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Ditto Is Alcohol


Show. Rushmore. Also, by the way. See stark. Hello, ed. Ashley. Oh. Very exciting day. And I'm for I for one in extremely alert and ready to talk. Good into this microphone. Oh, we're going to be talking about a mystery game from Ashley we're going to be talking about detective Pika chew, which is amazing. And we are also going to be doing at the very end of the show. Arche of thrones episode five. Spoiler casts one more week of that y'all. And then everyone will forget about game with thrones forever right? Can I say that I watched it? Oh my God. That's all. I watched it, it's maybe the third or fourth episode of game of thrones I've ever. I'll get all your feelings on that later then. Well, let's get right into it actually what is this mystery game this goat game? So I've discovered that there is this goat game called supermarket shriek and immediately, I thought of you Simone and I was like, we both this demands, and Ashley and soon place. Because so you, it's, it's a man is in a shopping cart with a goat. And so you both share the controller like one controller. And you only use the left and right. Triggers to like kinda like move around, but you can the only way you can go forward or like move is if you shriek like you yell, yell, and so, like, the seed, and the force in which you go forward is determined by how loud and intense you're yelling. And if you both yell at the same time you go forward. And then if you say like wanna turn to the left to dodge opt obstacles, the person on the left has to be yelling. Oh my God. And it looks very chaotic and intense, and yes, you're in a supermarket, and you're just reeking all sorts of havoc. This is a metaphor for life. If I think that to move forward, you have to scream. I think we need to do a poly gone show versus playthrough. Oh, god. And like as their versus there should be just for us. You're right. We'll put it in the game. Holy shit. Why did they make a game for me? I don't know. But this is something that is very good and very scary. And I don't know if like this is just couch co up, only a feel like there was some talk of, like, if you both as long as both of you have them like no, no, you can yell with your human voice. I mean you have to yell with voice or thought it was the triggers. Oh, no, no. The movement is propelled by the yelling triggers are only for like steering purposes. Oh, god. So you hold the trigger to turn. And then you yell. Yeah. To like you had a yelling pretty much the whole tusk. Lead. Yeah. All my God. Speed or movement. Yeah. So if you stop yelling, both of you are not yelling. You're sitting still it's scream controlled cream control incredible. That makes me think about the wonderful app Titian of Taylor SWIFT's trouble. Oh, with one goats screen. I was thinking about that today because I was listening to the song the first time in a while this game sounds very cursed. And I'm upset that Simone knows about it. Yeah. And you make screen nationally. I don't know if I can don't they just sound like people. Yeah. So, yes, everybody, can you can we get a lot of that? It one in for Ashleigh. Actually speaking of the trouble medium. Okay. You know how you were talking about how they inter the display st- in a goats screaming. I saw one where they spliced in, you know, those like hand motion sensor, paper towel dispensers. The little like comes out. Time. But no, you can't use paper towel sounds for supermarket shriek which like I think, you know, you're going to run into some things. So I saw of smearing possible. Blood, smearing is your posting to an article that I didn't read because I wanted to band us posted this picture that was like accompanying, the article was of this. Like, what I realized now must be tomato splatter. But it just looked like a like you had to run over a goat. Yeah. The goat was in the cart. The goat was doing the running over the man, I want you to know that ever since we started talking about goats the feeling of wanting to scream is like a physical thing inside me. Do you need to scream just go five feet away the cream just just turn your? Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Your scream. Yes. That's how I would scream listeners seven scooted her chair back seven feet from the table just sounded like you were a mom having a great time with the jersey shore on the board. Sounded like you're on a mildly scary rollercoaster with one. Do the one dip. NPR called out some owns laugh in particular. Yeah. He was me. There's no evidence of they wouldn't Email me back shit. I have to Email them again. Qs for context. In case anyone this, my mom sent me a link to an NPR study, or to an NPR article that was talking about laughs and she was like us, sounds like you at this time Sam. But I was like, oh. And then I listened to it, and it is really, slight me out so much like you, and then they're commenting on it, and saying, this is a person who has completely lost control. This is it's almost animalistic. We put it wasn't you are. You sure it wasn't you. I don't know. I tweeted at them and I Email them to be like, hey. Rip my laugh from you to they literally like they say had recordings of different laughs, and they were playing them for like a laugh expert. And she was like fuck is. So that's how. Expert. He must have had maybe here's here's the way to positively locate. This is like maybe so many people that are like you, like you could have a laugh support group, and so many people emailed in, we're like, did you are you, picking on me? Now we know who the person is. Okay. So everyone it's probably just you. Shoot we're outed. We can't imagine a room full of people who laugh like Simone. It'd be mazing. He would be. So it'd be just like the last day. Shaking my head. We got to talk about the -tective pitcher, y'all. It's a movie wait, hold onto small small sub topic of detangle chew so Allegra you tried the snuggle. Chocolate. Somebody else tried the regular Pika chew chocolate and said it was banana flavor. Yeah. In the center because it's yellow that's wrong bananas should nocco jock. It said it was like a synthetic, you know flavor banana. So it wasn't good. I don't. That depends a few like banana Tillich Lynn. I'm not oppose chocolate covered frozen. Bananas are good. Yeah. But that's like a. The banana, the extinct banana flavor is very pungent extinct. Yeah. Supposedly the fake banana flavor is based on a banana. That is extinct. Now. What's oh, don't. You mean a banana really tasted like that. I thought it was just because it was created in a lab, and, you know, just tastes like no it went extinct. No tro-. I think it's true legal say on punch-up jam. Don't fact, check us. Okay, shit, and tweet at me or polygon show, a polygon dot com. If you have those don't put the onus on the rest of us through your line. Not, you know, paulie on show. Polygon dot com with your bananas studies. I'm pretty sure that this is extremely true. And I will continue played this potentially fake information for the rest of my life. So we detect Pichu it's a movie. That's out now. Starring Ryan Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. And we all saw its, and I think. Are you saying? I just kinda wanna go through this as he would at the theater. So at the theater, everyone got a Pokemon card now before frankly fuck you four. We get into it. What did you get? And then you can tell me what you get one. You got a car, did you none of you get cards? I have a story actually, I was leaving the theater, it was a late theater. Okay. And yeah, you know how you, you said that like the attendant is actually supposed to hand out cards. So I actually never got a car, but and then on my way out, I saw this guy like reach behind this, you know, the sanding kiosk or whatever, and I thought he was like getting a pair of three d glasses or something. And I was like the fuck and then I realized what was happening. And then this guy he like pulled out, and then he was just like oh, you know, he's supposed to poco and cards. And actually, there was like a huge box full of the, that's like, never give extra because the showing was so late. I think it we got out like around midnight. So. So it wasn't really a lot of people around the lobby. And so, yeah, we'd the guy discovered it he pulled out a bunch. I realize what he was doing because he was towing Grover. He was like we're supposed to get the he's like what the fuck. He's like they're supposed to give us fucking polkadot cards, and I turn around to look at him and Otis. Wait, what? Oh my God. And then he looks at me, and he's like you wanna poke him on. Excuse me. One of his, and he was like here, have it. And then but I mean, I guess he took, you know, like three or four, but like he gave me one. It was amazing. Chelsea, and I were fucking wrong cheese. My night, that's wild that you didn't get any opportunity that they were hiding them who wasn't regal jackal rob on eagle. Damn wait. So Ashley, what did you get? I got charman. You are a bless blessed personal list that beautiful man, blessed me with the blessed pack. Can I tell you what did you get? Okay. So I went with friend of the show. Julia and my friend, Andrew. So we all got cards. Julia got like atone she was like, what is shit? I was like you're rude, but also his tongue is good. He's good car. I was like it's a good card. I don't want it, but it's card. I got magic harp. I was like this feels karmic this feels. Right. That's seen I will go back to my depression, cave, immediately after this movie. So that wasn't great. But that I was I was lamenting my truth, and then Andrew opens his car, and he's like, Allegra, guess what? I got I was like swear to God like what Boba sore? I don't know har- are is art. He's like Chami enter, and then it was like, oh. I almost start crying like we have to trade. He's like, yeah, love magic carpet. I was like, and I seriously, I basically started crying because the charm undercard now got it in an organic way, which is trading. Yes. Right. I didn't fight for it. I just traded with my friend, and I seriously was holding it in clustering. It's my heart. Thank you. I'm so happy. Well, yeah. In inorganic quit, you cried at a person, he gave its wind up my big brother until he gave me his card. So mom. Stop fighting and give her your card. I can't believe these movie employees, these theater employs are actually hoarding them because they were not giving them out. So I thought at the Alamo, and they like double checked, my ticket like they were like, okay, meet your ticket. I was like bench you saw already. And she's like let me see it. I was like, okay and then she's like, here you go, like everyone got cheery. And yet, the whole bunch of people from polygon, and none of us got cards. Well, detective Pika chew is cancelled actually, the movie is terrible, and you shouldn't see aren't you. Glad I brought this up. I it's very, I'm very glad you did. The podcast is also over. So let's do an alternate universe version, where I did not know this information. And let's go back to a simpler time. Our first impressions of the film detective, Pichu wonderful. Great basing so cute. Life changing. I would say, charming, charming, charming charm, andering charming under it was a lot better than I expected it to be. I kind of I had medium hopes medium, and it was very good. I wish there were some more poke him on though, I did see that, you know, these sort of we used some of the Pokemon, but it's also I mean it's a big movie. There are a lot of poke him on. I was glad my favorite part was a seeing that they all have jobs, have jobs. I liked that. The scored were firemen. I liked that. The mature was directing traffic on a slightly more disturbing note. Though, I did see some article from gamespot saying that Madonna Speedo is not a Speedo his skin. So I don't know how I feel about that. And that sort of ruined that part of movie for me. Okay. Well, yeah. If he was actually wearing a Speedo that means he could remove it, and there's something under there's nothing under there. Anyway. Just like shape of water where it just opens up. Oh my God. Dude. What you can't talk about Chloe is on the podcasts say that word again. Okay. I would again like to go back in time to version, where we didn't have this conversation with us every three or four sentences someone fucks it up. We have to start over. Okay. Beginning to this. Somebody the Pok Mon cute a couple were not. No, I liked. I liked the Ditto. The ghastly I didn't see the gas lease was at the gang guard gangwar are sorry, gar gang are big. He was too big in his face was to see Gede. Like he looked like he had a person's face also he should be like, first of all he moved around, like a ghastly, which made me angry because I'm like he should have been furry game is solid boy, he's the heavy walks with his feet. He does also this whole the tongue thing was too much like listen. Listen, listen, you lift that back when you hung up your haunt or coat okay, point that tongue away? I feel like these people mixed there Pok Mon like he could be Ghostbusters. As I as I looked up gang gar weighs eighty nine pounds. He's very he's big. He's not suing cannot say that said, that's the only Pokemon I took issue with the so many that were just so amazing. I'm like, was, I the only one very discomforted by Ditto. I was really. Election can't discuss what we're going to say about Ditto if we were going to talk about Ditto, the regular did o on that I think, was very cute. I think he's cute to take that Allegra, I looked exactly like, would I think, because I. I'm used to thinking of Ditto as a solid, not a solid, obviously. But not as so like. Not as a morpheus. He's a viscous Ditto. Right. Like he very he was very viscous, and I've never considered that we'll be the case. But I guess I feel like he's picture did, especially that movie kinda made me think of, you know, those, you can put those like gel masks, that you get from Sephora like in the fridge, or the freezer, that's like sort of what it looked like this clear like gel liquid. It could be a little solid. I really wanted to put Ditto on my is like a spa. Nice. I definitely. Really? Yeah. That'd probably feel relaxed. Yeah. You could just put him in the freezer for a little bit. And then take him out. I'm imagining Ditto. Like on my knee for some reason. I don't new put a manager. A freezer. And he's like frozen solid. I'll know he can't freeze. He's like alcohol. There's something in there that keeps him from freezing solid like alcohol Lor, many abilities, I do have to say, okay. There was one moment that really upset me. Oh, in the movie, and I talked to labor 'bout this. I was shocked. Okay, taken aback. All right. It's when it's sort of in the beginning straight win address, the Smith goes goes into this ring Serena and detective pitchers. And then anyway chargers aren't is going crazy. He's not normal. He's steroids Char's. He's going crazy. And he's rampaging and like I get it. You have to do something to distract him to save Pika chew, but key stumps on China's arts tail flame. And like 'cause like you see the charge like screaming and then the camera pans over and he's, you seem like stopping on the flaming. I'm like. Visceral reaction. I mean, I think like at one point the he's trainer who I agree with you scream like. And I also was like, dude, you're killing him attempted murder that kills that kills the Bubby that kills the vocal on, just would stop. It's not like put the no put it hurt him. So Benny was trying to put that flame out though. I bet he said, he would if you have to debate this now, I'm also thinking that charred was once a term answer those ones of baby. Charm. I think it will make you feel less sad in that in between that and it'd be charm, under is a charm, Melia. We all know what kind of long horrible hell that is. You raise a teenage son for, like forty hours aka forty years in mind. That means that, that guy worked really hard to get his chart. Yeah he powered through you know, he didn't leave him at the fucking daycare like me, but give him steroids to make him crazy. I mean, he kind of responsible while it wasn't his fault that the steroids got inside his snout. Okay. It was a mistake that was part of the plot. Yeah. Part of the Florida the plot. But anyway, I was reading a wonderful article dot com that talked about like the shift from a traditional Pokemon media we've seen in the games. And also in the movies, the show in that, like, the catching, the Pok Mon was very like Pokemon go like, or let's go right where you just sort of throw your bowl, Pokemon. You don't to weaken it. You don't have to hurt it. I right. And then also the fact that, like, yes, there are these Pok Mon. They have jobs. They're like. On these, they're like, integrated into our lives. It's not like we own. You go fight for us now. A lot of them like had their own little roles in society, and like it was such a nice, look at that, especially when the Pokemon company apparently was like very strict on how you could depict the Pok Mon. And so I felt like that was such a creative workaround for having to be like, all right. Well, you can't do an it's like basically all of the defining qualities of Pokemon so far. I absolutely loved the world building. And this movie it's such a good like that was the strongest stuff, especially for movie. That is really able to kids was just like oh yeah, they set up everything even explain Pokemon. I think if you don't understand it like they explain why the city of the it is, like I thought that was just really impressive for me like the visuals of the city felt very unique. And even the little town that Tim is end at the beginning. It definitely doesn't look like typical town America. I know the city that they used for rhyme city was based on London like they actually had the Gerke in there, and everything I was talking with our photograph photographing director, James Baram. I don't know what his title is after after we saw the movie and he was saying there to so many London landmarks in there, but for me, non Londoner. He is English. They totally transformed London into something that was recognizable for me, and it felt very I felt like a cool fusion of eastern west because they had like all those neon sign like layered in, like they do. And and career like it was more nested in, like yeah. The back streets in the back alleys of like Japan, Korea, I actually wasn't it was interesting because I didn't read London at also not from London. But yeah, like that's not what I read it all it was like, did they shoot a lot of this in Asia because, like a lot of it, the, the type of architecture. Sure. And like the layout, how people are interacting in the city, like and navigating around seem very Asian to me. Yeah. Those definitely the sense I got, then I was talking to a friend who was like, oh, really ruined my sense of immersion, because I saw like I dunno some, you know, British shit. Yeah. Saw insert London shit when I got the same patient as you. But I think it speaks, who I love this world as well, because poke Amman does a really cool thing of, like mashing up sort of recognize will global architectures and reinterpreting them. And this was sort of, like instead of trying to situate rhyme city in any really specific region, which the Pok Mon game sort of delay condo, and Joe are very Japanese. This was like the globalist epicenter like for me the fact that it wasn't in a recognizable American city made it feels so magical to me. Yeah, I really love that. I felt that way about the little town. He was in at the beginning, and even. When they're out in the countryside, which is apparently filmed. And I believe Scotland like the colors of the countryside. And the way that the mountains look like it's so beautiful. And as an other thing really appreciate about this movie is that even though it is aimed at kids, I think the cinematography, and especially the way it's lit was very just extremely well done in atmospheric. And I just I loved all of the really high quality details that went into it. Yeah, that was definitely my biggest takeaway, like I, I came into the movie with extremely high expectations myself. And of course, it did not quite live up to those because I think I spent a lot of time, like kind of looking at the world and wanting to sort of freeze frame, it likes to see which Pok Mon are in the background. And I wish almost that it were sort of impressionistic art piece of film, where it's more just like overseeing the landscape and like look all the Pok Mon here. Or, and took them on there. And here's the Polk about at work like I could've honestly done without the detective Pika chew stories of the whole plot of detective, you just wanna get set in this world. Kind of just wanted like a documentary that is this world, Novi. I would love just like walking or even like a light IMO or something explore the world like t- how all the Pokemon or take ya, I would. Absolutely. I hope that they expand on this VR's high-end game, I would that's was so cool. Like I didn't even notice matab so much. I mean I think actually when you bring them up like I, I remember that now but I wish that I could have spent more time paying attention to all those little things like I wish I could have seen chancy at the book months, enter and things like that. You know, nor lax was not big at all. Pretty. Pretty what it was so disappointed. He looked about smaller than mature. And I was like, do you know how big this Pok Mon is supposed to be I was wondering about stuff like that? Like the relative sizing side. Phil really big to me, which I don't know if he's actually that big. I get you was big. I mean I wonder if they took some liberties with that stuff. But like I mean, they also made took those liberties with make furry things like that, like changing their textures movie it was a teens nor lax. I liked I like how fuzzy this X was though. I just saw I saw I wanted to just press like, like apple teen just scale. That's all I was thinking was just like scale just scale up. Yeah. There you I for me. I I've come full circle, and fuzzy Pika chew. I every time I saw him it was like physical torture that the character Justice myths character. Tim wasn't petting him and holding him the entire time because he looked so soft. I just wanted to see like fingers going through his for creepy. Oh, you look, so he looked so every it was, there's that time he gets wet. It's a little bit of a stressful time. But also, like you're like, oh, wow. The for they did a really good job on all of his CG. Yeah. I, I would actually say like if you're listening. You should read some of the stories on polling on 'cause I, I the plot of this movie, maybe could have I could've done without parts of it. It was job. But when you think about how much time I like reading a lot of interviews, the screenwriters that we have a bunch of different pieces of Holly on, there's so much thought and care, they put into making the Polk Amman seem accurate and I was like holy shit. This is really impressive. Like they did so much right by the source material that I think this actually might be the most successful in that terms of that video game movie ever, right at the one hundred highest rated on Ron tomatoes, which, you know, whatever, but that's still pretty reasonable metric of critical success. I'm trying to think because we both Ingle stories kinda dumb like what would a. Better story be because, I mean, I think Pok Mon has a pretty, like a good generic good versus evil sort of thing with, like a good crux to it like the games. But I don't know if that would necessarily apply very well to movie, and I'm trying to think what it, what would I even want story wise? I just think some of the dialogue felt very stilted, especially with the female lead her. I loved her and loved her, too. I remember her name. I'm sorry. Who see see? But I don't remember the I think the actress is in also in blockers, and she just like her dialogue felt team rocket esque at the start. And also, just like I don't what kind of liked it because I felt like she was playing into this, this idea of being a detective. But I wish he'd done it the whole way through true. Like if she was going to do that character. That is great the whole time. Kathryn Newton Catherine. See Stevens Lucy Stevens is Liz, and Tim in Tim Goodman, are very unmet. Name. Yeah. I mean tiv- is today from the video game too. Right. So that that was just like Justice. Smith is so cute. And I just hated all the shit. He had to say no, I thought he did really good. All the shit. He had to say I think he did well, but I didn't care about him. Is that I'd like haired a lot about, but I- recess. Oh, I also respect your feelings. I just if I watched this movie again, which I really want to because I was kind of bummed on the cedar. We went to a very small screen. Oh, yeah. I was like, damn, I couldn't see a lot of the details because it's just like it was tiny it felt like a very dated screen. So I wanna watch it again in four K at home, but I would skip the first ten minutes, the frigging movie, sounds great. I wanna get to a couple, you know, it doesn't sound good. I wouldn't get it. I'm. Why is this cube bone? Finals, a watch the Cuban. And then I'll skip until detect why don't you just mute it until shows? 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We got a couple emails that I wanna get to right now, the around to detective Pika chew this, first one is very near and dear to my heart. It's from Josh. Hey, y'all. Somebody recently said she spent sixteen dollars to see a movie in theaters. Is that literally true or just felt like a lot? I went to detective feature this morning for four dollars and twenty nine cents AMC four in Farmington, Missouri. Well, thanks for the fab show. Josh how much did you guys spend on detect speak to you? If I may ask if you recall, I don't it's definitely more than sixteen dollars a Saint for Alamo. Yeah. Alabama's seventeen fifty for tickets now, which is just cry. Yeah. I bought mine from Alamo. Online was almost it was like nineteen fifty. Yeah. 'cause there's now a service. So I think for Sean and is ticket. I remember van mowing Karen, thirty seven fifty which is to people to see a movie. Yeah. Bought four tickets and it was over a hundred. Yes, Josh, welcome to New York. If the, the worst thing about New York is that movie theaters are way too expensive. Is it normal is? Thing about New York there, it is folks, the worst thing about you're right Ashleigh shouldn't make. So my mom has lived here since nineteen eighty obviously nineteen eighty New York is different than twenty nine thousand New York, but is telling her how much I spent on detective? And she's like, oh, so what did you get for that? And I was like the right to see the film. She's like so, like, three glasses, free popcorn, I'm like the ability to sit in front of a screen. I'm confused. Slow in my four twenty nine you know, even in Washington, I paid. At least, like I wanna say eight to ten dollars for a movie ticket this European. See Josh said it was meant name. Right. He's that what he just said. He said this morning. So is the least amount natio- okay matinee showing here is like eleven dollars. Like slapped. Ashley. You said would it slapped? Ashley. Point me of your hands of. Out nothing to do with. Laugh y'all. I would love to know about the inflation related to ticket pricing because I mean New York is bigger than farming. What is it Farmington? Imagine it is much bigger. So there's a larger contingent of people going to these movies, therefore, why are we getting the jacked up prices like to reinstate is more expensive here? Five people have to go. See it in Farmington, Missouri to make up for one person paying in New York, real estate is works as well. Which we have less money that being said, we don't want the minimum wages and Farmington, Missouri. Well, national minimum wage is seven twenty-five her rendent. Yes. Which actually was how much movie tickets, my college town. So I just put all my funny from wait. I don't even know if that's true. Hopefully it is a crease, but. Awful. Anyway. Wage. Everybody to call your politicians any remaining thoughts about detective speak at. Which, which if the poke on film, do you want as a pet? Oh, I was asked this question after I saw it and it's like I'm boring. I'm gonna say charm under another, another Pokemon discrepancy to address is do you remember? Okay slurry on makes an appearance and I was under this impression that the whole time that, you know, most of flairy on's like big flu her for is like flames. You know, like a big smoldering flame, but it wasn't. It was just a regular flu and flu fee Tayo flu fee, main what I wanted it to be like a big fire. When you said flu main, for some reason, I was thinking, Gucci Mane's. But it's free ideas. Someone taking fluky me but it's interesting that, like everyone has very specific real. And terp retations of what the drawings of pope, Amman our guest, it's firm. But I I the way they kind of draw the edges of it make it look like a flame. And not like it was so big and flukey. I love it was very flu fee vary. I once grou- with growl with so cute. We only saw few of them like kind of far they're walking growl is a cop, which is unfortunate, but I still I want, he's a good. He's one of the good ones. -tective Pika chew actually completely turned me around on snuggle, and snuggle is like my favorite now actually grid is noble. He was so big. And I was head was so not before this, like snuggle is gross. I don't really care for that. And just after this movie off, I would love snuggle. Yeah. They have them ability aware, now, and I, honestly want to get a build, where I know good because I want to get a UK. I want that to that site was so weird inside up. Did freak me out a little did. But I love. No stressed out cry. I love. Yeah. Why don't they hug their poke him on more? Yeah. What the fuck was messed up on all the time. Yeah. I would always be hugging my Pok Mon. Chelsea, just respectful relationship. They don't wanna add coach on the poke in with Chelsea. Okay. See that's what I thought for the for the detective Pika. Chew. Right. Because he drinks all this coffee and he's hard, boiled detective like I get him being don't like rocket right? Being like no don't do that. But I feel like you know, if you really did for detective Pika chew, I think he would like a little scratch behind the ear. He would he would. We're not talking about any spoilers. Okay. Sorry. Then I'll scream up later scream later now. But we actually are going to be talking about spoilers because we're going to do our game of thrones. Spoiler casts. Allegra gonna stay this wig. Or this has to stay I guess. Well, I can't contribute on any story line level. But I'm free to I'm happy to give my interpretation. Yes. All right. So this is your cue. If you do not wanna hear about game thrones episode five. The bells turn this off. Threw me off. Myself off. All right. Actually, I actually didn't watch this week's episode can. So can you give me like a rundown? Wow. I wanted. And you didn't. Some leading grandmother. Getting drunk with my family. Look a lot. Okay. Let me fill you. A lot of stuff happened that people were not happy about people were not happy about this. Okay. Big things Tyrian worked out this cool plan to be like, yo. Bring these fucking bells ring, these frigging church bells. And then, you know when when, when you when you ring, oh, everyone's stops. And it's fine. And then what happens is they ring. And then, you know, everyone looks like they're going to stop Leonard drop their shorts. No, Danny gets mad. This is what I described because I was watching this episode alone, and I was laughing whole time, because Danny is on her dragon. She's looking at the red keep, and she's like, do I do it. Do I just fuck and go for it and do it and they keep like cutting back to her face getting angrier 's just kept saying, like angered level rising rising, and then they like, cut away. Right. So she went she her dragon started obliterating king's landing, including all the people. And then let's see the red keep crumbled. There was clear game bowl that happened. But both of them ended up dying, but we finally got to see the mountains face and like, what he looks like which is gross and undid. He looked like a pus or as a person. Yeah. He looked like a grocer, Mr. X kind of deal. Yeah. And, oh, yes, he immediately. Disobey disobeyed car burn. He killed. Khyber n-. Sir. See, by the way, gets the she weasel there, at least according to this show runners, she weasel her way out of a, I guess, more satisfying death for the viewers because Jamie finds her in the red keep is everything is crumbling. He goes to try to escape with her. It does not work, the, the escape place to go to safe beach as I call, it is blocked, safe beach is blocked off by rebel, and then turns. And he's like, oh, it's okay, you're not gonna maybe it's okay, you're not gonna die while they both died. They both die. Because the, the toll thing caves in on them and their dead. Also, you're tried to kill Jamie before that he stabbed Jamie many times in the body area in the mid sand body area, scientifically speaking, and then he died who Jamie letter guess what he did it. Because Jamie, just kept on kept on truckin kept on truckin too. Oh, they died and then aria she's in kings ending. She's going around her face is bloody, it is bullet issues. Get knocked around. Oh my God. But at the end everybody's dead, except for aria, but a horse. At the end among all the dead, bodies white gleaming horse, who I shall call shadow facts for Lord of the rings people's. Yeah. And then she, she gets on the thing. And then she goes, she rides on out of their rides on out of their boy. What a time what the fuck. Yeah, that's a pretty good explanation. I think that she got everything a lot. Wow. What did you guys like this? I know a lot of people really mad specifically because the like Danny's transition into, like, from rational leader to snapping leader was fast. What did you guys clean? I do think that they don't have done some foreshadowing in the show to, to set up her being mad person like being rational like burning, the whole like does rocky leaders alive. Like that's true. She hanging hanging all the sleigh. Offers off of crosses and then burning them live with dragon after tricking them in a fake sale. Even if slavery is wrong that is extreme as say. Yeah. Aren't all those people? Bad has she killed? She hasn't killed like innocent. Yeah. That was always her code though. She would never kill innocent people never women and children. And so this when she just goes author. So I, I thought she was going to fly, her dragon straight to the red keep, and just kill seriously soon. Just like skip over the town. No. But then her dragon just started like torching people knows like what are you doing? She was like in control. So she was like it was almost like she was clearing the field. She was like going back and forth. Systematically across cues landing little grid. It's literally like when you're playing an Esa any s game and you want to clear every patch of the map so you have to go through like every little corner. So every little tile like clears utterly. She doesn't see it looked like that. Because every shot. From surveys point of view should just going like driving a series. Laterally. She can only move in order. Kind of a waiting for the I thought there would be a beeline, right? Where the dragon just flies straight toward series face it never happened. I thought that's just that was after she basically murdered all of your on's fleet and the golden company and all of us scorpions on the top of the castle. She had all of that in the span of lake of minute. We're just like how did the other dragon, get killed if you suddenly able to navigate around all the scorpion that guess, because I think she must have realized, right? I mean, after the for that, that her, you know, other dragon was killed I think she probably was like, no I'm not going to do that. But I know some people were criticizing as you were saying her decision. Right. Go into madness. On the one hand, I feel like you know what I do kinda see it being justified, because she did lose me Sanday. Yeah. She lost her second dragon. Giora died. Allot of people just kind of an also she is Hort she got blue balls and John will not. He will not Boehner and she is piss and honestly, that's why most war start because people won't get late. Also, she didn't eat for days because she was sad about Mercedes. So she had blue balls and she was hungry. Hang Gry and horn. That's what I'm saying. Do you think that she really look, she would have I think of voided the rampage if she just got late? But because he just like that was like the last thing for her that maybe he was just like no bitch. You're my aunt. She's don't care. She's a tar dairy, and she doesn't give a fuck. She was raised to think that that's normal. Unfortunately or fortunately, for John, he was raised not in the target area and family and away, where incest is not good and wrong. I'm screaming at the idea that she was just hungry. She's. Her stomach is grumbling. She's like, yeah. People wanna fuck and barbecue. Good point that, like maybe her hair was so unkempt because me Sunday always did her hair. And now she has no one to hear that her number one advisor was also her doing her hair. I know I don't think that's wasn't also asleep. I was trying to understand because I was like where all the black people, the joy was like. He was freed Biden Harris, but he's still does stuffer. Which I think would not great. Yeah. Hair, braiding which is like, I don't know. I don't just go with we haven't seen that happen on the show. Hey, so she never thought she just sent all of the servants away. That's the explanation. All I'm going with the Dolittle. Yeah. Regardless. She was so hungry. And also, you know what you're totally right in that way. God, what were you saying about? Her just was getting really hungry barbecue. Barbecue barbecue? Okay. So she had roasted all these people imagine all at burning flesh, including there must have been some sheep goat. And she must have been so hungry. But she's like, no, I'm not gonna eat. I'm not gonna eat until my nephew has sex with me. And guess what? He doesn't he doesn't have sex with her because he's like this is wrong but I love I just loved seeing because Amelia Clark. I mean, God bless her. She so gift, you could see her face. Change after he kinda like moves off and her just then right after she's like, well because he was like oh, you can't rule a kingdom like on fear, like what about love and then after that, she's like, let it be fear knows like, wow, you're all you were pissed off because no one is ever said no to her before think about this. She was clean before she had Dario was like your Queen literally, no man has ever said no to her before. Exactly. So this is the first time. She's having a man say no to her. So she is. I mean she's freaking out. I mean, think about that late in life. You have never had a man say, no. And you have a dragon. Gonna that's bad. Illegal in this country, and she had to bird various alive because she was so bad. Yes, they're very Scott burned alive. You can help you found found out that he was, you know, plotting against her. But someone else thank goodness more observant than I had the reset scene with various res talking to this little girl in the kitchen's. Right. And like there is a theory that like that whole exchange was he was trying to poison her because, you know the little who's like, oh, she's still not eating. We'll try again later at supper, she s to eat some time, and then I think the giving away was really the, the girl being light. But the soldiers are the watching me, and he's like, that's job soldiers and it was like, oh, who's doing? No, it's little girl. It's Martha trying to poison this bitches pie. Bitches calendar pie. Now, I'm very hung to lady. Lady you sit you show. You won't you calendar. Potpie sunday. It's you'll favorite. We've just hated the my. The my towards. Can I say, so I just wanna give my newcomers opinion I suppose, remind you I just was not. I did not go on very few smash looking, I was very, very confused. But there was I wanna go back to the hound and the mountain fight believe, please. No. I only know like the main character, so I didn't know going on or who those people were. But the part when I assume it's hound stabbing the mountain through the head and he still didn't die. Yeah. I literally like I can't ever. I have to leave that I had my head on my blanket for the rest of them. So that was a win, because it was gross I can't gore. But there's no no. But, like I also have a fear of getting stabbed in the eye. That was the worst thing. Sent him. I did pull it out. Yeah. I was reading I was like why do you people don't this? Get out of my house. You know what's interesting in Mike recorder said he was very disappointed include gain bowl, but I was not. I thought it was pretty epoch looking with these like crumbling structures and a big piece on it on vox, edited, and yeah, the overarching opinion was that it was. I don't know people thought it was I, I'm trying to think of what a good consensus was lame. I don't know how they want. I guess people wanted like a fight in the middle of a battlefield. They felt like okay this is an inoperative moment for this, because like all this other shits happening at the same time, probably says the Tate's them paying attention, and it's what they just fell off a cliff or something at the end isn't that how they died while they he like kind of charged him in the both fell to the. Yeah. The hound chose to dive into fire. I think he hates to kill like his rival his brother. And I think that, that actually like that's a. Better inning. I think because he was like, I'm choosing to do this to end me ahead this whole speech about how, like revenge turned me into a terrible person. I love that. I love him. Oh, yeah. The most important thing Simone. You is that are you called him Sander? Oh. I cried. Yeah. That was actually. Yeah. Because they were both in the castle, e both snuck into king's landing together both were in the red keep. And then she was actually going to go. She's like I'm still going to kill her. She and us. He gave her the speech about. Yeah. Like how revenge like, like there's only one way out of this. And like, don't be like me is what he was trying to say, like you have other shit to live for. So anyway, he she understands venture -ly. But then yeah, as he's leaving her. She calls Sandor any turns around and she goes, thank you love that what I had a question though, really quick about the whole clip game bowl thing. So what happens is the how runs into Searcy Khyber n- and the mountain right? Khyber in whatever dead source is like I'm getting the fuck out of here. Side shuffle around. But then, like it's it's because Khyber n- is like step down in the mountain was like no. And then this is the first time he's ever disobeyed Searcy or Khyber n-. And this is like on the assumption that he knows that it's his brother. But the thing is, is that, like throughout this entire show. There has been like little to no indication that he has any like memory or thoughts of his own because he's sort of this, like this kind of weird Frankenstein slash cadaver that still working. So I don't know. Like the bridge in my mind was, like, was there something kinda primal instincts, you'll like that. He knew no matter what that, yes, that's his brother. But like, I don't know it seemed like out of character and all of the sudden any like reached into what the depths of his defunct brain that doesn't work now and his like shit. That's my brother. Everyone out of the way it's probably like the bigger biggest sensory stuff that he'd received though, like he just. Been standing around like I kill people for C but he but he's seen the hound before because I remember being like oh, so is that what they've done you? But he's never like reacted to him before. So it was weird that all of a sudden when everyone needs to get the fuck out. He's like, hold the fuck up. His my brother got to kill them. Real quick. Also cut down to four kings guard on the way to get to him like he he murdered. All this other night. Why people even want this kingdom? Everyone's dead. Everyone king that is big message. Yep. That's for the horse. Absolutely only character. I like to that horse. Man, I couldn't stop thinking about what that horse mint. Karen on has published some theories on it. I kept thinking about how in the books they refer to her as a mean nickname was horseface aria. Oh, to like, call her all the time, but that has nothing to do with the magical white horse, that showed up at the end, the battlefield of so many dead burning bodies. Do I think it's a brand thing. I think that who the theory that like brand ward into a horse and saved her. Oh, hopefully we will get that answered next week. But for now we have to wrap it up and go back to our separate lives. Thank you, everyone for listening to this episode of the polygon show. We'll be back next week to give you our feelings on the last episode ever of game of thrones until game of thrones. Brotherhood comes out. If you have any questions or anything Email, polygon show at polygon dot com. And of course, please like the podcast and give the podcast rating or review wherever you find the opportunity to do that. Apple podcasts. Thanks so much preventing this quiz. 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