462: A perspective that will give you superpowers


Face is putting your fear into action. Faith is acting. It's painful faith is changing your perspective. Welcome to earn your happy podcast. I'm I'm Laurie harder. Founder of the Bliss Project Three time fitness world champion fitness expert and cover model turned self love. Junkie Lifestyle Entrepreneur and author author. Each week will bring you a guest or a thought that will help you bust through your fears. Connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life business and relationships. We don't wait until we're ready for someone to tell us we're good enough. We take what we want. And we anoint ourselves yourselves get ready to earn own and on apologetically rock your happiness every single day. Are you with me here. We go welcome back to the earn. Your happy podcast. And it's time time for another quickey because there's always time to fit an inspiration and I love that you just quoted that with me maybe did maybe didn't anyway. I want to remind you that event love is coming up guys. There's only eleven spots left. There might be less than that when you hear this podcast and the price goes up December. Eighteenth so you must grab your spot now and this is a super intimate intimate event. Fifty people we are keeping it small so that you can become that speaker that confident leader and be able to you understand what it takes to have profitable events you guys for anybody who wants to have an event anyone who wants to become a better teacher leader facilitator podcast or whatever that looks looks like learn all about how you could turn your passion in to your business if you are nervous. This is exactly the place that you are supposed to be because it is going to give you the skills to manage that so back to the quickey J I WanNa talk about perspective and you know this word. The you know that perspective is your power but I really want to talk about. Are you using it. Are you actually understanding which means applying applying and using it in your life if we say that we know. But we're not using it. You're not actually understanding and you're not embodying so perspective. That is a beautiful thing that can turn something negative into something that is actually life changing and positive and the most most successful brilliant. Happy People that I know. Have the power to change anything anything. Negative into something positive they have perspective and it is their superpower and I can honestly say that I have been flexing working on using this muscle over and over and over and we just finished up Three Day event are foundations mastermind and it was the second group of Twenty Thousand Nineteen. We run our fast foundations mastermind twice a year and I love the second event out of each group. Because it's kind of like they're graduating class. It is is the event where people have come back into the room for a second time. They don't have as many nerves but they also have a new set of stories stories. You guys went. You know that when you joined something when you walk into an event or a room where you're super intimidated or you did something. That's way outside your comfort zone. And you know that it's GonNa make you either level level operator GonNa feel like you're going to crumble under pressure. Those are those moments where perspective is every thing. Perspective is everything and then the second time they walk in three months later for their second event they either feel a lot more confident or a new story has developed. Wow I really don't feel good enough. Wow I feel like you know. These people are moving at such a faster pace than me. Wow I didn't do the things that I said I was GONNA do now. That could be something. That's GonNa take someone like that down or or you could have the perspective of. Oh my goodness thank God. There's a second event because maybe I did not do the things that I wanted to do. Thank goodness there's a second event because this lack of confidence is showing up again. Thank goodness there's a second event because my God. My confidence is low and I need this tribe now more than ever thank goodness. There's a second event so that I can show up in a way that I wanted to in the first one and didn't so I'm using this as an example because we we were talking about it a woman who's in that particular mastermind Jocelyn Freeman was like you have to talk about perspective perspective. Because I talked about it in the room and how powerful it is because I will share that she was feeling you know the first event. She came As far as I know she loved it. They were learning a lot. They were having breakthroughs and the second time that she came. She found that the event like the room when she shows up in certain rooms. Like this where it's a lot of people level up leveling Like minded people That she was getting triggered and she was getting triggered in a way that she had said that she she was questioning herself. She didn't feel like she fit in as much. She didn't feel like one of the cool kids and she was really wondering about her worth. And you know all all of these different things and it's crazy because looking at her and her business and just who she is. I would never have ever guessed that she was ever dealing with anything like that. But but you guys we should all know. We're all humans I walk into those rooms and I'm completely triggered and feeling like maybe I'm not enough. Maybe I'm not providing enough value but that's exactly where I need to go because my perspective says no if you're feeling this way this is where the work begins so you guys can read all the books we can do all the things we can join all the programs grams but until you show up when it's hard until you flip your perspective. That doesn't feel good. That's the actual work. That's go time that is gain gene day. That is the Super Bowl. Like you can talk all you want. You can read all you want. You can be listening to this podcast all that you want. But until you're in a moment omen of being really down of questioning yourself of doubt of being in a situation where you are about to not go do something and pull yourself out of the game and sabotage yourself again by not showing up in the room or going to the thing. We're going to that lunch or going to that party. You're taking yourself out of the game because of your perspective and if you flip it and say oh that tough stuff is game day. That's where I find out what I made of and create what I made of not even find in doubt you guys. That's where you create what you're made of. That's how you create the diamond. Put yourself under pressure show up in state in the room even when it feels like shit even when you feel like you don't belong there even when someone says something rude to you that is game day. That's the opportunity. That is the work right there. That's where you get to stop talking and start becoming so flipping your perspective and Jocelyn headset on the last day she was like you know it's so so crazy because it's just that opportunity like to flip my perspective and know that these are the rooms that you have to be in and have something completely wildly change your perspective and and it's really funny because we do this thing where we vote for someone who's shown up and given a lot in the room and really been someone who's changed A lot of things for people people and who's added a lot of value and we do a vote in the group and John just so happen to be one of the top three who was voted on for being appreciated being seen and valued. So what a perspective flip bright. She was just moments before in the bathroom talking about how triggered she was feeling that she didn't feel like she fit in or was a cool cool kid and then gets voted on by fifty peers. That she was one who was you know really stood out as adding value and that people were grateful for talk about a perspective flip. But sometimes we don't get sometimes. We don't get that validation like Jocelyn was able to get in that in that room but you have to validate yourself and I know that she would have done that. Anyway so Johnson thank you for not only inspiring this podcast but for really I know helping a lot of people and for what you would've done anyway. Which is flipping your perspective which your genius at so you guys wear is something that you can flip your perspective? Maybe you're headed to the gym right now and you're like shit. I hate the Jim. Like what am I ever going to like it. And you're like Oh my perspective is thank God I show up and I do something hard and yeah this may not be easy but this is where I build up muscle Seoul for maybe my future business or when relationships are challenging like I show up I go through and I take care of myself. This is that time to take care of myself. Improved moved to myself that I can just keep showing up for the challenging thing that is going to make me better so sometimes we look at it like you know especially the gym. Oh I don't see the result of this doesn't change my body. Whatever it's not worth it you guys the gym the hard stuff? The challenges the test of your patience sitting in traffic You know the annoying phone phone call from an in-law from your mom from a sister from a brother from a friend someone being rude that route email. That's the stuff where you be. Calm Tom a better version of you. Stop Shying away from it runs straight toward it. Does it feel good. Hell no does it make you better. Hell Hell yes without it. You don't get to become a better version of yourself without it. You don't get to actually practice that faith that you say that you have faith is action right. Faith is fear in action. Face is putting your fear into action. Faith is acting when it's painful info. Faith is changing your perspective. Here is I have so much love for you. It's actually completely frigging wild. How much I love all of you guys and getting to see who I'm talking to? It's even better when I get to meet all of you who I get to chat with all the time as they move into two thousand twenty. My gratitude list has All my listeners at the top I feel very connected to you I feel like you actually give me so much life and things nice to look forward to so thank you for letting me live in my purpose. Something that you can do. If you love this podcast is just share on your stories. Go subscribe go rate eight. Go Review that would really mean the world to me. I have some really big goals around this podcast so that I can make it better make it a huge focus of twenty twenty Which means I get to put more time into content? Which means you get more juicy rich content out of this podcast so rate review share with a friend text to a friend that means the world go do it right now? I would appreciate it more than I could possibly tell you. I love you guys so much until next time. Earn your happy by everyone. Thank you guys so much for spending this time with me on the earn. Your happy podcast. I am so glad that you stopped by. If you could take one second to share this episode with someone you think would love it. That would be absolutely amazing and we would be forever grateful also. Please leave us a review. If you feel so moved by going to I tunes and leaving us an honest thought honest comment. Tell us what you think. Tell us what you I want to hear. More of. It would really help us out on our journey to helping thousands and thousands of people until then don't forget to earn your happy. Be Thanksgiving guys bye bye.

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