What's Next for Neymar?


Hello there welcome into the show on adrian healey distinguished company won't pull marano to my ryan got shaka hislop when craig burley here and we are rejoined the elusive low who is back from his western u._s. Odyssey's lots to get into so you with you. Today i starting in the city of light the city of paris where the lights appear to be dimming for name. He wasn't pontiff squander gates name over the weekend. Can these was some of the particular banner held up by the coaches pretty much. The only one that passes the tests that we can show you get out. Neymar was the translate. It shouldn't the ultras reacting name all back in july when asked about his favourite locker remember he basically said the lottery montana the comeback full boss against the six one victory gab and jules have a new podcast. You may come across it. It's actually called the gavin jewels podcast kaas this was surely in laurent on neymar and level montag the things he said about the remote data being his best is memory football and this and we knew didn't go down well by never thought he will be that extreme from the ultras and violence and clearly. He's not welcome. Welcome there anymore by the fans that doesn't mean he's not going to play for p._g. Ever again if he was to stay if did doesn't happen if he has to stay at the club it it'd be very very difficult. I think to rebuild the relationship with the funds leading with this headline. Meanwhile a classical porn name name on classic. Oh which team needs name mall translation from the spanish newspaper it sits you might be in a way for a while but we still we're still talking about day but even more so let's divide data site the classical division to to start with boss alone and what your sense of his potential move to the new cam currently is well in a way this is what's changed from what we've been saying from the very very start this summer courses bits of information of come out which of course once just things are known it changes the way that things will play out and the very fact that leonardo who said the name or is is basically going to go that i think is enjoys talking there about the fans being annoyed about him talking about the six one victory. I think that would have been forgivable if they didn't have that sense as well. Since then things have moved on owns the point where neymar has totally in order that wants to go where leonardo is by saying publicly which by the way forces the price down or at least forces your hand a little bit and said look. We need to resolve this he he will probably leave. Thomas has been careful as effectively. Let that out as well and so. I think what's changed. Now is a willingness to try and get this done. I think one of the things that happens happens not just in neymars case but in all cases in trouser windows because you've got a couple of months you tend to spend the first six weeks putting things into place or waiting to see how things develop develop and then there's a rush on it and so i think we are now in that period where we're starting to get a movement on this of course we see in the fact that barcelona have been embarrassed today so his handyman they see this. This is a kind of first step towards his son and of course it's a first step often with other steps that weren't engineer publicly taken off those moments of waiting of lit win hidden messages of discussions behind the scenes. This is the first step of something that can properly be called a negotiation which no guarantee that happens and the truth is at boston comedy afford this and don't really have a natural place name on the side but they're drawn into this and why they draw into this partly they're drawn into this its name oh and it's exciting and we want to do it and we've got a president in particular not a sport director of president who wants to make this happen and then the other thing. I think this is a key thing. We saw it on the on the front cover. L'equipe roman should have been drawn into it and i suspect but i can't stand this up at this point. The name has tried to draw me into this in in essence really for one fundamental reason to get barcelona's a move 'cause enough from boston. You'd think we didn't get any more if they think we didn't get and rail madrid. Did that's a reason to go and get him. <hes> what's your sense of. Where would he be better right now or bus you would hands down there that are cited more advanced <hes> <hes> so i think bustle i mean this. I said right i mean how does he all the pieces of the puzzle with this evening. How does he fit in good players. Uh-huh anybody you'll have. I mean you have to rotate unless they sold the before. The window closes settling bus loan a more stable excite at the moment. There's no there's no he has to make a move hopping because for the reasons set talked about the fully the graph it was up there with the ultimate he's just going to get this done and i i've said this all along but goodness gays playing career bahcall according to what we as as one of the best players in the world and forget the circus but in that starting lineup potentially on friday against the where would he fit in. I mean who do you sit at a reason. Why are you going to do you go to the whole three up. Top you go numa <hes> suarez charisma dynamite the i totally agree with what the defendant to the course aside in essence essences gonna play to two defenders four four. They're going to be bombing followed. The the facts about these players is that they always have pasta notions. They put the ball to the right foot so they're able to keep possession of the ball. The within the coaches go to be cautious. Boats is that when they do lose possession are the in good positions is young and his biscuits. Are they going to you know organize aside because that's what's going to happen. Can they play that much fine pound. Yeah i think i they can but it's asking boston in particular. They're they're wearing box samedan alba according to that last graphic to do something that they've not really been asked to do over the last couple of years which is said back on just defend dole warrior getting forward leave that to the front four look players do find to find a way to make things work and especially boost catch gets in his processing region coming into grown he covers. I think somehow boston a mix. I played i played in a sale to team up a period and the john bonds when we had we tried to all these playmakers and i can tell you now. Obviously these are quality players. We tried to fight berkovitch and lubomir avdic. It was fantastic. We try these guys in the team and what we found when we went with scotland and played in european competition it it was just too difficult and i think that is going to be some sense here if it happens but getting the balance right because when they do a plate the teams in spain there are many of them are gonna do play in european competition. Some of these guys might have to sit on the bench. Yeah all being seti to earlier question. I always have been surprised that that real madrid wound interests interested a whole lot sooner. I felt all along that name on real madrid madrid his preferred the destination given that he always wanted to get out from lennon messy shadow. No there's no renaldo. I just thought that was a much going back to wherever it can work for fossil odor again looking at this study eleven the boys of highlighted ways could work but he's a right thing to do about celona well. I'm by the way you mentioned one of the names on the bench there. That's then ballet cop messy soir ingredient already. You've also then belay and you've got name us as oh. You got an extra platform fitting. They're kind of work. I mean he's been pointed out that you've got to fullback. Sues fundamental role is to attack. You've got a team that will play very high anyway. Suppose that helps helps up to a point of course it worked brilliantly. We've neymar before we've swear a messy swallow a little bit older and possibly not quite the play he was in two thousand fifteen and and you've got to find something to do with grease men and i think that tells you. This is the season that the secretary the technical secretaries weren't that keen on doing. I haven't really the money for it but the president is following this now. I still think there's a challenge. It doesn't happen but if it does yeah. It's going to be really really hard to make this work what else it could also john's high prophetically moment few start taking an extra body in midfield with all the team goal. We know how clever sales you brisket. Escape says brief can't get around the ones that know then you say well. They've got frankly. The young could do that but that's gonna be a hell of a impression not young coming into boss. Luis harm continue came in this type of player but it comes in and funfair and each for whatever reason many struggle to to get going the pressure russia the system bub blah young young. The last thing he needs is coming into such a huge club is to be left exposed and i say that because you know peop- defines will get on his back and so you have to be careful when you coach that keep saying you got to get the balance right of the side particularly in the middle of the apart to get the best you guys sit meanwhile astonishing really developments at a madrid. I'm sure one of your colleagues diego torrezon jason l. pious reporting about ends at the bernabeu who's reported in the british newspapers. The independent that dan is furious with his boss florentino keino perez at the promises made about acquiring popo obviously having come to fruition that even on the point of resigning. What can you tell us yeah i think it would be i think it would be pushing it to say that he's on the point of resigning right now but i think i think diego has been cleared. This would happen for a while. All this was possible outcome and that she we've talked on this show before as a possible outcome but the dan came back at the time he came back because he was offered guarantees because he was offered the the chance to rebuild a squad which is very different to the type of role that he did when he came in last time that went hand in hand promised to buy the plays that he wanted and in in particular as well of course to get rid of the plays that he didn't want and that includes comments rodriguez returning from loan bomb unique and then moving him on and of course the man. We've been talking about for so much this summer gara file now i don't. I think there's any doubt a tool that you see the white for example is the dan spoke about biologic. It was germany that was a message not just bio but it was a message to his board of directors all right to the president as well and i think there's no doubt saddam will be frustrated what's happening. He will be frustrated looking at this thinking. This isn't quite what i was told would happen but of course there is a difference between a club. That doesn't do what you want and a club is trying to but unable to do what you want. It's not that easy moved gareth by lawn. <hes> <hes> that's the point is a great point and that's exactly the point and there's something of this short for for weeks weeks. Is that got us bail for for whatever reason seems intent to say look. I know you want me to go bought. I'm holding a calc- because i'm under contract and i'm going to stay in. I'm gonna fight from a place whether the manager the lakes me on a said said you can try. All you want to play it in his agent decide. They're going to titan to investigate what the one england anywhere it feels like. Saddam was given certain assurances that it was a the money thing going on which is why i sympathize with unholy fees about god and listen. I understand exactly what craig seeing but then if you knew ooh that guys beer is holding all this power. If you're florentino perez not able or not willing to take on that responsibility on whether it's being what what he wants lonzo all paying a part of removing domingos guarantees not to somebody like sedan who the only reason he's coming back because he is. He's things things are going to be done his way. The gareth bills terrible football. Maybe he's not integrated into real madrid. We've been talking about for years book. He still is incredible talent so the thing is if if if i'm going to move him on sit downs got away with him so simple as well integrated interior madrid i mean he's not obviously it's just all the stories of the language and lack of but the guy's been hugely successful there the problem as incident does not wake him saw oh big player who's like you said crates holding all these laws you gotta get something out of shouli yup say. I know you just bank. What are the chances in your book. That gareth bale plays meaningful football for madrid this season well. I think there is a difference between the situation situation. When you're trying to get a player out situation wants the windows closed and the players to lynn and at that point oversee the it becomes imperative. I think to try and get something off him when and you're trying to force him out of course you tell them there's no way you'll play at that point. Maybe shifts but zan clearly does not like gareth bannon doesn't want to play the best scenario and frankly i think scenario that gareth byles kemp have in mind the best nari for our bodies that yeah zinzan doesn't last very long whoever comes in and takes over from him does one gareth altiplano apply. We shall see of course quite a way to go. In the spanish transfer window transfers talk webpage still up and running every day the updates e._s._p._n. F._c. dot com the league campaign pain kicking off this weekend athletico madrid. Perhaps the most change team of the front runners the ins and outs of headline by greenspan's departure lucas. It's an desert rodri- also leaving but zhao felix miranda making his move permanent guarantee of kibera trip here of course <hes> from sedentary different looking athletic majel felix the headline act a great preseason with the coaching eras five games three goals and forces for the man who cost one hundred twenty million young portuguese phenomenon sandwich the ninth season of l. chile diego simione is what we're looking at very different looking athletico. What's we level of expectation for them. Do you think one of the moment it feels like the expectation is that this is going to be the best of his teams. Now i think it possibly as early to say that and if you call it your minds back to early in the summer when we were looking at those departures that list you've shown just there this six regular starters in that team of players who've left and not just six regular starts but as you really embodied the kind of the identity the team you philippi lewis and one from that's who fullbacks how long they've been there the importance of golden the departure of rotary aura. He was a new arrival but he was kinda. The midfielder who's gonna take the place likes gabby for many years and of course grease men in there as well and you look at that and nothing for there's a problem here because they don't just need to change players. They're going to need to change the identity entirety. Toddy identity didn't feel like it fitted exactly with samir only with all of the things that seem yanni is being for the previous season's atletico madrid now what's happened in preseason season is to completely blow those ideas apart as to show to us or at least to make us thought to think hang on this could really work this new athletico madrid could could be every bit as good as the previous ones may even better and of course there's lots of reasons for it but one of them is that name at the top of the agile alex who's been absolutely brilliant now. It's a lot to ask. It's a huge amount of pressure to put on him but simione said the other day. One of the great things about mc seems to keep on learning. He keeps them working hard. I don't think he's a club that won't let him rest whether they'll give him the creativity and the freedom to create and to be that player that he's been we don't really know for sure but the early signs in preseason all aw this could really work and if it could really work if they really are as good as it currently looks. Why shouldn't they compete for the league. Title diego cost out this weekend against the topics sound felix compete. The only thing is it's a wait and see with particularly the by four which has been obliterated four was really the thing that glued them together for a long period because it was so in june with each other and we know how they defended the defendant times at might be a a bit more of an exciting athletico madrid say this year and not walk them with a fleet up front so yeah i mean you got to make changes at some point nice what would see and i think that made the big changes the big guys out some fresh faces and why not absolutely can give the two boys around for money paul. You're looking looking for watching them. I am yeah. I think i've always been admira simione a-this terrific manager we get the best. What is the system that enjoy whether we enjoy watching them. Play previously is questionable book. I think with this young kid assists joe phillies. E is a really special talent. I've got no doubt that they will be given the freedom to express himself and this is when when you when you're in a football club and you see a special talent coming to the football club you gotta feed a lot. Lot is a very very special talent so i think they come push the nothing they're going to be attractive to what you think without question they push boss on this. This real madrid who finished second last season yeah and as much of a departure as it is from the usual viggo symbionese teams teams what we've seen from them. This preseason has been simply outstanding and as as we sit right no when you compare what we've seen from them how things seemed to be running on compared oh to real madrid for instance which began about them before there's no question that they continue to write no more stable more settled and playing better football that madrid madrid the question is have they closed up on boston and or will they close the gap in boston. Boston is still have their issues but still no messy now. Only question around and let me team for me is our show felix. He's still a teenager outstanding as years instead of the it's indeed ever miss eddie part of our show. The youtube web page is the place to go over four hundred seven thousand subscribers and county now all four lalita which kicks off this weekend bossa loaner four to seven on to win. What would be there. <hes> fifty six years rail madrid three two athletico madrid. You can win money on athletico madrid to win the nineteen twenty league type. Let's get some predictions. Let's get some soothsaying into the show say it's actually staunchy john g relook at recent history. Last eleven years bossa have won the title h of the last eleven round madrid just twice athletico the once who's going to be giving give us your top three in order for it was very easy thing so then you said kind of ruined starting with the old sale at that price athletico madrid i mean they got to be worth a bet and bear in mind we sometimes overlook this and in particular in the first us these two seasons because madrid won the champions league but let's go madrid finished ahead of two seasons in a row now wouldn't be cute surprise for them to finish ahead of madrid. I'm gonna go barcelona. Athletico madrid might be popular. Pick bossy wouldn't deviate from that basel strongest could be really exciting. <hes> season for lead toco madrid and bearing in mind what's going to happen and they'll next you know however many days the transfer window cl madrid still have to strengthen so i'm going for them and <hes> change first second third second. I'm at this point. The only beating point is i'm. I let you i let me close to bossa than be to them. Other than the front three the top three i think is predicted to fall to the margin of how close can push passer or if you think this is craig alluded to earlier the two sons defenders earth lettuce. I i i'm not quite so savage is never really done it for me to be honest i. I just think that if comes into boston nothing sounds boss. Wanna win it so i'll go with lots more. Would you take for athletic oh to actually actually overhaul them. I mean we boss have to implode completely well. I mean on the one hand you kind of wonder if boston i'm going to have at least one on the champions league themselves and maybe that plays into to let keeping the gap very tight but a lot will have to go right for letty a lower go wrong gaurav basu and offer. Let's table. It depends on the defensive side. I it always depends on the defense. Look both the size all three sides. Formula's plays going forward and book can they block the goals of a little bit con boscell owner if they are going to throw caution to the wind unplanned system that he's going to be ultra attack come. They concede that us. We saw the defense wins championships esotique. It helps you guys in the middle of the pot lorraine to who is now potentially going to be regular. Nuts not always been the case. It's a big pressure. I didn't i think trip he had his best season last year no supporting them but so he's gonna have to improve but absolutely why with coach knish site not challenge for uh league title again i think the <hes> now then extra time every day on the show that's the portion of the show directed by your questions youtube in case you missed it. Uefa champions league qualifying third qualifying round last year's this <hes> delightful story i xe getting through by the skin of their teeth against powell from greece didn't get great celtic. The transylvanian lenience clues sang that ethan nashwan crash as a big one israeli protests a massive if nato obviously that they will be seething there is a european trophy on the line tomorrow in istanbul that would be the supercop liverpool the big womb. Yes the big one in istanbul who's going to win. Jokes problems opens at the moment getting off the pecking up off. The united defeats a little bit of pressure on ninety. Let's see we shall see well. <hes> we're back to that final on tomorrow's tomorrow show. Hey we go extra time to start with shocking use the celtics bid for uh-huh champions league glory off the wait. Another year klay was crying polo for glorious clear. Now i mean i mean i know haven't played their how potent as to the support of your club for a particularly big support sixty thousand isn't and then see the game all i can only imagine from plastics -perience much stick yes. Did you ever experience any of us. Two how some highs and some of the coverage celtic toughness it's tough to play him from when you good they'll they'll support you and when you bought and i'm trying to get my mic because they let you know about it the european collect why not be forgiven plan waiting for up and gospel and the crowd and the pressure <hes> a few eah yeah. I know some people just buckle said lo is with us said one western odyssey but first of all porto another big name crashing out of the champions league third qualifying. What did you make of that. The two three finalists from many years ago we still remember as being the craig's talking about the fines and gulf tangent but it's as a relatively good while the the most extraordinary thing i've ever seen and it was genuine. You were talking eighteen ninety thousand celtic fans and seville which is a big city but not really big enough for that many skulls else boiling four five degrees the walls and there were literally people just lying in the streets unable to move from for heat and drink and i remember going into a bar on the way to the stadium and also for drinking them saying that the only thing they had left with coffee because literally every single cold thing they had had being sold it was just an extraordinary experience and it's worth pointing this out in fairness. The celtics got absolutely lutely robbed by type thing that was that was the win that stein josie marine years managerial two thousand three. I was there. I was walking from bbc you see radio and so i was there and said right could move fluid from east midlands airport is to seville and stupidly for i walk in eastern zaire poor just been normal under was just celtic bodies lie. Whoa that wasn't an airport in the united kingdom that wasn't because not couldn't on the flights coming out of the gospel so there was splendens cantons. I run the whole of not an airport. You could go right in the u._k. That they run and finding a way to seville. It was incredibly incredibly agitated. They've made a champions league or the scottish found. This incredible fox electric says the they wanted to go against you by the way we behave well. Go some questions for ghost poll actually this. You're on your own question. Pull mariners bugle is back <hes>. How would you guys right. The premier league's use of vodka in the first okay well. The bugle look the stolen incident when yes he was up so i'm never got over. The hawk say i'm always in his armpit craig. Come on some examples pretty prolific. How did this was on yesterday to get them in a straight jacket because he's upper plate. I took the naysayers and ended up people. Who don't i don't mind i i told her thanks to step forward and as i said yesterday in the show problematic automatic things in the game in via like you know the dominance of the clubs in the relative leagues way more problem for the elite clubs just dominating anything you know be as g by liverpool city event is whoever i've never known many people to be upset with decisions that craig ah through a subjective one but i've never learned so many people take opposite well. I know that this session was correct but it was changed. Claes clubs say what did you make of <hes> <hes> first week looking from afar on the perennially well i mean in hawaii wii an the very large risk of sounding like a small pants here. I enjoyed it because i was really just watching what we've been going through for year in spain and so this this is a process that all of these discussions before we've seen before and to give you a spanish view on it or at least an englishman inspire view of it other start the season. It seems to be very everyone is buying. This season went on genuine. He got to the point where i started thinking i walk. Even justice isn't isn't enough rewards have to part with this the best thing about the stolen incident when he was offside was the reaction when the goal was chalked off by the western funds priceless astonished astonished laughing moving on michael <hes>. I think i know what the answer is going to be yet. Have any of your full manages all of you former players in a yelling match with the opponent's manager i'd be very surprised if if any uh-huh any you have had platt stood on the sideline and gone in a yellow match with an opposing management you know of no really not you. You're monitoring you. Gotta show too much with the opposition one of your manager one and getting a yelling match with yes. I think that happens. I think my just have exceeded on the sidelines only yeah that'd be unique the unique about yeah. That's what i thought i noticed the question. I had been missing for new opposing manager graham taylor who is not what he was. He was going tomato red one the me into a vote that on a couple of weeks also also graham chapman leaves loud wind in soa muesli up lovely <music>. One i understand is that one day had an argument with the manager of brunei national team mistakes jackson does sound very strange to that we on with jesse on those an english gentleman managing public very well don't know who getting a lot of argued all subjects at picking up on a question for yes today yesterday's f._c. Extra-time stevie didn't think that craig would be a good manager and county wants to know <hes> the rest of the panel coughing having monorail well. I'll see you. There wasn't go go school. Talk off this the club to pick not tight. Some mind can't even get e._s._p._n. Close australia service on his foreign but it's only four food tomato who we went to go and massachusetts on only have to do is get in the car in these foreign and the aleph fifties wallet and then we said is hopefully goldcorp so we took off the turn one night told to it but you will cost you the nicest bloke on the gulf coast with all the all the members. You're lonely yeah so why why is he pullen you but nine hundred ten south east but then the management roles were to that point golfing craig on studio craig two different in cribs to go okay what about coaching ritual which one which craig showed up golfing outflow both i watched d._v._d.'s tracy was because we're provoked been in training grounds for years of what under some big monitors deaf account because i think he's trying to see the maybe have a short fused with some of the playoffs. I've not managing courts because i've never wanted to do the poll how much you have to change to some extent did so good by you live alone. Yes i'm grits. Ah ah shouldn't be an issue said issue a uh funds ten guy ninety ten guys d._v._d.'s nine hundred ten have to pick your battles so you agree with them all right now. What mall food can ever escape and indeed guys want. Is your favorite indian food being for every <hes> maharani ending for well as a as a an and we struggle around to you to get quality that we we do ya gotta say a good spicy chicken madrid. We are <hes> indian food trinidad and tobago different from indian food anywhere right right so i'm trying to be what was yeah right here. Outside zone the bill lamb ruben diaz is gonna go to yeah. I was going to go into coma. Although i like the mile preemies wanted to say you might as well just strawberry yoga uh-huh yoga for my <hes> say carried out. I just knew that the minute you said coleman got away with in many years which is why i was gonna say madrid's even though it's not true this is this is what happens in the curry is a measure of strength. Somehow now the depends but i i would go somewhere between chicken ticket without the also chicken ticket or a really good gel frizzy liability. I believe i believe sit minute yeah <music> frizzy for me all right with a site a coma in yoga. The the the the method india yet is chicken tikka. Masala lots do stand idle inside a deal onto which is a lot aspect of it because i can fire it up the cape. We can't let you go without exploring a little bit of your recently. He concluded gino favorite t._v. Does lightning claims not well. He likes to when he goes. He goes for the traditional governments. Take on chris chris and eh gonna. It is a journey how the west was won. You just you just i did like twenty five hundred miles around the winston u._s. Tell us save it was a it was a lot of fun. Yeah go gotten a lot of national parks all in hamburgers. Which is the the permit probably probably my favorite was <hes> it was being in the sea with sea lions monterey bay all right see pasta a few years years ago striving sodas yeah best fuji hatch on the entire trip said burgers ooh <hes> that was fourteen months rise well jesse food monterey. Yeah see laugh. The low family was the dog ugly. It was it was the dog was back in madrid thing off today in the pipe <hes> and this is a bit of a side one bay comes the ozone going into a shop in summer on route sixty six. It might have been williams modern flag stop. I can't remember it was a sign on the door saying please. He's do not come in here. Pretending your dog is a service dog and i fought come on. I'm seriously do that. That was my first and my second because that's that's a great idea stellar everywhere yeah well it needs to do is pretend she's a service dog and then for some reason today about a week lights. I read an article about this today. One of one of the papers part of this is a genuine problem in particular in the u._s. People genuinely pretend they're dogs are there to help them. How brilliant story talked about how there's been problems on flights. We've we've served. I still promise you. I'm not making this up. Assistant peacocks hype have emotional assistant peacocks chee offense defense smiley face. That's for sure. I'm goodness peacocks all right so it's it's a home improvement empire is waiting to be. I tended to <hes> so lots of those on his travels. We will be back s._p._n._f._z. tomorrow. We'll ever supercup final to <hes> to review for you.

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