Joe Ingles


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In rainy, Los Angeles with Utah Jazz forward. Joe ingles. Stay with us. Here in rainy LA with Joe Ingles. Joe? Nice bus ride over here. It will has actually fell asleep. It was cut logging. Beckon us was dock in code, and I obviously a late night last night with we had a game. And then I had an early morning this morning at six o'clock wake up to type my son to get he's allergy testing, redone for he hadn't lost you and he's allergic to pay not. So we had the retests this year, and he's still allergic to peanuts. So there's no I had a big game last night. Hit a big shot. I'm getting a reprieve on that six AM. It's not happening. I wanted wanted. I know you did a very active with my children. So my wife, and I actually did sleep in and get up at whatever time we got practice before we, but it was cool. I love doing that kind of stuff, and it makes me feel more normal. So we had rain in for four days straight in LA. I think right in through your game on Wednesday might clear up Thursday. So you'll you'll misison pervy. Then we go back to Salt Lake because. The Chuck Taylors. You've got your low. Cub black Chuck's. I assumed you get them part of your Nike deal. But you that idea like going on the website and just because like what you guys do. Right is. If you want shoes, you just go in you, log in you get what you want. But that's too much work for you. So you just go. He's basically the same as naughty dot com. And so we have a poss- would allowance basically and you click home whatever you want to click on come see doorstep. They don't have trucks on that. Otherwise, I would get them all off there. But I've got a friend at Nordstrom insult like that knows what I wear and I only really wear I think I waited Jesuits and Blackhawks every I am. So I'm not going to be on that whoever tweet set Silia NBA, dress code or whatever it is and Instagram. I'm not gonna but he sends me like ten -pez, and I'll just kind of go through whatever price, and then our takes him inside. I need to go. And he sends me on the. Ten biggest mistake. I maybe ever made was well, maybe among the biggest was like all through childhood teenage years, probably might twenty s low cut shucks, we're like fourteen ninety nine and then they got and then all of a sudden, they became trendy money, and they're like fifty sixty in and a high tops are. And I'm like hundred bucks in Australia. It's unbelievable. And like, you could have just filled your garage with them and then sold them. Right. But you never thought they were gonna go like, that's what you use the mole your lawn. You muse those two more your long because you. Breasting system pretty big events in his. Vallone vein. So these ones are bit bathe up, I'm a very basic jazz sweats, and and Chuck's Chuck's from nordstrom's Norstrom yet is that the rash with with. Is that the rack to of like where it's like all the size twelve thirteen sees? All right off the walks. And see if someone's charge them on and the how they've Leist up and CompuServe the boat. I would plan them if I could I think it was Kelly Oubre so with compass. Yeah, I'm very happy with no, he wouldn't mind. A little Columbus off coal, you probably just violated your deal by even saying that probably now a high a high, but it's Nike commerce's Nike. So it does you can say it, it's fine. So like you wake up today and all the websites. Rachel Nickell showed the jump. I look up and there's a banner, and then there's like Pippen and McGrady talking about is Joe Ingles. The best trash talker in basketball. I think so I think it's a bit. I think you're the most improbable trash, right? That's really what it is. Maybe that. I definitely it's funny that it's even I guess becomes something. Because I someone said I think it was it was tonight on the fine. It's been a long day today on the plane, George and Yang was sitting opposite me, and we were doing something came up. And he said the funniest part is that I'm very good at being out talked to people and and kind of get people off the game. But for me, it doesn't effect. I can play the same way and talk to everyone in the arena. Coach other team other plies where it does make me laugh like you my head a little bit when it's happening but some guys get skits. So, but and this and then the rest of the guy in this worried about me or hitting me trying to push me trying to scream me that that ends up being an advantage for us. I don't go into a game. Tonight. We're flying who clippers tomorrow, right? I'm going to go to buffalo, blah and say this or like you should try Patrick Beverley now. No, probably no Patrick. Richard is part of it. You think that it gets guys going because they just say a I'm not taking that off him. And then be he said it, and then he went and made a play or made a shot, and he backed it up, and now maybe more pissed because if you weren't playing well, if you weren't making plays it probably doing like sitting on the bench, and yeah, you know, getting on at all or getting some yeoman's definitely not going to be obviously the fact that I'm on the coal a fair amount of the guy does put me in a lotta situations. I see a lot of things I get to be involved in a lot of things. I hear I hear a lot of things. I'm not always the first one to start start talking do hear a law, and I I've always going to have my teammates backs and last night with the blowing of the kiss to. I think ended up being like is fan. They said, but Detroit he was cheating for Detroit and the game. It's hurt. Yeah. You're like is on during the during Al game which was Detroit verses which is just bizarre. He the loss. I think it was majority lost quota was talking. Donovan don't miss a couple of shots. Missed a few free throws whatever it was. And by hey, kinda started Donovan, and then it just happened that the lost possession. Always literally like, maybe you away. And it was and it was just. Things just happen. I guess escalated into a kiss. It looked pretty good. I haven't it was very it looked. It was very it. Looks like he wants. You practice it. I do. My my daughter plays me kisses on face homes. So there's been some. Yeah. It's not so. But you, you know, I think people saw the Blake the camera caught year the the liberators of the world caught you call him a flopper apparently float on them that is huge bikes. Like, I don't even know what he's to sixty whatever six ten. To twenty and he's like fun and go muscles pumping out of every part of his body. And there's no way I'm gonna make it full of that. Was there a point in your NBA career where like you felt you had secure enough footing where you said, I can say something or does it just naturally come up? Like was point. You said I've done enough. Like, I'm a player. I'm going to be here. I'm not going to hesitate to say something or did. You just always say stuff. Yeah. I think I've always told on coal and off court. It's not something that is is tough for me. I guess I can hold a conversation with anyone can talk to anyone. I can have a joke with anyone. But I definitely like I if you went back in my first couple of years playing I definitely wouldn't have been blowing kisses to because I think I fish too. And it's not. And it's definitely not definitely I think. I saw my deal or the the playoff runs. We've had or whatever it was. I haven't been sitting. Now, I feel like I can say something it just you just kind of get in the flow of the game in every game is different. Especially for me. Every game is different and some games on doing something some games, I'm doing something completely different guiding someone not guarding. So he's always been so different from me and just get kind of caught up in the heat of the game. And that's why I think still think like the whole Paul. Joyce thing is hilarious to me because it's there's no alike game one we're playing on to get under his skin. They're like just kind of happened throughout the series at a few things happened. Hop of your shit talking game though. And then like you elevate it it I think I think it just got like the first game a couple of things happened second game. And obviously, you can tell when someone starting to get a little frustrated and. Of see when applying team once and not saying him for two months. We're planning these laws potentially seven times in ten days two weeks. Whatever it is. But it's still like I still find funny because it wasn't anything plan just kind of like as it built off. And then obviously you hear things, and I was getting osteo in in my media availabilities, and it was just like you became this like. Why like why more blown out of proportion than I ever thought may Pyan MBA would even ever get like it just in size off onto funny. You said the sort of like your ability to talk to everybody, which you can like I see you've talked to fans, I know you walk through the jazz facility. You're talking to everybody like, you know, like always been that guy. Yeah. I think are just and it's not like I want to be treated the same wise. Autry, like, he's just I just I mean, kind of like in general, you see someone? I'll I wouldn't really wouldn't really talk to. Like games in Suffolk different fans, especially guy they cheering for you. They call you. And I'm wouldn't walk down the street and dislike say out of the random God walking. Balmy. But everyone in affability when I try and walk possible Wolpe someone I try and say Hello. Oh, michael. I'll give them away of something. I think just being general like just a bit of courtesy. But nothing. I guess I'll have more than would have probably thought I think over the last like five ten years when you grow bit. And you. Have some life experiences and you just assist? I guess this isn't to me really is part of it too. You never expected this you dreamed that you dreamed of having career here that you sort of treat every day. Like, I'm gonna have fun with this today. He's still sometimes feel like you're it's found money for you. Right. Yeah. I still to this day. And obviously, I feel very comfortable in the NBA with the jazz Phil Sifi fill all of these things with the organization, but still like I'm walking into like, I think the best facility in practice facility in the league everyday. And I was walking into like a old hostel or whatever it was in Europe that we would try to bring him iron Bagger gear washing it higher like, it's just we're very lucky of you. But just I didn't think and after getting cut by the clippers and all that story. I just didn't think I would have another chance. So I do. I do enjoy all I love what I do. And as much as I am comfortable, and I know him I roll with my team and the organization. Still very thankful and I walked walking every day like that. And that's why I have like you said I'll have fun on the call. I have with my team-mates off the court. I think most of the guys who now organization would say try and make most of events or just try and make it like you said, I I didn't know if I'd be here year old off the year or now going on five six years. 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Your opponents starting to treat you differently because I'm sure when you first showed up like you, you know, you don't look the part to people some people just you thought other good today. I know you look. Yeah. Yeah. But like, you know, like, maybe that part of it like, I think fancy, hey, that's me out there like that looks. They think that now they're not, but a very regular Twitter people everybody thinks they can beat you want like album Joe bust, your if you're at the community center. Bye. Like a nod. I look like like foot come like, let's just four twenty-five under yesterday. It snow by get what you're saying. Look, go receding head on them slow, and I'm probably not like the most jacked up with Avs and all that. But I'm still going to bait you wanna one let's be real. This is like you said, Dan, like Twitter's great because people Inci whatever they want, and they can feel like that be as hero that can just be a great fan or whatever. But like just settle down like it's ridiculous. When did you feel like the guys across the way from me in this league? Like, I I've earned respect in this league. I think any any really the tunnel. The last couple of years, I think my first couple years. I still remember, and I've told the story before about when I was on the coma fiscal us every time we would switch light one three one three full pick and rolls. It was a lot. That would look at me and like back off and be like kind of like wave the handy. Clear. Everyone. And I was like I'm going one on one. And it was literally like every possession. I was like this is it like it's Fava five play boss. Well, we're not like this isn't like I'm straight but one on one tournament. And that was a part of me like sitting down with coach q and just being like, what do I need to do to stay on the coal? And it was a defensively. Do it unable to do and help the team offensively and finding ways defensively the to control my man and stay in front of them. And all and I was able to do that. And then I think the last couple of years, I think and and I've noticed it more offense than defensively with. The first few days. I would get a ton of watt Ivan shots, I would get pick and roll that would go under every time, and it was like kind of difficult because when when teens keep going under it's hotter than you think. And. Last year. I didn't get as many open looks. I felt like someone was always really close to me. So I figured out like I would to penetrate more and people were going over on all my pecan roll. So it was like get down the line. Now, I've gotta work at how to finish in dual that. And then and this year even feel like it's been even more. I is being games with like, I've had someone touching me. Like, we do it with with the warriors the way we play them. And it's like. It's a no Stephan. These guys get frustrated because it's really annoying like, and is taking me us taking me, whatever we've played now forty seven guys to really kind of figure out how can still be effective offensively without having so much spice, and Tom and those teams this year they taught block me on every pick and roll. And every pin down whenever I'm in that one corner, they they sit right on me. And don't let me use roles. I think the last couple of years has been more. And it's made is obviously made me better too. Because I've had to to look different ways to get open be affective playing through the call. I it makes you of teller low to pay with this spec harm. It makes you respect those superstars that the amount of pressure in defensive pressure and stuff I get and they're still able to like what like what James Hodson? Does these guys scoring forty fifty points nights before I came here. I was like, well, yeah, he has a bowl, and he shoots thirty five shots, of course. But when you get in the physical, and the what teams do defensively, it's it's really impressive. So it's it's definitely opened my eyes to see how good some some towns. Applies abbott. But also different ways for me to get open and still be effective. Joe how much do you think about? How much circumstance impacted your career the success? You had when you think of the opportunity that came you got cut by the clippers and you get signed by the jazz. And when you came in the group, you're playing with coach you're playing for the organization all the factors that allowed you to get the opportunity and then take advantage, and then be given you sorta your earned more opportunity. And then you become a player who signs a contract, you know, four year fifty million plus that you would not have imagined. Probably I think you're I offer pro basketball was about tall thousand dollars when you were seventeen right to us twenty four. But do you think sometimes if I hit just Mark bartlestein called me and said, hey, we got an offer to go to I don't know name ten other teams, I could've just been out of the league easily. Yup. And I still. The year finished him, boss. Lana was a free agent. I had an offer from Memphis, and I still had a a two year with fishy guaranteed. I think the second you was a team option in mock was like not having to take action. And that was really under as didn't end up going. There was because of the team option thing, which if I had pushed him mole. Maybe they'd saw me to offer a one year. Like who knows what it could have been if I'd if I'd gone there that might have been my one up at union. I'm not like you said, I'm out of pike. Right. Who knows I might have played horrible and being back in Europe. And. A thing. Like a lot of credit does go to mock for that for trying to figure out the right? It's like the stall had to get me over here in the stall outplayed from my whole life is is very unique. I think and there wasn't thirty teams chasing off to me. There was real one. Really? I went to the clippers still think I should have made that team. Jarrod Cunningham is the player, right? They kept over yet. It was me and him. They only brought me in humans training camp. So it was mayo him. They chose him. Still think what I. Obviously it looks a bit silly. And now kind of thing I guess because the the why plying and the way I feel like I could have held that team. But I wasn't the player. I am today back then Avis. But again, it's it's all worked out on real, man. When I got the coal. From combat the jazz, did no q a little bit from being in Europe. And he he was in Jessica when I was in Boston. Lana. And in Muhiddin in mock said, I think knowing he had been there in understanding European boss and that different stall. I we thought it would be a really good fit in. Couldn't have asked for anything to us. What's the benefit for you to have a coach Quin Snyder? And it's funny Quinn was really interesting. I remember talking to him before he left. He took a big chance. He was with the Lakers. Yup. Right. He was with the Lakers and left at Messina was on the staff to and he went to be his assistant and Cesca in in Russia. And I remember the last thing Quinn said to me they sent me a text or Email like today was leaving sorta like, hey, don't forget about me. Meaning like, I don't want to just go disappear there, and he was joking. But it was a risk for him. But he was so determined to broaden his coaching experiences as mind to be really he got a college head coaching job at a really young age. He looks back and says, I don't know how prepared I was. But I'm going to be prepared when I become an MBA head coach. And he really does point to that time over there. What do you think it does for coach who goes here to their sort of opening his mind seeing the game differently? I think even plays think. Me and EPA Buddha talk about all the time. Like he wasn't. He didn't wanna ever go and play in front of wash. He wouldn't have grown heating grow up wanting to play for team into repick. Yeah. Yeah. It was we we were played some lake with actually before he didn't applying because he broke his hand. But we were on that same say when he first go drafted and. You don't even have a plan on especially Americans. I think more the American kids out they wanna play but for him. It was one of the best things. He did. He said he he goes to play. He kind of got his his rhythm. And Mojo back of who. If I was. Baylor and k back in. I think obviously we saw even he's being unreal. For us when he's had his Pechiney when Rudy and favors have been injured and. Thing that's the same as as as coachee. He knew he and it's funny because he does it with everything like he wants to learn about something. He's like. OCD I'm going gonna learn and I'm gonna know inside now like, and if I have to positivist omen ice the tests like this is unreal. And he he does it with all the plies gauze from different countries different. He comes in and talks about the history of other countries of like, it's it's unreal. And I think that's just who he is. But. He obviously thought him like you said he had the the college coach Yang the head job there. And he done so much. But I think coaching you're probably the only thing you had done. He probably figured especially with Massena who knew well. Why not go over there and and make himself even better? You get put in an uncomfortable situation, which we will allow the players do over that too. And you you have to figure it out. Otherwise, you probably won't end up back over here. And obviously he did he did what he had to do. He came back. 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I don't know if there's any we think a comparible 's, but the jazz and a lot of ways it's an orthodox team like it's built differently and yet, but it works, right? Like us and to have a coach in Quinn who is an ex who has this vast mind and imagination and creativity and a front office. Dennis Lindsay, and it's been built differently. And obviously, I don't know how it was before. I got there but being coach came at the same time. So I saw basically the change from kind of the diet. He got there and what he was trying to do. And it wasn't going to be a not success. He told the plas- us to remember in in meetings that we would. Hey practice. So we will practicing like crazy the day before the guy the dial of the guy shoot arounds was so long, and it was not that we went trying to win every game. Those a process behind trying to get good habits and trying to be of see good individual plans. But then bringing it all together as a group, and like you said he's Moland to put every player that we've the five years I've been here every player that has been within out team has there are in kind of light little package of like, I've got my little package of of sets. And he he makes everyone feel so comfortable in whatever we're running because. It's kind of designate if you I'm going to be on whatever it is. If it's a bigger always gonna make sure I can come back to my left hand and people all want to go left, and and we still manage to figure out ways for me to get left. So I was just being something that he's he's he's about I've only probably recently cost it a couple of weeks. He's the best coach of had not only for me personally. But but just being around at team the confidence he gives gauze one through fifteen and the something I've never seen in in a coach. And I've had good coaches. Don't get me wrong of wouldn't ever bag one of my coaches because of liked all of them in different lives like for David Blatt with Kabi for a year. Say quince autos had I was just listening to some others. You've had. We'll have Brett Brown. Also as he's on TV in the background. He's he's also right up. He was one of the ones that really got me playing to where I thought I could actually help team instead of just being on a roster. So has the first time I ever saw you play was a weight Olympics, right? Yeah. I went Beijing Beijing. Yeah. But imply to my I'll play in the last guy got against the US and got a great which time fourth quarter. Then you eleven points for four from the field. CPA was talking to bunch of smack to me. I was like dude them daunting his own and haven't played while. I'm just happy to be out. Here you go. Which was funny because then I ended up being team kind of teammates with him a little bit lighter and still talk to him. Yeah. So he's one of the great chastise. Like, he's he's he's aggressive. He's on that. He's a Christian. But he definitely doesn't stop towing. La those few competitors. Like him that Olympic at that time to alway in the Olympics. And I remember still on the great things I've ever seen in sports. Was y'all Ming the first game against the US? He's literally dragging that leg up on the court shouldn't have been playing. I I did a pod with him a couple years ago, and we talked about that. And I mean, he had broken the hit one of his fractures. There's no way he should have been back at soon, but he felt such a I gotta care that flag into the stadium. It was his bird, and I've got to be out on the court and play especially in in China. He just felt like you had to and he I remember he hit like a top of the key or eighteen seventeen. Eighteen foot jumper right at the top. I don't they ever crowd, and it Merican players like USA players like appreciated what he was doing. And listen he made a lot of people a lot of money. He opened up the doors there, you don't want to sneaker deals, but but that Olympics was interesting because that was obviously Kobe was back. There you're on like, I think you would don't like it's changed. You played them since then I think there was some fear playing against them that was there in those games because of that team a hungry team. But by the time, you played them again, you guys are competing with them. And it was the last couple of is well a pot of that especially for our team speak for other national teams. But house is also the fact that in when we were in Beijing, we had bogut think it was only maybe petty just cracked them BI, Patty mills. Now, he was still at college in Beijing. I'm pretty sure I think we only had buggers NBA fly. Yeah. Maybe it was the Saint Mary's petty was Saint Mary still always playing m B O like we majority MB L plays a couple of Europeans and Bogan. Maybe someone else. When now we've got like if you look at team coming up. Now, we've got I non Tango is going to be playing in the I think for us a pot of that back in like, I'm twenty years old in Beijing. Hell you scared of the bra like I've never seen causing person before. Now. No that that obviously, it doesn't change the fact that we played against them daily now weekly and we get to challenge yourself against different players. And obviously a lot of the gods will end up playing and. You you you did teams you pay them in a playoff series individual. You have a good performance against you. You feel that confidence. And I think for us. We've got eight on ten MBA flies. It's like well. This is normal to us. Now, we're back then it was like it was so far in a pot from from maybe Bogo, whoever that was over here that now you go out there, and it's like, well, we do this eight months Rice's normal. And and I think for our team that's that's been huge for the confidence about team to just well, this is what we do. We feel that we can compete with them. It would be nice to get Ben Simmons the plan that team, right? Yeah. It'd be not we've yeah. Ben Dongtai hasn't really played giant a Boden. It'll be bit. Obviously Benza would be a huge inclusion if you if you disarm supply when you sign your extension Joe it was right before free agency early. I should say it was before. Gordon Hayward made his decision. Yep. And you and Gordon Sharon agent, and but you didn't know what he was going. Do you? Kept asking me, and I'm like, yours friend. You're asking me. I don't I don't know really trying to get any inside post one. But you did your extension and thought was, you know, you're hopeful he would stay and then you were going to build and Donovan Mitchell had just been drafted. I think everybody hoped he was going to be really good. I still don't think at that time. It'll be imagined. Like, what was gonna come? So quickly. When Gordon left at went to Boston. And there was a natural sort of like, and it was deflating and go because you you were about to make a case you, and I know the case that that is Lindsay and Quin we're trying to make to them in those meetings. Were we have the team we're going to be the team that eventually upends Golden State? We're not probably good enough this year next year. But we look at the age of our players, we think Donovan's, really really good. That's why we moved up to get him. And all that gets pulled away. And what was it like the beginning when you search like July, fourth July fifth, and you like, you know, it's not all gone. But it was this is what we thought was going to happen. Yeah. I think I think it was a bit of unknown because Quinn had already ever coached. Gordon as his his mango off for the threes, or whatever it was. So I think a lot of what was just kind of like a bit of unknown of what what do we what do we do? How like he was the gosh shooting twenty shows a game for us and was an old sire. And and all that. So for us. It was a little bit like way way. Do we where do we go? What are we what what say all identity? I guess, and I think frozen it was always defensively, but offensively was like this mango he was we were throwing the ball to him every possession. And I think what they did. They're able to bring Jonas Taba and pick up some paces, I guess that fitted out out team and the way we played and then go to practice, and it was. Well that time they'd kind of given the case to to hoodie. And who'd he was going to be go. I and and we've obviously got Donovan who who'd come in. And and hopefully make an impact for like you said what what they believed he could do. But was still unknown and then kind of like cliquey fingers and Donovan starting and we've tried Rodney and Donovan's started off kind of slide. You could see what he was was able to do on the coal and. By christmas. Whatever it was January. It was a lot with these kids have a superstar. He's going to he's going to be an all-star and whatever else he's going to do in the league. And then I think pretty early on click to lie, and we could see it in in a bid at preseason training camp. And obviously early on like these these kids he's going to be like he's and you had to convince him of that a little bit, right? There was a lot of. And he talks a lot about that about the veterans saying to him take the ball and go stop deferring to us. You're the guy yet. I think like as you would know there's not many teams rookies get the case, I games into the sale whatever it was early on into the season and think he's such a good, quiet. Humble kid that like. Bigger as not not like you open. Oh, you like will not like shoot the ball like someone has to take twenty shots. And that's you and we trust you. We believe in you. And it did take a thing him Tom to be whole like he he always talks. He wasn't even that good. At college. Always used to say, we off-line hilarious. I never watched him at college. But I'm like, how do you? What do you mean? Like, you're doing these against the best defenders in the world, you there's no way you're not doing that against like, I don't want to badmouth any scholarships. I fly again. So there's no way. And yeah, I it took Tom. I think for him to believe in himself. He he knew from the inside that we had is back and wanted him to be aggressive and. After a few months. We kind of figured out who who we're gonna bay in. How we were gonna ply and it worked for us at a still working for us. Today's episode of the woods pod is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. You know, what's smart kicking off two thousand nineteen by planning out, which rolls your business needs to hire. For. You know, what else is smart starting the new year off by going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash wo JR. To hire the right people. 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You had shown us of all people Jonas Turab co tip in at the buzzer. But I would think everybody walked out of the arena that night going while the jazz like they're picking right back up where they were. And as it turned out, you were not picking back up. It became a struggle to sort of get your traction back on your. Yeah. And I think that was our first we'd beat Sacramento about twenty in the first game in Sacramento of said, they were going to be a lot better than what they were. So it was a good win. And then yeah, we we lose on the buzzer to to to the warriors. I you like you feel I think from the outside. They felt like it was like like, we're we're gonna win six games at assist going to be easy. And we're just gonna do what we didn't. I said this a bunch like it's funny that how quickly people forget the Sacramento will what we were five years ago. Lotta young guys. They stuck together. They've worked hard. They've put some veterans. Ed, I've got a good coach. And they've built the program into what it is. Now a really good young team. They are they going to still have some ups and downs. But they're they're on the way up and all it takes is one of the pace or some more development. Whatever it is. And. Froze. It was. Yeah, we just couldn't we couldn't get in a rhythm. We would play great in a game. And then we would play horrible. And the the the Dallas game still stands out. We we lost by fifty to Dallas in Dallas. And. We just couldn't we were the team of say who wanted to bay. But we we just couldn't find that rhythm of. That chemistry like it. Just didn't feel the Siamese. We gos- had no different intentions. One was playing differently known was being selfish. You just didn't. And I think part of that to other teams, but we went to the second round like other teams targeting us. Yeah, we weren't the jazz of four years ago. We know that it was a walk. I a big teams thought they would come in. We'd always play hot, and we'd always compete, but we we will losing a lot of games. So we had we've had a tug on that back last couple of years. And I think just all of that. I think Donovan has took him Tom to like your number one on the scouting report. Now people were figuring you outlaw Shia now you'll like they this like Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell, that's you see it on TV. You see all the teams that thinking? So we've all we've all worked extremely hot behind the scenes to get this spec. To to see we we just about five hundred now, but. Back on track where we feel like how should be playing, and it's kinda record wise or sort of where you were last year. And then you guys took off on your and the west now is feels like and listen, you keep waiting for Golden State to just run off their ten in a row eleven twelve and create distance and that maybe they still will. But they haven't yet and Denver's there and the claw. And all of a sudden, there's a clogging I think everybody in the west except for like maybe a couple teams dollars starting to fall off. But like a lot of teams still think we're going to be buyers to the trade deadline. We can get the eighth seed we get in the just to the west his I mean, you can go you can win one game. And you're six and you can lose one in your twelve and it's so clogged up in the middle. There. The moment even kind of the top as well. So I mean, it just shows how important every game is especially I mean, we take it old pretty serious, but we try and take every game series as possible and. It is so taught like e. Everyone says you don't want to look at it. You don't want to be with humans. We all look at it. We all have saying people talk about it. And we know how important every game, and you can watch all the other games and say, west coast, west coast teams lose, and it's like, well, if I were there around us, and we closer all with one above now, or whatever it is you try to tell everything about what we do know how important every game is issue. I always get the sense like you may end up in a front office Sunday that part of it really energy that from Melvin well, you could be GM in. Oh, yeah. They're Australian Australia league as much NBL love America. What it's given me and my family and everything the experiences won't leave. He a long-term once saw. But I do my wife is actually the one that always says to me, oh, I had never really still done. What I wanna do often oversee giving a bit more freedom with the deal us onto take a bit longer to figure it out. But she had always said a an agent, which I don't think I could I could nobody likes agents. And I feel I wanna be a lockable person. But I do love that saw at all. I don't think I would be definitely not a head coach a love kind of what some veil like Ghana. Does does I can deal kind of comes into now. A little bit helps out. We've got Raul Lopez as well. Doing of the similar thing. They come in and help out. But I do love I feel like I can watch game. And no good player. And I feel like I could translate that into how drafting whatever it is. And that excites me, I think it's something that would enjoy doing of picking team putting a team together. And I guess seeing if I'd be any good at it not really somebody will be. It'll be there. No one's gonna talk you in the state. You're going home dot is. Also, my my kids to to go to school in drier. And kind of have the the lost. All we I did me and my wife, did we would definitely come back and visit we'll be probably more than we think. But long-term, we'll we'll definitely be in Israel. I'm what become the words of stroke. But you've like, I know this about you you love trade deadline. You love free agency. You like I always hear from you around those times like it's very interesting. And I promise you, I'll text you and let you know before I reported, I'll make sure you first. So you don't have to wait aides say why do it blows up quickly? Yeah. But yeah, I know you like the like trade deadline. You'll be looking you'll be looking at other teams and Utah be I'm sure you guys we talk and trying to maybe do something. But I think you like to see how the pieces get put together. Yeah. It's yeah. I'll like seeing. Oh jazz. But I do like watching other teams, and I like. I can what she gave him in in my head. I'm like all they will they eight is this one pace, and that will be so much better. All that. If they get rid of this go on replace him with this guy. And and then when things do happen. It's. And I think old plays a lot that we we as tame ice on the plane on the bus. We talk about trade, Zoll, whatever. And I think once stuff does go through. It's like man, what do you think like how how will Jimmy being in Philly, and you will you talk about and giant is Jimmy from college who'd be good fit because of this this, and maybe this won't work and. Yeah. That's something. I are really. And I I guess that's more to your point of why why do you think which might be? You've just give me a Kerr a career. So well, you got a lot left in this one July predate man is always taking time and my worries and stay out of the rain. We'll be going straight to bed. I had to Billy morning. I know you did. All right. Thanks. Appreciate it. Thanks for listening to this episode of the wochit pod. A big thank you to my guest today. Utah Jazz forward joing, remember, you can subscribe and listen to archived episodes of the woes pod. Wherever you get your shows. You can find us on apple podcasts radio dot com or wherever else you listen. And of course, a big thank you to our sponsors today. Weeks dot com. Ziprecruiter Twenty-three in me. And Tommy John be sure to support them the way the support is here is the wolves pot will catch next time.

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