807 - Census Party | The Adventures of Dr. Triangle and Isosceles Ep5


lease gentlemen boys and girls and friends. Bien Binary behind era is San for the bad cancer. You know I don't have anything you know naturally hilarious to say usual. Totally you know Ebadi Dues WanNa say that I'm glad you're here in your important to me your sleep your rest your ability to flourish and live your life but mostly he wouldn't you at ease. That's important to me your important me. you know in a different way you know because it's a digital sense of you know here to help. This is the way it can do it so I'm glad you're here or if you're new in to try it what I mean. It's time for sleep with me. The broadcast puts shoot to sleep. 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I'll mystery bar a lot of people help out on this show who are day. Chris posting posters aw ws for sound guardian jet the Street Bar and decommissioned at song tanneries. Tell me the story purse you see the kind shines straight on the knows Julian Jennifer Your Nana raid sportifs go patriotic merchant support the spawns combined anything you see with me can't the gun and we're so proud to be part of Bell presents with these yours soubirous. I'm at deer scooter on twitter instagram. That's where you'll find me in. What do you say we get on with the show. He you up all all night tossing turning mind racing trouble getting to sleep trouble staying asleep woah welcome. This is sleep with me. The bide casts typically. It is sleep we do as a bedtime story was you need to do is get in bed. Turn Out Alexa play. I'm going to do the rest what I'm going to attempt temped to do as great as safe place where you could set aside whatever's keeping awake whether thoughts you're thinking about about the past present or we're the future or all of them which is common for me. past residents future. You know whether having some physical things coming up you're feeling among the feelings are motions. It changes life teen moving any of the their schedule. Whatever's keeping up late to take your mind off of that insurance to do is get this nice safe place selenium room this room set aside just for you and the reason I did that is because you deserve a good night's sleep so I have some space here and you can just check it out and try it out? If you're new. He's saying not sure about. This is okay give a little more time. There's a safe place you could be. You know you could even be like a cat. any a walk by it. you know maybe I get. Cha a chair nearby. You could sit under in look into the safe place. Then you could walk over it you know you could you know you could vis the sniff it or per verba proverbially induced kit. Kat whatever the cat does when they massage the ground and you know because sometimes they're doing it to get it ready but other times to say let me just check this place out. Let me see what the Easter due to cancer used just a word fungeability over so as a word. What does it mean 'cause I hope I hope it means something sleepy A. C. Because they asked a cat once in a dream of course they said what are you doing. There was a massaging the ground. No I'm checking for fungibility. SCOOTS NEE said you know who normally other personified beings. I would ask for an explanation banana cat because they don't want to get that cat look would is fungibility. I've heard toward fungible but I'm not sure would've lake if ahead in context you need more context to figure figure out what fungible means or fungibility. Maybe this will be the first time ever look up something during an intro usually don't ah so let me first. Let me say so. I'm going to create a safe place. I'm GonNa send my voice across the deep dark night. Many US along Susan Crocodiles Cadeau tones pointless meanders is superfluous stange in sube really crude just like that fungibility when will be going back to that one to go. you know bank and around again Let's see what else so misnomer voice. Chrissy meanders all to keep you company. Is You drift off so if you're new and glad you're here right up front gives us pat guests. If you try sets what everybody that's a regular listener says in fact this doesn't work for everybody but I hope it works for you. In the easiest way to explain it is is that it's GonNa take me wild to explain it but did you kinda passively acidly consume this podcast like either view it out of focus listen to it in a way that's going to letting it drift in and out of your ears his NC goes. It's almost like whatever you would say. Try It on for size but whatever the lesson that lake when you're ernest you know you're you're more a window shopping. You say like like with a safe place. You Say oh well. I'm not so sure about the look of that like yeah you're doing. You're testing for fungibility. It has a cat which will get you into sake. I'll look that up but if you're also knew I want to give you a couple. like things things should know so structurally would how the show works. It starts off with business. That's how we're able to keep it free for you and all the hundreds of thousands of other listeners incoming out twice on a regular basis which is important to me is shows free for everybody is then is there's about is there's an intro which were probably like Maybe it's thirty percent through intro is like about fifteen minutes long. Maybe it's twelve minutes. You could skip the bit I would say search skipping it. Once you become a regular listener it is reasonable intros about fifteen minutes fifteen minutes of me actually explaining anything or we're asking for anything or anything like that just me it's fifteen minutes of me helping you wind down by miss explaining the podcast so you ideally feels familiar because everytime explain what structure is it's a little bit different every time though. I guess that's what I meant. I don't know what I was GONNA. Try to explain explain remiss explain and so overtime have discovered that twelve to fifteen minute intro just works for most people like it's easy to skip ahead if people just want to story stuff you just say your podcast asserted twenty twenty minutes or skip ahead about that far but for some people like is they get re start getting ready for bed to intro other people are already in bed getting comfortable and winding down so it kind of like a long runway or like a cat to go back to that one because we're talking about today to sleep. The cat doesn't just pump the ground. Two or three times say you'll walk into fused counterclockwise four times then clockwise attempts to go in the other room is in they'll go sit it under the chair and look at it then they'll pump the ground is in the might lie down or they might match you know they might sit there for the Lakers Lak- so GonNa do that you actually this you can do that. Passively sooner gotTA worry about. Ucla and that must be exhausting being a can't a future. You'd be an ironic or not and I said I'm not sure you. Maybe that's recant seaweed. That's why we're we turn our noses of no one's ever empathetic with us so how tiring it is to be a cats. I mean I know all the dogs are laughing along in all the other pets right Har- but it could be tiring. You'd say you you might be like using this looks meditative and relaxing. Actually it is I was kidding. It's not agree. Being a cat is great. The Catholic emergency chilled out and then when I want to go to sleep I do things. have a have a bedtime routine too. That's very meditative in. It's not like sometimes there. Wa- counter. I just see how feels man that's why people say as cool as a cat. Oh I thought it was as cool as a cucumber scoots. You get a cool down man. Try massaging your bed before we get in it tonight and might do that. Just be freed somebody would look in the window in seamy massaging my bed with Hans and my knees and then crawling around my bed clockwise and counterclockwise Ian Ian that would fit the narrative. They've already established for me as a neighbor which would be correct so you're right. If I may try doing that you're right. Thanks cat. Did you know what fungible meant of goods contracted for without an individual able to replace or be replaced by another other identical item mutually interchangeable so would fund testing for fungibility. Oh Yeah in economics fungibility so it it is a real real word at railroad were to reword real word. fungeability is a property of a good or a commodity who's individual units are essentially interchangeable wasn't that we didn't. I write a musical called essentially interchangeable it was my you know my L-. It was away one of when I before the Lego movie came out. I tried to write a Lego musical and it wish I didn't know of fungibility Manta but essentially interchangeable that was the name that was one of the big numbers in the League of musical. I Rode Right. Oh I didn't write it. I just thought about it. It's actually a great song because the original one is Likud not to tease not to go off topic nick again but it was like in the in the first act when the Ligo it's actually just two pips PIP PIP to he. Oh that was that was one of them was one of the more brilliant people said why isn't it pip and I said well I don't want to do to numbers pip pip two or the stars the Lego musical again just imaginary don't worry they don't send me any letters from Denmark wherever else I get enough of him. Remember when you Dan play mobile. We're coming after me. Maybe that was during the musical but was saying. Oh during act one when they sing essentially elite interchangeable. It's like a glorified song of pride. Oh this is why you probably wouldn't want him to make musical Zinin actor to it's not Natta happy song. Suddenly they realize being essentially interchangeable isn't so great. You know that's the number that's almost in every musical which kind of goes so much more than pip one or two so much more then in parentheses then pip pip chew. Oh they're McCall pips. Maybe that's why that's part of my brain just said but so fungibility against maybe that is why cats pumping aground because he sees super. They're testing. They are testing for fungibility later seeing. Is this gonNA offer interchangeable level of comfort to where I slept yesterday. Se Yeah that's that is actually where you slept yesterday so it is essentially interchangeable. It's just like you know two point three centimetres difference difference on the carpet where he slept or under chair so I guess that's good. I was actually may have been using accidentally fungibility correctly. Actually I just said to shoehorn it in there. Okay so if your new oboe adapt was a longer tangent it was it was a good good one. Though I think legal is going there ca cat interview and I would posit to statehood. Were you thinking about anything else because the goal the show shows to take your mind off whatever's keeping up into keep you company. Is You drift office so there's no pressure to listen. That's kind of rule one or order to make sense of this isn't a rule but I guess if it was ruled to it would actually be like 'cause rule too is you don't need listen. No pressure fall asleep. I'm going to be here for about an hour. You drift off when you're ready to or when you do hopefully it's like you just drift off off. You don't even know it right. You wake up tomorrow. You say I'm pretty sure. SCOOTS was marina musical by dice was Abaza uh-huh triangle one. Whatever that was four sided two four sided the crew cry of you know it was called the drive four sided die. He was a great. He said it's going to be a great. They think that's what he was singing about though he wasn't singing I don't know I I went to sleep during it against sunny. There's no pressure full suppo. 'cause I'M GONNA be here till the end so if you can't sleep. I'm still here to keep you company. I'm your bore bud or Ada and that's what I do is. It's my the job. You do deserve a good night's sleep. I'm hoping to help other rule that I was thinking of his There's no also no pressure like me or dispatch cast. I mean it's a little late now to say this in a try to remember to say it earlier but yeah if you're skeptical well one yeah if you're skeptical is perfectly natural. I mean if somebody says hey this cast is GonNa put you to sleep in then you say but it's made up of creaky dulcet tones and pointless meanders in you know whatever else you talking about. I got no idea I'm I'm not so sure about this thing. I'd say well. This might be the podcast if you if you're saying I'm not so sure about the singer wouldn't a what's it may be the podcast. Yes for you but if you're already seeing like good glory Joseph or Josephine or whatever or something even more contents in that good a super than me podcast session. No thank you like if you're sure the podcasts isn't for you. You don't have to give it a few more tries but I'd say do it anyway because I hope we can help you fall asleep. I know what it's like to be tossing and turning in Knoxville Fall Asleep so that's why I make this show is just to help at the listeners that I can because they really wanted to night goodness sleeping get comfortable in ideally. If you do get here and you say well well the first time house lake. ahead of kind of distasteful says this is a very common review second time I was. It's like okay. I think I get that. You're not supposed to get it third time. Oh boy now now. I've been listening for four or five years. I mean I really have the extreme reminder of talking to people like that. That have been listening or they leave their life changes. They come back. They listened for six months. You know the the the you know so you see how it goes. I guess made me message. I hope podcast can help or it can become something fungible for you. You say we'll sometimes. They used sleep with with me. Sometimes they use sleep whispers with scoots his buddy Harris or the empty bowl or sleepy or you know some other at nine sleep podcast listen to Choo Choo trains or I sing myself to sleep where he listened to parakeets or ocean waves issue. No excuses fungible for me. Ed linked to put to plunge in front fun no Nasdaq Fungi and fungible Nice. Try Berhane just the fun a having a Fine John J. I wonder if funches part of fungible so which doesn't sound like a Latin root to me flange maybe it does though Hoon Gene Orange Orange Orange ornament the fun Ch- How do you even spell certainly in their fungible. Amelia's fungible not fungible would bury right white sing song about in another time thinking of how would fit in there to be fungible anyway so I'm glad you're here sorry about the lull. There is just just It's just stuck to the lego musical not to fungible musical but here's the thing I'm glad you found this way to your your way to the spat gas or if you're regular listener. I'm so glad you're here with me in that. I can be a party bedtime and take some of the seriousness out. Maybe sues you. Maybe distract you to be your boyfriend. Your Bud Your Board Bay. You're you're Burkas bore best st or Barbara you know I'm. I'm just here to help his game which is goofing around. Oh tonight after so we'll have the intro. I think it was like ten minutes. It goes explore expand explaining the the structure showing guy off topic. I think about something that I probably forgot about. Absolutely there's intro then. There's business then there's the story tonight. It'll be assist episodic story so you can listen to this episode. It's talk about lulling. It's about a a world without mathematics because it's the adventures of Dr Triangle an Isosceles Sali's and then we have some dank us at the end of the show so that's the structure show it really appreciate you coming by. Check in and out of your new or if your regular listener I really hope they can help. It worked very hard a urine an strive and want to help you fall asleep and here's a couple of days. We keep this show free for everybody. He don't know if you heard we're doing this time capsule object in the month of September. If you become a patron you get to your have your name in the time capsule or if you've ever been a patron in five down patriots you know an free episodes ten down. Patriots get all intro absorbs a bunch of other cool perks but I've been thinking about. It and those really are perks like it. They're not a really good reason to be a rebel with a cause right lake see well. That's cool hold that I get that stuff but the reason to support the podcast is the puts you to sleep is because you want to in your in a position to do so so so. I guess I this is me saying like asking you. If you watch you to become a Patriot I'm done L. Point out to cool perks and stuff we have but it's like you know you should only become a patriot. If you really feel motivated and you want to do it in interested to see if if people respond to this or not but you know in the past. Ooh gase school perks who got the school sayings or these are the reasons. You should think about doing it but you know if you want to her dad or you know if you say well. I I do like you know what I mean. So if you hear me in you you say wait a second. I WANNA become a patron of just been sleeping through all these things or you know. Scoot Cincinnati Ninety down on your bedside or go to sleep with me. PODCAST DOT com slash patron right now in sign up because you choose to because you want to in if you could share with to me the reason why you decided when you get a chance that'd be cool too because then I can share those NC will this. I did it because of this in this person chose to do so because of with that so don't let me tell you why become a patron you know make the choice in your own in your free. That's a cool thing about having rebels with a cause and sponsors sponsors at back yard is going to be there either way for you so thanks for listening and so that's sleeping podcast accounts such Pat Oro and thanks everybody welcome to another episode of the ongoing episodically imaginer series the adventures a doctor triangle and I saw Sali's detail to heroic figures is its imagine she can listen to it in any order so don't worry. I'm going to catch up on everything right now. airtel follows. Dr Triangle Ni- SASSOLI's chew traveling performers who live in a post massive world a world that without a if we did a trailer which I'd say world without maths but this one hundred percent true world where the basic underlying principles of mass have eroded some have vanished summer deteriorating in summer lake missing in one area and not another so area but a post math world the unity in new some would say in the other side of this issue the dominance of mass his finally waned it believe it or not it was the fourth generation of wing enterprises that said that in a said. What would you say that you sit here. Wayne enterprises we believe mass has waned or whatever I anyway not important to anything I said for the love of Alfred you can't you believe vistula. didn't say that because I wasn't there so it's a world I in a time like at one point. It was just like ours and then the goddess came were force or a Su- lake net a super hero or heroine in this case but you know Costano Silica character came in removed. They were the one who came in and took mass away in don't talk about disembodied interest but some may have been unlike seductively. I mean I don't mean in the Hubba Hubba who seductively I mean like your culturally say wou- wouldn't wouldn't you. WanNa living world without mass Wouldn't that be great it. Do you really need mass. Do you believe you know the whole that whole nine yards we've been through it I think now in math and so a world without math is really not a world you you like it becomes a bit like the Dark Ages we could certainly found masks. You realize I mean this is paid for by math. this episode in some sense it is paid for by math this episode. Dr Triangle and Isosceles brought to you by the principles massey eat but it's the piece of fiction so we take our time to get the hair in and also even introduced the episode so okay so the main characters are Dr Triangle Isosceles in aid of the mule or donkey it. I'm not assure in they were tasked with the goddesses. Shit to return mass to to our world one principal well at a time in so they go around They're trampling around mostly. I think the Mid West Roy says the middle of the United States dates which is opposed to its oppose modern time because it was modern and now the no Gani modern stuff. You're you know you're you're you feel de part in no more. TV You say well. I'm so sick math. Are you sick of TV explicit. It was a anyway. I don't know why I'm just went to explain it. I guess a a a Y A pro mass not a fan of mass but I like it. Did I use it. I don't understand it. just wanted to put that out there so each episode is What do they call it. I always forget it'd procedural type of type series where the doctor trying to Nice Ashley said to somewhere. Try to figure out what the math principle is. That's missing in restore usually veiled in some sort of mystery or lacking or need not really super mysterious so so incites an actual mystery but is there procedurally. There's supposed to bring mass back to the area and is traveling performers. I don't no one else has come is. Dr Triangle is not necessarily your doctor but plays a doctor variety doctors isosceles is more of the the gravitas tie type bag or but I think that's it. I got it It's a tale of the world was out. Mass in only two Roque figures can come in in restore master the world for some reason also eight in the mule. Who is our narrator from time to time is a new series and also we have a Hollywood also as buying time name because traffic can be unpredictable especially at rush hour which is today decided to record a rush hour about eight hours ago when I texted Mr Antonio Band Bandera to get up here and spent four minutes introducing series and in this case you probably drive back immediately or are you could stay here without me being here. I guess because they get a go do something you you could stay here with. COA and you could you know you spend time with one another. You can even sleep over if you want because they have a bed and the floor you're right now because it had family here but it's ladies and gentlemen. Oh that you're you're a MR IN TONIO BANDERAS as Zilla decision voice ago Sutphin spion binary eastern time for another episode the Amazing Adventures of Dr Triangle and I which is the tagline last time educated but that's pretty good. I like how you called. mazing adventures reminds me of cavalier and Calais. yes my friend. WHO'S A book job. I remember it came up in my job. Interview is like a long time because I'm sure you really remember things before. You're GONNA stay over. I may need you go sounds fantastic. thanks so it's. Mr Antonio Bonders WHO'S GONNA lie down quietly my bed and Tapa my comforter which hopefully laid out already and listen to me record and it's time for another episode of Adak Triangle Sassoli's hello. This is aided the meal here and a good to welcome. You don't know you know why you're here and were headed to the exact to you. Dock Strike Isosceles talk to we're headed to the center of things and or supposed to partake in to supervise revis and assist with the census accounting of the people that I guess is not going well and it will tell you a couple of rule based things that I know because I'm a mule and you know maybe I'm more than a mule in some may say scent of a mule. We Better Watch gotcha where you go but not everyone would say that anyway so you hit the most dissenter most point in the united. It's eight is where massive strongest so that's one of the reasons. We don't understand why I don't totally understand why it's one of the reasons censuses there makes it easier to count when you can use a little bit of math he end. There's a rival Larry's in east and west coast is so those communities don't really open to to the people in so here getting bringing. We're going to bring you. Were we're headed. We're almost there near the border of Kansas and Nebraska. I don't know if they call to Hartland. He thinks they do because this is actually the heartland a and and we're headed there to figure things out in two yeah. Those two are going via. Let me just turn it over to Isosceles Ashley Dr Triangle. Yes so as I was saying. If you like a drifted off like I could hear them. You'll talking or something but I don't know Senses census is says as Sensei or census illegal it was censuses or since high but used to biblical thing since associate could be blobel probably plenty of things we could do a play about and I mean I could see. I don't know why I don't know what may don't really know a lot about censuses. what value triangle. I mean they were close. It seems like you they have inside you know which is again they're trading and canned goods which is always would seem very appealing to people and they're seeing two years worth of canned goods which I think technically means twenty four cans per person but you and you get one can right up front and then the rest and completion of the partaking in the census so he can't see why anyone would turn that down but we really haven't seen a lot of people in Rhode. I mean you know. I'm not known for my powers of observation but I noticed the roads are not well L. Warn. You know there's some traffic but you'd think it'd be busier because look there. It is again a field I mean I think it's more temporary than it had been but this is still you know the winters here could be tricky eighty. USA wasn't thinking that because it's not winter but you were yeah. I try to think everything out okay well. Here's this is it will overlooking for ahead of the census here. Were I saw sleaze injector triangle. We were booked as performers to entertain the census. Go Whereas the census takers and participants innocent you know every everyone sued everyone involved okay get run run run. We'll sit up here since the staging area for performing Oak. Thank thank you I mean. It doesn't look very busy in new wooded. Our context say this is well. This is supposed to be well underway. Yeah Mike main concern is be like a feeling. This is shouldn't be too much of a mystery dead. the river will. I thought they would have a problem with counting. Eh or adding or subtracting were sampling. You know to do something with numbers because you uh even it's GonNa be tough as census without mass or I mean I know we were trying some tests. Out in math is stronger stronger here but it's not a full manse. I mean I could pretty much count everybody here. make account to tents and do just write it down. We wouldn't even have to do any mass. It would just be continuous. Counting wouldn't take me day to count everybody here. Yeah I mean what we would do is take a we. I guess we you're right. We need to take a sampling. We would just each do our own count and then compares the numbers and then figure it out from there. We could just take my no. I mean I would do a good system. a sink effective. You remember would agree well. He writes difficult amass. So what do you mean. We just figure out what's missing addition subtraction et. It grids would if it's multiple things. Who would we if we get one wrong. We think we'll have consequences EDANO. He hey how you don't want your head of the census. Yes ma'am thank you. Oh your mother's mayhem. Oh that's funny. That's very funny. mine is too. I guess you know yeah well. It didn't mean to wander into that one so is this a thought you had been getting the Census Enciso for awhile where you have great offer of canned goods we're is everybody know once coming. That seems like an all or nothing statement. There are people here oh so okay. Let's have a seat here. We get so this is Isosceles. I'm Dr Triangle. We'll we'll do those. Were those are working names. Were performing working in. We're here to help okay so tell tell me about the census okay so you've been you've got to word how people are aware of it. Okay so you have been spreading the word whoa widened Eidan far. Okay followers shot were here and they help to a west those because those were cool they they weren't poster pursue made a wood which makes sense and paint a it seemed like it was a permanent one yet. Come whatever whatever the phases of the moon in the month Yadda were yeah. I gambled add off the poster so people are aware of the census but they're not what you're seeing is. More people are aware of it than a variety here. Do you have any ability to do. You have any idea about a though so people whose okay okay tell okay so people started coming. Some people started coming in stopped on the way they just stopped in another like other communities now that one community okay also that's what's baffling. The word was out. People were excited. The people that were informed were excited. They said where they would come in a much smaller percentage of people have shown up okay but you don't know what you okay so if you knew that that'd be useful you're right okay. Some people were making your way. India figure was just too far. No that was old. Oh okay so that was all planned out. I mean from what I am thinking assassinates. I'm seeing a twinkle in your eye in. I you think probably on the same page. Would you think of this. I mean I'll be honest I don't think I think your senses stinks. emme mean a sneak initially what happened you know because they've been doing theater for a long time. Let Me Tell You oh. You're already sitting down. Thanks so initially those those were putting posts. You posted posters about to show right into a sense. I know it's not a show. Thanks in that's. That's what I'm getting getting to actually is what seems like a great deal to canned goods person. You know the more people you have. The more canned goods hood said be great to stack up on those paper. That looks good. If you tell somebody hey come here for technically technically. I don't think it's a year's supply. oh you didn't write. That was an unofficial post okay well. We won't quibble about those things but it's not enough to motivate. That's what it is. You lost motivation and good news. You got some most of the people that sounds like you got to mind their way. You started in. Maybe you delivered it. Just your offer was not appealing enough in a could see like you know. You're a census person. You're not a performer. You don't see the world as I saw so. He says see the world and dark triangle. If you know a season in a way similar may be different to which is wonderful in the you you see it in yet a different way which is wonderful. It's beauty of sense and that's why we're here to help you is. I don't even know if this is a mass issue. I think this is a marketing issue and a content issue. Really what we need to do is take the Senate first of all in census. you know what I'm saying. No you don't know what I'm saying. I'm saying we we could run this by the people that work with shot because they see you have a temple setup. A nearby is if we we'll we'll get the budget if we're not will get creative aim saying once the first new world's fair something something sweepstakes something and the census okay. You still don't get it. We're going to have a giant festival. We're going to have a fair. We'll quote a fair. We don't have to go to world's fair. Come to the center of the Earth Fare Center of the world's fair you. We'll work on marketing but you want you want something. That's GONNA come one. Come all so we'll have entertainment. left things for the kids. Kids will have you know. We'll have a menagerie. If we could track one down. We'll have a professional performance in and we'll have shows we could have. Maybe some I don't know what other entertainments we could come up which will put the word out to to them. Also then they'll be participating in the census. All the people working also employment brings in more people. people brings in businesspeople vendors in those those things you think we have to look at this you know. I it's a little bit of a long term project triangle and I think we can get this thing off the ground without even using you know we we don't even need us as we need to make this a spectacular. Dr Tranquil. What what do you think about all this. I think I think you're right on Sassoli's and soy take. Let's look we'll have some meetings. Let's get this moving moving forward. I think we're going to have to sink in three months chunks. This may take a six to nine to twelve months or you know we figured out quicker but I think you know if we talked to. The stakeholders involved a quick which would people involved often will get this. census going yeah but we're we're GONNA. We're GONNA take a little break. Here will get a little so we wanted to go back and talk to rest your census team and start to think good news. We're GONNA. We're here to help you. We don't want to get in the way of your census. We're not adjudging your ideas. I mean I SAS oh. He's was but we're really gonNA plus this sense. I guess what we're going to take your census. We're going to take it up to eleven eleven is oh. You'll decide to say that you did see that move. We see it's It's a funny movie. If you were to eleven right oh it's this one goes to eleven okay. Well Yeah. I'm not. I'm not an expert. I'm not a doctor movie Dr Movie. I don't know if there is one because there are ways to watch movies. I've learned it's very difficult to okay great. We'll see a we're. GonNa lie down and take a nap a everybody. This is Ada your narrator in show you know by the power of the passing of time when you had your in in the hands of a capable narrator they started to enact a plan they started to spread the word about an upcoming festival still unfair in opportunity to make your money but what to exchange goods if if for people to be paid in goods further entertainment for distractions for fun and is soon. Ooh You say soon I mean in a to serie months of time for him this area not far from the Kansas Nebraska Aska or border started have more more performers in vendors coming in more more excitement statement building and more and more things looking. Lak- even is eight. If I was just a mule out in the world I'd say Hood it looks pretty to cool the center the world's fair they did end up calling it to to hit a little bit braggadocious sweepstakes and census census so there's also signs of you know getting a chance a not just to get some goods to participate eighty sweepstakes just by participating in the census with Grand Prizes. Also you know feats of intelligence feats of strength kamini other competitive things in some people did begin to trickle in it again because the machine of the census was already working working with the vendors in the performers. They knew that the majority that people were out there aware of the census aware the center the world's fair in sweepstakes but not making your way towards it ended he ended where we join our heroic figures okay so everybody. I talked to who should all along the way people are just stopping or talking. I don't I don't I don't get it because it's it's like the behaviors in not exactly the same. Some people are just not coming. Some people are coming halfway and then saying well. I take them to stay in this sound here and some people are saying no no. I'm not interested in a sweepstakes into sounds chew too flashy. She sounds like a is that what you're getting yeah. It's it's confusing is almost like there's someone who you you've got no reports of any activity. Go running counter to us but it's almost like there's a disinformation or something out there. It were not aware of but no one talking about it so I can't even though I can believe in imagining exists. We would have some sort of we would have heard some. I'm SORTA report about it like people telling them not to go. War is now worse yeah. We've been building good word of mouth. I mean when a Menagerie he goes through town that's a very rare thing. Now you see all the animals the kids get a look okay. So where are you going. Oh we're going to the center of the world's fair in sweepstakes in census he in in all the foul words have been spreading the word. I don't get it. I don't get why it's not working. It's just baffling to me. Yeah what I think we need to do in again. Sometimes it. You know this is one time. I really feel like we're in sync because the two of us well. I'm always in sync but you like a human were sinked up I mean. I really feel like what I mean by that. Is I said I think your idea of blessing. The census was brilliant too and I think maybe we just need to a message. Okay so you're saying ed two of us. Go on a tour and just reading the word. Look how you're thinking long term you saying okay like let's just keep act this now. We have the need some sense with all the commerce going on here. It's a sustaining thing it is like a one of the long-term world's fairs they used to have. I mean there's you know more currencies just a bordering but show we have the time to go out to in the world and start spreading the word to the people or at least get to the bottom of this or our job is to help so. I think we just go who out there. We help I think the two of US working together. Maybe it's just that they don't know how to get people excited. They don't know how to Genesee Coa of a sweepstakes and world's fair in the sense that it's exciting thing to be a part of the end is that we have set aside respectful space where people say well. I'd like a little bit more rumor. I don't want all the hubbub it. We have hubbub Freetown. I mean what else could could you be. We have dullsville Hubbub Freetown. you know so Ville. Those are the different areas. We set aside. you forget about a quiet quiet quiet a will those quiet town but we should well. We already use town. We still it's still quite town a it to be named later a put on the sign okay solicitation Laker. Let's get out. Let's go eight or you ready we would. He think well well. This is eight. I'm not talking to them. What do I think is that we did ahead out and we sit out across the middle of what once once was the United States of America and we visited the towns in the Kansas and Nebraska area and beyond Dan and we saw that the reports were true that in some towns is the populations head garrone is people have made their way to the census soon decided not to come in new who started to interview those people mostly. you know in a acting type way to get to the bottom of wind. Did you stop in a lot of just because the common answer and as they started to dig deeper an interview more and more of these people in more and more of these towns month week after week a day after day munt it only about a few months but month after month after month he and even explained to the people so you so you know it's a sweepstakes entries free just by going and participating in a sense odwalla half to participate in the census like an quibbling about as you well know it would if you would go if you didn't have to participate in the census winky window. Ndo because Shay what do they want to keep track and before you know. Why do they need to know or people are saying. I don't join things or I don't want to be told. which is you know a lot of different a lot of objections in would I would I would do with the information I said well? We'll keep by pop. We're trying to Hilton know what's popular. He shouldn't here is in the you. Do Show who for WHO in so there's a lot of resistance at attorney actress Isosceles x triangle and Isosceles are kind of talking about I mean this is just ridiculous. I mean do these their stubborness no-fence and say stover's mule. He won't I don't get it. They refused to each his if travek trying to motivate surveyed them a demotivates them yeah I mean I just don't understand when there's not really an agenda other than I mean. I guess there is an agenda other. I mean it's like projecting something and to say okay well. Yes there is a chance for people with expertise in in things that are they going to be there for the census. They could help you with stuff if you're not feeling great to those is candidate things as there is the distribution of food. There was all those pamphlets different the temple sheds temples working working in about cultivating your own food about a whiz stuff with water and is in the other projects. We've worked on keeping it keeping it warm in the winter. There was what does my favorite painful that well. I didn't read any painful. It's a problem with motivation is what it is. We we can't motivate a it is this I think this is when with the mass ask what happened to the little bit so maybe we're reliving it or maybe this problem was coming up again in a different way but they seem to be saying in. Don't tell me what to do even though you're asking and offering some great stuff that makes me like a I guess they still don't get it right in saying is this is GonNa be tons of fun. Look at your kids. They can't wait to see juggling ogling. You've lived in a world where juggling was rare like Joe goal at home. Remember that guy a yeah. Do Acre forgot about that job. Shogo at home who by Kid said they don't need to see anyone else juggle. Yeah I mean I. I'm trying to emphasize with it in but it's like emphasizing with walls with the majority of people in maybe it's just that this some of them. mm-hmm were part of the transition and some of them have grown up past in the post mass world. I mean here's the thing we just have to motivate everybody. Eh and a district town the population sizable and stubborn. I mean that's why we're both a and I think we need to lean into what we do. Best to the two of us in perform and what we could do is just use them as a test audience to see which performance which will motivate them. We can't give up now. I think that's one thing we've learned ended. It doesn't seem to be a mad solution into this. We don't seem to have a mass problem. I mean accepts your zero equals zero. I mean that's just me being just a little grouchy I guess but we'll do some place and we'll we'll get. We'll get things going. I don't have any doubt about it okay. So which would it be the lineup of the place why seek maybe we'll take turns picking subjects. why don't you go first it was thinking of remember the Green Green Goddess like they had to. What was her name the Green Gaddis. Oh the Moss based woman woman knew that they named salad dressing after I forget her name but we could do a play about what which C. which is subject to the play? I think a goodness in maybe seeing nature and your way appealing to the the the they're they're good. They're good nature. The community gated community be something different but a goodness It's for the good of everyone for for the good of okay again so I'll play the green goddess. Yes the moss based woman and was so what would you do next next. Well Zeke if we're going to do that. Maybe we work esteem if that one doesn't work do Mother Nature. Maybe maybe you could pull a mother nature a if you think you could pull this off though mother nature is going to be stern in this display she's she's. GonNa be unhappy and she's going to do a Lotta Tisco Titian to skew tasking plant the seed of the S. Sha to the to the plant that seed so when they get home and they say what is should like yes applying new to motivate them that way to say a why. Am I waiting into you know you you know like with the best of the best to them okay. Would you think which one's GonNa work at mayor may face in this A. M really still baffled like what like at understand why everyone is just not going to roadster clear. There's water stations now. There's a free food food away and we did those tests to say was too good to be true in the you know couldn't have it either way. We you okay. Let's go to the police. he renita here shows there was a lot of places they went through the next this was one of the larger larger towns not that far out of the state of Kansas and Nebraska crossroads were a lot of people stopped staffed still aways away from where the census was in the heart of the country or the former country theresa they did a play about the Gaddis the goddess goodness degreen Galveston goodness in her peeling and sitting the example all of how good it is good. It feels how goodness causes things to grow into that. You could even get green. Goddess should dressing at the the Russo multiple vendors hired and paid by the worshipers of Shiva shot that to have the dressing. They're for free is a metaphorical confirmation of how good it is to be good good in just to do good by participating in something good for everyone and their play was actually they they would. They started booing. The Green God is Samoa's based woman and then they did the play with Mother Nature Stern Mother Nature Nad happy with the people of the Midwest and saying speaking her mind and oh did she forbid a little bit of time from the stage you know to the metaphorical people on stage was supposed to be a place where they could identify and I played a standard like a traveller that said no no. I'm not like a Mother Nature in. Would you care Mother Nature in mother she should you will. You're a part of nature sure I just want you to to flourish and go there where it to be a part of this new society. I'm I'm not here for society and so that play again people who do the surgery express their displeasure with the mother nature play so then there was a great they did go to the next one was a community play and it was actually kind of sit up Blake if fake historica play with both Dagger Triangle and I said so he's going through the great communities of the world there's some reason Malibu was the first one and they attacked a Sassou civilized obvious great community who live in if you could then they they talked about many other great communities in societies that were Hull Fort Bouba they were you know who self supporting uncaring and again how good it felt not just a member but a participant in those communities and the mostly audience fell asleep to that one because it was more of a seminar style historical reenactments and then they did a play that Isosceles start in new where I salute representing the Eastern Federated States. I think they're called. Uh Uh in a SASSOLI's started to go off say Stu. You say oh you're just what I want. In all spread out from the center you know can of taking the seat of like. Oh go where there's other people where he could be with a number of other people secure trying to get him to to to want to retain more security and is it didn't really appeal to anybody so then they did a great love play and it was just it was it was it was like a talk show it was a good. It was really like a really good play a It was a Laker didactic triangles playing a Dr Dr Triangle it was Dr Ruth or a emily or like one of these characters. They kind of work saying okay well. Here's who was answering questions questions and even the questions. They took questions from the audience. Audience all seem to be experts. The own thoughts themselves extra Sunai Sassoli's again took over over and they made it fictional again about a reports of saying hey so what's going on here. It's like love is in the air their its census and sweepstakes in who sua what could be war romantic is in talking about all the romantic things for couples couples all of the wonderful places to spend time together ended in an appeal to those fuel to have our in art couple in saying well. There's also like in kind of says who's playing different characters. Oh was there anyone for me there and who Dr Triangle going through well. Oh that's what appeals Josue you're into biceps. Okay well. Let me tell you we actually we have a They're they're. We're planning a by you know. Oh you're into eyelashes. Okay well wouldn't when you see your into them. What do you mean okay. We're going in just checking the audience and of course we'll audience relate identifying with the different characters. I saw astle who were were appealed to those characters. They were good at their jobs. In a few people actually did get up and leave and Sassoon soon doctrine really leaving or they go going all the way so they kind of barely worked like maybe like is zero point. One percent were the other ones. Just totally flopped end is in the data can compare notes when you're doing that. the leader leader of the Federal Eastern Federated States there was a couple of people that headed back and so they said okay. I'll turn it over for them. They're talking now. Okay so here's the thing so I mean those those few to almost a worked better better than anything else yeah they I mean they think does appeal to people's they're looking for for those are some natural drives to avoid any hordes from who the eastern federated states would be terrific even for us and to find love or like a feeling of satisfaction Eh attraction so that did appeal but a lot of people just seem set in their ways still right and we've been exhausted. We've been able to motivate the majority of these people he has so. You seem to be getting going going somewhere with say with your idea. Yeah I mean I think we just used the most powerful thing we have at our disposal to good idea it is he is because they say we do. One more play was a doctor triangle. Love Love Love love letter whatever saying being and then we do it because we'll probably get more people motivated more. Maybe more people will go because of that if we stick with their play really get it people in this loving you know a stirred up feeling mood and then we go and get a big boss. we make a mistake wishy with big boss. anti mass throw sad us when people see that they'll head to the police can't see in the world's bread it but we don't have a mask aspirin simple to get rid of it like no idea what mash principle we could possibly be working with the know what we'll do is aid is in really good shape right. Ada so we'll just to stay one step ahead of it. We'll just run. We'll stay on the road at bringing having having a chase down. The road has your counter town. Okay so lake reverse by Lak- I mean I wish we would have gone like Pied Piper saying but that's what they said you to like the Pied Piper trying to lead us to the Census and sweepstakes. I mean like you say I mean. It's all we could do. Is We have to use those things in hand yeah but if eh we don't have a way to undo it to you but what by the time we get you to if we could take all the way to the sweepstakes. We'll have enough people that we could. I guess you're right about that. Though I mean here's an idea though we could to plant that seed in a way because a lot of people already know about the the experiences they heard from people passing through then have tell us in seen assist stab some of those in the they think it's rapidly not true so we do a play saying we're GONNA do my. DA's within we don't do it yeah I mean I guess so I mean I don't know I don't know what else to do. I am stumped. 'em stumped to say ever have been but. I have a feeling if we actually do a big boss. Josh battle without knowing how we're going to win what was the play because he just starting to Costa thinking is that there is a mass principle it just it's like almost something about your idea. Put it at the tip of my tongue so let's do the play and then and we'll see if it motivates anybody and data here so they did play. They do a couple more five more nights of Dr Triangle as Dr Ruth dating in loving experts and answering questions and a few more people trickled out to go to the a world's fair and sweepstakes most you'll remain steadfast in net moving in the nat going thing they settled kind of head you know they were empowered by their powerlessness. I think is a way to say it as some you'll because they say they're not stubborn like a stubborn in a different way and is n with a Doctor Triangle and Nice S. listed did which you'll most brilliant performance may or may not do at times is is a bruce ended debris character in they had on stage aged disagreement about things and said they were fit up well. It's it's happening. I mean just a you know. I'm so tired of Your performance is doctor. Dr Triangle Is Different Dr Triangle. Nobody's listening anyway and I'm tired of performing. Am I just want to go back back and enjoy the sweepstakes before it happens in sixty more days in have myself counted in the Census and relax but our job is to motivate these people go and Z. Don't know they don't seem interested is so oh. We can't go until we convince them that. It's a good idea to go in that. There's really no loss in going in only things to gain in. I'm baffled at what to do and I can see why you're fed up but we can't leave until we find a solution. Well where I could find a solution well we have to. We have to work something out well. I guess my solution would be. I guess just my solution would be that would if we just do. Do you know what maybe the people here have heard about us. in how we've had to one one up a different strange being giant strange beings running through towns windmills in big. You been a windbags in you know hopefully we don't maybe we just need to like Maybe what if one of those game running through here. What would people do somebody just said? I dare you a real. You dare me okay well no. I don't know if that's the solution. I don't think it would motivate anyone. Would it cates their Boeing you. Let's just get this yeah. I don't know if that's a good idea idea. It's a great idea and as a matter of fact I'm going to do it nude. No don't do it. Are you kidding or are you really going to do it. I'm going to do it because I get you to figure out the mass principle and then we'll fix it too in Anna motivate and if you don't then all everybody you should just start heading to the what we'll do is just not goethe's sweepstakes. We'll run every through every town except for the sweepstakes aches and world's fair so if you're here you're going to have to deal with us right now. Run A giant whatever's popular in this area as a lot of weed here so it'd be m The things that make crows nat land. Oh Crow Correct Anti Crow Buddies. Okay know what you're saying but I don't okay well. I think a principle known who don't really you're not really GonNa do it are you. I think the principal mashed principle missing here is a common sense. lets out a match print. Soho boy now eight here the did Dr isolates did a trigger What was the giant anticorrosive buddy? He made a straw. You know that you might see Halloween time or if you're had a corn field or a weak field keeping the corrosive away aw rumble into town and instead of running the people swin home in Kuester doors and grafted actor triangle and Isosceles who hopped in Norway again and luckily because it was made of Straw and polls it wasn't super Agile Challe and they did stir to let the sink chase it but it didn't motivate anyone to leave so they had to chase him around town. Kuwait a few times but then instead of heading to other towns they realized is that the plane was gonna work but we're here. I was correct who said actor triangle server processing things in as they were riding the thing and tailing it to people who were still in the past a Sassy said something to disperse disperse head to the lake still trying to get people to go to the census dances actor triangle turned around and said. Did you say disperse an Isosceles city because people out of the way get moving. He said that said they had seek sect. dispersion is a it is missing mathematical principle and they're. You're still there saying this to other you know were running from giant anticorrosive body and assess. What do you mean an in the mean. Median mode central tendency in dispersion in do you mean like mean is is like the Middle Known Amina some of all data's in values divided by the number data points or something. I don't know but it's not exact exact principle missing anyway. Okay so mean we which is the median of Middle Right Center exactly the center and a and mode is a Alamo no modus most frequent value show. What does it have to do with anything. Let's key to it was censuses and is his his easily. Give variance deviation ranges any of this ringing a bell no okay so the people on a way to censor dispersed we just need to way to measure that dispersion the end is the central tendency would be the starting point was so the Center the census is asserting point but we could do the census. I don't know well like you said it was a missing principle long. We were just a blind to it. We couldn't understand it because it wasn't there it actually we do we did make the census possible possible by trying to pull in some of the people. I guess I guess I still don't have aggressive. Gresh with a mass of the underlying mass principle because it's missing right. I'm positive so we could get deeper into it but it's is it. It's a he once. We have that we couldn't we could we could figure out is estimated population of the area. If if true we can we can do actual census okay so what what what was it again would would which arms should I hold. I think those charm narrow those dots Elsa quick data points in have this one ended into it. Should riems mean medium mode. I think that's what stands for you so we're going to hold it up and then it says says central tendency is central tendency and dispersion. Okay okay okay. So is that a good thing. This was not that much of a boss lost because it's just running after us you have an aid is getting tired so it's time to finish this up okay before we finish it up though so we don't need to move anybody know we needed to kind of against we were stubborn to. We didn't accept that they didn't want to go to the Census and maybe the sooner we would have accepted it. We would realise maybe we are refusal to accept it as what triggered me remembering so. I guess it all worked out but yeah we should if we accepted they not everybody's GonNa go is when we would have known that we would have been able to use the mass. I guess okay which Okay Ready. I'm ready. Oh shot has missing. Please restore. You're the principal. Oh noar of the balance of mathematics keeper of the Matt's police returned to us the principal answerable missing from this area in essential principle. We need right now here today. Oh shot please return turn central tendency and dispersion sued we might use your principles the principles of mathematics for a good today on your on her shots. you agree a work too so there wow oh wow yeah so we could go back. I really old ahead a talk about at Blake to get back to that. I wanNA actually actually just partaking will we can't be in the sweepstakes because we're part of the okay well then. I'll just maybe I enjoy the the idea you know. idea people dating like a brings me happiness okay great. Let's go. Let's eight a you mind. If oh you would spill over Zaid's tired will give eight assume water will sleep and then we'll head into town sounds good head to the center the center of the world's fair sweepstakes in census Good Night Ada Good Night Dr Triangle Ni- Sassoli's and good night everyone. I WanNa thank all recent patrons Casey above sea in James. Thank you thanks thanks and good night. Rachel Golic and Sarah. Thank you Shane Mark and Roger Old Vic. Thanks and Goodnight Marissa's Denison Aubrey Thanksgiving thinks Drian will listen Adam. Thank you thanks. Thanks Daniel Gideon Casarin thank you thanks thanks and goodnight. Todd Carla and Kathleen is thank you. Thanks Good Night Karen Serguei in Jeff. Thank you thanks thanks good night. Ryan Bridget in Leinna. Thanks thanks in Guinea Brittany cameras and warned. Thank you next thing seeing Amanda David and Hedgehog Dog. Thanks in Guinea home lean nate in Shirley. Thanks thanks and good night. Samuel An and Brett thank you. Thanks a Hey Mary Michael Ethan. 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