back on live. TV next Monday at five thirty PM eastern oftentimes special guests Kfi then over the holidays. We have a boxing day special with John Oliver and a New Year's Day special with Edwin van der saw. Aw that's a lot of crap from US route okay wrote. We've got a pack show. We're GONNA relive in painstaking objective detail evidence three one as Eriko victory but Chelsea. We're GonNa Marvel at Nice Guy. All socialize. Efficacy as Mantis denied. Turn Down the volume on their noisy neighbors in the one hundred and seventy ninth Manchester Darby and Jamie Body just won't stop scoring but first a toast along raise my first third bird of the day. I love that sound effect when I speak into the ground. Smells good to the Von Concept of. I thought a lot about over the past couple of weeks Franklin Porta Jerry. And his babies made me. I consider it a perfect synergy of Israel. Chelsea's dire need that need solved by the wonder and beauty of youth and the satisfying feeling that ensued. Best capture believe and I think we both agree by the words of Bikkhu. Bodey eighty the translator of Buddhist techs as the state of perfect happiness complete peace complete freedom full awakening and understanding and then. I felt it again as US did. You're watching thirty-three-year-old West Ham debutante goalkeeper. David Monica's a beautiful moment. Keep that clean sheet for his Childhood Club in their hour of need and then again again this weekend. Watching hero big. Dunk Duncan Ferguson. Returned to a plummeting advocate spill having Lawrence Taylor step in temporarily early coach the giants if they would get a being and they probably should be relegated to the XFL more. Jim Big Deng deliver. Charge down the sideline in full flight. Hugging ballboys imply. Isn't the crowd filling a state of ecstasy which transcends sport and there's a human wholeness of motion the Buddhist concept I think of Taffeta meaning such north or that nest and I raised my but found blood to that mistake that that nece that nurse when we experienced something and say to ourselves reality is wondrously beautiful but also patents a fragile and passing David to that nece okay. Where's the Nisa? Let's get this over and done with. We've already spoken about it for an hour. And a half Everton. Three Chelsea one you'll Marco Silva lists mob find their way out of the relegation unsown and to the top of the pod rundown thanks to a comprehensive victory over my beloved Chelsea Manager Club. Legend Duncan Ferguson and early Richarson Charleston and a dominant caveat lewin brace proved too much for Franks babies who have now lost three of their last four crisis crisis crisis. The Victory Lifts Everton out of the relegation nations on and we assume boosts the mood in the Bennett House Hall. Well not really how you feeling. We know how you're feeling about this Roger. We've you've explained it in detail. COMMUNICA again the tip mandate we have to rip off slowly and painfully. Might Not Happen again in my lifetime I will. Do you want to come back to at the beginning because before kickoff at the at the Big Bang you won't let Sam Allardyce exploded saluted Norfolk. This always good. I did fail before kick-off as I was working in a factory of Broken Dreams Marco silver somewhat somewhat belatedly and really quite clearly be given the heave-ho on Thursday after not mercy so Darby is permanent success that will be the fifth manager manager to serve in just three and a half years since forehead. Machinery took her evidence that revolving door possibly the biggest symbol of a club soaked in its own history considering itself to be a traditional power almost overwhelming and undermined by a desperate desire to reclaim that status. Who Cares about strategy or OH patients in for this game? Step cult hero club legend. He'd been an assistant manager. Stepped up for the game. Do you remember him as deeply physical strike and not only a deeply physical striker but a lot of what he did. On the field was as an enforcer to some extent he was the he was the spiritual leader leader on the park for this team in the box from like defending corners in the middle of the park when he wanted to like. Send a message to somebody defending his. I saw the plays going at the ref going patient. The opposing and a prototypical old stall center forward head on everything arrived in Everton. In the mid ninety s from Scotland and we're just been imprisoned for headbutting opponent on the field of play and the arrived at Everton where you always seem perpetually semi out of control but still established himself himself to be our top score during dark days at Everton for Brooklyn almost single-handedly time and time again this relegation nearly ninety returning as an assistant coach and cleaning up is that the best way of summing up dunk was this peak in Liverpool robbers broke into his house and he beat the crap out of them. In fact I seem to remember. There was a detail in the court case which I believe they brought against him for how badly these rovers up they tried to jump out the window they were an escape and I believe he pulled them back into his house by the gun to beat them up some more God anyway facing this Chelsea a team it can seem we have a terrible record school in the lost seven zero blaze Eric. WHO's fourteen one to Chelsea big dunks steps in like a think a Scottish what Ashley and the intake willing to say whatever extraordinary things to protect the one thing in life he loves? I don't have money. What do have a very particular set of skills L. Skills a baby a nightmare for people that you if you let my daughter ever to go? Now that'll be the end of it. If not I'll look for you. I will find you and then I will kill you. which is exactly what you meant a believe David? When he said we'll fight for every ball will cover every play digress? Because that's what they did on this. We speak a lot on on this part where we sometimes can overstate the importance of emotional and those human characteristics but fans like look for we want them to play with passion. Play for the badge. Play for the club onto this whole thing which we are reminded constantly of when we speak to elite surveys of this game is that it's coaching and technical ability and winning important moments and decisive battles on the field of really make the difference in football however this was a day that was literally fueled by passion and Cassian Passion alone and even coming up on the wrong side of it. It was beautiful and I fell pessimistic. Bounce it from the second. I walked big mcdonagh entrance up. Those stairs announced the beginning again because by the way as huge as it was Frank Lampard coming back to the club coming back to Chelsea and and managing this team. If you look at his home debut as a manager it was a fairly understated announcement of fairly understated moment. That Franko this Duncan Ferguson. Moment was so choreographed and the camera. If you watch Frank Lampard's body language in the background Frank Nampa. WHO's a player? Who Respected Duncan Ferguson? As a player respects him had very nice. Things has to say about him in the pre mattress and the post-match press but he's looking at the whole thing happening and I gotta think he's thinking F- holy crap going to get in the ring with him F- F- like my babies are going into this pressure cooker of this emotional atmosphere and every time this season that the emotional volume is turned up on these Chelsea. Babies they have wilted. It was a test that they just are retrospectively. You were right. I didn't feel the tanks. I hadn't even had the chance to adopt to surrender Cobra when I'm five minutes. The potent Sediba Kill the proven cross into the middle. And who is there to head it in well. No one from Chelsea was anywhere near it not out goalkeeper. Not about defenders. I think Christians was like mocking four defenders at the point. And it's your boy rich Alison Mitchelson who he's reborn suddenly. There's rich Alison Ricky Alison Ferguson and ironically in the post game conference kept calling Rick. Allison I love that rich. Alderson is Brazilian. Does the pigeon twenty schools and in this one this goal was like a big chunk header steaming. In recco said is just to Geza hangs out in the corner of the Earth as a car trunk full of Dodgy Stolen Goods Celje percents on the dollar a few in the know you need to succeed Rick Illness and just happens half a lot of new brown ones in this car outside the pub and watching him the Brazilian slappers habitant badge in joy. Goodison Park just throb. Big Don't charge in down the sideline and celebration grabbing a ballboy flinging into the heavens. It was exactly what we all needed. They've the only shocking to me was a big dome. It didn't fling off his jacket tariff this shirt and kiss the evidence to that he has on his chest. It was just a magnificent moment and Everton continue to press from on the front. It was all basically. You're right David. This basic almost Moi's evident four forte built on the plays giving crap saying we're not good but we're going to come at you with a collective fist Rick Olson and DC L. Pressing Kovacic Chink cantey tearing at Chelsea pressing drove in the back opened. The crowd would get behind them which they it did and then just exploiting speed on the flanks sky statistician at embattled tweeted the major difference. Doug made evident thirty seven tackles against Chelsea the most by any team in the Premier League most evident have made in a decade. It was magnificent. You could tell from the way to debate mark Christian Pulisic say say non factor in this game are really tight. SEDIBA used his hands pushed nibbled away at politic kicked him at the time you you could tell helbig Dunkin send them out and said these leads Chelsea leads. They don't like it up totally because what Chelsea had plenty of possession in this game and I think after weathering not particularly well the initial official onslaught and going one nil down. I thought Chelsea came back into the game pretty well. They had plenty of possession. They were getting the ball to the edge of the box. They'll be getting into the ocean so moments when Tammy Lakey we'd just calibrate celebrate. There was just there. Were they getting into attacking positions but then just hesitating. There wasn't a single moment. I can remember this entire game of a hesitation station moment from a different player and I felt this was just hesitant. I hate to say this. I was reminded a little bit of Sarah's Chelsea in terms of overplaying the ball that hesitancy of the edge of the box that running someone and then stopping and it was wasteful and it just to me the emotion of the entire moment and you've talked a lot about goodison. The the atmosphere that sits in that in that ground Lebron felt like the emotion of the moment got to them as it did by the way opening day of the season at all Trafford against man united. I just think it got to them and it would get get back for Everton the other side halftime by the way when a tight that phrase into my game note it will get better for Everton ever said it before computers spellcheck did tell me. Yeah that little pay per click. We've always popped up. I saw defending familiar. So you know I got one of your own. You wanted him. We we told him well. You're claiming the ball. He just kind of smacked pop up flight. Yeah which dominate Covet Lou impound and God love. DC Al.. Yeah I've well it wasn't so much it wasn't so much popping up in the there was the moment as you said yesterday. Peed his pants on the way down. Say it just didn't really know how to deal with it. Once he created did the mistake. You know we saw. We'll talk about it later. That moment in the last two games Jamie Vardi whiffed on the ball and then immediately got it back bounce back ability such an important quality because I'm a had a moment and then completely fell to bounce back from DC ALKA under a play try bloody hard. He's trying hard. Pre much is give him antenna ten for trying. All the things strike is meant to deal with on he's so good Ling play knockdowns getting his head on the ball. Coined thing to see him actually school goals was on this date bewildering and he reeled away. He looked shocked. Lifted a shirt in Sally knowing that he could photoshop his muscles on these APPs to make them look like my pilates when he later posted on instagram. I was like all these strange emotions. I am experiencing feelings of happiness alien the and feelings whilst watching Everton play football and before a workout. The answer I was exposed to an emotional as much more familiar with Chelsea got one back through this John. Sorry I think. He's the most informed scorer over recent Games Matteo KOVACIC. Yes got the commentator. Just through the Chelsea hadn't come back from two goals down law season genuinely just our and then coach pounce on a poor clearance coach. The ball on the volley with his right first. This time it was a seeing eye single phenomenal strike Kovachevich coming into getting used to play for Chelsea football club. Now it's had a better season and this was. This was a better game from him and for a moment there. I certainly okay here. We come here we come. We haven't come but we haven't done well coming back this yet but this is. This is evident only Aston Villa of conceded more in the last us. Fifty minutes of games are big. Don't good at Pash. Would he be good. At tactic Tunisia. We hadn't seen our boys had run so hard I mean I just watched the excellent movie. It's John Hbo. Which I'm thank? God I've been looking at very just when we were kings about the foreman rumble in the jungle. And I was worried that Everton had punched themselves out. Yeah I really was and I've watched them do it so many times before there was such an old school feeling of doom to Everton Chelsea gave half expected managed to smash the ball past Tim. Howard from long range? David knew that was coming but instead the last thing I imagine happened. Everton scored ninety percent of this game a ninety percent of the disappointment of this game. I can sort of brush off and think what Chelsea will attack better. I do think that these babies gonna get stronger going forward the team it comes together. They Will Frank Lampard. post-match wasn't take more shots wants them to take more chances and they'll get their reinforcements coming in January. This is going to be good to team. NEEDS IT RUBIK IS GONNA come back from injury hopefully our LLC please God the ten percent that actually is really wearing for Chelsea. Is that what goes on in between Kappa and their centrebacks and the whole defensive understanding the back for Chelsea this is something and this was a goal and this is not the first time this has happened this season. This was hi Tara giveaway in a moment where you're trying to come back in the game. A terrible giveaway from kappa. Awful and the defense they had so many chances to go and clear this ball afterwards afterwards and they just fell through. It's like you're in a dream and you know and you can't run and you're you have leaden feet. It was like that moment and this understanding I would even say the first goals a little bit of that too. Is that this just lack of understanding between the goalkeeper who is a brilliant shot stopper kappa. But he's not much of a leader at the back. This is a worrying element. And there's this game Christianson had moored Turtur Zuma's both flounder kappa. Did neither favor Davis pounced. And the book to DC Al Chelsea slayer. I was wrong on this day. I was was wrong. And he poked the ball home. Such malign much-touted athlete had his day. Oh He's like our to Chelsea Regis to Liverpool DC L. now as to Chelsea in a massive game suddenly delivered when no one expected him to like a Premier League. Mitch Trubisky and that was David. No Fast Carter Day. I just imagine agenda looked up to the heavens and I thought the spirit of the late great Steven Naismith must be looking down from Heaven Calcium Liam because he's invisible but he's still submerged joy. I mean my only pleasure was going to be crapping on Ross Barkley but much fans have dispatched after the immersive sound. I thought we turn to tears of joy in the space of just three days football. How'd you do that to us in the safest possible way you Chelsea I? What was your take? They seem to other imaginative cumbersome. Lost three over the last four lamps post game. You give them a Tony Bit Room because of the youth is some of the team. They're they're not silly. They know that physical contact happens in Games. We've got learn to deal with it better. Look I think they've got the right manager. I feel everything Lampard said after the game and I feel this increasing with him he never says anything. I think the I don't agree with your assessment. I don't agree you're right. He actually is very honest about the performances and very honest about what happened. I feel good about that. Despite the recent L. Blaze Erica recold tackled of like fourteen goals to one this game. Actually in the men in Blazers era. The record has been pretty close. Eleven wins for Chelsea eight wins. Everton don't five Chelsea. Don't play very well against Everton and they just. I don't think there are many teams in the men in Blazers areas since two thousand and ten in that Era Chelsea haven't been very good about evidence difficult club up for them to play. They don't do well against that kind of passion Chelsea our team. Who Don't like it up? y'All don't like them. So you've got dave two hundred million dollar. Transfer Kitty rumored. Yeah Chelsea's transfer Pam was lifted. This week sensational. Would you be wary about upsetting locker room chemistry or would you be in there in January splashing in cash and in which case. What would you spend? I would not be worried about upsetting locker room chemistry. I would be doing what I can't afford. Competition and make plays is formed for their places. And worry worry about. Whether they're gonNA make it. I would start in the central defense. I like a lot of Chelsea fans would like to see Nathan Arcade back. Let let him go. It'd be nice to have him back. We've got a buy-back laws. Fortunately in the contract that we sold them and show well little therabreath yet. Another very good play. Dave is getting a little long in the the two third left-back who'd be good to see he'll come into the same. I think that would be a very good player. Good experience very solid player. So I'm more interested in what goes on at the back. I think we've got more going forward. It would be great great if we could. Spring Wolford's are half Crystal Palace if we could end up with Jaden Sancho from Dortmund. I think those would be amazing. Buys but I would be starting at the back with this club. Probably spend handle two hundred million dollars by Gary Hill back five. You wouldn't have an argument for me. I'd like him in the squad. Jerry Que Hill plus more Americans plus not me as Top four place big game against Lille today in the Champions League and this is like not great. This is a really important game for Chelsea. And I think we're GONNA know a lot more and you'll know lot more by the time this drought about how Chelsea you're going to respond to this. How the manager gets result out of these out of these kids and out of the squad on? I think it is time for some of those senior players concert Jorgihno Dave. I think we're GONNA have to step up you know and I think we're GONNA need somebody coming off the bench and doing something for the Everton. David let me look Everton. Tell me I mean is this. I guess the question is is this new manager bounce capable of lasting several games or oh the same problems which you outlined at the end of last week's pods still remain and what you have to go over the next few weeks. Everything magnificent day for me up there with Everton for Manchester United Nell of law season. That was also just a magnificent day when we needed it. It was a return to everything that thrills me. Artem football club at their best in the primarily gear. We've always been tenacious. We've always been a collective wherever the odds. We take the field with Hustle without not fair with passion and particularly in context after the demolition against Liverpool. Second team earlier in the week. It was just exhilarating again into say Everton football club run. I try hard. Never give up because of course I. We've barely try the Silva we have given. We didn't really give a crap and that to me. That's where I come watch football where you suspend belief when the football is on not try try it makes it seem about life it transcends football. It's not losing the matters. It's wrong for not giving a crap from playing for the club though. I don't believe that for a second honey. Believe that that bad. They didn't give a crap playing from silver playing that these are the same players who kissed the Bachelorette Lance Lynn was a man possessed and then can folks and possibly because because a new manager is coming in and they won't talk to the pigeon's Fed to Dunkin's pigeons but the reality is Lynn on the market Silva for the past year and a half has just casually watched as plaza blown past them. I mean you can watch game. Film Schneider just assuring people through and so watch play not give a crap I come watch. That Zachary mccaw in four tweeted when I tweeted a version. He said I'll take things that used to define defined the US men's national team for five hundred. The must have been seen that will save big Dunkin. That locker room there will be some whiskey. Drinks too will have been some larger drinks and I feel like you can gain relief when you give up. I think it's when you give up in life. There's an incredible relief. Believe me I've done it and you can gain relief by renewing the fight and evident didn't let up for one day and it was a magnificent. I I tweeted this. We were all the Everton ballboy on this day. Lifted up up by Duncan Ferguson. In our of need made that bloody statue amazing because that manner nowadays to feel emotions that to be honest I I doubt it. We'd fail for Long Jillian. Victory and Duncan Ferguson. Right afterwards was cornered by the English press. Do you feel you've made a statement have you. You said this is your club and you want us to shoulder it for now on. I loved what he said. He's so humble so really said it was an unbelievable experience. One never forget on the. I won't be going to mcsherry the owner asking for the job. I'm just here for Everton. We want the very best managers in the world. Everton football club. That's what he's saying he said it's not me it's not me said he himself that it's one game it's one whistle and I love this tweet from PG Dj eighty-eight you said it simple Raj. That's thirty eight different managers in the season. You can't lose if you're always on the new manager bounds. We've probably can if Niamey's coming David. I believe I mean yeah I like that for you. I prefer John Terry coming to Everton more. I think that'd be hilarious. Look I think. If Duncan Ferguson wins a few more games before they have another manager. I think there will be a question. I think there will be a moment but no running changes winning. Look how one win has changed everything in your mood. And around the state it was seventy three percent all about the hugs. That's what Premier League management off if they win four on the spin. I gotTa tell you it's going to be the they've got a couple of other big games coming up to if they win some little big games everything will change. Maybe it's a nice problem to have. I will say it's Hilarious to me. How hugging and football become so this new troop of the post-match whistle going and then the camera going on the field behind the manager and this is a new scene? We take it for granted. We now diagnosed. How the play has come up to the manager? All the hugged drill Oslo fans you talking. Everyone was diagnosing. Freddie's hugs with the play as well. They genuine where the planes hugging him with love love. It's like a soap. Opera but Premier League Management has seventy three percent became about the bloody hugs a little thick. Say this even I am everything linked into Everton which is hilarious and dark. It's as if the premier league is just playing out in my doc upside-down viewing experience. I do believe right now. 'cause everyone's tweet what do you think about it. What do you think I believe that whenever there's a vacancy right now? The managers agents are just brutal and running with it. Because it's a great story makes makes us all clay that I pray. I pray that five machinery has actually been watching football for the last twelve months and we'll we'll put their stories about here here. We Go Rodman city. Another huge huge game went on this weekend. Man City one man united to and after conquering Josie. I'm really owed Old Trafford Ali Gol so I want a week. Marches his troops straight into the AD and claims another high profile not to mention smooth bald scout. Marcus respite penalty his tenth goal of the disease. And aeneas stick stripe from Anthony Masi Allah reborn Anthony Marcy out the red hulk of mattress to lead city back in the second forty I five because only muster late Nico Mendieta city. Stay third slip. Fourteen points behind Liverpool united meanwhile surge into fifth. Just I five points off the top. Four hundred seventy nine Manchester Dr.. A game in the name modern period is felt seismic always titled defining. Yeah this one you. United entered eleven points behind reigning champion city close to zero point. Everyone reveling than to league-leading Liverpool and city themselves fighting fighting not to go fourteen behind their title-chasing rivals. Despite that the stakes were still so high for future for pep sanity. This was was a riveting game of Dr Pepper Halftime Tuition giveaway riveting frenzied opening city dominant united though so poised on the counter. Anthony Marshall Daniel James Jesse Lynn God and smash with a from for that was way too fast too. Furious look into charges cities vulnerability ability and we all knew it. was there David Defenses. Look so human more than human vulnerable and particularly susceptible to one thing in particular the counter onto a thermal exhaust port on the death star if that thermal exhaust port was massive and Johnstone sized. And and you not just went for that. That was a determination about man united in this game and it was written all over. Ogsm his face think about him when he came in as new manager bounce. It was almost a naive about him but like everything was is going so well and then when he started having challenges he looked always like worried toys concerned. There's been a steel about Ogsm just terms of his countenance over the last couple of weeks which has been very very impressive to me. He is trying to grab hold of that Man United Job Knock on let it go away and that still I think has been reflected across the pitch some of the most outstanding performances. What's is in this game? Scott MacDonald WHO's spoken a lot humming. He is just a wonderful wonderful football but Lindelof Lindelof was just outstanding in this this game. I've not seen Lindelof play like this Maguire is good too but they were just so good at the back end up getting ready out ripple Fred Fred this. This cannot be the same Fred that we watch majesty before it's got to be friends. It's something entirely different Fred. From an entirely different line of Fred's I mean just stunning game to watch united had twenty eight percent possession but just used it so lethally so clinically from from the off rash charging into the city box Bernardo Silva God love Rivaldo Silver Speak Seventy three languages languages and one of them is fouling. Neptune smash word penalty rash of it goes to the spot. It's as if the Englishness you can leave his body. It's just like the English wars going on at the beginning of the season when when when Manchester United's including Marcus rash guards woes from the spot was something we would like actually talking about at length on the podcast. He now has this look. He has that look. He's got a whole new routine before he goes up for a penalty. Now it's a very very slowly pug bask and the only difference being thing is he actually converse. Yeah but it is very continental bureau and we'll say the one thing that truly love about rush beans goals and there's been many of them. Recently Jesse Lynn. God It is the most committed on the failed. No not since David Beckham of united at the plan more aware that the first person to jump on the back of the goal score get get from billing and the tabloid newspapers the next day Jesse Lynn. God always first of the photograph pay on the wings just kept crushing cities. Hope city spirits. United we're so confident Fred Meg Roger. Yes that Fred. Within six minutes it will be two L. cities back line playing like Phil Jones in sky. Blue stood off James Marshy L.. What finish clever set on the television show? We're finish it was as clever lever was aviation Jim Commercial and felt so shocking David United magnificient. They could've been four or five up now. It was. I watching the. Why always me game averse? The one you just mentioned Daniel James Young Welshman. He was just outstanding armed in this game and say so much pace only Mr bullcrap them. The juicy marina would now become become the coach Manchester City. 'cause they were playing so committed so so angry at halftime. The challenge really was could you know it it show experience the confidence. Close the game down. Half of me expected them to look at the Tobin. Panic specially city took the field determined to drive back and it was then and it was then the Lindelof highlight defended with vigour and determination love when Lindelof celebrated like a linebacker celebrating a sack. That was just a emotional ocean exploration point heroin package plan turn in really a shutdown. CORNERBACK in Stefan Gilmore. He's an elite eat elite defender. And I think he's actually had some struggles since starting a man united and we haven't seen the best of him you know he is a he's a right back struggle going forward a little that was never his his strength palace but one on one defensively and even one against against three defensively. He is a unit he very percents one tomorrow. One Saka Aaron Safety Role of more than study he marked a number of city plays and just shot them all down into space on that side of the field and cities frustration. Bill et so much ball but in the final third reminded me of what genucel. And we've resiliency Zola La kind of era when they'd often try on the ball into the net and that frustration thread the stands and in a moment of true haunting darkness. Manchester City city fans pelted Fred at the time pelted him with cigarette. Lighters and I thought the time they move. That's going to help new. What this that? No one one wins when your team behind and you are pelting the opponent. It's old school. Used to be very commonplace when we grow. It's it's a terrible look and then it became worse when it was revealed. The one also was screaming at Fred with racist language. It fills me with disgust at filled with sadness that Fred said later. This is Fred speaking. We are still in a backward society and I accredit Man City for moving save quickly. They responded appropriately. Swiftly presumably will ban the fund sanfer life. I think criminal charges have also been filed against him. But what did you make of all because it was a horror. This was optically. I'm not saying bad things. Don't go on at every lab at some points during the season or during the recent Prime League era but this was optically just the worst thing I've seen go go on during the era of covering the premier league and what was so awful about it. Yes the actions of the individual fan which no doubt are going to be dealt with adjust inexcusable. While I was actually more concerned with with the actions of the entire section advance you know and that's where I thought that it was from moment GonNa get ugly. You know it wasn't just just like a couple of things were thrown and then cooled down a couple of things with thrown and then it escalated more things with thrown. I really credit both the united and the city not plans for how they handled that situation and carrying on because it would have affected the city place as well regime sterling has been a victim of terrible racism. Shame to say a my Chelsea football club and a lousy outspoken leader in the fight against racism affected the city players as well. It was just disgusting. It was awful. It looked like it was going to escalate escalade but this is pure cowardice is such cowardice hiding behind their stands in the fact that the that the players aren't GonNa like jumping after them it's just cowardice sub. So it's so awful it's so wrong I've a horrible feeling that these people people who like for some reason will go to the football league is okay. It's just a banner can't stand attitude and I hope Man City and actually the police move very very quickly to deal with this the end of the day. We've said this before. Football Paul is just a mirror. The is held up to the society which around is in every case particularly in the national game. We see that in in European settings over and over again and Gary Neville said really poignant on sky he said we have a prime minister. Right now who just cooled minorities. He adds he said what the Prime Minister Sir and is absolutely horrifying and then later barely apologize for his words. That's Gary Neville speaking. He said the prime minister's punishment was to become the leader of the country and this likely to continue in that position after this week so ultimately it's a football problem but that football problem is routed into societal problems at one and the same you know it is right. Football does reflect the the larger. She's going on in society but Britain is a more multicultural. Country is better for its multiculturalism as we've seen in trips to London metrics to Manchester trips livable. True off the field and I think what. The primarily illustrates a version of Britain. That is also accurate. There's also there and the vast majority of fans do not feel the way that this minority visits. Go and feel all made it an even. Even more deflating day for Pepin city fourteen points now behind league leaders Liverpool gap no one's bridged improperly history this stage of the season Pep Guardiola L. is worse points return after the first sixty matches of top flight season in his managerial career. What city they look bereft? They'll confused confused on this day. Winning is hard sustained winning back to back to back titles is almost westworld host desk. A mental fatigue kicks in as much as anything you look at city. The Big Marquee assets without team Fernandina Silver Guero aging out company gone the twilight of the city careers for many of their stars. A comprehensive review must now take place. Do you think has the energy to oversee it see. I wonder about that whether a comprehensive rebuild needs to take place remember Chelsea that awful season they had in fifteen sixteen and then they came back and sixteen seventeen and they won the league and it was. The same group of players wasn't like a lot of change that happened that was Marino's third season. Then Khazei I'd say came in. And he he solved. The I think the issues here with PAP and its pep. This reminds me. The city team reminds me of pet. I came into the Premier League in that sort of pointless possession city had a lot of chances in this game you know united credit them. They were determined a they took. There's they didn't have a lot of other chances to go beyond that first install when when they were killing in the second half city with the better team and they're plenty of chances to go and come back into but there's just a lot of pointless passing. There's a lot of pointless possession. What did they have seventy two percent a possession? It was a lot but it was pretty pointless. I still think that that's good. I still think even their senior players are very very good. They've got some issues at the back. I'm sure PEP IS GONNA. I'm sure he's going to have pressure to to address that in January even though he's saying he doesn't want any new lies which seems like a bizarre thing to say we'll say what Jim intensity the the stress and I thought a lot about this since poverty knows demise and speaking to people around Tottenham Hotspur in business business leaders. The difference between business and football is only one premier league manager every year can win clubs at this stimulus year so true and that must take a just an immense meant toll for the ones at the top watching on the sideline I mean we see him unravel we see him become a meme we forget that he's human and that Mao suffering. I do wonder like how long you you can sustain. He's only done four years at any club guessing. The Champions League will become obsessive. Focus for the season but we will sit and ain't that storyline is what we'll do. Manchester City is going to become the second half of the season narrative drum that will continue to be beaten but on this day. Let's say Manchester hit magnificent absolutely a win two in a row in the League for the first time since early March this game a major win in a massive matched to a real personality identity. So no question marks before he beaming sir. Alex fantastic to see him back doc in rude health savory and I it was wonderful a premier league with a strong Manchester United is a better primarily and this is a team who really have everything. They've got a great goalkeeper. They got a great defense and got great players in midfield. They've got creative players. They've got enforcing players. They've got great white plastic amazing speed. They've got a great centre forward. They really have every that great stadium syringe potato snack. They have more sponsors than anybody. They've got everything you really. I need to go and be a successful club and now let's see if Oj can kick them on well. Let's was smiling Roy full season gs first manager to be joe say impact within a single week so much pace so much lethally in transition can they thrive against the smaller teams whether expected to dominate. You're right I mean ah Liverpool in the days of clot what they really fought the bigger opponent and then wilted and gave up points again. I'm guess I'm saying this. Because they're about to play advertiser. It's a now train. This is true but in this season of crazy narrative flipflops united the now in fifth five points off the champions the they do have everything coming this Sunday Sunday. And after beating Pepin Jo say the Premier League's the conic manager arrives to face a big chunk in the united and Tottenham both smelling the blue blood of Chelsea feeling that they can catch them up quickly born with no Liverpool three another routine when the European KLOPP and Co extends their unbeaten streak goals from oxen. The box Alex oxalate Chamberlain navigator and most Saleh Keep Liverpool eight points clear at top the primarily table. They could play skied the kangaroo in place of any of their players and still win wash Matthaus fifty two blue. Just the seven changes for your clock on Saturday you blue we say if you laying. Yeah do you like I go fishing with him. Give me you got a plan to the left wing skippy starred against you know Sally. I primarily start the season for Naby Keta a symbol of a new Liverpool traits. Never get the off side squad death mate data for Liverpool Saudi-omani. Take you see on the bench. Load Management and after the anxious can a November of leaving it to the last minute to extract three points this was cruise again. Liverpool boom aside. Who'd lost four straight? I am really played like. MD Ruis. I've gotTA say did love is post fight quote one the say that the three months of partying celebrating affected me. But to tell you the truth. It kind of did fantastic moments. I primarily goal after two injury-plagued Saleh's wizard Phil backheel flick. Which AH empowered cater to score amazing? Sixteen of Nineteen outfield players Liverpool of fielded have now scored seller later grabbed. His tenth. Goal of the season looked better in this game than him. Weeks and Liverpool take reports most played song on your Klopp spotify rap personal playlist. Victory Tree hugs their focus. Now moves to the point today. They need to extract from Salzburg to move on in the Champions League which is it's almost become an afterthought for them this season but an astonishing primarily. I have never before batted in English top-flight history. Sixteen Games Dave Oh fifteen. Winds forty goal scored forty six points accrued one league defeat in fifty five and seven more games to go this month. But now they've got Kerry it catered Gomez Lana to rely as they walk on with more hope in their hearts and I think should be legally admissible. Yeah I mean it's very hard. It's kind of like sometimes. I look at my auden in winter and the idea of summer is impossible to imagine. You just can't imagine that same garden looking looking some alike and the same in summer. It's impossible imagine winter winter with Liverpool playing this well. It's impossible to imagine a moment when they won't play this world's impossible to imagine the end of this story and yet it will happen count for every night ball is rarely rarely a straight line of this will go on forever. It won't go on forever I think hopefully livable fans and certainly to everyone objected. Are we looking at it. It seems as though this is going to last until the end of this season so enjoy it while it lasts. It doesn't make you a better person if you're a Liverpool fan doesn't mean that you are more successful in life it's just you joy just enjoy. It won't go on forever enjoy. It's lovely to do a podcast with Chauncey the Gardner All do dream Butler Palooza almost every night and the late great juice world a line and one of his songs all this jealousy and agony that I sit in. I'm jealous boy. We really feel like John Lennon described made this season as I watched Liverpool. What they've done? It's been amazing and me in Bournemouth. Eddie how who if born with replaying better or I think would be the the presumptive new manager of Everton Football Club's charter Suddenly nobody's excited about anyhow going to Everton suddenly I. I think you've talked about Eddie. How for a Lotta years no mention of anyhow now by your own food or skippy Aston Villa while less before all the foxes club-record eighth game in a row? Wow behind a brace from thirty two year. Old Jamie Body now has a league-leading sixteen goals this season. Colletti at show and Johnny Evans. Ross on the scoresheet lester stay second. Just eight points behind Liverpool. Yeah Aston Villa had early chances in this. But they are so Toothless in attack gauzy on the edge of the six-yard box clanked the ball off the ball. We've just a vast expensive goal waiting less than showed them what they should be doing. Economical finishing is just the trait of Leicester City four goals on eight shots on target which just flowed once Villa's rock tyrone wings tweet to hamstring unless the took full advantage Jamie body scoring twice the first one dishing out assists to himself as well as just screwing the goals. He he became just the second player in prehistory to score in eight successive games on two separate occasions. The other one route Vanessa Roy. But somehow they've I do believe he's still underrated. Yeah I'm I don't know about that. I I think that a lot of people who really understand football Z.. Movement see how well he finishes and you look at his story about where he came from. I think he's actually become a better place retired from international duty. I think that's been a huge without you know. He's playing in a system under manager around players. Who really really know what he can do? They understand yet put the ball. I mean it's so true it's an amazing stat since Brendan Rodgers. First game in charge much. Jamie Volley has scored twenty five primarily goals eight more than any play. In that time you just take back shoulder. Assassin do marvel how economically he decided winter mate runs and when not and then he is so bloody Lee for me. I I paint houses and that's why I think he screamed after we scored the second he undoubtedly also if you're asking does his own carpentry. I Imagine Jamie Volley just constantly dumping weapons into the Schuylkill River. The reminds me of Hansie of Hansie actually from the four four t that tracker and hit man working for the Goodhart family just tracking down. He's remarkable mentioning. Brendan Rodgers. Is Fun week for him. Committed his long-term future to less the sunny a new contract till twenty twenty-five reminds me now ever more of a Premier Legal Mirsky ask and what he's done. It is impressive David Ferrie best in the League we've talked about how intolerant less the city's midfielders. Her of their teammates MIS calibrated passes but watching it. Just charge on take his chance closed down so div two mazing what he's getting such amazing performances out of unheralded premier league veterans and new players. Who didn't have a lot of heat around them and his backline particularly? I mean they're gonNA lose. Plays in January. Sorry this is going to be something. That's going to affect Lester a lot because they've become the new Southampton but also a really good team themselves and I think a lot of clubs are going to be coming off the plan. December twenty six Liverpool plane last circle a date never an hyperbolic called this win against Aston Villa. Quite a real historical performance bridge always number one in the smoke. Table talking smug Tottenham Five Burnley Mill Spurs bounce back back from that united lost in emphatic fashion by pumping five past the band of Lancashire. Burn the a series of NSF. W goals in this one including a long-range Howitzer what's up from Hurricane. An enter in South Korean scamper and score from San Marino though will probably have taken more pleasure from his first clean sheet is now one four or five. Since taking the helm new mazing that would be newly blissed out medical marijuana Mariya still all smiles even after the shocking loss at Old Trafford Ted. I simply simply told my players. I don't want to feel sad. The one the man gray am four minutes hurricane just taking out so much anger on on the ball. You don't understand me Stepdad. You tell me what to do. You Know My real dad then. The second two goals for K.. Make it twenty. I five in twenty six matches for club and country yet he still so overrated but the real talking point here sons WanNa go Iran like a South Korean Lamar Jackson Jackson big. Trust David No. It was an amazing goal. I was watching it with producer. Jay DUBB's yesterday announcer minded if that goal that Eden has scored for Chelsea a couple of seasons ago against Arsenal. We sort of when the length of the field and beat a bunch of players. And I think this goal was every bit as good. Son is deceptively fast. He's deceptively long of leg accelerated at least three times in in how it changes. His pace would be very instincts. Speak the Hawkeye people about that for the skeletal tracking you can also ask the Hawkeye. People defending optional. It was a little bit match Dixie without a doubt taking some South Korean money you never know they could do up there and like renting eight players. ASU Ninety one point four yards from eighteen yard. Line it was primarily gets a kick return daily creating Elaine with decoy. Run Son just bursting. The whole war be reminded of the Ray Hudson quote is your like. He's got a food mix at short set. It set to beat the go. You watched it. And you realize the Spurs fans they will be talking about this goal in pubs in clubs around family tables for years is is a kind of move just one of those goals see it. Shed memory of one the such pace direct force of will search Silvio Farrell footwork. The Korean commentary find it on the Internet. Just report pride and joy and everything. That's wonderful about the game. I just wonder if Josie goes home at night and closes the door and just suddenly collapses into a ball and just as I got. Continue to be this nice act is possible. I think he does what comes next. What's most important? He just fired up a fat one maybe Brighton. To Wolves to two goals from Diogo Zata. Keep the boys in the black country. I'm beaten an eleven to make this their best start to top flight campaign even after a terrible start this top light campaign in forty years. Fresh thinking Potter's Brighton. Meanwhile are twelve. I love GRANDPA. We actually when we were Manchester. He was walking around the lobby of our very packed hotel in Manchester with a truck on they. Brian tracks with his initials G.. He pay just wanting people to notice him. And no one dead Emmys fresh-faced. He's he's quietly just had. His contract extended Brian Until Twenty twenty-five light. The bridge thirty four. Oh unheralded most shockingly of all British. Roy Did by many when he was appointed. Not the traditional managerial career. TREKKIES had embroi- in on just just in twelve that playing I'm bishops possession based joyous football without needing the mythical three or four transfer windows to create change to me proof that small teams teams can do more for their fans and just hang on in the premier league they can enter tate and they can thrive it's wonderful Newcastle to Southampton one tune. Come from behind and Repel Ralph Hampton from tyneside and Andy Carroll assisted John Shelby Atta an eighty seventh minute Frederico Fernandez you'll see the tune surgeon. Judge Into Eleven Steve. Bruce has them unbeaten in Serie. I think that was my goal of the season I can stop the League Ron and Carol crossing the ball for Jonjo shelby to not his third goal in three games. Just just the hand and the bold coming together in harmony not since the video for Eboni the very thing have such hall mounier sounds being composed by two men signed by somebody than their piano keyboard. I looked when here's the problem with goal of the season competitions is they look for the best goal they look for the technically most difficult goal the most impressive visually goal essays. And I'm saying that really. The goal of the season should should be the most narrative defying goals narrative defining lessons that building chaos just riven by by. Hey you're looking at goal. I think if a man with the head of hair that shotgun and the Carol can instead of shooting blindly the ball into the stems the ball over fifty yards all about him instead he can say no my little friend who I have so much in you have so little yet. I'm going to serve of you up on you and you're going to school in the way only normally score we're going to reverse role I'M GONNA I'm GonNA touch you. Even your Roy did by society. Yeah which consumed by. Hey you're absolutely just an outcast. I'm going to pick you up and hug you and show the world we can get on at believe Andy Carolina. I don't like to be hyperbolic in your shell with. They might be our only hope. So I think maybe we should think about a men in blazers goal of the season which looks for different qualities. And they're taking the actually yeah narrative many blazes narrative narrative defying all defining narrative defined slash defining goal of the season. Because I've got to say a destroy this tip bow F- civilization does come crashing down and only two human survive survive and we have to create together to create the perfect human who John Jay Shelby and Carolina left. And we all have. Somehow I can happen. County John Doe Shakespeare in Britain. Andy Carroll is not shack Other than the death of the same greatly exaggerated did my word knowledge one sheffield united to this. Agriculture versus industry. Darby sees the blades overcome a one nil deficit. Thanks to early. Second half off goals from end to Stevens and George Bolduc Sheffield United. Eighth the CANARIES. Meanwhile stay down the coal mine. That is the relegations amazing. I mean to team still and being away from home. This season. Amazing one of them. Eighty seven points clear at the top of the table. Liverpool heard of him the other yet mighty blades. who was they did here? Keep coming back from behind to do so magnificent. What for Nil Crystal Palace Nila turgid affair victory? The point keeps palace in the top half of the table that tenth. What would remain nail to the bottom of the table? They failed to score nine of sixteen games this season and they've appointed an old slightly angry friend as their new manager. Yup the APP manager slash sideline streetfighter. Nigel Pearson is back appointed bottom of the table or manager till the the end of the season. Gordon Julie's Bali Rene tweeted understand though Joe Pearson Demands Wofford included chested wrestling bout which teeny to establish Elvis Elvis when we said less when we said the world needs more Nigel's genuinely even we did mean this this is this comes in a week in which the British media reported on the ongoing Nigel crisis they found out there were fewer and to Nigel's born in the UK in two thousand thousand sixteen. Well down from Joel. Nine hundred sixty three when there were five thousand five hundred twenty nine. That's too many. I think we're still waiting for the first year. PT Call Cool it baby boy or girl Nigel. But I love that quote. Less than two. Nigel's I mean surely the numbers one. What did you think could be a fraction Sicheng? It could be useful actually cool to Nigel Western to Nigel. Wray hostels nine gave run without a witness over after falling behind to a thirty eight. Th Minute Angelo ogbonna head slash shoulder Freddie Bloomberg's for Arsenal storm back in the second of reeling being of three goals in the span of minutes. It started in the sixtieth minute with eighteen year old Brazilian baby a last. He's playing Gabriel. Martinelli that was followed by an absolute blast in the sixty basic pay. Wow He's getting performance out of the kids over cap things on sixty nine minutes with a swivelling strike and Freddie has won his first game in charge is a great rate mood swing game centers in Evanston Fan. I mean producer. Jona who works or lives in those of Astle came in this morning. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship. Because he is first. Half astle woeful backline injury-depleted let the eagles receiving core loss. Kirin Tierney on twenty nine minutes to a shoulder injury that lost Hector Bello inner ready to a hamstring tweak in warm ups the team couldn't connect to pass Robbie mistake just the the makes fair-minded Robbie even he was at the arsenal that bad half time they went in one. They'll down after goal of bonus shoulder and it got so bad day for Oslo. I found myself at times. Just sympathy cheering for me. In Edison found sympathy. Chairing that's how low it became. The commentators started the took relegation relegation for that also taking thirteen points in a loss thirty engaged when narrative flip three goals in nine minutes arsenal joy explosion. I awesome goal. Gist I mean so. Many players Odsal Jacket Torrero looking grim seriously stressed out to be playing for the Farrah's a stepper young Martinelli eighteen years hundred and seventy four days too young to fill any of that and he delivered magnificently but dominant emotion. David was just relief for them. Even arsenal needs some good things to happen to them. This holiday season. They got more than one. Because that second goal if ever play needed to score much-maligned ninety five million dollars list pepper a fantastic finish. I open play and the celebration just kind of exhilaration relief. Redemption Politic gave Hof when he netted dispersed for Chelsea. God Love Pepper back active in Oslo whatsapp group chats for the first time in ages and after the final whistle and it was a major astle you can feel happiness happiness. You'll not face it to live a life of kind of job biblical do when that ball went in the cameras. Cut to Freddie lumbergh Calvin Klein model and then immediately to a slumping comping Pellegrini. He's never looked more like a model for depends adult diapers West Ham. David have you ever seen a primarily team is more erotic win at Chelsea fills a months ago. That was only a couple of weeks ago. This is a team that started the season so well and has just gone other than that win at Chelsea is really gone backwards. Ever since and it's sad to see a Pellegrini by all accounts a really decent man really a good person a man that knows a lot about football but still. They're just like overall structural worries. He's about this football club that they haven't really addressed over teen treading water. The clip confirmed Pellegrini will be in charge for West Ham's game against Southampton of the weekend and the very in fact they had to do that. Is the death rattle for Arsenal. The newspaper saying a turnaround a flip but for one night they let you said before we proclaim too much just say positive vibes. It was amazing arsenal fan singing with staying up. After we did a third even usual sent into delirium may skip dance of celebration. There were Jewish hug. So we've not seen for so very long. I mean backup. This was West Ham arsenal. Still Ninth still twenty two. He points only a zero goal difference and in need of a permanent manager dome. Caller Comeback Man City will offer more robust test this weekend but for one night also felt the peculiar joy of a bullet dodged. which is life affirming in a pants crapping? Kind of way of saying okay. Your weekend looks like this Roderick trich kicks off thirty M eastern time livable. Taking on poor poor walk for the Anfield Sunday we get to tasty back to back games as man united host Everton at nine. AM followed followed by Arsenal versus Man City at eleven thirty am all of those games on the NBC family of Network. Let's have a perfect shot of Gigi meister and see what the future holds Roja. He's just genuinely the most Jewish show of Yogi of drunken. It tells me Everton. Go ahead to Manchester United and it just tastes a big dunkin spy fewer well. A pub brawl fisticuffs plenty glasses. smashed pool balls are GONNA the fly unfortunately the little sippy a football match which is according to my. You're my sister. Got One one written all over it. Oh Fair woke up with both goals. My AAC must've ready. We must have come from the same batch. She united one Everton won an arsenal to Manchester City. To It's it's not me. It's the Yankee Meister Raj. It's a weekend of parity. There are many ways to connect to us including a now extinct Amazon emporium which translate into the mental is bull monetize biggest titus. That's and that's produce additional albeit content. What he putting the ball? Mondays we Roger Book The Sun On my head by Giovanni Martin's. I've been fascinated by visiting in culture. Ever since you and I were stationed in Rio for the two thousand fourteen Copa Dusko pass and we encountered favelas the slums which popmart the city bleeding being into any space they can running into beaches fancy neighborhoods hillsides and the juxtaposition between rich and poor possibility and non life and death. It was also also start that it's really stayed with me and this collection of thirteen short stories. Straight out for villas in Rio in a slim beautifully translated volume was just a magnificent read focusing on the inner lives of the millions who grew up in school and the challenge of Brazil's novellas around the city. The school kids the the petty criminals. The police fair aspiration hopelessness living side by side. The essays are will say the more vignette rather than kind of fully fleshed out stories but they are nonetheless haunting for that they provide you with an incredible sense of setting. That takes you out your own life and into the struggles and wonders of other like city of God in written form. wrote something very different from me. I receive terrible news this weekend about a friend who unfortunately league and inexplicably took his own life and no suicide is just to anybody who's never contemplated it is. There's no way to understand it. There's no way to figure out what's going on but just the one thing. My overwhelming feeling is that it's something that life should never come to. It should never never come to taking your own life. The pain you leave behind to everyone around you and I just say to any jeff appease listening to this part for your cells of anybody you know who is suffering from that kind of depression and thoughts of suicide. Please please look up the national suicide prevention hotline. It is one eight hundred two seven three eight hundred five one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five national side prevention lifeline. National Network of local local crisis centers provides free and confidential emotional support people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress twenty four hours a day seven days a week and just please please remember that number it system put in. This can be a very sad time of year for a lot of people brings on a lot of emotions and I can't think of anything more important. Even if this only affects one person or one person known to one person who's listening to this part please please take down. The number loneliness can be overwhelming. Yeah absolutely and the emotions that you bottler. The most important thing is to find someone whether it's on that hotline or someone in your life to talk about and talking about emotion takes out offer the power of the thing I say in who via loss with Surrey to life to joy to wonder in every moment lovey Roach love you they love you. ps to all of the courage.

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