S2E148: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 04/26/21


Phone things dismaying bill. Turn hub the journey own win book. Do committee coach. What what you know. Listen i stop you from talking. Because we went live on. Mike's on hold on so little technical difficulty. We truly apologize but we are here like my mother say. Thank god for jesus. It is a motivational. Monday is monday. April twenty six twenty twenty one forty two minutes after the hour show featuring cindy jane offer co host bobby cologne. We wanna started right only place on earth where you get. You started right. That chat room is wide open. Please call in for seven zero ninety two six nine five zero iheartradio. Radio dot com. Sean hobby morning show dot com fan. Radio app distributed about comedy. Worldnet radio Special shout out to all our affiliates. We truly appreciate you guys. you could show harvey more show featuring direct you to all the links we are here. This morning are also on youtube. So join us as well this morning of our platforms on the radio when we're on social media that's facebook this morning Like our business pages. The sean hannity show featuring waco team business. You get notified monday through friday. Seven am When we go live unfortunately we we went. We late today We i was here. We were here at this. Whole system was screwed up special. Thanks to out to dj wrong. We appreciate you so also join our group page. Shonky more show feature waco team group as If you send yourself invite if you send an invite women by gen and come on enjoying a group. I love and grew four thousand members. We appreciate you each and every day so only place on earth where you get your morning started right. Why not barbecue on a motivational monday God bless you. Bobby looking good you like going on you You neck looks good bar. We can have less. Let's get it looks. Good good morning and how you good morning. How are you good. Here in bethlehem will be broadcast live. So you're right now. It is thirty nine degrees going up to a high of fifty nine today. It is going to be a beautiful sunny day so if you can get outside. Go for walks. Fresh air for a few minutes in strasbourg. Thirty seven right now. Going to a high of fifty seven clear as well forty three in newark. New jersey is sixty one for the high and sunny in new york city. It is forty three degrees sunny and the high will be sixty one today. In atlanta fifty. Two degrees a seventy seven for the high end. Clear and miami is seventy three degrees going up to a high of eighty four today and it's going to be a beautiful and sunny day forty one in chicago. Seventy two for high partly cloudy a little windy today. So please be careful in los angeles fifty five degrees partly cloudy but it's going to be cleared by noon Sorry by late afternoon and the highest going to be sixty four today. In louisville forty five degrees sunny and seventy seven for the high. Rochester is thirty four degrees right. Now gordon to a high of fifty cloudy clear by eleven. Am that's the way that i have for you all. What's it like where you are where we come. You live from the show. Heavy more shelf richmond city. Jay will you get you started right exactly where you get your morning star right. Only place only place on earth. We're holiday you'll me hope. Give it to. Jesus i i need some what us take a sip on the only place on earth we get you sorta right one solution. We have the front page news with cine. J s to the. Ny can't deny that's at the top of the hour at nine am. You don't wanna miss the news. We give you the news locally nationally globally. And you know how you know how. I like it from the hood so you stay tuned from top of the hour for front page news. Cj that'd be barbie colognes addition. You don't wanna miss that on a motivational monday. And we also have the morning buzz. Everyone has already buzzing already That's one thing we do guarantee on this show That your head will be buzzing before eight. Am this morning so please stay tuned for that. What else you have. Yeah they'll be some harvey. Has you guys stay okay. So matter of fact stay tuned for a special shout. What we do is we shot out the room with. Show some love this morning on a motivational money in the next half an hour. So you guys. Just come on in and sycamore to everyone in the group room and people that listened to on version. Kami world radio. No you guys. We truly appreciate you shutout to out. Dj's completion music dj Of roman dj young enough young. And that's in there Young god bless you and dj night here so when we get a chance to play some music we will. Music comes through with these guys right here so now on motivation monday. I won't say a few things. Okay first of all. I gotta say this say each and every morning why people come into chat room This is the only place on earth where you get your morning start right. I truly believe this. This is the philosophy of this show. When you get your morning started right with this that in with the details of that. I'll tell you what it is. It's a gavin around when we go live on the air each and every morning I always say. I was showing suggests that you when you wake up in the morning you. You'll god whoever that is There's a lot of guys out there. And whatever gods that are comfortable for you you pray to it. There's nothing wrong with that. There's about seventeen god's out there that's fine so after you play to any one of your preferred god's right and check on your loved ones right. That's part of getting more to start right. And then you come and you jump with us where you get your morning star right. Officially this is where the blueprint to get you through the day at you. Pray to your gods so now get your morning star right. Meaning that we all come into the channel depending on how it doesn't matter how you feel throughout the day in the morning you might be going through something right now. that's fine. you might not be going through anything. It could be a normal regular day. You come here in this conference. Were fall all loving people we have around right. That's how you get your morning star then if you're blessed to have some type of love going on this morning barbagallo right now you know what love a little love going on right little love fest going on in a world of harvey. So i am grateful for that. But if there's a deficit of love or you lacked that love or you're going through something today all if you're not going to do anything today only by the grace of god this is where you get the love so you receive in love. Guess what you're gonna get some bonus love who doesn't want any bonus love if you grave enough to wake up this morning you have a carve. You don't have a car you wake up to go to work zone some food in your refrigerator. You got a few dollars in your pocket. That'd be called looking decent. God bless you bless you you can have all these things going on in your life and you could still go through turmoil. But that's fine. You come here. We're going to show you some love on a motivational monday. So if you are motivated to get some love in your life guess what this place to be. That's right sure is right here. Because whatever's been working for. You doesn't work no more wouldn't be here and you'll probably listen to all these other radio stations that don't care about you man that a okay. You can't even call in knowing care. Call in recall him here. We get this real information we we we care about you. yes why. The phone's ringing off the hook. We've got the stars going to everybody. Clicked them star but into on the motivation of money. If you don't mind can't so if you lack the love or you're going through something or if you're not going through if everything is just a normal monday morning thank god. This is what you get your love now. Even after the weekend here. On a monday. On a motivational monday barbie cologne there is still some haters out there. And they're still some hate and all of us have gillet right now it could be full now with the gillet. Beginning is imaginary organ. Below your stomach above your reckon way. Hose your hate. We all have one. Yeah we all have a gillet this no denying that everybody has again put it up. Wanted chat room. If you have a gillet. 'cause i know i do right but should kill. It needs daily maintenance. Now there are some of us were. Gillis had a low percentage of hate when i mean look like five percent one percent three percent two percent and then as up was that a moderate you know thirty percent of hate. We don't want to kill it that full but we hear this morning. Show marshall waco clear. We will help you clean. Clean clingy. Gillet out get rid of that. Hate get your day started see is threefold this morning You get the love you get. You started right and you get clean. And that's what happens here this morning. So god bless you guys. We are grateful that you guys are here with us. Now made a knife a quick. Now's with made the knife we had the mothers. They met down the i bill okay. Whizzy is located barfield. Eight thirty one. South delaware dr and eastern pennsylvania. Thank you Doors open up at five pm showtime six. So you'll come on now early. Dj hot sauce is playing music. We have A fabulous food menu wings wings. Or that. The miller or some really good so you wanna come on now Admission is free. Just come on in. We have vip tables. You want to call for that. The numbers five seven zero nine six nine five zero so come on now. Mother's day. I am mill costa rica so costa rica. There's a lot going on with that. There's so many people coming out there to ultimate sole escape a cd chin every day. You're coming out still not too late. I think we got number like thirty days ago. And they're gonna shut this thing down so just hit me up. If you think you want to come to costa rica but now we at the point where we all the money okay. He's like you gotta pay the whole thing now. Now if you wanna go nowhere land nope the payment plaza. We need the whole. We need thousand whatever. Whatever it is we need that get bingo bingo payments. Stop paying payments now. I wouldn't do that so that's the next thing. And then when we come back to costa rica right going atlantic city you get where. I'll know about alantic city but we always have fun down there. That's july of twenty nine. become back. The twenty ninth and thirtieth. We'd be in atlantic city so soon as we come back from costa rica you bags take your dirty launched dirty bag down the legs thirty wash wash. You have your bag you dirty laundry. Carry dirty logical about ten days so we had to fly on that and also is one announced. I forget one day or father's day down at the barbican was located at okay to eight thirty. One south delaware driving eastern pennsylvania. So june twenty four and five day right around the corner. That's right around the corner. We have the one and only coming in town. I think he was in a couple of years ago but he's back. It's funny john hidden overton from lucena single. Always going to be hippie him a father's day a please hit me up. Five seven zero nine two six nine. Five zero overton From the from our urban of i. I knowing everybody. Which want me to do these bobby. And i hear they do so schoenberg. Okay overton john. Over will be in the lehigh valley On on father's day. Sunday june the twentieth. Yeah down at the mill. Okay enough enough of the church announcement. Okay we she said no i I wanna say this before. We start and no one get into what she was talking. Which is because. Bobby had fashion thing thing of fashion event. This weekend done at valley. We want to kind of find out what was going on with that. You know how bobby is. Everybody's you just one word answers barbara. How was so anyway. The barbies running this show to show fifteen minutes sedona whereby i got your back. So what's the point. So right. Exactly the point. That's it no doubt so Bobby i pride myself even at my age even though like a your ways and speaking of sydney she she has practice. Age discrimination against Folks that of trying to you know or learning the internet. And i feel like i'm one of the barbican because i think at my age now like i'm excited about learning things on the internet All a learning laptop trying to do things. Yeah because folks my age they kinda shy away from it. They just want the basics the basics unnecess- cellphone working log in right the fun and i kind of like ventured more into it because i'm excited about it and it's only because of young folks and because of the technology and i'm forced to learn and that's good i'm forced to learn technology right okay my age. I'm excited about that. Keeps my brain going in this technology. Bobby colognes thing happened last night at the stress factory. Shut out to stress back. We also shut up to richard none a wolf nation. He was there. They were showing richard so much love last. Richard is about to do really big things. He's doing big things with is going to go to a whole 'nother level and we appreciate him for his support and we are all excited about his journey. Now bobby i was standing. I was sitting next to the new king talent. And the show's going on last night. Places pack was at the stress factory they only allow two hundred people in their only only only and they had two shows four hundred forty two hundred people show just to hampton like five people how to match and then all two hundred people left and then the other two hundred people came back is three minutes after the people. So you and. I was super super schwer cocoa convention. Yeah i was in philly tonight before that was it. That's another way anyway. So here we go with technology. So talent goes joe Simi cash out requests for whatever amount We'll give you money cool. And i'm sitting right next to him. I had the cash and wherever he acts for me to sin. I go onto cash app. And i sent him the money. The buddy cap. Doug leo i just i just sent you. Money laughed about. But that's the technology of about yard. They together. I need it. I need to get somebody say yo semi a request and i send them a payment right. You love him a stranger and you would have gotten that money back. Not only that. I'm lucky that he was sitting right next to me. Exactly he said he said yo simi request was such about not even two seconds later. I just sent you said like i say hey a you out of your boss but i would tell you one thing that cash that thing works. Yeah it does take that money and media gone five. Sex was gone. I was an only to dispute it. Because i just sit right but that technology talking about when i did that. It happens so fast Employ laughed about it and nestle talking about like technology like some people like her. I don't like wire services l. with it really doesn't. It's all the same premise. As it does the same job van you gotta know if someone is like. Thank god like i got some money. What's it the money. And that was my bill. Bunny you'd have been sol. What's the process. What's the process of getting. Well you back what is the. What is the return policy with cash at the. I don't think work. Because i know people who was money and if they don't shoot us in it back to you sol. Why we gotta find that out. I don't know but there's gotta be some kind of who. I know that happened to me before jack. Somebody sent me eighty dollars via cash at. I didn't know who who's was more. Yeah and then. They reached out to me right and said the message. Yeah said i apologize. I Since money's person can you send the money back and i just sent it back have known a person you could just send them back but if you know some people some people get stuck so so we need to find out the cash at home stories. Because it's gotta be some type of everybody in the chat with somebody. Help me out here. Because even though i was sitting right next to your mommy i don't believe like i'm thinking in my like is my internal hard drive in my head slowing down not processing fast enough. Well you know as you age your brain. You're thinking does lolo bit will acting. Maybe some of that might be happening to me. It's the possibility because he clearly said. Send me a request by demand. Set bobby. I was sitting cl- sitting shoulder to shoulder. He said clearly sydney a request for certain amount of ice. Just bobby beat myself up misao. Luckily it was him. You know you knew him. It was striking u. s. o. n. But you right lilly. Set to be a hurt every word. Now you're moving too fast. That's all we're gonna to talk to you just moving too quickly and you wasn't really it was too much go see. I'm just going to let you. I'm gonna give you the dow show. It was a crazy environment. You had too much going on that. You just hit the wrong button. That's all i'm gonna. I'm gonna go to different honest honesty's up to the two ways of being honest this honest in this fast honest to and we said that when i sit the to immediately tax it was just since you months. Bro see now. I think that on a motivational monday. Get to see. I think that does zell. So now that you can get it back through actual bank right now. Zell is that would be like the professional right legit yes platform. Yes to sin transfer money. If you wanna say in short like you can dispute. What your bank if you send. Somebody's wrong if someone wants to one person money do you have zale. Yes yes so. I think i have almost every form of payment areas. I i do too. But it seems like the cash app as pop is the more popular thick is it. I think is an hour like like our urban culture probably almost like a slang term. You'll cash abby cash cash. You you see people on facebook talking about happy birthday cash at me cindy to zell. Isn't well my name elvis instinct. Yes he says it's the yesterday is knows estimate that text message like hey. Somebody's random i count instantly zabel's right into your account because it's like a bank transfer accountable account. But what's the difference between zale zell. I have that and like a cash. I wanna say zell is more secure. Because it's like right through your bank. The estate your establishment. So i wanna say it's more secure and cannot dispute it like if you send someone around money. You can dispute it. What your bank. And they'll give it back to you. Cash out natalie been worst. Why is cash up. So then why. Nobody's saying zell me well as as but like you said it's more this is quicker a lot of people. I guess don't have bank accounts. I don't know what do you need. You could just have the bank account. You can shop. Or i think you do prepaid account. I mean prepaid card or something you can just switch it to us. I don't know if you have somebody helped me here. How does that work with cash at do so. Obviously there's some folks running around here for whatever reason without a bank account right so if you don't have a can't use l. That would be safe to say you cannot have. You don't have a bank account. You can use cash because you can just get a cash card so you get the cash card and you put the money on the card. Yeah we use it so ridiculous so then that might explain the popularity of see what's going on with cash apps thaipusam cash up horror stories. So that so that so that kind of answers. My question in cash is more user friendly to folks that have challenges with bank accounts or having. A bank account is there on banco without bank accounts. That's absolutely can't get him because they had it before they messed up when the old bank so once you oh one bank too much. They put they black this year. They put a flat right. Now if you listen if you are here working and there's money's being transferred and you have a job and you don't have a basic bank account You loser you are your. You'll lose if you work in every dane. You'll have a banker now. It just seems like there are different obstacles. Not to have a bank account because bobby when i shared the story on a motivational monday. The arrest came came hitting for me years back. Oh and they gave me a notice to come into the office. And i didn't even think about going. I didn't even knew any enemy. Nothing to me at that time barbeque alone shutdown bank. That that that woke me up. I was at the number meeting notification there our early best you early. He was waiting for them right here. I am so sorry open. i'm right here right. And then and then. There's there's i guess there's certain crimes that you commit bobby where it won't allow you to take out. Yeah you know. Maybe for certain time like like if say i is if you for example if you rob a bank yeah right like if our bank and say did you time robbing a bank. See the five ten years in jail. Robina abang they might tell you. You can't get a bank account of a ten years. Yeah i get it. There's certain a situation that happened where you can't get a bank account but but again when i say lose us yet if you got a job. And there's money's coming in and now and like you said i though your example in barbie cologne where you use overdrawn on on a cow hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay it and then now you go to another bank and then you didn't pay in any third bank and then you go to the four and then they flack yes. That's what i mean. When i talk about you lose it. If you're doing that bobby. In my lifetime i've had one bank account where i just joined. Thousands maybe thousand. And i said i paid barbie. This is thirty years. Wow boy back and it went into collection because all its of hitching. Your a motivation. One credit report. Yeah so. I think that you know if now if you're an adult and for sure you have to have a basic bank account and if you don't the i think that this is then then cash whitby what what are the services this cash cash at benmaller vindman connected to the bengals as like another cash. It's kinda like 'cause you get a car to you can have it connected to your bank account as well. You have Of course you have you have. You can even send money through facebook to facebook pay yet but that has to be connected to a bank. I can ask connected to a camp or either pay pal which all gotta be connected to abandon campaign pay pal is is that the same things cash no pay pow pow two more on sale. Zell line because you have to use that. If i'm not mistaken. I believe you have to have that connected to your bank account. Everybody was. I think. I think i think the the natural order will probably be somebody helping i here zell pay pao and then cash cash because cash out. Then you run into now you in a neighbor ville you pretty much. Where and and we do the neighborly neighborly duty everyday when it comes down to this particular cash but in the chat room if you have a cash app cash outcome out because cash app is a a billion dollar business right now. Yeah because back in the day. I let me tell you i'm gonna tell you i'll say which in folks around my asian identify back in the day barbie cologne. When you was a little girl in the fourth ward of newark you moved to the sixth ward what was shown on franken hauser boulevard freely. Nice highs lived over there either way. That was who okay road again. freeman high. Barbie lived over there to change tax prostitutes. Down the block from the motor vehicles. Let take get into the hole. When i was talking about bobby. i went I went to the new jersey. Had to pay fine in new jersey and i wanted to that freezing hauser. Whatever motor vehicles look like a a frigging detox senator. There's this place. I so so back when you was a little girl They had the checks out. Bobby clone regular check. You write a check to pay bill right. Why back back my day. It took it took literally about three to five to sometimes seven business days for the technically back. They're put number one in chapman with your wallet back. In those days we were write checks like say get paid on a friday. Friday was payday. You had like thirty dollars in year cattle but all you have to pay in the middle of the week you filed checks out. The money's not even the cowboy. Oh but back. In those days it took days for the money. Transfer right so there people would get pay. Put it on one chat with this people would get paid below. Run the money to the bank. Put the money in debate before. Check with clear so money. It'd be sitting there two days later. You back down to dollars. This was normal practice for folks with some folk put it. Put it up on chat room. If you even remember anything like this so now. I think if you write a check now somebody help me out here. I think if you write a check like say you go to supermarket. And if they still take a check check clears maybe louis electrically and declares much faster right. You may get twenty four hours. Thank may may so. They'll play six seven days. That's so who only way you mail it because you takes about three days to get to a place and then it takes a day or two to process so you only go get that time if you mail it but if you sit and may is going through immediately it's kashmir right so so checks now going through immediately right right The cash app is universally used by all of us. Zell would probably be the best way to transfer money because barbie said that is ensured right. Yeah yes to bank so you you pretty much have an pay pay pal is pretty good to pay pal payback because you can dispute it or pay house well any any any any any stories around. Have you ever accidentally sent money to somebody outplay coins. You never liked what happened to me last night. What happened to me. Last night happened to revert. The guy he is a semi request. And i sent him money. Your i can't believe like that. That's something that comes as sodomy. I'm not paying attention. It was a lot going to last night. I'm placing pack. Last night was a lot going on for you showing. Yeah so please. Let us know Release your preferred method on a motivational. Monday to Send money and you know we send money now through our phones. Yeah like that so pay. Samsung pay a whole lot of different mazing comparison to just ten years ago. Let's say about twenty years ago. Ten years ago money is you. That's another thing. Bobby is very rare now. At least like every five years on average person you might find twenty dollars on street. The only way the only time we know about finding money is the stories that we do on this show because if you look out the window right here because we can see right here on the street. East elizabeth avenue in bethlehem pennsylvania. You don't see a dollar on the ground. It's hard to find nowadays because people don't carry cash anymore right we we can. Somebody dropped consumption. Dropped twenty dollars. 'cause somebody dropped out because nobody's trumping no money. No more shohei otani barbie. Ramani burnell this brand shoe. I can't be. I have all apple. Pay sampson pay. google pay. But if i'm if i'm buying something online. I really prefer to use paper. Yeah yeah. I just found that other day when you use to you. Have you have a certain amount you could use a month. Yeah they limit the transfers. Everyone of them have unlimited. Yeah cash cash out there. Shut you down. They show would mess up cash. He's a my friend she she she had ten thousand. Sorry go cash after up on one of my friends she like she has what fifteen thousand and you need to transfer some of that money over so what happened today. Cash up instantly or could do a regular regular tastes three days. No charge instantly. They take a fee out which one which. I suggest some time. You need to do that because you keep doing instantly not making money. Initially you're down so seen. She took that much money out the months money out and she did she didn't incident. They shut down two days later so she took the fifth now. They make money if you do one. They don't make no money this free. No they make money with the instant. That's what i did with the regular. They don't make money right so she took the whole fifteen thousand dollars out the account at one time. No she took she took ten first and then when she took the ten they shut it down so no wonder how much they charge for that. Ten ten thousand thousands of cost you about three hundred and something dollars one percent. Yeah okay yeah. Yeah three hundred dollars down and i gotta started up again and the shut down. So what if you doing large transfers They will flagging because they think it's a business Cash app so you can't have. It lost transfers as a personal cash. You need to transfer from business. Chance twenty was. That was that her problem or in kind of weird neighbor. Things on on add apple. Well we'll do. We had another program we had gone on. But that's that's the reason why i shut down. They she doing business Personal operas you. Two point seven five percent is yeah. I like i like cash. Because i do. I do stock trading on it. I do bitcoins all of that. Want me to us gone cash. That's real quick but sometimes when you get your money you gotta sometimes you gotta pay is best just to pay them. Do it instantly put. Somebody may pocket. Because if you don't do it you know it's gonna be a problem later on take this cash thing again see. It goes back to cash out. Cash app is not even a secure way of sending money. And everybody's doing it personally and on the business tip you see what i'm saying. Yeah so what does it say. Denzel is now going to give it a certain amount that you know why back and forth and even know that because i was talking to the bank the other day because they told me i hit my limit but he made a mistake but then she told me that if i do from zelda zell that that do a red flag to for one count an account. He shouldn't be doing it. I don't take advantage into all also so so. They definitely have a guidelines in process with wiring services via. If you think running a business or you can't you can't be like a drug dealer doing cash out now. Can't do nothing like cash go transferring back and forth like that. I will brownwood with thank you for this information and i think that it doesn't cost nothing to have all these apps what i think everyone should if you can. You should now load them on. Because you know there's no somebody's like if you're not compatible with somebody else and and You can't send the money cash you guys l. No you got this got on your side. Got this i got that. That's what i keep more. Because i want no excuse when people gotta send me that my money right you just got. I got more. Got him all this back around. Well all right. Thank you jan. You still have. We still need to know a apart store. They robbed a scam for over a sixty eight hundred dollars. She got a call from an email and say that four hundred dollars was going to be transferred from her account so she was worried so she called the phone number on the The email and it was a scam of course and he. You know you know how you get those phone calls and they say well you long t account you. Give me permission to Control your county like we need help him. Well that's what they did and she got scared but with sixty dollars a guy transferred her meissner cash account to someone. Kandla only left with four dollars. Her cash account was scared. For thirty four hundred. Thirty four hundred hundred. I understand why people hate. That was my name. I don't get like five hundred dollars. Ish transfer something like a two hundred dollars kitakata. Why would you wanna keep. Yeah cash cash up. We need to find an outdoor unsecured secure. Why would you have thirty four hundred dollars sitting in a win the money arising have you supposed to disperse that and get it out of the private ones who don't have a legitimate right. Oh yeah that's it. That's what it is to get that cash 'em car go to the atm and use it to get the money out of money will sit the money. Thirty four hundred dollars. They sang a customer. Got email From san that you know we're going to take xyz for bill and but it was a scammer. He calls the phone number on email. gave the people Permission to you know to control the account remotely and they lost thirty four hundred dollars with seconds. Second say now the bar we get real bad kansas cash. I have a customer service number. Even let me say this thing with a hope they. I hope cash got have a customer service. Say important. I mean i i don't understand why okay they have they have a. It's eight hundred. Yeah was the one. Eight h- hold on was the Jimmy motivational day goes shot the room in a minute football club. If you don't mind one eight hundred nine six nine nine six nine one nine. Four zero one nine four zero. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna get and then another zillow record. Thanks for calling cash apps support. We select one. If you are a cash customer otherwise select to have ortho for then reach cash at boy support outside of our usual business. Our our support channel is always available to reach us through the app tap your profile icon in the right corner of the app so they are they yet for calling castle. This customer service able to cross up your request process reaching out can support for calling again later on the app in Most tablets how you that too If you have a problem with cash you to them. Do they do the app or email so another thing that that in the times that we live in. Now when you customer services now a misdee- set off like some of these popular apps that we on for daily services. You can't even talk to nobody. You gotta you gotta email low of course because maybe it helps you with your typing skills your vocabulary skills and i think i think that's a good look what else and stop getting scammed. Everybody that's stupid. Somebody call you this the other day. Bobby got the You know you know when you sir you start getting these calls and i know people get this call all the time but they really hit me up They says Soon as you get on the phone ago your your social your social security account has been hacked. Call us right. So i call. I picked up the phone. I waited. I went through the whole process. Press two if you want to be. I'm hot right now. Because you know what i'm gonna do a whole i'm gonna do a shawn heins jones alker i got. I have my curse. Words are ready and of course it was some dude and i say this respectfully somewhere and you know india pakistan noah you know then he's i. We wanted to know how that you know. You're you're you're i said. Mother a neighbor. Cool my back. Then he hung up the phone. Of course it means. Sean gets all the time we crowd whether we gave go. Right to the cursor shows saint barbie marriott take him. Hey tim what's up love. We're talking about money right. Yeah but you gotta get close to you you speakerphone. You sound talking about money. But we can't he actually. We're talking about money than and the real question is do money. Come up you know the real identification of money that we know from the bank right but now they're trying to get rid of money and make them go through the digital fall. Okay nice but yet and still is not the action trade of A fars gold and silver. So you work in one of their system and this is where the stuff comes into play as such as when she's just talked about we're The money that's reading in name your swimming name. If you look at a dollar and you look at your social security car you can find out where the money that's generated in your name. What mitt is at right now. The key thing as as we move forward in the trading moody's asks the whole nine yards like you said they unsecure right and then this say they move forward again. You said us talking about this social security where they got all these people call you and they actually information never say yes the moment you say yes that's the invoices recorded and that's how they still from never say yes. It all comes back to that. You'd be like wait. How did this what because not only are they act as the accounts that she can control the also after the strowman account. Which is the money us navy in generating senior man's may take so you always talk about this historic account. Have you ever been able to withdraw any money from your strowman account because if you have put me on sarah okay okay. Put hold on a second hold on hold on. Don't ask men to know. Bobby bobby bobby clone listen to me helpless listening. Don't ask this question clue. Tim is clearly out of his mind. And bobby dale. The man and i can identify with him. I'm completely out of my mind but while but so you never looked up a social see. You never looked at with social security continuing i. i don't have time to look up the social security act. here's the social security act of your money trump. bobby that's why man is avas mind. Welcome this social security at could be a novel of about three hundred pages and he read every single one of them and if doing that which is fine. I think that there's some kind of mental challenges going on to social security act of about three or four hundred pages. I'm not mad at him. Somebody gotta read it. They wrote it. It covers Housing recovers Child support it comes number things you in a way covers. There's certain people that liberty was certain things going on in their lives as they can control right so question because you answer that in in in the few in less than a minute. Why what's the question again. Yes or no have you. Have you ever been able to withdraw any money from your strowman academy well. Actually you withdraw money from the associated from your storm if you on the public side. You won't cover this. This is now out but you know that the crime right. What do we get one wife talking about it. We're simple sue still. Why would you is bobby. You now falling into the abyss of this craziness by having a conversation with his first of all. This is no. Hey this is taking this key where the society where they teach us everything backwards. Yes it is. And i agree with you but you're in your house reading know where i'm at. I could be at word library hurt. And i'm in the library. Know your urine another zone brother. You're in deciding uman district nine. I study and i got a guy and you don't even realize it. This is a man that will turn down with china to read the social security act. Which i give them a credit for you know about that you. You're talking and bobby. He's not even on any kind of drugs. Anything like that. No and medicine does. It's almost like the evil jeans kind of guy. He will soon jeans. Sit this probably. The nicest guy by byron has probably. But what i'm saying bobby could loan intellectually He's on a high level intellectual but the problem is he's out of his mind so the to the two sectors can can crack betrayed. You ever been betrayed. Trade my third baby mother when she took me to challenge the poor blow the trade system. I was also betrayed. One of my drug bill is back in the day where we could only our show. I was betraying this anyway. I'm sorry issue. Tim we we need you in this loving community and we'd need you on this earth because thing about him he's he's a abundant with a whole lot of knowledge and that brings back in fact finding that brings all investigation findings a and it brings all the love and folks together because we all come from different crazies. And and you have to be crazy. The listen to this show regardless so we welcomed him in all his knowledge with his strowman account. That you can't get into get the money because it's illegal but he knows about that but he won't tell it but this is fine because they know that haven't done it but he's never done it but there's some things we don't need to. Tim is master chess player on com. He probably plays chess yesterday. Do very well see see. I am master of characters and olds going on with people and over the phone. I the whole deal. This guy's a master chess player. He what he he's a master chess play. He reads all the time. He will turn down china foot for a good novel. He got a. We got a bunch of reading buddies. Tim i'm reading buddies. I might start bobby. Would you like to be by reading leaving. Not going in. And seth i want to play a guy game at a at worked and before i know it here one person behind him helping them and then another forty in it again. He has seven people but nine but his sixteen behind him and self may seven. You have all these people helping. And i'm just one guy playing. I said i'm gonna destroy you gonna take every piece on the board that you have in front of them and just destroy go if you so the evil genius see. He's tim's a guy back in the day. Bobby on the no on. Maybe they had it in fourth ward in newark. Where you're born but in front of the building or in the parks they had these concrete slab tables that had the chest one park. I don't know about okay so you know about so him. He's type of god. I can sit out there in that particular environment and play chess. I wouldn't be surprised if back in the day. Tim play ping pong. Listen we're going to let you go back to the straw man account you figure that out for all of us because we need you as as far left as you go. I'm with you. And i'm here for you bro. And we'll talk about your knowledge about this about the promissory note bobby piece of paper. The bill is a contract. And you're right. Different forms of of money transfers out back. In the day part cologne people were trade. The ferret for gold and silver gold silver was trade corn and they would trade would that was currency now yes then went to the paper currency and then now is this whole thing from nandonet So it's fine to me. We're going to let you go back to reading. I want you to read. I want to go back to the social security act and tim. I want you to read the social security act in a mirror. Barbie clone Which boxes on him. It off shows this but just what anymore. Horror stories with cash up against gam saving so please pin out was one girl did say that she got skim shane. Hal she what somebody was taken out of two hundred dollars cash yet and she called her bank. Exxon how it happened. They didn't even know how well that would be. The perfect scam allow happen. Like david blaine trick crash up. Oh god you have to have too often caters. I have to. I have a pen. My fingerprint burnt all my absolute involve money. Yeah i know. I got the fingerprint thing. But i don't really utilize more than pain. I don't know because sometimes it doesn't work what you're not putting your finger on the central put it figuring. I got one. I got one right here right. Acas show you right now tripping. Thomas use a finger thing. We'll do it. Maybe i need to clean my screen. I don't know but anyway right so a please. Beware the scam. So if somebody call you know they'll get no money. Don't give your pin number out and Try to change your password every once in a while you know say so. I changed my passwords. I just kind of changed the letters. Or i don't go to a whole thing but anyway that's barbecue national. We're going to shot out the chat room again. I apologize for starting late at seven. Forty five We just had a little rebooted thing going on here but we're glad to be after the mother's day weekend we'll be down for a week in a few days after that and we have the reruns and thank you so so much chris do from commonwealth net Radio we appreciate your comedy. A world network of us out populus. Give us around of applause. We've been done a few more weeks. So now with a barbie will other people in the people here that here. Well god bless him. I hear a. Let's let's chat rooms. Let's uh let's honor our folks. We want to radiate forty. We're gonna leave at nine thirty. I can do that. I i can do. I can take a nap. I'm short before. We shot the moon barbie barbie lehigh valley of fashion weekend. Yeah she won't say a word about it but before you before you say you. Two words about it she will say about. I wanna say bobby. I want to. I want to apologize to you. I was definitely hammer outfit. Ready and everything was gonna slam with this new belabor snazzier kill him in their slave. Go walk up any i was. I was gonna sleigh into somebody slave me whatever you know seven and a guy called his duties big shows in new brunswick new jersey. Yes yeah trumps. Everything not had. I had to go on getting wayne. I guess so. You know Bobby assure enough who's coming there And tanya now. We're coming. And i even said to her. She's like i got my outfit ready now. Having can't wasn't okay. I want to say. I apologize so you barbecue to the only support the movement and i just wanted to be there for you so hopefully the next time we we. We're all in the building. Now barbie this briefly what happened. The young lady came in the day we interviewed. And so what happened for. Let me let me let me do apart. They were going on me. Because you're not going to do it okay. So friday was the opening night. Yeah for the lehigh valley fashion and the young lady that came in worcester name again. Siri sherie god bless her Would have friday. Because i saw you pull some pictures on what happened. Friday was her Fashion forward citizens magazine. Relaunch entre she relaunched it and she has some of the models and the The designers featured in the magazine. Or and i had no idea that i was going to be featured in the magazine so when i got to the place one of the models said hey did you see your your page we talk about. She said you in a magazine. I figured out here. And i look and it was a full page. Where's it s as oppose on last. Check it out on my page. Or i think put in too. But it's on page. We i was. I was really shocked that it was a whole the whole eight ten paid. Well good for you. yeah it was. I was really was honored. You work hard barbie. You know which is designed a few close and that's that's special that they honored you That particular night on friday. Then what happened on sunday. Sunday was the actual finale. The actual fashion show. It was about eight designers. Maybe six eight designers And they all had Range from fashion Bathing suits to plus is regular size date night wear And desire she even had wedding gowns and it was amazing. We had a good show lost. Them has some great pieces in your. Oh yeah yeah. I'll below shelby shelby out. There doing thing clapped all the designers to. There's no you and shelves shout out to all other designers as well. Shout out to our beloved shelby loss in shelby pa in the chat room for her as well. And you know you guys work hard. So congratulations to all you guys. That was a part of this connection. Yeah good that's how you do it. I mean in a film in the field that you went and one thing that's great about that is When you have a passion you love what you do and you connect around with folks It becomes so gratifying. It gives you the energy to keep going and pursue your dreams. So that's awesome in shot out to that whole committee over there at the lehigh valley fashion week. I bless you now saturday. We had a photo shoot one saturday and it was a pop up shop to shop because i was so tired going. I said i'm how does it the issue. How many pieces did you have on sunday. I did a twelve pieces right. Twenty four but there was only enough models to bring out so everybody uses the same models pretty much sober. Yeah it was it was it was an Yeah yeah it was. It was crazy backstage. Real crazy hope. You'll gave models a few dollars. I just the. I don't know how the person who put the show while that part so there. You go whoa. Let's applaud the people. Who did the modeling flew fourteen. This is great some troopers. Because i know there was. How long did it last week. It was about a three or four hour. Show start to finish. Wow yeah i mean it was. It's time giveaways know what's on was looking at six o'clock. I believe he started like six thirty six forty five minutes. They should start on time. I agree on time. Yeah everything lead. But i don't know why but Start time come down to the i mill. We start time there. Regardless all my time when i get so much a shouted valley fashion. God bless you guys support we do. Is we just showed a chat room. Some love For someone say to folks on the other side especially shout out to a w. f. l. x. in rochester new york. We appreciate you guys. And ninety four point five the blaze in louisville kentucky. Thank you so much man. We'll give you guys a special show and also Fam- radio app. We appreciate you as well and Keep to- stars coming on facebook. Y'all we appreciate that and especially shot out the county world network so god bless you for my folks on the audio side. God bless you. You see the heart of the chat room right now. I don't need to see the. I don't really have lawrence chapel. We are hard set aside in a chat room. I'm going into chat room. Everybody knew what i'd say. I can't stand this. Thanks for the love guys. i really appreciate it. It was an amazing weekend fun. I am tired. i'm gonna take a nap. i tell you that well. That's part of the whole process. I barely made it here this morning. Because i was going to do this thing. I was going to myself. One billion her at east came a sorta value. Thomas looked up absolutely beautiful. A so good. Look how many people there. I'm about one hundred. Yeah because cats anyway still valley. 'cause cova so i think they was at the back. That's awesome good for them. So folks and chat chapman. Please show your heart's in the chat room without you guys. We wouldn't be there. We wouldn't be here. We have so much love for you guys and thank you so much for Supporting this movement. So let's also law. Barring s right chat chat chat chat room. Hey that can't be like low heroes yet. Let me see below quit. Let me just you need to hire going. See okay here. Can you hear okay. Do those technical issues guys right there. Sure statue my headphones please sir. But you bite okay here here now crate. Let me say something okay. All right all right but som- who makes this makes sure everything happens right in real time. That's what i love about disdain. everything's real time of. Please follow us. Facebook sean All right so what. We'll do a one more time. I couldn't hear my headphones. This the max is good but the hair the headphones love. I keep those heart from the heart set. Chat with high tech attack heart sat wabi. Let's go hey with our hearts where hey win. Heart heart set win. Hey heart set win. Heart set a Uh hey what's loved parts. That dad chat chat room. Hey heart set. We'll be let's go. Hey win heart with hearts way the hearts hey heart heart set off. Hey would hearts hearts hearts. Hey eight o going on whatever. Take a break right. It is absolutely agreed was. Akc ta ta take a break after moses now for a few days we needed sean out of a hey good morning and yes i will be over. But that's up. Peterson is here. Hey girl morning to you shout out to della andrews. Good morning beautiful. You was missing out a couple of days last week. You are right everything that over here. genova jones is in the bill. The hello jane orvar. Thank you for tuning in and we appreciate you. I believe you are new because this name does not ring a bell louis. Welcome the young lady yes to the show. Hi out about the show. We appreciate you. Yes let us know. Please share it. Thank you sean hayes. jones. It's in the building haley sean. Good morning show how you feeling. There's no real name. Daniel jones is here. Hi good morning markus. Mr one emoji. Johnson end up building. Markets yes dear. Jackson is here. Hi dear good morning you gotta hold on a second. We not the room. Okay valerie. thomas is in the building. What's valerie nicole. Harris is here. Hey nicole good morning ratio out to veneta george. Hey girl good morning to you. Younger net is in the building. Good morning right leeann. bill can wanna lianne. Welcome to the show homegirl. She's new yes she's no she's from. Landau everybody welcome my friend into the chat room own. My god blesses welcomed the and I'll say let us know how your bikes and leeann please will now. It's time for me to put you to work a needle in the friends down. Listen to the show. Yes prentice ex. Hey baby one. Mr out mixed one nine in a row broke the knicks. Don't get every time the bra nine in a row baby coming for you. All right become for the brooklyn nets. Shame on the nets. The next one nine in a row about the wind ten we wanna heels. Forget about being fourth in the conference. We might be second third in the conference and you have a payroll of three to five hundred million dollars and the knicks are only a few games behind. You get back to that because now we're starting to do sports again. Yeah we do sports on resentful level barbeque. Oh yeah you're having every brooklyn nets that i know gillers vote no brooklyn fans. God bless you. I'm coming after the new york. Knick fans that jumped over there And now the knicks on a hot streak. I don't wanna see none of your posting anything about the knicks. You're done see linney is in the building. Hey charles good more in in Nanna mathis is here. Hello shutout wells. Don't go nowhere. I'm going to wait. Hold on wait a minute. Stuff was everybody. Thank you a red zone phone well. Let's talk for two minutes. We're going to get back to shannon was sonja miser. Yeah i just wanted to call. So i have old butts old manual kinds that you can have no no doubt apple pay Without pay pal ball acorn so have a moat. Everything has to be linked to your bank though everyday. Everything has to be linked to a bank account because even though the evening with cash you can't the cash out cohen everything but you still got that bank account linked to that. Can you still see you. Need a beggar catholic. Asha i had so long i remember. Oh yeah but they do have a card then. cash app Acorn Pai tau you all get cards all of that. That was the only one we can get a card for now. Actually don't even like with cash and the money. Just sit on the act so you could not transfer it. It strict bank countless no. No snow in the waiting heart is instantly but the cat. Jeff smoke if you do that instinct. Transfer you get hit with c. One percent job you so. My cousin was stable. Written and every monday i read him that requests but iran. So i happen to actually send him like. I did what you did. It was quite his was crazy. Let me just put some cash at twenty transgender advocate. Anybody accidentally sends you money that you know right. You send the exact amount that right or you got the suit. Is his refund. And there were sending them back because what happened with him. When i sent the money where state to respect but hit him with the thing because he has a duke with cash habit sitting there or you can have go instantly option. Yeah he has the way it goes to the account so it charged them a fee for the checks he did. I told them. Yo yo tell. Listen i i think that i need you. Say that but right ten back your milk whip defeat and i said what you're doing. I agree then true this amount. You sent me that invoked back. What are you doing well. It's not user wrong amount rail and he had to pay the fees. So why should he have to be responsible for your own. You ever boggy all. He has to do with hit refund. And it would have sent me that my money. It would have sent back to with the including he just. He just sent back down the money. You know that it would. If he would've just hit refunded would've say goes back to know the act. That goes yes. The pins to like. I think like if it's is a simple transfer of like whatever it is and it's like an extra dollar to to send it. You put the even if they send it to you if if you sit me two hundred dollars by accident i'm not gonna send you the two hundred dollars back with the fi. Wait you know like you get one win win. It's like then you get one hundred and ninety seven dollars. I'm a grown ass man. I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna send two hundred and two dollars. I'll send that back. I'll pay for the fee even though you made the mistake. There's no big deal or or or you can send the amount and let it sit in the at for a few days for the standard transfer. So you don't you don't get charged for with a set of getting instead of retrieving. The money instantly. Well you can say you know what. I'm going to send it right back to you. Then it's my responsibility to wait two or three days for the clear. That's fine well. What happened why there wasn't even a feat. He charged because when i think that fee charged him for transferring all right well so i could well why i said why. Are you doing that. Exactly what i sent you over to the right charge a abroad which i. That's not my new briefly right. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not i'm not gonna lie. I'm not negotiating five dollars for anything now. i'm not. I'm not doing that. Like i get it. He say the bank charged his cousin. Yeah but i'm trying to find out what bankhe- banquet because my bank don't charge because i got mindset to go straight to my account to on my cash my vendor's system because i don't really use them off the with my cash might use them more often that money barracks count and i don't get charged unless i do like i haven't without changing his six and then i transferred instantly no one percent but i have my going straight to my counter charged nothing well because in tax. I think this is weird but it was just like if you broke your refund. It would've sent it. That will dago. Will you did so represented three dollars. And now you look in looking at your cousin with the left side you know. And that's why with everything. That's under five dollars. I just discarded. I don't even like go down. I'm not. I'm not even going to judge you as anything unlike that. Now if something six dollars judging you six dollars two thousand dollars you get in charge anything under five dollars go ahead. You're not somebody does any adds to some other stuff. They did like so he. He's had a lot of funding money. Moves with me every like bro ma. I opened my door. You know you're on my couch right right. You see six under five dollars can do people get your cousins. Should with his gave you extra five dollars anyway. Just would gpa. Because you will. Because he's on the couch and there. Was this the honest mistake so like the mistake that was made new york. King corrected it costs. I think cost anybody anything. So i get real world. Is your cousins still on the couch. Not listen it's been there for year. He's a grown man was like those kind of going like it's been a year for our. I can't like you'll bromance sunday's grow that you go and that's that's sort of like an easy conversation at certain point especially with men. It's time to go. You can't like you gabi. Got it out for sugar. It right okay Money who else in shower. Sharon bella czar here. Hey girl good morning to you. Shout out to chris though comedy world radio ceiling in the bill didn't hey crystal could morning. Make sure you get that app comedy. Where on that radio. I don't know how much they charge for that money. Would please download the app. He will never ready. Dwyer transfer amounts to that natalie. Right is here. Hey natalie good morning to you shelter. Oh elijah prepare for. Hey baby boy. Good morning popped in today. Good morning to you. A shoutout to rail medicine station hala in the building. Hey rail good morning. Janney whipple is here. Hey johnny mornings you shut out. Who dan taylor. Hey darren good morning queen. Diane is here. You guys say good morning to the queen because she is in the building. A shoemaker. love is in the building. Hey girl good morning a fabulous fabulous popped in good morning. Fab ken black is here. Hey can the warmer free ninety nine left in the bill girl. Mr brown is here. Tim harriett it's in the building. So you murray is here. Hey girl out to the godfather solar tracy. Good morning to you who else we have here. andrew garland is here. Hey cousin good morning. Venue for coming out last night for the appreciate it Tiffany thompson is here. Hey girl murph in the building what's up murph. Good morning to you. Shoutout to the net net ness toronto. Hager let me get your t hold on a second. Oh there you go then you go there you go got t horrid nicer hat. Derek evans is here. Hey amd they're good. Morning de low is in the building more into you Shutout to allen's suave mcallister. Hey allah good morning not from my row row. Johnson is in the bill. The hey row ro good morning. An assigned d is here. Good morning assan. Hey how are ya. Tricky lewis as was so twenty nine electric gay. Hey terrible lee skies in the building. Lisa if you send me some money on cash at accidentally uso well but some keeping a no. I'm not mad as you might. Just keep it to on. No no my beloved nephews joking around and god bless him. No he's no. If somebody sins you it depends on how much it is. That's where your your You moral compass employees but if someone that you know if you don't even know like i said the guy semi eighty dollars barbeque owned by accident. The money bag like my nephew released got numbers have been raised properly body parents and and and even alice alice king is is on now notice. Young man's been raised properly that has integrity and his life bar become aware somewhat accidentally sent to two hundred dollars right now. I think he would send it immediately right back if his ninety two hundred dollars right now in cash app you didn't know it was and they notified you and said that it was a mistake which you send it back now keep them displaying backs. 'cause you're gonna get in trouble in but relationship straight not as its troubles. Trouble comes in all different forms and you know you don't need that probably Somebody's sitting five hundred dollars. You don't give it back to spend the five hundred dollars they're gonna come looking for. You is going to be some electric. Could should paper trail. The they're gonna find you. The cash shat. They're going gonna. Do you want that problem for. Just five hundred dollars on their maybe two million three billion dollars because then you could get an attorney do it is like i said the last time you keep the money you keep to ten thousand. You don't know what happened to that. Then you do something like this is a mess up. You call anything like hundreds of dollars. Cynthia cash up. Just give it back and goal which a life that keep you lease. Scotty keeping nothing. He's given it that damn right. We got the big baby shower fully virtually in Here in September because we all having a baby having baby much don't want smith is in the building. Hey doing good morning to you train. The pinker is here. Hey train a good morning out to you. Tony'll net is here Nicole harris okay tonya. Hey girl those are the things that i have seen today if you were here and we'll like to get shot. You gotta let me know. So i can get you a brake job a job. Warm clo- appreciates you eight minutes after the hour. We appreciate each and everyone of you guys. Don't forget Mother's day matinee here locally in eastern eastern pennsylvania the next town over win bethlehem right now That's the Matinee at the. im yield. Eight thirty one south delaware job in pennsylvania. You're on host by voice sean. Harvey larry set of comedians. Come in now So coming out the doors. Open up at five showtime six hot sources playing some music and then we're gonna party a little bit so Sundays is the new saturday night. And also at the mill on father's day june twentieth overton From living single John hitting the being the building. So you're come on out. Let's have a good time for father's day. Costa rican july twenty second through twenty six. We are in the building. I think almost so dow which you know if you want to participate and go on for vacation. I suggest you hit me up in you. You need all the money now now. You need all the money. The prices had the price. If you don't have friday don't call me right. Planes lasted just simply. Don't wanna money. And i know you have it. You have it so Komo now we've you got up so Thanks we appreciate you got now. We'll even early today. We're okay a crystal please. If you don't mind be ready to take on the other end. Oh no we're going to ten o'clock but we will do is we're going to do front page note On a motivation monday. And i'm i'm pretty motivated and motivated to not send people money by accident via cash that have that ax me. Four requests and i sent them money. This is hilarious. Shutout to the new york king so let certain front page news. Cj on a motivation on monday chilly appreciate guys thank you so much. Thank creighton pippen. J. indicates the night. Got your front page news. Y'all new job. We got the front page news. John to the can't miss you know we don't know you miss any. Yes you do. He yeah of course is so bad. Please crazy taking a break and you should be backed by the time we give. I'll pray letourneau summertime. we're gonna take another break so everybody you know. Appreciate your concern. The muffler july. We might be done for a couple of weeks. So let's get all these shows and then we're gonna take a break. Go ahead barbara. Millions of americans are skipping their second. Cove it vaccination does shawn said the cdc more than five million americans who received their first dose of the pfizer. Oma dern vaccine have skipped their second doses. Sean the nearly eight percents. Who did it return for. Their booster shot is more than double the rate of those who skipped their second shot in the first week of the vaccine. The vaccination effort some of those day return for their second shot said that they were wary of possible side effects would sometimes causes people to experience symptoms similar to the blue others claim. They felt Behalf had enough protection with just one does okay all Scientists out there another issue that has cropped up in In the us the cancellation of the second appointments because of lack of supply or because of the vaccine providers didn't have the ray brandt in stock one of the biggest providers of the vaccine walgreens sent some people to the pharmacy locations that only had The other vaccine to give out then the one. The individuals received the first site The figures from the cdc goes through nine a april to cover those who got the first shot of the during vaccine by march seventh and those who got their first dodge of fires in vaccine by march fourteenth. In other words they got the first divisor vaccine. They didn't get the The pfizer vaccine for the second. Does they got the dirt so you can't get one and you have to get both doses of the same vaccine so that was another reason. Why a lot of people was Canceling their second shot. Health officials in illinois and arkansas have told workers to call text or sending a letter to the people to remind them to come back for the second shot around eleven percent of those who qualify for the second dose in. Arkansas have neglected to get it. Pennsylvania is working to make sure college students get their second shot after leaving campus. For the summer instructing providers to give second-oldest students who received their first those at a different location and South carolina has earmarked thousands of shots for those who second does have been delayed overdue Ninety ninety two percent of people returning for their second is strong compared to Other vaccination efforts in the us history. Yeah so Yeah all right. We'll skip your second. Does people it goes it goes. Thank you bobby. Goes deeper than that. Bingo that's the problem with this country. Tell us nothing. We can't follow instructions. We refuse to follow instructions scientists. We say the first the first shot is enough. And then that's going to carry us to know this and the ignorance of this country. That we i think we have too much freedom. We have too much freedom. This covert is a it's going to. It's never going to go away but we're going to go away because of our behavior it's never going to go away. It's going to be here for the rest for the next two or three generations. And that's it because every obstacle that every time we try to make of take. I take our foot and take it one step forward. There's obstacles every time. Yeah okay you got. Unfortunately we got six blood clots maybe one or two of them died of two hundred million and that was enough. That was enough right there. We got three deaths. I'm not fat. i'm just say we got a hundred deaths out there. I don't know factually out of Of a two hundred million people has vaccinated. They recommend bexley. Bexley tell you you need to shots and yeah so now you know you had the fear you took the first shot bobby. I was strongly you. You're in the middle of you. Gotta take a second shot right. Probably i was strongly suggest that you take yourself because now it's like you got a point of no return doesn't make any sense. Why would you not take the second shot. I need this this country like the like. I said the people like the country's going to hell on top of that. The european union out did that's the only you all the european countries. They have sort of like they own united nations barbecue. They announced that yes. Americans can come to europe in the near future. And they're going to have they're going to have decent type of vaccination card. Yes i this handing. They have over and over again. There's no such thing as hurt. It's not gonna happen because they're gonna put policies in place for travel and then it's going to trickle down to the everyday people is gonna trickle down to the fares to the states and through the to to the city government. You're going to. You're going to need this okay. I'm sorry that eight folks got blood claws into it and three of them died. Sorry about that. My condolences to your family. But out of say that she's fantastic. Two hundred million people. That's not even a percentage is johnson johnson. Coming back out i would. I took the job. I i have. I have johnson and johnson in me aloe johnson and tweak a little is fine and yes they got the baby powder had cancer. I get it but again. You guys are injected chemicals in your body every day. you don't even know what it is is variety finance side out. And you don't wanna take this vaccine. So now i'm just i'm just at a point with this. It's not going to go away. It's never going away. People is never going. There's no timetable for corona virus. It's here we we allowed it to be here. Then you have the anti vaccines which i've always fight with those folks. But god bless them they have that choice so now the anti vaccine wanna take the people got one shot now refused. Take it. there's all type of variants of corona. That's coming out in the near future. The mass not the only thing you need more protection. I could see if Ten ten fifteen thousand people died. I'd be oh my god. We're not taking that vaccine looking. But i think that on your own devices. I don't know if that's going to work and even if you catch corona virus The second time alicia vaccine got the vaccine. And you were maybe my protect you little bit. We have a real time example of that. Will sean hayes jones who caught the coronavirus twice but in between that she got the vaccination. So she's in a church a little plethora of she's very infectious and very very got all the shots in her but she's still living each and every day you know they have the You can get you a vaccination card on ebay. You're gonna vaccination caught on e. eleven dollars. You are a complete losing because it goes back to. What i've said was in here. George avin about it. The other day you can sit here and be so pro A against the of vaccine. And you don't want no parts of it and you don't wanna take it which i understand that but then you wanna get a hard to neighbor your way through life So so so. That's telling me is what are you standing for. If you standing for not getting vaccinated didn't take all the issues that go with it man up man. But don't don't tell me that you're not going to vaccinate and then you're going to go on ebay to get a car for eleven dollars now. I don't believe you movement because you're talking about anti-government the government is printing the card. But you want that car to fill out fraudulent information so you can travel somewhere or you can go back to school or you can do. It doesn't work and dennis is going to become criminal. Yeah so why would you. Why would you take the risk of having a physical a criminal charge them believing in what you believe in just get copay tested negative. Just don't just don't take the vaccine and deal with the repercussions of night taking it. S how don't don't because you clam awesome neighbor down. So i don't believe anything you say about your movement and they would the people who take on take one shot and not take the other and you're a scientists and you think that that's enough for you the i think that's insane but that's what we eleven and i said and i repeat in this all the time we'd be six months of communism here we do. We need somebody to come in here. Shut everything now. We have too many rights. And that's why corona virus is going nowhere. And you know what. I'm gonna applaud. All of us in the united states of america. we did that china where originated from. There's not a case incite right having this this case we hear about him. Prove that but then. There's the south. African valerie does the south american variant. Now there's the south bronx various newark various apps out. All of this coming out. You don't want to take the vaccine. You keep that mass resi life. So that's what it's going to boil down and that's the country that we live in so don't take the second shot you idiot. This free is going to whatever blood clots and This this is this what we're going to deal with so if this is the end it's unfortunate. We we all we don't have our life expectancy your think that you people think chocolate forever. F- y'all think y'all got time so disrespectful to time and you so disrespectful to the all mighty car that you pray to you are so disrespectful you think you have time not here one day. Gone the next here one moment on the next moment. You don't have that luxury and then you live fair so you don't have no time and you live in fear. I think that's counterproductive. You don't wanna wear you wanna wear the mass but you don't wanna take the vaccine. You wanna take one shot you. Don't the government is lying. You don't know what's in it and that's why it's here. So what are we to do. Well what's that. what's what's the. what's the natural roofs. Everybody what cmo cmos seymour's guess. Some blacks blacks or you some see more stocks and they get rich. Because you're got be buying that crap for the west your life and then what's going to happen five years from now the What was the oil again near. Johnson blasio cracks york. They make so much of it that now they're going to have to use a different concert concentration right because they're going to water it down to provide the thanks for to water it down because they gotta make so much of it right. And what's the other one. The cmo remorse yeah they got a generic bootleg copy of that. And then that's not gonna work and they'll what do not enough vitamin c tablets. How you don't think they're gonna go on to kiss spiracy theory thing you don't think they're gonna water all that down. You're gonna have to pay thirty. Forty you spending a thousand dollars a month or vitamin c. You think that's strange. How much vitamin c. In a bottle of clothes must be twenty dollars not yet. It's getting there at my seven dollars right before it was two ninety nine. Yup my dad looking at look at look at look at about that you gotta do is wash your hands and if you don't want to if you don't want the vaccination if you only get vaccinated wash your hands and stay in a frigging house for the rest of your life and what a stupid mass which we all have to wear and this is going to go on for ten years and we did it to. I'm applaud as one more time. We did it. Corona virus is here to stay right. It has gotten worse india. They have like seventeen million cases. They've got seventeen million cases and you don't think seventeen million cases youth. Tam right that virus is going to get his that that new various going to work his way back to the old usa. We are so disrespectful that we don't even respect a virus that don't even care who it affects and we can't stop it from getting here and we politicize it. We have our opinions and not taking off second shot. India got over three hundred almost three hundred fifty thousand cases on saturday. Three hundred and fifty thousand cases or in. You're you're seeing here. You're sitting here worrying about the vaccine and and and things that you you think you can control what you can. I well i. I need a booster shot. I got that johnson and johnson me before went haywire around five hundred people's weaken my knee and was shot. If they've had to take a number one. I will still here. So that's it so. Thank you for that story. I'm just gonna. This is breaking news right now. Militia here on the show harvey morning show featuring wakeup corona virus is going nowhere. It's gonna be here. Corona viruses like any of. The virus is not going nowhere and they're going to open up the country william s. What does god bless you man. You're masks of two thousand and twenty nine. He still stupid malcolm ass wash hands whereas and some of your dirty as hell not in people just saying in general. You didn't wash your hands anyway. You didn't wash hands pre kobe. Not washing your hands through covert. You're not going to wash your hands when it's not going to go away. Some eulogists nasty. Continue to stay nasty dirty fingernails. You don't wash hands even washing your ass. You got covert in yes. Yeah covert acid and you worried about not catching kobe. Point is sitting. yeah egg. You don't even wash your body because you nasty. Nasd inca abyss of your very vowel. Your of the bs some of your runaround. Here dirty is health care. they don't care. You're not affected a whole neighborhood. Mashed job you up in india. And i simply thousand three hundred thousand k. Like that thing ramping. Up about the you know that and before it's over fourteen million are burning people in the street in india and we're here and as far as a virus traveling takes him second. Yeah soon as somebody can on that air airplane. They don't even have the this somebody from india. They don't even have to come to you. As they could go to europe england or france and find a way to the united states or infect somebody in europe they get on the plane bone they come here back in house again because you're scared to get vaccinated. What what do you want us. Do not know what will took her own. Yeah welcome to cook a regular cocoa summertime. we get i write. I write all right all write. We got corona virus and wash your ass corona and nasty just nasty nasty nasty nephew out there and this is about what colors is black white. Everybody got a nasty nephew or cousin with the chasm. I by nasty cousin at the age of twenty three with runny nose smoke in the blunt. It's the blunt is to cocos in the blunt. I don't understand how people still sharing blunts you know is virus. They don't can't. That's that's really nasty. But this time they sharing the blunt and they're talking about taking this but you're going mouth to mouth contact with infectious lomb. Okay transferring from one person to the next just that you're smokin in an environment with no ventilation because you want to smoke herb. Each other a convention people that one of rather have corona virus. Take the vaccine. Which i think is insane Am a build up an immunity to okay. You think that everybody you might not be that lucky you might. You might catch. You might cause respirator corona at. Yeah that's crazy. We'll godless a bag full of diamonds worth over around. One hundred thousand dollars was found aboard a l. Our our our train okay. Now passengers leave things around all the time on the train with frequently. Finding umbrellas phones Even laptops that have been forgotten but thursday's hall on the six eleven train from penn station to four puts port. Washington was one for the record books inside that bag left behind the are conducted a jonathan yellow day about jimmy portfolio containing thirty six precious diamonds. ring setting valued at around one hundred thousand dollars. It almost didn't seem real. I thought this can't be what scenes you'll day. Sam haven't been on the job for eight years. He thought he had seen it all. But this blew him away. The diamonds belong to a passenger. Who worked as a jeweller. Who did not want to be identified but did want to share his story and his attorney gratitude for honest conductor. I started searching the house. I thought i brought them home. I saw retracing steps. And i remember i left him on the trains had the jeweler as it turns out yellow. They had already returned the settings to the the mta police at penn station they had arranged for the Jeweler to pick up the precious belongings on friday. He thinks everyone who helped. Bring the diamonds home to bring back and was happy to meet the man who made it. Possible l. r. l. i. r. president of fill ing gave yelled commendation and said that luckily for the jewelry yellow day. Did the right thing to conduct sam that there was never a doubt that he needed to do what he needed to do and his mother told him. The same was gone. Yellow day yeah. That's it last name. Jonathan yellow jonathan yellow yellow days. Your first problem horrible last night. Yellow day you know as you could change. I think you're over eighteen and stages pennsylvania exchange. So you can control at first of all yellow day. You're you are a complete idiot. My friend you gotta sit there and get accommodation from l. I. double r. Ruin your employer that you've been working there for eight years. You think that's the only job want are thinking made it and it's nothing wrong with that bro. but you can be easily terminated. we placed. You did the right due to all types of circumstances that you anything unforeseen that you can't control it is natural responsibility that you've taken on the responsibility of gelo that Left the diamonds on nia on the bench on your own the train. And he's going to give you some kind of two hundred dollar would ring on some and how much was diamonds worth over a hundred thousand four hundred thousand dollars. That was your house bro. i'm not giving back. I'm not giving you just say if somebody mistakenly sent you money the cash you was going to give it back but you're not going to give back over one hundred thousand dollars that can be traced back to you the moon. Okay and i'll tell you what i'll tell you why the cash up situation is different. Because we know what's going on somebody sent me money. They reached back out. I gave it back. This is situation. He didn't know the guy he just saw one hundred thousand dollars worth diamonds on a chair and you know what probably the way he lived his life. He probably had good common in his life. This guy that works for the railroad and maybe that was part of his normal to mind that because he did write in life so the coma. Gaza like oh we got one hundred thousand dollars that was karma test to him to see if he was gonna pass fail his future. Call him he did that he he passed. He does something right in life. I think that this would land on the train. You're bugging and i would've took the hundred thousand dollars of jury of diamonds whatever's and their mind now. I'm not even reporting it. I know they got cameras all over the place right. I would've took it to. The job is to listen if nobody because it happened to me before. And i'll tell you this story man. I said i take it to the job and go. you'll listen. I'm gonna wanna claim this if no one claims in twenty days. Whatever it's yours but the guy said he after. He searched all of our house. He remember they left on trains. Yeah so he came right back. That's fine that's what i'm saying. So if that's the case. If i took it listen i found this if no one claims it i want it. Yeah con so. Somebody claimed it but algae that what money now. All the diamonds traceable. No i don't know. I would've took two or three of them taking this am. I was taken and put down your yellow knife. You're you're out of your mind. Who said yellowknife day. Yellow day in yellow david johnson yellow day. John john john fool jobs. Don't care about you. They go get your everybody. Did you hear what barbara at the job gave him. A capable plaque. The end is going to reward him with jerry with a jury. Two hundred dollars apiece and in yellow face you gonna put that stupid plaque on your how to remind you of idiot that you are each and every day. Tim came up the note. The call you an idiot. That's what they did says. The soldier said that's why it's called the black market you. Nobody will ever know. I would have not returned him. I saw you gotta you gotta know somebody who knows about the black market Sean i'll go on. Go on their chase you on that. I find some diamonds on the floor. I found him on the floor in mind. I'm at work. I found on the floor their mind. And they can't prosecute me for that. I found them their mind. Now if the guy came up and do the same thing. Like i always said if i founded i would i would say listen. I found the diamonds their mind. Whoever whatever jill is i got my lawyer we got to negotiate something because i need. I don't want. I don't want to stupid watch and i don't want you dumb stupid plaque. Which took you deplorable on it. You're a nice guy. We're gonna nice guys finish last bro. Want what we want is negotiation. Bobby clone a hundred thousand right bro. Because you left your hundred thousand on the train. I'm want your prophet. I'll give it back. I need ten stacks. Use probably gonna make ten to twenty stacks on your diamonds bro. This yellow faces pobably a black guy. This guy with the diamonds is probably a babylonian. That probably never did anything for blacks. Never did anything for black folks. So now i want your prophet. Legally i found. Dom is i'll tell the job is stupid job. The w the w r d whatever. It is on the on the train. Y'all found these their mind their mind their possession. My lawyer has them. My lawyer has them their mind. Whoever finds these things we can to negotiation. Because you're going to pay young mistake. Yeah you're gonna have to counter. While is a combination of certificate holiday. Gave me some. i know. I don't wanna don't know interest was that. Give me the game. You made the mistake bro. This is not real house cousin that slept on the couch for three dollars. This shit and i said that before the last situation. I'm getting i'm taking these diamond attorney. I don't care what attorney say you just represent me because he might say give it back. No no. whenever the person says. I can't find them and say oh we got him. Who got him the attorney. Rubinstein black a witch Kaufman in is in house. They had a you and these damn names and you call that. They're going to say yeah. Sean found him He's looking for ten thousand. would you do. would you sir pay you man. you're gonna have to pay back that you forgot on the train because you got now you got your back you figure it out from there small fee now go sit there a yellow. but and i'm gonna have this stupid plaque volunteer or no more accommodation sir. Good at any moment they could get rid of your punk ass. I don't know maybe. I'm just coming from a different call shadow. Maybe they might fire me. If you find me. I got now. I got the whole hundred thousand right now. you're gonna keep all the diamonds. Keep all the diamonds. I'm gonna give the lawyers some money. I'm gonna get the cash from selami even going black market we gonna sell the diamonds. I'll get sixty eight thousand thousand and figuring it out from there Showing you wanted you. Why am i going legal. But it's going to. If i follow one hundred thousand dollars worth of diamonds and i said i found this but i'm going to my attorney. He's going to hold funny. And whoever finds them. Whoever you personally they prove it call tony. We need to work out a negotiation. I'm sure that diamondback. i want ten stacks. That's not all you got to pay for this You lost your profit but you got your diamonds back. You'll live to another day hopefully insurance owning problem. I'm sure they were insurance. We'll give them. You're gonna give them a little ring. I don't think a regular persian. They they they probably would have this business for profit profit. Because you left so now you get your dobbins back you get you get your profit. You get this guy a two hundred dollar ring and he got a diploma. He's still got to go to work tomorrow. Diploma and i love playing with no coin and everybody in the locker room go you relationship is lady like you know where you get up there going back all of them one and then he comes home. Hey honey look game. You're gonna get accommodation station sir. I think that will allow your wife. Have a smash pass why he has to lead back to smash passes but she is. Your wife needs gang. Banged by somebody and you. What did they were too much. Not only that too big black guys to smash and you need to watch too much now which accommodation in your hand and you little ring. I can't i helped me. You wife needs to be spanish bob. Like that's what you get New jersey has become the latest state to add x. Gender marker on the driver's license for those who choose not to specify their gender showing. Yeah and you know. The latest legislation people seek to include those who identify identify outside the traditional male female gender. The state of new jersey has recently become the latest state to make a further steps toward inclusion. According to recent reports in new jersey is now the twenty two extra gender mark on the driver's license for all who decided to To not specify their gender New jersey recently made a major move to include. Aw state residents who doe identify an in inside traditional roles with its new update updated a state driver's license licenses following a previously passed legislation by the new jersey motor vehicle commission new jersey residents. Now have the option to use the x. gender marker identifier which includes indicate that a person gender. A person's gender is unspecified. This new amendment to stay driver's license is a new and very big step for those who identify as nine binary which is at Defied as someone who doesn't identify as a male or female sure exhausting motivation monday. I'm very exhausted. Lawyer hear these stories and more time become It's just draining my soul. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go home and pray to mike god in a moment because he's too much now. Probably i'm from the bronx new york. I'm very ultra liberal. I be honest with you forgave. I'm for gay marriage over everything gay. Because i think gay folks that are in relationship they get married and nothing. Gay folks in the state of pennsylvania can get married you going down. If you're gay you could go out to keep going down to the courthouse and get a marriage license. Let's see. I think i think so. I think so. And only reason. I don't know i got a marriage license recently. And it was gay folks. And they're getting the two and yes at of may twenty of two thousand fourteen. Pennsylvania has legally recognized Same sex marriage. He goes to eight folks to women in there was biting alaba on. Yeah and i'm for that and before we get into the x thing. I locate folks cousins. Get i mean very flamboyant league like sylvester okay. Close in the whole thing as a typical gay guy. Kick your ass when you don't wanna get you always ask kicked by man that's lip gloss getting kicked by lipsticks. Read cousin guy. he's like he's a man man but he likes he's the he's receiver. And you got these big hands. I just want to imagine his hands are really big. And he's actively gay now bless bless them and i say this about me Marriage for gay folks. I i'm for and you know. I'm for it because of one one of the reasons. But the main reasons this barbie wing gay folks break-up relationships and there's kids involved they just move on to the next person some of them do but see when you're legally married inbounder to this person with this contract now when you got them little babies running around even if they're not even yours you have to pay child supporter crazy. I love that. I love to see the lesbian in the child. Support court barbagallo. It's gonna it's gonna affect your dildo expense but so be it So gay folks you want the marriage and you want the same rights as marriage folks then you got to go through that same legal contract in punk ass gotta pay child support I'm for that for that. Now you putting the state of new jersey. This law gay folks live in new gay folks very powerful. Don't get it twisted now if you're gay if you don't know that if you're a man or women you have that problem identifying yourself now. It's kinda crazy now you can put x. Okay i understand. You may be gay but do well giant you are female. Heavy was born with a pain issue. A man and like who said that. God no j. you save you said bounces cologne now. All nine everyone barbie. I said to you obviously listen. I'm less foolishness. I said to you in the beginning of this show. When you push your god this seventy eight twenty different gods out there. I was what barring god you have. One guy is what is out others that have different came about after these different guards right. They believe that they don't have to identify men or women oz to stop them from believing in then now. They need now what they have achieved which i applaud the state of new jersey yield to all the gods. And they you to your god. Bobby painting kazadi that none of doing this gate. Non-staff guess what they did. God jersey the foot. Let's have in the state of new jersey yield to the original god. No the new people. What you just mentioned i miss it. God female ice baths god. The god is the ultimate oversee. You new jersey has yield to the original got hilton with. They did some job. Politics need to get some bounds. Association hall is jammed. God for sure. Some of the politicians are worshiping. The same god. Who are they even. He'll hold on now with the state of new jersey. They're saying if you can't identify men women whatever your sexual preferences because you used to be gay. Didn't went to buy and then try and now so type again this out there. There's a lot of categories of gay. So now they narrowed it down to x. Sue now your ex and now in the state of new jersey on your license you don't have to put male or female you could put x. I applaud jail section in jail. I i applaud x. Map rooms all that foolishness now. I applaud i applaud. You call foolish. I call it my call. It something viable i i have i respect my ex johnny folks because you have done something that's never been achieved in in mankind since the barbeque says. They landed on you. Bobby you if you wanted to. When it's out your license to expire. And he's got to renew it. You could put x now. I'm good at the math clone. You have a third option. Now that i said this before. This is big industry for the plumbing. Love is now. You've got your ex bathroom. Mel female in my look was doing to the plumbing industry so the state of new jersey. I'm making an announcement. Here has yield to the original. God and now they're playing with the other gods and these people Bobby call it foolish. I say i call it an accomplishment cow for you x factor people have now pushed through the legislation state of new jersey. That you can identify yourself. Not man or woman. I'm going to applaud you. All my friends out there that are expected factors. Hold them get sports turbo quick moving and all my friends out there that identified as fact. Just want say to you. You have a friend in sean. Harvey all my factor friends. I applaud you today. You won the state of new jersey has yield to your demands. And now you are liberated. Now you don't have to put man if have man and woman. I don't know if you're a women. If you don't know your man and you become resentful because in that application as a mandate wants you to identify yourself as a man how absurd. You don't have to feel that uncomfortable anymore. My friends if you're man that's a woman that's a man that don't want to be both you can put x. I applaud you. That season was born a hermaphrodite doing that because they would. They davis born little bit both as different. But if you like. I said he was one of the is often janitor. You know you a male female cut it out. No we live in now. It's shame shake horrible. Says the word is become a stupid. Wow is you say that is shame is not too much is going on in this world. It's too much more. Poppy corona virus. Out here nobody wants to deal with that elise. The x factor people had a target goal. They accomplished their goal. They were steadfast and they accomplish it. I give them more. Be like you. I give allows in charge. No if we give them more respect than folks are here dealing with the corona virus after at least they had a mission statement From back in the day and they said we're going to find a way to category rods as x factor whether male. We don't want to be mellow female. Probably because what they did. They achieved it in the state of new jersey. But we can't achieve is a cook. We can't defeat a corona virus. Bobby cologne that people in china did well. So i'll give you the utmost respect. My parents they right. They write these rights. That's why you stayed on course and you achieved your gold as being recognized as ex and bobby. I don't listen to that part. So i'm no win. This is in effect. But whatever day it is i would love my x. Factor for to call into this ship x factor. And you need to celebrate. Today you call in numbers seven ninety six ninety five so i wanna hear from an expert to friends. You did it in the state of new jersey factor. My expect to friends. You have a friend you have a salvation. You have a sanctuary here. At the sean. Harvey morning show. I am a friend of u x factor. God bless you you stay the course and you achieve your goal. What what two hundred and fifty thousand people died yesterday. India from corona virus. God bless you my friends. I get it. Show hobbies which x factor for life. Let's go We i was supposed to go to thirty I love it. Wasn't yeah yeah. Guess what you get out of here. Everybody week as i last week. we're gonna take a well deserved break. We appreciate you guys a thank you so much. Thanks so much coming out. Thank you so much for tuning into this show today. We appreciate you because we know that you can You can listen to any show you want and you chose to come here so we appreciate what we're gonna find you guys find semi sunday on facebook. I got sean. Cindy cindy undescored. J. on instagram's in jay at three or snapchat. You'll find me on facebook barbie. Cologne design by be closed. It's on instagram. And design. obey 401 snapchat. facebook comedian. Show facebook. har- funny on instagram. So guys listen what we do. Is we go over to the chat for a minute. Then we'll go hang out with our good friend Tricky lewis lunchtime tricky with family radio app so we appreciate you a special shout out to w. s. lx rochester and also ninety four point five to blaze. We appreciate your support. Shutout to kami worldnet. Radio god bless you guys especially shout out to all you guys that listen today barbeque alarm here to take the power together in her place in. I'm going home. Twilight twilight things. 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