Jarael Holston: Sharing His Recipe for Business Success As A South Florida Restauranteur


Welcome to business scale. Insights with Kimberly. Marie bonner. Listen for commentary interviews and information on how to grow your business for all the details. Contact business Gail insights network dot com. So empire builders are you ready? Here's Kimberly Marie Bonner. Hello. And welcome empire-builders to another episode of business scale insights, I'm your host Kimberly, Marie Bonner. And I'm so excited to continue our series on the restaurant business. We are really focused on these next few episodes. We're focused on how to take your restaurant business from startup to scale up. And so in that regard, I've brought some of variety of restaurant tours onto interview last week. We had the CEO of urban bricks franchise system who actually owns and operates a global franchise system with over a hundred units and today, I'm actually bringing it closer to home. And I'm interviewing this EEO of fat boys barbecue in Broward County. Joyal halston, and I am so honored to have him on the program today. So. So mister halston. Thank you so much for coming onto the program. Thank you for having me Kim. I'm so honored, well, you and your family have an incredible story, and I have to say have to preface all of this, that I heard about shore your barbecue restaurant from friends and family. So that's wonderful. That means you have a buzz on the street. That means people know about you, and they know about your brand, and then when I did a little bit of research about you. I saw an article that you are so so well known in the area that you have people fly in from the Bahamas to come to your restaurant, which is pretty impressive. I might say, so as really really congratulations for having that kind of following. So you are locally owned your family owned. You are a veteran you have an increase. Your also a pastor, you and your wife own the business. It's just a great inspirational story. And I want you to share that story with the audience today a little bit. Well, thank you for having me Kim, I wont all and just appreciate everything that you do for the business community thing, and helping entrepreneurs with inside resources and it's people like you that really help people like me along the way to really start, you know, in one place, and then, you know, escalate to where you desire to be I just wanna appreciate you on all that you do in sewing, back into budding entrepreneurs and restaurants here. So I appreciate this thing. Yes, ma'am. So we what was the long story, but just to give you a snapshot at what how we've gotten to this point, I am a military veteran, and I worked in aviation, once I got out of the military and my wife started, we got married, baggage thousand and nine my wife started wasn't for the post office, and she had been with the post office about nine years or so. And maybe eight nine years and she had grown weary with the post office wanted to, you know, venture out his mother things. And one day she was attacked by dog. And it was her. Yeah. Hurt pretty bad. And at that time, I was not financially able to do anything at that time. So I really start to, you know, look at what business ideas I have that could, you know, supplement my wife's income because she couldn't leave right away and I love to barbecue and I came to be just start barbecue. When you know and I love to barbecue so out of my that yard, I still have the same smoker that I started this business in my backyard, I look at it every day. What me and I started barbecue on that little smokeout, my backyard and letting friends and family, taste it and everybody loved it. And, you know, from there we did a church function and fat, boy, started right out of that. Search function. Everybody said we gotta have this barbecue. So my plan was just make enough money that I could, you know, make in two weeks with my, you know, why would you know make in the month that was my plan and here we all day. We started off in front of church, and we eventually got a little low small food truck, and we graduated to a big food truck, and starting all the food circuits, and we have lines of fifty to seventy five people waiting at a time, and we were served for five, six hundred people at food truck events. Some of the other. Trucks, when have many people, we have a line of fifty sixty five people, so we traveled the food truck circuit truck was parked down at the courthouse and one day, I drove by restaurant I was not interested in opening a restaurant I hadn't experienced and passed the restaurant and something said, you know, go forward and we gave it a shot in Deerfield and from day one the line was out the door, and it has been that way every since our children helped us out. It was think thirteen fourteen at the time, and they have been in the business, helping us out running locations running out of when they were teenagers when my, my wife and I could make any way hoping my mother-in-law she is just, you know, been there since day one. So it's a family of fan, my sister, my brother. You know, step, dad. I mean it is just been. A family of fair. Everybody digging in, in helping us spiel this business. I'm might be the face of it, but I am not the whole business in and of this by myself rather because it's a family of fair and my wife and my children have really been the bedrock of our business and keeping grow going and growing, you know, it's it's truly labor of love, you can tell that in your voice, and your story. And it's I hope I hope the people that are listening to us today, and even when it's rebroadcast on the podcast, what you're sharing with them, as very common, meaning you and your wife, experienced a pain point. Right. It was something that was jarring, and it got you out of both of your comfort zones, particularly you and it or not, that's a very common theme and entrepreneurship. And so whoever's listening to my voice in listening to you to your voice. If they're going through a similar pain point don't waste your pain. I've had the similar experience. I had a near death experience that literally birthed my company and it's taken me all over the nation's nation, this nation two different countries. So don't waste your pain. You may be going through a very kind of dark night of this whole of valley experience. But you're if you mind your pain, very well. Something can come out on the other end that will just transform not only your life, but it can transform your family's life, it can transform your communities live. I don't know why I'm going in this direction, but I'm gonna flow with okay because because I, I, I mean, I was flat on my back in ICU, and people were looking at me, and my, my father and tears rolling down his eyes and he thought he was going to lose his daughter at thirty nine and then I'm, I'm back. So so don't waste your pain saying your way. So anyway, if you haven't gone to fat boys barbecue there is one that is in Coral Springs in its very visited. It's a wonderful establishment. The food is even better. I bought a bunch of food over the Memorial Day holiday in my, yes. And my will I when we first met when we first met, I said, you know, my standard for barbecues very high because my daddy's from North Carolina and anybody. Style or North Carolina is just a big deal. I was like I it's. Yes, it is. It is like you worship at the altar the barbecue. So I bought the barbecue, and I brought home to my mom and my mom was, like, whoa. What is this? I said, if I tell you where it is going to be parked up in there. You go every day. Absolutely. Right. So it's hard for me to articulate the difference between your barbecue and everybody else's barbecue. And you know how people are barbecue fanatics but share with audience? What makes you a restaurant different? What makes you a recipe different? What makes your food the whole experience? What, what makes fat boys barbecue unique? Are well I one one of the things about barbecue is barbecue is regional guy. Carolina barbecue. Texas barbecue. You've got, you know, a sore Kansas City style barbecue. You've got a missing out. Barbecue you've got to Kentucky style barbecue, so barbecue is regional somebody in Memphis might not like the Carolina style. You know, so it's, it's open. Into interpretation. You know, based on a person's upbringing and their region and what they're accustomed to for us. We apply to marry all of these different regions in some form on other in what we do whether or not I port is more Carolina with brisket is more is Texas out brisket, you know, our baby bags some more of a Memphis, south baby bags. I think Lewis ribs or more of a Kansas City style. So we like marry all of these take all of these, you know, myriad of regions of barbecue, and we bring them together. Then we give southern sides with it, you know, and excuse me, he it breathes for great experience because it's like different things coming together from like different flavors. It's all good. But it's like, you know, everything is you meet. And we also. So came out of the food truck world. So we have awesome barbecue food truck menu. We've got sandwiches like the big daddy whereas, you know, Carolina port Texas brisket and smoke. Mac and cheese on top all one big huge sandwich. So that's you know our food menu. Definitely sets us apart, and we do seven five nine and we talk about collard greens. Cut and clean grease word word you have my mom was crying with those Colleen. Right. Right. So, so that's, that's what makes us unique and it's all homemade and it's made with love barbecues labor of his, and we put love into what we do in love into our customer service experience. And so we believe that that's what sets us apart. Okay. Well, I'm going to have to jump in here real quick. Because we have to go to a break. And we'll be right back. And let's talk about kind of two or three pieces of advice that you would be able to pass onto budding restaurant tours that you wish you had, when you start it. Okay. Okay. All right. If you already have a proven business model, but have concerns about the best way to grow and scale, then you should contact the experts at new day consulting systems. New day uses innovative techniques to ten times the impact of your business. 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Get insights, and I am interviewing Joyal Holsten the CEO of fat boys barbecue when in Broward County, Florida, and Mr. Wilson are you still there, some you're wonderful and before the break, I just teased up the fact that I really wanted you to share really your wisdom, right? There are a lot of people who are listening out there. They have hopes and dreams of becoming a successful restaurant tour and doing something similar to what you and your family have done. And I'm just wondering if you could share maybe two or three pieces of advice that you wish someone had given to you. When you first started. And there, there, there are so, so many that I I've so many lessons and experiences that I've had I've taught me so much, but I can say show, you guys, some of the, the key ones that I've come to realize, and comes really allowed to form. My journey is the first one is that they all is, is a necessity for success. And I'll say it again. Failure is in the sesame or success. I used to think that being successful and what I was doing was all about things excess ful but it really let me open myself up to knowing that they all is really what teaches me how to have success and a half the things excess, because when I failed, it wasn't about me learning, what to do that made me successful a lot of times, it was learning in that failure whatnot to do. So I use my failures as the key ingredient to sustain my success and I was always afraid of, of ill your as on, once once I got out, and I got him business, but it was my many failures that have gotten into a level of sustained success. So we need you need. Healthy dose of failure, and you need a healthy dose of adversity might not always be in the form of failure. But adversity, you need, you know, challenges that really produced a fabric of you as entrepreneur, a lot of times, we run from those things are necessary in order to produce a good, wholeness entrepreneur, and one of the other things that I have learned that I wish someone had told me is that being successful, especially in the restaurant industry is not always about your passion, passion. You know you can have a great passion. But you never subsitute your passion for proper infrastructure because you're, you're passionate about something doesn't mean that you might just open up a restaurant I love Jamaican for I'm passionate about. And I turn that into my business model. You know, you have to really, you know, measure. Is your your passion which business plan? And sometimes you can't, you know, move in as much of your passion as you have to do with the market is dictating some people will go to their passion, and just stay there. I'm not moving 'cause that's that's, that's what I do. And, you know, and you you drown out there, because sometimes we have to deviate from your passion to maintain perspective in the market. So I was someone had told me that. You know what helped me out? And, you know, the other thing is, is the last thing that I was share is it doesn't matter how great your business plan is it doesn't matter how great your recipe is doesn't matter. How great your, your marketing skills are it doesn't matter the great package that it culminates in comes together for you. And, you know, the great one that you are, you're great business plan, or whatever it is at the end of the day, one of the most challenging things for successful entrepreneur is staffing, and it is delegating. People, you know, to carry out your vision, and your brand, and your DNA and a lot of times, you know, you'll find that not everybody is, as excellent about, you know, sharing your brand. The same passion and insane level of excellence that you would. And so it becomes challenging staffing becomes a challenge. So. So that's something that you gotta prepare yourself for as you begin to grow as entrepreneur, hiring, the right people, motivating those that you do higher, and being able to not keep that people too long, that'll be seeing choice vision. I love this. So I'm gonna park here for a minute, because you could literally write a book based upon those three gyms. So I want our listening audience to get a piece of paper write this down. I'm going to reiterate what he just said, and then I'm going to add some of my two cents because I've been in the franchising space for a decade. And what he's saying is pretty much gospel. Failures needed for success. This is the complete opposite of everything that you've been taught K K through twelve this is the exact opposite of everything. You've been taught in college. It's the exact opposite of everything you've been taught as a graduate student. And if you've got a PHD, everyone is going to tell you, you, she you cannot fail you cannot fail. You should be afraid of failure because you're going to be penalized with failure as an entrepreneur, if you're going where no one is bully gone before, right? You don't have a real blueprint. So you're going to. And so the key is when you do fail that you make the course correction very quickly and you don't make the same steak again. So that's, that's that's key. So really I want to really go there because I get people who talked me all the time, and they want to be great entrepreneurs, but there's so much fear of failure, and we've all been there because we've been pro rammed completely feel fear fear failure. The second one is about the market. And you talked about being successful is not really about pursuing your passion per se. And I love that because a lot of people think that they can be a successful entrepreneur restaurant tour, because they make great been yet is or they make great shrimp and grits, or they make great sweet potato pile. What you feel into playing a, you know. You know, whatever meatballs whatever it is. But the problem is if you live in a place that no one even knows what been yeas are an as if rebel from Louisiana. They're like, what people do. And I'm like, believe it or not a ton of people don't know what have been yea. So if you open, you know, twenty four seven hot and Milton your mouth been yays. No. Nobody y'all looking at me, my, my crew in front of me people know what you're stating what they will know what you're talking about in south Lord. They'll try they'll be like what don't it is. But what world is this? So your passion might be been used. But if you're market, they don't no one knows what have been your years, you won't have a problem. So you're gonna have to adjust your passion for what the Mark there you what the market can support. And then lastly, you know, staffing is really, really everything. And, and, and, and I'm going to I'm going to ask you to really impact that because right now there's somebody that wants to pull over to the side of the road, or somebody listening to this podcast, and they're like, okay, he said staff. That's my pain. N- point I have a revolving door. I can't keep qualified staff people get what's going on. What's going on? So I know staffing, everyone knows staffing is a key. But can you pull that out a little bit more? Can you tease it out a little bit more? How can we retain your staff? How do you do job of recruiting staff, that whole issue of firing? What are some of the gyms that you've learned over time while I will be transparent, and I will be honest. Which is me, you know, I am ill figuring this thing out. I I'm still I'm still figuring it out. But I can say one of the things that I have come to realize is that the most detrimental thing for me. In my time is entrepreneur as released the building my plan and making sure I have sustained growth and development has not been about always hiring the right person in hiring the wrong person. The problem for me in the most detrimental thing for me when I know I have the wrong person but I keep them too long. And it's it's so detrimental. It's so cold, that's for mental, you know, so I think that it is important that when you recognize certain traits and certain characteristics that don't look like your DNA when you start seeing everybody comes in the door with a great resume. And everybody comes in the door that, you know, they're, they're ready for the position that gun whole first couple of weeks of first month. Whatever after that, do they still have the you'll to really be molded with the DNA of the brand. And I stopped hiring people that don't have our DNA. You know, I actually certain questions I see other compatible with the DNA in the fabric of our organization. They can be intellectual. They're gonna be bright now, the cognitive energy, and intellectual, ingenuity. But do they have certain traits and certain characteristics, that say that they're they have to pinch? You'll to possess the DNA about working. Innovation and whatever you're, you're in a first of all in order for you to hire the right people. You have to have a good mission statement, when live by it, you gotta have a vision statement, you gotta know who you are as an organization because you're just bringing people in just for the sake of filling positions and Neil, you're needing bodies, you're not gonna hire with the intentions of bringing somebody that's compatible with the vision of the organization. No, I love everything that you just sit there. And I wanna almost kind of land the plane here because this is probably the most important thing that you've shared culture over everything that's over everything culture over everything. So if you are hoping to build a great business that stands the test of time. Everything is centered on your identity. He said it DNA and closure. So unfortunately, it happens every time you know the. Thirty minutes goes like that. And art. Unfortunately, the time is up, but I want you to plug your locations in your most recently opened location. Well, our barbecue -cations are in. We have one in Deerfield tool for sow powerline road in Deerfield beach. We have one in call springs, sixty one ninety two westbound paroled. We also have a barbecue. Location, just recently opened in Lauderdale that ones to five north federal highway. Right. At sunrise boulevard, and federal hiring. We also have a Cajun crab and location in pumping. Oh, that's at twenty seventeen with Atlantic boulevard is called crazy. As in crafts, and also the reach of the web, fat boys with the barbecue dot com. Wonderful you guys definitely, you definitely want to check these restaurants out. Okay. And thank you, so much, Mr. halston for your time, and attention and pleasure album, everyone. I hope you really take off with your restaurant businesses. And here's to your success. You have been listened to business Gail in. Sites with Kimberly Marie Bonner to get her personal attention to you in your empire Goede business scale insights, network dot com. That's business scale insights, network dot com and tune into get next week or more from Kimberly Marie Bonner with business scale insights.

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