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Got kelvin. What's that can we just got off the bike ride. How you feel good yeah. We'll we'll go from there. What would you prefer. I'm just trying to think of something witty i can't i my mind is blank writing come to sell man. We just got off the bike ride. It was fifty degrees. We laughed. It was forty came back and two big guys on you know riding into the wind is like trying to push a tugboat up to michigan uh-huh. We'll come okay iowa start. Welcome everybody to the encouragement ride cast brought to you with limited or no commercial -mercial interruptions live and direct to wherever you find podcast from our good whom and gluckstein mississippi to wherever you may be with your host a quarter a ton of writing fund the cycling good citizens those we're just out for a ride homers. Jimbo ralian kelvin jones remember friends these two way of quarter time so you don't have to take it away. Boys i welcome to the encouragement ride podcast with jimbo and calvin <music> kevin. We just got off a quick. One hour chilly ride you feel a man. It was windy out. There was a what fifty degrees forty eight degrees. He's and my jacket was catching all that wind tough. You look like a big yellow sale but the good thing is you right in front of me yeah yeah. Hey welcome to the podcast everybody saudi. We appreciate all the support that we've been getting all the comments and feedback that we've been giving you guys a great <hes>. This is the quarter town of riding fun. We are just enjoying ourselves. We're just a bunch of homers <hes> sitting here talking a little bit about something in a lot about nothing boil guys look thank you. We <hes> if you're new to the podcast what we do. Is we talk about cycling. Not the indepth stuff about what wheels you need in this terrain that kind of stuff we're talking about beats. Cruisers oil chain were a helmet. Get out and enjoy the fresh air. Go meet your neighbors. It's not about a race. It's about a ride so get out and just go ride a little bit power metoo. We don't need no l. Stinking power meter well <hes>. I got to be funny kelvin. I was in hattiesburg mississippi this past week and i was visiting with one of my customers which is completely unrelated to cycling and one of the guys there had a bike rack that folks on the back of your car so we started just chit chat a little bit and i assorted ask him as eighty ride where he ride that sort of thing and come to find out he was starting to ride a bike to train for one of these spartan races and he did no about a helmet. He didn't know about blinky lights. He didn't know about a tire pump all those different things. I got to think i'm saying you know what i bet. There's a lot more people people who don't know what a pump is. Then who do this and he was getting ready to do a spartan race. He was vixen to a spartan race. He was going to use the bike to cross train with he said fixing for all of northerners that means about to fit into means about two so <hes> we had a nice chat. I even told her about the courage me ride podcast. He subscribed on the spot. Thank you very much but it was. It was just really kind of cool to be that cycling advocate to impart some knowledge and just be a a a good cycling citizen so it was you know get an air pump by an extra innertube. If you'd like to learn how to work on your bike a little bit there are hundreds of really good videos on if you got a beach cruiser and you want to loosen up chain or lube your chain or change the tire patchily patch innertube those sort of things and along those lines. We're going to do a segment today. We're going to interview bike mechanic and he's going to give y'all awesome basic knowledge on just how to get your bike out of the garage and get a gun okay true believers here for the first time a new segment expert mortar where the fellas l. is chat with experts in the field feel but still eric sports and today i've got with me jeremy poke with bicycle revolution and gluckstein extent mississippi. How're you doing jeremy. I'm good. How are you man. I'm doing great. The weather's perfect little breezy and i can't ride today because i've got family obligations but i'm i'm pretty sure you will <hes> mondays my day off man well. Thanks for joining jeremy is going to do a segment with us every so often unless the listeners ask more questions than we'll try to go on but it's just basic bicycle maintenance. <hes> jeremy is listening to the podcast and knows that we're kind of geared towards newbies people that are just now. We're getting into cycling to bike in the garage. The change rusty it makes noises how to pump up a tire that sort of stuff so he's going to give you a couple of tips on just how to get that thing out the road out of the garage and if you have a local bike shop you wanna take it there i but if you're in a bicycle shop desert germs gonna walk you through just a couple of little basic things <hes> <hes> first thing you want to do with with the bike. It's been sitting in garages. Get it out of the garage. Take it around back where your water hoses around the side of the house and and get you some dawn dishwashing liquid in a bucket kind of like you do for car so for us dawn and hose down you buy get the cobwebs off above it. Get the extra dirt off of and then wash wash it like you would a vehicle just nice soft sponges orange or rag or whatever and washed the bike down <hes> when you get to the chain and the drive line components you'll wanna get out a bristle brush. <hes> aw toothbrush works well <hes> with some simple green if you put it on that chain only in the cogs in the back in and start scrubbing it <hes> fingernail rush rush often works because it's three inches longer so and it really allows you to scrub into their but clean the chain as thoroughly as you can then wash wash everything off rinse it off. I would caution against putting high pressure anywhere on the bike. <hes> just do a low pressure rents instead of doing high high pressure because the water gets into the bearings and we'll destroy everything. That's that's one of the first things i would do is take it outside. Wash it off once you wash it. Go ahead and dry. If it's a warm sunny day than just leave it in the in the sun and let the chain kind of dry dry yeah a little drip dry. Next thing you want to do is put some air in your tires. Make sure that they're not cracked where they've been sitting on the floor. If you can hang up a bike for storage words that would be the best thing you can do 'cause if a tire sits flat oftentimes you will have cracking develop where it sits so pump. I put your tires make sure they're in good condition. <hes> the next thing you'll do is go back to that chain and lubricate the chain with anything but w._d. Forty they try using a teflon base lube most bike shops carry extra lead that you can buy for eight dollars or so w._d. Forty is making chain lewd. Nowadays not the whole spray can that that many people have used the chain super rusted than w._d. Forty spray cam would be okay <hes> <hes> then clean it off after that well the rule of ours hurt is <hes> w._d. Forty is a solvent not a lubricant is exact if you do have a rusty chain which i've had in the past hit it with that and then our scrubbing scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub and then apply some type of teflon coating teflon base chain mood or wax based chain lou there's so many different styles out i use the purple stuff whatever extreme works greg o. and should last around three hundred miles or so <hes> <hes> between applications but when you are applying chain leave you wanna drip on each link you roll the pedals backwards <hes> a four minute and then let that chain lube get into the nooks and crannies of that chain into the rollers and the pens once that happens white about ten minutes. I go back and get you a clean rag. Not paper towel rag works ah best and then wipe the chain down by rotating the pedals backwards and holding the the rag on the bottom side of the chain fairly close to the crane. Gotta re fold the the ragged three or four times especially with the purple extreme stream until the chandler does not come off anymore. Gonna wipe us much of that office. Pass for you newbies. The chain crank is the pedal thing. That's where you're that's where your fico. That's the thing that sticks out of the bottom bracket. I learned that one the other day he that's where the pedals connect to chain the crank arms and the right outside crank has a chain ring on or three four three or two or wants where we get a lot of folks out there on beach cruisers. Now i had something happened to me and i made a. I wouldn't called a rookie mistake but i did a bike ride. I drove two hundred miles forgot to bring anything to wipe off my chain any lube and when i started to warm up a little bit <hes> with the dust and grime that i picked up on the road i squeaked for about twenty thirty minutes so knucklehead like me. I do a little do some charity rods outta town. What do i need to bring with me to make sure i'm ready for those rides and not be the squeaky i bring a pump and learn to pump up your tires. Offer fresher brow would bring a a little bit of chain lube in a tool kit. <hes> 'cause oftentimes wing. You're going to a place like this and you're going for a charity the event especially sometimes there's mechanical help onsite sometimes it's just as simple as a as a squeaky chain and you don't really need mechanical assistance listen for that. You can do it yourself but you need carry a little bit of chain. Leave with you. Make yourself a small tool kit with some basics in it. <hes> maybe a chain pin or or quickly <hes> you can bring some chain lube in an extra couple of rags in a rag is always a good thing to have in there and maybe even a side wall cut kit park tool makes a tire boot. <hes> some people carry them with them in their bags on the by the to have an extra one in the backup tool kit would be a good perfect well. I think that about covers it look. If you have any questions you can submit questions to jeremy me at bicycle revolution on facebook or you can visit us at the encouragement ride podcast on facebook. If you like what you hear semitic question love to hear from you and we'll go walk smiles back to saddleback all right and <hes> thanks to jay lustig four or a naming our mailbag. We're going to call it. Oh i'm sorry jay easier. You're his friend. Hello mr lewis. Do you have to go into water badly looted now. It's time for from with a buddhist. Answer your quick. Hey so producer. J. came up with a great name for our mailbag. He wants to call it. The saddlebags and i think that's very appropriate because of you know bikes likes do carry saddlebags some time so we got a new question from our saddlebag <hes> <hes> what's your name jimbo jimbo wants. You would want you read what the the question is well. The question came from a from a listener from brookhaven mississippi. His name is steven and i listened to the podcast because he he likes the podcast for one thing but he's more of a runner than cyclist and he asked what is the the difference between what's the protocols of the laws about runners running on a street and cyclist on a street or roadway so so so calvin. Do you want to take the runner party going to take the cycling pot well <hes> as considering that i have done a couple of marathons back in two thousand seven and two thousand eight and <hes> i did to train <hes> i will tell you that the running you run against traffic and cycling you ride with traffic so a lot of times. I'll see a biker riding against traffic and it just makes my skin crawl and <hes> and then a lot of times. I'll see you a runner or walker wrote walking with traffic and that does the same thing. It makes me a little upset that they're not being safe so the biggest thing there's just to make sure that if you're walking or running you're facing traffic if you're riding a bike you're doing just like you're driving a vehicle. You're obeying all traffic signs and you're writing with the the flow of traffic exactly what else and that's even if you're in your neighborhood just kinda thank you. If you're riding around your neighborhood. Stay stay on the right hand. Side do not right on the sidewalk unless it specified for sidewalks need they walk not a it's not a bike patten so and also think about if you're riding late in the afternoon or early in the morning or running early in the morning <hes> where you're this where something that people can see it can be reflective you carry a light with you. You know those sorts of things oh and another thing <hes> i know that we have a a bike and walking kind of recreation trail around our reservoir and it has little stripe line one lane for walking and one lane is for biking and sometimes you'll find the walkers in the bike lane and sometimes you'll find the bikers in the walking lame so so <hes> just be privy of <hes> the the the painting on the lines and it'll tell you which side to be on and i've i've noticed some of the multi trails with people when i've been running that when cyclists come up kind of scare you because you don't brian. They don't let you know you're behind him. So if you're a cyclist and you're coming up on a walker runner especially they'd got at a dog because if you scare the dog the dog is going to probably run right in front of you in everybody's gonna go falling down but just when you get twenty to thirty yards bag just kinda sound off a little bit and say hey coming around you laughed or biker behind you that sort of thing and it'll make everybody a lot safer and you'll have a much more enjoyable rod right and then people won't say ugly things about you as you go by but you know what jimbo that is. <hes> brings up a very good point. I know a lot of walkers and runners. They liked to listen to their jam tom for while they're out moving and one thing that i learned <hes> training for a marathon is if you're gonna do that which is fine because i love listening to you know a little <hes> <hes> mannheim steamroller myself but but at least just put one <hes> earbud in and keep the other one out so you can hear what's going on around you especially these these walkers and runners that i see running with traffic if you've got two ear buds in and you can't hear coming up behind you and they were busy texting or had their head turned around taking care of their children you're toast so one thing is make sure that you have your one of your ear. Buds out at all times and you can hear something. I know a lot of times now. They're coming up with all these bluetooth speakers you can carry a small bluetooth speaker with you or put it on your bike or on your your running self and it can project the noise out you know music music loud anyway and you don't have to have anything plugged into years but if a biker comes around and says on your ride or on your left you're not gonna hear them and they're going to scare the bejesus out of you and i usually when you get scared you either dodds left or right and if you if you take when you should've zagged does go down now when i ride i do some solo rides. Sometimes sunday morning saturday morning. I'll put an earbud in but it's all always leave the ear open or not polluted near but in to the one that's closest to the road right. I want to be able to hear stuff. Steph coming down my left side. If i'm on a bicycle that's right yeah and when i run i i wouldn't call what i do run. I would call it more of a steady walk. <hes> i tend to do the same thing but i do pull the right ear out. So when i'm going with traffic i can see here horns that sort of stuff but yeah stephen. Thanks for the question and look nick. If you've got questions y'all like to ask us to get some feedback from you guys and finally as we do with every episode i like to end with an encouraging <hes> statement or an encouraging word for all of you people. This came from one of my administrative assistance out in california. She sends me the thought for the day. I liked it so much i decided to keep it and use is it for today's podcast and it says if it's important to you you will find a way if it's not then you'll find an excuse so you know we can always find excuses to sit on the couch and not <hes> exercise not get out and go for a bike ride. It was forty eight fifty degrees. Today i could've sat at home and be toasty and had had my little hot chocolate but i decided to wrap up a little bit and push through the elements and it'll just make me that much more of a better writer so if it's important to you you will find a way if it's it's not then you'll find an excuse so i challenge all of you listening to not make excuses. Let's make a plan for this year and get your writing. That's awesome. Hey guys look hey. Thanks again and you can find us on twitter. You can find us on facebook and we appreciate your. We appreciate your support calvin. I think that's it for this. Go round. Okay my friend everybody. Y'all have a great day all right. Y'all get out. Get your mom miles. In the weather gets better turtles. Thanks for tuning in these sure to subscribed for all the latest updates and don't forget to send in your questions to the saddleback. Remember ride with run against wear. Your helmet usually leakey's it. Please don't try to drive any three stanza wagon ninety eight miles an hour through water valley till next time that the trails all right and thanks to jay lustig for naming our mailbag. We're gonna call it jay.

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