007 What You Need To Do Before Reaching For Calcium Supplements


Hello and welcome to healthy. Eating kids podcasts on your host bought. He found a registered paediatric dietitian and nutrition expert will be teasing out the facts from fiction and learning how to empower your child when it comes to food and nutrition. I had so much fun. Last week be on the spurt panel for the event that was organized by TAOs furred in the organic shop in Notting hill. And I was on the expired panel with people like, marina, Foget, the parenthood podcast and bump clauses. Heidi Scudder, who is the parent and baby. Coach rare Jordan who is the doll foods resident nutritionist, and of course, James Devonshire who is the dolls fed cookery school too. So really great discussion that evening, I hope he managed to union via their Facebook and Instagram live. If you missed the event, I believe that it will go on their IT TV's. Right for technology. So today, I'm going to be talking about calcium supplements does your child need account him supplement, and what you need to do before reaching for a supplement. The reason why pick this topic was big cause a mom who joined us on the day are very question. I thought was a good one. So let's chat about calcium calcium foods and calcium supplements today. But before we dive into today show, I just wanted to remind you that this so much a bird obey city and sugar at the moment. There's talk about should we be banning junk food advertising on TV before nine o'clock. Lots of that labeling of shoulda in food packages snacks for children that something will definitely be addressing on the pot caused us while, but if you are feeling really confused about sugar, please do feel free to download the guide on sugar that have on my website UK kids nutrition dot com, just hit guides in the dropdown menu. And you'll see sugar guide. It is kind of like a mini Coursey. You'll get at least five emails a day addressing things breakfast, cereals. Fluids dreams snacks yogurts things that so it's a really useful guide. It is free to download at the moment. So do take advantage of that Papa link in the show notes. And if you read the block pose as you know, I now repurpose all of the pot cars as a blog post, so you can click on the relevant links to down the guide. So how much calcium do you actually need babies need about five hundred twenty milligrams of counseling per day and toddlers wanted three euros need thrown a fifteen minute rooms day four to six year olds need four fifty minute rooms a day seven to ten year olds need five fifty minimum today. So you can see the requirements on increasing assure get older and then from around the age of eleven till about eighteen for boys. They need. A thousand milligrams a day to quite a bit more. That's a big jump and a little bit less of about eight hundred milligrams a day. Now, you're probably thinking while what does that actually look like in terms of food, and there's a great question. But before we start on Seraing that let's think about why do children actually need calcium. Well, as you know, calcium is important for building strong bones. And and you really have this window of opportunity to labout say, you know, early twenties very early twenties to pack up as much calcium into bones as possible because they're often you actually start to lose bone. So this is a very important time to try and maximize the home much calcium. You can get into children's births kinda. Like a Bank account where you want to deposit as much of this mineral as possible to have really great, strong bones. During adulthood, calcium also has a role in helping blood vessels regulate. The flow of blood in your body, it assists in the contracting of muscles aid has a role in the communication between sales and contributes to blood clotting. So it looks like it's got quite a lot of functions. So that's why it's really important that Suren get enough calcium throughout the day. So where did you need to get calcium? Well, dairy is an obvious choice. But it can't be difficult. If say your child doesn't like milk or isn't fond of cheese or any dairy products. Oprah hap you follow a vegan vegetarian died, and you not including dairy products, or perhaps your child has a dairy allergy in which case what what? Other foods can you use? That are also great choices of calcium. So there's a lot of chatter. Ballot. The bioavailability of calcium in the different foods. And that you know, is dairy actually a good source of calcium in that is the calcium that's found in dairy absorb because it's about thirty percent. That's absorbed naturally, and some people might say, well, that's not a lot. You know, thirty percent gosh, that's a lot at all. But think about how much calcium they is in say a glass of milk. So if there's one hundred twenty milligrams of calcium in one hundred Mils of while thirty percent is absorbed. Then that's actually quite a lot. That's at least sixty minute grams in two hundred Mils of cow's milk. But you definitely don't need to think about numbers line that you don't need to think about. Okay. So is that thirty percent of dairy is. Is absorbed. How do I reach the three? Fifty milligrams a day for say a toddler between the age of one to three years of age. You don't need to do that calculation at all. It's just to say that some foods all better absorbed than others, and we will go through that list in a minute. But I just wanted to reassure you that if your child is having three portions of dairy -oday 's whether that be a bit of milk or cheese and say yogurt distributed throughout the day with breakfast, lunch and dinner, for example, then chances are they aren't meeting their calcium requirements, and you don't need to think about reaching for that calcium supplement because what often gets forgotten is this a whole bunch of other foods out there that naturally contain calcium. Let's good go through that less now. So the most obvious choice if your child does not enjoy milk is obviously the pig. Eight plant drink, that's fortified. And depending on the actual type of counseling that Spain years to fortify, the mugs say, it's you picked up a cotton of Sawyer drink, and it's been fortified with something like hell seem sit trae cut himself. Eight accounting carbonate, the amount of counting. That's going to be absorbed will vary from Iran twenty to forty percents. He's pretty comparible to cow's milk. And it is a great option just bear in mind that the calcium that's added things that Aren Jews or some of these plant drinks eat can settle at the bottom of the carton. So it's really important to shake vigorously before serving and do that every single time. So if it's just yourself who's if you're home alone and your drinking this carton of forty five thousand forty five plundering then. Yeah, of course, you'll probably end up getting it all eventually. But then if that. A carton is being shared by everybody in the family is really really important to shake that cartons said that you know, there is calcium present in every drop. Basically, I won't go into much about the different plundering that are available. You can listen to the very first episode that I released back in January called how to choose a dairy free vegan plant milk, and he'll be able to download a checklist about how to select a plant. But usually you want to select a brand that has at least one hundred twenty milligrams of calcium per hundred similar amount to Cal smoke. And of course, just a reminder that things like almond milk or rice milk are generally not suitable for children under the age of five one because it's too low and calories and the rise strings are just have far too much. In organic, arsenic present. But more of that in that episodes, do make sure you listen to that particular episode now if you're into SuperFood, you're going to love this because broccoli is definitely a SuperFood. I mean, what an amazing food for kids to love because it's called fiber of vitamin c and it's gone calcium. So it's got about thirty five milligrams of calcium per se Hoffa cop, and he might think that's not a lawn bond sixty percent of that is absorbed. So that's a brilliant food to include every day. If you want to do as part of the five plus a day, and then, of course, things lying kale and Bach all to have really good amounts of say around seventy milligrams of calcium per half a Cup of which at least half of. That is absorbed fifty percent absorption rights. That's brilliant. Great sources of calcium supplant foods. That are great choices to include. Now, just a warning about something like spinach don't fall for the calcium Trump. If you look at the nutrition table for smash it says cooked, spinach, there's about one hundred and fifteen milligrams accounting setting a half a Cup. But only five percent of that is absorbed, and that's because plant foods like spinach does have substances called oxalate and fight eight and these kind of bind to calcium, and it forms, these salt complexes, if you like which then gets excreted so it stops the calcium from being absorbed in the body once eaten it, so spinach is brilliant. Four iron is a really great bit of NC, see an iron rich food. But as. As for its council content, although on paper, it looks like it's got a great amount of calcium. It is an absorbed at all. So I wouldn't use spinach as your daily source of calcium for the kids. What it does have is iron? But what it isn't is that it's not a great choice of cows. Hope that's clear for you. Now, why calcium away? Spinach isn't a good source of calcium, and it is important to think about the absorption or the bioavailability of some of the plant foods because not all on the same. If you thinking of greens think of things like halo Accra that sort of thing, but not spinach. This is also the same for something like not sincethe things like almonds are taught to be quite high in calcium. But unfortunately absorption is about twenty percent. And because it's not a. Food that children would eat in large quantities. I wouldn't use that as a main source of calcium. So if you're using something like almond butter on toast or mixed into parrot or smoothies. That's Kate was still provide maybe five to ten milligrams of calcium which still all at some. But it's not going to be the main source of calcium in your chance diet having said that it is a very nutritious food. It's a source of protein, maybe a bit align in it as well and other minerals now something like sesame seed, it can again on paper, you may think while it's got quite another calcium in that. But again, it's not Brealey absorbed. Very well. And sure wouldn't eat that in large quantities. You really do need to have quite a bit offer to get a decent amount of Cal. ACM from that as contributing to the daily requirements. So I would say it's a great food providing other nutrients, but I wouldn't use that as your as a reliable source of calcium. If you like use it because you enjoy eating that great make HAMAs and things like that. But I wouldn't count that as a reliable source of calcium for children. Now, if you starting to worry about what's actually a good source of calcium. Do forget things like beans and leg you GMs. So Pinto beans red beans direct kidney beans, all of those. They are good choices for an alternative source of calcium. So they can't be incorporated and children love those with a jacket potato that sort of thing, and certainly Sawyer or calcium set to who. And eat among beings, the old grey choices. So it's really just about getting a good variety of calcium. Rich plant foods regularly throughout the day. So it will involve a little bit of planning if your following Edey, free diet or vegan diet so in summary things night, kale, BOK Choy. You can't use a calcium forty five plant drink, not sincethe. They have a little bit of calcium in them. They're not wouldn't use them as a staple. But obviously use them because they are still very nutritious food, but maybe not your go-to for calcium and certainly not spinach because although he does have good amounts of calcium. It does get bound to compound cold oxalate, which then reduces how much of the calcium is actually absorbed and available for your child's. Body. And then, of course, the beans leggings, sometimes you can get calcium forty five cereals and whole grains bread that sort of thing. So they all add up to all contribute. And of course, we haven't even spoken about things like. Fish Saadi with bones in them. They are brilliant calcium foods as well. So lots and lots of foods out there that are sources of calcium. Obviously the fish wouldn't count for you. If you're falling vegan vegetarian died, but if you eat all sorts of foods, and you include lots of variety in your died, then that's something else to consider as well. If you're wondering how much calcium there is in fish and shellfish than sardines one hundred gram tin will provide about five hundred forty milligrams of calcium pill charts than tanned into Marta source. Attend a small ten has about five hundred thirty eight milligram. So quite big quantities. And their salmon one hundred grand tin will provide about nine to six milligrams. So great option if your. Including oily fish and just fish in general in your child's diet. If you're listening to this podcast was you're traveling to work or you just you know out on a walk. Don't worry output a copy of a blog post that I think you'll be interested in it's basically called how to design the best day free meal plan. So it doesn't matter if your child isn't following a dairy free meal plan, but you might get some ideas for recipes and ideas, and how to regularly include calcium rich foods throughout the day for your Charles output, a copy of that link in the show notes or make sure that you go onto my blog where you'll be able to read basically read this podcast in a blog format if you like, and of course, if you feeling over bound after listening to this drop me an Email by he don't van Deboer at gmaiLcom. We can't perhaps get your book into. One of my clinics, and you can also book a call using my link c-can book into online calendar, and we can't jump coal and talk about how I can help you. If you're struggling with getting enough calcium in your chance died so that you don't have to rely on calcium supplements. It may be that with a few tweaks we can make sure that your child is meeting their daily requirements for calcium. Bye for now.

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